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Gail Learns The Hard Way
by WoodyDXRated (

It had been another long night for the WWE divas taping Raw. Ivory,
Jacqueline, Terri, Trish, Jackie Gayda, Molly and Victoria were all changing
in the women's locker room. Molly was especially upset, as she had just
jobbed to the newest diva, Gail Kim. "I can't believe they gave her the belt
already!" Molly complained. "I was here for so long before I even got a

"I know, I mean, she gets the title her first night, and here I am stuck
working with that homo Rico!" agreed Jackie, as the other divas voiced their
displeasure with the situation.

"Know what? We should do something about it!" Jacqueline declared. "I think
she needs to be punished!" A brief cheer went up from the other divas.

"You mean like when you all gang raped me with strap-ons?" asked Jackie. The
other divas laughed at her.

"No, that wasn't a punishment, that was initiation!" said Victoria. "We need
to do something that will show her that we won't get screwed around!"

Terri then spoke up. "That gives me a great idea! Why don't we let some of
the boys have fun with her! And I know one of the guys who'll do the job!"
She immediatly got up and signalled for the other women to follow her. She
immediatly went to Scott Steiner's locker room, and quietly entered. When
they got inside they saw Stacy Keibler bent over a chair, totally naked,
with Steiner standing behind her. He had a hold of her waist, and Stacy
looked more than a little scared.

"Scott, there's no way you can fuck my ass with that! Please just let me
give you a blowjob or something!" Steiner walked around in front of her, and
the women gasped to see his 16" cock, which looked to be thicker than any of
their arms! He waved it in Stacy's face.

"Listen up little girl: you wanted to be given the opportunity to work with
the Big Bad Booty Daddy, this is how you return the favour. Now you can take
it, or leave, but if you leave, you won't have a job." With that said, he got
back behind Stacy and began fucking her ass, forcing as much cock as he could
into her tight hole. The women watched for a second as he brutally fucked
Stacy's anal passage, then slowly made their way out the door as she began
screaming in pain.

"Well, he sure is qualified for the job!" Trish said, as the women stood in
the hallway. "But I know one other guy who could be useful too. Follow me!"
The other divas followed Trish into another locker room. There appeared to
be no one in the locker room, until the women noticed that the shower was
running. They heard a man's voice call out from the shower, asking who was
there. "It's me!" Trish replied. "Can you come out for a second?"

The water shut off and out walked Test, wearing nothing but a towel around
his waist. "Hey Trish, what's up?"

Trish smiled seductively. "Well, I just wanted to show the other girls
something... Jackie, why don't you go give Test a hand with his towel?"
Jackie Gayda smiled and walked over to Test. She slid a hand down his
towel, and let out a shocked gasp at what she felt. She began stroking
Test's cock hard and fast, and once his towel fell off, all of the other
divas saw exactly why she was so excited. Test's erect member was 15"
long, and even thicker than Steiner's!

"Damn Trish, you weren't lying! Look at that thing!" Jacqueline exclaimed,
as Gayda tried to step away from Test, who quickly grabbed her by the arm.

"Where do you think you're going baby?" Test asked. "You can't get me started
without sticking around to finish the job!" With that he lifted Jackie up and
carried her into the shower, as she pulled her top off and threw it to the
floor on the way.

"So, should we wait for her, or just get out of here?" Molly asked.

"We might as well leave, that little slut's gonna be busy for a while."
Victoria replied. "So next week we get Gail, right?"

All the other women agreed, even Jackie, who could be heard moaning, "Yes,
yes, oh god yes!"

So the plan was set. The next week, after Raw went off the air, the seven
divas were waiting for Gail to come to the locker room. She finally came
in, and was surprised to see them all just standing there waiting for her.
"What's up? Is something wrong?" Without saying a word, the other women
surrounded her. "You guys are freaking me out? What's going on?"

Then it started. First with a push, then a shove, and soon Gail was on the
floor, getting the hell beat out of her by the other divas. "Be careful not
to hurt her too bad!" Molly yelled as the divas laid some boots into her.

After she was suitably subdued, the divas pulled her off the floor and pushed
her into the hallway. Gail was thrown into a dark locker room by the other
divas. She landed hard on the cement floor, and heard an evil laugh as the
door shut. "Have fun Gail!" yelled Ivory as the door locked and Gail pulled
herself to her feet.

