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Generational Lust Part 1
by Big Chief

The small armory of wrestling fans cheered as the referee made the three
count. "The winner of the match, Seth Lawless!" The official announcement
from the ring announcer increased the cheers, as the referee raised the hand
of the young tattooed star, as he caught his breath from the brutal 30 minute
match. The young wrestler was making a big name for himself on the
independent wrestling scene where he was being compared to WWE Superstar CM
Punk, in terms of his appearance as well as his ring ability. At 24 he was
already a 4 year veteran, and many considered it only a matter of time before
either TNA or WWE gave him a call for a possible spot on the roster. As for
tonight he was wrestling for the New England based American Championship
Wrestling where he faced off with one of the promotion's main stay stars,
"The Boston Nightmare" Tony Rowe. The two worked out a great match for the
crowd of less than 100 fans, as if they were in the middle of Madison Square
Garden in front of a sold out house. The encounter lasted for a little over
30 minutes, having many near falls, before Lawless delivered 2 Shining
Wizards to Rowe to finally score the win. As Lawless celebrated in front of
the crowd, Rowe rolled from the ring, and made his way to the back, letting
the young star have his moment in the sun.

After high fiving every fan that out stretched their hand, Lawless rolled
into the ring, raised his hands in the air one more time, and finally rolled
out of the ring, and walked down the entrance way towards the locker room. As
he made the journey, the announcer thanked the fans for coming out, and gave
information about the next ACW show. Walking into the locker room, he was met
by an applauding locker room, with Rowe in the front of the pack. Rowe then
offered his hand to Lawless. Gripping his hand tightly, Rowe gave him a slap
on the shoulder,

"I've got to thank you kid for giving me a hell of a match tonight."

"Hey it's no problem. I mean we put on a good show, we all win right?"

"I like your attitude kid. And I have to say, if the big boys don't give you
a call soon I might have to go to Connecticut and crack some heads," replied
the veteran with a playful laugh.

"You don't have to do that. If it's meant to happen, it will happen." The few
times that Lawless had worked the area in the past few months, he had gotten
along with Rowe very well. He gave the veteran the proper respect, and had it
given right back to him. And while Rowe was giving him credit for the great
match, Lawless knew if he didn't have a great partner like Rowe, the match
would have easily have been a stinker. Finally parting with Rowe, Lawless
went over to where he had left his bag and grabbed a towel to clean some of
the sweat that had accumulated on his body from working a long match under
the bright lights. He then began to take off the tape that he always had
wrapped around his fists, and after balling up the used strips, tossed it
into a near by trash can. Getting out his regular clothes, he quickly changed
out of his ring gear of shorts, knee pads, shin guards and boots, which has
been part of the reason his look had been likened to Punk. As he zipped up
his bag he heard Jimmy Carlin, the ACW promoter, call him over to the corner
area of the locker room, that served as his base of operations. Once Seth
walked over, Carlin handed him an envelope with his payment for the night of
just a little over 100 dollars.

"I've got to tell you kid, you seem to improve in that ring every time I see
you. You keep up that pace and I think you'll be on TV in no time."

"Thanks boss, I do what I can."

"You know kid, you keep up that kind of humble attitude, you're going to be
able to gain lots of friends in this world. So where's you're next show?"

"Heading down to Texas for a show in two days with Lone Star Pro,"

"Ah, working for old Vinnie White? Well don't let him work you too hard,"
whenever anyone mentioned his old friend Vince White, Carlin liked to joke
about him being a slave driver promoter. "But you know kid, whenever you're
up North here you're welcome in this promotion." Carlin then gave Lawless his
hand, giving him a friendly shake.

"Thanks Jim. I'll be sure to give you a call next time I'm around." Seth then
parted, and as he walked back to get his bags, heard Carlin call another
wrestler to his "office to give out payment. Making his way to the exit, he
said his goodbyes to the guys that were still around and stepped out into the
cold New England night of winter. Despite the nearly freezing temperatures
there was a small collection of fans waiting, hoping for a glimpse and maybe
an autograph of some of the stars. Always amazed that people wanted his
signature, Lawless signed autographs with a handful of fans, and took
pictures with a few more before he finally hailed a cab to get to the
airport. The ride was about 10 minutes, and as the yellow car pulled up to
the busy front terminal, Lawless paid the fair, as well as a generous tip,
before rushing in. Walking up to the front desk, he was still sceptical that
the ticket White had promised him, would actually being waiting for him.
Standing there, was a cute blonde, probably in her early 30s, who despite the
late night shift, greeted him with a smile,

"Yes sir, may I help you?"

