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Diva included: Torrie Wilson

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, ATM

Getting To The Big Time - `Smackdown!' Blues Part 2
by Hushed Halloween

The Set-Up...

Walking in the backstage area, Torrie was talking to me over the result of my
latest match. I had pinned A-Train by a sheer fluke and had managed to secure
a second win under my belt on TV, third in the WWE. I was definitely gaining
momentum and Torrie was getting high on the idea of challenging for a title.

Torrie's hair was now stylized, it was now curly and had a stripe of pink
coloring, like Rogue from the X-Men, in the first few strands of hair. Torrie
was also clad in a bright red outfit, she had on a jacket that was about one
size too small and was unbuttoned, showing off her black PVC bra beneath it.
She was also wearing black, sparkling hot pants and also had on red high

I was wearing my usual attire of big, black wrestling boots, I was also
wearing my set of double kneepads one larger than the other set. My royal
blue wrestling singlet was now tucked around my waist with my new slogan
stitched onto the side of the thighs. I was unwrapping my wrist tape as
Torrie was speaking excitedly.

"Come on! It's not like you'll be going for the big one! Only say, the U.S
title?" Torrie said, excitement in her voice.

"Pfft. Yeah. Only. Torrie, I've only been here for a couple of weeks. I don't
even have any friends other than you! Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass are
on nodding terms with me, but that's about it!" I argued the point. We
reached the locker room and were about to go in, when a voice shouted to me
down the hall.

"Hey, Cyclone!"

Looking over, it was Rey Mysterio. He was clad in his usual colorful attire,
his mask was a bright purple with a tint of red. His long pants were very
baggy and had his area code stitched onto the side, with his mask on the
other side.

"Hi Rey... What's up?" I said with a smile, offering my hand for him to

"Not much dude, not much. Listen, I've got a tag team title shot coming up
but my tag partner can't make it. Listen, Dog, I know you`ve just wrestled a
match and you're still new here, but I wouldn't ask if there was no one
else... So what I'm saying is..." Rey said, trailing off, hoping I could pick
up the sentence.

Torrie let out an excited squeal as Rey explained his situation. Shooting her
a look, she smiled and nodded back towards Rey.

"You want me to take up his part?" I said with a smile. "Rey, I've just been
thrown around by A-Train. My joints are screaming at me... I need a shower
and... Well I just don't think I can go up against Kidman and London."
Shaking my head, I felt bad for throwing away my opportunity like this, and
dropping Rey in the brown stuff.

"Listen man, I'm in the shit here, I need someone to come through. I`ve seen
you out there dog! You pinned A-Train today! You beat Tajiri in your debut
match! C`mon! The match is coming up in a couple of segments. You think you
can make it?" Rey pleaded. This was a good shot, but I really was in pain.
Billy Kidman and Paul London were the tag champs and were high-flying, non-
stop, hit and run types. If I were to accept it, I'd need to be very careful.

"Rey..." I was about to apologize and say I couldn't, but Torrie jumped in.
Calling to a member of staff, Torrie looked at me with a smile and winked.

"Jane. Can you give Justin a once over super quick?"

Jane, the on-call Masseuse, looked over to Torrie and checked her big, black
note book. "I'm free for the next segment. When do you want to be ready for?"

"Two segments time, Jane!" Rey piped in, they both shot me looks that were
begging for me to agree.

"Where do you want me Jane?" I asked, defeated.

Torrie squealed with excitement again, as Jane walked up to me, Rey and

The Match and The Title Shot...

"Well Cole, we've got a big surprise coming up! Rey Mysterio was teaming up
with Brian Kendrick to carry on the feud with London and Kidman." Tazz said,
dressed in his pin-stripe suit and wearing his orange rimmed glasses.

"That's right partner! But in a savage, unprovoked attack, Big Show and A-
Train crushed Kendrick through a table. Brian Kendrick is now on his way to
the hospital and we thought Rey-Rey would have to drop the title shot."
Michael Cole continued, swapping looks from the camera to his commentating

"Well, we're getting word that Cyclone, who has wrestled earlier. He's taking
up the challenge and is going to tag with the 619 warrior tonight!" Tazz
said, excitement in his voice.

