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Featuring: Alicia Fox (WWE Raw), Evan Bourne (WWE Raw)

Going Into Overtime
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Wachovia Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, the first
match of the night has ended on the October 5, 2009 edition of Monday Night
RAW, which featured almost all of the WWE Divas being involved in a wild yet
entertaining match set up by Guest Host Ben Roethlisberger. But for one
female making her way through the corridors, she was far than happy with the
outcome of it.

"Stupid football nobody..." The sassy and arrogant Alicia Fox grumbles,
holding the back of her head as she comments on the "Diva Bowl" match she was
just involved with which saw he lose, again, to Mickie James. "Putting me in
a dumb match like that..." She complains to herself, heading back to the
Divas locker room dressing her football-themed gear of tight, black leggings
that reach the knees and fit perfectly to her juicy ass, black boots, and a
snug white jersey-like top that hugs her large, rounded chest.

As she turns a corner she almost walks straight into the handsome high flyer
Evan Bourne who's clad in his jeans and smart black shirt, clearly not
dressed to compete tonight. "Hey, easy there." Evan says.

"Oh what do you care?" She snaps at him. "I bet you were like all those dumb
fans, cheering whatever his name is that's hosting tonight's show and
cheering for James and her crew of losers!"

"Don't sugar coat it!" He jokes. "I think Ben Roethlisberger hasn't done too
badly tonight. I've got a night off, and you've got to admit, those outfits
you and the Divas have on look pretty hot, right?"

She smirks, tossing her curly, well-kept hair back. "Of course I look hot, I
always do." She says, not even giving him a second look as she struts past

She walks on for a bit, but stops when she feels that Evan might not have
walked away as well. She's right, as she looks over her shoulder and catches
him blatantly checking her ass out.

"Hey!" She snaps, getting his attention. "What do you think you're doing?"

"What?" He says with a cheeky grin. "Take it as a compliment, you've got a
nice ass and I was just, you know, admiring it."

"Please, you wouldn't know what to do with a booty like mine." She smirks
back, putting her hands on her hips.

"Oh really? If that's a challenge then I accept it, because I know I can."
She motions for him to follow her with a finger. "All right then, let's see
what you've got then Evan..."

* * *

Moments later in an empty locker room, the now shirtless Evan Bourne is sat
on a folding chair and is watching with a big smile as in front of him Alicia
Fox is putting on a show for him. Hooking her thumbs into the edge of her
bottoms, she begins to bend over forwards, lowering the football-themed
leggings and slowly revealing her perfectly rounded and sexy ass, completely
bare with not even a thong to cover her so her smoothly shaved pussy is on
display as well. The handsome, high flying Superstar licks his lips at the
sight, the clear invitation too good to pass up as he places his hands on her
hips and moves his face right up to her backside. She stops pulling down her
clothing that's stretching as she spreads her legs a little more, leaving it
at just above knee height as her hands go up to rest on top of his, brushing
her fingers over his and looking over her shoulder at him with a coy smirk
and a nod of the head for him to continue.

He smiles back before turning his gaze to the bronzed orbs just an inch away
from his face, planting a soft kiss onto her left cheek, shortly followed by
another, before a third that's deeper as she can feel his mouth open first
and a brief flick of his tongue. Then it's the right side that gets the same
treatment as Evan inducts himself into a "Kiss My Ass" club that every
Superstar on the roster would gladly sign up for, his clearly experienced
mouth working over her more than ample posterior with kisses all over. His
hands are still holding her, but soon they are lifted up by the native of
Florida who seems to want a whole lot more from him, placing his hands right
onto her ass. He smirks again up at her, the look returned as she now puts
her hands on her sultry hips, an eyebrow raised as she challenges him to show
her what he's capable of doing to her.

