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This story was inspired by the recent Diva Battle Royal for the No 1 Contendership for WWE Diva's Championship - Layla is not too happy.

Getting The Title Match
by Zack Price

World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler is getting undressed in his hotel room outside the 02 Arena in London, United Kingdom, after witnessing his Girlfriend AJ Lee win the Number 1 Contendership for the WWE Divas Championship. Soon, there stable would be of championship calibre.

Only in his trousers, he hears an impatient knock on the door. Getting up to answer it, the voice on the other side sounds flustered. Upon opening the door, he finds the British Bombshell Layla, barge into his room, dressed in a long flowing dressing gown.

"Where is she?!" barks Layla, at a shocked Dolph.


"Your slutty bitch of a girlfriend, thats who!!" Layla replies.

"Woah, Layla, thats my girlfriend you are talking about" says Dolph, defending his slightly crazy other half.

"Well, whatever she is, she cost me a match for the Diva's Championship, a chance for me to have a moment of glory in front of my family" Layla shouts, shaking with anger.

"Listen here, Lay, you lost, and now AJ will face Kaitlyn for the Divas title, joining me as the best couple going in this company and the entire industry" Dolph taunts the sexy Brit.

"She doesn't deserve it half as much as I do" Layla angrily responds.

Dolph now getting angrier as well, "You will never be the Diva- actually forget Diva - the woman, she is, she will surpass Trish Stratus as the greatest Diva. Of. All. Time."

Layla, becoming crestfallen, asks Dolph, "What does she have that I don't, Dolph, that makes her a better woman than me?"

"Well for a start, she has an ace body, I mean, have you seen that ass, and those adorable tits?! I've seen most of the other divas around her, stuffing their bras with tissues to make them bigger. My baby doesn't need that" replies Dolph, imagining his girlfriends sexy body.

"So that's it, an body makes an entire woman" says Layla angrily.

"Not only that, she knows how to take care of her man, which according to the girls I've slept with, have no idea how to do" says Dolph with a smirk.

"Is that so, Mr. Playboy?"

"Yeah, and most importantly, she is dating the World Heavyweight Championship, The Show Off, The Show Stealer, and the best damn thing in this or any business: Me, Dolph Ziggler."

"Well, its evident this relationship is one to last. So whats wrong with my body?" Asks the now-hurt former WWE Divas Champion.

"Hah, really, well other than the stuffed bra, and the oversized ass, you have a layer of belly-fat the jiggles all over the place when your in the ring" mocks Ziggler, laughing at Layla "In fact, that sexy British accent is the only thing going for you."

"Is that what you think, Jackass?" snaps Layla.

"Thats what I know" snaps Dolph back, "what do you think you have that she doesn't?"

A sly grin comes across the face of the gorgeous Layla, "I don't need to tell you Dolph... I can show you", as she undoes her gown to reveal a black lace bra, barely holding in her large, tanned, juicy tits, and matching panties, which hold tight against her hot ass, which connected onto her suspenders covering her sexy legs.

Dolph Ziggler, who very rarely is at a loss for words, simply stared at the flawless body of the former Miami-Heat dancer.

"Whats the matter, Ziggy?" asks Layla with a large smile on her face.

"Um... wow, just wow!" Ziggler stutters out, overwhelmed by Layla's sexiness.

"Really, you find this body sexy? still thinks my bra looks stuff?" Layla inquires of her stunned adversary, while pushing her chest towards Ziggler's face.

"Well, um, not with tissues, but those massive cans." Ziggler responds.

"Haha, and what about that fat ass you were talking about?" Layla asks, while turning around to show her gorgeous and toned backside.

"I don't know what I was thinking, it is picture perfect... in fact..." Ziggler reaches out to place her hand on that firm rear, before getting swatted away by the mischievous Layla.

"I don't think my I have a lot of belly fat, do you Dolphy?" Layla asks again of the World Heavyweight Champion.

"Of Course not, you are clearly the sexiest diva I have ever seen, and I can't wait to see you naked" Ziggler says slyly, seemingly in a trance at the foxy lingerie-clad body of the Sweet Little English Muffin.

"Glad we got that sorted," Layla remarks as she picks up her robe, puts it on, covering the spectacle that Ziggler was so entranced by, and proceeds to the door.

"Wait, Layla, what's going on" Ziggler exclaims, completely befuddled.

"My work is done, you admitted I was the sexiest Diva, now I'm going to bed." Layla replies, sticking her tongue out at the crestfallen Champion on the bed.

"Wait, what do you want from me I don't understand" Ziggler begins to beg, something he wasn't ever used to.

"I want nothing from you, but I do want something from your 'girlfriend'," Layla says craftily, "I want you to convince her to put her Divas Title match up for grabs, tomorrow at the smackdown taping, then, maybe, I'll get naked for you" before winking at him.