"Cyclone previously pinned A-Train tonight and is now looking to get some
championship gold. This youngster is certainly making waves in Smackdown!
history. I can't wait to see what happens with him next!" Michael Cole said
as the lights dimmed down.

The countdown noise to signify Rey Mysterio's music burst out through the
arena. With a flash of the pyro, Rey burst through the floor of the
Smackdown! staging area. Delivering his usual, crowd rousing routine, Rey
walked down the ramp, slapping hands with his young fans. Reaching the ring,
Rey rolled under the bottom rope and leapt up to the very top turnbuckle.

Throwing his hands in the air, Rey pointed at the camera and smiled, before
leaping off of the top turnbuckle. Walking to the other side, Rey repeated
the routine as his music died down. Rey jumped down to the floor and walked
to the middle of the ring.

My new music waved over the p.a system. I had been granted some new music
from Jim Johnston. It sounded like Metallica's `Holier Than Thou' and was
really fitting for myself. Walking out to the top of the ramp, me and Torrie
performed out usual routine. Throwing my hands up over my head, Torrie stood
in front of me and repeated my routine. I then took hold of her hand and span
her round so she was facing me.

Wrapping my arms around her waist, I scooped her up and span her round in the
air. Torrie wrapped her legs around my waist and put her arms around my neck.
Stopping so after the three sixty spin, we were facing the camera. I leant
down and looked at the camera coming in, in a tracking shot. We both looked
at the camera and smiled, we then exchanged a quick kiss. I then dropped her
to her feet and we made our way down the ramp.

Holding her hand, we walked down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans.
Noticing a young fan near the side, I playfully tussled his hair as we got
into the ring. Taking Torrie by the hand, we repeated the performance from
the entrance ramp for the hard camera.

Putting Torrie down on her feet, I walked over to Rey and we exchanged a fist
bump. As we offered exchanges on possible strategies, the tag team champion's
music hit the p.a. As the team made their way down to the ring, Rey took me
to one side and spoke to me.

"Listen dog. I know you've been beaten up. I'll carry most of it. I'll only
come to you if I really need to get out." Rey said, as he patted me on my

"Rey, don't be dumb. I'll start, you're the freshest. I'll come to you if I
really get at a disadvantage." I then nodded my head, as Torrie kissed me on
the cheek for good luck and left the ring. Rey was quiet for a moment and
then nodded, he patted me on the back and stepped between the ropes.

The two champions were now in the ring and were brandishing their belts,
their swapped advice and nodded their heads. It looked like Kidman was going
to start. London went to the opposite side of the ring and stepped between
the ropes.

Shaking my body to loosen up, I stepped to the middle of the ring as Kidman
matched my stare. He shot a look to Torrie and then back at me.

"Listen, you're banging my ex. This is going to be the worst night of your
life." Kidman said with a snarl. Shaking my head, I smiled and returned the

"Yeah, well at least she's satisfied. Tonight, her head will be bouncing off
the new tag champion's head board."

The ref walked into the middle of the ring and held the straps above his
head. I looked at them, then shot a look to Rey and then at Torrie. They both
nodded back, support in their faces. The bell rang and this was it, a title
match already!

Turning back to face Kidman, I was met with a massive dropkick to the face.
Stunned, I fell to the floor and out of the corner of my eye I could see Rey
throw up his hands in outrage.

Shaking off the cobwebs, I climbed to a knee, and felt my hair get grabbed. I
looked up at the source and was met by several punches to the face. Kidman
was playing dirty and Rey knew it. I could hear him arguing with the ref, as
he tried to separate Kidman's hand from my hair.

Kidman stepped back and threw up his hands, arguing that he wasn't doing
anything wrong. Getting to the corner, I waited for Kidman to come back to me
and launch my attack. Kidman walked over and fell straight into my trap.
Gripping him by his trunks, I threw him into the turnbuckle as I dived past

Stunned, Kidman hit his head on the top turnbuckle. Kidman turned around, I
slammed my right knee as hard as I could manage into his gut. Kidman recoiled
over my knee, as he was folded over I slammed my right elbow into the back of
his head. Stepping to one side, I let Kidman fall to the floor.

