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Generation Lust 02
by Big Chief

A few months had passed since Seth Lawless had made a stop through Texas for
Lone Star Pro, working for Vincent White. On the stop around he met third
generation diva, Lacey Von Erich, who gave him one hell of a welcome to the
Lone Star state. Even with the time that had passed, the memory of the event
was still fresh in his head, and the money he got paid for the few shows
didn't hurt the memories of the trip either. Since then, he had been working
for Pro Wresltling Mid-Atlantic, who's style was a throwback to the Jim
Crockett days of wrestling in the area. With the faces being clean cut, and
old school, Seth was working as the new top heel of the promotion, talking
about ushering the new school style into an area that couldn't give up on the
past. His storyline worked well, as fans that came to the PWMA shows just
loved to hate him. His biggest rival since debuting was "The Natural" Nick
Axe, who held the promotions Heavyweight Title. With Seth's new location, and
new feud, came an increased chatter on the wrestling grapevine, that both WWE
and TNA were showing an increased interest in possibly trying to sign him to
a deal. When this news made its way to Seth, he was determined to up his game
in the ring even more, never knowing when someone representing one of the
promotions could be at a show.

It was the increased talk about the TNA and WWE's interests in Seth, that led
to PWMA promoter Andrew Weston making the decision that it was time to put
the Heavyweight belt on him. By putting the belt on a hot comity like
Lawless, it would help Weston to get new attention from wrestling fans for
his promotion. He decided that he would give Seth the belt at the next PWMA
card in Raleigh, NC, where it was rumored that some WWE scouts would be in
attendance. The dealing would be a two birds with one stone scenario, where
Seth winning the belt, could bring good attention to the promotion, while the
match could also help Seth's chances to impress the WWE officials in

* * *

The small crowd of PWMA fans were on the edge of their seats as their
homegrown hero "The Natural" Nick Axe was battling the man that stood against
everything the promotion stood for, Seth Lawless. The two men were down in
the middle of the ring, after a double clothesline, with the referee counting
both men down. Both competitors used the support of the ropes to pull
themselves to their feet, and stop the ref's double count. As the count made
it to 9, they were able to both get to their feet, but just barely. As Axe
slowly started moving towards Lawless, Seth suddenly hit a surprise step-up
Enzuigiri, dropping the champion down to a knee. Quickly taking advantage of
the opening, Seth backed-up, and quickly nailed a Shining Wizard, dropping
Axe face first to the mat. Rolling him over, Seth covered the champion, and
the ref slapped his hand to the mat three times. As the bell rang to end the
match, the crowd erupted in boos.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Time of the match, 14 minutes, 4 seconds, your winner,
and the new Pro Wresling Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, Seth, Lawless!"
The announcers words, as Seth was handed the title belt, seemed to make the
crowd boo even louder. Playing up to the crowd's anger, Seth made the referee
help him put the title around his waist, and once it was secured, made him
raise his hand yet again. The new champion then demanded the mic, and gave a
simple proclamation to the fans,

"Old school is dead! Long live the new school of wrestling!" he then threw
the mic to the mat, and exited the ring, as fans booed, and cursed him out on
his way up the aisle way to the locker room. Passing through the curtains, he
got some pats on the back from some of the other wrestlers, congratulating
him for both the match he and Axe just had, as well as the great reaction he
got from the passionate fans. As he got back to the make shift locker room
that was set up for the talent, Seth undid the title belt from his waist, and
put it down next to his back, sitting across a wooden bench. As he began to
undo the tape from his hands, he saw Andrew Weston come walking in, making
his way towards him. As he got closer, he extended his hand, which Seth
greeted with a strong handshake.

"Man, Seth, I've got to thank you, you put on another great main event for

"Thanks Andy, but Nick deserves as much credit. I couldn't put that kind of
performance, or get that type of heat, if I didn't have him to work off of.
So what's up, you seem to have more on your mind than just giving me a pat on
the back."

