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Getting Bombed
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at 1998 Survivor Series, the WWF's current European Champion and
fun loving D-Generation X member known as X-Pac is hanging out near the
locker room area wearing tattered jeans, a DX t-shirt and a leather jacket
while he carries his European title with his right hand. X-Pac glances at
a monitor that is showing the replay of Sable's match with Jacquelyn where
the blond haired Diva used her finished the 'Sable Bomb' to win the WWF
Women's Championship. "Whew, damn, that hottie sure has some hot moves..."
X-Pac says, as he turns around to head back to the DX locker room, and as
he turns around his sees the new Women's Champion Sable, coming down the
hallway wearing a black leather wrestling top and black leather wrestling
shorts. "Hey, yo.... Awesome shit happened out there for ya..." X-Pac says
as he hoists his European title over his shoulder.

Sable smirks slightly "Thanks..." Sable says as sweat lightly drips off of
her forehead as she breaths heavily from her intense match with Jacquelyn.
Sable pauses and glances at X-Pac before she nods her head " got
the night off?"

"Nope I had my match earlier on the card.... me and Steve Regal got to a
no-finish...." X- Pac laughs a bit, "You must've been really getting psyched
up to smoke Jacquelyn's ass out there to miss me in the ring...." X-Pac adds.

Sable shrugs her shoulders as she smirks a bit "Ehh...I always look good out
there...and better yet I know I can kick anyone's ass...or as you said
smoke...anyone's ass.." Sable says with a nod of her head as she places her
hands on her lovely rounded hips.

X-Pac smirks, "Yeah.... and you happen to have a hot ass too..." X-Pac laughs
as he tilts his head as if trying to look at Sable's backside, "But hey that
power bomb was wicked.... you must have a lot of upper body strength...."
X-Pac says as he then looks straight at Sable, or rather at her leather
wrestling top covered large chest.

Sable presses her lips together "Oh...I got alot of'd be
surprised with what I can do..." Sable says with a sly wink before she tosses
her soft, silky blond hair back "'re part of that DX group,
aren't you?"

X-Pac raises an eyebrow, "What? Of course I'm part of DX!" X-Pac laughs a
bit, "Why are you making sure? Looking to get told a couple of words?" X-Pac
asks as he rubs his left hand against his bearded face.

Sable slowly licks her lips as she casually drifts her eyes down to the
crotch of X-Pac's tattered jeans "Maybe I am...maybe I'm not..." Sable says
with a sly smirk as she wipes some sweat off of her forehead.

X-Pac smirks, "Right... I bet it's 'maybe you are'..." X-Pac says as he drops
his European Championship belt on top of the table where the television
monitor is. X-Pac then gets a mischievous smirk on his face as he raises both
of his hands up "I bet you wanna get on down and..." X-Pac pauses as he
quickly drops his arms down and crosses them above his large crotch, "SUCK
IT!" X-Pac yells as he laughs a bit.

Sable presses her lips together and slowly nods her head "Oh...suck it..."
Sable pauses and laughs "Oh... I'm going to do more than just suck it..."
Sable says before she slyly lowers herself down onto her knees in the hallway
in front of X-Pac. Sable places her hands against the crotch of his tattered
jeans and begins to rub his cock through the material of his jeans as she
smirks up at him.

X-Pac licks his lips as he slips out of his leather jacket which he drops on
the floor, "Oh yeah.... I bet you are..." X-Pac says as he grabs the fly of
his tattered jeans and undoes it in near record time. The fun-loving
degenerate then opens up his jeans and the newly crowned Women's Champion can
easily see he's not wearing any boxers underneath.

Sable licks her lips " know X-Pac...I've always wanted to suck
it..." Sable says with a sly, playful smirk as she reaches into X-Pac's
tattered jeans and pulls his semi-hard cock out of his jeans, placing her
soft, smooth hands around his shaft and begins to gently stroke his cock
as X-Pac pushes his jeans down.

X-Pac's long, thick fourteen-inch cock grows harder in Sable's hands as she
slowly strokes it with her smooth hands, "Babe, every girl wants to suck
it..." X-Pac says as he shakes his legs to get his tattered jeans down to
his feet so he can step out of them. X-Pac then lifts up his t-shirt and
pulls it over his head to remove it from his smooth, toned body.