"Yeah, my name is Seth Crawford. I was supposed to have a ticket being held
here for a flight to Dallas, Texas,"

"Ok, Mr. Crawford, let me just check that out for you," as she began to
frantically type the computer's keyboard, Lawless admired her cute face, and
thought that if he didn't need to get down to Texas, might try some of his
'mojo' on her. "Ok sir, I have it right here, that you do have a ticket
purchased for you by a mister Vincent White. I just need to see your ID,"
handing over his wallet with the license inside, he gave the girl a playful
smirk, which got a shy smile from her, as she took the worn leather wallet.
After checking everything out, she handed back the wallet, and then following
a few moments, his ticket. "There you go Mr. Crawford, and enjoy your
flight," he again gave her a flirting smile as he took the ticket and rushed
to the gate.

Once he got through all of the security checks, he finally made it to the
gate that was pretty empty, with the exception of the airport attendant
checking tickets. After getting the go ahead, he walked onto the plane, and
was surprised at the lack of people inside. Getting to his seat, he was
relieved to see no one in the seat next to him, and hoped that wouldn't
change before takeoff. As he sit down, he fastened his seat belt and after a
10 minute wait, the announcement came from the cockpit that they would be
taking off, meaning Seth would not have to deal with any strangers next to

With the smooth take off, he waited a few minutes until finally the go ahead
to remove seat belts was given. With that he reclined the seat, pulled the
hood of his sweat shirt over his head, and tried to take advantage of the
long plane ride, by catching up on some needed sleep. Thankfully with no
people sandwiching him in the seat, and apparently no babies on board, he was
able to quickly drift off to sleep.

* * *

The sign flashed, letting passengers know they could remove their safety
belts, as the plane had finally come to rest at the terminal gate in Dallas.
With his dream bringing him to another state in the union, Lawless got up,
and grabbed his carry on bag, and exited the plane. The straight trip, with
no layovers allowed him to get a good amount of sleep, and he entered the
airport, fresh as a daisy, but with a bit of soreness in his body from the
last match. Once he collected his second bag from baggage claim, he made his
way to the entrance of the airport where he was surprised to find Vincent
White himself waiting for him.

"Ah Seth!" the middle aged man yelled out, with his hand in the air, as if
his loud voice wasn't enough to be identified. Just like when Lawless first
met him in Chicago, Vincent had a big smile on his tanned face, which was
even more pronounced by his snow white hair. Once they were face to face,
Vincent didn't even offer his hand, instead grabbing Seth's and giving him a
very friendly handshake. "So kid, how was your flight?"

"It was pretty good Mr. White. I have to admit I was a little surprised to
find the plane ticket waiting for me when I went to the airport,"

"You don't have to worry about me kid, if I say I'm doing something, I'll do
it, I don't screw my talent. I mean you kids are the reason I have the
success I do. And I thought I told you up north, you can call me Vince."
Lawless just gave him a understanding nod. For him, it was just hard to not
call him Mr. White, with the way he had very tanned skin, with a white mane
of hair, and the big white teeth that showed every time he smiled, which was
often. As they exited the airport, Vincent draped his arm around Lawless'
shoulder, almost leading him out. As they walked to the airport parking lot,
Vincent talked about how he was happy to have such a quickly rising star
working for his promotion, and hoped that the experience would add to his
rising stock. They finally came to a stop in front of a brand new BMW, with
Vincent hitting a remote, popping the trunk open. In a bit of shock at the
nice car, Lawless put his bags in the trunk, and got into the passenger seat.

"So kid, I was thinking about bringing you down to the training center I've
got for the talent, if you wanted to hit the gym a bit, or just let some
steam off,"

"Sure. I was just going to hit a local gym."

"Ah, why waste your money ate one of those over priced cattle farms. Plus, my
place is perfect for a pro wrestler." As they were driving, Seth watched the
Dallas scenery fly by, having never stepped foot in the Lone Star State
before now. With a few minutes of silence, Vincent's booming voice once again
filled the car.

"So I was thinking that for your first show you'd work a tag match with this
young kid I've been building up. His name's Josh Daniels, and he's a bit
green, but he's a real quick learner, and I think he can benefit from teaming
with you. Now I'm going to have you guys facing my two monster heels, "Big"
Mike Samson and Morgan Shaw. Now Shaw has been working the past month with
Lacey Von Erich and I've had him doing the old bit where he's always bossing
her around, and being almost like a jealous boyfriend. So what I was
thinking, during the match, he's yelling at her, and you confront him on the
outside about it, leaving Samson to blind side you, leaving Josh to be double
teamed to lose the match. After you end up saving him from the two man
assault, and the stuff with Shaw can set you up for the singles match on
Saturday, where you end up leaving with Lacey. So what do you think,"

After hearing Vincent talk in his loud, mile a minute way, Seth almost felt
that he needed to take a breath. "Sounds good to me."

"Great. I really think you can work well with Morgan, he's 6'9", but for a
guy his size, he can really work in that ring, and I think you two could work
well off each other.

