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Fyre Down Below
by Dr. Blasphemy (

Nitro Girl Fyre entered the women's lockeroom carrying her large totebag
very early in the day for tonight's airing of WCW's Nitro. She always liked
to arrive an hour or so before the others, so that she could get relaxed and
limber in privacy for the show's complex dance routines.

She placed her totebag on the concrete floor and checked to make sure
nobody was in the shower area. Knowing that the coast was clear Fyre began
her ritual by completely disrobing removing her straining red tube top
releasing her huge orbs and form fitting, faded, holey jeans. She started to
admire her firm sexy body in the large full lenght mirror. Her hands moved
across her muscular freckled frame stopping at her full breasts where she
gave them both a carressing squeeze letting out a soft moan.

Fyre continued to play with her tits working on her pink nipples causing
them to get nice and erect with her talented fingers. Slowly she moved one
of her hands down her body and through her thatch of trimed flaming short
hairs sliding two digits into her hot wet pussy.

Her eyes were transfixed on her body's reflection watching every movment
of her hands pleasing herself turning her on even more. She loved the site of
seeing her twat make things disappear inside herself. The bigger the better.

After a few minutes Fyre got tired of seeing her delicate fingers grind
away inside herself and needed something larger. She grabbed a folding chair
and placed it in front of the mirror and sat down on it's cold steel surface
making her body jump from it's feeling. Fyre then slid her ass to the end of
the chair slouching back and proping her bare feet wide a part against the
wall giving her a perfect view of her dripping vagina.

Fyre then leaned over to her totebag, unzipped it and pulled out a thick
twelve inch Italian salami. The naughty redhead gripped the phallic object
with both hands at the lower end bringing it up to her face licking her lips
in anticapation.

Fyre parted her full lips slithering out her long rigid tongue and probed
the tip fantasizing it was a man's peehole. The tongue darted and swirled
cross the surface teasing her fake lover the way she always liked to do to
her real men.

The blazing redhead then openned up her mouth as wide as she could make
it and devoured the cylindrical tool like a shark ramming it to the back of
her mouth. Her lips stretched around it's girth with a vacuum seal destorting
her beautiful face. She slowly pulled the schlong out of her mouth, teeth
lightly scraping down it's lenght until only the tip was in before slamming
it back hard inside simulating her face getting fucked.

After a few minutes of punishing her mouth with the monsterous meat dong
her jaw started to ache and to her disappointment she had to remove it
totally leaving the end covered with slimey saliva. The vain Fyre glaced at
herself in the mirror in front of her. Her body and hair was damp from sweat
and her lovely face and chest were covered in her sticky drool. She knew she
looked like an over used whore and she loved it.

Fyre then targeted her ripe pussy with the coated end of the sausage and
wedged the rod into her velvet folds making she squeal with delight. Her
tight pussy slurping down the first six inches with ease on the first stroke.
She continued the onslaught pounding the baseball bat thick cock into herself
making it disappear deeper and deeper into her bowels with each on coming
stroke until it hit her cervix.

The salami was only at the ten inch mark, but Fyre knew she could force
the last two all the way into herself. She closed her eyes and began to push
the remaining bit inside gritting her teeth. Ever so slowly the barrier
started to break as the sausage gained more ground. The strain caused Fyre's
legs to shake uncontrolibly from the pressure until the damn finally broke
allowing the beefstick to enter her womb.

Fyre let out a loud gasp as the slab of meat vanished inside. She never
felt so full in her life. She openned her eyes and gazed at her cunt. She
couldn't believe her honey pot was able the accomidate it all and slightly
spread her pussylips with her fingers revealing the head of the monster
buried in her lair. Fyre smiled patting her belly in self congradulation
feeling the hard object through her flesh.

Still not finished with pleasing herself, Fyre reached into her bag again
pulling out a tiny lipstick sizing vibrator and began to use it on her clit
rubbing it across her aroused nub sending sparks of passion throughout her
body. Fyre closed her eyes as she drifted away into a dream-like state. Time
and space didn't exist for her. Only the wonderful sensations coming from her
unquenchible vagina.

The toy toiled away causing a blaze to began to ember in her belly, which
grew ever stronger with every second. Fyre's mouth began to whale out. Her
voice rising in pace with the oncoming orgasm raging out for release. Then
from out of nowhere it hit. Fyre let out a powerful scream as her body bucked
uncontrolibily for over a minute.

As Fyre finally came down from her wild ride, she peaked open her heavy
eyelids only to see fellow Nitro Girl Spice standing behind looking right
back at her. All she could do was freeze in embarressment, but as she looked
closer she noticed Spice had one of her hands buried inside her unzipped
pair of jeans.

"So did you like the show?" Fyre asked in relief with a dirty smile.

Spice began to blush knowing that she also just got caught with her hand
in the proverbial cookie jar, quickly removing it from her slacks and hiding
it behind her back.

"Oh, come on, Spice. You don't have to play 'little miss innocent' with
me. We're like sisters," Fyre assured her. "If you'd like. You can use my
little buddy here to finish the job. I know your little pussy is aching for

Spice grinned nodding her head in agreement.

"Ok, but first you gotta help me remove the salami from my pussy."

"Salami? What the hell are you talking about?" spouted a perplexed Spice,
"There's no way you could do that!"

