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Generation Lust 3
by Big Chief

A few weeks had passed since Seth Lawless had wrestled some matches for WWE,
one being a dark match against Jamie Noble, before the ECW/Smackdown tapings,
and the others being at house shows the following two nights. The matches
served to be tryouts, for WWE officials to see him wrestle in person, and
determine if they were going to sign him to a developmental contract with the
company. His matches went off well, with Noble playing a perfect foil for him
in the ring. Even better was after his first match, he had encountered the
man himself, Vince McMahon, who seemed to be genuinely impressed with his
work, which was always a good thing for a wrestler wanting to get to the big
leagues. Along with his positive professional experience, he also had a good
personal experience, having spent some time, with another member of wrestling
royalty in Nattie "Natalya" Neidhart. The one disappointing thing about his
time with Nattie was that he swore to her that he would not tell anyone about
the experience, so he couldn't brag about the fun they had. Even with that
little hitch, the experience was still fun and if he ended up getting the WWE
deal, he got a promise from Nattie for some more possible fun, which made
Seth want to land that deal even more.

Since his tryout matches, Seth had returned to working with Pro Wrestling Mid
Atlantic, where his anti-old school persona made him the biggest heel in the
promotion. With him also holding the PWMA Heavyweight Title, the crowds
desperately wanted to see him get what was coming to him, and take an old
school style beating. This type of reaction from the fans was really
something that PWMA promoter Andrew Weston loved, as more fans seemed to
flock to his shows, just hoping they would get to see the hated champion laid
out by one of their heroes, defending the old school way of life. However,
Lawless would continously ruin the fans hopes, sometimes doing it, without
breaking the rules once, which made them hate him even more.

On the three week mark from his first WWE tryout match, Seth had showed up
early for the PWMA show in Richmond, Virginia, where he would be defending
his title against "The Natural" Nick Axe, the man he won the title from, in a
leather strap match. He had arrived earlier than usual, since Weston had not
come up with a finish for the match yet, and was planning to work out the
full details with both men, on that day. Entering the small armory, he walked
through the main area, as the ring was being set up. Not seeing Weston
anywhere in sight, Seth decided to help out the guys putting the ring up. As
he was helping screw in the ropes to the ring post, he noticed Weston walk
into the building.

"Hey guys, is it ok if I steal Seth from you?" Seth then gave the guys he was
helping his farewells and he jumped out of the ring, and followed his boss
towards one of the small rooms off of the main area. Entering, what seemed to
be a small office, Weston told his top heel to sit down at a small table, and
then dropped an opened Fed-Ex envelope in front of him. Not thinking much
about it, Seth figured that this meeting was to discuss the match for that

"Ok boss, so what do you have in your head for the ending?" The comment put a
confused look on the promoter's face.

"Ending? Oh the match! That's not with this is about Seth. I got that
finished finally worked out, but this isn't about that, it's about this," he
then picked up the envelope and pulled out a collection of papers. He then
placed them right in front of Seth, which led to him now being the confused
one. Looking down at the papers, it suddenly started to become crystal clear
to him, what they were, as the words, WWE and contract just jumped out at
him. "Wait, is this what I think it is?" The question caused Weston to smile,

"You bet kid. I just got it by Fed-Ex a few minutes ago. Looks like the big
boys in New York want to have you on their payroll," he then extended his
hand to his shocked star, "congratulations kid!" Snapping out of his daze,
Seth brought up his hand to shake the promoters, letting it all sink in that
he had now become another step closer to his WWE dreams.

"Man, I can't believe this. Man, Andy, this is a freaking dream come true!"

"I'm just glad I got to be the one to give you the good news," he then
reached into the envelope again, and pulled out a fancy pen that was sent
with the contract. Weston then passed it off to Seth, "They always like to do
things their way, even sending their own pens. So ready to take that next
step kid?" Without hesitation, Seth took the pen, went to the back page of
the contract, and quickly scribbled his signature on the dotted line. He then
dropped the pen down to the table, and exhaled a large breath. Seth just
relaxed in the chair, starting to imagine what was now ahead of him, and
hoping that he could make it to the main stage.

"Well Seth, you've just jumped the latest hurdle. Again congratulations. Now,
just wait here, I've got to send this back out through Fed-Ex. I was told as
soon as you signed it, to send it back out to Stamford." Getting up, Weston
walked past the young star in the making, and gave him a pat on the back as
he exited the room. Now alone, Seth just continued to sit and think about the
possibilities he now had in front of him, and how he planned to make the very
best of this chance.