* * *

The crowd showered the small arena with boos as Mike Samson and Morgan Shaw
repeatedly kicked the downed Josh Daniels, as Shaw's valet Lacey Von Erich
pleaded with them to stop. Suddenly, Lawless rushed in with a chair, wildly
swinging, causing the heels to flee from the ring, barely escaping his wrath.
As Seth checked on his young partner, Lacey was at ringside, looking in his
direction, with a smile on her face, happy that the young victim was saved.
Shaw however, quickly grabbed her by the arm, and yanked her away from the
ring, yelling at her, in front of everyone. Seeing this, Lawless grabbed the
house mic.

"Shaw! Shaw! You like to be a big man when you've got back up to beat on a
young kid, or man handling a woman uh? Well what do you say you try and man
handle a man!? This Saturday, I'm challenging you to bring your big ass in
this ring, and face me like a man! Come on Shaw be a man!" Throwing the mic
down with a thud, Seth continued to yell in Shaw's direction, pointing at
him, as the Texas fans began to chant, "Be a man! Be a man!" This only
angered Shaw more, and he pulled Lacey by the arm to the back, as the chants
turned to boos, and eventually to cheers as Seth helped the injured Daniels
to the back. Once the two passed through the curtain out of the fan's view,
Daniels made a quick "recovery" and went from being like a rag doll, to
standing straight up, and walking normally.

"I've got to say Josh, you are as good as Vince was telling me you were," the
young rookie almost seemed embarrassed by the compliment.

"Geez thanks man. I've got to say, it was fun working with you, hope we get
to do it again in the future." The two then parted ways, as Josh went to the
locker room, while Seth decided to go to the little spread of catering set up
to grab a drink. It still amazed him that Vince owned this building, that was
amazing for a small wrestling arena, and he even provided food for the
talent. In the four years he had been wrestling, Seth had never seen an
independent set up like this, but he wasn't complaining. As he was drinking
the cold bottle of water, Seth suddenly felt a hand tap him on the shoulder.
As he turned around, he was greeted by the smiling face of Lacey Von Erich.

"Hey, I hope I wasn't bothering you,"

"Oh, no, not at all, just getting a cold drink to cool me down,"

"Just thought about properly introducing myself, since you'll be my savoir
this weekend. I'm Lacey," she then giggled a little at her attempt at a joke.

"It's great to finally meet you, name's Seth." The two gave a friendly
handshake, and began to make some small talk. As they chatted, Seth's eyes
had began to gaze downwards at the amazing amount of cleavage that her tight,
black tank top was giving. Thinking that his gazing was being subtle, he was
surprised when she brought it to attention.

"So I'm guessing you like what you're seeing?" The comment caught him by
surprise, and the usual silver tongued grappler, was at a loss for a

"Oh, well, I was just, um. Oh screw it, yeah, you caught me trying to catch a
peak," the truthful response made the third generation star laugh.

"Don't worry about it. I mean I wouldn't be wearing something like this, if I
wasn't intending to show off. And how can I can mad when you have just a
bumbling response to being caught. Now I was wondering since we're going to
be working together for the rest of your stay here, maybe we should go out
and hit the town to have some fun. You know, get to know each other a little

Now a little more relaxed over how Lacey had responded, he was able to not
sound like a bumbling fool, "Yeah, sure, I'd love to. When would you want to
go out?"

"Well there's no time better than the present," was the response she gave
with a smiling face.

"Sure, why not. Just let me get a quick shower, and we can get into some
trouble." Lacey just responded with another smile, as Seth went off to clan
himself off, so he wouldn't stink up the town, while out with Lacey.

* * *

It was now just a little past 2 in the morning, and Lacey Von Erich and Seth
Lawless were feeling no pain, having club hopped for the past few hours,
having drinks, dancing, and generally having a fun time. As they exited the
latest club they visited, they were almost leaning on each other, giggling
like two little kids. Having had the good sense to not drive on their night
out, the two intoxicated wrestlers fumbled down the street, on their way to
Lacey's hotel, about 4 blocks from their current location. As they did their
drunk walk down the street, Lacey did her best to keep up some talk to keep
the silence at bay.

"Oh, man Seth, you are a lot of fun. It's too bad that you're only around for
a short time."

"Well, I guess," a sudden hiccup breaks into Seth's almost slurred speech, "I
guess we should make good with the time we've got then," With that the two
didn't say much more on the walk back, just laughing, and stumbling past the
occasional person left on the street at the late hour. Their slow, drunken
pace made their walk a bit long, but they finally made their way to the front
door of the hotel, fumbling through the automatic sliding door. As they made
it to the elevator, they both practically fell in, and used the walls of the
small box, to prop themselves up. After a short ride up to Lacey's floor, the
doors open and again the two practically fell out the doors, and made their
way down the empty hallway towards her hotel room. Once they reached their
destination, Lacey fumbled through her purse, searching for the key card,
finally finding it after nearly a minute of searching. However with the state
she was in, her first few times trying to drop the thin plastic into the
slot, didn't work out, but on the third try she finally got it in, unlocking
the door. As they both staggered into the room, and let the door shut behind
them, they managed to make it as far as the bed, before both fell forward,
and passed out where they fell.

