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Featuring: Alicia Fox (WWE), Johnny Curtis (WWE).

Getting Durty With Curty Part 2: Why He Has Chloroform
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the taping of WWE's NXT Redemption show to air on March 21st
2012, the gorgeous and perfectly curved Diva Alicia Fox is glancing back over
her shoulder as she walks along a corridor, having just been freaked out by
an advance by the resident sexual predator of the WWE Johnny Curtis who had
been oddly, well more oddly than usual, been hanging around a storage case
for some reason. The high heels of the former Divas Champion click on the
floor as she walks along, checking that he'd lost the Superstar that'd been
flowing her and sure that she has, she takes a moment to pause and catch her
breath, dressed in a sexy form fitting outfit of a short, orange skirt that
hugs nicely to her juicy ass and a tight white sleeveless top that slightly
strains against her very large breasts.

Composing herself and brushing her long, dyed red hair back over her
shoulders, she starts to walk on and around a corridor, finding herself in a
more empty part of the arena with only a couple of chairs in the hallway and
certainly nobody else around. Letting her guard down, she passes by and pays
no attention to a slight side corridor to her side, so is unable to react in
time when suddenly she feels something wet and rough-feeling pressing over
both her mouth and nose, making her eyes go wide in shock. In the next moment
however her eyes start to flicker as the cloth is rubbed over her, her vision
getting hazy as her head rolls slightly, and then seconds later she's been
rendered unconscious and put to sleep, falling back and right into the arms
of the man who's knocked her out... In the same way he'd done to Matt Striker
just minutes ago.

Licking his lips with a sick smile on his face, Johnny Curtis holds Fox up
with an arm, looking over the rag that's soaked in Chloroform before stuffing
it into the pocket of his open leather jacket, his muscular and tanned upper
body deliberately revealed and wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans.

"Hey Foxy..." Curtis says to the slumbering Diva as he runs his hands up her
sides as he gazes over her body. "I've got a couple of minutes to kill before
I meet up with Maxine again, and now that I've made sure my Chloroform hasn't
gone to waste... Let's get weird..."

Knowing she isn't going to respond, he uses his strength to easily move the
limb body of the beautiful woman along with him as he goes back into the
slight side corridor, pushing open a door into a small storage closet before
stepping inside along with her and then closing the door behind them.
"Maxine worries too much, because Striker isn't going anywhere... So let's
see what it's like to get Foxy, huh?" Johnny says with a twisted, lusty grin
as he turns her around to gaze over her perfectly curved body.

Pushing the unconscious Diva against the door so her upper body and head rest
against it, the creepy but handsome WWE Superstar moves down to his knees
behind her, placing his hands on her short skirt so he can push them up over
her thick hips, revealing her juicy and sexy ass clad in white panties and
it's a sight that makes him lick his lips. Giving her ass cheeks a firm
squeeze, he pulls her underwear to the side to gaze at her neatly shaved
pussy along with her asshole, and it's the latter that he immediately goes
for as he places his tongue right onto it, slowly siding his wet tongue
against and over it as his nose rests against the top of the crack of her

Both his hands keep her butt cheeks apart and her panties out of the way so
he can have his wicked way with the former WWE Divas Champion's backside, and
he seems to be savoring the taste of her back passage as he works his tongue
around the entrance in slow motions, getting her asshole wet with his saliva
as he moans into her. His fingers slightly grip into the more than ample
flesh of her ass as he takes advantage of the knocked out woman's body for
his own pleasure, his cock hardening in his jeans as he dines on her ass,
slightly moving his face up and down in order to run his tongue back and
forth over her asshole.

Groaning as he feasts on her asshole, the winner of the fourth season of NXT
now pushes his tongue against and then slides it into her booty, a sick smirk
on his face as he pushes his hungry tongue as far into her back passage as he
can manage, allowing the face of the white stud to be pressed up against her
perfectly rounded black ass cheeks in the process. Moaning in enjoyment of
both the act and the taste of her, he's twisting his tongue around inside her
clearly tight hole and continues to grope her butt cheeks like they are his
property as one hand stays on them, the other moving down to his jeans so he
can squeeze his hard package through his clothing.

