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Author's Note: OK, so I've not watched wrestling in absolute years, that's why
the rosters are a little funny. I do have the complete roster for the series,
complete with divas, stables and tag teams. Give me a shout by the e-mail
provided if you want to see it. This story is based off of several WWE video
game storylines of a young wrestler fighting his way up from the developments to
the main event of Wrestlemania. Also, this is my first attempt at a story.
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Diva included: Torrie Wilson

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Facial

Getting To The Big Time: `Smackdown!' Blues Part 1
by Hushed Halloween

Pounding the latest jobber into the mat with a stiff suplex, I covered him and
got the pin fall. This was the luxurious life style of a WWE Development Star.
Wiping off the sweat, I rolled under the bottom rope and made my way to the
locker room area. I got various nods from other trainees with a couple of head
office members looking towards me while scribbling something down.

Normally, I'd get excited over it, but that had happened to me since day one, I
guess with a company as big as the WWE, it happens. Dean Malenko was still in
fantastic shape considering he had retired years ago. He was one of the few
trainers that took the time to go through every little detail, making sure we
could be the best.

Holding his hand up, he hailed me over to the corner where he was standing with
an as yet, un named member of staff. Walking up, I could see little patches of
grey hair on the side of his head and knew instantly it was Shane McMahon.
Taking a deep breath, I walked forward and cleared my throat to signify my

"Ah! Justin! Mister McMahon, this is Justin." Dean said, motioning towards me,
Shane had also turned around with a big smile on his face. Shane extended his
arm for me to shake his hand.

"Pleased to meet you son!" He said you could just about hear Vince's voice in
him, especially when he was happy like that.

"And you sir. Forgive my hands being sweaty; I've just got out of the ring." I
said, with a smile as we shook hands.

"Don't you worry son! Dean, could you leave us please?"

Shane asked, as Dean nodded and walked away, making sure to pat me on the back

"So, how do you think it's going down here?" Shane asked as he motioned to a
cold gun metal grey folding chair that he had set up. Taking the seat next to
it, Shane smiled as I took a seat.

What was obviously a loaded question; I tried my best to answer neutrally. "Very
good thank you. I'm really getting to grips here."

"Well, that's complete nonsense." That answer took me by surprise. I was trying
to be modest when I knew full well I was better than this dump. "You're
destroying all of the opponents and just how long have you held the OVW title?"
Shane continued as I looked at the strap over on the wall in a glass cabinet.

"Uhhh... Close to a year now sir." I replied, doing a quick count in my head.

"Well, with the success of Randy Orton, John Cena and Batista, we're looking at
expanding our current roster. We want you to come up to Smackdown! and make it
as our new cruiser weight."

Shit. This was one of those moments I thought would never happen. Looking around
to see if it was a rib.

"It's not a rib. I'm serious. We've got Tajiri, Billy Kidman, Paul London, Brian
Kendrick and Rey Mysterio all begging for more action. We think you could bring
it to them. So, all we need is for you to sign this contract and you'll start in
a couple of weeks. Of course if you don't lose the title by that time, you will
have to vacate it publicly." Shane added this really did seem way too good to be

"Wow... Seriously?" I asked, looking at the paper. It included a significant pay
increase and also mentioned possibilities of making the pay per view warm up
shows too. This was far better than I was doing here. "Where do I sign?" I asked
as Shane smiled and rubbed his hands.

The Big Time...

I took a fall for the person I thought would be able to take my place.
Millennium. A hulking big figure standing at easy seven foot and weighed close
to three hundred pounds. He was not going to be an easy walk over.

I was still sore from being thrown about, but I was actually backstage at a
Smackdown! event and I wasn't being escorted by Dean or another trainer!

Walking backstage I saw several big stars. Triple H, Batista, Ric Flair and
Orton were hovering by the catering table picking fights with anyone who dared
get in their way. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, the worlds greatest tag
team, were walking in the back with their valet, Christy Hemme. As I walked on,
I saw Tajiri and Torrie Wilson, Tajiri was barking orders at Torrie who was
nodding in submission.

Tajiri had originally won Torrie's management contract and has since then,
abusing his power. Torrie was now dressed in a kimono showing very little of her
amazing figure. Shaking my head, I walked over to introduce myself to one of my
future opponents.

"Hi, I'm Justin. But I'm wrestling under the name Cyclone... Or Cyke if you'd
prefer?" I said with a warm smile, extending my arm to Tajiri for him to shake.
Tajiri nodded and didn't bother shaking my hand.

