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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Getting RAW With The BOSS
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The caption reads 'Monday Night RAW, November 28, 2016' as the scene fades in revealing the new Women's Champion Sasha Banks returning from the ring area after defeating Charlotte in a falls count anywhere match to capture her third Women's Championship. "That's how it's done... like a fucking BOSS!" Sasha proclaims as she holds up the title belt that has been passed between her and the daughter of Ric Flair as if it was a hot potato since the middle of the summer.

"You're going to hold onto it for more than a couple of weeks this time right?" Seth Rollins asks with a smirk when Sasha passes him on her way to locker room, causing her to stop and turns towards him.

"Damn right I am, no way Charlotte is going to get this back, the Queen's reign is over, it's time for the Era of The BOSS!" Sasha answers as she drapes the white leather championship over one shoulder.

"And how is this 'new era' gonna start?" Seth asks as he folds his arms.

"Hmmmm..." Sasha presses her lips together before smirking at the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, "Maybe showing someone just why I am THE BOSS outside of the ring... know anyone who might be interested?" Sasha asks with a suggestive tone.

"Yeah I do actually... just not sure if you can handle getting RAW with him after that match you just had," Seth says while licking his teeth.

"I'm the fucking BOSS... I can get RAW with anyone at any time, if you doubt it...then come on..." Sasha says for Seth to 'bring it' with her right hand as the scene blurs from view.

When it clears, it shows that the scene has shifted to that of the Monday Night RAW locker room, where Sasha is on her knees with her right hand wrapped around the base of Seth's cock, stroking it with smooth motions as she holds it up in a slightly angle, "This is why I'm the BOSS..." Sasha says as she leans her head forward to flick her tongue against the head of Seth's shaft, instantly drawing a moan from him as she works her tongue around the crown for several moments before taking his manhood into her mouth. "Mmmmm..." She moans as she wraps her lips tightly around Seth's cock and starts to bob her head up and down, lapping her tongue against the bottom side of it while placing her left hand on his waist. Seth lets out a groan as he moves his hips slightly, pushing his cock forward each time Sasha lowers her head on his cock. "Ohhh.. mmmm..." The new RAW Women's Champion moans as she closes her eyes and steadily increase the rate at which she is bobbing her head as saliva drips down the length of Seth's cock and collects on top of her right hand that is still at the base of his dick. She eventually moves her right hand away as she takes Seth's shaft further into her mouth until the head of his cock is repeatedly tapping against the back of her throat each time she lowers her, and like a BOSS, Sasha doesn't gag, she moans lustfully as she repeatedly takes the full length of Seth's manhood pass her lips.

The scene then transitions to show Sasha laying on the locker room bench with her legs spread while Seth has his head down between them, lapping his tongue against her smoothly shaven pussy, "Ohhh... mmm yes.. ohhh..." Sasha moans as she slides her fingers through her sweat dampened hair as Seth guides his tongue up and down against her cunt, causing her to move her hips to push herself against his bearded face. Seth brings his right hand towards Sasha's twat and uses his fingers to spread her pussy lips open before pushing his tongue into her. "Ohhhh aww... mmmm fuck..." Sasha gasps when she feels Seth's tongue thrusting in and out of her twat, making her write and squirm lustfully on the bench, arching her back up every so often as Seth tongue fucks her with impressive skill. He eventually withdraws his tongue and starts to circle it around her sensitive clit, making The BOSS gasp even louder before he shoves his tongue right back into her pussy to resume tongue fucking her.

The scene then cuts to show Sasha still on her back on the bench with her legs wrapped around Seth's waist as he straddles it and pumps his cock in and out of her tight wet pussy, "Ohhh.. ohhh yes... ohhhh...." Sasha moans as she cups her tits with both hands as she moves against the bench in response to Seth's thrusts. Seth leans forward as he works his shaft repeatedly into the snatch of RAW's new Women's Champion, placing both hands on the sides of the bench just next to Sasha's head as she looks up at. him "Mmmm ohhh yeah.. ahhh ohhh fuck..." Sasha moans as she grinds her pussy against Seth's pistoning cock as she licks her teeth awhile he deliveries a steady series of thrusts. Closing her eyes, the new RAW Women's Champion licks her lips as she squeezes her tits each time Seth pushes his cock forward into her cunt.