This was how I needed to win. I stomped on Kidman's right knee joint to stop
him from moving as quickly as possibly. Gripping hold of the same knee, I
hoisted him up from the foot and slammed the knee down again, making Billy
scream in pain. Planting a swift punch to Kidman's knee joint again, I began
to soften up his knee.

Gripping hold of his leg, I started to try and turn him over in a single leg
Boston crab maneuver. Billy fought against the move and twisted his way out
of it, kicking at me. Billy knocked me back, climbing back to his feet, Billy
stepped back and then threw himself forward with a superman like punch. Billy
then hit me with a dropkick to the knee and ran from me.

I fell down to my knee, surprised at the assault. Bouncing off the rope,
Kidman ran back at me and leapt through the air, hitting me with another
dropkick. I fell to the floor as Kidman stepped up and bounced from the ropes
again. Running back to me, Kidman leapt in the air and bounced over me.

Landing on the middle rope, Kidman sprang from the rope and twisted in the
air. Hitting me with a spinning leg drop, Kidman winced in pain from my
earlier assault and walked over to Paul London. He quickly tagged out, and
the fresh member came into the ring.

I had now climbed to my feet and looked over at London. He ran at me and
leapt in the air, tagging me with a flying clothesline. It was just a quick
knock and I was on my feet again. London tagged me with another one and
another. Three straight clotheslines and London was building steam. I looked
over at Rey who was begging for the tag.

Me going first was a very dumb idea.

I reached over to the rope and pulled myself up. I got to my feet and reached
over to tag Rey, however I was quickly denied by London who dropkicked me in
the back. Falling down on my knees, I leant forward and started to crawl
towards Rey.

London ran to me and leapt in the air, stomping me in the back. London
grinned and flashed a goofy smirk to Rey, who was now fuming. Pushing myself
up by my hands, I started to crawl over to Rey again, I was mere feet away
and was close to the tag.

London grabbed me by the hair and viciously tugged me backwards. Running past
me, as I climbed to my knees again, London bounced off of the ropes and
smacked me with a dropkick.

I felt a strong surge of pain in my face, more so than another dropkick. My
head hit the floor, and lay there for a few moments. Pushing myself up, I saw
that there was blood pooling around my nose.

Great. A broken nose.

Wiping the blood from my nose, London was pushed backwards by the ref who
came down in front of me.

"Justin. Son, you OK to carry on?" He asked, as he looked at the nose.

"Yeah, it's nothing." I said, shaking my head to enforce my point. There was
a loud tag noise, and Kidman was now in the ring. I stepped up to my feet and
turned around to face my opponent. Kidman threw an elbow to my face, smashing
into my nose. The blood must be a big red bulls eye for him.

Kidman then started to jump from side to side in a boxing stance as he threw
shots at my nose. My eyes started to water as the blows rained down on me, I
brought my hands up to defend myself.

Kidman then leapt in the air and hit me with a dropkick. I fell to the floor
and I was given some breathing room as Kidman opted to taunt at the crowd and
Rey especially. I dragged myself to the rope and called to Torrie.

"Torrie. Do you have something for me to clean my eyes?" I asked, as she
rummaged through her pockets. Taking out a cloth, Torrie wiped at my eyes,
cleaning the water from them. I could now see and I was ready to go.

"Good luck Cyke!" Torrie said as she planted a kiss on my cheek.

Deciding to go all out, I felt Kidman's shadow cover me. He was mere feet
away and was ready to dish out more pain. Standing in a crouched position, I
felt Kidman reach out to me and I delivered a swift kick to Kidman's gut. The
same spin kick that stunned Tajiri and won me Torrie's contract.

Kidman bent over in agony, I then took hold of Kidman in a Butterfly suplex
and threw him over my body. That suplex did as much damage to me as it did to
my opponent. Reeling on the floor for a moment, I realized I had winded
Kidman. I could pin him here... Although if he got up I'd be dead meat.

I opted not to pin, I jumped out of the throw and jumped towards Rey who had
his arm extended for a tag. Reaching him, I slapped his hand and we got the

Rey came in like a house on fire and smashed Kidman in the face with an
elbow, running over to the other side. Rey smashed London with an elbow as
well, sending him crashing to the floor.