Suddenly, the lights came on, and she saw Test and Steiner approaching her,
both still clad in their wrestling gear.

"What the hell are you guys doing here?" asked Gail, taking a quick step
backwards and testing the door. Realizing she had no way of getting out, she
turned back around to face the two men, who were now inches away from her.
"What do you guys want?"

Test was the first one to speak up. "Well, to be honest, we want you.
Tonight, you're gonna see what happens when you climb the ladder too fast
around here!"

With that, he grabbed her and pulled her against him, grinding his cock
against her flat stomach through his tights. Steiner began to do the same
thing behind her, rubbing himself against her ass before reaching around to
unzip her tights, pulling them off as Test removed her top. Gail, finally
getting over her shock, tried to squirm away from the two behemouths. She
managed to break free, but was quickly tackled by Steiner, who ripped her
bra and panties off while Test kneeled beside her head.

"It's up to you Gail, you want to do this the easy way, or the hard way?"

"Fuck you both, you bastards!" She tried to get up, but Steiner easily held
the petite woman on the floor. Test and Steiner both laughed, and Steiner
quickly put Gail in the camel clutch while Test shed his tights. Gails jaw
dropped when she saw the size of his cock, it was over a foot long, and he
wasn't hard yet! Steiner moved his hands to hold her mouth wide open as Test
slid the head of his cock into it.

"Don't try anything stupid girl," Steiner said into her ear. "Just suck
that cock, then you can suck mine. You be good, and you get out of here no

Gail nodded as best she could, and began to suck Test's cock, which had
finally reached its full 15". Steiner released his hold on Gail, and Test
pulled her to her knees and began fucking her mouth. Steiner shed his tights
and began roughly playing with the frightened womans tits as Test thrust
more and more of his dick down her throat, not even stopping when she began
to choke on it. After Test pulled her head all the way down his cock, burying
all of it in her mouth, he pulled out and, holding Gail still by her hair,
began cumming all over her face. To Gail it seemed as if he wouldn't stop
cumming, but he eventually finished, rubbing his dick through her hair to
clean it off. Gail collapsed onto her stomach, trying to catch her breath
after the brutal face-fucking she had just taken. But Steiner immediatly
pulled her back up, and started thrusting his 16" member down her throat.
Gail couldn't do anything to stop him, so she just hung limply while Steiner
raped her little mouth. After a few minutes of this, Steiner felt his orgasm
approach, so he grabbed Gail roughly and slammed his cock all the way down
her throat, depositing his cum straight into her stomach.

Gail just fell down onto her hands and knees, then rolled to her side,
thankful that her ordeal was over. That is, until she felt Test easily lift
her to her feet. With a hand on either side of her small body, Test brought
her up to his head level, then brought her down hard, impaling her tight
pussy on his hard cock. She tried to scream, but was so weak and tired from
her ordeal that she could barely muster a moan. Steiner, who's dick was now
hard again, got behind Gail and and helped Test bring her up and down. They
would take turns, first slamming her onto Test's cock, then lifting her high
and spiking her onto Steiner. After about 10 minutes of taking turns with
the young asian beauty, Steiner and Test decided to change their attack.
They put the woman down, and as Test easily held Gail with one hand, Steiner
laid down on his back. Test pushed her onto Steiner, who lined his cock up
with her now-ravaged cunt and began pumping up into her. Due to the
incredible length and girth of his dick, he was only able to force half of
it into her. Test watched this for a few minutes, then got behind Gail and
spread her ass cheeks. As soon as she realized what Test had planned, she
began to try and fight away, but she had no chance. Test thrust his massive
tool into Gail's formerly-virgin asshole, burying 9" with the first attempt
and forcing more into her with each thrust after that. Not only was Test
brutalizing the young diva's ass, he was also pushing her even further onto
Steiner's cock, until she had both men buried up to the hilt in her holes.
Both men continued fucking the beauty for another 20 minutes, until each
pulled out and unloaded all over her, coating her head-to-toe in jizz. Both
men laughed as they dressed and headed for the door, leaving Gail barely
conscious in a puddle of semen and sweat.

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