* * *

The small crowd was alive as Nick Axe repeatedly whipped Lawless across the
back with the leather strap that connected the two at the wrists. After a
final lashing, Axe released the slack of the strap, and made his way to the
corner, tagging the turnbuckle to start his quest for victory. After hitting
the third turnbuckle, he began to move towards the fourth and final, but
Lawless had now regained his footing, and grabbed a hold of the slack,
stopping Axe in his path. As the two wrestlers now competed in a tug of war
with the strap, the ref stood in between them, waiting for either side to
budge, and either call for the bell if Axe touched the turnbuckle, or wave it
off, and let the match continue if Seth pulled him away. After a few
struggling seconds, as the ref was looking for him, Seth let go of his hold,
and lurched forward, knocking the ref to the ground, and allowing Axe to fall
back into the winning turnbuckle. The crowd cheered, thinking they just saw
Axe win back his title, but with the ref knocked down by Seth, he did not see
Axe touch the turnbuckle, so the match still continued.

As the ref began to get to his feet, Seth quickly jumped at Axe, hitting
numerous shots, and pulling him out of the corner to hit a DDT. Finally
getting his senses back about him, the ref saw the challenger, down in the
center of the ring, and called for the match to continue. With his opponent
down, Seth now took the slack in the strap, and wrapped it around Axe's neck,
and began to pull with all his strength. Axe tried to fight out, but
eventually his movements became weaker and weaker, until finally his body
went limp. Once he was sure Axe was out, Seth released his hold on the
leather, and started his quest in tagging the turnbuckles. With each pad he
touched, the crowd's boos became louder and louder. As he approached the
final corner, he paused and cupped his hand to his ear, much like Hulk Hogan,
and soaked in the crowd's hate before finally tagging the pad, to win the

"Time of the match, fourteen minutes, twelve seconds, your winner and still,
PWMA Heavyweight Champion, Seth, Lawless!" The official announcement just
angered the crowd even more, as garbage began to fly into the ring. Holding
up the belt, while standing over the unconscious Axe, Seth urged the crowd to
give him all their hate, and they were more than happy to answer his request.
As the champion soaked in all the boos, Kevin Boone, nicknamed the Prodigy,
had come into the ring to check on Axe, who had served as a mentor for him.
When Seth noticed the young wrestler in the ring, he quickly blind sided him,
and began to brutally attack him. Following several punches to Boone's head,
Seth laid him out with a double armed DDT, before taking his belt, and
leaving the ring, as the jeers became even louder. What the crowd didn't
realize, was that unprovoked attack, was the set up that would lead to young
Boone defeating Lawless for the Heavyweight Title, in Seth's final match
before heading to FCW.

As he passed through the curtain to the back, Seth limped a little, having
banged up his knee during the match. Walking into the locker room, he quickly
caught the attention of Andrew Weston,

"Hey, kid, are you alright?"

"Yeah, don't worry, I just banged up my knee out there. It's nothing

"You sure? I'd hate to see you injured at this point."

"I'm good, I just need to put some ice on it and I'm good." As his limped
into the locker room, Seth put the title belt down near his bags, as he
slowly lowered himself down on a nearby chair. He then pulled off his boots,
shin guards, and knee pads, and out stretched his right leg. Next thing he
knew, Weston was near him, out stretching his hand, with an ice pack.

"Here you go kid, hopefully this will help," Seth took the ice pack and put
it on his knee, where the pain was, and just relax back.

"Oh yeah, this should work. I should be ok, I just smacked it into the mat on
that dive from the top rope."

"I hope so. I'd hate to have you get injured the same day you got that deal.
I gotta say though, the crowd was hot for that finish. I just hope I made the
ride choice in having Kevin take the belt off you."

"Hey, trust me, I'm fine. And I think Kevin's a good choice. The fans have
already been responding to him, and he'll do good with the belt around his

"I hope so. I'm happy for you, but man, you're going to be leaving a big hole
here kid." Weston then patted him on the back, and got up to attend to some
other business. As he let the ice do it's work on his sore knee, Seth started
to let Weston's worries, seep into his own head, making him hope that there
wasn't a serious injury to his knee. Having gone through his career so far,
without any major injuries, to have the first one come, on the verge of a WWE
career would be the worst timing ever. Luckily, he was set for a few days out
of the ring, so he had some time to rest the knee, to make sure it wouldn't
get any worse.