London was now up on his feet, and ran to Rey in a rage. Rey jumped up and
caught hold of Kidman, throwing him to the ropes in a tilt-a-whirl head
scissor throw. Kidman landed on the second rope and was primed for the 619!

Rey called it out loud and sprinted to the other side of the ring. I hoisted
myself up to the top rope, Rey nodded and bounced off the ropes. He then
smashed into Kidman with the 619, sending Kidman spinning off the ropes. He
stumbled around and fell in front of me, primed for my top rope Scissor kick.
Rey threw himself over the top rope at London keeping him away. I smashed
into Kidman and quickly held his leg up, pinning Kidman.

The referee slid to the cover and slapped his hand on the mat. This was for
the champion ship and it had to be enough. Two consecutive finishers and
Kidman must've been done!


No signs of getting up so far.


This was it...

"THREE! Winner by pinfall!" The ref shouted, he motioned to the time keeper
who smacked the bell three times to signify the win. The ring announcer came
on over the p.a system as my music played out.

"Here are your winners and... NEW Tag team champions! Cyclone and Rey

The crowd erupted as my music hit over the P.A system. I fell to the floor
and let the win sink in. By this time, Torrie and Rey Mysterio had entered
the ring, Rey jumped in the air as the tag belts were handed over to us.
Getting both our straps, Rey grabbed me by the waist and helped me up. Torrie
was elated and took hold of my tag belt.

Wrapping the gold around my waist, Torrie grinned and planted me a big wet
kiss on the lips as Rey strapped his own belt on.

Being able to stand by myself, the ref took hold of my right hand as Torrie
held my left. The ref then grabbed hold of Rey's left hand and threw our
hands in the air. The crowd let out a roar of approval as they surveyed their
new tag team champions. Exhausted, I stumbled to the ropes, Rey and the ref
were happy to hold them open as I stepped through.

Climbing to the ringside area, Torrie put her arm around my shoulder and
helped me to the back. Some stage hands opened the curtain for us as we
walked through. Torrie spoke to me softly as we walked to our locker room.

"Let's get you into a nice warm bath. Get you healed up OK?" She said with a
soothing tone. I wiped the blood away from my nose and nodded softly.

"Sure, sounds good."

"Hey... Cyke!" Rey called out, a bottle of champagne in his hand.

"Hey Rey-Rey. Great match out there!" I said with a smile, my body screaming
out in pain.

"You too dude! You too! Listen, I'm going to watch the match tape a little
later. You want to come back to my hotel room? Get some tips?"

I nodded as the best I could. "Sure. Let me heal up first. Where you
staying?" I asked, as Rey wrote down his hotel room and address on a piece of

"Alright, Rey. Once he's ready, we'll make our way over there." Torrie said,
taking the paper from Rey's gloved hand. Rey nodded with a smile, Torrie and
Rey exchanged a quick hug as I held myself up with the wall. Torrie opened
the door for me and helped me get inside the room.

"I can wipe you up, but there's no way I can bathe you right now." Torrie
said, a puzzled look on her face.

"Torrie... I'll be fine, you don't need to help me." I said, trying to push
away her attention.

"Yes, you do." Torrie said, her voice a commanding one. I knew better than to
argue, and frankly was far too wounded to even try.

I sat down on a steel chair and held my head in my hands. The damage was
done, and I just let it come to me. It hurt like hell, but it would pass. I
unwrapped the tape on my hands and threw it to one side, close enough to the
garbage can. I sighed heavily and unclipped the belt.

Taking it from my stomach, I lay it on my lap and looked at it. Jesus. I'm a
tag team champion. Once my body wasn't screaming at me, I may find time to
savor it. I then rolled down my elbow pads and threw them to my black gym
bag, hoping they would land in there.

I unlaced my boots and stepped out of them, kicking them to one side. I then
took off the smaller knee pads, before taking the larger ones off.

"All done, champ?" Torrie asked, as I moved slower than usual.