Sable raises an eyebrow "I'm sure they do..." Sable says with a soft laugh
before she leans her head forward and gently slaps her wet, sot tongue
against the large head of X-Pac's hard, thick cock before she starts to
slowly circle her tongue around the head of his cock.

X-Pac licks his lips and moans as Sable slowly traces her tongue around the
top of his cock, "Ahhhh yea.... mmm that's right tease that hard juicy
cock...." X-Pac moans as he places his hands on Sable's head and moves his
fingers through her blond hair. Sable lifts her soft, seducing eyes up and
locks them with X-Pac as she gently slaps her tongue against the piss-slit
of his cock before she opens her warm, saliva-dripping mouth and lowers her
head on his cock. Sable presses her lips tightly around his cock and starts
to gently bob her head, up and down, as she easily strokes the bottom half
of X-Pac's hard cock with her hands.

X-Pac nods his head as if showing approval of Sable's style of sucking on
his long meaty cock as she jerks the bottom half of it at the same time,
"Ohhhh yeah.... mmmmm yeah suck it good...." X-Pac moans as Sable starts to
bob her head down further on his cock as she increases her pace.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Sable softly moans around X-Pac's hard, thick cock as she
starts to bob her head at a quicker pace as she lowers her blond haired-head
further down his degenerate cock while she slaps her wet tongue against his
shaft, coating the entire upper portion of his cock with her saliva.

X-Pac moves his hands to the back of Sable's head and he grabs two handfuls
of her blond hair. "Awww yeah... take it all down....." X-Pac groans as he
pushes his cock deeper into Sable's mouth before he begins to thrust it in
and out. The reigning European Champion steadily pumps his cock in and out
between Sable's pouty lips, and every time he pushes it forward, it helps
Sable get more of his shaft into her mouth.

"Mmmm...ohhh fuck" Sable moans around X-Pac's cock as her saliva starts to
drip out of her mouth as X-Pac holds onto her blond-haired head and thrusts
his cock into her warm, wet mouth as he slightly fucks her hot, wet mouth.
Sable closes her eyes as X-Pac's thick, hard cock enters her mouth completely
as the head of his cock hits that back of her throat.

X-Pac grits his teeth together as he leans his head back, "Ohhhh yeah
Sable.... take it all.... fuck yeah... you know how to suck a dick!" X-Pac
moans as his balls smack against Sable's chin as he fucks her mouth. The hot
long haired and bearded D-Generation X member soon pulls Sable's head off of
his cock, causing some more of her saliva to fall out of her mouth and down
to her leather wrestling top. "Fuck Sable....I wanna see those big 'Sable
Bombs' and fuck your brains out..." X-Pac says bluntly as he pulls Sable up
to her feet so that he can push up her wrestling top so that he can see her
large, firm hot round tits.

Sable raises an eyebrow and smirks as she raises her arms up as X-Pac pushes
her wrestling top up so that he can remove her tight-fitting top to see her
firmly, large tits. Sable tosses her hair back and licks her lips "Mmm...
you're gonna fuck me, huh?" Sable asks with a laugh as she steps away from
X-Pac and walks over towards a wooden table nearby and slightly leans against
the table.

"Oh yeah I'm gonna fuck you raw...." X-Pac says as he quickly approaches
Sable and he lowers his head down in order to flick his tongue against
Sable's tits as he puts his hands on her waist in order to lower her tight
fitting black leather wrestling shorts down from her round sexy hips. The
hot and wild D-Generation X member moves his head away from Sable's tits
so that he can lean down further and jerk Sable's black leather wrestling
shorts down all the way her smooth sexy legs.

Sable licks her lips as she glances down at X-Pac while he removes her
tight-fitting leather wrestling shorts down from her hot, lovely shaped body
as her hot smoothly shaven, wet pussy becomes exposed. Sable smirks "Like
what you see, Pac?" Sable asks as she tosses her blond hair back and lifts
herself up slightly to sit on top of the table.

"Hell fucking yeah I like what I see!" X-Pac says, as he stands up straight
and steps between Sable's legs when she spreads them apart as they hang off
of the table. The reigning European Champion wastes no time as he grips his
thick hard fourteen-inch long degenerate cock and slams it into Sable's hot,
wet shaved cunt with one stiff thrust. As Sable is about to moan out in
response to X-Pac rough entrance, X-Pac puts his hands on her waist and
quickly starts to pound her pussy with hard sharp thrusts.