* * *

The blaring sound of the ring phone, stirred Seth from his sleep. Blindly
reaching for the phone, he eventually grabbed it, and in his sleep daze,
brought it to his ears. As he answered, he was quickly surprised, as the
woman on the phone introduced herself as Stephanie McMahon's secretary.

"Mr. Crawford, Ms. McMahon wanted to arrange a meeting with you at her office
here in Connecticut. Would you be available to make it this week?"

"Um, yeah, I'm don't have any bookings this week, I could make it up there."

"Wonderful. How does this Thursday at one o'clock sound?"

"That would be good for me."

"That is wonderful to hear. If you can make your own arrangements to New
York, a charter helicopter can be available for you to fly into Stamford."

"I think I could be able to manage that," he then proceeded to work out the
details of when to get into New York, and other small things to set up the

* * *

As he walked into the front door of the famous Titan Towers, Seth was in awe.
Once he was inside the headquarters of the wrestling world, he almost felt
out of place, in his t-shirt and jeans, even though he was told, that it was
ok to wear for his meeting. Approaching the main desk, he noticed the cute,
blond receptionist, as she directed phone calls coming in. Once she finished
the call she was on, she directed her attention to Seth.

"Welcome to Titan Towers sir, may I help you?"

"Yeah, I'm Seth Crawford, I'm supposed to have a meeting with Stephanie

"One moment sir," she then proceeded to dial a number, and informed the
person on the other line, of his arrival. After a bit of talking, she ended
the call and returned her attention towards Seth. "Take the elevator to the
top floor, and then take a left to Ms. McMahon's office."

"Thanks," the appreciation seemed to be lost on the woman, as her attention
was already back to calls before Seth got the single word out of his mouth.
Stepping into the elevator, he hit the button for the top floor, and as the
doors closed shut, he began to wonder, why exactly he was called the have
this meeting with one of his future bosses. After a few moments, he felt the
small box come to a stop, and a bell rang, just as the doors slid open.
Stepping out, he looked around at the hall way, with offices up and down
either side, and then took the left, like the receptionist told him. Walking
through the hall, he passed numerous people in suits, making him feel more
out of place in his t-shrit in jeans. About 30 feet from where he got off the
elevator, he came up to another reception area, with a young lady sitting at

"Ah, I assume you are Mr. Crawford."

"Yeah, the lady downstairs told me to come up."

"Yes, Ms. McMahon is expecting you. One moment," she then touched her finger
to a Blue Tooth looking device in her ear, "Mr. Crawford is here. Of course."
she then released her finger from the device and returned her attention to
Seth, with a smile, "You can go right in," returning the smile, Seth entered
the office, and was amazed by the size. A few steps in, and he could see the
large desk, with the familiar image of Stephanie McMahon sitting behind it.
Obviously expecting him, she greeted him with a smile, as she stood up and
extended her hand to him,

"Ah Seth, it's nice to finally meet you," feeling a big relaxed by her
welcoming nature, Seth took her hand into his, giving it a shake."

"It's good to meet you, um, sorry, do I call you Ms. McMahon or Mrs.

"Neither, you can call me Stephanie. Please take a seat, and we can get
started." As his new boss sat back down behind her desk, Seth took his seat
in one of the two leather arm chairs that were in front, obviously for
guests. As he got relaxed, he took in how nice the office was, and how it was
clearly a bit of a message, that he who inhabited it, had power.

"Now Seth, I had you come down here today, to discuss your future as a WWE
Superstar. While we're going to have you spend some time down in Florida, the
general consensus is, as long as you show improvement, you'll be on the main
roster within the next 3-4 months," the statement, especially coming from
someone like Stephanie, was just amazing to him. He had yet to wrestle a
single match under contract, and they were already talking about having him
on one of their main rosters. "There are a few things, though, that we were
hoping you'd be able to change before you make that jump. The first being
your look. Would you be against changing your ring attire, or cutting your

"No, not at all, if that's what I need to do, I'll do it."

"Well that's good to hear, because I'm sure you've heard before that you
resemble CM Punk, and we don't need two wrestlers on our TV with the same
look. We'll end up having a bunch of those Internet marks saying your a Punk
rip-off and we just don't need that kind of headache. Now of course, as you
probably already figured, we will be giving you a new ring name. We don't
need to think up of anything yet, but if you have any ideas, we'd love to
hear them."

"I probably could think of a few."

