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Fuckamania Part 2: Stephanie And Jericho
by Big Dick Dudley

Steph was getting looked at by one of the trainers following the show.
While she was getting looked at one of the backstage hands came up to her and
told her that Jericho wanted to see her in their locker room. The trainer
finished up his diognosis on her she, left and headed down the hall. She got
to the room that said, "McMahon/Jericho," put her hair in a pony tail, took
a deep breath, and walked in.

"Can you not do anything right?" said Jericho looking irate and a little

"I got Pedigreed..." she started.

"So did I you silicone injected fuck doll! But all that happend to you was
you broke an implant, I lost my fucking title you dumb shit! God dammit, I
fucking bowed down to your command at the snap of your fingers because you
made me a promise. That promise was I was going to leave Toronto as the
champion. I was your slave for these past few weeks and I have jack shit
to show for it! Now try to explain why you can't execute the simple fucking
task of distracting the ref while I hit Hunter in the groin, or with a
chair, or so I can choke the shit out of him so he'll pass out."

"Like I said..." she restated getting a little choked up in fear of the
former champion.

only a lion can.

Steph was reduced to tears and started to try and reason, "Chris *sniff*
we'll get it back I promise just calm down and I'll take care of it, I

Jericho grabbed her by the hair and pulled her in close. "You better not
fuck this up." he growled into her ear.

"Chris, your hurting me," she sobbed only for Jericho to throw her on the
sofa and grab her by the throat.

"Am I still hurting you?" he asked and she nodded with tears coming down
her face and a look of terror in her ice blue eyes. Jericho let her go and
she fell to the floor coughing and gasping for air. She managed a verticle
base on her knees right before her abuser. Jericho looked down at her with a
grin. "That's one way you can start to make it up to me."

She looked up at the ex-champ and pulled down his tights. She really
didn't want to do it, but it was either this or Chris beat her down and
sodomize her. She took a gulp and opened her mouth. She couldn't bear to
look at Jericho or his dick so she closed her eyes tightly and felt his
manhood on her tongue, sliding back and forth in her mouth and down her
throat, almost making her gag right there. Usually she could deep throat
when she was willing, but after Chris choked her with his hand, she wasn't
really up to choking on his dick. She continued her half ass bj and Jericho
could tell it was half ass.

"You either suck my dick like the slut you are or I'm gonna pin you to
the ground and slam fuck your face until I break your nose."

Stephanie cringed at the thought and inhaled his prick. Her mouth glided
on his length, no longer in fear, but trying to gain control. Jericho fell
back on the couch with Steph still sucking away.

"Damn, you are a slut." Jericho said with his head back on the head rest
of the couch and his right hand on the back of Stephanie's head.

Steph stopped and Chris didn't slap the shit out of her, she popped her
tits out of the body suit that showed much cleavage. She rubbed Chris' dick
on her massive mounds much to his delight, and then returned to sucking his
cock. She stared right at him as she sucked him off. Jericho looked down at
her and right into her eyes. She spit his dick out again and then strattled
his midsection, putting her tits right on his face. Instantly she started to
suck and lick them. Steph enjoyed it not just for the plesure, but now she
has him back in the palm of her hand.

Chris dismounted her off of him and layed her on her back. He ripped her
outfit apart and had her naked in seconds. He put his hand against her box
and rubbed it 'till she was warm and wet. He shoved his dick inside of her
billion dollar body as fast as he could and started to fuck her with
reckless abandon.

Steph laid back and enjoyed the ride in a very laid back manner as Chris
pounded away like a maniac. "Easy there tiger." she said with a humor back
in her voice. Jericho did just that and readjusted himself.

He positioned himself so he had a steady verticle base on his knees and
Steph was still on her back with her ass elevated onto his lap. Jericho
grabbed her ass and her newly acquired flat stomach and eased her pelvis
up and down on his dick, and at the same time thrusting inside of her,
penetrating her so deep she could practically feel him in her stomach. He
bounced her ass on his dick a little faster and Steph was starting to really
enjoy it. She wrapped her legs around his waist and started to hump him on
her own. He moved his hands to her jugs and started to rub them as she was
taking control of the situation.

She grinded her cunt on his dick deep one more time and then he pulled
out. He put his dick between her tits and started to fuck them. She held her
tits together and Jericho grabbed Steph by the back of her head and pulled
her so she was looking dead at Jericho's piss slit. She opened her mouth wide
for when he was gonna blow. Chris did a few more thrusts and a spurt of his
goo shot out and right down her throat. Jericho got off of her and she laid
her head back with her mouth still wide open as Chris shot more cum into her
mouth and drops here and there on her face.

She swallowed the thick liquid down and stuffed Jericho's dick in her
mouth one more time. She sucked him off fro what seemed like hours, letting
him shoot wad after wad down her throat until he didn't have anything left.
Jericho got dressed and started to walk out until. "Hey Chris, you tore up
my clothes, I can't wear them."

Chris then took off his silver button up shirt and gave it to her. She put
it on and buttoned up. "What about underwear?" she asked.

"You won't be needing it." he replied.

The two walked out of the Skydome and into a limo. In the limo, Chris went
down on her. The whole while Stephanie thinking, "Now who's who's slut."

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