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GM For A Night
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage after the November 29, 2004 edition of Monday Night Raw goes
off the air, Randy Orton, dressed in a black suit, is walking around the
backstage area. Throughout the evening, the Legend Killer has been making
big decisions, and as he walks back to the GM's office, he crosses paths
with RAW's newest make-up artist Candice Michelle. Randy smirks a bit as
he passes her and then he stops to look at her as she packs up her make-up
equipment. "Hey Candice..." Randy says, "How'd you like being out there in
front of the live audience for the fashion show..."

Candice smiles excitedly as she cups her hands together "Oh...Randy I loved
it!" RAW's new make-up artist says as she dressed in a short black skirt and
a white long sleeved, buttoned top that is tied together just below her large
chest "Oh! Thank you so much for hiring me! I wanted a job here so bad since
trying out for the Diva Search..." The cute new-comer Candice says with a
perky smile.

Randy smiles, "Hey it's no problem... I was the GM for a night... make that
I'm still the GM for the night... and so I could hire whoever I wanted..."
Randy says with a grin, "Oh... by the asked me earlier about your
outfit... and if it was all right for the WWE... it's more than all right..."
Randy says as he glances her down at her chest a bit.

Candice blushes as she shyly lowers her head with a soft smile "Oh thank you

Randy continues to grin, "Tell you what... how about... you and I go back to
the GM office... and we discuss... how you can... make it better for the
WWE's image..."

Candice looks up at Randy and smiles excitedly "Really? Oh...I'd love too..."
Candice says as she casually places her hands on her rounded, but slender

"Great..." Randy smirks a bit as he puts hand on Candice's back as they two
of them start to walk down the hallway towards the General Manager's office.
"You know... not just anyone can get into the WWE... but you... I see a lot
of big things with you..." Randy says as he smoothly talks to the lovely
Candice Michelle.

Candice pushes her shoulders up slightly and smiles "Really?" The new RAW
make-up artist says with a slight squeak in her soft, seductive voice.

Randy nods his head, "Yeah... I don't see you staying just a make-up
artist... there's probably alot of things you can do... " Randy says as the
two of them approach the General Manager's office. "But it all comes down
to... how much are you willing to do."

Candice bites down on her bottom lip "Ohhh...I'm willing to do whatever it

Randy stops at the door and pushes it open so Candice can enter first, "I
sure hope you will... and since I'm the GM for the night... I can give you...
a talent evaluation... where you show me what you can do...." Randy says with
a grin.

Candice licks her lips slightly "Mmm...well Randy...I can sure show you all
my talents..." Candice says to the RAW Interim General Manager, Randy Orton.

Randy steps into the General Manager's office and his closes the door. "I
hope you will..." Randy says as he licks his lips slightly as he opens up his
black suit jacket. "Feel free... to begin at any time Candice..." Randy says
as he casually takes off his black suit jacket and tosses it onto the smooth
desk that dominates the room.

Candice tosses her soft, wavy dark hair back and licks her lips as she locks
her soft eyes with Randy "I anything?" Candice asks with a soft,
eager smile.

Randy Orton, the sly, smooth Legend Killer, nods his head, "Yeah you can...
do anything you want to do..." Randy says as he casually walks over to the
front of the desk and leans against it to look at Candice.

Candice bites down on her bottom lip as she steps towards Randy Orton and
places her hands gently on his waist "Good...Because I really want to show
off my talents..." Candice says as she slowly sinks down onto her knees in
front of Randy as she begins to unbuckle his belt before she slides the belt
out from around his waist.

Randy looks down at Candice with a slightly raised eyebrow and a smirk on his
handsome face, "Hmmm... I think I'm going to like your talents..." Randy says
as he raises his hands and starts to casually unbutton his white button
shirt, slowly revealing his smooth, muscular chest with each button he
unbuttons. Candice presses her lips together as she looks up at Randy with
her soft eyes lightened up. Candice slowly leans her head into Randy's crotch
and bites onto the metal zipper of Randy's black slacks and begins to lower
the zipper by the use of her teeth.