I looked up at Torrie who had now closed and locked the dressing room door.
Looking over at me, she flashed me a smile. She was now topless, the jacket
and bra somewhere else. Her bra was absent and her large nipples were stiff
from the cool air.

She wanted to go right now? "... Torrie, listen..." I started to plead, as
she walked back to me. Her hips swaying as she walked.

She shushed me, by putting her right index finger to my lips. Leaning in
closer, Torrie kissed me on my lips softly.

"I want to help you feel better..." Torrie said with a soft, silky voice.
Putting her hand on my crotch, Torrie squeezed my dick as it stiffened. "Can
you stand up?" She asked, concern in her voice.

"Yeah..." I put my hand up against the wall and pushed myself up. Torrie
smiled and pulled down the wrestling singlet.

"You can sit down now Cyke." She said with a smile as I nodded. Sitting down,
I widened my thighs a little to accommodate for my nuts and dick. Torrie
knelt down in front of me and looked up at me with a big smile. Torrie
wrapped her right hand around my dick and started to slowly jerk my cock.

"My champion deserves the best..." She said with a smile, pushing up off of
her knees, Torrie hovered over my cock. Rubbing her right hand over my nut
sack, Torrie put her left hand on the shaft of my dick and began jerking my
dick in a slow torturous rise and fall motion.

Leaning back, partially in pain, partially in pleasure. I took hold of my
shirt I was going to change into and pushed it up to my face to keep the
blood from flowing. Nothing quite like a nose bleed for a mood killer.
Looking back down, I could see Torrie open her soft mouth and smoothly take a
few inches of my member into her mouth.

She softly wrapped her smooth, soft lips around my cock, Torrie then clamped
her lips down to ensure I couldn't go any where. Almost immediately, Torrie
started to bob her head up and down, her soft lips keeping me locked with her
inside the dressing room.

"Oh... Oh shit..." I moaned, looking down at the beautiful Diva who was
happily swallowing my member. Torrie looked amazing, her lips were wrapped
tightly around my cock as she was freely bobbing up and down. She had managed
to swallow at least eight of my twelve inches. With every slide from the tip
to the middle Torrie would lightly press her lips onto my cock, teasing me by
keeping my cock in a tighter prison.

I ran a hand through her hair as Torrie moaned around my cock. It looked like
Torrie was going to make good on her promise to deliver a proper blowjob.
Ignoring her gag reflex, Torrie pushed herself forward on her knees and
swallowed all twelve inches of my cock. Rocking backwards and forwards on her
knees, Torrie had twelve inches of stiff man-meat buried in her throat and
she was only just getting started.

Placing her left hand on my thigh, Torrie moved her right hand down to her
magnificent chest and started to play with her tits. Torrie moaned around my
member as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock..

"Torrie... Oh shit..." I gasped, looking down at the now, extra horny
Diva/Valet. Looking at her magnificent rack, my mouth began to water as I
imagined those globes wrapped around my dick again. Sighing, I felt some pre-
cum ooze out of my dick's head.

Torrie took a break from her expert blowjob, Torrie looked over my cock's
head and smiled. Opening her mouth, Torrie stuck out her tongue and flicked
it against my cock. Lapping against it like it was a lollipop, her tongue
sent shivers down my spine as Torrie scooped up all of my pre-cum. Torrie
licked her lips and took in all of my pre-cum.

Sliding her lips up and down, Torrie temporarily broke the blowjob when she
hit my dick's head. Taking my dick in her hand, she lightly pressed the organ
upwards so it was pressing against my waist. Torrie leant in and planted a
kiss on my balls, before licking from the top of my ball sack to the length
of my entire member. Her tongue was pressing against the flesh, and dragging
upwards slowly, tasting every inch.

Making a few trips, Torrie then let go of my member and let it drop
downwards, just missing slapping her in the face. She took a few seconds to
admire her handy work, before diving back in. Wrapping her lips around my
cock, Torrie forced all twelve inches back into her mouth, her tongue
slapping against the invading member.

Moving her lips up and down, Torrie moaned lightly as my cock seemed to fit
so well in her mouth. Pressing her lips around my cock again, keeping them
locked, Torrie moved up on her knees, bringing my cock with her. Her sweet
saliva, ran down my member, however Torrie quickly scooped up the rest of it.

