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Getting What We Want
by GG Bayley

"Here's to another successful PPV in the books!" Kelly Kelly cried, raising
her glass in toast. The others in the room echoed her, clanking their glasses
together and laughing merrily. They were at one of two post-PPV parties
currently going on. One was being hosted by Vince McMahon, featuring catered
food, expensive wine, and a high-class violin band playing.

The other was being hosted by Stephanie McMahon, just to spite her father
because of their recent disagreements. She had planned on having a party much
like her father's, but she had made the mistake of letting Michelle McCool
plan the whole thing, since she had been busy with other affairs and her
husband Triple H was nursing a recent injury. Thus, her high class apartment
was currently filled with empty beer cans, strewn with silly string that an
over-excited MVP had shown up with, and the speakers were blasting some death
metal tune CM Punk had insisted on playing.

Stephanie seemed to be the only one not enjoying the raunchy party. She was
currently screaming at Dolph Ziggler and Vicky Guerrero, who were making out
on the couch, Vickie's hand creeping down the front of Dolph's pants.

"Stop that! No! Maryse get off my piano!" Stephanie screamed, charging over
to where a half-naked, very drunk Maryse was doing a strip-dance on top of
her expensive black piano. She climbed up on the bench and shoved her hard,
sending her tumbling into Ted DiBiase's arms.

"Aw, Stephie, we were enjoying that!" roared John Morrison, looking

"Yeah, that wasn't very nice," agreed Melina, who was currently sitting in
the Morrison's lap.

"When did you get here?" Stephanie snapped, glaring angrily at the current
Diva's Champion.

Melina shrugged. "Vince's party was lame, so I snuck out. Besides, my Johnny
wasn't there, and I missed him." She leaned up to rub noses with the
Morrison, squealing with surprise as the Morrison's hand cupped her bottom
and squeezed.

"You two make me want to puke!" Stephanie spat, looking disgusted. "Get a

"Ok. Can we use yours?" Melina asked.

"No!" Stephanie screamed.

"We'll use the guest-room then. Come on baby," John Morrison announced,
standing up and taking Melina with him. Melina wrapped her legs around
Morrison's waist, giggling as the Monday Night Delight carried her towards
the bedrooms.

"Melina, I am going to hurt you!" Stephanie screamed after her. "If you mess
up any of my sheets I'll kill you! You slut!"

"Go Bellas" came Zack Ryder's voice from the other side of the room.

"Oh yeah, go all the way baby!" MVP echoed.

Stephanie dashed over to the group of people on the other side of the room,
pushing past Edge and Alicia Fox, who were too busy necking with each other
to even notice her. She immediately saw what was holding everyone's
attention; Nikki and Brie Bella were rolling around the floor, making out
furiously. Both were topless, Brie's pants down around her ankles. The only
thing covering her was a silky black thong, which was holding the gaze of
several of the men watching.

"Stop it!" she screamed. "You are not having sex on my carpet, this is a
designer brand! Get up right now!"

Neither women paid any attention to her at all, both being very drunk and
very horny. The crowd around them cheered as Nikki's hand found the edge of
Brie's thong, all watching expectantly. Stephanie looked around frantically,
spotting a broom at the door to the kitchen. She ran over and grabbed it,
returning quickly to the crowd. "Get off my carpet!" she screamed, whacking
Brie and Nikki repeatedly with the broom. "Get up!"

"Hey, stop it, OW!" Nikki cried, trying to shield herself from her blows.
"I'm just trying to bond with my sis! Jeez!"

"Bond with her in your own home!" Stephanie screamed.

"Alright, alright!" Nikki conceded, standing up and pulling Brie with Her.
She promptly hefted Brie over Her shoulder, heading the same direction that
Melina and Morrison had. The crowd groaned in disappointment.

"NOT IN MY BEDROOM!!" Stephanie screamed, watching with horror as Nikki
closed the door behind her. She dashed for her room, but stopped short when
she saw what was going on in the kitchen. Natalya had Kelly Kelly pinned
against the fridge, the two blonde-haired women making out furiously,
knocking off the fridge magnets left and right. Kelly's legs were wrapped
around Natalya's waist, her hand down the front of Natalya's jeans.

