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With thanks to Kristi of Dice and Kristi for ideas and suggestions for
this story.

Featuring: Kaitlyn (WWE), Johnny Curtis (WWE).

Getting Durty With Curty
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage during the joint Smackdown and NXT taping during February of 2012,
the resident "creep" and sexual predator of NXT Johnny Curtis is leaning
against a wall as he stares at the locker room door belonging to the WWE
Divas, a toothpick hanging from the side of his mouth as he waits for
someone, anyone, to come out. The winner of NXT Season Four clad in form
fitting jeans, a leather jacket, and a black T-shirt underneath that nicely
shows off his muscular upper body.

The door opens up and stepping out of the locker room is indeed a WWE Diva,
in fact a fellow winner of NXT in the stunning Kaitlyn who locks eyes with
him and instantly narrows her eyes with a disapproving look. The long blond
and black haired beauty is clad in tight fitting black pants which hug
perfectly to her juicy ass, and a straining short matching top that doesn't
hide her large breasts at all, a look that's clearly to his liking as he
moves off the wall with a lick of his lips.

"Hey Kaitlyn..." Curtis says, perversion clear in his voice already. "Wanna
get weird?"
Hearing this makes her roll her eyes as she places her hands on her hips.
"Damn it Johnny, what is wrong with you? Me and Alicia turned you down,
Maxine dumped you, and now you're an even bigger creep than before!" She
insults him with a glare. "What's wrong with you??"

"Nothing's wrong with me... I'm just a man who knows what he wants, and
isn't afraid of anything..." Johnny states as he openly checks her out with
a long look. "I'm just looking for a woman... A Diva, who wants to get Durty
with Curty here..."

"Yeah, you're Durty Curty alright..." She shakes her head again. "Give me
one good reason why I shouldn't just punch you in the dick right now!" She
threatens, raising her hand to make the point clear.

"Because I'm into stuff no other man you've ever been with will be into..."
He boldly states with a smirk. "You know a guy who's into having a girl's
tongue up his ass, all swirling around and rimming him? That's me..."

Hearing this perverted, but shockingly open statement seems to catch the WWE
Diva off guard as she lowers her hand, her eyes widened in surprise as she
slightly checks him out to see if he's being serious. "That's... That's
different, I'll admit that..." Kaitlyn admits, slightly tilting her head as
she looks him over again. "Anything else? I mean, while we're throwing out
your sexual kinks here... That's probably the most "durty" you get, right?"

"That's just scratching the surface... You name it, I'm down with it.
Handcuffs, masks, footjobs, you name it..." He starts to say, when he's cut
off by her letting out a gasp with wider eyes than before.

"Footjobs??" She questions, pausing and being unable to resist licking her
own lips. "You're seriously into footjobs? Having some feet working over
your dick??" She's standing up straight, subconsciously glancing down at his
package through his jeans but he sees it and grins again.

"Oh yeah... Love getting weird and using feet to do it..." Curtis states,
seeing he's found a kink in the stunning female and is going to exploit it.
"So... I've got a van out back... Wanna get Durty with Curty?"

* * *

Minutes later, in the back of Johnny Curtis' beat-up, junker of a van, the
gorgeous WWE Diva Kaitlyn is down on her knees on the shabby carpet on the
floor, clad now in just a sexy pair of skimpy black bra and panties with her
face buried between the toned ass cheeks of Curtis as she runs her tongue
all the way up and down the crack of his backside with smooth and slow
motions. As she licks at him, said stud is bending right over forward,
pushing his ass right up into her face as he uses one hand to hold onto the
back of the front seats, the other stroking his rock hard and very long
cock, a perverted smile on his face as he looks back and watches her tease
his butt with her nicely wet tongue.

With a moan, the beauty from Houston, Texas gives his ass cheeks a firm
squeeze with her hands as she keeps them spread apart, moving her pretty
face up so she can place her pouty lips right onto his asshole, sucking on
it and flicking her tongue against the entrance with closed eyes, looking
like she knows exactly what to do in this position. Raising a hand up, she
delivers a hard spank onto his butt cheek before squeezing him again, but
all the blow does is make him moan with clear lust as she works over his
asshole, kissing across it and running her tongue all around the edge of it
to dab her saliva all across the tight feeling hole.