Squeezing her cheeks for a moment, he spreads them apart before putting his
face right in, using a long lick with his tongue from the top off her pussy
all the way up to the very top of her crack, making her groan when he passes
over her asshole. He repeats the motion in reverse, dragging his soft, nicely
damp tongue back down and this time further to travel across her snatch, a
slight moan muffled by her pressed together lips. He gives her sexy ass
another good squeeze before releasing his hold with her right hand, raising
it up so her can give her cheek a hard spank which makes her gasp for a
moment, before she smiles showing she liked it, and showing her sassy nature
she gives her ass a little shake, moving it from side to side to show ready
for plenty more where that came from.

For now though, the gravity-defying star of Raw spreads her butt apart once
more, diving in and this time putting his mouth right onto the entrance to
her back passage, a deep kiss that makes her shiver with pleasure to feel his
lips on her most private area. With his hands groping her gorgeous behind and
kisses being planted on and around her asshole she can't help but moan, eyes
half closed as she looks back at the handsome young stud making out with her
perfectly rounded and smooth backside. Keeping herself in this bent over
standing position, she keeps one hand on her hip while the other moves
downward, under and along her toned waist before reaching her pussy, brushing
across her folds as she feels the pleasure from his skilled oral work.

There's much more on the way though as he kicks things up a gear, pulling his
face out from her ass crack for a moment so he can stick his tongue right
out, before using it to give a few quick licks all the way up and down
between her cheeks, brushing against the sides and across the puckered
entrance to her backdoor. She moans again, anticipation building as she knows
what's coming next and it's almost felt like she's been waiting a lifetime
for it rather than the few minutes since this locker room sex session
started. He doesn't give her what she wants just yet though, teasing a little
bit longer by slowly trailing her tongue around her asshole to lick all the
way around it, going clockwise for a few rotations before going in the
opposite direction and repeating the process.

She groans in frustration, biting down on her bottom lip as part of her wants
to throw him down onto the floor, plant her ass right onto his handsome face
and make him eat her butt out right now, but the other is loving that
although she started out being in control, or at least she thought she was,
he's now in the driving seat and is certainly knowing exactly how to drive
her wild. Rubbing her pussy, she can feel herself getting wet even from just
initial oral work, a sure sign of his skill if that and the fact that her
nipples are hard and poking through her white top are anything to go by.

Then he ventures right in, placing his mouth directly onto the puckered
entrance and forcing his clearly experienced and perfectly sized tongue
straight into her, moaning a little as he tastes her most private of holes.
Likewise she groans at the sensation, a contented sigh after being worked up
for so long that feeling him finally start to dine on her sexy butt is divine
from the start and it's only going to continue. Working his tongue in as far
as he can, with his face deep between her spread cheeks, he starts to lick
around inside her back passage, twirling his tongue around as best he can as
she's extremely tight, not letting him get her completely the way he wants.
Another challenge like that simply makes it all the more hotter, as if
licking the ass of one of the hottest women on television isn't arousing

She certainly notices how excited he's become, the large bulge in his pants
clear to see as he sits spread legged, all his attention on tasting her butt.
Keeping one hand on her dampening pussy to keep her going, she bends down a
little bit more, arm extended and able to use her flexibility to reach and
grab his package, giving it a squeeze through his clothing that makes him
moan into her ass. He responds by groping her cheeks, pulling his head out
slightly to quickly lap his tongue against her asshole for a few moments,
before diving back in, plunging his tongue deep into her butt. She licks her
lips, moaning as she enjoys his work on her, and showing her appreciation she
starts to rub his clearly large and long cock through his ring pants,
smoothly jerking him off through the material with slow but steady movements
back and forth.

The former wedding planner on SmackDown closes her eyes with a sexy smirk,
pushing her fantastically rounded behind back into the gorgeous face of the
man pushing his tongue so deep into her ass that he might be trying to drill
for oil in it. Rubbing her sexy ebony cheeks against him, she shows great
ability by being able to do that slowly and surely, and also to have her
hands working with on squeezing and rubbing his meaty-feeling dick through
his pants and the other pleasing herself with teasing fingers running across
her snatch. The Slammy award-winner for best finisher is enjoying this all as
well, surprised still how his flirtatious comment could have led to him with
his tongue right up her ass, eating her out and if that's just the start then
he can't wait to continue. Giving her ass a quick spank as he dines on her
makes her groan for a moment, eyes opening and grinning coyly as she lets go
of his member, rising up until she back standing up.