"What are you doing?!?!?" Stephanie shrieked. "Stop it now!!!"

Kelly Kelly and Natalya paid no attention to the fuming woman. "Oh god baby,
I want you now!" Kelly Kelly groaned, increasing the movements of her hand.
"Oh god I want you!"

"Oh - but all the rooms are full," Natalya gasped, arching into Kelly Kelly
touches as she ravaged the smaller woman's mouth. "Oh yes, baby!"

"Pantry's got a door," Kelly panted, gesturing to the small room Stephanie
stored her kitchen supplies in.

"NO!!!!" the youngest McMahon shrieked. "No, no, no, not in there!" She
dashed for the door, but Kelly and Natalya beat her, slamming the door behind
them. "No! Get out of there! HEYYYYYY!" Stephanie screamed, banging on the
door with her fists.

Some loud whooping from the living room caught her attention, along with the
shout of "Go for it, Vickie!" Stephanie dashed back into the room, her mouth
falling open when she saw Vickie Guerrero lying on the couch, giving Dolph
Ziggler a blow job right there on the cushions.

"My couch!" she screamed. "My good couch! No!!!" She grabbed the broom again,
running like mad to the couch and whacking Vickie in the back of the head.
"No, no, no, no, no, not on my good cushions!" she shrieked.

Kaitlyn, Vickie's NXT Rookie had been watching the pair hungrily, her tongue
running over her lips with desire. She glanced at a nearby closet, then back
at the two being pounded with the broom. "In here you two!" she cried,
motioning to the closet. Vickie and Dolph looked at each other, then leapt
for the closet, which Kaitlyn was holding open. Kaitlyn jumped in after them,
positioning herself between the two before slamming the door closed.

Stephanie took a very, very deep breath, trying to get enough control of her
temper so she wouldn't kill anybody. She closed her eyes and screamed at the
top of her lungs, screaming until she ran out of breath. She opened her eyes,
expecting to see everyone staring at her, but instead she saw no one. While
she wasn't looking, Edge and Alicia Fox had snuck off to the bathroom with
Drew McIntyre and Tiffany, The Miz and Rosa Mendes had found their own
storage closet to occupy, and Maryse had run into the guest room, continuing
her strip show for a very busy Melina and John Morrison.

Stephanie could hear a variety of moans and cries coming from practically
every room in her house, especially the closet that Vickie, Dolph Ziggler and
Kaitlyn were occupying. She jumped as the closet burst open, a half-naked
Kaitlyn falling out onto the carpet before the door was yanked closed. Her
jeans look like they had been hastily pulled on, the zipper only halfway done
up, and her eyes were glazed over.

"Wow," the young rookie diva breathed, a look of awe on her face. "Woooooow."

"Bonjour Kaitlyn!" shouted Maryse, having just run into the living room, now
butt naked. "There's a closet in the guest-room! Come on, Maryse wants to
give you why I call my finisher the French Kiss!" Maryse grabbed Kaitlyn by
the arm, pulling the excited young NXT rookie back the way she had come.

"Steph, this is the best party ever!" Kaitlyn shouted at the hostess before
she and Maryse disappeared into the guest-room.

"Oh lord." Stephanie put her head in her hands, sinking down onto the couch.
"This is a disaster." She jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder,
looking up to see two pairs of eyes on her.

"Ah come on, everyone's having fun," Michelle McCool told her, exchanging a
sly look with Layla, who was standing next to her. "You need to loosen up,

"How am I supposed to do that when people are having sex all over my
apartment?!?" Stephanie exclaimed. She glanced down at her lap and bit her
lip. "And I haven't gotten any from my husband for months," she said in a
quieter voice.

Laycool looked at each other and grinned, Michelle licking her lips. "Well we
could fix that, honey."

"What?" Stephanie looked surprised as both women hopped over the back of the
couch, sitting to either side of her.

"She said, we could fix your little problem," Layla chuckled, reaching for
the hem of Stephanie's shirt and pulling it off over her head, revealing the
young woman's bulging bosom.

