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Go Daddy Go
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at the 2005 Great American Bash, SmackDown's former WWE Tag Team
Champions, MNM, consisting of Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro are hanging near
the locker room area with dejected looks on their faces. Both are dressed in
their powder blue colored wrestling pants and are shaking their heads for
earlier in the night they lost their Tag Team Titles to the latest version
of the Legion of Doom. Nitro pushes his hands through his black hair,
"Fuck... Melina is going to give us hell tonight..." Nitro says.

"Yeah I know... how did those two beat us?" Mercury asks with a look of

"How the fuck am I supposed to..." Nitro trails off as he looks at his tag
team partner and he sees the special referee of the Bra & Panties match,
Candice Michelle heading in their direction on way to the locker room area.
Nitro licks his lips, "Whew... go Daddy go..." Nitro says in a louder voice
than he intended.

The newest SmackDown diva, thanks to the RAW/SmackDown Brand trades, the Girl Candice Michelle pauses in hallway and presses her lips
together with a raised eyebrow as she turns slightly to Johnny Nitro "Did
you...ummm...say something?" Candice asks in a soft, seductive voice as
she's dressed in a tight-fitting, low-cut referee's top and a pair of
short, tight black bottom shorts. Candice places her hands on her smooth,
tanned waist as she looks at Johnny Nitro.

Johnny Nitro nods his head as he smirks, "Yeah I did... I say go daddy go..."
Nitro says as he tilts his head and looks at how tightly Candice low-cut
referee's top fits against her large, round chest.

Joey Mercury steps forward a bit and actually leans forward to get a good
look at Candice, "God Damn.... you are FINE!" Joey says with a smirk as he
stands up straight.

Candice blushes and presses her shoulders as she smiles sweetly, flashing her
alluring and gorgeous eyelashes "Why thank know many people say...
I'm too hot to handle..." Candice says with a cute laugh "I was too hot for
Eric Bischoff and RAW...that's why I'm here on SmackDown now."

Mercury and Nitro both laugh a bit as they folds their arms across their
smooth muscular chests. "That's easy to believe..." Mercury says with a bit
of a smirk as he licks his lips a bit.

Nitro raises his eyebrows slightly, "There's no way you're that too hot to
handle... then again... RAW is a second rate show..."

Candice Michelle presses her lips together as she slightly looks down a bit
"Teddy Long says...I have a lot of talent and skill to bring to SmackDown..."
Candice says as she slightly tosses her soft, silky black hair back.

Johnny Nitro smirks a bit, "Teddy Long says a lot of things... but me and
Joey are the ones who are going to be carrying SmackDown... we're the hottest
tag team on the scene..." Nitro says confidently.

"And you're... just hot..." Mercury adds with a bit of a smile, "Not like
that's a bad thing... but we'd just haven't seen what you could do yet..."

Candice smiles "You want to see what I can do?" Candice asks in a soft,
alluring voice.

Nitro nods his head, "Yeah Candice... we'd love to see what you're bringing
to SmackDown..."

Candice slowly licks her lips "Well...I can do this..." Candice says softly
before raises her right arm up and places her left hand on her hip as she
brings slowly, seducing twirl her body around as she does the hot, steamy
GoDaddy Girl dance.

Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury both nod their heads as they keep their eyes
on the smoking hot Candice Michelle as she performs her seductive GoDaddy
Girl dance. "That's one hell of a move..." Mercury says.

Nitro nods his head and licks his lips, "Oh yeah... but... what we want to
see... has to be... in a place more private..." Nitro says in a casual voice
as he puts his hands on his waist.

Candice raises her eyebrow as she smirks slightly "Oh really?" Candice
replies with a cute laugh "You want me to prove that I'm too hot to handle?"

Nitro nods his head as a big smile comes onto his face, "You got it... boy
you're smart..." Nitro says with a bit of a laugh.

Candice presses her lips together as she locks her eyes on Mercury and Nitro
"So...are you boys just going to stand there?"

Mercury and Nitro both laugh, "Hell no... c'mon... follow us...." Mercury
says as he and Nitro start to walk into the locker room area with Candice
behind them as they head to their locker room. Nitro pushes the door open
and Mercury enters first followed by Candice.

"Mmmmm this is going to be really something..." Nitro says as he closes the
locker room door.

Candice slowly turns around to face Mercury and Nitro as they both stare at
the gorgeous, stunning hot SmackDown Diva Candice Michelle. The GoDaddy Girl
bites down on her bottom lip as she looks down slightly "Now...are you sure
Melina won't be mad?"

Joey Mercury smirks, "She ain't going to be mad... she beat Torrie tonight
and she's off somewhere bragging about it..." Mercury replies as he and
Nitro both start unbuckling the large belts that they are wearing with their
wrestling pants.