"Evan, you dirty little hunk!" Alicia says as she pushes his head away gently
with a hand to the forehead. "I would have never thought you were such a
little butt muncher."

"What can I say?" Evan says with a smile. "Like I said, when it's one as good
as yours..." He adds as he removes his jeans, pulling them down to his feet.

"Complements are going to get you far..." She says as she turns around,
spying his freed and rock hard cock that is standing proud at a massive
twelve inches long. She grins, licking her lips. "Shit! You're packing too?
Oh, that's going right up my ass now!"

"You sure?" Bourne questions as she starts to climb onto his lap, his dick
resting between her juicy cheeks. "I mean, you really think you can just take
all of me up you dry?"

Fox doesn't answer him, flashing a sassy, confident smile as she lifts her
hips up, reaching down and steadying his meaty shaft so it's in line to her
backdoor. Lowering herself back down, she groans as she feels the tip of his
dick press against her asshole, slightly rocking her hips to rub his bell end
against the sensitive entrance. He licks his lips, reaching up and cupping
her gorgeous, smooth ass and in reply she reaches across and puts her hand on
his shoulders. Now she lowers herself down further, hissing before biting
down on her bottom lip as the bulbous head penetrates her, not going any
further as her tightness isn't budging at all, not helped by the only lube
being Evan's prior tongue work on her.

The St. Louis native moans, feeling her vice-like passage clamped completely
around his cock like it's trying to snap his manhood right off his body,
unable to take his eyes of the half-naked Diva on his lap who has her eyes
tightly shut, perhaps regretting rushing straight into some anal action so
soon. Yet she's not stopping, rocking her hips back and forth as she grinds
herself slowly downward, gradually working bit by bit of him inside her,
forcing her own ass to accept his fantastically sized cock. Her hands gently
rub his shoulders and a moan escapes her lips as takes about three or four
inches of him into her tight hole, looking down over her shoulder to see how
her butt looks with his shaft stuck up it, an approving smirk forming on her
cute face before looking back to her friend-turned-fucking partner for
tonight and giving him a naughty wink.

Leaning forward slightly, she starts to bounce her hot black ass on his thick
white fuck stick, very slowly moving upward so just the head of his cock
remains firmly in her before lowering herself down until she groans in slight
pain, pleasure, and frustration as her anal passage refuses for the moment to
accept more of the dick she craves right now. With every motion she makes,
gasps and little cries escape her mouth as she attempts to block out the
pain, refusing to give up when she has such a huge piece of man meat to use
to potentially pleasure her ass, even though she's forgotten that this
started out with her challenging him to give it to her. For now she's going
to continue with this determined, feisty method as she works over his dick
with her ass, her cheeks pushing back into his slightly groping hands every
time she drops down.

Although he's enjoying the friction being applied around his cock and the
snug fit in her butt, he can clearly see that she's not getting as much
enjoyment from this at the moment as he is, and being the man he is, it would
be wrong for him not to give back some what he's being given by the sexy
former bikini model. Moving his hands around, he lifts up her white football-
themed top, revealing her very large and sexily rounded breasts, topped with
perfectly sized and hard nipples that are begging to be played with and
licking his lips he starts to do just that. Cupping one tit he brings the
plentiful flesh up to his mouth, taking the hardened bud inside and sucking
deeply on it, gaining the desired effect already as she moans, her hands
going onto the back of his head to draw him closer in.

With this rush of desire from his tasting of her chest she starts to work her
ass some more onto his cock, her bouncing gaining a quicker pace as she
resumes the far from easy task of forcing her back passage to swallow up his
magnificent dick. It seems to be working as her movements are still slow and
steady, but they are now a whole lot smother as she's able to handle a good
five or so inches of him in her, now a case of pushing it in deeper so her
whole ass accepts it. She moans, eyes closing as she feels slight pleasure
now from riding him with her tight, perfectly sized and rounded ass, a whole
lot from him licking and groping her titties, but it's clear she's not going
to be happy until she's somehow managed to drop herself down to his balls and
at this rate that may be a long time to come yet.

