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Fuckamania Part 3: Hurricane and Mighty Molly
by Big Dick Dudley

Gregory Shane Helms quickly gathered all his things into a duffle bag and
head out the locker room door. He was very pissed off. Not just because he
won the Hardcore title and lost in the same night, but he lost it at
Wrestlemania, his first Wrestlemania in his career. He risked an ass
whooping from a pimp daddy, er um, I mean, escort provider only for him
to lose that ugly belt. But it wasn't losing that pissed him off as much
as the fact that his sidekick stabbed him in the back to do so. He couldn't
help but grin a little when Christian slamed the door in her face and
knocked her ass out.

He walked down the hall. He saw Jeff Hardy butt fucking Stacy Kiebler but
was too pissed to care. He kicked a table and watched them scatter for a
second for some amusement but still nothing. He continued down the hall only
for someone to jump on his back and cover his eyes.

"Guess who?" the angelic voice said and it could only be one person.

"Molly, get the hell off me. I'm not in the fucking mood." he retorted.

"Dammit, your not in the fucking mood. But I am so hot for you right now."
Molly playfully stated.

"Would you? Please just leave me alone, I'm pissed off at you," he said to

He continued towards the garage and the whole way Molly tried hugging
him and kissing him on the cheeck to get his attention. Helms got to the
Hurri-cycle and detatched the sidecar which would have been Molly's ride

"Shane, wait a sec, your being a bitch about this," she complained.

"Me the bitch? Who's the one that smacked me in the back of the head to
steal the hardcore title? And I'm the bitch?" he stated.

"Yeah, it's the Hardcore title. Your not supposed to take it seriously
it's a mock belt Shane. It was one in WcW when you won that one and it's like
that here too. Don't get so bent out of shape about it." she replied.

"But you still hit me with a frying pan, while my back was turned. That's
what pissed me off so much not losing that belt. The fact that you would do
that makes me wonder if we should stay a dynamic duo." he said as he started
to get onto the bike.

Mighty Molly sat on the bike facing Helms with her hands on his lap.

"What do you want?" he asked visably annoyed.

"Shane, I don't like it when people are upset with me. Please just let me
make it up to you. I don't want you to leave still mad at me." she whimpered.

Helms took his hands off the handle bars and let her do what she wants.
Molly picked up his hand and pressed it against her tit getting a grin out of
the superhero. She slowly slid his hand down her frame and down right between
her legs. She held his wrist in a way that gave her passive control over his
hand. She slid his hand back and forth between her legs getting something
that sounded like a cross between a sigh and moan out of her. This instantly
got an ear to ear smile out of Helms.

Realizing she wasn't the only one getting horny out of the situation she
sank to her knees with a glow on her face that could only be described a
mischivious. She looked up at Helms with anticipation as he unzipped his
jeans and undid his boxer button, letting Molly have complete control. She
widend the hole and let his cock loose. She looked at the half hard member
then back at Helms who was eager with anticipation. She licked the head of
his hands free, playing with it in a way.

Finally she opened her mouth and let his dick between her pretty lips. She
sucked on his dick in a odd way, she wasn't holding it steady so it went
where ever on her face but she persisted and once he was stiff she steadily
sucked Helms off. Her mouth felt so good. Helms regretted not ever asking
her out or even making a pass at the lovely blonde who was currently sucking
his dick off. All of a sudden she stopped.

"Where you goin'?" he asked quite annoyed.

"Well, you don't look mad at me anymore," she sarcasticly retorted.

"You leave me hangin' like this I will be very upset," he said in

Molly smiled at Helms and let loose the wonder twins. And wonders they
were. Not too firm, not too soft. Perfectly round and big. And all hers.
Helms looked in awe at the two all natural beauties in all their glory.
Molly once again sank to her knees but this time grabbed Helms' dick and
started to rub it all over her chest. She pushed them together with her
shoulders and pillowed his dick inbetween them. She grabbed his dick and
licked the underside of the head getting it nice and wet.

She laid back on the cold ground and let Helms fuck her big round breasts.
He rubbed the underside of his dick in her cleavage for lubrication and then
started to thrust in and out of them. He tit fucked her like there wasn't a
care in the world. Her perfect breasts felt as good as anything he could ever
imagine. He loved how smooth they were and how they smothered his dick. He
thrust in between them a few more times and then got off of her.

She pulled off the rest of her costume and laid on the floor in all her
nude glory. She spread her legs with a smile on her face. Helms didn't need
to take a cue and just slid his cock inside of her. He couldn't believe how
tight she was. She smiled at him as he fucked her. She couldn't believe how
great it felt. Helms thrust into her harder and faster and pretty soon she
was ready to cum. She took deep breaths as she felt her body get wracked with
an orgasm that knocked her senseless.

Helms looked at the fallen young hottie in disbelief of how premature her
pussy was. Helms stood over the girl and jerked himself to climax on her
face. Whatever cum landed near her mouth she made quick work with her tongue.
Helms put his dick away and kicked her outfit under a car. He hopped on the
bike and rode off laughing, leaving Molly Holly cold, naked, covered in cum,
and very pissed off.

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