"Well you're right about that," he had to chuckle, as it was almost like
during the time Seth had worked for him, he was able to read him like a book.
"I found out that those rumors of someone from New York being here tonight,
were true. I'm not supposed to tell you this, but one of the guys from the
WWE offices was here tonight. I had met with him, and he said he was here
specifically to see you in the ring. I had just finished talking with him'
before I came in here, and I have to say, he seemed impressed, and it
wouldn't be surprising if you get contacted by them soon."

The news took Seth a bit off guard, as it seemed almost too good to be true.
Like all wrestlers that competed in the United States, he had always had a
goal to try and compete in the big leagues of World Wrestling Entertainment.
Now he was hearing that a chance at that dream was just within his reach, and
he just hoped it wouldn't end up being an empty chance.

"Wow, Andy, I don't know what to say. I mean, I think I've got to thank you,
because you're one of the guys that I've got to say, really seemed to help me
get that chance."

"Well don't thank me yet. Thank me after the ink of your signature has dried
on that contract if you get it," The smile and pat on the back that he gave
the young wrestler was like that of a proud father, watching his son succeed
in life. With a final hand shake, Andrew got up, and left Seth to finish
changing out of his ring gear, as well as letting the news about the WWE
scout, sink in. As he shed the ring gear, he just hoped that the impression
he had left on the scout would end up being something that the higher ups in
New York would find interest in, and want to see him as part of their roster.

After finally packing up his gear, and changing into his street clothes, Seth
started to say goodbye to the few people that were still around. Finally
making it to the parking lot, he quickly found fellow wrestler Jack County,
who he had been rooming with during this hitch with the PWMA. During the time
they had been roommates, the two had struck up a bit of a friendship, and
would constantly share the car rides around North Carolina.

"Hey Seth, reading to slam the pavement?"

"Yeah, but this time could you maybe drive a few miles under the speed of
sound? I wanna feel like I might actually make it through the ride."

"Oh ha ha wise ass. We haven't crashed yet have we?" Jack had always got the
humor out of Seth's jokes about his driving, and knew that they were all done
in good spirits. "Just make sure you don't get seat wet. I mean with all
those people kissing your ass tonight, I'm sure it's soaked with saliva."

"Hey, can I help it that I'm that damn good?" The two shared a laugh and got
into the car, taking off for the next town, instead of hitting the beds, and
leaving in the morning. As Jack was drove the first leg of their trip, the
two shared small talk, joking around about all kinds of subjects. Despite
being pumped up about the WWE news, Seth decided not to share it with his
friend, not wanting to jinx it. He also didn't want to share the news with
everyone and then have it turn into nothing.

* * *

After a long stretch on the road, Seth Lawless was finally heading to his
home of Philadelphia, ready to take a week away from the road to rest. It had
been nearly a month since PWMA promoter Andrew Weston had told him about a
WWE scout at the show being impressed with his work, and he had heard nothing
from the 'big time players.' As the cab came to a stop in front of his
apartment building, Seth passed up the payment for the ride, along with a
tip. As he step foot onto the sidewalk, he limped a bit to the trunk to grab
his bags, feeling the effects of having his right knee slammed into a
ringside barrier the night before. Luckily his knee was just sore from the
hit, and had no lasting injury to it.

As he swung the apartment door closed behind him, Seth just dropped his bags
on the floor, and headed for the fridge for a quick refreshment. He had
become a little angry at himself, since he had broken his promise, and gotten
his hopes up a little about the WWE news, and now that they didn't contact
him, he was feeling disappointment. As he started to chug down on the bottle
of beer, he figured, if they didn't want him, and couldn't recognize the
talent he had, then to hell with them. With they weren't as big as WWE, there
were still other places to go, like ROH or TNA. It was then, as he finished
the brew, and aired his internal bile towards WWE, he noticed the light on
his answering machine was flashing to let him know a message awaited. Hitting
the blinking button, he heard a gravelly voice, that introduced himself as
John Laurinaitis, WWE's Senior Vice President of Talent Relations. He would
go on to say how he, and others in the company had been looking at him for a
few months, and just recently it was decided that they wanted to see what he
could do in person. Laurinaitis then left a number Seth could contact him at
in order to set up a tryout match at an upcoming WWE show. Again, getting his
hopes up, Seth quickly wrote down the number, and grabbed the phone to make
the call that could possibly change his life forever.