Candice licks her lips as she watches Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury remove
their belts and begins to lower their matching powder blue wrestling tights
"Are you sure...she won't be mad?" Candice asks once again as she blushes a

Johnny Nitro smirks, "Yeah we're sure... we're positive..." Nitro says as he
and Mercury step out of their powder blue wrestling tights at the same time
and stand in front the newest SmackDown diva totally naked. The studdly
members of MNM place their hands on their hips as their nice, thick eleven
inch cocks hang down between their legs.

Candice licks her lips again as she lowers her head and locks her soft,
seductive eyes on the hard, thick shafts of Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro
" two are definitely hotties!" Candice says with a slight shriek
in her voice as she takes a step towards the two tag team partners, known
as MNM.

Johnny Nitro smirks and licks his lips as Candice steps towards himself and
Joey Mercury, "Of course we're definitely hotties.... we're the hottest team
on SmackDown!" Nitro says with a proud, slightly arrogant look on his face.

Candice licks her lips "Mmmm...yes you two are!" Candice says with a soft
smile as she kneels down on the floor in front of Joey Mercury and Johnny
Nitro. Candice reaches up and places her soft hands around the hard shafts
of Nitro and Mercury, taking Mercury into her left hand while Nitro is in
her right hand. Candice smiles up at Nitro and Mercury as she moves both of
her gentle, soft hands smoothly against their hard shafts

"Mmmm... oh yeah... this is going to be good..." Mercury moans a bit as
Candice's left hand moves back and forth along his smooth, hot, thick shaft.

"Oh yeah... mmmm show us what you got Candice..." Nitro groans as he winks
down at the former RAW Diva. Candice licks her lips as she tightens her grip
of her hands around both of their hard, thick shaft as she continues to
stroke their cocks, in an up and down motion before she leans her head
towards both cocks and gently flicks her tongue against the head of Mercury's
cock, before doing the same to Nitro's cock.

Both Nitro and Mercury let out soft, quick moans as Candice continues to go
back and forth, flicking her warm, wet, soft tongue against the heads of
their thick, hard cocks. "Ahhh fuck... mmmm that's pretty good for a
tease..." Mercury comments when Candice is flicking her tongue against the
piss slit of Nitro's cock. Candice smiles shyly as she looks up at Mercury
before she slaps her tongue against the head of Mercury's cock and begins to
gently circle her tongue around the head of his cock, while she moves her
right hand smoothly against Nitro's hard shaft as she casually lowers her
hand down his ballsack and begins to massage his ballsack while she circles
her wet tongue around the head of Mercury's cock.

Johnny Nitro licks his teeth as he wraps his right hand around his cock and
begins to stroke it as Candice massages and plays with his ballsack. "Mmmmm
boy... it really looks like she knows her way around a dick..." Nitro laughs
a bit.

Mercury smirks, "Make that two dicks..." Mercury moans as he corrects his tag
team partner. Mercury closes is eyes and groans as he enjoys Candice moving
her wet tongue around the head of his cock, covering it completely with her
warm saliva. Candice slowly closes her eyes as she opens her mouth and lowers
her head down on Mercury's hard, thick cock. Candice wraps her soft, pouty
lips around his shaft as she holds his cock in her warm, wet mouth and begins
to smoothly bob her head on Joey Mercury's cock while she works smooth right
hand against Johnny Nitro's hardened cock. "Ahhh... ohhh shit yea..." Joey
Mercury groans as he puts both of his hands on the back of his head as he
looks down to watch the GoDaddy Girl, Candice Michelle bob her head back and
forth on his thick meaty cock.

Johnny Nitro continues to stroke his own shaft as Candice pats his ballsack
with her right hand, "Oh yeah... that's quite nice of what you're showing..."
Nitro says with a smirk. Candice gently twists her head on Joey Mercury's
cock as she gently taps her tongue against his shaft while the GoDaddy Girl
begins to take his cock further into her mouth as she almost deep throats
Mercury's cock. While Candice begins to gradually deep throat his cock she
removes her right hand from around Nitro's cock, allowing herself to focus
on Mercury's hard, thick cock.

Nitro licks his lips as he lets go of his cock, "Mmm... keep sucking Joey's
dick Candice... I got something I gotta check out..." Nitro says as he steps
around Candice slightly so that he's standing behind the GoDaddy Girl. He
bends down and he pulls Candice up slightly so that is able to pull down her
tight black bottom short. Nitro lowers them all the way down Candice's
smooth, sexy legs and also pulls down the black-laced panties she's wearing
so that her gorgeous round ass is fully exposed. "Mmm that's one hell of an
ass..." Nitro says as he bends his knees and slips his fat cock into
Candice's pussy just as he puts his hands firmly on Candice's smooth, tanned

Candice moans softly against Joey Mercury's cock as she slightly steps
forward a bit, forcing her head further down on Mercury's hard cock.
Candice's warm saliva drips down on Mercury's cock as she quickly bobs
her head, causing her soft lips to rubs against the skin of his shaft
while Nitro places his hands on Candice's waist and begins to thrust his
cock into her pussy. "Ahhh... ohhh fuck yeah..." Joey Mercury moans as
he puts both of his hands onto Candice's head and he pushes her black
hair back as he begins to thrust his pelvis forward in order to thrusts
his cock in and out between Candice's lips.

