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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Gettin' Me Some Michelle
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Jamie Noble, dressed in a short-sleeved button shirt and light colored
slacks, helps a drunk Michelle McCool off an elevator after their date ended
on December 14, 2007. Jamie supports Michelle's body with his own as they
slowly walk down the hallway, "Damn girl... I ain't ever seen someone put
that much wine away!" Noble says as he keeps Michelle from falling, as they
get closer to her hotel room.

The beautiful and sensual All-American Diva, Michelle McCool, closes her eyes
for a moment as she tries to stable herself as she leans against the wall of
the hotel hallway "Jamie...Jamie...I'm really...all...fine..." Michelle says
as she slightly slurs her words with her sexy southern accent. Michelle
McCool slowly opens her eyes and looks at Jamie Noble "And...I didn't drink
that much..." Michelle replies looking at Jamie, while she's dressed in a
pair of dark navy blue jeans and a white top.

"Nah girl... you are hammer... smashed... stone cold drunk... well... not
stone cold cause you're not a redneck like me..." Jamie says as he slips a
hand into Michelle's front jeans pocket to take out her hotel room card key.
Jamie then opens then slides it in and out of the hotel room door lock and
opens the door.

Michelle presses her soft lips together as she slowly shakes her head, while
Jamie Noble eagerly wraps an arm around her nicely toned, tanned body to
guide her into the hotel room. "Jamie...I can...really find me way in..."

"Aw c'mon girl... now what kind of guy would I be if I let you fall down on
the floor..." Jamie says as he slowly walks Michelle into her hotel room.
Once inside, he uses his left leg to kick the door close. Michelle takes a
step away from Jamie Noble, once inside of the hotel room, and slowly walks
over to the hotel room bed before she gently eases herself to sit down.
Michelle McCool starts to kick off her shoes while she slowly looks over at
Jamie Noble and smiles.

Jamie Noble smiles, "Geez girl... now I did what I said I would... I showed
you a good time right?" Jamie says.

Michelle sighs and slowly nods her head " was nice..." Michelle
McCool says slightly slurring her words before she pats her hand next to her
on the bed "Come on Jamie...ya'll take a seat..."

Jamie smiles, "With pleasure!" Jamie says as he walks over to the bed and
eagerly sits down next to the smoking hot blond haired Diva.

Michelle presses her soft lips together and smiles "Jamie...ya'll aren't that
bad..." Michelle says as she turns a bit to face the handsome redneck.

Jamie smiles, "I told ya I wasn't... I'm a perfect gentlemen....way better
than Palumbo!" Jamie says as he looks at Michelle as she looks at him.

Michelle raises a hand and gently places her hand against Jamie's shirt
covered chest "Let's not talk about Chuck..." Michelle says, slightly
slurring, before she leans over and softly kisses Jamie's lips.

"MMMM!" Jamie moans in surprise as Michelle kisses him and slips her tongue
into his mouth. Jamie puts a hand on Michelle's thigh as he starts to move
his tongue against the blond haired Diva's soft tongue.

"Mmmmm...mmmm" Michelle McCool softly moans into Jamie's mouth as she gently
presses her soft tongue against Jamie's tongue while she presses her lips
roughly against his lips. Michelle starts to slowly unbutton Jamie's shirt
with her eager hands.

"Mmmmm! Ohhh!" Jamie moans as Michelle unbuttons each unbutton of his shirt.
The handsome redneck Superstar moves his hand from Michelle's thigh and
starts to push up her white top.

Michelle gently breaks the kiss and smiles at Jamie Noble "Mmm...ya'll feel
good..." Michelle says as she opens Jamie's white shirt and places her hands
against his smooth, toned chest to slide his shirt off of his body.

Jamie licks his lips, "Aw thanks girl... you're hotter than I imagined!"
Jamie says as he raises Michelle's white top up to expose her large, round
and firm tits as he takes off her top. Michelle laughs lightly as she sits
back on the bed a bit and starts to unbutton her tight fitting jeans before
the seductive, hot All-American Diva stands up and starts to slowly push
down her jeans from her smoothly rounded waist to expose her smoothly shaven,
hot pussy. Jamie licks his lips again as he looked wide-eyed at Michelle's
hot, bare pussy, "Damn girl! That's a great lookin' cunny ya got there!"
Jamie says as he eagerly unbuttons his slacks and pushes them down, as well
as pair of tight fitting white briefs to free his hardening ten-inch cock.

Michelle licks her lips and smiles as she lowers her head to look down at
the hardening cock of Jamie Noble "And that's a nice dick ya'll got there
Jamie..." Michelle replies before she stumbles a bit as she leans forward
and steadies herself by placing her hands on Jamie's knees. Michelle lowers
herself down in front of Jamie, gently wrapping her hands around his cock
before she guides his ten inches into her wet, warm mouth.

"Ohhhh yeah.... ohhh fuck girl... ya suck dick real good..." Jamie moans as
Michelle starts to easily bob her head up and down on his thick, now rock
hard cock. The redneck Superstar puts one hand on Michelle's head and places
the other behind him on the bed.

"Mmmmmm!" Michelle softly moans around Jamie's hard cock as she presses her
soft lips tighter around his shaft as the beautiful All-American Diva starts
to easily and drunkenly bob her head, sucking the redneck's cock.

"Ohhhhh yeah... mmmm fuck... ohhh!" Jamie moans and licks his lips as he
moves his hand through Michelle's blond hair as she somewhat sloppily lifts
and lowers her head on his fat ten inch cock.