* * *

The loud buzzing sound of the alarm clock flooded into the quiet calm of the
hotel room. After a few buzzes, a groggy Lacey, lifted her head from the bed,
and slammed her hand onto the clock, hitting the snooze button. With he head
pounding a bit from a hang over, she turned over, to see Seth still faced
down in the bed, passed out in the clothes he had on from the night before.
Laughing a bit at the sight, Lacey then nudged his shoulder a few times, tell
him to wake up, until finally he broke the crusty seal on his eyes, slowly
raising his head.

"Uh, God, I fell like I had a freaking safe dropped on my head," he then
tried to roll over, but not realizing how close to the edge of the bed he
was, when he turned over, he went right over the side and hit the floor with
a thud. While she was worried if he got hurt, Lacey couldn't help but laugh
how he got suddenly jarred from his morning haze, "Oh my God Seth, are you
alright?" Popping his head back up, from the side of the bed, he gave her a

"Yeah, I'm ok. And it's nice to see I was able to amuse you with my pain,"

"Hey, I'm sorry, but that was kinda funny you've got to admit,"

"Yeah, I guess, but I probably could have found more humor in it if my head
didn't fell like he was repeatedly slammed into the road,"

"I know what you mean, I think we had way, way too much to drink last night,"
Lacey then got up, and paused a bit, as get up to a vertical position in her
state, caused a bit of a head rush. She then made her way to the bathroom to
grab something to help the pounding in her brain. As she was gone, Seth got
back up on the bed, and pulled off the sweatshirt he had on, tossing it to
the floor. Suddenly Lacey popped her head back out of the bathroom, "Here,"
she then tossed a bottle of aspirin over to him, with the bottle landing in
his lap. "I have a feeling you might want to take some of these too. I'm
gonna take a shower. You can use it after I'm done if you want."

"Thanks Lace, but I think I'm gonna head back to my hotel so I can get a new
change of clothes. I might be going to Vince's gym later though, so maybe
I'll catch you later?"

"Yeah sure, I'll probably pop in there later in the day. Well Thanks for the
fun night," Her head then disappeared back into the bathroom, with the door
closing behind her. As he heard the water start in the closed room, Seth
popped open the aspirin bottle, and popped a couple of tablets into his
mouth, swallowing them dry, which was probably not the best since he had
little saliva in his mouth from the previous night's fun. Tossing the bottle
onto the bed, he picked up his sweatshirt, and headed out of the hotel room.
Making his way down the hall, he was actually surprised that with the state
both he and Lacey were in, that nothing ended up happening. He was however
happy about this, as if he ended up 'getting to know her,' he'd rather them
both to be sober, and clear minded, so they could both enjoy the moment.

* * *

With his hangover headache finally gone, Seth decided to take advantage of
Vince's gym again. As he entered the large building he saw some of the
wrestlers he'd met the night before spread throughout the building. Some were
using the high priced exercise equipment, while a few were in the ring that
was the center piece of the center, working out some different moves. As
Vince had said, this place was suited for the workouts of pro wrestlers. As
he made his way through the gym towards the locker room, he greeted some of
the wrestlers. Showing respect to talent from the different promotions he
worked around the country, was something Seth learned to do early on. The
last thing he wanted was the hear some marks online talking about how much of
a dick he was.

Like the rest of the gym, the locker rooms were very high end, with about a
couple dozen full size lockers, and a full sized walk in shower that could
fit at least 6 guys at once. Vince was obviously a man that worked under the
belief that if you make your talent happy, you'll make more money from it.
After picking a locker, Seth changed into his workout gear, and tossed his
stuff in, snapping the lock shut. As he walked out of the locker room, he
wasn't paying much attention, and walked right into someone walking past the

"Oh, damn, I'm sorry, oh, Lacey. I guess you finally got rid of your hangover
too?" It seemed odd that of all the people he walked into it would be his new
Texas friend.

"Mostly, I still have a bit of the head ache. Did you just get here too?"

"Yeah, I was thinking about hitting some of the machines, and then maybe
doing some ring work after. Care to join me?"

"Sure, I just got here too," the two then walked into the area housing all he
machines, and Seth picked out an exercise bike, while took over a stair
climber directly in front of him. After a few minutes of peddling away on the
bike, Seth finally brought his gaze up from the floor, and witness the great
sight in front of him, as Lacey was going to town with the stair climber. In
her tight, spandex workout pants, her ass looked absolutely inviting, moving
up and down to the tune of the machine. With her back completely to him, she
could not see Seth admire her butt, as he increased his speed on the bike.
After a few minutes of gazing, Seth could feel the sight of her ass, taking
its affect on his body, as he felt his workout shorts get a little tighter.
If he had not been on the bike, it would have been very clear to the whole
gym, but thankfully he had chosen the right machine. With his eyes locked on,
he lost all sense of time, and suddenly he saw her go still as the machine
powered down. Thinking, she may have some how caught him, Seth quickly looked
back down at the controls of the bike. Thankfully for him, he could just see
that after getting off the machine, she moved over towards one of the half
dozen treadmills, and started that machine up. The change however didn't do
Seth any favors, as now out of the corner of his eye, he could see, despite
clearly having a sports bra on, her massive chest moved with the pace of her
running. Deciding that he would like to get off the bike someday, he decided
to keep his attention straight forward, and block out the image of Lacey from
his vision.