"Ohhhh yeah," Michelle agreed, reaching for the silver zipper on the side of
Stephanie's black miniskirt. She pulled the garment away, revealing the thong
Stephanie had on underneath.

"It'll be fun," Layla cooed, reaching for the clasp on Stephanie's bra as
Michelle pulled the young woman's panties off. Stephanie bit her lip as her
breasts sprung free, glancing between the two women.

"No one's around to notice," Michelle McCool chuckled, nudging Stephanie's
legs apart and leaning down between them.

"But I - OH!" Stephanie cried as Layla leaned down and took one of her
breasts between her lips, while Michelle's tongue flicked out to caress the
area between her legs.

"Oh baby, yeah! Oh give it to me baby, yes!" Stephanie screamed, her head
thrashing around on the pillow. "Oh yes! Oh, more! More!"

The duo working on the youngest McMahon exchanged a knowing look, continuing
to stimulate their boss's body in every way they could. They delighted in her
moans of pleasure, and the way her body shook beneath their ministrations.

Layla, her silky hair flowing loosely about her features for once, drew back
from Stephanie's trembling breast for a moment, which only seconds before had
been encase by her hot, wet mouth. She licked their boss's pert nipple with
her tongue, closing her lips about the tender bud and sucking hungrily.
Stephanie moaned, thrashing about as Layla's hand continued to knead her
other breast.

She let out a squeal as the woman between her legs went a step further,
moving from sucking the young woman's clit to poking her long, powerful
tongue inside her body. Stephanie gripped the headboard tightly, tilting her
head so she could see both Layla's fair head and the blonde head nestled
between her legs.

"Oh holy shit," she groaned, inching her legs even further apart as
Michelle's tongue slid even further into her moist cavity.

"Oh god don't stop! Oh god!"

Layla and Michelle McCool exchanged another look, Michelle nodding slightly.
Layla understood the signal perfectly. With no warning, she plunged forward,
once again engulfing Stephanie's breast in her mouth. Michelle at the same
time doubled her efforts, bringing both hands up to stroke Stephanie's
trembling flesh. Stephanie let out a loud wail, her body arching off the bed
as her orgasm rocketed through her, searing every nerve and fiber of her
body. She was left panting as the two woman drew back, scarcely able to
breath, much less think.

Michelle looked at Layla, giving her partner another silent signal. Layla
climbed off the bed, moving about the room perfectly naturally in her white
shimmery bra and panties. She came back a second later, holding a clipboard
with a paper attached to it in her hand. Michelle took it, tossing a strand
of long blonde hair over her shoulder. She adjusted the strap of her red bra,
which was almost letting a nipple peak out, then took the pen attached to the
clipboard and handing it to Stephanie.

"Ms. McMahon, if you could sign this please?" she asked sweetly.

Stephanie nodded, her breath still coming in heavy gasps. She took the pen in
her hand, scrawling her name across the document where Layla was pointing.
Michelle took the clipboard back, looking over it and smiling.

"Thank you, princess," she murmured, standing up and reaching for her

"Any time," Stephanie murmured, her eyes blinking a few times, then closing
as she yawned loudly. Layla chuckled.

She finished buttoning up her blouse, then took hold of the covers which had
been kicked off the bed and covered up the exhausted McMahon. She and
Michelle McCool slid out of the room, quickly heading back to their own room.
Once they got in the door, huge smiles broke out across both woman's faces.

"Ooh, this is fabulous!" Michelle squealed, reading over the document again.
"Not only will you and I now NEVER be fired, but we're gonna get to be
Co-Women's Champions together!"

"I told you it would work," Layla chuckled, taking the clipboard from
Michelle and setting it down on the night stand. There was a predatory gleam
in her eyes when she turned them back on the blonde-haired woman.

"Now I don't know about you," she breathed, her tongue flicking out to wet
her full pink lips, "but that got me incredibly hot."