"Good, good. Again, you don't have to worry about that right now, but we will
take your ideas into consideration. Now onto the real business I had planned
for this meeting. I've been trying to decide if you'd become one of the guys
that I would put all of my power behind, and I thought you might be able to
help convince me here."

"Convince you? Um, how am I to do that?"

"Well from what I hear, you were able to show some of your 'talent' to
Natalya when you had your tryout at the Smackdown tapings." The statement
caught Seth off guard, as he had remembered that Nattie had told him their
encounter was only to be between the two of them. Yet here he was, with
Stephanie McMahon herself mentioning it to him. Almost enjoying the site of
him sweating, Stephanie broke the silence that was in the room with a slight
laugh, "don't worry, Natalya didn't tell me anything about it. I know she has
that rule of never telling anyone, but do you think I wouldn't know what's
going on in my own family's business. I make it my business to know that the
people under me are up to. Not even Natalya knows that I know about her
little arrangement with TJ. Now I don't have a problem with that kind of
thing going on around here, but every now and then, I like to have some of
that fun, myself.

"But you're married to Triple H," the comment caused Stephanie to give a
scoffing laugh.

"Yeah, and sure I love him, but I need to have some mix up from time to time.
Plus, with him being on the road, and me being here most of the times, we
don't get to have the experiences as much as a normal couple. So what do you
say? From what I hear you should have little problem getting my support for
your career here." Just by reading her face, and the tone in her voice, Seth
could tell that his new boss was dead serious about her offer. After a
moment, smile came across his face, that Stephanie quickly read as his
decision to accept the offer, which made her own smile return to her face.
She then motioned for him with her finger, as he got up from the leather
chair and walked around to the backside of her desk. Standing in front of his
new boss, he watched as she spread her legs open, pulled up her black skirt.
Once the dark fabric cleared her crotch, Seth was greeted with the site of
her already wet pussy, with a tiny landing strip of dark hair, just above.
The site of her pantieless crotch caused Seth to smirk with a raised eyebrow.

"I made sure to be prepared for the meeting. Those pesky panties can always
get in the way," the comment came with a giggle, that just seemed to make her
seem even hotter. Without giving a reply, Seth just dropped to his knees, and
leaned in, moving his head in between her legs. Resting his hands flat on the
floor, he inhaled, loving the smell that her wet pussy was giving off, just
inviting him in for a taste. Moving close in, he was less than an inch from
her shaved lips, and pushed his tongue out, just touching the tip against the
wet slip. He then moved his tongue up and down, making sure that just the tip
was touching her pussy, teasing her, causing the wetness to increase. Usually
Stephanie was not one for teasing, but something about the whole moment just
drove her crazy, and she actually found herself enjoying the lack of actual
touch from the young wrestler.

"Oh god, you little fucking tease! I love it!" with her eyes focused right on
his movements, she brought her hands up to her white blouse, and quickly
unbuttoned the expensive piece of clothing. With the final button un done,
she opened up the blouse, exposing her surprisingly flat stomach, and the
lacey black bra that held her massive chest into place. Continuing to work
his tongue up and down, Seth looked up through the top of his eyes, admiring
the flesh exposed by his new boss. With the sight acting almost as a switch
for him, Seth stopped moving his tongue up and down, resting it at the center
of her waiting slit. Then without warning, he firmly pushed the muscle
forward, sinking his tongue into the waiting folds. With the feeling of the
slight penetration, Stephanie jumped slightly, thrilled that he decided to
move the fun, forward. When he got his tongue as far in as he could, Seth
wiggled it around a bit, helped to loosen up her muscles, before moving it
back out and quickly giving it a lick up and down and then darting it back
in. He continued this motion a few more times, getting the younger McMahon
further excited.

"Yeah, that's it, play with that little pussy! Get it soaking wet with that
tongue! Mmmm you love the taste of my pussy, don't you?!" Seth just responded
with a blink of the eye, not wanting to move his mouth away, even for the
second it would take to say yes. Smiling at the response, Stephanie moved her
right hand to the top of his head, and lightly gripped a handful of his long
hair, while her left hand moved up to her large chest, rubbing the huge orbs
through her black bra. With her hands at work, Seth brought his left up,
continuing to support his weight with the right. While still doing the
motions with his tongue, he brought his free hand from underneath, and
positioned his index and middle fingers on either of her wet lips. Once he
got the fingers in the right position, he pulled his face back, spread them,
spreading her pussy open as well. With her tight hole even more exposed, he
moved his face back in, once again lapping at it, like a thirsty dog. This
caused her grip on his hair to tighten, as more and more pleasure shot
through her body.