After a few rings, the voice of a young woman answered,

"Good morning, World Wrestling Entertainment, how may I help you?"

"Um, yeah, this is Seth Crawford, I'm calling to talk with Mr. Laurinaitis."

"One moment Mr. Crawford, let me transfer you." After a few moments, another
woman's voice filled Seth's ear.

"Mr. Laurinaitis' office, how may I help you?"

"Yeah, I'm Seth Crawford. I received a call from Mr. Laurinaitis, and I was
told to call him back."

"One moment sir." This time the wait was a little longer, as dead air filled
Seth's ear, as his nerves began to get to him.

"Hello, Seth?"

"Mr. Laurinaitis, I just got your message, and I'm returning the call."

"Good to hear from you. I wasn't sure if you were on the road still or not.
And you can call me John. Like I said in the message, we've been watching you
for a few months now, and I must say, you're pretty impressive. We had
someone at a show you did a few weeks ago, and we got a good report. I got
the go ahead from Mr. McMahon to get you in for a try out match so we can see
what you have in person."

"Well thank you, John. I'm very excited to hear that I'm getting the
attention of big time."

"Well lets get down to business. We're going to be in Philadelphia for
Smackdown in two weeks, and if you're available, we'd love for you to come
down and do a tryout match before we start taping the show. What do you say?"

"It sounds great. I can definitely make it."

"Great, I'll put you on with my secretary, and you two can work out the
traveling, and getting you into the arena. I'll see you in a couple weeks,
kid, and make sure to bring your A-game."

"I will sir, and thank you." As soon as Seth finished his sentence, he heard
the secretary's voice again, making him think that Laurinaitis hadn't heard a
word he said. But it didn't matter, he was going to be getting to wrestle a
try out match for WWE, the big leagues, the peak of American wrestling.

* * *

Seth could not believe it as it walked around the backstage area of the
Wachovia Center. When he talked with John Laurinaitis about his tryout match,
he had been expecting that he was going to wrestle, before any of the fans
were in, but his match would be in front of a WWE crowd, just before the
cameras would start rolling. He would be facing veteran Jamie Noble, which
helped calm Seth down a bit, as Noble was a guy that he felt he could put on
a good show with. As he made his way up to the Gorilla Position, he could
feel goose bumps form on his arm, and hoped that his nerves would not cause
his performance to suffer. After a few seconds he could hear announcer Justin
Roberts make his introduction.

"Introducing first, from Philadelphia, weighing in at 230 pounds, Seth,
Lawless!" Being in front of a hometown crowd, he heard a loud roar of cheers.
Taking a deep breath, he then walked through the black curtain, and walked
out onto the large entrance set, with a generic entrance music playing. As he
first took in the massive crowd, he was in shock. He had never competed for a
crowd anywhere close to this size. Again, he began to hope that the added
pressure wouldn't affect his match. With each step to the ring, however, the
doubt began to slowly drip away, as he slapped hands with fans seated next to
the entrance way, and ring. The fact that the thousands of fans had given him
any reaction was a victory for Seth, since probably none of them knew who he
was, but he did realize part of it was because he was the hometown boy. As he
stretched out in the ring, Noble made his way to the ring, and once Seth was
looking across the ring at him, he just knew that he would have a good match.

