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Getting Rowdy
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At WWF New York, Road Dogg and his friend K-Kwik are in the green room,
discussing their rap performance. Road Dogg is dressed in denim overalls with
an orange t-shirt, and Kwik is dressed in black jeans, a black tank top and a
orange open sports jersey. They slap their hands back and forth against each
otherís as they smile.

"Man, Iíll tell you, I had my doubts about you..." Road Dogg says as they
pound their fists together.

"Hey, itís all good... the thing is I show you what I got on the mic, now I
just got to show you what I can do in the ring," K-Kwik replies.

Road Dogg laughs a bit, "All in good time... but now, I'm just wondering
where The Kat is at." Road Dogg looks at his watch. "Now where can she be?"

"Whoa, who's the Kat?" K-Kwik asks as he scratches his head.

"She's a little trouble maker... she's was doing an autograph signing on the
upper level. You don't mind waiting here while I go..." Road Dogg is cut off
when the door to the green room opens, Road Dogg laughs, "Never mind... here
she is now..."

The Kat is wearing a short light blue skirt and a match light blue tube top
with straps on her slender shoulders The Kat smiles as she closes the door to
the green room. "Hey Roadie..." Kat then glances at K-Kwik "Mmm...who's the
black hottie..." She asks with a smirk as her eyes are locked on K-Kwik who's
sitting on the couch, relaxed.

"Oh this is K-Kwik... just met him about an hour ago..." Road Dogg laughs.

K-Kwik smiles at the Kat from head to toe, "Damn... you're one fly looking

Road Dogg folds his arms, "Hey Kat, what took you so long to get here, you
know we got a flight to Raw in an hour..." His tone is not filled with anger;
mostly he's expressing a tad bit of annoyance.

Kat licks her lips "Ohhh...I was busy blowing one of the cute waiters here
at WWF New York.." The Kat says with a cute laugh as she twirls a strand of
blonde hair with her index finger " your new friend coming
to Raw too?"

"I don't know yet..." Road Dogg looks at K-Kwik and smirks, "So... what's the
answer dawg?"

K-Kwik smiles, showing off his pearly white teeth, "Yup, I'm going to be
there... got a ticket and everything."

"All right then..." Road Dogg laughs a bit, "So that's a definite yes..."

Kat smiles and folds her arms as she continues to look at the young, hot,
black stud known as K-Kwik "I like the sounds of that..."

"Hey, speaking of things that sounded good..." K-Kwik smiles as he pauses to
lick his lips, "What was that about when you said you were blowing one of the

Road Dogg tries not to laugh as he turns to face the Kat, "Yeah Kat, what was
that all about?"

Kat shrugs with a smirk "Well...he was cute...and he looked like he needed a
good blow job.." Kat licks her lips and sits down on the other side of the
couch, keeping some distance between herself and K-Kwik. The Kat crosses her
smooth legs and looks at Road Dogg, then at K-Kwik "You know...I do enjoy
giving blow jobs."

Road Dogg grins a bit, "Why does that not surprise me?"

K-Kwik leans forward a bit so he can look at Kat's legs, then he looks up at
her face and smiles, "Ever gave a blow job to a black guy?"

Road Dogg looks at his new friend and shakes his head, "Hey, you just got
here... and you're already asking one of the hot WWF divas that?"

K-Kwik shrugs, "I'm curious... and you know what they say... Curiosity helps
ya fuck the Kat..."

The Kat laughs "Ohhh...I've given out so many blow jobs...I've lost count...
you name anyone...I guarantee I've given them a blow job." Kat smirks and
then winks at Road Dogg "Isn't that right hun...remember that one crazy party
a few months ago?"

Road Dogg smiles, "How could I forget... you blew everyone there not once but

K-Kwik licks his lips as he scoots over a little to the Kat, "I wasn't at
that party you know... you want to say... maybe... give me a taste of what
I missed?"

Kat shrugs "I don't mouth is a bit tired...just thinking of that
party...let's see who was all there..." She asks looking at Road Dogg.

"Hunter... Rock... X-Pac.... the time keeper... Shane..." Road Dogg looks up
at the ceiling as he tries to remember everyone who was there. Road Dogg then
raises an eyebrow, "Whoa wait... I was there... and you didn't blow me now
that I think about it."

Kat raises her eyebrow "Are you sure...I'm sure I blew everyone there..."

"Would I lie about that?" Road Dogg smiles as if he was a saint as he holds
his hands out.

"Looks to me you got two guys here you didn't blow..." K-Kwik chuckles a bit.

Kat shrugs with a laugh "Hmmm...seems like I better get to work if we're
still catching that flight tonight.." The Kat says before she slides off of
the couch and onto her knees on the floor.

Road Dogg laughs as he starts to work on getting his overalls off. "Good
point... why don't you start on him?" He motions towards K-Kwik with his head
as the young hot black stud finishes taking off both his jersey and tank top
to reveal his rock solid abs.