"Mmmmm! Mmmm! Mmmmm!" Michelle McCool seductively moans on Jamie's cock as
she quickly lifts and lowers her head, slapping her wet tongue against his
shaft while she smoothly and eagerly bobs her head sucking on Jamie's ten
inch cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmm! OHHHH!" Jamie moans excitedly and loudly as Michelle smacks
her tongue against his fat cock as she takes him deeper into her mouth.

Michelle closes her eyes as she lowers her head completely on Jamie Noble's
cock as she expertly holds his cock in her warm mouth while her wet saliva
drips down on his shaft. The All-American Diva slowly lifts her head up and
smiles at Jamie before she licks her soft, luscious lips "Jamie...we should
get really rough...ya'll would like that?"

"Oh yeah girl! Ya know I love gettin' to rough and wild!" Jamie says as he
licks his teeth and then his lips as he easily pulls the drunk Diva close to
him so that he can lay her on her back on the bed.

Michelle smiles and laughs as she lays back on the bed and spreads her
smooth, tanned lips apart to show her beautifully shaven and hot pussy
"Jamie...ya'll better make me love life..."

Jamie smirks, "Oh you're gonna love life after this!" Jamie says as he kneels
between Michelle's legs and easily pushes his fat ten inch redneck cock.
Jamie grabs Michelle's gorgeous hips and pulls her towards him as he starts
thrusting his cock in and out of her tight and wet All American pussy.

"Ohhhhh Jamie!" Michelle moans and gently grits her teeth together as the
handsome redneck lays down on top of the sexy All-American Diva as he starts
to thrust his cock into her warm pussy. Michelle places her soft hands onto
Jamie arms as she smoothly moves underneath the thrusting Jamie Noble.

"Ahhh uhhh ohhh fuck ya'll is tighter than I thought!" Jamie moans as he
smoothly pumps his cock in and out of Michelle's pussy at a steady pace.
Jamie's balls smack against the All-American Diva's smooth tanned skin with
every one of his deep thrusts. Michelle licks her lips as she lifts her head
up and gently kisses Jamie's lips while she gently grinds her warm, wet pussy
against Jamie's thrusting cock. Michelle closes her eyes as she pushes her
pussy against Jamie's cock as he quickens the pace of his firm thrusts.

"Mmmm! MMMM!" Jamie moans into Michelle's mouth as he moves his tongue into
Michelle's mouth as he swiftly pumps his ten inch cock in and out of her
warm, tight and wet pussy. Michelle McCool gently taps her soft, wet tongue
against Jamie's tongue as she arches her back slightly forcing Jamie Noble
to slam his cock into her pussy at an angle while she grinds her hot, tanned
body against his body.

"Ohhhh ahhh mmm!" Jamie Noble moans as he slams his cock deeply into the
All-American Diva's smooth pussy. Jamie's balls smack loudly against her
smooth skin before he pulls his shaft out of her pussy and breaks the kiss
with her, "Fuck girl... ya'll a hot one!" Jamie says as he turns Michelle
onto her side and lays behind. The redneck Superstar lifts Michelle's left
leg up and pushes his fat ten-inch redneck cock back into her pussy.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhhh Jamie! Ya'll are quick for the action!" Michelle McCool moans
and laugh a bit as she starts to rock back against Jamie Noble as she lays on
her side. Michelle bites down on her bottom lip as she presses her tanned,
smoothly rounded ass back against Jamie's waist as he pushes his cock deeply
into her warm pussy.

"Ahhhh... uhhh yeah girl! I've been waiting for action since I first saw ya!"
Jamie Noble moans as he thrusts his cock in and out of Michelle's warm tight
pussy from behind. Jamie arches Michelle's left leg over his legs so that
he's able to sharply drill her warm, wet pussy.

Michelle glances over her shoulder and locks her beautiful eyes with Jamie
Noble as she quickly moves back and forth while laying on her side on the
hotel room bed. Sweat lightly drips off of Michelle's nicely tanned and toned
body as the All-American Diva grinds her nice ass against his toned waist as
she feels his rock hard cock slamming deeper into her pussy "Ohhhhh! Ohhhh

"Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhh yea girl! Ohhhh fuck!" Jamie moans loudly as he deeply
and repeatedly pumps his cock in and out of Michelle's pussy. Jamie licks his
lips as he fucks Michelle with thrusts that match his eager desire.

Michelle closes her eyes as the beautiful, drunken Diva begins to cum on
Jamie's thrusting cock "Ohhhhhh Jamie boy!" Michelle moans with pleasure as
her pussy tightens around his shaft while her juices of her warm pussy shower
his cock.

"Ahhhh... ohhh shit girl! Ohhhh yeah!" Jamie Noble moans as he starts cumming
inside of Michelle's soaking wet pussy as she cums on his pussy. Jamie holds
his ten inch cock deep inside of Michelle's pussy as he fills her with his
warm cum. Michelle turns slightly and softly kisses Jamie's lips as she
smoothly grinds back against Jamie's throbbing, cum spraying cock.

"Mmmmm..." Jamie moans into Michelle's mouth as he keeps his cock inside of
Michelle's pussy as he finishes cumming. Michelle slowly breaks the kiss and
smiles as she locks her eyes with Jamie while he slowly thrusting his
throbbing cock in and out of her wet pussy.

"Mmmm damn girl... I love gettin' me some of ya!" Jamie says with a smile.

Michelle smiles "Jamie...would ya'll like to stay the night?"

Jamie grins "Girl... I'll stay longer than that if ya want!"


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