Without waiting for an answer, she pounced on the other woman, pushing her
back against the door and pulling her shirt up to her neck. Holding the shirt
with one hand, she used the other to slide one of Michelle's supple breasts
from the bra containing it, her tongue flicking out to tease the other
woman's nipple. She swirled her tongue around the already hard bud,
thoroughly wetting the area before taking it into her mouth and sucking

Michelle moaned, her eyes closing in pleasure. She raised her hand to the
back of Layla's head, running her fingers through the other woman's soft
hair. Layla chuckled around Michelle's breast, sending shivers of pleasure
through the blonde-haired woman's body. Layla let her hand trail down
Michelle's stomach, grasping the waistband of her pants and sliding it down
her hips, along with her soaking red panties.

Michelle moaned louder as Layla slid her fingers between her thighs,
spreading her legs to give her lover easier access. Her breath caught in her
throat as Layla's fingers began gently massaging her clit, applying only the
barest of pressure.

"Maybe we should - " Michelle had to stop and take a deep breath, quickly
losing her ability to think as her lover continued to send tingling waves of
pleasure through her body. "Maybe we should move," she managed to gasp out.

"Alright." Layla drew back, gesturing to the large canopy bed. Michelle
dashed quickly to the bed, throwing off all the covers and settling herself
on her back on the mattress. Layla quickly joined her, smiling down at her
lover slyly.

She contained a chuckle at seeing Michelle in such a wanton position; naked
from the waist down, her legs spread apart pleadingly, her shirt pulled up to
her neck and one breast spilling out her bra.

The sight only made Layla's own desire heighten. She reached for the hem of
her shirt, grasping the fabric and pulling it off over her head, then sliding
off her pants and throwing them across the room. She next reached for the
strap of her bra, taking her time even though she could see how impatient
Michelle was getting.

Michelle watched her lover with fascination, her hands unconsciously moving
up to massage her own breasts as Layla slowly slid open her front-latching
bra, allowing her firm, supple breasts to peak out from beneath the fabric.
Layla allowed the fabric to slip off her shoulders, raising her fingers to
trace the curves of her breasts.

She next reached for her panties, gliding her hands over the soft skin of her
hips as she slid off the flimsy fabric, caressing with her fingertips every
inch of skin she passed to make her show even more sensual and erotic.

Michelle by this time was panting with need, one hand still massaging her
breast while the other slid down her stomach, delving into the wetness
between her legs.

Layla watched her lover began stroking her clit, little sighs and moans
escaping her lips. Feeling like her body would explode if it wasn't touched
soon, she placed her hands on her breasts, kneading the sensitive flesh.

Her breathing began to come harder as her skillful hands worked, sending
ripples of pleasure through her. She had to close her eyes, letting the waves
wash over her, spreading bliss throughout her entire being. "Layla."

Layla cracked her eyes open upon hearing her lover's voice. Michelle was
still touching her own breasts, her eyes locked on the wet mound between
Layla's legs.

"Come here girl," Michelle breathed, "I want you." Layla knelt on the bed,
crawling over to her lover, one hand still working her breast. She straddled
Michelle's face, holding her legs apart wide for the other woman.

At the same time she positioned her face between the other woman's already
wide-spread legs, slapping Michelle's hand away. Michelle's displaced hand
slid up Layla's chest, finding one of her breasts and taking over massaging

Layla rested both of her hands on the mattress for support, bending her head
to run her tongue across Michelle's throbbing clit. Michelle did the same to
her, lapping up the wetness already between the lips.

They both moaned as they sunk their faces in each other's pussy, sucking and
licking hungrily. Michelle's powerful tongue soon pushing inside of Layla's
body, making the other woman's thighs quiver, her breath becoming more and
more labored.

Layla continued to suck on Michelle's clit, bringing her lover closer and
closer. They both grew hotter and hotter, their thoughts becoming barely
coherent, leaving them able only to focus unwaveringly on the actions of
their mouths and hands.

It was at the same time that they shot over the edge, their orgasm
simultaneously crashing over their bodies, the title wave of pleasure making
them rock wildly, both on the verge of passing out by the time the sheer
ecstacy began to fade.

Layla collapsed on top of her lover, her breath so labored she was sure she
was going to pass out from oxygen deprivation. It took several minutes before
she even had the energy to raise her head. Even then, all she could do was
roll off her lover and crawl up to the head of the bed before she collapsed
again, her arms falling over the chest of her lover as they both drifted off
into sleep.


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