Nodding, I moved over to Torrie to shake her hand. She smiled warmly and shook
it, as Torrie was about to say something, Tajrii barked another order at her.
Torrie looked down to see the top button on the kimono had become loose and was
showing part of her neck.

Torrie nodded solemnly and buttoned it back up. Tajiri got up and started to
scream something in Torrie's face. Torrie looked to the floor and nodded, not
wanting to upset him. Not accepting that kind of behavior, I pushed Tajiri
backwards slightly to send him a warning shot. Torrie was about to say no, when
Tajiri pushed me back.

What was about to become very violent was broken up by Tazz, senior commentator
and extreme expert.

"Woah woah woah! Let's not fight here! Kid, what's going on?" Tazz asked his
deep Brooklyn accent was thick as he spoke.

"This punk's treating Torrie like shit! I was teaching him some manners!" I spat
out, Tajiri said something in rage as Tazz nodded.

"Alright Tajiri, alright! He`s saying he wants to fight you tonight." Tazz said,
translating Tajiri's words.

"... Fine. But only if he puts up Torrie's contract. I want to save her." I
said, flashing Torrie a smile, she seemed to appreciate it.

Tajiri spat something out in rage and Tazz nodded.

"He said it's fine, he also says there's no way you'll win. Listen, kid you've
got a dressing room down there, why don't you go and get changed and a staff
member will come and get you."

I nodded, not wanting to upset Tazz as well. I turned and walked away, just
before I reached my dressing room, I shot a look to Torrie who smiled at me.

Shit... Match time.

The Match...

There was a knock on my dressing room door, opening it up I saw a young guy,
must've been twenty, twenty one who smiled. Pushing his glasses up his nose, he
looked at the clip board in his hand.

"Justin Long? Cyclone?" He asked, I nodded in answer. "You're up in ten minutes.
They're setting up the stipulations now."

Shit. Here we go. I nodded and walked out of my dressing room. There were
various calls for good luck with a few wolf whistles from the divas around me.

Tajiri's music rang out over the P.A system as the Asian cruiserweight made his
way out to the ring. Rubbing my hands together, I realized I had no music set
up. Then, what sounded a lot like `Back in the U.S.S.R' by The Beatles played
out. I must've been given stock music I thought as I walked out on stage.

Shit. There were a lot of people here. I was getting some sympathy cheers, it
could be that I was facing Tajiri but that didn't faze me. I walked down to the
ring and rolled in under the bottom rope. Climbing to a vertical base, I threw
up my arms in a very generic manner. I really wasn't expecting this, and I doubt
the crowd would be pleased by brash mannerism any way.

Looking over at Tajiri, I could see him pacing backwards and forwards, barking
orders at Torrie, who was still nodding in submission.

The bell rang and the we got going. Running forward, we slapped into a lock-up,
jockeying for position, I managed to swing around behind him. Taking advantage
of his surprise, I hoisted him up off his feet and threw him to the floor.

As Tajiri stood up, I gripped hold of Tajiri by the waist. Leaning down to his
waist, I wrapped my arms around his waist and then threw him over my head in a
Northern Lights suplex.

Keeping him held down, attempting an early pin. The ref didn't even get to a one
count before Tajiri threw his shoulder up. Gripping Tajiri by his right arm, I
threw him to the ropes and ducked down. Ready to drop him with a backdrop, I
waited until Tajiri reached me. He surprised me and stopped just before me.
Looking up, Tajiri hit me with a massive right kick.

Falling backwards, the powerful kick stunned me slightly. Shaking the cobwebs, I
looked up to see Tajiri smack me in the right side of the rib cage with a
powerful smack. Gasping in surprise, I leant to the side covering my rib cage.
Tajiri then hit me with a kick to the left side, making me buck to the side.

Tajiri then hit me with a kick in the right knee, dropping me to my knees. Holy
hell, this hurt. My joints were screaming out in agony as Tajiri aimed at my
head. I'd seen this before and knew what to expect. Tajiri aimed at my head and
started a vicious spin kick.