On the other hand, Bourne is loving the entire situation and would prefer
this to continue for as long as possible, and why wouldn't he? He has one of
the hottest Divas on the roster on his lap who's fucking his dick with her
tight, juicy ass and moaning lustfully as she does so, and at the same time
he's getting free range to lick, suck, kiss, grope, and do anything else he
wants to on her huge, sexy boobs. With one hand remaining on her front to
allow him to keep lashing his skilled tongue around her nipples, the other
moves around back to her shifting butt to give it a firm, deep squeeze that
makes her groan before she shows she doesn't mind, pushing her cheeks out
slightly to invite him to get some more of her.

The stunning ebony beauty from Florida's current vocal range is merely
grunts, groans and slight cries of pleasure as even though he's giving her
breasts an oral work over that would make most ordinary women cum right there
and then, her frustration at not getting all of the ass pounding she wants is
really getting to her. Nothing short of perfection will do here, even though
the fact that she's able to handle the six inches of his thick dick up her
anal hole is impressive alone and there's been nothing wrong with the steady
raising and lowering motion she's been using on him that's got her this far.
Her whole, perfectly curved and toned body is rocking back and forth in the
handsome Superstar's lap, grinding her butt back into his cock and pushing
her large chest into his face and it's only the gritted teeth and clenched
shut eyes that show she's far from experiencing complete satisfaction from
this right now.

Seeing what looks to him like discomfort, Bourne grabs her by the hips,
pulling her up and off of his mighty, thick dick that makes her groan and
slightly glare at him.

"What are you doing??" She demands as she's set down on he floor. "I was
nearly there!"

"You were nowhere near that." He states with a smile. "Face it, I'm more than
you're used to."

"Oh, I get it!" She smirks back, before reaching and completely pulling her
top off and tossing it aside. "You think I can't handle you?"

Before he can even reply, Alicia has dropped down to her knees in front of
him, her hands on his thighs and opening her mouth she takes his cock inside,
not having a problem with going from ass to mouth as she starts to suck him
off, her perfect chocolate lips wrapped snugly around his long, white shaft.
Moaning she flicks her tongue around him inside her mouth, tasting her own
back passage of his cock and rather than be repulsed, it seems it turns her
on as she works it over even more.

Groaning in delight, the young, hung high flyer of Raw puts a hand on her
head, running his fingers through her long, curly hair as she begins to bob
her head smoothly along his cock, feeling her lips grind against his shaft as
she already works over almost the exact same amount of him that she had deep
in her ass a few moments ago. She's certainly handling him a lot better than
she was moments ago, smooth movements up and down with no resistance and she
could easily go further and take more of him in, but she's not only trying to
prove a point here, but also to get this huge piece of man meat ready for the
main event. She's using plenty of tongue action not just to clean off the
taste of her ass from him, but to get his dick nice and wet for what's to
come. She's already getting there, with the top six inches of him coated with
a soothing layer of her warm saliva.

Moving her pretty face closer down towards his crotch, she takes more and
more of his vastness into her willing and able mouth, sliding ten inches of
it inside before quickly rising back upward so only his bell end remains and
here she's right back downward again. All the while her tongue works
feverishly all around the shaft, leaving no part untouched in her mission to
ensure it's soaked and she's certainly doing that, as her saliva is trickling
past her pouty lips and right down his cock and onto his balls and crotch.
Speaking of wet, the hot, sassy Diva's pussy is soaking wet as well,
completely turned on by this sexual act combined with all that's gone on
before, but teasing herself she's not even touching herself, hands remaining
on his thighs, slightly rubbing them as she continues to go to work on his
rock hard length.

Evan licks his lips with a moan, using his hands to brush her hair out of the
way so he can get an unrestricted view of her giving him a better than a pro
porn star blowjob, lightly holding her head afterwards to gently bring her up
and down in time with her own movements to aid her as she handles almost all
of him in her expert mouth. Almost isn't quite enough for him though, and he
starts to push his hips upward, sending his cock right into her mouth so his
balls smack into her dampened chin and the head of his manhood touches the
back of her mouth so she's deep throating all of his thick, twelve inch cock.