"Whoa... that's something new..." Randy says as Candice completely lowers the
zipper of his black slacks by using her teeth. Randy finishes unbuttoning his
white shirt and he slips it off smoothly so that he lightly falls onto the GM
desk he's leaning against. Once Candice lowers the zipper, she pulls her head
away and places her hands on the waist of Randy's black slacks and begins to
push them down from his waist as she smiles sweetly at the Interim General
Manager. Randy smiles down at Candice as he puts his hands flat on the desk
he's leaning against. As Candice lowers his black slacks, Randy's blue boxer
briefs become exposed and Randy starts to push them down as Candice lowers
his slacks.

Candice slowly lifts her head up and licks her lips as Randy pushes down his
blue boxer briefs "Mmmm Randy...I hope you like my talents."

Randy steps out of his blue boxer briefs and his slacks before he leans back
against the desk, "I think I will...." Randy says as his thick, meaty, twelve
inch cock starts to get hard as Randy looks down at RAW's newest Make-Up
artist. Candice smiles as she sits up on her knees a bit more and wraps her
soft, smooth hands around Randy's shaft and begins to gently stroke his cock
before she leans her head down and places her tongue against the head of
Randy's cock and circles her tongue around the head of his cock.

Randy licks his lips as he feels Candice's warm, wet tongue go around the
head of his thick cock. "Ahhh yeah... mmmm... that's how you start... nice
and slow..." Randy moans softly as he watches Candice. Candice slowly lifts
her eyes up as she gently taps her tongue against the head of Randy's cock
while she continues to circulates her tongue on his cock. Candice places her
soft hands against Randy's smooth, toned waist as she taps her tongue against
his piss-slit. Randy locks eyes with Candice as the beautiful new make-up
artists gently presses the very tip of her tongue against the piss-slit of
his hard, stiff cock. "Ahhh...mmmm..." Randy licks his lips and he pushes
some of Candice's hair behind her right ear with his right hand.

Candice lowers her head as she opens her mouth, taking Randy's cock into her
warm, wet and soothing mouth. Once Randy's cock is inside of her mouth, she
wraps her soft lips around his cock and begins to smoothly bob her head on
Randy's cock as she begins to suck off the Interim General Manager. Randy's
mouth hangs open as he puts his left hand on top of Candice's head and pushes
his fingers through her soft black hair. "Mmmmm... uhhhh yeah... you're very
talented..." Randy moans as he tilts his head back and lets out a moan of
pleasure as Candice smoothly and slowly bobs her warm, moist mouth back and
forth along the length of his fat cock. Whenever Candice moves her head back,
Randy can feel her warm saliva drip from his cock as it slides along the
bottom of his dick.

Candice slowly twists her head on Randy's cock as she takes more of his
thick, meaty and hard cock into her saliva dripping mouth. Candice laps her
tongue around the underbelly of his cock as she starts to bob her head at a
swift, faster pace. "Uhhhh... oh yea... ohhhh yea..." Randy groans as he
lightly begins to thrust his hips forward when Candice increases the pace of
hos she's sucking on his fat, meaty cook. "Mmmm... you got... some real...
oral skills... that's... always a plus around here..." Candice moans softly
against Randy's cock as she cups his ballsack with her left hand and begins
to massage his large ballsack as she slurps up his meaty, hard cock. "Uhhh...
ohhhh yeah... mmmmm... shit... you can get by... just with that talent
alone... but... what else can you do...." Randy says as he moans slightly as
his breathing starts to quicken a bit.

Candice slowly lifts her head up and licks her lips as she looks up at Randy
"Well..." Candice says softly as she stands up as she starts to push down her
black skirt down her smooth, tanned and sexy legs "Why...don't you find out?"

Randy smirks a bit and raises an eyebrow, "As the GM for the night... I
intend too..." Randy says as Candice steps out of her black skirt. Randy
steps forward and puts his arms around her. He lifts her up and sits her
on top of the smooth General Manager's desk. The legend Killer then lowers
her black lace panties to reveal her smooth, hot pussy. Randy spreads her
legs apart as and pushes his throbbing cock into her pussy as he starts to
untie her white button top, "Here... you take you're top off..." Randy
says with a smile as he looses the knot on Candice's top before he begins
to thrust his cock in and out of her warm, tight pussy.

Candice grits her teeth together as she feels Randy's cock enter her tight,
warm pussy "Ohhhh Randy..." Candice moans as she removes her white top to
reveal her large, rounded and perfect tits. The sultry make-up artist wraps
her smooth legs around Randy's waist as he starts to drive his cock in and
out of her pussy as she's on top of the desk.