Needing air, Torrie pulled up off of my cock and looked at my member, shining
with her spit. Smiling, she slid a hand down to my balls and lightly cupped
them, as I looked down at her.

"Why don't you take a seat?" I asked, with my dick bobbing in the air as
Torrie squeezed my nuts.

"Oh yeah? You think you can take it?" Torrie said with a grin as she climbed
to her feet. Stepping in front of me, Torrie peeled down her red hot pants
and tossed them to one side. "You think you can manage fucking this hot pussy
of mine?"

Leaning forward off of the chair, I ran my right index finger along her slit,
collecting some moisture from it I smiled and nodded my head. Calm, cool and
collected, I answered. "You know it."

Looking down at her feet, Torrie smiled and spoke. "Alright then."

Stepping forward, Torrie parted her legs and stepped over my legs. Reaching
down, I grabbed hold of my dick and held it still. Torrie put her hands on my
shoulders and slowly lowered herself down onto my dick.

With a swift slam of her hips, Torrie impaled herself on my dick. Slamming
her eyes shut, Torrie let out a silent moan as she started to grind her hips
on mine. Putting my hands on Torrie's award winning rear, I slowly started to
lift her up off of my dick and put her back down. Letting her get accustomed
to the member inside her, I leant in to her chest and took her right breast
into my mouth.

Sucking on her nipple, I put my hand on her left breast and started to fondle
it as she bounced up and down on my dick. Torrie looked to the sky and moaned
contently as her pussy was filled with my cock and her tits were being sucked

Torrie wrapped her arms around my neck and held me closer to her breasts as I
sucked away happily. I took Torrie's nipple between my teeth and lightly bit
it, prompting another moan from the blonde bombshell. With my free hand, I
palmed at her breast, before lightly squeezing it, much to her approval.

Taking my lips off of her breasts, I took them both in hand and pushed them
together. Her nipples struck against each other, giving me time to lick them
both. I pushed my tongue against her hard nipples and flicked it against them
in a rapid fire motion. Torrie let out a surprised gasp and continued to
bounce on my dick.

Her pussy was now soaking wet, with her juices running down my dick as she
bounced up and down. She was bringing herself up with her pussy facing me,
and as she dropped down she would slam her ass down impaling herself even

Running my hands down to her ass, I cupped her cheeks and started to help her
bounce up and down on my dick. Torrie's face was flushed with passion as she
looked down at me, sweat on both of our faces.

Leaning in, Torrie planted a massive wet kiss on my lips as I pushed upwards
to the best of my strength while Torrie slammed downwards. Torrie fell
forward into my arms as we kissed more and more. Torrie moaned into my mouth
as her pussy started to tighten around my member.

Her tongue pushed against mine as we fucked on the steel chair. Torrie
started to moan more and more as her large chest pushed against mine. My
nipples were brushing against hers and was making it nearly impossible for
her to not orgasm.

She broke from the kiss, as she concentrated on slamming her hips up and down
on my cock. Her pussy's juices were coming quicker and quicker as she started
to breathe heavily. Her warm breath shooting past my ear with each bounce,
Torrie was ready to cum.

Torrie let out a loud scream and came all over my cock. Her pussy's juices
shot out of her cunt as she came all over my dick. I leant in and kissed her
neck as she came, I held onto her hips and continued to bounce her as she

Torrie opened her eyes dimly, and looked at me. A big smile on her face, she
climbed off of my dick and knelt down in front of me.

"You didn't cum did you?" She asked, admiring my cum covered cock. I shook my
head, which prompted a smile from the blonde Diva.

"Sooo... You didn't cum... And we didn't break any ground from the last time
we had sex in here..." Torrie said, counting off the fragments on her

"Does my champion want a treat?" Torrie asked with a grin, as she moved up on
her knees.

"Huh? I thought the sex was the treat?" I asked, as Torrie moved a little
closer. Torrie picked her tits up and wrapped them around my shaft. Slowly
bouncing them up and down, Torrie laughed as she fucked her own tits.

