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Getting Dirty In the 619
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"See ya later guys..."

Rey Mysterio, the former World Heavyweight Champion, slowly walks out of the
arena's catering area after dropping in to visit the SmackDown roster who are
in San Diego performing a live event. Rey is dressed in loose fitting jeans
and one of his trademarked 619 t-shirts and he heads down hallway with a
smile on his face, "Man it's great seeing everyone..." Rey says to himself
as he makes a left turn to head to the locker room area where he makes
another left to head towards to SmackDown Divas' locker rooms.

Rey approaches one door and as he's about to knock, he hears the familiar
voice of Ashley Massaro calling his name from the far end of the hallway.
"Hey Rey!"

Rey turns a bit and smiles as Ashley quickly approaches him, "Hey Ashley!"

"Dude! What the fuck is up!?" Ashley asks with a laugh and the fun-loving,
free spirited Dirty Diva of SmackDown begins to approach Rey, while dressed
in a pair of tight fitting jeans and white t-shirt.

Rey Mysterio smiles, "Not much... just thought I'd drop by and see how
everyone is doing... since you are in my neighborhood..." Rey laughs, "How've
you been?"

Ashley presses her soft, pierced lips together "Oh I'm doing great!" Ashley
says with smile "With being in Playboy and being on Smallville too. I've
been absolutely stoked!" Ashley says as she places her hands on her slightly
visible, smooth and tanned waist.

Rey nods his head and smiles, "Yeah I've seen ya on Smallville... you were
great! You stole the show!" Rey says as he leans against the hallway wall,
"Man I miss being on the road with you and the rest of the SmackDown crew..."

Ashley nods her head and smiles "Oh I know...I totally miss hangin' out with
you..." Ashley pauses and presses her lips together "Say...why don't you head
into the locker room with me and we know catch up"

Rey smiles, "That sounds pretty good... and I would like to get off my
feet..." Rey says.

"Great!" Ashley says in an easy going, excited tone as she lightly tosses her
blond and black streaked hair back and she motions her head to one of the
nearby locker room doors "That way..."

Rey nods his head, "I'm right behind you..." Rey replies as he steps away
from the wall and starts to follow Ashley towards her locker room. Rey looks
at Ashley's hot ass and he smirks a bit as he sees how snuggly her ass fits
inside of her jeans.

Ashley reaches the locker room door and pushes the door open, easily, as she
enters the locker room and holds the door open for Rey "Hurry your ass up
bud...I don't have all day..." Ashley says jokingly with a cute laugh.

Rey laughs, "Hey I'm moving as fast as I can..." Rey says as he jogs a bit to
catch up to Ashley, "Sorry... I'm a bit slow on my feet..." Rey laughs as he
enters Ashley's locker room as she holds her door open.

Ashley laughs "Oh it's all cool, bud..." Ashley says as she steps into the
locker room and the door closes on it's own. As Rey Mysterio has his back
turned to the smoking hot Ashley Massaro, the fiesty and fun Dirty Diva
mischievously kneels down on the floor behind Rey Mysterio as he turns to
glance back at Ashley.

Rey raises an eyebrow, "Hey where did you..." Rey starts to say as he turns
around completely and then looks down, "Oh there you are!" Rey laughs as he
sees Ashley down on her knees, "What are you doing down there?"

Ashley presses her pierced lips together and lustfully narrows her smoking
hot, beautiful eyes "It's great to see you again Rey..." Ashley says in a
soft, seductive voice before the Dirty Diva reaches up and places her hands
on the waist of Rey's loose fitting jeans and she starts to pull them down
from his waist.

"Whoa..." Rey licks his lips as Ashley easily pulls his loose fitting jeans
down from his waist, revealing a pair of black boxer shorts which she also
pulls down, "Well... it's really great to see you too..." Rey laughs as
Ashley strips him of his jeans and boxers so that he's naked from the waist
down. Rey's large, thick fourteen inch Hispanic cock hangs between his legs
and slowly begins to harden as Rey steps out of his jeans and boxers.