The Kat sits up on her knees and licks her lips "Mmmm..." She says as she
rubs her soft hands against K-Kwik's smooth, hard black abs and stomach. Kat
bites down on her bottom lip as she looks into K-Kwik's eyes, she pops the
button on his baggy jeans open.

"This is going to be the shit..." K-Kwik gets a bit more comfortable on the
couch as he spreads his legs apart to give the Kat more room. He slides a
hand into his jeans as wells as his boxers to rub his cock a bit as the
petite diva works on getting his jeans down. The Kat pulls K-Kwik's baggy
jeans down to his ankles as he sits on the couch. The Kat then reaches up
and slowly tugs down his red colored boxers. After a few moment's, K-Kwik's
red boxers are down far enough so The Kat can see his hardening cock that
he's stroking slowly with his hand.

Road Dogg looks over and smirks a bit as he finishes getting undressed
himself. "Damn, the divas are sure going to love having him around, right

Kat nods her head with a smile as she takes K-Kwik's cock into her soft
hands. She moves her left hands up his black shaft, followed by her right
hand. She instantly feels his cock harden inside her hands. She smirks and
looks over her shoulder at the undressing Road Dogg "He's a big boy...

"Always drank my milk... since it does a body good... helped me get really
big..." K-Kwik moans softly as he feels The Kat's small hands stroke his
long, thick black dick. Road Dogg walks over to the couch to lean against
one of the armrests to get a good view of the action. The Kat leans up a
bit as she opens her mouth and lowers her head onto K-Kwik's stiff black
cock. She wraps her lips tightly around his shaft and begins bobbing her
head on his hard cock, lapping her gentle tongue around his shaft as she
sucks. K-Kwik closes his eyes so he can just enjoy the feeling of what the
beautiful former Women's Champion is doing without looking at her "Mmmm

Road Dogg licks his lips slightly and wraps a hand around the base of his
own cock to jerk it a bit as he watches The Kat sensually handle that task
in front of her. He moves to stand next to the her as The Kat begins to
twist K-Kwik's cock around her mouth as she begins bobbing her head quicker
on his cock. Kat reaches over and takes a hold of Road Dogg's cock with her
right hand, she begins to stroke his cock while she continues to blow K-Kwik.

"Damn girl... you sure know how to suck a black dick..." K-Kwik moans as he
places both of his hands on his knees.

"That's not all she knows how to do..." Road Dogg says as he adjusts himself
to The Kat can get a better grip on his shaft. The Kat lifts her head up from
K-Kwik's now saliva covered cock. She smiles up at K-Kwik as she rubs her
warm saliva around his shaft with her left hand. She turns her head to Road
Dogg's cock and brings his cock up to her mouth. She places her tongue
against the head of Road Dogg's cock and begins to twirls her tongue, before
she opens her mouth and inhales his cock into her warm, small mouth.

"Now that's what I'm talking about..." Road Dogg grunts as he places his
hands on The Kat's head to plays with her fluffy blond hair. K-Kwik sits up
then leans forward so he can reach down and underneath The Kat's skirt to
rub her pussy with the tips of his long fingers. Kat moans softly around
Road Dogg's cock as she starts to bob her head up and down on his long shaft.
She tightens her grip as she bobs her head down on Road Dogg's cock taking
more of it into her warm mouth. The Kat looks up at Road Dogg, with her
lustful eyes as she bobs her head slowly on his cock.

"As the old Bad Ass would say... I got two words for ya... suck it!" Road
Dogg performs a half crotch chop as he moves his hips to push more of his
dick past her lips. K-Kwik moves further to the edge of the sofa so he's
able to push his middle finger inside of the Kat's wet pussy.

"Fuck, she's as wet as a soaked rag...." He says while moving his finger in
and out of her pussy. The Kat moans louder against Road Dogg's cock as she
starts bobbing her head quicker on his shaft as she practically deep throats
the former D-X member. Kat twirls her head around on his cock as she tightens
her grip sucking harder. The Kat starts to gently push back against K-Kwik's
middle finger as he thrusts his finger in and out of her warm pussy.

"Fuck her Kwik..." Road Dogg moans as he feels Kat's lips pressed down around
his cock. K-Kwik takes the advice he's given and he gets off of the couch to
kneel behind the Kat. He pulls her body up a bit and hikes up her skirt so
it's over her hips.

"I hope I'm not her first black guy..." K-Kwik smirks as he guides his cock
into her pussy. He pushes it all the way into her on his first thrust before
he begins taking long hard thrusts to fuck her tight pussy.

"Mmmmm...hmmmm..." The Kat moans against Road Dogg's cock as she leans
forward taking his cock completely into her small, warm mouth. The Kat moves
her head against Road Dogg's long shaft, slowly sucking on his cock as The
Kat gently pushes back against K-Kwik's big black cock.

"Damn... who pussy was built for taking big black cocks..." K-Kwik wipes his
head forehead as he begins to sweat. He starts to quicken his thrusts, making
them faster and harder as he places his hands on her thighs to yank The Kat
back against him to give her an occasional sharp thrust.