The more Seth lapped at her pussy, the more Stephanie was rubbing at her
chest, until finally she pulled down the cup from her left breast, exposing
the nipple to the cool air of her office. The index finger and thumb of her
hand then pinched around the semi-erect nipple and began tweaking it, until
it was hard as stone. With her hand doing this work, she spread her legs open
a bit more, and then raised the left one up, and moved it, so it was now
draped over Seth's shoulder. Her excitement growing with each passing second,
she moved her legs in towards each other, smashing Seth's head in between her
thighs, as he continued to work on her pussy. Getting closer, she took her
right hand from his head, and pulled down the right cup of her bra, brining
attention to her other nipple, now tweaking both of them. As she did this,
Seth changed his attack, and moved his mouth directly over her throbbing
clit, while pushing his index finger into her. Moving his sole finger, deep
inside her, he also began to suck on her clit, and deep shivers zapped
through her body. The intense feelings caused her hands to drop from her
chest, and grip onto the arm rests of the chair, and drop her leg from his
shoulder. The grip of her thighs on his head quickly loosened as well, and
she felt an oncoming orgasm, like she'd never experienced before.

"OH FUCK! MOVE AWAY, MOVE!" Not knowing what was happening, Seth just did as
he was told, and as soon as his face left her crotch, with her feet planted
on the floor, Stephanie jutted her hips up in the air, and a stream of clear
liquid shot out from her pussy, "FFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK
Like it was being shot from a water gun, the liquid shot a few feet across of
Stephanie's office, splattering on the carpeted floor. As the fluid exited
her, her body stayed tensed, with her pelvis in the air. The grip on the air
rests was so tight, it was amazing that the nails on her fingers didn't crack
under the pressure. After a few more seconds, the solid stream turned into a
bit of a dribbling from her pussy, and her body soon relaxed, as her pelvis
dropped, and her butt hit the office chair again. As he kneeled on the floor,
Seth just looked at his boss, slumped in the chair, as if all the energy was
drained from her body. Just laying there for a few moments, she finally
started to move, and moved herself back into a sitting position and looked
down at Seth.

"Dear God, Seth, that may have been one of the most powerful orgasms I've
ever had. Hunter has never even come close to making me cum that hard, ever,"
the statement made Seth swell up a bit with pride, that he did something that
the 'almighty' Triple H couldn't do. "Now, why don't you get up. I think that
little accomplishment deserves a bit of reward." As Seth got up to his feet,
Stephanie completely pulled her blouse off, and undid her bra, tossing both
items to the floor, leaving her left in her bunched up skirt and leather,
heeled boots. Once she disposed of the clothes, she moved herself onto the
edge of her chair, so she had Seth right in front of her. Reaching up, she
started to undo his belt, while he pulled up his shirt, pulling it off and
tossing it to the floor with Stephanie's clothes. Once she had his belt un-
buckled, she undid the front of his pants, and wasting now time, she grabbed
on the waste band, and yanked them down, and letting them fall to his ankles.
With just his boxer shorts the only barrier left, Stephanie smiled at the
slight tent forming in the front of them.

"Well I guess you enjoyed that almost as much as I did. I just hope this
little bump isn't all you have for me," that got answered very quickly, when
she then yanked at the boxers, and exposed his semi-hard dick. "Oh wow, I
guess you do have some more to give." She then quickly moved into action,
grabbing him with her right hand, but instead of do anything to his manhood,
she moved it up a bit, and brought her mouth right to his nuts, taking one
right into her mouth, and started sucking. Lightly sucking, she would then
release, letting it loose inside her mouth, before once again sucking in. The
entire time she would do this, she just held his dick straight up, almost
parallel to his body, focusing all of her attention on his balls. Not sure
exactly what to do, Seth decided not to put his hands on her head, the way
she did to him, he kept his arms to his sides, clenching his fists, while
enjoying the great feeling.

After close to a minute sucking on one, she released her mouth, and latched
onto the other, giving it the same treatment she had to the other. The entire
time she worked her mouth on him, Stephanie could feel Seth's dick growing in
her hand, getting closer and closer to full hardness, which just got her more
and more excited for the show to come. Without even thinking about it, as she
continued to suck, she began to move her hand for the first time, slowly
rubbing up and down his shaft, sending even more shivers of pleasure through
his body. The now two part attack on him was becoming too much, and after
only a few small strokes of Stephanie's hand, he could feel that he was on
the verge of having his own orgasm.

