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Fun In The Sun
by Nemesis8699

Throughout the history of wrestling there has been one thing that has kept
me attracted to it, the divas. From Elizabeth to Stacy, all these lovely
divas have been in my dreams giving me a sense of pleasure. Never did I
think that while I was spending a day at the beach that I would finally be
able to live out my fantasy.

I was walking home one day from my job and I decided that I would take a
walk on the beach to feel the cool breezes of the waves. Much to my
surprise that while I was walking on the beach I heard a scream coming from
the water saying, "Save me please, anyone." When I looked to see whom it
was I noticed that is was none other than the beautiful diva herself,
Pamela Paulshock. I quickly took my shoes off and jumped in the water and
rescued the beautiful women from drowning.

When I got her onto the beach I laid her down on the sand as she gasped for
air. After giving her a few pumps onto her enormous chest, she spit out the
water in her lungs and gave me a big hug.

Pamela: Thank you. If you weren't here I don't think that I would have made

Me: Just in the right place at the right time I guess.

Pamela: Look at you, you're soaking wet, let me help you out of those damp

Suddenly Pamela begins to pull my shirt off and I must say that I didn't want
to stop her. She then said, "You have such a nice upper body, I can't wait to
see what the rest of you looks like." She then proceeded to unbuckle my belt
and undid my zipper. I was now starting to get hard and it was apparent to
her as well.

Pamela: Well, I see that you are happy to get out of these clothes. Why
don't I repay you for all that you have done for me?

Pamela then proceeded to pull down my jeans and began to take her tongue and
licked the top of my nice hard cock. "Don't tease me," I said and with that
she began to slowly suck at my cock. After couple of strokes she would rub my
chest and I knew that she was going to do whatever I wanted her to do. I then
put my hand threw her beautiful blonde hair and then pushed her head onto my
cock. She began to suck harder and I could begin to feel that I was ready to

Me: Ooooooooohhhh! That feels so good. I think I'm going to cum.

Instead of stopping her, she began to suck even harder until my load came all
inside of her beautiful mouth. She sat up and I put my arms around her back
and undid her small bikini top to reveal her huge tits point right out at me.
She then put her hands threw my hair and stuck her tongue down my throat. For
what must have been nearly five minutes, I held myself over Pamela who was
lying on the sand as the two of us made out. I then pulled away from her lips
and started to kiss her all over from her neck all the way down to her belly
button. I then gave her bikini bottom and kiss and then undid the straps on
the side to reveal her beautifully shaved pussy. I couldn't take just staring
at it and I decided that I would show her just how big I was. I went to her
feet and began to lick up her right leg until I got back up to her pussy
where I found that she was starting to finger herself off.

Me: Stop it honey, that's what I'm here for.

With that I knelt over her and pushed my hard cock into her pussy.

Pamela: Common show me what you got. I want you inside of me now, don't wait.

How could I say no to such a beautiful woman? With those words I pushed my
dick as hard as I could into her. I kept pushing my dick in and out of her
as she moaned for more. I grabbed her tits while pushing myself into her and
could barely fit one of her breasts in my hand. As I continued to give her
my cock she moaned louder and louder.

Pamela: Don't stop. Stick that cock back inside of me. Keep going. Fuck me

Again I couldn't say no and pushed as hard as I can as she lost all of her
juices as the sand began to soak them up. I then lay next to her and the
two of as groped each other as the sun went down. And I thought to myself,
how lucky am I that I decided to cool off by the beach. This would defiantly
be a day neither of us would forget.

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