There's no concern being shown for the fact that he's doing this to a woman
he put to sleep with a Chloroform-soaked rag so she can't respond and didn't
agree to this, but he's far too busy darting his tongue in and out of her
asshole to give it a second thought as he moans into her backside, taking in
deep breaths through his nose and the perverted smell of her backside at the
same time. Both sports entertainment stars are still clothed as he keeps her
skirt up over her booty and her panties to the side so he can keep his face
pressed between her cheeks with closed eyes, lapping his tongue away at her
now very wet and worked over asshole.

While the main sounds being heard are his muffled moans as he eats out her
ass, the only response the woman being anally tongued is giving is just soft
breathing, still slumbering from being knocked out so she has no idea a man
she finds repulsive and weird now has his tongue stuffed right up her tight
and stunning butt. Her chest and face remains pressing against the door, only
her hips slightly rocking forward when he pushes his face deeper against her
backside, his hungry tongue work unrelenting as he gropes his own cock
through his jeans at the same time, making sure he moans into her back
passage and takes full advantage of the situation he created.

Another couple of deep licks before he lifts his head away with a smirk and a
lick of his lips. "Mmmm... Tastes good, and you're not a virgin back there
either..." Johnny perversely states as he stands up, undoing the belt of his
jeans in order to push them down, allowing his rock hard and impressively
lengthy cock to be freed.

Keeping the clothing around his ankles, he turns the knocked out Fox around
and runs a hand through her long hair, pulling her forward into him so he can
lick the side of her face with his tongue that had just been deep inside her
ass. "Now let's see what your mouth can do Foxy..." Curtis states, giving her
ass a squeeze with the other hand before he pushes her downward and uses a
grip of Alicia's hair to keep her up and seated on her knees in front of him

Bringing her head forwards, he uses his hands to slide his fingers past her
lips and open her mouth, allowing him to push his meaty pole into her oral
hole and then close her mouth up so her lips are all around his meat, the
feeling of them and her nicely wet and warm mouth making him moan with a
twisted grin as he looks down at her. He savors the sight of the stunning
black woman with his thick, white cock in her mouth for a moment before he
takes a hold of her long, dyed red hair and starts to slide himself back and
forth into her, watching the first couple of inches pass between those pouty
lips before he pulls them back out to repeat the motion.

No resistance is being put up by the still completely out of it Diva as her
mouth is getting abused by the man who's in front of her and is moving his
dick in and out of her oral hole, one hand keeping her head in place by
holding her hair while the other is down on her jaw, keeping it pressed up to
ensure her lips are pressing against his rod to simulate her actually blowing
him. It's all his doing though as he works his length back and forth by
rocking his hips, moaning as he enjoys her oral hole and gazes down at her
beautiful face with her eyes closed, having no idea her mouth is getting used
like this ash she's made to suck his big cock.

Licking his lips he starts to pick up the pace, thrusting his cock with more
speed and force behind the action and in turn sliding more of his inches into
the mouth of the Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida native as he keeps her sitting up
on her knees in front of him, still fully clothed as the sexually-driven
Superstar of NXT fucks her mouth without having gotten consent to do this.
From the way the Boston, Massachusetts-born hunk is grinning and moaning its
clear he's loving the feeling of her oral hole around his shaft, getting
the sensation of her breath brushing against his rod as she softly breathes
as she sleeps, his hand slightly running through her long red locks as he
slides his shaft back and forth into her.

Another couple of pumps into her mouth before he pulls his cock out of her,
smirking as he looks over the slightly layer of saliva over it from the
repeated motion into her oral hole before he closes up her mouth in order to
slide the head of his cock across her pouty lips, making himself groan in
enjoyment as he grinds those made for blowjobs lips against the head of his
member. Turning the unconscious woman's head to the side it allows him to
bring her lips all the way down to the base of his rod and then back up to
the top where he grips his tool and smacks the bulbous bell-end against her
cheek, slightly staining it with his saliva before turning her and doing the
same slapping motion to the other side of her stunning face.