"Oh my God, S-Stephanie! Ah, God!" With the little that he said, Stephanie
knew exactly what was about to happen. She quickly pulled her mouth from his
balls, pulled his dick down in front of her face, and took the head right
into her mouth. Needing no other sensation past her lips touching his dick,
Seth was hit with that feeling, and began to unload steam after stream of
cum, right into Stephanie's mouth, who just remained still and accepted it.
Still resisting the urge to put his hands on her head, Seth continued to
tighten the grip of his fists as he filled up her mouth with all he had. Glob
after glob shot, landing on her tongue and cheeks. As he was unloading, he
could suddenly feel attention back to his balls, as Stephanie began massaging
them with her hand, making sure that she brought as much cum out of them as
possible. A few more spurts, and Seth could feel that he had given everything
he had, and let out a low grunt.

Stephanie released her hands from his balls and his shaft, gave one quick
suck to get any bit of cum left, and pulled her mouth away from his dick,
letting it bounce around a bit. When she noticed Seth looking down at her,
she looked up, and opened her mouth, showing him the load he had just left.
She then closed her lips, smiled, and then closed her eyes as well, before
taking a deep swallow. She then opened her eyes, looking back up at him,
followed by opening her mouth to show him that she swallowed every last drop
of his cum. The naughty act caused Seth to smile, as he loved seeing more and
more of the dirty side of his new boss, that he had no idea existed. Once she
made a quick sweep around her lips with a finger, to make sure she had gotten
every last drop of the white fluid, Stephanie moved herself in the chair, and
sat in deep, with her legs once again spread open, and her arms on the rests.
She then gave Seth a wicked smile, needing no words to let him know that the
real fun was about to begin.

Quickly pulling his boxers all the way down with his pants, Seth stepped out
of both of them, and got back to his knees in front of the chair, which was
just at the perfect height. Taking a hold of his dick, he moved it into
position, just barely touching her soaking wet lips. He, however decided not
to 'go for the gold' right away, and instead moved it up and down, rubbing
the head against the peddles of her forbidden flower, sending chills of
pleasure, and anticipation through her body. When she didn't object to the
teasing, Seth continued it a few more times, just building up to what was
coming. The teasing lasted for a few more moments, until Stephanie couldn't
take it anymore.

"Oh, please Seth, stop teasing me! I need that big cock in me, please give it
to me!" Having his boss actually begging him, giving a face, like a pleading
child, just got Seth more and more excited. He had one of the most, if not
the most, powerful women in pro wrestling, actually begging him. With a grin,
he decided to give her what she wanted, and in a fast, yet tender movement,
pushed his entire length deep within the "princess." The sudden movement,
despite her pleading for it, caught Stephanie a bit off guard, and her eyes
shot open wide from the mix of surprise and pleasure of the moment. Not
letting her have much of a chance to savor that initial moment, he started to
move his hips back, slowly drawing his dick out from her pussy, as her lips
tightly gripped him, as if not wanting to let him go. Going slow in pulling
out, he allowed her tight pussy to adjust to his size, as well as letting her
savor the initial feeling, since he felt he could get away with going to a
faster pace, without needing the permission. As he moved back in a little,
she looked towards her face, and saw her with her eyes now closed, and a bit
of a heavenly look on her face, as she obviously was enjoying herself.

He would continue a slow in and out pace, for a few more moments, before he
finally decided that he was going to change it up a bit. In a quick moment,
he began to increase the forward movement of his hips, which once again
caused Stephanie's closed eyes, to shoot back open, as she looked right at
him, with a smile that clearly was showing her approval for his taking
charge. Getting the smile, Seth returned it, and increased his speed even
more, which once again sent her eyes shut, tightly, as she began to really
start moaning, loving the feeling of his manhood speeding in and out of her.
As Seth did his thing, she moved her right hand off of the arm rest, and
brought it down to her crotch. With Seth's dick flying in and out, she moved
her fingers just above, and began to start rubbing on her engorged clit,
adding even more to the pleasure that was coursing through her body already.

was then that he noticed her eyes, instead of shooting open again, clench
closed even tighter, and her face begin to move into a look of even more
pleasure. As if on cue, he could then feel her pussy suddenly clamp tighter
onto his dick, as he continued to drill into her. He gave a few more thrusts,
and then quickly yanked his hips backwards, pulling himself out from her, as
her body continued to convulse in orgasmic bliss. Kneeling there, he just
watched, as her hand continued to rub herself, as her pelvis slightly thrust,
while a look of absolute pleasure was plastered across her face. Her free
hand continued to grip onto the chair's arm rest so tightly, it caused part
of the chair to shake, and Seth almost expected to see her rip it right off.