Sable tilts her head back and grits her teeth as the stunning, newly crowned
Women's Champion begins to rock quickly back and forth on top of the smooth
surface of the table as X-Pac roughly slams his cock into her warm, tight
pussy "Ohhhh...ohhhh fuck yeah!" Sable moans as she closes her legs slightly
and wraps them around X-Pac's waist as he continue to roughly and deeply
thrust his cock into her.

X-Pac licks his lips as he roughly slams his entire fourteen-inch cock in and
out of Sable's tight cunt. "Ohhh yeah... you love it rough don't you!" X-Pac
asks as he moves his right hand from Sable's waist and places it near her
pussy. The longhaired WWF Superstar then starts to roughly rub the edges of
Sable's pussy as his cock flies in and out of her cunt, and his balls smack
against Sable's skin with every thrust.

Sable leans back slightly on the table as she starts to sharply grind her
tight pussy against X-Pac's quickly thrusting shaft as he impales her tight,
wet pussy "Ohhhh fuck Pac! Mmmm fuck like that tight pussy, don't
you?" Sable moans as she slams herself back against X-Pac's waist forcing his
cock as deep as it can go "Ohhhhh....ahhhh..."

Sweat starts to drip from X-Pac's face as he practically assaults Sable's hot
tight wet pussy with his cock while also rubbing the edges at the same time.
"Ohhhh yeah... I fucking love hot tight wet pussies!" X-Pac grunts as he
watches Sable's large, hot round tits bounce up and down in sequence with
each of his hard wild swift thrusts. Sable closes her eyes and grits her
teeth slightly as she slams against X-Pac's cock before she reaches forward
and places her smooth, soft hands against X-Pac's toned chest as she rocks
roughly back and forth against his cock as he deeply impales the seductively
sweet WWF Diva.

X-Pac licks his lips once more as continues to fuck Sable's hot pussy, "Ahhhh
ohhh fuck babe... I'm gonna fucking nut so damn hard..." X-Pac grunts as he
pulls his throbbing fourteen-inch prick out of Sable's pussy as if to buy
himself a few more moments, but when Sable reaches for his cock with her left
hand, he tenses up instantly.

Sable licks her lips "Mmm...fuck...I want you to cum in my face Pac..." Sable
says with a sly smirk as she gently strokes the fingers of her left hand
against X-Pac's shaft as he smoothly and stiffly slams his cock in and out of
her tight, wet pussy.

"Ohhh fuck yeah!" X-Pac grunts as he pulls his cock out of Sable's hot, tight
wet pussy completely and then he pulls Sable off of the smooth wooden table.
Sable instantly drops down to her knees as X-Pac grips his cock and starts to
swiftly pump it with his left hand.

Sable licks her lips as she looks up and locks her seductively soft eyes with
X-Pac before she tilts her head back and opens her mouth "Ohhh yeah you
better cum in my mouth..."

"Aww shit babe... I'm gonna fuck give ya a mouthful...." X-Pac grunts as he
quickly jerks his cock. X-Pac grits his teeth and leans his head back as his
cock starts to erupt with his cum. X-Pac pumps his cock rapidly as streams of
his hot cum shoot out and land inside of Sable's mouth, but he also drops his
cum on her beautiful sweat covered face. "Ahhhh ohhhh fuck...." X-Pac groans
as he finishes cumming and a few drips of his warm cum fall from his dick and
land on Sable's large hot tits.

Sable closes her eyes and closes her mouth as she swallows the warm, sticky
load of X- Pac's cum before she licks her lips and opens her eyes to smirk up
at X-Pac "Mmmm... ohh fuck.."

X-Pac licks his lips as he looks down at Sable, "Shit babe.... you look like
you need a long hot shower...."

Sable raises an eyebrow and smirks slyly "Maybe I to join me..."
Sable says as she slowly stands up from the floor "Wait..." Sable says as she
licks her lips "I have a better idea..."

X-Pac smirks a bit, "What's your idea babe?" X-Pac asks as wipes some sweat
from his forehead.

"Well...why don't you round up your DX buddies..."

X-Pac smirks, "That's a hot idea.... drop by our hotel room... we'll be ready
for ya...."

Sable smirks and folds her arms over her large, rounded chest "Good...and
I'll be ready to SUCK IT!"


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