Ducking down beneath it, I pushed Tajiri backwards with my hands. Slowly getting
to my feet, I waited for Tajiri to get in closer. A few more steps in, I managed
to tag Tajiri with a knee to the gut. Gripping hold of Tajiri, I hoisted him up
in the air and slammed him down on the floor with a scoop slam. Quick as a
flash, I then dropped an elbow into Tajiri's rib cage, making him gasp in

I hoisted myself up to my feet and ran to the nearest ropes, running towards
Tajiri, I jumped in the air and delivered my best Hogan impression and dropped a
leg on Tajiri's throat. I gripped hold of Tajiri by the neck and hoisted him up
to a vertical base. Kicking him in the gut, I ran to the ropes again and bounced
from the ropes. Running to the Asian, I jumped and grabbed him in a swinging DDT

Tajiri had it well scouted and planted me on my feet. Taking a few steps back, I
looked at Tajiri who was rabid with rage. I then went for a lucky swing and
aimed a kick at his head.

Spinning on my heel, I threw my leg up and hit Tajiri in the head. Tajiri was
knocked back by my surprise spin kick. The Asian cruiserweight fell to the
ropes, falling back onto the second rope. He held the blue cable for a slight
moment when he looked at Torrie. She was shaking her head ever so slightly.
Torrie didn't want Tajiri to beat me and he knew it.

Slamming his fists to the mat, Tajiri looked at me and yelled something in his
native tongue. Shaking my head, I mimed his mouth talking with my right hand and
dropped into a wrestling position. Tajiri slammed his fists down and sprinted at
me. Perfect! Watching his steps against the canvas, I waited and waited until...

I jolted forward, taking Tajiri by surprise. Grabbing him by the waist, I
hoisted the cruiserweight into the air and slammed him into the mat. The Asian
let out a gasp in surprise, he was winded but not down. I got to my feet and
crouched down. Time to take him out!

Shaking his head slightly, Tajiri put his hands down on the mat and rolled over.
Pushing himself to his knees, Tajiri looked up to see I had disappeared. Looking
around, Tajiri stood to his feet and bent at the stomach, sucking wind already.
How sloppy. I threw myself off and prayed for the surprise element. My legs made
a scissor movement, letting me hit my top rope scissor kick. Cutting Tajiri at
the neck, he dropped like a sack of potatoes.

Jumping to the pin, I pushed Tajiri's shoulders to the mat and held them there.

The referee slid to the cover and slapped his hand on the mat.


So far so good.


Even better!

"THREE! Winner by pinfall!" The ref shouted, he motioned to the time keeper who
smacked the bell three times to signify the win. The crowd erupted as my music
hit over the P.A system. I fell to the floor and let the win sink in. By this
time, Torrie had entered the ring, still dressed in the kimono. Taking me by the
hand, Torrie picked me up and gave me a huge hug. I smiled and hugged her back,
lifting her off of the mat ever so slightly, I spun her around to celebrate.

Putting her down, Torrie held my right hand up over my hand, while the ref held
my left hand up. My debut, my first valet and my first win. Not bad for a first
timer! Looking over at Torrie, I spoke loudly so she could hear me over the

"Are. You. OK?"

Torrie nodded and bit her bottom lip softly. She looked over at the time keeper
and motioned for something. The time keeper nodded and a crew member passed her
a steel chair. She smiled and thanked him, unfolding the steel, Torrie motioned
for me to take a seat.

Looking around, I expected a prank to break out, but Torrie's entrance music
`Need a little time' played out over the P.A as the lighting dimmed to a
spotlight on me and the blonde bombshell.

Torrie walked behind me and ran her cotton covered arms over my body. Her hands
running down to my chest that was sweating ever so slightly. Grinning, I held my
arms out in a `Who's the best' type fashion.

The crowd went wild. I was making amazing progress! I wish I could say that was
for me, but as Torrie's leg moved around and onto my right thigh, I could see
that it wasn't covered any more and was showing off a blue, silk stocking. I
looked around, confused to see that Torrie had stripped off into her bra and

Thunderstruck, I watched in awe, as Torrie walked around in front of me, letting
me see her thong clad bubble butt perfectly. Torrie put her hands on her hips
and gently started to sway from side to side, advertising her ass even more.

Torrie then chose to bend over at the waist, letting the crowd get an eyeful of
cleavage and me an even better look at her booty. Torrie grinned and stood back
up, turning around, Torrie looked at me and winked. She then decided to mix
things up even more and took a seat right in my lap! Her legs were sitting on
top of my thighs and her arms were wrapped around my neck. Leaning forward,
Torrie whispered into my ear as she peppered my cheek and ear with kisses.

"Trust me on this."

