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Fucking Trish
by Angle

This all started when I met Trish after Raw Is War. She was giving out
autographs and of course just to look at her up close and personal I waited
on line. Once everybody got their autographs, I got one. I talked to Trish
for a while and she told me it's very lonely on the road, we kept on talking
till she invited for coffee.

We got coffee and talked, Trish was wearing her black tanktop (showing
lots of cleavage) and her black skirt which when sitting down you could see
her skirt lift up noticing she was wearing silky blue panties on. I had to
go to the bathroom because I got really hard just looking at her cleavage
and panties, so I left and jerked off immediately.

When I came back she was acting strange, spreading her legs for me to get
a better look at her fat pussy being hidden by her blue pantie, bending down
showing better looks of her cleavage and big ass. (I think she saw the bulge
in my pants when I went into the bathroom).

Once we finish the coffee, she invited me into her hotel, of course I
gladly took on the offer. When we got into her room she told me that she was
very lonely cause of her constant on the road work, & that she hasn't had a
good fucking since when she was with HHH (which was way before his marriage
with Stephanie, like a year ago she said) and that she was very horny and
would fuck even a 14 year old like me only if I kept it a secret, of course
I said YES.

She took of her tanktop showing her nice, big breast, her nipples were
very pointy so I guest she really was horny , then she spread her legs and
told me to eat her out which I said of course to, I took off her wet blue
panties,and started eating out her nicely trimmed, blonde cunt, she tasted
very good and salty, and she was very wet, so I guess she really hasn't
fucked for a while. So I ate her out for a while till she cummed all over my
face which I licked it all up.Then she begged me to fuck her so i whipped out
my rock hard cock and began pounding her tight ass pussy, while nimbling on
her hard nipples.

After we both climaxed. She told me that she enjoyed the night but she
needed to rest up for SMACK DOWN, she gave me her phone # and told me to keep
in touch.

Trust me, I told her I would keep in touch.


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