Meanwhile, Johnny Nitro is giving Candice short, sharp thrusts as he quickly
starts to pick up momentum, "Uhh... ohhh shit... she's tighter than Melina!"
Nitro groans as he pulls Candice back slightly so that her ass cheeks brush
against his waist Candice moans against Joey Mercury's cock as she gently
begins to lap her wet, delicate tongue around Mercury's hard shaft as she
starts to slow her sucking pace down as she now slowly and gently sucks on
Mercury's cock. The stunning, gorgeous Girl begins to gently push
herself back against Nitro's hard, thrusting cock as he slams his cock deeper
and quicker into her hot, tight pussy. "Ahhh... ohhh fuck... Joey... you got
to try her pussy man... she's so fucking tight!" Johnny grunts as he drives
his cock balls deep into Candice Michelle's hot, tight pussy.

Joey licks his teeth, "Shit... I fucking want to man... hold on..." Joey
groans as he let's got of Candice's silky black hair and steps backward so
that his saliva covered cock falls out of the luscious SmackDown diva's warm,
moist, soothing mouth. Joey Mercury then heads over to a leather couch and
sits down on it, with his saliva coated cock pointing straight up between his

Candice opens her soft, gentle eyes and licks her lips as she locks her eyes
on Joey Mercury's hard, thick cock that is coated in her warm and wet saliva
"Mmmm...ohhh yesss..." Candice moans as Johnny Nitro delivers one sharp, hard
thrust to her pussy before he pulls out. Candice presses her lips together as
she looks over her shoulder at Nitro with a soft smirk before she begins to
make her way over to the leather couch, which Joey Mercury is sitting on.

Johnny Nitro slides a hand through his own long black hair, "Hey Candice...
can your ass take a cock like mine?" Nitro asks with a smirk as he walks
behind Candice as she makes her way over to the leather couch.

Candice tilts her head back and laughs sweetly "Ohhh...I don't
might..." Candice says in a teasing tone as she approaches the couch and
straddles herself on Joey Mercury's lap. The Girl, Candice
Michelle, gently and smoothly lowers herself down on Mercury's cock as
she sits on his lap. Candice closes her eyes and licks her luscious lips
"Mmmmmm..." Candice groans as her pussy tightens around Mercury's shaft
before the hot, stunning SmackDown Diva begins to rock back and forth on
his cock.

Joey Mercury grits his teeth as he feels Candice's tight pussy squeeze his
cock like a vice. "Ohhh fuck... that's tight as fuck!" Mercury groans as he
closes his eyes and takes a moment to compose himself before he starts to
lift up Candice's low-cut tight fighting referee top to reveal her large,
gorgeous tits as she moves on his hard, rigid shaft.

Candice tilts her head back and closes her eyes she begins to smoothly rock
her hot, stunning body on his cock as she gently jerks on his hard cock with
her warm, tight pussy "Ohhhh...mmmm yesss..." Candice moans as she begins to
bounce slightly on his cock.

"Ohhh shit... mmmm god damn..." Mercury moans as he puts his hands on
Candice's slender shoulders. Meanwhile behind Candice, Johnny Nitro licks
his teeth as he closes the distance between himself and the GoDaddy Girl.
He bends his knees again so that he start pushing the fat head of his cock
into Candice's super tight asshole.

Candice gently grits her teeth as Nitro eases his hard cock into Candice's
tight, soothing asshole "Ohhhhh shit!" Candice moans as she gently rocks back
against Nitro's cock causing her warm pussy to grind against Mercury's shaft
as she rocks back.

"Ahhh... mmmmm fuck..." Nitro grunts as he has to almost force his cock into
Candice's tight asshole as it stretches to accommodate the girth of his
shaft. Nitro lays his hands on Candice's slender waist and he begins pumping
his cock in and out of her ass, and with each thrust, Nitro is able to get
more and more of his cock into her asshole.

As Nitro begins to pump his cock quickly in and out of Candice's tight
asshole, it causes the GoDaddy Girl to bounce quickly on Mercury's cock as
she begins to slams down on his cock at a harder rate, taking him balls deep
into her tight pussy "Ohhhh ahhhh...mmmm oohhhh fuck!" Candice moans as she
begins to sweat while rocking into between the hot, muscular bodies of Johnny
Nitro and Joey Mercury.