After a few minutes of keeping his focus on the bike controls, he could
finally feel himself, 'relax,' which gave him a big sigh of relief. As he got
off the bike, he noticed that Morgan Shaw, the man he would be facing at the
next show, was in the gym's ring, with one of the trainers. As Seth
approached the ring, Shaw saw him,

"Hey superstar, how about we dance a bit? Get a feel for tomorrow night?"
While many would think the Superstar comment was an attempt by Shaw to be
condescending, Seth knew it was a friendly thing, as he and Shaw had quickly
hit it off.

"Why not big man, it would be nice to get the pattern down of how I'll kick
your butt," both laughed at the comment as Seth climbed up onto the apron and
through the ropes. For the next 20 minutes the two tried out numerous moves,
and sequences to see what could work good for the upcoming match. After some
trial and error the two worked out a pretty basic idea of what they would be
doing the next night, saving the fine tuning for the few hours before the
actual show. After shaking hands with his future opponent, Seth jumped out of
the ring, and went to a machine to grab a bottle of Gatorade to cool himself
down. As he was taking a big chug of the red liquid, he suddenly felt a hand
give him a pat on the back. Jumping a bit, and nearly choking on the drink,
he turned to see a smiling Lacey behind him.

"That was a pretty good show you guys put on. I think you're going to knock
them dead tomorrow night. I was just thinking, while last night was fun, I
still haven't given you the proper welcome to the area."

"Oh yeah? What exactly is the proper welcome?" lacey didn't bother to answer,
she just smiled again, and grabbed a hold of his arm, pulling him along.
After a few seconds he realized she was leading him towards the women's
locker room of the gym.

"Wait, Lacey, what are you doing, that's the women's locker room."

"Oh don't worry, I'm the only one that's been using it the past few weeks.
Plus, it's the perfect place where I can give you the proper welcome,"
trusting in what she said, Seth gave him his resistance, and let the blonde
beauty lead him in, as he looked around, paranoid that someone would see him
entering the forbidden territory. While he was playing dumb, Seth had a
pretty good idea what the special welcome would be. As he was pulled into the
locker room, he noticed that it was pretty much a clone of the men's locker
room, with the only difference being a large mirror with a counter
underneath, likely for makeup. Finally releasing his hand, Lacey turned
around and faced him with a smile,

"Now I thought that I might have been able to welcome you properly last
night, but I guess the two of us had too much to drink, and it didn't happen,
but better late than never,"

"Oh yeah, so what exactly is the welco...." before he could even finish his
sentence, Lacey lunged forward, wrapping her arms around his neck, and
catching him in a very passionate kiss. The sudden movement forward almost
knocked Seth off of his feet, but he was able to catch himself, and on almost
auto pilot, moved his hands right to Lacey's butt. With her arms tightly
wrapped around Seth's neck, Lacey really got into the kiss, as she felt his
roaming hands start to massage her through the tight shorts. With her kissing
continuing, Lacey broke the grip of her arms and slowly moved them down, and
herself began rubbing Seth's butt, as he was doing to her. The lust filled
embraced lasted for a few more moments until finally Lacey broke the lip
lock, and pulled back.

"Nice to see you know how to take the initiative. Now why don't we get a
little more comfortable." backing up, she continued to smile, before reaching
down and beginning to pull up on the bottom of her sports bra top. As she
lifted it up, her massive chest lifted with it, until finally she pulled the
top off, and her massive orbs fell back into place. While Seth enjoyed the
sight of the firm round breasts, he also got the ball rolling, pulling off
his own t-shirt, and dropping it to the floor as well. Now with both of them
bare from the waist up, they once again moved in and began kissing, with Seth
now taking more control of the situation. Like before his hands once again
went to her butt, but this time he brought them up to her lower back, and
then used his fingers to push into the line of her shorts, pushing them in to
fell the bare flesh of her ass. The more they would kiss, the more he would
rub her butt, and the closer he would move his fingers in towards the crack.
As he did this, Lacey began to put her own hands to work, as they made their
way into his shorts, but in the front instead of the back. Like Lacey, he had
nothing on under his shorts, and she quickly discovered this as she felt his
quickly growing dick. Feeling it growing in her hands was too much for Lacey
and she quickly broke away and pulled from Seth. Now, her friendly smirk had
turned into a smile of pure lust.

