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Getting Stiffed By The Dicks
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a Smackdown Television Taping, Chad and James Dick are standing on the
interview set with Kristal Marshal. Both men dressed in red pants, with red
suspenders and black shoes, oiling up their rock hard bodies with baby oil
as they wait for Kristal Marshall the interview. Chad tilts his head to the
side and smirks when he looks at Kristal ass. He elbows James and points,
"Hey look at that Jimmy..."

James looks at Kristal's backside and smirks, "Damn, how come she didn't win
the Diva Search..." Both men quiet down as Kristal gets the signal from the
camera man to start the interview.

Kristal smiles and raises up the microphone, once the camera begins filming.
Kristal is dressed in a tight pair of black pants and a white long sleeved
buttoned shirt with her black-rimmed glasses. "Hello...Kristal Marshall,
SmackDown Correspondent here with James and Chad the Dicks." Kristal says
as she stands in the in between James and Chad. She exchanges looks between
the two muscular Dicks to her right and left side "Tonight, you two will be
facing The Mexicools for the number one contenders spot for the WWE Tag Team
Championship. Can I have your thoughts on that?" Kristal asks.

James smirks as he rubs oil over his chest, "Oh, our thoughts, we're going
out there, and we are going to jerk them all over ring. When they go to the
top rope, we're going to get them off, and then we'll beat them."

"Yeah, that's right, we're going give them some of the stiffest action
they'll ever experience, this match is not going to be short for them, it's
going to be long, and hard," Chad asks as he smiles while flexing his chest
muscles a bit.

Kristal nods and smiles "Now if you are both able to win tonight, you will go
on to face the current WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM. Do you think they'll be
tough competition for you?"

Chad laughs, "Tough competition? Those two little boys don't come close to
measuring up with us, both in skill... or in size."

James nods, "That's right, we got hard bodies, big muscles and incredible
skill... they look like a couple of limp lizards."

Kristal nods her head and turns back to the camera "This Kristal Marshall...
back to you Michael Cole and Tazz." Kristal says before signing off from her
interview segment. Kristal lowers the microphone and turns to step away from
the interviewing set.

James and Chad both quickly move to opposite sides of Kristal, and both men
have wide grins on their faces. "That was a short quickie interview..." Chad
says with a laugh a bit.

Kristal stops from walking away and looks over her shoulder before turning
around to face the two Dicks, James and Chad. Kristal nods her head "Yeah, I
wasn't given much time tonight."

"That sucks... You're hot... and smart, that dummy Maria over on Raw gets
loads of time... but she's so simple minded," James says as Chad nods his
head in agreement.

Kristal laughs a little "Well thank you for your compliments" Kristal then
raises her eyebrow "Shouldn't you two be warming up for you's
pretty soon, isn't it?"

Chad shrugs, "It's in like an hour or so... give or take... we got plenty of
time to get all the stiff areas of our bodies all worked out."

"Yup, we just need to find an assistant to help us with get nice and loose,"
James adds as he moves his arms around as if they are extremely stiff and

Kristal shrugs her shoulders "I guess I could help out."

Chad and James both lick their lips. "You could? Aw man, that would be
great," James says with a smile.

"Yeah, you could help us get everything ready for all that hard, pulse
pounding, action we're going to go through tonight," Chad adds as both men
appear to be getting noticeable budges in their pants.

Kristal folds her arms over her chest "So...what do you want me to do to get
you warmed up?"

"Well... we need some... hands on attention on an area... that's just hard as
hell..." Chad replies as he flips the bottle of baby oil he has in his hand
into a nearby trashcan.

"Yeah, we defiantly need that... and maybe some other techniques too," James

Kristal steps towards the two Dick brothers as she removes her black rimmed
glasses. She presses her lips together "Like a massage, right?"

James nods his head as he tries hard not to laugh, "Yeah... you could call it
a massage... cause you need good hands for it."

Chad steps forward and takes Kristal's right hand. He caresses it with his
own hands and smiles, "And you defiantly have great hands..."