Sweat drips down Mercury's body as he grits his teeth slightly "Ahhh... ohhh
yea... ohh fuck yeah..." Joey Mercury moans as he licks his lips. He cups
Candice's right breast with his left hand and leans his head in order to
start sucking on Candice's large tit as he starts thrusting his cock up into
Candice's hot, tight pussy. Johnny Nitro starts using harder and faster
thrusts, which make Candice move sharper on his tag team partner's shaft.

"Ohhhh...mmmm yesss!" Candice groans as she grits her teeth as her hot body
slams down on Mercury's hard cock, before she's pulled back against Nitro's
cock "Ohhhh fuck..." Candice closes her eyes as her sweet, tanned body drips
of sweat.

Johnny Nitro wipes some sweat from his forehead as he continues to drive his
cock in and out of Candice's hot, tight ass. "Ahhh... mmmm fuck... hey...
Joey... tag her ass man... I want to get her to suck my dick..." Nitro groans
as he slows down his thrusts before pulling his fat cock out of Candice's

"Sounds... fucking awesome to me..." Mercury groans after lifting his head
from Candice's sweat dripping tits.

Candice looks over her shoulder with a sly, cute smirk on her face as she
licks her lips "Mmmm Johnny...I'd love to suck that dick..." Candice groans.

Johnny Nitro grins a bit, "That's good... cause I love getting my dick
sucked..." Nitro laughs as he leans down a bit and lifts Candice up off of
his tag team partner's cock.

Mercury then grips his own throbbing prick and holds it stead as Nitro stands
Candice up and turns her around. Mercy then reaches forward and puts a hand
on Candice's ass, "Ok I'm ready back her... just sit on down..." Mercury says
as he lightly smacks the GoDaddy Girl's hot ass.

Candice laughs cutely as she slowly and gently sits down on Joey Mercury's
hard cock, taking him into her tight asshole immediately "Ohhhh shit..."
Candice moans as his hard cock enters her tight asshole. Joey Mercury leans
back on the couch completely as he reaches around Candice and puts his hands
on the front of Candice's flat, toned sweat covered stomach.

Johnny Nitro stands in front of Candice and he puts his right hand on her
shoulder. "Just lean forward Candice... show me you can go..." Nitro says as
he pulls Candice to lean forward so that his cock is right where she can take
it into her mouth. Candice presses her lips together as she leans forward and
opens her warm, saliva dripping mouth as she takes Johnny Nitro's hot, hard
cock into her wet mouth. Candice wraps her luscious lips around his cock and
begins to bob her head against his cock, while she gently grinds her cute,
rounded ass against Joey Mercury's cock as he begins to bounce the hot
SmackDown Diva on his hard cock.

"Ahhh... Ohhh yeah... Mmm fuck yea..." Mercury moans as Candice bounces up
and down on his cock. The veteran member of MNM grits his teeth and thrusts
his cock upward, so that it shoots sharply up into Candice's tight asshole.

Johnny Nitro slides his hands through Candice's silky black hair as the hot
SmackDown Diva bobs her head up and down on his throbbing cock. "Uhhh... Ohhh
shit... Ahh yeah... Mmm suck that dick Candice..." Nitro moans as he thrusts
his cock forward into her mouth.

Candice closes her eyes as she taps her tongue against Nitro's shaft as she
quickly bobs her head against his hard, throbbing cock. "Mmmm...mmmm..."
Candice softly moans as she bounces quickly on Mercury's cock that is deep
inside of her asshole, while her hot and tanned body drips of sweat.

"Ahhh... ohhh shit... fuck... me..." Mercury groans loudly as he grits his
teeth. He arches back a bit as he leans back on the couch as he starts to cum
inside of Candice's hot, tight asshole as she continues to bounce on his cock
as he fills her asshole with his hot cum. Candice gently places her teeth
against Nitro's shaft as she smoothly bobs her head on his cock, while she
feels the warm cum of Joey Mercury flood her tight asshole.

Johnny Nitro flips Candice's silky black hair back as he clenches his teeth.
"Ahh... ohhh shit... fuck Candice... you can go!" Nitro moans as his cock
erupts and his shoots a large amount of sticky warm cum into Candice's mouth.
which drips out slightly as she continues to bob her head on his shaft.
Candice moans softly against Nitro's cock as she tilts her head back,
swallowing the warm load of Johnny Nitro's cum. Candice slowly lifts her head
up from Nitro's cock and licks her lips clean. Candice smiles at Nitro as she
gently rocks back against Mercury's cum-released cock that remains inside of
her tight asshole.

Nitro licks his lips as looks at Candice as she sits back on Mercury's cock.
"Man... fuck... you're really hot..." Nitro groans as he puts his hands on
his waist as he catches his breath.

"Yeah... totally..." Joey Mercury says, nodding his head in agreement with

Candice smiles as she presses her shoulders up cutely "I'm not just hot...
I'm too hot to handle...and SmackDown will find that out..."


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