Ziggler eyes Layla's robe-covered body twice before reluctantly saying, "OK, fine, I'll try and convince her"...

* * *

A while later, Ziggler gets off the phone with his psycho-girlfriend. "Well its official, Vickie and Teddy Long agree, AJ and you will face off tomorrow on SmackDown."

"Awesome," exclaimed Layla, jumping about a couple of times, holding her robe for good measure.

"Now, back to the show," Ziggler slyly says, liking his lips, staring at Layla's body, "Show Off that Body of Perfection baby."

Layla narrows her eyes at Ziggler, and gives him a crafty smile, before de-robing again, revealing her sexy lingerie-clad body. She puts both hands on Dolph's shoulders, while swinging her hips from side to side, and indadvertedly pushing her large tits into his face.

"Oh fuck, just get naked already babe" Ziggler begs impatiently.

"Oooo someones eager," laughs Layla, before stepping back and unhooking both suspenders, and, after rolling them down her smooth, tanned legs, tosses them to the face of Dolph, who enjoys the sensual smell of her lace nightwear.

Turning around, so Ziggler's eyes are now transfixed on her bodacious booty, she then unhooks her bra, removes it completely then throws them to the ground. Ziggler, who is, at this point, horny as hell, unzips his pants and starts rubbing his slowly growing cock.

Layla, then begins to push the sides of her panties down, reveals her sexy ass, as her panties fall to the ground. She turns around so Ziggler can get a full look at both her firm, tanned tits and her shaven pussy.

Ziggler, who cannot control his urges for the British Bombshell any more, hastily gets his trousers off, pushing down his boxers to reveal, his now semi, 9 inch cock.

Layla, smiles slyly at Dolph, licks her lips, takes a step forward and brings her hands towards his cock, before pulling away, and grabbing her robe, to cover her now nude body. She lets out a giggle as Dolph is flabbergasted.

"For fucks sake, Layla, what the hell" Dolph exclaims, his cock just hanging in Layla's direction.

"Well that wasn't the deal now was it, Dolphy" Layla teases, "You wanted me to get naked, and I got naked, you didn't say I had to fuck you now, did you?"

"I thought it was what you expected," says the shocked Show Off.

"Well, if that's what you want, I need something else," Layla declares "From you this time."

"What was it, anything you want, I'll get it for you" Ziggler begs.

Layla drops the bombshell: "I want you to help me win the No1 Contender match tomorrow. I want you to screw you girlfriend."

Dolph panics, "Come on Layla, I can't do that, she's my girlfriend, Please let's just -"

"Aww what a shame, I guess you'll miss out on this", she takes a single step out of the robe, so her left leg is completely uncovered by the robe, and taunting the World Heavyweight Champion.

"Aww Fuck!" Ziggler blurted. His cock became slightly harder, to which Layla mischievously laughed. To tease him even further, she undoes a bit more of the robe to reveal, her left tit as well, so that her nipple is staring straight at her fervent admirer.

"OK fine, I'll do it, I'll help you win tomorrow" Dolph finally gives in to Layla's demand, as she releases her robe completely, and stands completely naked in front of Dolph.

She pushes him to the bed and gets to her knees so that her tits are now resting on the thighs of the #HEEL. She grabs hold of his shaft and moves her hands up and down the length of his cock.

"Oh fuck yeah Layla" Dolph exclaims as her soft hands, rub against his growing cock, at a faster and faster rhythm. "Mmmm, I can't believe I ever though AJ was better, you sure no how to treat a man, oh yeah."

"Hey baby, you haven't seen anything yet" Layla giggles, as she starts to lick the head of his cock, much to the delight of the former Mr. Money in the Bank, who releases a yelp of joy.

"Oh shit, fuck, Layla, oh yeaahhh" Layla, clearly turned on by her lover's evident horniness, proceeds to press her tender lips on either side of his cock, and swallows half of his cock in her mouth.

"MMMmmm, babe, you are so good" Dolph says, at Layla bobs up and down on his cock. Dolph places both his hands on the gorgeous head currently sucking his dick.

Layla gets herself up, while wiping the saliva from both sides of her mouth. she then crawls over Dolph's body, her tits brushing against the top of his cock, and lies her body over his, before giving him a little lick on his lips.

"Oh Layla you are so naughty" snickers Dolph at the sexy diva lying naked on top of him. "Naughty girls deserve to be spanked" he says before slapping her firm ass.

"Ow wee" screams Layla in mock pain, as Dolph continues to continue slapping the gorgeous ass on top of him.

"I think is time for you to join the Layla El Kiss-My-Ass Club" giggles the final Women's Champion, as she scoots off his toned body and lies on her back.

"Gladly babe" Dolph grins as Layla offers her ass to his mouth and skilful tongue. He starts with small kisses on her hot, tanned ass cheeks, before sinking his tongue between between the two, as Layla begins to give moans of pleasure.