Kristal smiles a bit "Well Chad, I'd be more than happy to help out in
whatever way I can."

Chad smiles back at her as he continues to caress her hand, "I sure hope
so..." Chad steps closer to her and places Kristal's right hand on his oiled
up chest.

"Me too," James says as he also gets close to Kristal and lays a hand on her
lower back. Kristal looks over her shoulder cautiously at James behind her.
She then turns her head back to Chad as he moves Kristal's delicate hand down
his oiled up chest to his rock solid oiled abs.

Chad smiles yet again as he slides two fingers against her right cheek. "How
about we go some place private and get all warmed up."

"That sounds like a great idea to me," James adds as he moves his hands from
Kristal's lower back down to her ass to gently pat it.

Kristal clears her throat "Ohh...I don't know about that...I mean..." Kristal
starts to say before being cut off by Chad.

Chad frowns, "You said you'd help us get warmed up... we can't go out
there... totally stiff and hard..."

"Yeah Kristal..." James starts to say as he takes Kristal's left hand and
brings it back to brush it against his crotch, "You don't want us to distract
anyone do you?"

Kristal takes a deep breath "No...." She then sighs "I guess...I'll still
help you out."

Chad and James both get wide smile smiles on their handsome faces. "Awesome,"
Chad smiles as he again takes her right hand.

"Yeah, thanks Kristal..." James says as both men start to walk down the hall
while holding Kristal's hands to bring her with them as they head to locker
room area.

Kristal takes a deep breath "No problem..." Kristal says as she, James and
Chad reach one of the vacant locker rooms. Chad pushes the door open and
holds the door open, allowing Kristal to enter the locker room first.

Chad and James tilt their heads to the side to see Kristal's ass move from
side to side as she walks. "Damn she's hot..." James says as he steps into
the locker room after Kristal does and Chad enters a moment later. He closes
the door behind him and smiles.

"Kristal, believe us, you're going to have a lot of fun helping us out,"
Chad says as he and James unsnap their suspenders at almost the same moment.
Kristal smiles weakly as she sets her black rimmed glasses down on small
table nearby. Kristal bites down on her bottom lip as she watches James and
Chad Dick remove their flashy red suspenders. Chad and James both move their
bodies from side to side as they slowly start to slide down their red pants.
They push them down to their ankles, step out of them with their right leg
and use their left legs to kick their pants up into the air where they catch
them with their hands. James and Chad then toss their pants behind them as
they stands before Kristal completely nude except for their black ankle high
wrestling boots.

Kristal's eyes widen as she stares down at the large, stiff solid cocks of
James and Chad. Kristal laughs impressed "Wow...those are huge!"

The Dicks both look down at their dicks and smirk, "Oh we're not even fully
hard yet..." James smirks. He and Chad wrap a hand around their respective
cocks and begin to stroke them in front of Kristal.

"Yeah Kristal... we'll show you how big we can get in a moment," Chad licks
his lips as he and James looks at Kristal's body.

Kristal takes a steps towards James and Chad "Wait...let me do it" Kristal
says with a soft smiles as she gets down on her knees in front of James and
Chad. The ebony beauty takes James's cock into her left hand and Chad's cock
into her right hand. Kristal slowly moves her hands up and down against their
two shafts. Kristal can feel the Dicks's cocks harden in her smooth hands.

"Mmmmm I knew you had great hands," Chad licks his lips as he gently moves
his hand through Kristal's hair.

"That's no surprise Chad... you seen the way she hold's a microphone... she
knows how to get a grip of something stiff..." James moans as he moves his
hips to thrusts his cock against Kristal's hand. Kristal smiles as she moves
her left hand down James's shaft as she begins her right hand back up Chad's
shaft. Kristal lowers her head and leans in towards Chad. She takes her and
gently presses her tongue against the head of Chad's cock.

"Ohhhh shit Jimmy..." Chad moans as he feels Kristal's tongue slide against
the thick tip of his cock.