Once the bell rang, the two men got right into action, as Lawless ducked an
attempted clothesline from Noble, and hit a side kick to the veteran's
stomach. When they went through the match earlier, Noble had suggested they
do a fast pace match, with a few high spots, that could really help Seth get
over with the fans, and the brass, in the back. For the next five minutes,
the two traded moves back and forth, and at a few points, small packs of fans
actually began chanting Seth's name, urging him on. Finally after 6 minutes,
the ref discreetly told the two to bring it home, and they set up for the
finish they had discussed. Seth Irish Whipped Noble into the corner, and
quickly charged in. Moving at the last minute, Noble avoided the contact, as
Seth hit chest first into the turnbuckle, taking him off balance. Noble then
quickly grabbed Seth's arm, and dropped to the mat with an arm breaker. Still
holding onto Seth's tattooed arm, Noble quickly reposition, and locked in his
crucifix armbar, and after a few seconds, Seth's free hand began to quickly
tap the mat, ending the match.

As Noble celebrated in the ring, Seth rolled to the outside, and began
holding his arm, selling the move that led to his defeat. Once Noble left to
the back, Seth himself began the walk to the entrance way, with his head held
down, selling his disappointment in the loss. He he passed by fans, some
patted him on the back, and heard a few people yelling to him that he did a
good job. Just as he was about to enter through the curtain to the back, he
turned, looked at the crowd and raised his 'uninjured' arm, receiving some
cheers. He then walked to the back, through the Gorilla Position, passing by
many people, who began scrambling, as the next match would be the starting of
the tapings for Superstars, ECW and Smackdown. He walked by a few of the
lower card guys in the back, who gave him some compliments about the match.
As he neared the locker room, he was suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, as
Vincent Kennedy McMahon stood in front of him. When he arrived at the arena
today, he never expected to be face to face with the man that ruled pro
wrestling in the United States. What caught him even more off guard was that
Mr. McMahon's attention seemed to be directed at him, and he had a big smile
on his face.

"So you're this kid I've been hearing so much about."

"Um, I guess. It's a pleasure to meet you sir, I'm Seth Crawford." He then
slowly reached his hand out, offering it to the man, he hoped would soon be
his boss. Shockingly, Vince quickly reached out, and tight gripped Seth's
taped hand.

"I thought it was Lawless? Remember kid, keep up the character," with the
comment, Vince gave his famous laugh, which Seth quickly return with a laugh
of his own. "Well I have to say, you had a good little match out there. You
may have a future hear someday."

"Thank you sir. that means a lot coming from you," as Seth finished speaking,
Vince gave him a pat on the shoulder and moved away, ready to attend to more
important business. With Vince now gone, Seth was left in shock, that he was
actually compliment by Vince McMahon himself. After his shell shock wore off,
Seth had continued his way back to the locker room.

As he neared the locker room however, he was once again sidetracked, as he
walked past the catering table. He had noticed a few of the Smackdown stars
around, mostly getting drinks of water or Gatorade, but never noticed that
someone at the table had been paying attention to him. Stopping at the end of
the tables set up, he grabbed a bottle of water, and as he began to take a
drink, he suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder, and heard a feminine voice,
with a little base to it, say,

"So you're the new guy, uh?" As he spun around, he was met with the smiling
face, of the pink and blonde, 'Anvilette,' Nattie "Natalya" Neidhart.

"Well maybe, I guess I'll find out if I'm the new guy, or just someone
passing through. Name's Seth."

"Oh, I know who you are. Your reputation seems to have preceded you here.
There's been a few people talking about the indy kid that was coming in. And
I must say, you're a lot better looking that I thought you'd be."

"Wow, wasn't expecting that, but thanks." As he accepted the compliment, he
couldn't help but let his eyes, quickly take a glimpse down at the third
generation star's massive cleavage, that was being pushed up and out by the
top of her ring gear. He quickly realized that his glance, wasn't as subtle
as he had thought, when he realized Natalya had noticed the movement of his
eyes. Instead of quickly apologizing, he decided to just act like he hadn't
been caught, and not bring attention.

"I guess you're enjoying the sight uh?"

"Oh, shit, I'm sorry, I know, that was just being disrespectful. I just...."