Forcing her mouth open again, the hung but creepy Superstar pushes his length
back inside and goes back to work fucking her face with swift and forceful
motions, his dick going so far into her that he can feel the tip of himself
touching the back of her mouth but it doesn't stop him from continuing to
abuse her oral hole even as she has no idea what she's going through and is
powerless to stop this from happening. He moans again as he feels his balls
starting to collide with her chin, a slight trickle of saliva escaping past
her lips from the spit that's formed from the repeated thrusting in and
out of her mouth as her body is able to react out of reflex to everything
that's going on as the white stud continues to bang the black babe's mouth
with repeated motions that would no doubt make her gag if she was awake and
feeling everything that was happening to her.

Sliding his hand through her red hair again, he lifts her head away from his
rod that's got a coating of her saliva all over it and takes a moment to look
her over, also checking that she's still out of it from the effects of the
Chloroform he used on her not long ago. "Mmmm... Finally some use for that
mouth of yours..." Curtis states before he reaches down and hauls her up so
she's standing but resting back against the door of the storage closet
they're in.

Reaching down to take a hold of the bottom of her tight, white top he lifts
it up and over her chest, letting her very large and sexily rounded tits
bounce free of their restraints, and he doesn't hesitate to grope them with a
smirk. "Nice tits Foxy... Now let's get some of that sweet pussy of yours..."
Johnny says as he takes a hold of her waist in order to lift her up and onto
his muscular body.

Using his hand to line up his cock, the sexual predator of NXT eases his dick
up into the snatch of the still out of it Diva, moaning as he feels how tight
her pussy is all around his thick, white cock as he lowers the busty black
babe to half-way down on his shaft, again gripping her by the waist as her
lifeless head rests over his shoulder and her big breasts press against his
chest. Taking a moment to both enjoy the snug feeling all over his shaft and
to smell her dyed red hair that's against the side of his face, he starts to
thrust himself up into her pussy, immediately moaning as he uses a steady and
firm pace, easily using his strength to keep her held up as her legs dangle
down limp and rub slightly against his thighs from the pumping motion into
her snatch.

Closing his eyes and letting out a disturbing, primal grunt as he's clearly
getting off on fucking such a beautiful women who's been knocked out by the
Chloroform rag he'd used on her, the former FCW Florida Tag Team Champion
slides his thick shaft smoothly and quickly up into her tight hole, licking
his lips as he enjoys her snatch with a series of stiff pumps. With her body
not offering any resistance, the former WWE Divas Champion's gorgeously
curved frame is jolting up against the hunk holding her off the floor, making
her large titties rub up and down against his rugged chest and her hair
shake as this non-consensual sex continues in this storage closet.

Sliding his hands down, the native of Boston, Massachusetts takes a hold of
the juicy and sexily rounded ass cheeks of the out of it woman he's banging,
shifting her legs up so slightly wrap around his waist before groping her
booty again, squeezing her more than ample cheeks as he ploughs his rod right
up into her snatch with shameless moans. Opening his eyes, he glances down at
her red haired head resting over his shoulder with a smirk, leaning in and
groaning in delight into her long locks as he keeps on banging her, fitting
more and more of his fat inches into her love tunnel that's still as tight as
ever around his man meat but is now getting wet as her body responds to the
action even though she has no idea she's being made to take his lengthy cock.

Keeping her held right in place so her big boobs keep on rubbing and grinding
against his starting to be covered with sweat chest, there's a new sound to
go along with his moans and the sloppy sound of his cock moving in and out of
her pussy - that of his heavy ball sack as it collides up with her dark and
smooth skin to show he's going balls deep into her snatch with his thick,
white cock. With his fingers digging into her voluptuous booty he grunts and
continues to hammer his pole right up into one of the sexiest women on
television today, taking full advantage of her slumbering state in order to
fuck her in the hard and fast way he's currently doing, knowing that she
would be very unlikely to agree to sex with him if she was aware and awake.