Alicia groans as she keeps her head smoothly bobbing along him, keeping her
eyes closed as she feels him pumping his massive tool into her greedy, damp
mouth as she continues to deeply suck him, making loud, naughty slurping
sounds as the soaked member passes between her plump lips. The perfectly
curved female wrestler is slightly rocking her whole body back and forth as
she puts plenty of effort into this erotic task, the hot, wet sucking of his
dick ensuring that it will be ready to pound her ass like they both want to
happen. His dick is now totally soaked with her saliva that's dripping down
off her chin and onto her large tits that slightly shake from her rocking
movements, and both gorgeous WWE stars are starting to sweat from all the
effort and energy they are using up to keep up this pace.

"Damn Alicia!" Evan exclaims with a grin, letting go of her head. "I never
said you couldn't, but now I know you can take it."

She lifts her head up, taking much needed deep breath before smiling back.
"Well, now I've proved to you, how about you prove to me what you can do?"
She challenges, playfully giving his dick one last lick.

"Gladly!" He says, standing up and pushing the chair away, clearly ready to
get on with it.

Turning around, the stunning ebony beauty of Raw assumes the position,
getting onto her hands and knees before looking back behind her with a
naughty yet confident smirk with a slight lick of her lips. She slowly sways
her juicy behind from side to side, not for the first time taunting him to
bring it and putting an exclamation mark on it by raising a hand up and
spanking her ass herself. Watching him get down and kneel behind her almost
makes her moan as she feels his cock brushing against her butt and between
her cheeks, but she patiently waits for him to get going, using the time to
take an unashamedly long look at his muscular and desirable body.

Placing his hands on her well rounded, gorgeous ass and spreading her smooth
cheeks apart, he smirks down at the sight of her exposed ass hole and her wet
pussy, before he spits down into the entrance of her back passage, making her
groan as she feels his soothing saliva splash into her sensitive hole.
Carefully lining himself up, he spends no more time teasing as he pushes
himself right forward, forcing his thick cock into her ass so over half of
his shaft gets lodged deep inside her, causing them both to moan with lust as
they enjoy the feeling. With a big smile, she starts already to push herself
back towards him, looking to fuck herself on his dick in case he doesn't get
to work quickly enough for her liking. He cuts her off through by spanking
her behind hard, making her gasp for a moment and jolt forward slightly
before she looks back at him, narrowing her eyes at him and about to say
something, but all that comes out of her mouth is a long moan as he begins to
pump her.

Hands firmly on her perfect butt, he starts to fuck her with firm, quick
thrusts as his shaft moves in and out of her with far more smoother and
deeper movements than the prior anal action, almost no resistance at all so
he can go as hard, fast, and as far into her as he likes. He's taking control
now though, and doesn't want to go all out just yet, so he's going to use
this steady but not too slow pace that has about eight inches of his mighty,
white cock driving forward and back from her hot, black ass. His hips rock
back and forth, his nicely sized ball sack slightly swaying as he has his
gaze on her cheeks, squeezing them and slightly digging his fingers into the
more than ample flesh as he takes the groaning Diva from behind.

Eyes closed and mouth slightly open, Alicia is slightly pushing her body back
towards his thrusts, hoping that he will start to really pound her tight
little ass like there's no tomorrow, but the way he's giving it to her right
now just feels to good to even make her think about stopping him. Reaching
down between her legs, she starts to play with herself, shoving two fingers
right into her already wet pussy and working her wrist back and forth from
the fingertips to the knuckles. Using her other arm to keep herself on her
hand and knees, she continues to have her ass slightly raised up so he can
pump her deeply, biting her bottom lip slightly and groaning as he spanks her
ass once again.