"Hey knock it off. Don't go with that apologizing bs, I've got a nice rack, I
know it. I'd almost be offended if you weren't looking. And hey, who knows,
maybe if I'm in a good mood later, and you haven't taken off, you might get
to see how nice they are," The statement quickly caught Seth off guard. He
rationalized that he either misheard what she had just said, or she was just
ribbing a guy that might not even been around past the night.

"Um, sure," was all he could muster as a reply, as Natalya just gave him
another quick smile and took off, to get ready for her involvement in the
night's show. Chugging down the rest of his water, Seth tossed the bottle in
a near by barrel and finally got to the locker room, to change out of his
ring gear and into his street clothes.

Once he was in his normal clothes, and packed his gear in the back, Seth
exited back into the backstage area and shared some conversations with some
of the other wrestlers, as well as some of the agents, and other behind the
scenes people. Many that saw him work with Noble had complimented him on the
good match, and told him that his chance of a deal was probably really good.
He also took some time, to flirt a little bit with some of the divas, making
sure not to do anything that could get him in trouble.

About halfway through the taping of Smackdown, he suddenly felt someone slap
him square on the back. When he turned around, he saw a smiling Natalya,
dressed in her Hart Dynasty ring gear. With a slight layer of sweat on her
forehead, she some how looked a lot hotter to Seth, than when he saw her
earlier before the tapings began.

"Well, it's good to see you're still around big boy. So what do you say, have
you been thinking about my offer?"

"What? Oh yeah, that joke about your chest. That was pretty funny, but I've
had some better ribs than that done to me."

The comment made the pink and blonde diva laugh, "you thought I was joking
about that uh?"

"Well yeah, you're got a boyfriend. I mean you've been with TJ Wilson for how
long now?"

"Eight years this year. But you see, that long relationship has allowed us to
have 'open trust,' where we can have fun, and not worry about it affecting
us. Only rule is it can't be someone close to the family. And well, this is
the first time we've met, so I don't think you'd fall into that category."

Seeing the seriousness in her eyes, Seth began to actually believe that she
was serious in what she was saying. He still, however was a bit too nervous
to actually make the move and start anything. Seeing the doubt on his face,
Natalya grabbed the front of the t-shirt he had on and pulled him a bit. With
neither saying anything, Seth got up, and followed her as she let go of the
grip on his shirt. The two walked down one of the arena's corridors, with
Natalya looking from side to side, at doors on either side. She finally
stopped, and opened a door, and looked inside the room. Pulling her head back
out, she again gave Seth her evil grin, and pulled him into the room behind
her. As he looked around, Seth realized the room was a changing room, almost
looking like a smaller version of the locker rooms, with a single shower, and
a few lockers. After scanning the room, he brought his attention back to
Natalya, who then suddenly grabbed a hold of the bottom of her top and pulled
it up, exposing her firm, round breasts. Her too slightly dark nipples stood
right at attention, almost like they were waiting to be played with.

"So what do you say, Seth? Do you still think I was ribbing you back there?"
Without any kinda of verbal response, Seth suddenly switched into auto pilot,
and dove forward, quickly moving his mouth to her right nipple. As he began
to gently suck on the little bud, massaging it with his tongue, he massaged
the other massive globe, making Natalya smile even more. Placing her hand
onto Seth's head, she just enjoyed the feeling that he was giving her. He
then switched his hand and mouth to the opposite breasts and gave them the
same treatment, which got Natalya more and more excited about what was to
come. While she enjoyed the feeling that was being directed at her chest, it
was only a sample of why she had really approached Seth. After letting him
play with her chest for a minute longer he then stopped him.