"Ok, drop 'em big boy," Not needing to be asked twice, Seth first kicked off
his sneakers, and the dropped his shorts and kicked them off across the room.
As he did this, Lacey yanked off her bottoms as well, pulling the tight
material off, over her sneakers. Once she was left in just her sneakers, she
looked over, to see Seth standing there, in nothing, but the tattoos on his
body, with his hard-on, pointing right at her.

"Weren't you ever told that it's not polite to point?" The comment got a
laugh from both, and Lacey rushed back towards him, and this time pushed him
backwards against a locker, as she once again began to kiss him. This time
however, the kiss only lasted a moment, as she broke the lip lock, and began
to slowly drop down to her knees, while licking her way down his chest,
trailing its way to the jackpot. As her knees touched the tiled floor she was
face to face with his raging 8 inch dick, to which she quickly flicked her
tongue across the head, sending a shiver up his spine. With the little tease
out of the way, she went for the gold, as she positioned her mouth right at
the end of his dick, and then slowly began to move her head forward, slowly
taking him into her mouth. Deciding for the fast approach, with in a few
quick seconds, she quickly had the entire length of him insider her throat,
as she put her hands flat against the lockers he was leaning against. She
then quickly backed away, and once she had just the head in her mouth,
instead of pulling away, began to suck on the sensitive area, sending waves
of pleasure through his body. Then without even removing her mouth, she began
to move forward again, surprising Seth that she was not even stopping to
catch a breath. She would do a few deep throat pumps, and then take a 'break'
by just sucking on the tip of his dick. The only thing Seth could think, was
as she sucked onto the head of his dick, she breathed through her nose, to
help prevent her from stopping.

Having left his hands, at his sides at first, his right soon moved towards
her head, and eventually took a hold of the ponytail she had her blonde hair
tied in and used it almost like a handle, as she did her thing. It had been
so long since he had been with someone that was this skilled, and after only
a few minutes, he felt the pleasure begin to build up, and knew that he was
only moments away from exploding.

"Oh fuck, Lace, you keep that up, and I'm going to make a big mess." The
warning led her to go back to the position of just the head in her mouth, and
after a few moments, Seth's legs tensed up, and his grip on her ponytail
tightened up, as he began to pump streams of cum into her waiting mouth. The
first shot, caught her a little off guard, and she almost pulled her mouth
away to gag, but managed to keep her mouth on his dick. Relaxing her throat,
she basically just let the white, sticky goo slide rid down her throat, like
a very perverted milk shake. As he shot the last bit into her throat, Seth
let a loud moan out, that echoed a bit in the empty locker room. As he
released his grip on her ponytail, Seth's body relaxed again and she gave one
last suck to his throbbing head and pulled back, causing a loud popping

Seth looked down, to see Lacey smacking her lips, as she made sure that she
had swallowed down any remnants from her gooey little treat. Then without
saying a word, she moved her position, still on her knees, she turned to have
her back to Seth. Looking over her shoulder, she motioned for him with her
finger, and then leaned forward, planting her hands on the cool tile floor,
exposing her now soaking wet pussy. Not needing to be told anything, Seth
himself got on his hands and knees behind her, and positioned his face, with
in inches of her pussy. He then positioned himself, with one hand planted on
the floor, in between her legs, bringing up the other to her wet lips, and
using the index and middle fingers to spread them apart. He then brought his
face right to her honey pot, and stuck his tongue out, touching the pink
flesh that was exposed to the air. Once he got a taste, Seth turned into a
thirsty dog, lapping at the tight hole, as if his life depended on it.

"Oh, yeah, that's it baby, that feels so good!" The feeling was one that she
unfortunately had not gotten from another person for a while now, and she was
more than happy in the choice to break that dry spell. The lapping of his
tongue on her pussy, sent short bursts of pleasure through her body, and she
knew that it probably wouldn't take too long for her to have the orgasm, she
desperately craved. After a minute doing this however, he took his mouth away
from her wet slit, and moved his fingers together, letting the lips close, as
he now pushed the two digits into her tight hole. As he did this, he moved in
closer, so that he was just kneeling now, and began to move the fingers in
and out of her. If the penetrating feeling wasn't enough for her, she
suddenly realized he moved his head back down, but now, she felt his face
rest against her butt cheeks, as his free hand spread them open. With the
fingers still moving in and out of her pussy, she once again felt his tongue,
but this time it began to lick at her even tighter asshole. While she was
never big into anal play, the feeling of his tongue on her forbidden hole,
and his fingers pistoning in and out of her pussy, she decided not to put up
a fuss.