Sliding his palm all the up and down his thick length, the winner of NXT
Season Four moans with obvious enjoyment as he gets rimmed from behind by
the woman who won Season Three of NXT as she gropes his ass cheeks and
starts to dart her tongue in and out of his asshole, never taking his gaze
away from her face as it's pushed deep against his backside that he's
pushing out against her. He licks his lips with a groan as he feels hers
pressing against the entrance to his back passage, her tongue probing as
deep as she can get into him even with the tightness, and allows himself to
smirk when he hears her muffled moans as well to show that she's getting off
on this sexual act as well.

Lifting her head away from a moment to draw in a deep breath, she leans back
in to spit down into his ass crack, moving her face back in to use her
tongue to push her saliva into his asshole to make him moan, at the same
time dragging her nails down his butt cheeks to force a groan from him, but
the motion is done just right to not leave a mark and again show him this
isn't the first time she's eaten out a man's ass. Swirling her tongue around
inside his tight hole, she moans again as she feels him moving his backside
back against her face like he's trying to fuck himself with her tongue,
causing her to open her eyes with a seductive, narrow-eyed glare cast at him
as his toned ass cheeks smack into her cheeks, causing her long blond and
black hair to sway from the light impact.

No shame is evident in the WWE Superstar's face as he continues to jerk
himself off and work his own ass back against the WWE Diva with her tongue
right inside his back passage, making it wet with her saliva as she licks
away at him and grips his ass cheeks and meets her look with an even dirtier
one as he enjoys the feeling of her dining on his backside along with his
own smooth and steady stroking motion. A couple more darts in and out of his
asshole, and she lifts her head away and licks her lips clean of her own
spit, once more raking her nails down both sides of his butt and only making
him groan again as she gazes down and takes a good look at his lengthy rod
that's his gripping and rubbing, before using her hand to again spank his
hard firmly but rather than feel any pain, it just adds to his pleasure.

"Geez... You know how hard it is to find guys who are into this??" Kaitlyn
says with a mix of lust and wonder as she sits back and watches him jerk off
and stay bent over for a moment, before her hand jolts back as she feels
something on the carpet. "Ewww... The fuck??"

Curtis moves himself around and sees what she's pointing at - a used condom
that looks to have some dried spunk still in it. "Just a memory of another
good time... Couple months ago I think..." He states, not bothered at all by
it, and this makes her shoot him a look.

"I don't want to know!" She quickly states, watching as he sits down on the
carpet and raises his feet up towards her, his hand still gripping his
member and now her eyes lock onto his toes and soles as she licks her lips.

"You... You don't mind me sucking on your toes?" She asks but never looking
away from his feet as she subconsciously runs her hands across her large,
bra covered tits before taking a hold of the ankles with her hands.

"Be my guest baby..." Johnny says with a smirk, already lightly stroking
himself again as he lustfully looks her over. "Don't pretend you're not
enjoying this either..."

Casting him another narrow-eyed glare, the former fitness model and figure
competitor runs her hands up his feet and cross his toes, like she's sizing
up his feet before she tosses her long hair back and starts to kiss across
the toes of his left foot, making herself moan as she uses her soft lips
onto each toe before moving along the right foot for the same treatment.
Going back along, she stops at the big toes of the right foot so she can use
her tongue to swirl right around it, this sensation making him groan as he
intensely watches her lick his toe, moving down to treat each toe to this
motion before back to the original toe for another clockwise swirl.

Satisfied that it's wet enough, she opens her mouth and takes the toe
inside, groaning around it as she sucks on it and presses her full lips
tightly around it, gazing down at the hunk in front of her as he pumps his
hand all the way up and down on his long dick, watching as she slightly bobs
her head onto the toe that's getting completely covered with her saliva.
Lifting her head away with a clear moan, she moves to the other foot and
wastes no time in taking its biggest toe into her warm and wet mouth, her
hands sliding along the soles of his feet as she sucks away once again, a
groan being barely muffled by the toe she's pleasuring.

A glance over her perfectly curved and tanned body makes the Boston,
Massachusetts born stud smirk in a perverse way as he sees her hard nipples
poking through her black bra, and what looks to be noticeable wetness down
at her matching panties as well, but his gaze returns to her face as she's
moves to the right foot again and opens her mouth wider to take in a couple
of toes in order to suck on them. Both her hands go onto the leg as she
slides them up from the ankle to just underneath the toes, her thumbs
working over his soles as they move back to the ankle and repeat the motion
as she rather forcefully bobs her head on the toes she got between her lips,
her tongue flicking out at them as she works her way up and along, taking in
the middle two toes in order to suck on them before it's back to the biggest

Her eyes shoot open with a moan when he takes advantage of having the left
leg free in order to move his foot to down between her legs, running it back
and forth across her panties-covered pussy but the material is so thin he
can easily feel the outline of her snatch when he pushes up against her,
making himself moan as he feels how soaked her underwear is and that
sensation in turn makes him jerk off a little quicker and harder. Rather
than being repulsed by the dirty action, she just responds by grinding
herself down against the foot that's sliding against her, losing control for
a moment as she lifts her head away and licks all the way down his fight
foot, lustfully kissing her way back up to the toes before she turns to the
side in order to rub the sole against her beautiful face as she moans again.