"Ok, that's good, but I think I need a little more. Why don't you get me a
little more into the mood, by pulling down my pink, to get to the pink," she
then gave him a wink and a smile, before turning around, and bending forward,
with her hands rested on her knees. Loving the sight of her big round butt,
in the skin tight neon pink pants, Seth began to smile too, happy to see she
really wasn't ribbing him. Grabbing hold of the top of her pants around the
hips, he quickly pulled them down to just below her cheeks. Loving the sit of
her bare, tan cheeks, he quickly got to what she requested and knelt down
right behind her. He then put each hand on her cheeks, and slightly parted
them, to better expose her tight, pink pussy, that was already wet with
anticipation. At first he was going to bury his face into her wetness, but
then decided that he would tease her, and beg for it. Removing his left hand
from her butt, he ran his index and middle finger up and down the length of
her slit, getting it wet with her juices, and causing her to let out a few
little moans. Once his fingers were nice and wet, he pressed the two digits
against her wet and waiting lips. At first there was a bit of resistance, due
to her tightness, but she they began to sink into her.

After slowly pushing his fingers into her, Seth stopped at his middle
knuckle, and then began to move them in and out of her as she remained bent
over. He quickly began to work a rhythm, and has his fingers moving in and
out of her, causing her to moan in pleasure,

"Oh my god, that's it, that's it! Jam your fingers into me! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!
FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKK!" With each movement of Seth's fingers in her, Natalya
got closer and closer to an orgasm, with each movement, causing her body to
shiver in pure pleasure, just waiting for the explosion. While this was
having an affect on her, it was also doing the same to Seth, as every moan
she let out, got him harder and harder, waiting for the main event. Wanting
to get his own piece of the action, Seth moved his hand as fast as he could
now, trying to hit all the right spots, until he felt the already tight walls
of her pussy suddenly begin to tense up, and become even tighter. He knew
that this was basically the 'warning bell,' and after a few more seconds,
Natalya finally popped,

increased, so did the shivers zipping through her body, causing her to shake,
with her hips rolling back and forth onto Seth's hand. Suddenly, she let out
a loud "FUCK!" and her body spasmed forward, pulling her tight hole off of
Seth's hand, and causing her to move forward. Luckily, she had enough where
with all to catch herself on the lone bench in the room, where she laid down
on her side, in order to recover from the orgasm. With Natalya recovering on
the wooden bench, Seth got to his feet, and began to lick his hand clean,
with all of the juices she had left on it. As he licked the last bit off, she
turned, and sat up on the bench, with a very happy smile on her face.

"Wow, I didn't think I could have another person could get me off like that
with just there hand. I guess I was right in picking up on you. Now why don't
you get over here, and I can repay the favor," He began to walk over to her,
in her sitting position, but before he could even think, Natalya had grabbed
the front of his pants, and practically ripped open the front, exposing his
already hard dick, with it pointing right at her face. His size brought an
even bigger smile to her face. "Oh yeah, I definitely made the right
decision," Again, not wasting anytime, she gripped her hands onto Seth's
hips, and quickly took the head of his dick right into her mouth. She sucked
on the head for a few seconds, and then began to slowly take in more and more
into her mouth. Her head kept moving forward until her nose pressed right
into his pelvis, as she had his entire length buried in her mouth. Holding
for a few seconds, she made a gagging sound, and then slowly pulled her mouth
back and off, coughing a bit. This however did not deter her, as she quickly
moved her mouth right back on his rod, but this time began to start a
rhythmic blowjob, bouncing her head up and down his shaft.

Getting into her groove, she kept her hands planted on Seth's hips, as her
mouth was the only part that was in contact with his dick. As her head was
moving over him, Seth began to run both of his hands through her pink and
blonde hair, just loving the blowjob she was giving him. With each movement
she made of her head, she would also suck on his raging dick, suck a little
harder with each thrust. With this technique, it also slowed down her
movement of her head slightly, but added more and more pressure, getting him
closer and closer to exploding.

Not long after he could feel that he was close, and Natalya apparently
suspected this as well, as her paced suddenly slowed down. Then suddenly, in
a quick move, she pulled her mouth from his dick, and her right hand moved
from his hip, took a firm grip on his balls. The move, however, was not a
gentle one, as she pulled down, sending a twinge of pain though his body, and
quickly killing his oncoming orgasm.