Feeling her legs starting to slip away from the repeated jolting her body has
been doing, he uses his hands to bring those long limbs back up around his
midsection to keep her up against him as he takes long smells of her flame
red hair as he moans, enjoying every moment of her snug snatch that's all
around his member. The Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida beauty remains out of it
and has no idea she's being used to satisfy the lewd desires of the very man
who rendered her into this state and is now ramming every inch of his long
white shaft into the gorgeous black woman's tight and now quite wet snatch
as he frame rocks up against him each time he sends his dick straight up into

"Mmmm... Foxy has a nice pussy... I shouldn't be surprised..." Johnny states,
his voice dripping with lust as he gives her a couple more deep thrusts
before he lifts her up and off of his cock with a groan, walking over to the
door so her can place her chest-first up against it, her face turned to the
side as he brushes her hair out to get a clear view of her beautiful facial
features with her eyes still closed.

"But it looks like I'm catching this Foxy right be her "tail"..." Curtis says
with a sick smile as he makes sure her skirt is right up with her juicy ass
exposed, allowing him to pull her hips slightly away from the door in order
to stick her butt right out towards him.

Showing no shame in fucking the still unconscious Diva again, he taps the
head of his rod against her smooth and sexy ass cheeks before pressing it
against her asshole, grunting as he uses a firm thrust to push into her and
then sighing in pleasure as he enjoys the feeling, already telling that this
is an even tighter hole than her snatch was. Using one hand to keep her upper
body pressed against the door, the other keeps her butt cheeks apart so he
can watch his dick moving back and forth into her back passage as he starts
to bang her with only her own pussy juices acting as a sort of lube, not that
she feels it as he uses an already firm and steady pace to give it to her.

As he works his long, thick and white dick in and out of her stunning and
juicy black ass, he's finding himself sweating harder as his depraved lust
drives him on to fuck this beautiful and still knocked out woman up her
stunning backside, feeling her back passage squeezing his invading member but
the pressure just turns him on even more as the pumping continues. He's
keeping her right where he wants her, allowing him to watch her butt cheeks
start to jiggle erotically from the force of his thrusts while her large tits
press and grind against the door she's being pushed up into but she feels
no pleasure, the only sound from her the soft breathing of slumber while
she's getting taken from behind.

Raising his hand, he delivers a hard spank to the left ass cheek just to
watch the more than ample flesh shake, and liking what he sees he gives one
to the right side as well as he keeps on ramming his fat dick in and out of
her tight asshole, sliding in more of his inches into her and deciding to
spit right down onto his own rod for good measure, the saliva soon travelling
into her back passage to make him further groan in twisted pleasure. His
other hand slides up from her back to stroke the side of the former Divas
Champion's face before grabbing a handful of her long, dyed red hair, now
using it to keep her propped up against the door of the closet he's abusing
her juicy ass in as he uses thrust after repeated quick and hard thrust to
savor her one-of-a-kind booty and treat it as it should be fucked, although
he didn't get her consent to bang her like this.

With perspiration dripping down his handsome face, the winner of season four
of NXT groans and grunts as he ploughs into the juicy and stunning ass in
front of him, his muscular waist colliding into her backside when he drives
in and stuffs every inch of his rock hard and now slightly throbbing dick
into her still tight back passage that seems built for fucking. It's the sort
of hard, unrelenting pace that would render a normal woman unable to walk
straight for well over a week, but for the former WWE wedding planner turned
Diva she doesn't even know this fast and balls deep anal sex is happening to
her, still out of it and being held up against the door as her hair is
gripped and her backside is getting firmly spanked on both full cheeks by the
hung but weird stud co-worker in the same sports entertainment company she
works for.

Leaning in towards her so his chest presses against her back and reaching
under her body in order to grab both of her large breasts, he starts to ram
his hips backward and then straight forward so his crotch smacks into her
thick butt cheeks to make them shake as all of his inches drive into her ass,
his sexual desire now almost primal as he grunts and moans, his face turned
towards her to flick his tongue against her cheek. His thick and long dick
continues to thrust in and out of her asshole with speed and force as it
throbs inside her, his balls slapping into her skin when he drives into her
as the violation of her very desirable ass continues, shameless in his moans
as he openly enjoys fucking an unconscious woman up her backside, and a
female he knocked out with a Chloroform soaked rag at that.