Following the next scene cut, Seth is the one laying on the locker room bench with Sasha on top of him, rocking back and forth on his cock at a gradually increasing pace. "Mmmmm.. yeah... ohhh... ohhh yeah I ride dick like fucking BOSS don't I?" Sasha rhetorically asks with a moan as she smirks down at Seth when he places her hands on her hips and begins to thrust his cock upward into her snatch. "Ohhh... ahhh shit... mmm yeah... ohhh..." Sasha moans as she tosses her head back as she starts to bounce in sequence each time Seth pushes his cock up into her tight wet hole, coming down with each force to cause her ass to smack loudly against his thighs. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion groans beneath the new RAW Women's Champion as she rises and drops on his vertically thrusting shaft while moving his hands to grab her juicy round ass when she leans forward to place her hands on his shoulders. "Yeah... ohhh ahh.... Ohhh fuck yes..." Sasha breathes heavily as she bucks back and forth on Seth's cock in celebration of becoming a three-time RAW Women's Champion.

The scene changes over to show Sasha on her hands and knees on the locker room floor with Seth behind her, pumping his cock in and out of her tight wet pussy while holding her by her hips, "Mmmmm yeah... ahhhh ohhh yeah fuck that pussy... ohhh.." Sasha moans as she pushes back against Seth, easily matching his thrusts. Seth grits his teeth as he increases the rate of his thrusts as well as the amount of force he's putting him behind, resulting in his hips continuously smacking against Sasha's ass while he hammers her love tunnel. "Ohhh... ohhh ahh... mmm fuck... yes... ohhh ohhh yes..." Sasha moans as she lets her sweat soaked hair hang down over her face as she slams herself back against Seth as he plows every inch of his dick into her perfectly snug pussy, feeling his balls smack against the back of her thighs with every thrust that he performs.

When the scene shifts again, Sasha is shown standing while leaning forward against the lockers while Seth is behind her, pumping his cock into her ass with stiff thrusts, "Ohhhh fuck... ohhhh ahhh yeah... fuck my ass... fuck my ass..." Sasha moans as she looks back over her shoulder at the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion as he places one hand on one of her shoulders and the other on her hip as she rocks on her feet to push back against him. Seth grunts with the effort he's putting into driving his cock deeply into Sasha's backside, resulting in his balls colliding with her rump. "Ohhhh ahh... ohhh fuck... ahh... ahhh shit... ohhhh..." Sasha moans as she reaches down between her legs and begins to rub her pussy as Seth keeps driving his cock sharply into her anal passage. She leans fully against the lockers with the right side of her face pressed against it as she works her right hand clockwise around her clit as Seth grabs her waist with both hands as he changes his approach to just straight hammering her booty with powerful thrusts. "Ahhh ohhh fuck... ahhh shit... shit..." Sasha breathes heavily as she starts to cum, her cunt juices dripping onto her hand against continues to rub her twat as Seth keeps shoving his cock into the depths of her anal cavity.

The scene cuts one final time to show Sasha Banks on her knees in front of Seth Rollins as he strokes his cock rapidly with his right hand while she drapes her newly won RAW Women's Championship over her shoulder, "Yeah all over my face... cause this is the era of THE BOSS..." Sasha says as she excitedly looks up at Seth as her jerks off in front of her. With a grunt and groan, Seth soon starts to cum, shooting his jizz down onto Sasha's face as she closes her eyes to keep his spunk from getting into them. "Mmmmm fuck..." Sasha moans as she feels thick wads of his cum splash onto her face and dripping downward. By the time Seth is spent, Sasha's gorgeous face is a mix of sweat and jizz as she opens her eyes to look up at him.

"Here's hoping you have a long title reign..." Seth says as he lets go of his cum spent shaft only for Sasha to take hold of it a moment later.

"Oh it's going to be... there isn't going to be any roadblocks in my path to show why I'm the BOSS..." Sasha replies as the scene fades to black.


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