After a few moments, the motion of her hips began to lose some of the power,
and her grip on the chair was clearly starting to loosen. Her moans also
began to turn into slight whimpers and finally her hips went up high, just
bringing her butt off of the chair, before finally dropping down, with a
plopping sound, as her entire body once again went limp, with her orgasm
finally coming to an end. Deciding to not do anything, just yet, Seth stayed
kneeling there, looking at Stephanie remaining still in the chair, with the
post orgasmic glow to her. A few moments passed before she opened her eyes
once again, and looked directly at Seth with a satisfied smile on her face.

"Oh wow, you really are good," answering the smile, with an almost evil grin,
Seth looked at Stephanie right into her eyes.

"Well that's only the beginning, boss," getting back to his feet, Seth
reached his hands out to Stephanie. Putting her hands up, he took hold of
them, and pulled her up to her feet. It quickly became evident that the two
orgasms that she already had, did their number as her legs were like rubber,
almost falling over, if not for Seth having a hold of her.

"Guess, guess you took the strength right out of me."

"Oh, don't worry boss, you don't have to be standing up on those legs for
long," he then flashed that evil grin as he then, roughly, but carefully bent
Stephanie over her own desk. Looking back at him, she once again flashed a
smile, letting him know, she was really loving his take charge attitude. With
his boss still looking back at him, Seth quickly got behind her, lined up,
and quickly pushed himself back into her now soaking wet pussy. Unlike
before, she did not take it slow at all. Again, the take charge attitude of
her company's newest wrestler turned Stephanie on even more, as she felt his
hands grab onto her hips, and he quickly started thrusting in and out.

LIKE A DIRTY SLUT!" The more he heard her say things like this, the more
turned on Seth got, and the more he got into taking over. With his dick,
flying in and out of her, Seth raised his right hand from her hips, and
quickly dropped it down, smacking her on the ass, with a sound that was
easily heard over her moans. The unexpected smack caused her to jump a bit,
but in the position she was in, she wouldn't move too much. Again, he brought
his hand up, and now brought it down on the other cheek, once again sending a
smacking sound throughout the office. He would then do it four more times,
alternating between her cheeks, causing Stephanie to let out an extra yelp
each he hit her skin. With her butt now rosey red, Seth returned his hand
towards her hip, and slowly began to move it up her back, in an almost tender
matter, while still drilling his hips into her body.

The tenderness of this latest movement quickly ended when his hand reached
her dark hair. Once his fingers touched her long, smooth hair, Seth quickly
took a handful, and pulled on it, caused Stephanie's head to tilt back,
almost violently. Taking his left hand away from her hips, he brought it up,
grabbing onto more of her hair. he then leaned himself forward, while still
moving his hips, until his face, was right near her ear, as she moaned away.

"Oh yeah, you like it rough don't you? You love to be treated like a slut?!"
Having not even thought about saying something like that when he walked into
the office earlier, Seth had really gotten into the moment, and realized how
bad Stephanie really was.

WHORE!" More than happy to do what she was begging, he pulled back a little
harder on her hair, bringing her head back a little more, just enough where
he could give her a very sloppy, nasty kiss, as he managed to increase the
movement of his hips. With their lips not actually locking together,
Stephanie's moans escaped from her mouth as they shared the kiss. Despite the
main of having her hair pulled at, and her head jerked back, she was enjoying
the feelings, getting closer and closer to yet another orgasm. Breaking the
kiss, Seth moved more into a standing position again, while continuing to
keep his hold onto Stephanie's hair.

"You're loving this aren't you? You wanna cum all over my dick don't you, you
little slut?!"

Having Stephanie once again begging him, really put more motivation into
Seth, as he managed to increase the speed of his hips even more, causing the
sound of smacking flesh to once again fill the room, this time being his
pelvis slamming into her still red ass, causing it to giggle uncontrollably.
Making sure to not hurt her in the heat of the moment, Seth finally released
his grip on her hair, and moved his hands back towards her hips, gripping on
tight, as he tried for the hat trick, and make her cum for a third time.