"Ahhhh, fuck! What the hell did you do that for?" looking down at her with an
angry look, Seth just saw Natalya looking up with a grin

"Sorry big guy, but you're not allowed to cum yet. And don't worry, I didn't
do any damage. And it looks like you're still at full attention, so why do
you sit down, and you can really put it to good use."

Still a bit annoyed from the sudden move, Seth couldn't stay too mad, looking
down at her. Moving towards the bench, he pulled his pants down to his
ankles, and sat down on the cool wood. As he did this, Natalya had gotten to
her feet, and moved near him, and followed his lead, pulling her wrestling
tights, down further, just around her boots. Turning her back to him, she
looked over her shoulder with her trademark grin, as Seth focused his sight
on her firm, round butt. Without speaking she began to lower herself towards
his lap, as he held onto his still raging hard-on, keeping it in line with
her lowering body. Once her moist lips made their first contact with the head
of his dick, she paused and slowly moved her hips, causing the lips to rub
around his sensitive head. After a few moments of this, she then began to
lower herself again, and began to feel him push in. With now the tip just
inside of her, Natalya placed her hands onto the tops of her knees, and
forcefully slammed herself down, quickly encasing his dick in her vice walls.

"Jesus Nattie, you are fucking tight as hell!" Looking back, she again gave
him the wicked smile that had become her trademark,

"Makes up for my little tugging, uh?" Just giving a grunt and a smile, Seth
brought his hands to the top of her hips, as she began to gyrate them, moving
his dick around inside her. With her butt, grinding into Seth's lap, he just
held on, enjoying the feeling, as it seemed her pussy, like the rest of her,
was very strong, as it kept a good tight grip on him. However, with her being
very wet, the resistance of her tightness did not affect the speed that she
bounced her body onto Seth's lap. She would pick up the movement of her
bouncing, slamming down harder, each time, into Seth's, as he just held on,
and enjoyed the feeling.

"Oh yeah, Seth, you just fucking love that don't you? You love having me
bounce my tight pussy, up and down on your tight cock, uh?! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!"
Never seeing her much as the dirty talker, hearing her actually talk the way
she was, really got Seth excited, and after a few moments, he could feel he
was getting close to losing it.

"Damn, Nattie, if you keep that up, you're going to make me explode!" Before
he could make good on that promise however, Natalya, quickly pulled herself
up, ripping Seth's hands from her hips, and killing his chance of cumming yet
again. This time, Seth did not get as upset as before, since it didn't result
in any pain like before, and he realized she probably had something in mind
before she was ok with him cumming. As Seth remained sitting on the bench, he
looked at Natalya, standing, slightly bent over, rubbing at her crotch a few
times, before she focused her attention back to him.

"Sorry about that, but I wanted to change it up a bit before you blow. So why
don't you get up, and you can do a bit of the work now." Not exactly sure
what she had in mind, Seth got to his feet, as she approached him, her tights
still around her legs. Getting right in front of him, she again smiled, and
gave him a quick, yet passionate kiss on the lips. She then broke it and
moved right to the bench, bending over, resting her hands onto the smooth
wood, with her round butt stick out. Without saying anything, Seth obviously
got where she was headed, and moved him self around, so he was now right
behind her, inches from her now soaking pussy. He then moved, so just the
head of his dick, was resting against her wet lips. When he was sure he was
right where he needed to be, he put his hands onto her butt, and began to
push his hips forward, slowly sinking his dick back into her waiting pussy.
When he got a few inches into her, then began to pull out, and then quickly
push back in, working himself right into a rhythm, pumping in and out, to
Natalya's delight.

