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Glamazon Defeated
by Ken The Penguin (

Beth Phoenix stands stunned by her own achievement. She had just eliminated
the Great Khali! Turning around, she met CM Punk with a clothesline, and then
another. Pushing her luck, she picked him up and pushed him against the top
rope. Punk grabbed the turnbuckles, refusing to be eliminated. He shoved her
backwards, and picked her up onto his shoulders when she came back. A second
later, she came down, her head crashing against his knee.

Punk grabbed the unconscious woman by her blond hair, and his eyes caught her
cleavage. Beth's breasts were very full, very round. Punk ran his hand across
her ass as the crowd booed, and he was amazed at how strong yet soft it was.
Large but toned. Punk let go of her hair, and she fell flat to the mat. Punk
rolled her over onto her stomach, surveyed the booing crowd, and began to
untie the laces of her shirt. Punk ran his hands across her back, and slipped
her shirt from under her.

The crowd now issued out fewer boos, as most were stunned, and some even
cheered. Punk grinned, and kicked her over. Nearly the whole crowd exploded
at the marvelous site of the Glamazon's tits. Punk grabbed the hem of her
tights, and pulled. Her long, slender muscular legs came into view. Punk's
trunks weren't doing a good job of hiding his pleasure at seeing how Beth's
big butt swallowed up her pink panties.

As Punk grabbed onto it, Zack Ryder's music blasted into the arena. Ryder
slowly walked out, stunned at the sight before him in the ring. Punk beckoned
to him and then down to Beth. Ryder stood still for a second, before
sprinting down to the ring. Ryder slid in, and walked up to the fallen blond.
Ryder looked at Punk, who nodded. Ryder ran his hands across her breasts and
stomach before grabbing her panties and slipping them off, exposing her small
yellow bush. The crowd was going absolutely nuts now.

Punk sat as Ryder pulled up her hips. CM pulled down his own tights, which
caused the ladies of the audience to now cheer at the sight of his 8 1/2"
cock. Puckering her lips, he pushed his dick past her lips, onto her tongue
and down her throat. At the same time, Zack exposed his 6", and slammed into
the Glamazon's cunt. Punk gripped her hair tight as he face-fucked the blond,
shoving his cock deep down her throat. Ryder's hands were full with Beth's
fat ass, which he slapped and pinched as he rode her. Zack had heard she was
a dyke, and was guessing it was right due to her very dry and tight pussy,
though he was changing that.

As both mans pace quickened, music again thundered out. "It's time to play
the game!" HHH stepped out as Punk gave one final thrust and came down Beth's
throat, who sputtered to life, choking on his cum. Ryder grabbed the back of
her hair and pulled her head back roughly as he pulled out covered her ass
and lower back with his seed.

HHH rolled in, and looked from the two men to the crawling blond with cum
dripping down her backside and jaw. Pulling down his trunks, HHH remembered
she was a lesbian, but couldn't care less right now. He picked her up, and
she clocked him in the jaw. Beth tried to stand, but H kicked her in the gut
and pushed her head between his legs and grabbed her arms. He jumped, and her
face viciously crashed into the mat as he landed.

He rolled her over and mounted her, slamming his 10" sledgehammer into her
dripping pussy. She feebly raised her hand and draped it over the back of his
neck. He pounded her twat furiously, his hands grabbing her breasts and
pushing them down, as her body betrayed her. With little strength she tried
to fight it but as his thrusts went deeper and quicker her eyes rolled
backwards as her body thrust up against his meaty cock. Gripping the back of
his neck, and him gripping her tits, they came around each other. H rolled
off, and Punk and Ryder, who had been stroking their dicks watching the Game
slam into the Glamazon, covered her body with their cum.

Beth didn't even flinch or react as her body was cum on. The thick, white
glaze dripped off her breasts, down her stomach, made her face nearly

All the men looked up as Drew McIntyre's music sounded out. The Scotsman wore
a huge grin as sauntered down to the ring. H signaled to the to the others,
who lifted her up and placed her in the mid-turnbuckle, her shoulder touching
the steel and her great ass sticking out, her body in a spear position.
McIntyre wasted no time as he rolled in and pulled down his trunks, his very
thick, 8" dick erect. He grabbed her by the hips and drove home. Beth just
gripped the pole and hung her head, trying to stop the tears from falling.

She cursed her herself as she came again, biting her lip as she tried to stop
moaning. Her ass was groped tightly as another man took his place. Beth felt
him rubbing his prick on her snatch, and knew what he was planning to do.
Looking back at Punk, she begged no, but he grinned and penetrated her ass.
Beth screamed loud, the crowd cheered, and CM pushed her head down.

Beth felt the blood running down her lip from her intense biting of it, and
she thought her ass was going to explode. Her body did not betray her this
time, as she felt the unbelievable pain each time Punk thrust into her super
tight hole. Someone grabbed her head, and she looked up at Ryder, who crashed
his lips against hers. Beth did nothing as Zach invaded her mouth, his tongue
down her throat. "Thanks for the fuck, bitch." Zach taunted as he rolled into
the ring.

Dibiase came out running, grinning wide. Beth was spread in the middle of the
ring, and she waited. She was covered in cum, hurt, and beyond humiliated.
Dibiase spread her and began to pump into her, as she lost all her fight.
Music sounded, someone ran down, and she was fucked. It went on the whole
night. Finally, after Batista had torn apart her asshole, she was thrown limp
over the top rope, and the men battled.

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