With the pleasure increasing, Lacey moved her arms, so they were folded onto
the floor and rested her face into them, caused her ass to stick right up
into the air, leaving it to the pleasures that Seth was administering.
Despite now being face to face with the cool locker room floor, she could
feel her face continue to get hotter, as she inched her way to an orgasm,
desperately wanting Seth to give it to her. Then, as if a switched was
flicked insider her, she felt a shot of pleasure, and her body began to

"Oh fuck Seth, keep going, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGG!
YYYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!" As the orgasm traveled through Lacey's body, Seth
could feel her pussy gripping onto his fingers with an increased tightness,
and even felt her ass twitch to the reaction. "OOOOHHHHHHHH
feel of her orgasm, Lacey remained in the head down, ass up position,
savoring every moment of the orgasmic bliss. Eventually though, the high
began to leave her body, and as her muscles started to relax, she felt Seth's
fingers pull out of her, and he tongue leave her ass. She then relaxed her
legs, and her knees slid back, until her ass lowered, and she was left laying
completely on the floor, on her stomach.

Once her post orgasmic bliss subsided, she turned over, and moved into a
sitting position with her back against the nearest set of lockers. Looking
over, she saw Seth across from her, in the same sitting position, with a
smile on his face.

"Oh wow, Seth, you don't even know how much I needed that. That was just a
long time over due. But it seems now, we're even, and I'm the one that's
supposed to be giving you the welcoming gift. What do you say, we move this
party into the showers?" Seth just gave her a smiling nod as he stood up, and
moved to her with his hand out stretched, to help her up. Once on her feet,
she again led the way, with Seth behind, watching her naked ass sway from
side to side. As they got to the shower's entrance, Lacey pulled off the hair
tie, and let her blonde locks fall to her shoulders. Looking over her
shoulder, she just gave Seth a wink, and walked into the showers, waiting for
him to follow. Not being told what to do, he followed her right in as she
walked the the end of the room, under the last shower head in the line of
five. They then faced each other, and embraced, kissing, with Seth moving his
hands to her bare butt, while Lacey moved hers in between them, and massaged
at his almost hard dick. The kissing and massaging lasted for only a few
moments, until Lacey could feel the hard member throbbing in her hand,
knowing that he was ready to advance their fun. Breaking their kiss, she
looked up him with a smile, followed by a wink. Returning the smile and the
wink, Seth first reached over to the shower handle, and turned it on, causing
warm water to begin raining down on them.

"I always enjoyed doing it out in the rain, so I thought this might be the
next best thing," he then got down on the cool tiled floor, and laid on his
back, with his dick standing straight up, like a flag pole. Lacey looked down
at him, giving her still wet pussy a few rubs, before she stepped right over
him, feeling very much in control of the situation. Standing right over him,
staring directly into his eyes, she rubbed herself a few more times, before
finally she began to lower herself down, slowly into a crouching position.
Holding the stance for a few moments, she was mere inches from being
penetrated by his waiting dick, but decided to continue to tease him, by not
going right for it.

"So what do you say big boy? Should I give you the full Texas welcome?" The
comment and the coy smile drove Seth crazy, and speechless, not really
knowing what to say. With her own anticipation growing, as well as her legs
starting to get a little tired from the position she was in, she just gave
him a smile again, as she continued to lower herself, slowly feeding his dick
into her waiting pussy. The feeling of the slow penetration is exactly what
both of them had been waiting for, pretty much since they laid eyes on each
other. As she lowered her body, she repositioned her legs to let her knees
touch the tiled floor, on either side of Seth's body, as she let the last bit
of his dick into the heaven between her legs. With her knees planted, she
closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of being filled up, as she rested her
hands onto Seth's chest. As she was remaining still, she could feel his hands
move, resting on her hips, clearly waiting for the real fun to begin. Finally
opening her eyes, she once again looked back down at Seth, and like she did
moments before, gave him a lust filled smile as she began to slowly gyrate
her hips. Doing this, she continued to keep her eyes locked right on Seth's,
seeing the pleasure begin to fill his whole face.

With the seconds passing, Lacey began to gradually increase the speed of her
gyrations, increasing the pleasure both she and Seth were experiencing. With
more pleasure hitting her, the more noise she would make, starting out with a
low whimper, to straight up moaning, her sounds of pleasure echoing off the
shower's walls. The moans were soon added to the grunts of Seth, from a mix
of pleasure, as well as a little pain, as Lacey's nails began to dig into his
chest, like she was trying to grip right onto his tattooed skin. With the
intense pleasure however, the pain of her nails was a good one, and he longed
to take control of the situation, but just wanted to wait for the right time.
Still looking into her eyes, Seth's will power to let her stay in control
quickly diminished and he finally gave in. Tightening his grip on her hips,
he pulled her up, so she was raised off of his lap, and stopped her from
making any more movement. Just as she was about to complain about stopping
their fun, Seth began to move his hips upwards, quickly jamming himself back
into her tight pussy.