Ashley raises an eyebrow "Fuck! Rey! I'm so stoked to see you again!" Ashley
says with a laugh before she reaches forward and gently places her soft hands
around his thick, hardening fourteen inch Hispanic cock. As Ashley smoothly
guides her hands up and down his shaft, she leans her head forward and gently
slides her wet tongue across the head of his cock.

"Ahhh... ohhh shit..." Rey laughs and moans as Ashley strokes his thick
Hispanic cock with both of her kinky hands while sliding her wet tongue back
and forth against the large tip of his shaft. "Mmmm... uhhh fuck I think I'm
really stoked now..." Rey laughs. Ashley closes her eyes as she gently twirls
her tongue against the piss-slit at the tip of Rey's cock before she lifts
her head up slightly to spit her warm, wet saliva down onto the head of his
cock which then rolls of the head of his cock and down his long, thick
Hispanic shaft.

"Mmmmm... uhhhh yea..." Rey moans as he begins to lift up his 619 t-shirt to
remove it from his muscular, toned and tattooed hot Hispanic upper body.

Ashley opens her eyes slowly and looks up at Rey with a soft smirk on her
face "Glad you're visiting Rey?" Ashley asks with a laugh as she gently moves
her hands against his thick, hard shaft. Before Rey Mysterio has a chance to
respond to the Dirty Diva, she lowers her head and opens her mouth as she
takes his fourteen inch cock into her hot and dirty mouth.

"Ahhhh... mmmm..." Rey moans as Ashley closes her pierced lips around his
thick hard Hispanic cock. When Ashley begins to bob her head on his cock, Rey
puts his hands on her head to help keep his balance, "Uhhhh... mmmm yeah...
I'm really glad I'm visiting..."

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Ashley softly moans against Rey's shaft as her soft,
pierced lips lightly drag against the skin of his thick shaft while she
continually bobs her head as she sucks on his cock. Ashley looks up and
locks her seductive eyes with Rey as she gently slaps her wet tongue
against the thick underbelly of his shaft.

"Mmmm... ohhhh fuck... mmm...' Rey moans as he slides his fingers a bit
through Ashley's blond black streaked hair as she bobs her head smoothly on
his large cock "Ahhh... ohhh shit... fuck I can't wait... to get back... on
the road..."

Ashley starts to gradually bob her blond and black streaked haired head at a
quicker pace while lowering her head further down on his thick shaft, taking
his Hispanic cock deeper into her hot and dirty mouth. "Mmmm...ohhh" Ashley's
soft moans vibrate against Rey's shaft as she smoothly bobs her head, sucking
and devouring his cock into her hot mouth.

Rey's eyes roll back with pleasure as the Dirty Diva inhales his large, thick
cock with her hot, saliva filled mouth, "Uhhh... ahhh... ohhh fuck... you
keep that up... I'm gonna fuckin' shoot early..." Rey moans as he makes no
effort to stop Ashley. Ashley lightly twists her head on Rey's cock, causing
her pierced lips to grind against the skin of his hard shaft before she opens
her mouth as wide as she can and the smoking hot Ashley Massaro suddenly
lowers head completely down and impressively deep throats Rey's entire
fourteen inch cock as the head of his Hispanic cock lightly presses against
the back of her hot, dirty mouth.

"Ahhhh... ahhh... ohhhhh FUCK!" Rey moans loudly as Ashley keeps her head
down all the way on his cock so that Rey can feel her sucking on his entire
cock. "Mmmm... ahhh fuck... fuck... fuck..." Rey groans as Ashley teasingly
begins to lift her blond black streaked haired head off of his saliva covered

Ashley slowly brushes her wet, warm tongue against the underbelly of Rey
Mysterio's thick, rock hard shaft before she completely lifts her head off of
his cock and gently flicks her hot tongue against the head of his already
throbbing, rock hard cock. Ashley raises an eyebrow and glances up at Rey
with a playful smirk "I'm not so bad, huh?" Ashley says with a laugh.