Randy licks his lips as he puts his firm hands on Candice's large round,
perfect tits as he thrusts his cock in and out of Candice's warm pussy with
long smooth thrusts. "Ahhh... ahhhh ohhh yea... mmmm..." Randy moans as he
smoothly increases the pace and forth of his thrusts.

Candice closes her eyes as she tilts her head back "Ohhhhh're the
greatest!" Candice moans with a shriek as she starts to smoothly rock her
body against Randy's hard cock. Randy squeezes and massages Candice's large
tits as Candice puts her arms around his neck and pulls him down towards her.
Randy grits his teeth while smoothly increasing the force of his thrusts to
where he's driving his cock in and out of her warm, tight pussy sharply.

"Ohhhh...ohhhhh...ahhhhhh Randy!" Candice moans as she begins to sweat while
she grinds her pussy smoothly against Randy's hard, thrusting cock.

"Uhhh... ohhh... yeah... ahhh Candice..." Randy groans as he lifts Candice
off of the desk and starts to bounce her up and down on his cock. He puts his
arms around her sexy, slender body as he thrusts his thick shaft in and out
of her pussy.

Candice grits her teeth as she sweat flies off of her hot, stunning body as
she slams down hard, bouncing quickly, up and down on Randy's hard cock
"Mmmmm...ohhhh...ohhh" Candice moans as she bounces smoothly at a quick

Randy grunts as he bounce Candice harder up and down on his cock as Candice
jerks on his neck as she slams herself on his pistoning cock. "Ohhhhh...
yeah... mmmm yeah... mmmm... you're and talented..." Randy

Candice licks her lips as she arches her back slightly as she keeps her arms
wrapped around Randy's neck as she drives down his cock "Ohhhh Randy...I am
a DIVA!"

Randy nods his head, "Yeah... ohh yes you are!" Randy moans as he turns
around and lays back on the smooth General Manager's desk. Randy slides his
hands to Candice's slender hips and begins to bounce the hot, sexy new
make-up artist up and down on his fat thick cock.

Candice places her hands down against Randy's smooth, muscular and sweaty
chest as she starts to rock her body back and forth on his cock as she grinds
her pussy against his cock "Ohhhh're amazzzzzingggg!" Candice
shrieks as she slams down hard on Randy's cock.

Randy closes his eyes and enjoys Candice riding his stiff cock as she rocks
back and forth on his hot rod. "Ahhh... ohhh fuck... you're... too damn hot!"
Randy grunts as he slams his cock up into Candice's pussy as his legs hang
off the sides of the desk.

Candice moves her soft hands against Randy's muscular, sweaty waist as she
tilts her head back and continues to ride Randy's cock, gradually increasing
her speed at which she rides Randy's hard cock "Ohhhhh...yessss!" Randy grits
his teeth as he moves his hands from Candice's sweaty hips and up to her
large, bouncing tits again. The Legend Killer arches his back as he slams his
hot, thick cock up into Candice's pussy so sharply that she bounces harder on
his dick. "Ohhhh Randy!" Candice shrieks as she slams down on the cock of
Randy Orton and the beautiful make-up artist begins to cum on Randy's cock.

Randy licks his teeth as he feels Candice's warm cum flow all over his thick
cock. "Ohhh yeah... ahhh yea!" Randy moans as he feels Candice grind her
pussy down onto his cock. The studdly third generation wrestler lifts Candice
off of his cock and lays her on the desk. Randy kneels next to her on top of
the smooth desk and starts stroking his cock with his right hand. "Uhhh...
ohhhh... Candice... press those big... tits together..." Randy groans as he
looks down at her.

Candice licks her lips as she places her hands on the sides of her large,
round tits and pushes them together "Mmmm...anything for you Randy."

Randy grits his teeth as he starts to cum. He continues to stroke his
throbbing cock as he sprays both of Candice's large, sweaty tits with his hot
sticky cum. "Ahhhh... ohhh fuck..." Randy tilts his head back as he taps his
cock against Candice's tits. "Mmmmm... you... have... a lot... talent... and
I bet I haven't seen everything yet..."

Candice slowly licks her lips as she lays on top of the desk and smiles at
Randy "Mmmm...I can do wonders..."

"Guess I'll have to... see what else you can do..." Randy smirks, "How about
we go... discuss the rest of your talents at the hotel..."

Candice presses her lips together "Mmm...I'd love too..."


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