"OH MY FUCKING GODDDDDDD!" The sudden thrust into her pussy caught her off
guard, but sent amazing chills of pleasure through her body. Continuing to
hold her up by the hips, Seth pistoned himself upwards, flying in and out at
quick speeds that didn't give either much time to really catch their breath.
The sounds of their smacking flesh now joined their moans of pleasure, as
their initial 'love making' turned completely into fucking. Looking up, Seth
noticed that Lacey was no longer looking right into his eyes, instead, her
head was tilted back, with the moan escaping her mouth, showing her approval
for his taking control of the situation.

"Oh, so good, so good, so gooooooddddd!!!! Mmmmmmmmmm!"

"Fuck Lacey, this has to be the best fucking welcome I've ever been given."
Hearing the compliment, Lacey looked back down, and through her moans, gave
him a lust filled smile. She then cocked her head back, and now moved her
hands from Seth's chest to her own, cupping her large breasts in her hands.
With her index fingers and thumbs, she then began to pinch her rock hard
nipples, adding just a little more pleasure to the experience, as Seth
continued drilling up into her. Just as she released her fingers from the
nipples, she felt him stop moving his hips, and pulled hers down, so she was
once again impaled on his entire length. She then moved his hands up, towards
her shoulders, and gently pulled down. Getting the message, Lacey leaned
down, so her chest met his and they were face to face. Seth then held either
side of her face in his hands, and began to kiss her. At first it was a quick
peck, but then the lip lock got more passionate, and his hands moved from her
face, to behind her, hugging her athletic body.

As she enjoyed the kiss with the water falling down on their combined bodies,
Lacey suddenly felt Seth rocking from side to side, when suddenly, still in
the embrace, with his dick still in her, he rolled the two of them over, and
in a matter of moments, he was now the one on top, with Lacey feeling the
cool tiles on her back. Breaking the kiss, Seth now repositioned his hands
flat on the floor, on either side of Lacey's head, and gave her a quick grin,
before unexpectedly starting to thrust his hips. Loving the new position,
Lacey wrapped her arms around his neck, once again looking him straight in
the eyes, seeing the lust as he was once again thrusting into her. With every
thrust he was moving not only himself, but Lacey as well, closer and closer
to an explosive orgasm.

"Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh that's it baby! You're gonna fucking make me cum!
You're gonna love feeling that big cock squeezed by my tight little pussy,
uh!? Fuuuuuuuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!" As she felt herself on the verge
of her orgasm, she brought her legs up and wrapped them around Seth's
thrusting waist, making sure he wouldn't dare try to pull out when she
exploded. With each of his thrusts, she would get a little bit closer, and
tighten up her legs, just a little more.

"Oh baby, I'm, so close, so fucking close! Make me cum! Make me cum baby!
Oooohhhhhhh pppppllllllleeeeeaaaasssssseeeee make me cummmmmmmm!" It was
then, that the full force of her orgasm finally hit her, and her entire body
tensed up in the shot of pleasure that surged through her body.
"Yyeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhh baby, I'm cccuuuuummmmmmmmmiiiiiiinnnnngggggggg!!" With
the exception of the tremors hitting her, Lacey's body remained relatively
still, with her eyes practically rolled up into the back of her head. As Seth
continued to move in and out of Lacey, he was now on the verge of his own
orgasm, as her pussy squeezed the life out of his dick. If it wasn't for the
water falling over their bodies, they would have been covered from head to
toe in sweat from their vigorous activity.

With her orgasm starting to wind down, Lacey's pussy gave a few more tight
squeezes, and began to push Seth right over. As this happened, he clenched
his eyes closed, and gave a few grunts.

"Are you gonna cum?" All Seth could do, is give a quick nod, letting her know
that he was set to pop, "Cum on my stomach. I wanna feel it on my skin." Not
really in any position to argue her request, Seth felt her legs release from
around his waist, which allowed him to pull out from her. Grabbing his
throbbing dick, he aimed it right at her stomach, as he began to shoot, shot
after shot of his hot white goo over her tight, flat stomach. With the shower
running though, as the cum hit her skin, it was quickly washed off, falling
to the tiled floor and down the drain. When the last bit dribbled out of him,
he released his aiming hold on his member, and looked back into Lacey's now
satisfied eyes. The two shared a brief smile, before Seth leaned down, and
gave her a quick, yet passionate kiss. He then turned over, dropping his butt
down onto the wet tile. As he sat there, under the falling water, Lacey
herself moved up into a sitting position, resting her back against the wall.

"I've got to say Lacey, of all the promotions I've been around so far, you've
been the best welcome wagon yet,"

"Well I always aim to please, and if I say so myself, it was just as good for
me there, big guy. And let me tell you, if you think that the welcoming
gesture was good, you'll love when I get to give you a welcome back, the next
time you come around."

"Well in that case, I guess I'll have to talk with Vince about the next time
I might be able to come down here." They shared another smile, before leaning
in for another, however longer kiss, before they both stood up, and decided
to take a real shower, to help get rid of any 'scent evidence' of their
little encounter.

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