Torrie looked up and saw Tajiri being held back by members of staff. Throwing
her head back and laughing, Torrie waved at him and blew a kiss to the fuming
cruiser weight. I looked to the hard camera on my right and grinned, giving a
shoulder shrug to close out the show's first segment as Tazz and Michael Cole
screamed about the events.

The Aftermath...

I had since dried myself off with a towel and had put on a generic `Smackdown!`
top while I was still dressed in my wrestling attire. Torrie had also been given
a `Smackdown!' top with some black hot pants, we walked backstage happily.

"So... Are you going to be here for all of my matches?" I asked, as I received a
high-five from Chuck Palumbo on my win.

"All of them? As in taped and house shows?" Torrie asked with a puzzled look on
her face.

"Yeah, do you have to? Or is it just for the TV shows?"

"Well, because of the stipulation. Yeah, we're on the same contract now. I
mean... If you don't want me you can just eliminate it... You do want me don't
you?" Torrie asked, her voice rising slightly, almost as if she was concerned
about my answer.

"No, no! Of course I do. I was just wondering. Do you have any travel plans? Do
you travel with the other Divas?" I asked as we walked down the hall.

"Well, I was traveling with Tajiri, but I guess since he's out of the
picture..." Torrie said with a grin.

"Alright then." I said with a smile. Reaching my locker room, I stopped and
spoke to the bombshell.

"Well... I guess this is my stop."

Torrie grinned and looked to the floor. "Not at all Cyke... Not at all!"

Torrie then pushed me into the locker room and shut the door behind her.
Stumbling on my feet, I turned around and looked at Torrie who had just locked
the door. As I went to say something, Torrie jumped at me. Wrapping her arms and
legs around me, Torrie shoved her lips on mine, already trying to force her
tongue through my lips.

Grabbing hold of her ass to steady her, I smiled and opened my lips. Our tongues
pushed against each other, batting playfully in our mouths. Taking her tongue in
mine, I started to suck on it making her moan contently. Spinning on my feet, I
pushed Torrie up against the wall and ran my hands up and down her thighs, the
goose bumps visual on her skin. Keeping my right hand on her thigh, I let my
left hand slide up her body and to her large breasts.

Squeezing the fleshy globe lightly, I was satisfied when Torrie moaned into my
mouth. Breaking the kiss, Torrie looked at me, her face flushed with passion.
Torrie unhooked herself from me and slid down onto the floor. Looking at my
spandex covered crotch, Torrie licked her lips and tugged at the material.

With little to no give, the pants were down around my ankles and Torrie was
jerking my cock awake. Erect, it stood at just less than one foot, but it was
also quite thick. I'd never thought to measure it, but it was easily more than
two inches. Torrie's hands were dancing up and down my thick member as she
jerked it to life.

It stood hard now, and Torrie smiled her satisfaction up at me. She licked her
lips and opened her heavenly mouth. Clamping her lips down around my dick's
head, Torrie's tongue danced on the head, leaving little dabs here and there
making me moan.

She then changed up so that she was running her tongue all over my dick's head,
coating it with her spit. Bobbing up and down on my dick's head, Torrie looked
up at me with her big eyes and winked sexily. Her right hand had now found the
base of my shaft while her left was fondling my nut sack rolling the two balls
from left to right.

Torrie then started to take more and more of my cock in her mouth. Pushing
herself down to at least half of the dick, Torrie moaned around my dick as I ran
my hands through her hair. While she was sucking half of my cock, Torrie's hands
were busy on other parts too. Her right hand was jerking the rest of my shaft
while her left hand was busy rubbing my nuts and lightly squeezing them every so

Torrie grinned as she made me moan to the sky in happiness. Running my hands
through her hair, Torrie looked up at me and gave me her best `puppy dog' eyes
as her mouth was penetrated by my cock.

"Wow... Shit... They... God... They don't treat you like this in development..."
I said with a smile as I watched Torrie work her magic on my member. Torrie had
now dragged her lips up to my head and was resuming her torture of the head. Her
right hand was now working a lot quicker though, it was covering the majority of
my member, running from the nuts all the way up to where she had swallowed most
of my cock.

Her tongue was still flicking around the tip mercilessly. Torrie closed her eyes
as she gently slid her tongue against my dick's large head. Looking up at me,
Torrie smiled and lowered her tongue from my tip and she slowly dragged the
spongy muscle down the underside of my shaft, leaving a warm trail of spit
behind it.

"Awww yeah Torrie... Lick that dick..." I moaned as I closed my eyes, while
tilting my head back as Torrie dragged her tongue back up the bottom side of my
cock to the tip. Torrie smiled happily as she wrapped her warm, sexy lips around
my meaty shaft.