"MMmmmmMMMM Baby that is so hot, so nasty" moans Layla, as Dolph's tongue makes its way down between her ass cheeks and towards her pussy. He turns her over, and continues sticking his tongue down her cunt.

"Oh Fuck babe, you know how to please a woman, now let me please you" cries Layla, as she pulls his head up to her tits, so he can guide his rock-hard cock into her moist pussy.

"MMMmmm yeah Layla, do you like that?" asks the man now known as Ziggy, as he thrusts back and forth into the sexy british body in front of him.

"Oh yeah baby, its so fucking good, i'm loving it" yells the horny diva. Ziggler then starts licking on her nipples, to the delight of Layla.

"Aww babe, you are so sensual" Layla admiringly comments on her lover's skills, as he begins to nibble on her now hard nipples, as she bites her bottom lip, and groans in painful pleasure.

Dolph starts fucking Layla harder and faster, and judging buy the expressions of joy on Layla's gorgeous face, she was loving every second of his rock hard cock in her moist snatch.

Layla, in midst of such wild passion turns around and exposes her ass to the eager face of Dolph Ziggler, who wastes little time in slowly thrusting his dick into her asshole.

"MMMMMMMMMMM, Oh, MMMMMMM, Dolphie" Layla cries passionately, as Dolphs cock enters and exits Layla's perfect ass, while he gently taps each cheek.

"Oh yeah baby, fuck, this is great" howled Ziggler, enjoying both the feeling of Layla's soft ass cheeks against his hands, and here tight asshole against his cock.

"Oh Lay, AJ's ass is no where near as good as yours, OHH" says Dolph as he begins to cum. He pulls out his cock and rests it on both of Layla's now-sore ass cheeks, and fires his cum on her ass and lower back with one last groan of carnal groin, before collapsing on the bed, next to Layla, who immediately cuddled with the Champ, softly kissing his nipple.

"Wow, Lay, that was awesome, you sure beat AJ on taking care of her man" commended the exasperated Ziggler.

"Well tomorrow, we'll make sure i'm beating her for that Diva's Championship match, right Hun" whispers Layla seductively into Dolph's ear.

Dolph sniggered, "Yeah, a good lesson for you, Lay, reward them after they've done the deed not before, I'm still going to stand by AJ tomorrow in your match, haha."

"What, you jackass, I thought you were over that slutty bitch, and I thought you were with me" shouted Layla, upset by what her 'lover' had just revealed, and slapped him right across his face.

Dolph still reeling from both the insults and the slap, got up from the bed, grabbed Layla by the arm and took her to the door. "That is my girlfriend you are talking about. And you just fucked a guy for nothing so whose the slutty bitch now" screamed Ziggler, before tossing the nude Layla into the hotel corridor, and then threw her robe far to the other end of the corridor. He then closed the door, but not before watching najed Layla running down the hall, with a sore-ass, to retrieve her robe, and preserve her dignity.

He then went and picked up her sexy lace lingerie to put it onto his table, but while picking up her panties, was instantly enamoured with a sensual scent, while the suspenders and the bra remained on the table, he took her panties, and sniffed them exhaustively, as he fell asleep.

* * *

The next night after AJ lost her No 1 contendership, after Ziggler 'indadvertedly' caused the countout, The World Heavyweight Champion received another knock on the door.

Just in a towel he answers it, only to fine the sultry Layla standing there again, this time in a pair of trousers and a formal dress shirt, evidently ready for the flight back to the States. As she walks in, Ziggler is noticeably bewildered.

"Are you really surprised by me being her Dolph" Layla asks formally.

"Eh yeah, I lied to you, I fucked you then I humiliated you" He says while closing the door.

"Yes, that is true, but I needed to get my underwear for the flight back" She replied in a matter-of-fact way.

"Oh," said Dolph, trying not to hide his guilt "you are a bit early for it aren't you, we aren't leaving the hotel for another six hours, anyway, your stuff is on the dresser, and your panties are on the bed."

She grabs her stuff quickly, and runs into his bathroom, shutting the door hard as she enters.

After a few long minutes, Layla broke the silence.

"Dolph, why did you change your mind" asked the diva, who had now turned on the shower.

"Well, I sort of felt bad for getting all that last night, but not following through with my end" replies an apologetic Ziggler.

"I sort of owe an apology for slapping you as well" responds Layla.

"And for insulting my - well - ex-girlfriend?" adds the Champion.

"Nope, I meant every word of that" she replies, as the shower is turned off. Dolph let out a little chuckle. Layla continues "but it got me thinking about what you said last night."

"What?" asks Dolph. the door is opened, and Layla comes out in nothing but a towel, tied under her armpits and covers everything up to her sexy ass, showing her long toned legs.

"About how people should be rewarded after they have done the deed," says Layla as she lets the towel fall from her body, exposing her naked self to Dolph Ziggler once again.

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