Still gripping the foot in her hands, she turns back and works her tongue
across and over his toes even as he wiggles them, her mouth soon opening to
capture the two largest of them in order to slobber over them, her saliva
dripping off all his toes and down his foot, and as her own palms run up and
down the sides of his foot her fingers get sticky with her own spit as she
continues to almost worship his foot. At the same time she's shamelessly
rocking her hips back and forth to move her pussy against his other leg as
he uses his foot to stimulate her snatch through her panties, getting even
more wet down there as he moans from his own stroking motion, lifting his
hand up to spit into it before going back to jerking off again and rubbing
his saliva into his stiff rod as he enjoys both the sight and the sensations
he's getting from the stunning woman sucking on his toes.

"Mmmm..." Curtis moans again, giving his dick a squeeze as he sits himself
up and watches her feverishly licking and sucking on his toes. "Looks like
little Kaitlyn has a dirty little foot fetish, doesn't she?" He says with a
perverted grin as he moves his other foot away from between her legs.

Pulling her head off with a gasp, she glares with desire at him. "You're
fucking right I do!" She snaps with a lick of her full lips. "I love having
a big, long dick in between my feet just as much as do sucking on some hot
feet like yours!"

"Footjobs are your fetish?? That makes two of us..." Johnny responds as he
lays back on the messy carpet of his van. "Well, they're one of my many, but
get those sexy feet of your around my dick and let's get really dirty..."

"Oh, you're going to fucking get it "Durty Curty"!" Kaitlyn says with clear
lust in her voice as she drops down to sit with her legs extended out. "I
don't mess around when it comes to feet!"

Holding onto her smooth and tanned legs, the busty babe with blond and black
hair moves her feet along his thighs, placing her toes against rock hard
cock and wiggling them, this feeling alone making him moan and he leans up
slightly and gazes down, watching her tease his member with her pretty feet
as her big toes grind slightly against his stiff rod. Turning her feet
towards his shaft, he gets an even better feel of them as she firmly pushes
her toes against his manhood to capture it between them but again only
moving her toes but it's obvious the former FCW Florida Tag Team Champion is
getting off on just feeling alone, licking his lips again as he stares down
at her feet against his dick.

Letting out a light groan herself, the stunning member of The Chickbusters
duo moves her right leg upward, dragging her toes against the thick and long
cock she's holding with her feet until she reaches the bulbous head of the
moaning male's shaft, and here she circles her big toe around and then
across the tip, all the while using her other foot to keep his tool straight
and where she wants it. Arching herself back and sticking out her large, bra
covered chest in the process, she smirks as she stares down at the length
that's she's working over with her toes, moving them around to grind them
against his bell end before she expertly slides her toes up and over to the
other side, allowing her sole to rub across the head as she slides it back
and forth, each motion making the receiver of this action moan loudly.

Already starting to sweat now, the somewhat creepy, sexual predator of NXT
Redemption moans as he feels nothing but pleasure from the way his cock is
being rubbed by both feet belonging to the perfectly curved and still clad
in just her black bra and panties beauty a distance across from him as she
uses one foot to rub slightly up and down the side of his shaft, the other
circling across the head of his rod for a sensual rubbing motion. Both feet
now get placed onto the sides of his lengthy pole, her toes and heels
touching together as she sandwiches his man meat between her pretty soles,
and the loudest moan now comes from him when she starts to move her feet all
the up to below the head and then smoothly down to the base and repeating
the motion.

Once again the former fitness and figure competition competitor turned
sports entertainer lets out a moan as she gets off on both giving out this
dirty sexual act and the reaction she's getting out of the man who's cock
she's handling with her feet as she moves them quickly up and down his
length, her soft soles driving him wild as they glide back and forth over
his very impressive and thick to match size. She's proving she wasn't
kidding when it came to her fetish, and clearly this isn't her first time
giving out a foot-job to someone even if it's in the back of this beat-up,
junker van as she keeps her feet perfectly pressed around his member and
times her motion along his length for maximum pleasure as her soles move
almost across all of his inches.