PLEASE MAKE ME CUM!" The more she would beg, the harder Seth was finding it
to hold back, and while he wanted to cum, he wanted to make sure he got her
off one more time before. With her massive chest pressed into the smooth
surface of her desk top, Stephanie tightly gripped onto the wooden edge,
causing her knuckles to turn a bit white from the pressure. As before, she
had her eyes shut extremely tight, when suddenly they shot open, as she felt
the beginning of her third orgasm start to hit, and quickly overtake her
body. When he felt her tight walls, tighten even more, he knew that he was
able to 'hit the button.'

office with her moans again, Stephanie's body acted possessed, as he shook
and convulsed from the shots of pleasure that hit every fiber of her being.
These movements, as well as the tightening of her pussy, finally became too
much for Seth, and he was no longer able to hold himself back. With some
force, he quickly yanked his hips back, pulling his dick out of her vice like
pussy, and then dropped it onto her butt, resting it in between her two
cheeks. As it rested into the crack, his dick began to empty again, this time
onto her back, covering her from lower to upper with his white liquid. A few
spurts landed on her bare skin, with a final one, going the farthest, and
landing on the dark hair, that only moments ago, Seth had been yanking on.

With his final spurt, Seth stepped back, stumbling, until he fell into
Stephanie's chair, while she remained bent over the desk, with her orgasm
still going, but starting to end. Slumped in the chair, Seth watched her body
quivering, as the orgasm burned itself out, like a dying wildfire, until
finally he hips gave a bit of a weak thrust, and she was done. For the next
minute, the room was silent, as the two remained where they had fallen, both
drained of all energy from their vigorous sex. Finally, Stephanie showed the
first signs of life, as she planted her hands onto the surface of the desk,
and pressed down, propping herself up. As before, Seth had bent her over the
desk, her legs showed signs of weakness, wobbling a bit, as they tried to
keep her up. Realizing she was still weak, she got up, just enough to turn
around, and drop her butt down onto the desk, so she was now sitting, and
looking right at Seth in her chair, his arms draped over either side. Before
saying anything, she started to fell the cum beginning to ooze down her back.
With a smile, she reached her hand behind her, and anywhere she felt the cum,
she would scoop it up with her fingers. With a few movements, she then
brought her hand back around, and had three of her fingers cover in small
globs of Seth's cum. With a wink, she then placed the digits into her mouth,
and began sucking. A few moments, and she pulled her hand away from her
mouth, with her fingers completely clean.

"Oh damn Stephanie, I just can't believe how crazy you are. I don't think I
would have even fantasize about getting away with that kind of stuff with
you." The comment made Stephanie giggle a little.

"Well I'm always the 'dominant female,' growing up as a McMahon. I mean I'm a
woman in a man's world, so I had to 'grow a pair,' of my own. That's why I
like to be so submissive during sex. It's just so hot to have someone
dominate me, and treat me like a little slut. And I don't let everyone get
away with that," the comment made Seth think two things; one that she must
see him as something special, and two, he was not the only one to be with the
'Princess,' by a long shot. "And I have to say, I don't think anyone has
gotten me off that good, EVER. And you showed you can take orders, or if need
be, take control of a situation, so I think you'll be going places. And trust
me, the more you stick around here, and the higher you get up the ladder, the
more we're going to be having to have these 'meetings' about your career,"

"I always like to be a team player," Seth accompanied this with a chuckle and
wink, which got a laugh from Stephanie. He then started to get to his feet as
he felt the energy return to his body. Grabbing a box of tissues he saw on
the far end of her desk, he then walked over to his boss, helped her get to
her feet and turned her around. "Here, let me help you with that." Seth then
proceeded to wipe clean any mess left that Stephanie missed, including the
bit that landed in her hair. Tossing the tissues in the trash, he then made
his way past the desk, and grabbed his clothes. As he got dressed he looked
back at Stephanie, who was now collecting her clothes up as well.

"You know, maybe I'll have to give my nanny some more hours and spend some
more time on the road, once you're done in Florida," Seth smiled at the
comment, as he pulled his shirt back on, still in a bit of shock over all
that had just happened. Stephanie, still nude, then motioned for him with his
finger, and he walked back over. Once he was in distance, she grabbed his
shirt, and pulled him in for a very strong kiss. She then broke it, and
looked straight into his eyes. "Who knows, maybe we'll put you with a valet.
Of course if that's the case, we might have to the lucky girl, join us for a
'meeting' to see if you two click. Now get out of here and rest up, you're
going to need your energy now that you work for me," with a smile, she then
turned away and started to shake out her clothes to get dressed. Smiling the
whole way, Seth began to leave the office, knowing that he was entering the
best years of his life.

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