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Getting Fixed Up
by Dr. Feel Good (DFG)

I had just started to work for WWE as a video editor in the middle of March,
just a few weeks before WrestleMania. It was a fun job that saw me work
backstage, editing video packages and helping on the backstage vignettes
we run throughout the shows. I also worked with the divas in the company,
assisting them with photoshoots and things of that nature. Even though I
had only been working there a few weeks I had become really flirtatious
with Jillian Hall, a fairly new WWE girl in her mid-20s that was making her
WrestleMania debut. She was a typical WWE girl with blonde hair, big tits
and a body to die for. I did like her, but I didn't make any sort of move
because I was new and didn't want to ruffle any feathers.

At WrestleMania 22 on April 2nd, 2006 in Chicago I saw her before the match
where she managed JBL against Chris Benoit. She looked better than ever,
sporting this brown cowgirl outfit complete with a hat, lots of cleavage
showing on her top, a short skirt and cowboy boots. She smiled when she saw
me backstage, then pointed at me to come over towards her.

"Jake," she said sheepishly, "I need you to do me a favor."

"Oh yeah, what's that?"

She answered, "I was wondering if you wanted to celebrate with me tonight."

"Celebrate what?" I asked.

"Our first WrestleMania, silly." She informed me.

"Right. By my understanding we were having a party at the hotel with the rest
of the staff."

"I know that, but..." she continued, running her hand along my arm, "I
thought we could have a private party. Just you, me, maybe a bottle of wine.
Come up after the show's done. How does that sound?"

"Great. Where should we meet?"

"My room after the show, room 723. I'll be wearing this. They want me to
auction it off so I figure I'll wear it for as long as I can." Then just as
I was about to speak, she continued. "Just come as you are. Clothes aren't
mandatory. I just want this." Then she turned around and rubbed her ass onto
the front of my pants. It wasn't obvious so nobody noticed, but it really
turned me on. She walked off in the other direction while I checked out her

I couldn't wait for the show to be over at 10pm Central time, so with the
Cena/HHH match going on in the ring and my services not needed in the back,
I jetted out of the building a half hour early and back to the Sheraton
Hotel that WWE booked exclusively for the weekend.

When I got to the hotel it was pretty empty. Mostly just hotel staff there.
As I walked in and pushed a button for the elevator, I called Jillian on her
cell to let her know that I was there. "Good, I like a man that shows up
early" she told me. I got in one of the eight elevators they had, then made
the trek up to the seventh floor. I was still in my black WWE t-shirt and
black pants. I could feel my body getting hard just thinking about her.

When the elevator door opened, Jillian was standing there in that same brown
cowgirl outfit, complete with hat. "Don't move," she told me. She walked into
the elevator, and then pushed the red button so it wouldn't move. She looked
at me, licked her lips and then charged at me, leaping into me as I held her
legs. We kissed passionately in the elevator for twenty seconds or so while I
was rubbing her tits.

"Drop your pants," she ordered me.

"Here? But what if somebody..."

"Don't worry," she said while hiking up her skirt. "Nobody else is here yet."

She wasn't wearing any undies, so while I dropped my pants, she bent over in
front of me with her already wet clit right here. I slid my boxers down a
bit, and then I stuck my dick deep into her clit. She was holding onto the
railings of the elevator. I put my hands on her thighs and thrusted my cock
deep into her. She was rocking back and forth really hard, getting right into
it. I could feel how wet her pussy was, she must have really worked it before
and I was more than happy to help work it some more. I picked up the pace,
really jamming my dick into her. She let out a big moan.


I kept going at her hard, rocking back and forth until I could tell she was
losing her breath.

"Don't...huh...cum in me here...Let's...uh...go in the hallway."

So we opened the door, walked down the hall a bit to where her room was, I
pressed her up against the outside of the door and rammed her again. She had
her head on my shoulder as I went to work hard.

"Jesus Christ! Fuck! OH FUCK!"

She lifted my head up from her chest so I could kiss her. We made out some
more while my arms were holding her hips. She was grinding on me, kissing me
and yelling some more.

"Oh God. Oh God! Oh Goddddddddddddd!"

Finally I couldn't hold it in more so I relaxed my body, then had the cum
shoot out of me right into her pussy. She moaned again.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh. That was...nice. Very nice."

She opened the door and I followed her right in. I took my shirt off, so I
was completely naked. She still had her top on and her skirt partially on, so
I was eager to get her out of that. I took off her big belt buckle from the
skirt, then slid the skirt off her down to the floor. Then I made my way back
up to her tits, looking to loosen up the strap around her neck, but she
pushed me on the bed. "Let me do it," she said. With her standing at the end
of the bed, I looked up at her with a smile, then watched as she unclipped
her top from around her neck, pulled it down and let her melons free. They
were great. She pulled her outfit down so it was all the way on the floor. I
leaned forward to kiss her. "Lay down," she told me.

As I lay on my back on the bed, she leaned forward to rub my cock. She was
stroking it gently and then dipping her tits down to get a piece of it as
well. I wanted her to suck me, but she got off of me, then smiled. "I got
something else in mind." Something else ended up being a can of whip cream
from inside one of the drawers. She opened the can, then sprayed the whip
cream around my cock and on my hard cock. It felt chilly, but I liked it.

With my cock full of whip cream, she put her tits around, then rubbed them
all over my cock getting them full of cream. She stuck her mouth on my cock
too, licking it and licking the cream. I really wanted to titty fuck her so
I sat up and stuck my cock in her tits with the whipped cream flying all over
the place.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhhh, how'd you know I liked to get titty fucked?"

"Just a hunch," I cackled. Or is it cockled?