"Watch," was all the Fyre said smiling.

Spice looked down at her friend's twat skeptical by what she was about to
see. Slowly Fyre's pussy began to dialate as her muscules struggled to push
out the foreign intruder. The sausage started to become visible to Spice
making her eyes widen in amazement. More of the object continued to reveil
itself from it's temporary home until finally only the blunt tip poked out
seeing daylight.

"Oh, my God!" Spice cried out in shock covering her open mouth with her
hand. She stood unmoving still unsure what she was seeing.

"Well, are you going to help me this thing or not?" Fyre asked.

Getting knocked back into reality, Spice immediately got down on her
knees in between Fyre's wide spread legs. She reached out an tried to grab
the slippery salami, but it was like trying to catch a greased pig. Just as
she felt she had a firm grip on the sucker, it would slip from her grasp.

Spice had to finally resort to holding onto it by digging her long nails
into the beef and tug it out. It was a tough battle, but slowly more of the
sausage began to emerge from the vacuum sealed inclosure. As each oncoming
inch appeared before Spice the more her eyes widened. At the six inch point
Spice was able to rap her petite hand around it's girth without it slipping
from Fyre's juices. She then gave it a strong tug and the sausage exited
with a loud 'slur-pop!' leaving Fyre's hole a pink gapping maw.

Spice held the monolithic meat dong in her hand gazing at it in total awe
as her mind accepted what her fellow dancer was able to accomplish. Twelve
hard inches of dripping wet sausage was truely buried in her friend's

"Fyre, you're such a nasty slut," Spice joked, dropping the substitute
prick to the floor and then licking her palm clean of spunk with her tongue.

"Look who's talking. Now get your fine little ass out of those tight
jeans," Frye shot back with a grin.

Spice obliged her request getting up off her knees and started doing a
strip tease to Fyre's delight. Her hips gyrating seductively to he beat of
the music in her mind. She then moved her hands down to her crotch and
unbuttoned the last two clasps revealing the tirm of her black silk panties.

"That's it, baby. Show me what you got!" Fyre encouraged.

Spice took a hold of the bottom of her tanktop and slowly pealed it up
her body releasing her perky little tits and dark rock hard nipples. She
pulled the flimsy cloth over head and tossed it over to the sexy hardbodied
redhead, who picked it up off her bare chest and inhaled the pixy's sweet

Spice placed her hands on her hips and began to pull down her denim pants.
Inch by lucious inch became visible with each sway until finally they dropped
to the floor in a crumbled pile. She then spun around facing away from her
admirer tucking her thumbs into the straps of her damp panties and bent over
at the waist pulling them down giving a perfect view of her pussy and pucker
to Fyre, who took this opportunity to slap Spice's ass cheek with a loud
'smack!' causing a red palm print to appear.

"Hey!" Spice shouted with a playful smile.

Spice moved in on her prey sitting on Fyre's lap and began to rub her wet
pussy down into it like an animal marking it's territory. She then began to
fondle the other Nitro Girl's huge jugs and rubbed their nipples together
sending bolts of electricity through them making them become erect.

Fyre stuck out her tongue and started to lick on one of the stripper's
hard little nubs. It danced across Spice's hot flesh flicking this way and
that. She then finished off the teet by sucking it into her mouth, softly
biting down and tugging it hard before releasing it causing a powerful moan
to escape Spice's lips.

"Do that again!" Spice pleaded softly and Fyre repeated the process on
the other nipple, but when she clamped down on the nipple this time held it
longer, pulling it away stretching the tit flesh before releasing it.

By now Spice's pussy was itching for attention, so she got off of Fyre's
lap and got down on all fours. She then picked up the tiny vibrator and
placed the pulsating device against her sensitive clit. Spice cooed from it's
touch and immediately began to rub it across the rest of her pussy lips and
dipping it into her salivating hole.

Fyre couldn't handle watching her friend please herself all alone and got
up off the chair she was fingering herself in and buried her face in Spice's
shaved snatch. Her talented tongue lapped up the draining juices pouring from
the engorged spout.

As her tongue worked it's magic, Fyre inserted two fingers into Spice's
tight box getting them all slick from it's wetness. She buried them down to
the third knuckle and began to saw away rubbing the tips against her friend's
g-spot. With each motion of Fyre's hand the more the juices began to build
inside the vagina as her tongue moved it's way to Spice's bunghole trying to
gain access.

The double onslaught was too much for Spice and from out of nowhere her
dam broke giving her the most powerful orgasm in her life. Her pussy juice
exploded from her box like a geyser covering Fyre's bountiful chest.

Fyre, not missing a beat, openned her mouth wide ready to catch the next
powerful blast, but Spice's ejaculate had other plans and hit her instead
right between the eyes. As the flow began to ebb, shooting out watery spurts,
Fyre moved her mouth over Spice's entrance to let the liquid hit the back of
her mouth until it became full and swallowed it with a loud gulp.

"Whoa, that was intense! I never felt anything like it!" Spice huffed from
exhaustion as her limp body rested on the puddled floor.

"Well, if you're ever in the mood..." Fyre insinuated lying next to her
soaked in spunk.

"I'm all for it," she chirped in,"but next time you have to lie in the wet

They both laughed as they embraced each other sealing their new friendship
with a passionate kiss.

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