"Oh yeah, that's it big boy! Pump my pussy you sexy beast! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
yyyyyyeeeeaaahhhhhh!" With Seth now in control of the situation, Natalya,
moved her hands from the top of the wooden punch, over to the sides, allowing
her to grip on, so she could keep herself a bit more on balance, from the
pounding Seth was giving her. "Come on Seth, I bet you can fuck me harder
than that!" Always the type to answer a challenge, he tightened his grip on
her butt, and began to move his hips at a faster pace, filling the room with
the sound of skin smacking, over and over again. With her pussy getting
wetter with each of his thrusts, he was sliding in and out much easier, with
her tightness playing little in the form of resistance now. With the faster
pace that they were now in the midst of, Nattie was getting closer and closer
to finally getting the second orgasm that she had been waiting for.

THERE! RIGHT THERE! SHIT YESSSSSSS!" Like a switch being clicked over inside
her, Natalya's orgasm suddenly hit her, almost with no warning, as her body
tensed up from the quick shocks of pleasure that shot through her entire
body, from the tips of her toes, to the top of her blonde and pink head.
"Ohhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyeeeeeeessssss!! I'M CUMMINNNNGGGGGGG!!
pleasures of the orgasm, Seth continued to push his way forward, with more
resistance than before, but her wetness did continue to aide in his efforts.
Then suddenly her pussy clenched extremely tight, and stopped him dead in his
tracks, squeezing him, as if it had a mind of its own, desperately wanting
him to cum. While the added squeeze pushed him close, he did not pop, but
when the cum drunk Natalya leaned her body forward, moving herself closer
towards the bench, her clenched pussy, tightly pulled itself a bit off of his
dick, which finally 'hit the button' in him, and he could feel his orgasm
finally come close.

"Oh fuck Nattie, I'm gonna cum!" Without even looking for her approval, Seth
pulled himself back, completely pulling out of her quivering pussy, with
Natalya moving herself completely down, so she was now laying face down on
the wooden bench. Seth then quickly grabbed his dick, pointing it right at
her ass, and after a quick stroke, began to drop globs of cum onto her round
butt. As Seth finally got to unload his load onto her, Natalya laid on the
bench, enjoying the feeling of her second orgasm, while feeling the warm load
collecting on her butt. With the final bit of cum falling from his dick, Seth
shuffled backwards a bit, until his back hit the wall, helping to keep him
propped up on his now weak legs. As he was catching his breath, he could hear
Natalya's weak voice, as the last bit of her orgasm faded away.

"O-oh, wow, you were definitely the right choice Seth. And aren't you glad I
made you hold back like that?"

"Y-yeah, I have to say, it was worth the wait." As he looked back down at
her, he saw her propping herself back up, off of the bench, to a standing
position. With Seth's cum starting to drip down her butt, Natalya reached
down, grabbing at her wrestling tights, and quickly pulled them back up, and
into place, covering up the mess on her body. She then pulled her top back
into place, as she focused her attention back towards Seth.

"There was one other thing I forgot to tell you. This is going to be our
little secret ok?" Seth just nodded his head, "see, even though TJ and I have
this agreement, our one rule is that we never let any of it get out. Helps to
take care of any of the possibility of jealousy. You understand right?"

"Oh yeah, no problem. My lips are sealed," while he did agree, and understood
the logic, Seth was a bit disappointed that he could not brag about his
conquest of the Anvilette.

"Good. Who knows, if you get that big deal, we might be able to have a bit of
a repeat performance." She then walked up to him, gave him a quick peck on
the cheek, and made her way out of the room, leaving Seth against the wall,
with his pants still around his ankles. Once the door shut behind her, Seth
pushed himself off of the wall, so he was now back standing on the strength
of his legs, thinking how great that was. Bending down, to pull up his pants,
he thought about what Natalya had just said, and realized, getting a contract
was obviously a dream of his, but if it happened, it would probably be coming
with perks that he could never have even imagined. Once he got his clothes
back into place, he too made his way to the door, and cracking it open, he
peeked out, making sure no one was around, and walked out. Heading back
towards the locker room to get his bags, he just hoped that a contract would
be coming his way.

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