"Lucky jerk..." James laughs as he licks his lips.

"Hey what can I say..." Chad smiles as he watches Kristal's tongue move
around his dick. Kristal circles her tongue around the head of Chad's cock
before turning her attention to James. Kristal presses her wet tongue against
the head of James's cock before she begins to move her tongue down the shaft
of James Dick.

"Mmmmm yes..." James bites his bottom lip, "Kristal... you have got... the
softest tongue I've ever felt..."

"I second that..." Chad says as he places his hand on top of Kristal's hand
that is around his thick rod to have her rub his shaft at a slow teasing
pace. Kristal guides her tongue back up James's shaft before she opens her
mouth and accepts his thick, large cock into her warm mouth. Kristal closes
her lips around the shaft of James Dick as she begins slowly bob her head
along his thick shaft. Kristal twirls and twists her tongue against his
shaft as she blows him. Meanwhile Kristal is busy blowing James, she also
pays attention to the other Dick brother, Chad by gently massaging his
ballsack with her soft hand.

"Ohhh Fuck..." James closes his eyes and tilts his head back as he pushes his
hips forward to get another inch of his fat cock past Kristal's lovely lips.
Chad squats down a bit and starts to unbutton the buttons of Kristal's white
long sleeved buttoned shirt. Kristal tightens the grip of her soft lips as
she bobs her head down on James's cock taking another into her warm mouth.
Kristal quietly moans against James's cock as she quickens her pace, bobbing
her head faster against his thick cock.

Chad takes a moment to free his cock from Kristal's soft hand before he
kneels down completely on the ground. He pushes Kristal's shirt open before
he slides it down her arms to take it off her body. Chad then reaches around
behind her to unsnap the clasp of her bra and removes it as well. James opens
his eyes and looks down at Kristal with a smile, "Fuck you're good..."
Kristal looks at James as she slows down bobbing her head on his cock, gently
flicking her teasing tongue against the underside of his shaft while the cock
remains her warm mouth.

Chad moves behind her and pulls Kristal's lower body up so she's standing up
but bending over so she can continue to work over James's cock. Chad, still
on his knees, tugs down Kristal's pants all the way to her ankles, followed
by the pair of black panties that she's wearing. Chad places both of his
hands on her firm ass and squeezes it. "Kristal... this is a... an incredible

Kristal picks her head up slowly from James's cock and looks over her
shoulder at Chad with a smile "Thanks.." Kristal says with a laugh before she
turns her head back to James's cock. She lowers her head down once again and
flicks her tongue against the head of his cock, while she circles her tongue
as well.

"You're welcome..." Chad laughs slightly as she starts to stand up. He wraps
his hand around the base of his fat hard dick and guides it into Kristal's
pussy. He pushes it in completely as gently as possible followed by laying
his strong hands on Kristal's hips to pull her back against him as he thrusts
into her pussy. James places his hand on Kristal's shoulders to hold her up
and to help her keep her balance.

"Mmmm...ohhhh...." Kristal groans as she feels Chad's cock inside of her
pussy. As she's moaning with her mouth open, she lowers her head onto James's
cock again. Kristal's lips slides against James's shaft as she begins bob her
head once again sucking on his thick, hard cock.

"Ughhhhh... yeah suck that dick Kristal..." James moans as he resumes moving
his hips back and forth to push his dick against her mouth. Chad steadily
moves his dick in and out of Kristal's pussy with hard quick thrusts while
pulling her back against him. Kristal gradually rotates her gentle hips as
Chad thrusts his thick cock in and out of her warm cunt. Kristal takes
James's cock deeper and deeper into her hot mouth as she feels the head of
James's cock hit the back of her throat. Kristal moans against James's cock
as she brushes her tongue along the underside of his shaft.

"James... ahhh fuck... her pussy is... out of this world..." Chad grunts as
he slams his dick sharply into Kristal's tight cunt.