"Oh you're very... very bad!" Rey laughs as he licks his lips while looking
down at Ashley as she takes a moment to pull off her white t-shirt to reveal
her large, round and hot tits. "And you're very... very good..." Rey says
with a smile as he slowly kneels down on the floor in front of the Dirty Diva
so that he can playfully push her onto her back.

Ashley laughs as she lays back completely on the cold floor of the locker
room "Hey! I know how to have fun!" Ashley laughs as Rey places his strong
hands on the waist of Ashley's tight-fitting jeans and after unbuttoning
them, he begins to pull them down from Ashley's smooth, tanned and toned

Rey smirks, "I've noticed that..." Rey laughs a bit as he slides Ashley's
tight fitting jeans down and off of Ashley's smooth, tanned and extremely
gorgeous legs, revealing Ashley's hot red panties. The former World
Heavyweight Champion then goes to work on quickly taking off Ashley's
panties, exposing her hot, perfectly shaved pussy.

Ashley presses her pierced lips together and locks her lustfilled eyes with
Rey Mysterio as he gently spreads her tanned, gorgeous legs apart and scoots
closer while on his knees to the 2007 Playboy Covergirl "Fuck Rey! You're
such a stud!"

"Thanks Ashley... and you're pretty dirty..." Rey laughs a bit before he
wraps his right hand around thick Hispanic cock so that he can press the
large tip of his cock against Ashley's cunt. The studdly Hispanic Superstar
then puts his hands on Ashley's hips, leans forward and deeply rams his cock
into Ashley's tight, warm pussy with a swift, hard thrust.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Ashley moans and grits her teeth together as Rey Mysterio
firmly and deeply rams his fourteen inch cock into her warm, tight pussy
"Mmm...thanks Rey..." Ashley moans as she presses her pierced lips together
while she starts to move back and forth against the locker room floor while
Rey thrusts his cock into her hot pussy.

"Mmmm... uhhh... yeah... fuck..." Rey moans as he thrusts his large fat cock
in and out of Ashley's tight pussy as he slides his hands over Ashley's sexy
hips as he fucks her. Rey leans his body back a bit and uses his hips to
drive his cock forward and back as Ashley rocks her hips to push her hot
pussy against his pumping shaft.

Ashley gently wraps her tanned, smooth legs around Rey's toned and muscular
waist as she starts to smoothly rock back against Rey's cock as he deeply
thrusts himself into her tight, dirty pussy "Mmm...ohhh yeah Rey! You like
bangin' this Dirty Diva, don't you?" Ashley moans as she gently places her
hands onto Rey's strong arms as he pulls her back against his cock.

"Mmmmm... ohhhh yeah... fuck... it's... one of the... ahhh best parts of
SmackDown!" Rey moans as he quickly and deeply thrusts his cock in and out
of Ashley's warm, tight and dirty pussy as she grinds herself against him.
Rey moves his hands off of Ashley's hips and places them on Ashley's legs
as he changes his pace so that he's using slower thrusts but with harder

"Ohhhh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck Rey!" Ashley moans loudly, gritting her teeth
together, as he use the hard forced thrusts to deeply ram his cock into her
tight pussy. Ashley closes her eyes and flicks her tongue against her two
lip piercings as sweat starts to drip off of her smoking hot, tanned body.

Sweat starts to drips down Rey's hot muscular Hispanic body as he slams his
cock as hard as he can repeatedly into Ashley's dirty cunt, "Ahhhh... uhhh
shit... fuck!" Rey groans as Ashley unwraps her legs from his waist to allow
him to sharply thrust his cock into her cunt. The handsome former World
Heavyweight Champion then pulls his cock out of Ashley's pussy and begins
to turn Ashley over onto her stomach.