Gritting her teeth, the Houston, Texas born Diva keeps her left foot pressed
against his shaft to continue the up and down motion along the side to still
give him a footjob, as she moves the other downward and onto his balls,
making him groan as she brushes her toes against his heavy nuts, then
circling all around them with her big toe. The stud from Boston,
Massachusetts moans loudly and without shame as he gazes down and watches
her feet work over his cock and balls, her right sole now sliding back and
forth smoothly across his nuts as she rolls on the heel, while her other
foot brushes up and down the side of his meaty pole.

"Yeah... You fucking love that don't you?" Kaitlyn lustfully asks with a
lick of her pouty lips. "You fucking love my pretty little feet jerking your
huge fucking dick, don't you??"

"Mmmm... Yeah... Get weird baby..." Curtis moans as he smirks back, sliding
his hands over his own chest as he meets her gaze with his own perverted

"Get weird? Just get that fucking dick into my tight pussy, right now!!" She
demands, sitting up to now move onto all fours, her desire making her ignore
the rather filthy surroundings of the van she's in.

"Thought you'd never ask..." Johnny responds as he eagerly moves into
position behind her, easing down her panties to underneath her juicy ass so
her neatly shaven pussy is exposed to him.

One firm thrust a moment later, and both WWE stars moan out as she gets
takes the first few inches of his thick rod into her tight and soaking wet
pussy, the feeling causing her to immediately start pushing back against him
as he starts to firmly and quickly slide his member in and out of her
snatch, his eyes locked down on his own dick as he watches it appear and
vanish into her, having no problem at all fitting more of his inches inside
her despite the snug feeling all around him. Looking back over her shoulder,
she groans out with narrowed eyes as she times herself to push her hips back
to meet his pumps, taking him even deeper into her snatch as her lust
controls her actions and makes her want to take the creepy and
sexually-driven male's cock completely into her pussy.

Said winner of the Fourth Season of NXT is just smirking as he stares down
at her stunningly rounded ass as he bangs her from behind doggy style,
fitting almost all of his inches deep into her dripping wet pussy as she
works back against his motion, her large bra-encased tits bouncing from the
movement of her body as he smoothly slides his shaft in and out of her snug
hole. He moves a hand up to his own mouth, taking a finger inside and
sucking on it as he fucks her pussy steadily, getting his digit nice and wet
before moving both hands onto her backside in order to spread her thick and
sexy ass cheeks apart, and as he thrusts away into her snatch he gives no
warning before he pushes his finger into her asshole.

Feeling this makes her moan loudly with her head titled back, sharply
pushing her booty backwards against him and in the process taking all of his
dick into her wet snatch much to his groaning delight as he makes his now
balls deep thrusts harder and faster in response, watching her ass cheeks
jiggle when his muscular waist smacks into them each time he drives forward
into her. At the same time he's now sliding his finger back and forth past
her asshole to finger-bang her butt while he pounds her pussy, moving his
digit down to the knuckle and pulling back so the tip remains in her back
passage and then repeating the motion, and never missing a beat with either
of his sexual actions on the NXT Season Three winner.

Her hands grip into the shabby carpet of the beat-up van she's getting
fucked in, eyes closed and mouth open with loud, nasty moans pouring out as
her juices over the long cock ramming in and out of her snatch from behind
as she also takes a finger darting into her ass simultaneously, the
combination driving her crazy with lust as sweat covers her tanned and
curvacious body. Her big tits are swaying so much they are nearly falling
out of her straining bra but that's far from her mind as she continues to
rock back against the thrusts she's taking, groaning when he lifts a hand up
to sharply spank her juicy ass as the smacking sound of skin hitting against
skin rings out when their bodies collide and all of his manhood gets stuffed
into her pussy to fill her up and keep them both moaning.

Perversely staring at her gorgeously rounded cheeks as he continues to
finger-fuck her asshole, the sexual predator of NXT grunts and groans as he
fucks her snatch with swift and hard pumps that have his balls slapping into
her skin and that only increases his pleasure as he takes her balls deep
with each of his thrusts. Once more he spanks her ass and watches the ample,
tanned flesh shake from the impact, making him smirk for a moment as he
keeps up the intense pace up, all the prior working up from the foot play
giving him all the ammo to bang the stunning black and blond long haired
Diva with everything he's got as she keeps moving back to keep up with his
motions in a just as dirty and sex-driven way as he is.