Torrie gently flicked her tongue against my shaft as she pressed her lips
together and softly kissed my smooth shaft. Playing another `Ace' card, Torrie
withdrew her tongue and darted straight back to my balls. Putting her hands on
my thighs, Torrie held me still as she leant forward taking my large balls into
her warm, wet mouth.

"Mmmmm... Big balls..." Torrie moaned through my nuts as she tapped her tongue
on them. Torrie pressed her luscious lips tightly around my ball sack as she
smoothly rocked her blonde haired head back and forth, sucking on my nuts.

"Oh yeah... That's what they called me..." I said with a grin as Torrie sucked
on my nuts. Her right hand had now came to the tip of my dick and was rubbing
her hand over my dick. Rubbing the few drips of pre-cum into the skin.

Wanting more than just oral, I let my hands slide down to her top and lightly
tugged at the sleeves. Torrie got the idea and regretfully pulled her lips off
of my cock. Her lips let out a `pop' noise as the member fell from her mouth.

Torrie then pulled the top off of her chest, showing her impressive rack, still
encased in a bra. Dropping down to my knees, so we were now face to face, I put
my right hand on Torrie's waist and held her still as my left hand started to
undo her bra.

Torrie leaned in for another kiss, which I gladly accepted. We kissed again,
this time with not as much frenzied excitement, but more passion. Our lips
softly smacked against each others as Torrie put her arms forward and let the
bra slide down her limbs.

Smiling, I moved my left hand back to her magnificent chest and started to play
with the ample orbs. Torrie moaned into my mouth again as she moved closer to
me, her hand was now playing with my cock as she jerked it slowly.

Breaking the kiss, I moved my head down into Torrie's chest, so I could suck on
her large left breast. Taking the areola in my mouth, I lightly flicked my
tongue against the stiffening nub, making Torrie jump with excitement. It was
Torrie's turn to be pleased as evidently, her breasts were a sensitive spot for
her. Rubbing my left thumb against her free nipple, Torrie took a deep gasp of
air and moaned to the sky.

"Oh shit... Right there baby!" Torrie cried as I carried on the assault on her
large chest. Rubbing the nipple between my thumb, I started to suck on the
nipple in my mouth. Taking it between my teeth, I looked up at Torrie who was
breathing heavily and her mouth was open in an `O' shape. Wanting to fuck her, I
took my hand from her breast and pushed the pants down ever so slightly.

Torrie looked down at me and smiled, blushing ever so slightly, Torrie spoke

"You ready for the main event?" She asked with a cute laugh as she placed her
soft, silky hands on mine that were pressing against her pants.

"Oh yeah..." I said with a wicked grin, my dick strained in its place to confirm
it. Torrie laughed softly and nodded her head.

"Well OK then!" Torrie pushed me back ever so slightly. She stood up and I did
the same. Torrie put both of her hands in front of her hot pants and slowly
pushed them down. Her pubic hair was cut in the shape of a little heart and it
revealed she was also a natural blonde. Torrie had also got wet at some point,
could it have been the oral sex on her breasts? She did seem to get into it a
whole lot more than other girls.

"Fuck... Can't wait..." I said with a grin, taking hold of her hand, I motioned
for her to lie on the floor. Which she did, lying down, Torrie took a deep gasp
of air as her butt hit the floor. Torrie propped herself up on her elbows and
then spread her legs elegantly.

Torrie shut her eyes slowly and spoke softly.

"Fuck me." Was her one command, one I was all the more happy to comply with. I
took hold of her legs and placed them against my chest. Pressing the soft, silky
skin against my chest, I watched as Torrie breathed in anticipation. Taking a
deep breath, I ploughed my cock deep into her pussy.

I moaned at the tightness as I started to deliver long and deep thrusts. Torrie
had gritted her teeth together as she accepted the new member in her warm pussy.
The wetness from her oral and her pussy was making the entry a lot easier.

"Haven't had a dick like this is a while..." Torrie grunted as she placed her
hands on mine as I continued thrusting in and out of her pussy.

Grunting, I made sure that I could at least form a sentence before speaking.

"Tajiri... Not cut it?" I asked as I pushed myself forward, Torrie was bending
at her waist, with her legs now up by her head.

Gasping in surprise at the new sensation, Torrie then moaned as I continued to
pump my cock in and out of her amazing pussy. Torrie moaned with a laugh as she
wrapped her hands around my neck. "Y'know the stereotype? With him it's true!"