"Let... me have a crack... at it..." James licks his lips. He takes a few
steps back and his cock falls out of Kristal's warm saliva filled mouth.

"All right Jimmy..." Chad smiles. He pulls out of Kristal's pussy and
whispers into her ear, "James's loves to do it doggy style..."

Kristal licks her lips and winks at Chad " do I" Kristal says as she
gets down on the floor on hands and knees as James kneels down behind her.

James lays a hand on Kristal's ass to feel it for a moment, "Damn, Chad,
you're right her ass is awesome..." James then pushes his cock deep into
Kristal's tight wet pussy with a swift thrust and begins to fuck her slowly.
Chad kneels down in front Kristal and holds his cock near her face. Kristal
grits her teeth as James delivers a few sharp thrust to her tight pussy.
Kristal gently pushes back against James's cock as she opens her mouth and
takes Chad's thick cock into her warm mouth. Kristal's lips clamp tightly
around his cock as she slowly moves her head back and then forward on his
hard cock.

"Ohhhh yeah Kristal... awwww... work that cock..." Chad moans as he leans
back a bit and places his hand on the ground behind him. James wraps his
arms around Kristal's waist as sweat drips down his body and pushes his
cock into her pussy.

"Chad... bro... we got to.. double team her."

"Yeah... James... but... I want her ass..." Chad licks his lips as he wipes
sweat from his face.

As Kristal continues to bob her head on Chad's cock, she places her hands on
the part of Chad's shaft that is not insider her mouth. Kristal begins stroke
his cock as she sucks on it.

"All right Chad... get her... on me..." James grunts as pulls out of
Kristal's pussy and lays on the floor. Chad smirks as he moves to pick up
Kristal and he sits her on James's stiff pole by almost dropping her on it.

"Ohhhhh.... awwww fuck" Kristal moans tilting her head back as comes down on
James's cock. Kristal places her hands down on James's muscular oiled chest
as he pushes his cock up and deeper into her warm pussy.

"Ahhhh damn..." James starts pushing up into Kristal's tight pussy with
well-timed thrusts to make Kristal jump a bit. Chad licks his lips as he gets
behind Kristal and pushes his saliva-covered dick into her tight asshole.

"Holy fuck Kristal... your ass is... out of sight..." Chad groans as he
pushes into her ass.

Kristal bites down on her bottom lip as Chad penetrates her tight asshole.
Kristal pushes back against his cock and James powerfully thrusts up into her
pussy "Awww fuck..." Kristal moans as she begins to sweat.

James and Chad are sweating nonstop as they fuck Kristal's pussy and ass.
Chad has a firm hold of Kristal's hips and pulls her back against him as fast
as he can so her asscheeks slap against his waist. James groans happily as he
pushes into Kristal's pussy. "Ohhh fuck...." James groans as he starts to cum
inside of Kristal's vice like pussy.

Kristal closes her eyes and her body relaxes as she feels James's warm cum
rush inside her warm pussy "Awww...James...god damn!" Kristal moans as she
slowly grind her pussy against James's cock while Chad quickly thrusts her

With sweat dripping down his face, Chad throws all of his weight behind every
thrust. "Ahhhh ohhhh Kristal....." Chad groans and pushes one more time into
her asshole just before he blows his hot load of cum inside of her.

Kristal arches her back slightly and groans "Awww...Chad...mmmm...I love the
feel of cum.." Kristal moans as she bites down on her bottom lip.

Chad and James both keep their cocks inside of Kristal's ass and pussy as
they continue to sandwich her between them. "Oh damn Kristal... that... was
one hell of a warm up..." James smirks.

Kristal laughs and gives a tired smile "Just think...if you manage to win

Chad smiles as he slowly pulls out of her asshole, "Is that... a bit of extra
motivation... for us to win tonight?"

Kristal smirks as she looks over her shoulder "You two win tonight...we may
just have to arrange another interview..."

"We'll win..." Chad smiles.

"And we'll get that interview..." James adds with a confident smirk on his


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