"Wait till you tap her ass..." Road Dogg pulls his rod out of Kat's mouth
for a moment to wipe her saliva that's dripping off it against her cheeks.
The Kat licks her lips before she lowers her head and begins to lick down
Road Dogg's saliva covered shaft as she leads her skillful tongue down to
his ballsack. The Kat occasionally pushes back against K-Kwik as she too
begins to sweat.

"Shit man...I'd rip her booty apart with my dick" K-Kwik laughs as he pulls
out of her pussy for a moment so he can force it back in with a hard forceful

"Try it man..." Road Dogg smirks as he sits down on the couch, "I know she'll
want it up her ass-pipe."

"Mmmmm...I love dick.." The Kat moans as she works her kinky tongue down Road
Dogg's long shaft and finally reaches his ballsack. She flicks her tongue
against Road Dogg's ballsack, before she gently takes one of his balls into
her warm mouth and begins to suck on it.

"Fuck it..." K-Kwik pulls his cock out of The Kat's pussy and moves it up a
bit to work it into her tight asshole. He doesn't get much into her on his
first try, but with a bit of work, he slowly inches more and more of his fat
black cock inside of her backside.

The Kat quickly pulls her head away from Road Dogg's ballsack "Ohhhhh
fuck..." She moans as she looks over her shoulder and watches K-Kwik slowly
thrust his cock in and out of her tight asshole.

"Hey... keep sucking..." Road Dogg moans as he licks his lips. K-Kwik takes
a firm grip of The Kat's hips and steadily slams his ass into and he slowly
picks up more speed. The Kat flips her hair back as she turns her head back
to Road Dogg's long and hard cock. She grips his cock at the base, holding
his cock steady as she lowers her mouth onto his cock. She wraps her lips
tightly around the head of his cock and starts to move her head on and off
of Road Dogg's cock.

"Ohhh yeah... she's got a hot ass..." K-Kwik moves a hand between The Kat's
legs and rubs her pussy with his fingers as he drills her ass nonstop. Road
Dogg tilts his head back, resting it against the back of the couch while
moving his hips as he reacts to The Kat's oral persuasions. The Kat opens
her mouth wider as she opens her head further down on his cock once again
as she begins to pat her tongue against the underside of his shaft. Kat
lifts her head up and down quickly on Road Dogg's cock as she pushes back
against K-Kwik's black cock, that's deep insider her tight asshole.

"Ohhhh shit...." Road Dogg groans as he starts to cum inside of The Kat's
warm mouth when she lowers her head down on his completely. Spurt after
spurt of his warm man-milk fills The Kat's mouth, "Ohh damn... that was
sweet..." Road Dogg moans. After swallowing the cum, The Kat lifts her
head up from Road Dogg's weakening cock. The Kat licks her lips removing
the few drops off cum that glisten on her luscious red lips.

"Ahhh fuck... damn... you're a hot white fucking babe..." K-Kwik grits his
teeth as sweet drips down his body. With every thrust, the hot black stud
comes closer to blowing his load.

The Kat looks back at K-Kwik with a smirk as sweat drips down her own
precious face "Mmmmm..." Kat licks her lips " it" She moans. K-Kwik clenches his eyes shut while he continues
to fuck her ass with every bit of strength he has. Road Dogg gets off the
couch and starts to get dressed, but he continues to watch them with a smirk
on his face.

The Kat grits her teeth as she pushes back against his cock. She closes
her eyes and moans as she begins to cum onto K-Kwik's fingers after her was
fingering her warm, wet pussy "Awwww....fuck me..." She moans.

"Awwww Christ... ahhhhhhh damn!" K-Kwik grabs her waist and pulls her back
against him so his cock is deep in her ass before he starts to cum inside of
her ass.

"Ohhhhh fuck...." The Kat moans as she feels his warm cum surge into her
tight asshole "Mmmmmm..." She licks her lips...

"Mmmmm yeah..." K-Kwik rubs her ass as he slowly pulls his cock out of her
asshole. "This was great..."

The Kat licks her lips again and slides her hand through her blonde hair
"Mmm...this was...and we still have time to catch the flight..." The Kat
nods "Perfect timing boys..."

"Yeah... good thing I didn't fuck you this time around," Road Dogg laughs a

K-Kwik smiles, "Oh I have a feeling we'll all hook up again."

The Kat takes a deep breath as she gets up from the floor and sits on the
couch as she sorts through her clothing "Hey...have...either of you been...
on the Mile High Club?"

"Nope..." K-Kwik shakes his head.

"Never had the chance... but since we're taking a private jet to catch up
with the crew in Cleveland..." Road Dogg trails off as he sees the smirk
creeping on The Kat's face.

The Kat laughs with a smirk "How about...I get you join that
exclusive club?"

Road Dogg and K-Kwik exchange smirks before Road Dogg says, "What the hell
are we still doing here... let's get to the fucking air port!"


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