Ashley opens her eyes and raises an eyebrow "Oh fuck yeah! Time to really get
dirty!" Ashley laughs and tosses her blond, black streaked hair back while
she sits up on to her hands and knees, while in front of Rey Mysterio. Ashley
glances back with a smirk and nods her head "Rey...bang it good!"

"Shit... I'm gonna bang you all over the 619..." Rey replies with a smirk as
he grips his cock with his left hand and guides it towards Ashley's asshole.
With the head of his shaft poking against the tight entrance to Ashley's ass,
Rey grabs onto the Dirty Diva's hips and jerks her back towards him so that
his fourteen inch cock becomes deeply impaled in her asshole.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Ashley groans as she grits her teeth as Rey's fourteen
inch cock deeply impales her tight asshole before he starts to pump his
Hispanic cock in and out of her tight asshole. "Mmmm...fuck...ohhh fuck
yeah!" Ashley moans, tilting her head back and closes her eyes as she starts
to immediately push her smoking hot, tanned body back against his cock,
pressing her hot ass against his toned waist.

"Uhhhh... mmmm... fuck yea... mmm..." Rey Mysterio grits his teeth together
as he drives his thick fourteen inch cock in and out of Ashley's tight
asshole with quick thrusts. Rey's large balls start smacking against Ashley's
ass cheeks as he shoves his cock into her. "Ahh... fuck... ohh yea... mmm
this how we get dirty..." Rey groans as Ashley slams herself back against

"Ohhh fucking right! Has to be down and dirty!" Ashley moans and laughs as
she continually rocks back and forth on her hands and knees as she is deeply
fucked in the ass by Rey Mysterio's rock hard Hispanic cock. "Mmmm fuck!"
Ashley moans as she firmly pushes herself back against his cock, causing
Rey's fourteen inch cock to thrust deeper into her tight asshole as sweat
starts to drip down her smoking hot, tanned body.

"Ahhh... mmmm... fuck yea..." Rey grunts as sweat drips into his eyes as he
fucks the smoking hot 2007 WWE Playboy Covergirl. Rey pulls Ashley back
against him as quickly as he can drives every inch of his cock deep into
Ashley's asshole.

Ashley tosses her sweat dampened blond and black streaked hair back as she
glances over her shoulder and smirks back at Rey "Mmmm...fuck nothin' like
bangin' in the fucking 619!" Ashley moans as she firmly pushes herself back
against Rey's cock, causing her sweat covered hot ass to smack back against
Rey's muscular and sweat dripping waist.

"Ahhh... mmmm shit... ohhh fuck..." Rey moans as he tilts his head back as
he continues to pound Ashley's hot ass with his huge cock. The former World
Heavyweight Champion grits his teeth and slams his cock once again into
Ashley's ass as be beings to shoot his warm, thick cum deep into Ashley's

Ashley presses her pierced her lips together and nods her head as sweat drips
down against her beautiful face "Aww fuck yeah..." Ashley moans as she feels
his warm cum spraying into her tight asshole. Ashley gently rocks back
against Rey's throbbing, cum spraying cock.

"Ahh... mmmm... shit..." Rey moans and he breathes deeply as he begins to
pull his cum spraying cock out of Ashley's asshole. Once his entire fourteen
inch shaft is out of Ashley's ass, Rey sees a bit of his cum dripping out of
Ashley's asshole, "Ohh shit... fuck that was hot..."

Ashley licks her pierced lips and turns back around on her knees to face the
sweaty Rey Mysterio "Fuck yeah! It was sweet!" Ashley laughs as beads of
sweat roll down her tanned, smoking hot body.

Rey laughs a bit, "Hey... I just got one question... not that I'm
complaining... but why did you do that?" Rey asks.

Ashley shrugs her shoulder and laughs "Fuck...I don't know." Ashley locks her
lustfilled eyes with Rey "I just felt like getting dirty in the 619..."

"Oh..." Rey laughs and then licks his lips, "In that case... whenever you're
in the 619... just drop the dime so we can get dirty again..."

"Right on..." Ashley laugh as she nods her head with a smirk.


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