Laughing, I took a deeper thrust into her pussy, making her writhe beneath me.
"Hey, at least you've got some better action now!" I said with a grin, thrusting
a little harder into Torrie's pussy. Torrie closed her eyes and arched her back
slightly as I powerfully drove my cock deeper into her warm pussy

"Ohhhhh shit yesss!" Torrie loudly moaned as she gently slid her hands against
my arms and began to gently push her body against my thrusting cock. Lying on
the cold, locker room floor, Torrie moaned deeper into my ears as I delivered
harder and harder thrusts.

Changing for speed over depth, I started to speed up the pace of my thrusts,
ramming it in and out of her hot, tight pussy. Torrie licked her lips and slid
her hands over my freshly smooth chest.

"Ohhhh shit... Let me on top..." Torrie moaned as she began to sharply grind her
pussy against my speeding cock.

"Shit yeah." I said as Torrie placed her legs on my waist, letting the both of
us roll over easily. Taking this opportunity to deliver some more pleasure, I
pulled myself up to a sitting position, letting Torrie wrap her legs around my

Leaning into Torrie's chest, I happily delivered a motor-boat special, rubbing
my face in her mighty cleavage. Torrie laughed at the motion as she put her
hands on my shoulders and started to deliver quick drops on my member.

Torrie bit down on her bottom lip as she gently slid her smooth, gentle hands
against my chest as the stunning Diva began to smoothly rock her hot body back
and forth on my cock, continuing to bounce up and down on my cock as well

"Ohhhh shit gimmie that dick!" Torrie moaned as I wrapped my lips around
Torrie's left nipple. Her right breasts was being kneaded by my hand, Torrie's
breath was starting to get shorter and shorter as I continued my assault.

Biting on the nipple, Torrie moaned as my thumb started to make a `tuning the
radio' type motion, twisting the nub, not painfully but enough to evoke a
reaction. Torrie was moaning harder and harder as she carried on bouncing on my

Pushing my cock up against the bouncing blonde bomb-shell, I ensured all of my
thrusts were sharp and swift encouraging Torrie to bounce faster and faster on
my cock.

"Ahhhh... Ahh fuck... Gonna... Gonna cum! Torrie screamed out as her pussy
tightened around my dick and she started to cum. I never stopped thrusting as
her warm cum streamed out onto my shaft, letting the blonde get some release.
Torrie let out a loud screech, it had obviously been some time since she had
received a proper orgasm and she was more than willing to accept it.

I could feel my cum building up as well, but wanted Torrie to have her moment, I
slowed my thrusts to deeper strokes as opposed to the quick thrusts.

Torrie looked at me, still bouncing, her eyes were dimmed from the orgasm but
she managed to speak.

"You nearly there?" She asked as she threw her head back to accept my thrusting.
Taking my mouth away from her chest, I nodded.

"Good. I want you to fuck my tits then." Torrie said with a grin as she looked
down at me. She placed her hands on my shoulders to stop the thrusting.

"Seriously?" I asked, I knew this was porn star stuff and didn't want her
lowering herself.

"Yep. I didn't pay for these to not get fucked." She said with a wink, she
slowly pulled herself off my dick. Her warm cum was still fresh on my dick.

"Alright then." I said with smile.

Torrie squealed with excitement. Lying down on the same warm spot we had been
fucking on, Torrie parted her large tits and motioned for my dick.

"C'mere and give it to me!" Torrie said with a sexy passion in her voice.

Shaking my head in disbelief, I kneeled down over Torrie's toned stomach and
pushed her large tits around my dick. Gasping in disbelief at how it felt, I
started to move her large tits up and down, keeping them pushed together

"Mmmm... Yesss... Fuck those titties!" Torrie moaned as she glanced up at me,
her sweating body was just too much and I couldn't keep much more in. Letting
out a groan, I came. At least eight shots tore through the air and smacked
Torrie in the face. Landing on top of her head and pattering down her face, over
her lips and getting some on her eye.

Torrie smiled happily as I continued to cum over the sexy play-boy cover girl.
Opening her eyes as best she could, Torrie smiled and licked her lips. Scooping
up all of my cum, Torrie then licked her finger clean as I climbed off of the
beautiful, busty blonde.

"I think I'm going to like this. Got any more in you?" She asked to my utter

Smiling, I looked at my dick that had started to harden.

"... I may."


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