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Getting Rowdy With Ronda In Vegas
by JMK615

I was in Vegas for my friends bachelor party and wedding. We we're staying at the Mirage. We all were ready for the bachelor party When I had to make an important phone call so I told my boys to go without me and I'd meet up with them in 15 minutes or so. After I got done with my call I headed to the elevator to go downstairs. I got into the elevator and heard a voice say hold the elevator please. I stopped the door with my hand as the woman entered the elevator, it was Ronda Rousey. I couldn't believe I was in a elevator with one of the baddest woman on the planet. I always had a thing for Ronda but she was even hotter in person. I reached out my hand and introduced myself.

"Nice to meet you I'm Ronda" she said.

"Yeah I know" I said with smile. After a minute the elevator suddenly stopped.

"No no no" Ronda said realizing the elevator was stuck.

"Damn" I said.

"I'm gonna be late for my boys bachelor party" I said.

"Oh a bachelor party huh?" She asked with a chuckle.

"Yeah" I answered.

After 10 minutes of talking waiting for them to fix the elevator i decided to be bold.

"I just gotta say you are so fucking hot" I said.

"Oh you think I'm hot?" Ronda asked stepping closer to me.

"Oh hell yeah your amazing" I said as she got closer.

"Wanna have some fun" she asked licking her lips.

"Definitely" I replied as she got onto her knees and started to unbuckle my belt.

After undoing my belt she pulled my pants and boxers down at the same time. Ronda quickly grabbed my my cock with her right hand stroking it for a minute before shoving it in her mouth taking it deep. I really couldn't believe I was getting head from Ronda Rousey in a elevator.

"Mmmmm" she moaned sucking on my dick. She took my dick out and licked from my balls to my tip. A short time later the elevator started and Ronda stopped and stood up as I pulled my pants up.

"Why don't we finish this in my room" Ronda said seductively before kissing me.
"Sure lead the way" I said.

About 5 minutes later we reached Ronda's room. We both quickly stripped down completely naked.

"Come here" Ronda said as she was on her knees again. I walked over and she instantly started sucking my cock like she did on the elevator.

"Oh damn Ronda" I shouted as she was very skilled at sucking.

"I want you in me" Ronda said softly as she got up onto the bed. Ronda laid on her back rubbing her wet pussy as i stroked my cock and walked over to the bed. Although i was loving watching Ronda finger herself I couldn't wait any longer, as I got on top of her grabbing her tits as I pushed my cock into her tight wet pussy.

"OH YES!" Ronda screamed as my cock stretched her pussy lips.

I leaned down and started making out with the UFC beauty as i increased my speed pounding away on her sweet pussy.

"Just like that just like that" Ronda cried out in pleasure. After a few more thrusts I rolled over with Ronda still on my cock, now Ronda was on top starting to ride me fast and hard.

"Oh yes ride my cock baby" I grunted as Ronda rode me faster and harder.

"I love riding cock" Ronda said as she moaned.

A few seconds later Ronda hopped off my dick, grabbing it in her hand as she took my cock back in her mouth.

"Mmmm" Ronda moaned with a mouth full of cock as she stared at me with her lust filled eyes. Ronda let out another moan she started bobbing her head up and down at a quick pace. I put my hand on the back of her head guiding it all the way down on my throbbing cock.

"Oh Mmmmm" Ronda made noise continuing to slurp on the tip of my dick before letting go and sitting on my face.

"Ohhhhh Yeeeeaaaahhh" Ronda cried out as I stuck my tongue into her wet tasty pussy. I started lapping my tongue all around her sweet pie as she ran her fingers thru my hair.

"Yes lick my pussy baby" Ronda requested.

As I continued licking her sweet cunt I placed my hands around her grabbing and squeezing her ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh Fuuuuccckkk" she said loudly followed by the sexiest moan I've ever heard. Once again Ronda stopped the activity sliding down my body as she stared at me.

"Fuck My Ass" she begged getting into doggystyle position. I kneeled behind the sexy Ronda Rousey placing one hand on her hip as I guided my cock covered in her saliva right into her tight asshole.

"Ohhhh Fuuuuccckkk" she cried out enjoying the pain as much as pleasure. I pushed her face into the bed before grabbing her hips and thrusting deeper into her tight ass.

"Oh yes I love it in my ass" she said as my cock stretched her tight hole.

"Slap My Ass Baby" she begged as she moaned.

I slapped her ass as I thrusted deeper.

"" she cried out as I thrusted into her ass while slapping my hand down her ass. Ronda lifted her head off the bed. She definitely liked it rough or wanted it rough tonight at least so I grabbed her hair while continuing to ram my dick in and out of her sexy ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh" Ronda screamed out taking the dick as deep as it could go.

She placed her hand down to her dripping wet pussy, rubbing her clit while she continued to get her ass fucked.

"Oh damn baby keep fucking my ass" Ronda said Looking back at me, so I did for a few mins then I took my cock of her ass and put in back in her pussy. I grabbed her shoulders and started thrusting harder and faster.

"Ohhhhh Your Cock feels so good" she moaned as I picked up pace.

"I'm about to cum" I said as I pulled out of her sweet pussy. Ronda quickly turned around grabbing and stroking my cock until I blew my load all over her pretty face. After taking my load of cum on her face she continued to lick and suck my cock completely dry.

"You are so fucking good" I said as she kissed my tip staring up at me. I laid down on the bed as Ronda went in the bathroom to clean off her face. About 2 minutes later she came back out crawling into the bed laying next to me. We laid there naked and sweaty kissing a bit.

"So guess you can't go round 2 since you got a bachelor party to get to" she said smiling at me.

"I'm think I'm gonna stay here for round 2" I said before kissing her.


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