Having already given in to her own nasty, sexual desires, it's no surprise
that finally having her tight, soaking wet pussy filled up with such a long
and thick cock along with the swift finger banging of her back passage
finally sends her over the edge, and so with a loud almost screaming moan of
desire, Kaitlyn starts to cum hard on the dick of Johnny Curtis who grins
again as he feels her snatch tightening around his member and her juices
flowing over him. She groans and keeps moving herself back the best she can,
sweat dripping off her body as feels intense pleasure quite unlike anything
she's used to, especially since she's still getting banged doggy style by
the hunk behind her as she rides out her orgasm, so when she finally comes
down to Earth and he pulls out of her she almost collapses down onto the
carpet of the van with a final moan.

With a lick of his lips, he moves his hands down and pulls her panties back
up over her ass, holding her by the legs to turn her over onto her back and
once there, he moves her feet up close to his cock to hold both by the
soles, his other hand gripping his dick so he can quickly stroke himself off
with loud and deep moans, getting his own fingers sticky with her own juices
as some get rubbed onto her feet from how close he's holding them against
his rod. Still breathing deeply with her chest heaving as she recovers from
her own sexual high, the busty WWE Diva can't object to this even if she
wanted to, but from the still blissful look on her face that doesn't appear
to be the case as she stares up at the roof of the van as he feet are being
used to rub against his long, throbbing dick as he jerks himself off at the
same time.

A big, perverse smile is on the WWE Superstar's face as he gives his thick
member a couple more fast strokes before he lets out a final groan, and a
first thick stream of Johnny Curtis' spunk fires out to land onto Kaitlyn's
feet, making her groan from the sensation of hot, creamy jizz splashing onto
her feet and there's more to follow as he keeps on jerking off to milk
himself dry. The shots don't stop as his cum lands over the tops of both
feet, some trickling down the sides, and spunk also falls onto her toes so
both feet get more than just an ample amount, a sight that keeps him
grinning even as he squeezes out the final drop and lets go of his now spent

"Wha... What the??" Kaitlyn blinks, seemingly regaining her senses now after
coming back to reality after her orgasm. "Awww man, you got it all over my
feet!! Pass me some tissues or something!!"

"Oh, I've got plenty of those..." Curtis says with a smirk and a nod,
motioning over to just behind her. "There's some right there."

Reaching back, she knocks a couple boxes out of the way, signing and ending
up grabbing a tatty-looking pizza box in order to bring some tissues over to
her, grabbing a couple and using them to reach up and clean off his jizz
from her feet, ignoring the still perverse look on his face as he watches
her do this. When she finishes, she opens the pizza box to get rid of the
tissues, only to jolt back with surprise at the half-pizza but surely at
least a few weeks-old pizza inside. "Ewww, ewww! That's gross, even by your
standards "Durty Curty"!" She states, pointing at the food.

"Oh, awesome!" Johnny states, moving over to sit beside the box. "You found
my pizza! I've been looking for this for weeks..." He states with worrying
honesty before his nastily reaches down and pulls up a slice, not hesitating
to take a big bite out of it with an approving nod.

Watching this with wide eyes, the stunning WWE Diva's cheeks bulge like
she's holding back a sudden vomit, and she quickly scrambles to grab her
clothes from beside the door, not even getting into them as she kicks open
the door and gets out of the beat-up, junker van belong to the unfazed WWE
Superstar. She stops to turn back and glare at him with a shake of her head.
"You are fucking sick, you know that Johnny?"

"You wanna get weird again, then you come find me..." Curtis responds with a
rather twisted grin as he holds the slice up. "Better yet, I'll come find
you... And next time I'll bring a couple toys for us both to use..."

Hesitating at the thought, she shakes her head again and snaps to her
senses. "You're weird Johnny! Weird!!" Kaitlyn states, ignoring how into it
she was during their sex moments ago as she slams the van door shut.

"Yeah... Get weird..." He simply states, still grinning as he helps himself
to another slice of his pizza, before he calmly looks right up at a
noticeably discolored panel in the roof of his van. Grabbing a corner, he
pulls it off so hangs off hinges, and reveals a hidden camera in the roof
with a small red light blinking on and off to show it's been recording. He
smiles up at the camera with a lick of his lips. "They don't know how weird
I can get..."

* * *

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