Only a few more deep thrusts are managed before he feels his own limit
approaching and so stands up and off from her, pulling his pulsating manhood
out of her thick and well fucked booty with a groan, using one hand to keep
her ass pushed out towards him while the other grips his shaft and furiously
strokes himself off with swift motions all the way up and down his length.
His gaze is locked down onto the well rounded cheeks he'd just been between,
licking his lips as he jerks off and moans, looking to finish things off
after being in all three of her holes as she's been knocked out during every
moment of this hard and heavy non-consensual sexual encounter.

With a deep and lusty moan, Johnny Curtis starts to cum over the gorgeous
black ass of Alicia Fox, the first thick stream of spunk shooting out of his
long, fat white cock and splashing over the left butt cheek, and as he keeps
on stroking away he aims his shaft in order to spray his load over both juicy
sides of her rump. Milking himself dry, he ensures that her booty has a large
covering of jizz on each ass cheek, not only making her backside look even
hotter than before but making it appear that a couple of men had been having
their way with the out of it Diva rather than the one, extremely perverted
WWE Superstar who had knocked out the abused in her mouth, pussy, and
finally ass Diva in the first place in order to fuck her like this.

"Mmmm... Nice fucking there Foxy..." Curtis states with a lick of his lips,
stepping back slightly to wipe sweat from his forehead as he gazes over her
cum-covered ass. Reaching into a pocket of his leather jacket he pulls out a
couple of tissues so he can get rid of the "evidence" as he wipes off his
spunk from across her butt cheeks.

Stuffing the tissues back into his pocket, he moves her panties back into
place before pulling her skirt back down over her booty and snatch, and her
tight top back over her big tits so she looks almost the same as she did
before she was knocked out except for her long dyed red hair being slightly
out of place now. After pulling up his own jeans, he grabs her around the
waist and opens the storage closet door to peer out, checking that the coast
is clear before he carries her out into the corridor and spying a folding
chair he places Fox down onto it to sit, then stepping back to give her
another look over with a smirk.

"It's been fun Foxy, but I gotta split and check on Striker... I do this
right, and I'll be nailing Maxine after the show ends..." Johnny states with
a lick of hips at the thought, before turning and heading off, going back to
the supply case where he'd stuffed the knocked out Matt Striker into earlier

The rushed footsteps of the WWE Superstar heading off fade away, leaving the
stunning Diva alone in the corridor sitting on the chair. A few moments later
and first her legs start to move and stretch, before she lets out a groan and
moves her head around, coming back to life as her eyes flicker open and she
takes in her surroundings.

"Uhhh... What... Did I... Did I seriously just take a nap?" Fox questions
herself as she blinks and sees where she is, and then shakes her head
slightly. "I can't let this Fox be caught napping around here...
Especially with that creep Curtis around!" She tells herself as she stands up
and finds her legs slightly wobbly, something that clearly confuses her.
"Cramp? Geez... This is just weird... Like, Johnny Curtis weird..." She
thinks aloud, pausing as something about that seems to stick with her but she
ignores it, shakily walking off as she smells the air and wonders what that
odd, sweat-like smell is that's currently around her.

Although she would try and write off that night as a strange one-off nap
backstage, over the next few days she couldn't shake off a weird sexual
desire to be fucked like a whore in a small, confided space, and especially
up her ass. Never acting on it to keep up her backstage reputation, that
desire would become reoccurring as she found herself taking more unexpected
naps during or after NXT tapings, and each time waking up in a far off or
empty part of the arena with her legs wobbly and her ass growing increasingly
sore each time. But she resisted, and continued to act repulsed by the
advances of Johnny Curtis toward her even though she'd be sure he'd be the
one who'd love to hammer her ass like there's no tomorrow. As sly as her
namesake she thinks she is, Fox never did pick up on when Curtis watched her
leave and said "Sweet Dreams Foxy..." and she never saw it coming when that
Chloroform drenched rag started to be pulled out of his pocket...

* * *

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