Moaning himself, he can't hold himself back anymore and catches her off guard
by pulling his dick almost completely out before he slams straight forward,
his groin and waist smacking into her thick butt cheeks as he goes balls deep
into her, the smack of skin hitting skin drowned out by their loud, porn star
moans of pleasure. Hands still glued to her ass, he starts to really pound
her with hard, quick thrusts in and out with never anything less than nine
inches remaining in her and his whole, proud length inside her each time he
pushes forward. Her back passage is tight enough to make his cock fit snugly
around him with enough friction to keep him going and hard, but not enough to
make it painful even with the force behind each thrust.

With her ass raises right up and her upper body now lying down on the bare
locker room floor, the former contender for the Divas Championship has given
up on trying to take control of this, letting him sexually dominate her ass
and she's more than willing to be submissive to this kind of expert ass
fucking that she's taking. Her large tits grind against the floor as her body
jolts forward from his thrusts, one arm on the floor just in front of her
while the other makes sure she carries on deeply fingering herself, her
soaking wet pussy begging for more attention and gets it in the form of a
third finger. With sweat forming all over her athletic, curvy body, all she
can do is moan as her pretty face slightly rests against the floor, thinking
to herself that if this isn't perfection then she doesn't want to know what

He's feeling the effects as well, sweat dripping off his face as he gives it
his all with long, deep, unrelenting thrusts into her tight ass with more
intensity than any match he's ever been it, and this is certainly a
championship performance with the way he's pleasing her ass to reduce the
sassy, arrogant Diva to nothing but moans and groans. His balls are smacking
against her cheeks every time he slams forward, with all twelve inches of his
magnificent manhood firmly put inside her before being slightly moved out
only to quickly repeat the motion. Seeing her in this position with her
usually well kept hair now messy and her skin almost shining with the sweat
that coats her is driving him wild but he's holding off, continuing to take
her butt hard and fast for as long as he can, and the fact that he hasn't
exploded already is an achievement in itself, once that she appreciates if
her deep, long moans are anything to go by.

With her breathing getting to its heaviest, Alicia Fox's mouth hangs open so
her final moans can fall out as she finally succumbs to a much needed orgasm
that has her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Her pussy clamps around
her fingers, juices pouring out and around the pumping digits to splash over
her hand, wrist, and down her arm with a little dripping off and down onto
the floor. Subconsciously, her free hand is patting the ground, tapping out
as she submits to the sexually superior Superstar but she's couldn't care
less about that, she's riding out the wave of pleasure that's running all
through her, fingers still lodged and moving inside her tight snatch as he
remains deep inside her.

Indeed, Evan Bourne has carried on pounding her tight, sexy ebony ass while
she came, but the sensation of her back passage clamping tightly around his
thick, foot long, white cock is too much for him to handle, and he's got no
intentions of pulling out or slowing down, so there's only one outcome for
this position. He continues to thrust and grope her butt cheeks as he reaches
his own sexual high, his cock twitching for a few moments before he shoots
his load deeply into her back passage, stream after stream of thick, hot jizz
flowing into her behind and filling her up to the brim. She groans as she
feels her cum flow inside her, trying to wiggle her hips to adjust but his
grip keeps her in place as he gradually slows himself down as his last drops
of spunk go out of his dick to sooth her well fucked ass.

Slowly pulling his softening shaft out of her back passage, he smirks as he
watches cum trickle out from her asshole and go down between her cheeks as
she almost collapses completely down to the floor, exhausted by the fucking
she's just taken. Evan has lots still in him though, as he's able to walk
around and kneel down in front of her, lifting her tired head up enough to
brush his cock head against her lips, painting them with the cum that's been
left on his bell end.

"Mmmm... You fucker..." Alicia manages to moan out, licking his jizz from her
lips as she starts to push herself up from the floor. "OK, you win; you can
have my ass any time you want to... Now, get yourself dressed and take me
back to the hotel we're all at tonight."

"The having your ass part sounds like a fair deal..." Evan says, helping her
up to her feet. "But taking you back? I didn't fuck you so hard that you
can't walk?"

She smirks at him, running a hand over his chest. "Evan honey, tonight is
football themed. You and I are going to go deep into overtime..."

* * *

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