"No, silly. You're dick's all lubed up, so I thought maybe we could go for
some back door action?" Torrie said, looking up at me with her big eyes.

"Anal? You want anal?" I asked, as she stood up. Slowly letting her tits fall
away from my dick.

"Oh yeah. I haven`t had a dick that big for a while. I want to stretch my ass
out." She said with a wicked grin.

Turning around, she smacked her ass with a hard slap. Making me jump in
anticipation, walking over to me again. Torrie spat on her right index finger
and middle finger. She then ran it over my dick to give me some extra lube.

Turning around, Torrie sat down on my dick. My dick pressed past her butt
cheeks and pushed against her asshole.

"You ready Cyke?" She asked, as she looked over at me.

I nodded, taking hold of her hips, Torrie pushed back as I pushed forward. My
dick pressed against her asshole and with some force we managed to push into
her hole. Torrie gritted her teeth as my dick pushed into her ass hole,
holding onto her hips. I mustered up some strength and pushed her up off my

I then slammed her down again, as Torrie wrapped her right arm around my neck
and pulled me down to her large chest. I started to suck on her right breast
as she started to bounce with me. Struggling to get any more action out of
it, I took a deep breath and moved forward to Torrie's ear.

"We're going to have to change positions..." I said with a strained look on
my face as Torrie nodded.

"Can... Ugh... You manage doggy style?" Torrie asked as my dick pushed back
into her ass.

"Yeah... Yeah, you'll have to do a lot of the work though..." I said, strain
in my voice as I held Torrie still for the time being.

Torrie looked over her shoulder at me and nodded sweetly. "I can do that."

We shared a nod, before exchanging a quick kiss. I wrapped my arms around
Torrie's waist and hoisted her up. Moving forward, I pretty much fell down,
fortunately there was our clothing which protected Torrie's knees.

Gasping slightly, Torrie looked up at me, and was amazed to see that my dick
was still buried in her ass. Smiling, Torrie looked up at me and winked.

"Just, tell me when you're going to cum, alright?" She asked as she started
to push her hips back against mine. Impaling her ass on my foot long member,
Torrie's eyes were shut as she took it.

"OK." Was all I said as Torrie leant down even more, her head resting on the
floor, one arm outstretched and one arm beneath her. Torrie started to
masturbate as she let her ass get invaded by my dick.

Closing my eyes, for what I was about to do. I put my hands on Torrie's waist
and stopped her from moving. I then pushed myself forward on my knees,
getting my dick inside her, even more. Torrie moaned aloud again as she
started to play with her clit.

With each thrust I took, my balls slapped against her pussy, meeting her hand
every so often. Torrie was moaning silently as she was fucked in the ass, I
wiped the sweat away from my forehead as she started to rock backwards and
forwards with my cock. Feeling my cum start to bubble up, I started to pound
Torrie as hard as I could manage, which prompted an audible moan from her.

Getting to the point of no return, I called out to her.

"Torrie, I'm gonna cum!"

She looked over at me, and nodded. She then pulled herself off of my dick to
my disappointment. She then turned around on her knees and knelt down, taking
my dick back into her mouth, Torrie delivered some ass to mouth action,
moaning while she did it.

It didn't take long at all before the cum started to build up again. I could
feel the cum rising and motioned this to her. However, Torrie just nodded and
continued to suck my cock. Running her tongue all over my shaft, Torrie
started to bob her head at break neck speed. Getting less and less of my cock
in her mouth, but doing it quicker, Torrie's saliva started to spill over my
dick as she sucked my cock.

My eyes shut as I started to cum. Simply calling out that I was cumming,
Torrie surprised me by forcing her mouth as deep down on my cock as possible.
Getting to the eleven inch mark, Torrie moaned as my cum shot straight into
her mouth and sailing down her throat into her belly.

Sending several deep shots down, I groaned and pulled out of her mouth, her
spit falling with it. Taking the pain, I simply fell back and let my cock
hang freely.

Torrie smiled and looked over at me, coming closer, Torrie wrapped her hands
around my saliva and cum covered cock and grinned.

"There's my champ... Next stop. The U.S Title, you won't believe what I'll do

Great... Can't wait...


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