I jammed my rod in between her tits as she moaned in pleasure. "Fuck 'em
harder" she requested, so I did. I put my body right up against hers, my legs
at her side and I guided my cock between her tits. Every time I would thrust
forward she would dip her head down to catch the tip of my cock with her
tongue and lick a little bit of cream off it. She stroked my cock as I went
into her tits some more, moaning in delight all the while.

"Yeahhhhhh Jake, I like that. Let me suck your cock now...please."

Who was I to deny a woman that said please, right? I went on my back as she
positioned herself over me. She climbed on top of me and we made out some
more while I rubbed her tits all over the place. She got the whip cream and
sprayed it all around my cock so it was on my stomach and thighs while a bit
of it was on my actual dick. "Time for dessert."

She stroked my cock to keep it hard, which was not a problem. She leaned down
with her tongue, placing it where she put the whip cream. She licked some of
it up while not officially putting her lips on the head.

"You're such a fucking tease, Jill." I told her.

"But you like it. I know you do." She was right, but I still wanted her to
suck me off. "You're so big. You think I can take you all in?" She kept
talking and I wasn't interested in that.

"You do have a big fucking mouth. Show me you can use it." I didn't want to
tell her to shut up, so I encouraged her.

And it worked because she went to town on my cock as if she was a kid tasting
her first lollipop. She was licking it all over her place, flicking her
tongue against the tip of my dick and sucking on it the whole time. I could
feel she had her whole mouth on it because my dick was touching the back of
her mouth. I leaned forward a bit to give her more leverage while also
putting my hand on the back of her head, which was my way of telling her I
wanted more.

"Keep it up, baby! I fucking love it when you suck me like that." The
encouraging thing seemed to work, so I kept it up. "You're a filthy little
whore, aren't you? Show me just how filthy you can get!"

While she continued to suck me off, I reached over to the bedside table to
grab the bottle of champagne that was there. She was really getting me all
in her mouth, so I had a tough time keeping the bottle straight, but I took
a swig of it. "Wanna drink, baby?"

She took her mouth off my cock while still rubbing it with her hands to keep
it hard. I handed her the bottle. "Champagne cum - my favorite flavor." She
took a swig of it, then went back to my dick and I was ready to explode into
her mouth. Ten seconds later I did and she took it all in at once, sucking
it back and swallowing it whole.

As she sat up at the edge of the bed she took another drink. Now it was her
turn to ask: "Do you want a drink?" I nodded my head yes. In a move that made
me like her more than ever, she dumped a bunch of the champagne across her
breasts soaking them all up and then lowered the bottle as she emptied the
rest of it around her pussy. "Drink up," she said.

She pushed me back onto my back while crawling up to my head at the edge of
the bed where she leaned down so that her heaving (and wet) breasts were
right in front of my mouth. Nothing was prettier to me than a pair of massive
tits in my face, so I immediately went to work on them. She used her hands to
push them down even more and I used mine to keep them straight so I could
suck on the nipples. I stuck my tongue all over them while caressing them
with my hands.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" She moaned. "I paid a lot for those bad boys."

I took my mouth off them for a second to remark, "Money well spent!"

I continued to suck away on those tits as if they were the first pair I'd
ever seen. They weren't of course, but they were as spectacular as any I've
ever been close to. I was all over them with my tongue, my lips and my hands
mauling them. I knew she liked it. While I was grabbing them, she reached
back to my cock with her right hand and started stroking it as it got hard
again. Her hands were so gentle, so it was easy for me to stay hard for her.
With her nipples erect and my mouth full she decided to move. She got off
the bed.

"Hey, where you going?" I asked her, wondering what the hell she was up to.

"I want to ride you. I want one more hard fuck out of you - could you get in
that chair?" She pointed at the chair in the corner of the room. It was a
soft one. "Please?" How could I resist a gorgeous blonde with a big rack that
said please? I couldn't, so off I went. She went over to pick up the brown
cowboy hat that was a part of her outfit and put it on while I readied myself
for her.

She got on her knees in front of me, stroking my cock and poking it against
her tits. "We're going to fuck harder than we've ever fucked before right
here and right now. I don't want you to stop. The more I yell, the more I
want you. You ready?" I nodded my head yes.

She climbed on top of me with my dick going straight into her already wet
pussy. The chair had an arm rest on the side, but it had just the right
amount of space for her to put each of her legs at the side of it. She was
totally on top of me. As she started to rock back and forth, she leaned
down and kissed me for what was probably thirty seconds straight of tongue
swapping. She leaned her head back now as I put my hands on her hips and
thrusted my cock deep inside of her. I increased the pressure.


We were both really into it, going harder than before.

"Come on, baby! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!"

The more she yelled, the harder I pounded my cock into her. I had her tits
flopping around all over my face while I stuck my tongue onto them while she
was thrashing wildly around my cock with her cowboy hat on like she was
trying to tame some bull. She started to lean forward and then we interlocked
our fingers so we were completely wrapped up in one another.

"Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddddddddddddddddd!

It was as good as I had ever had it and I could tell she felt the same, but
like with everything it had to come to an end.

"I...I...I'm ready..." I told her while trying to catch my breath.

She leaned back, relaxing her hips.

"Lay it on me." She instructed. And there it was, white hot cum right into
her pussy again. She said she had birth control so we'd be safe and I hope
she was telling the truth.

"Oh my God baby, you're a freakin' machine." She smiled at me as we both took
a deep breath.

"Takes one to know one," I told her.

She leaned forward, put her arms on my shoulder once more and we kissed
passionately for what seemed like thirty seconds. Then it just stopped. We
were both so tired.

The room was a mess, but we didn't care. It was a hell of a night and we were
only just getting started.
_ _ _

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