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Golden Goddess
by ThatWrestlingFanWrites

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville had been given another full week off. Mandy complained to management about her lack of house shows and media appearances, but she was pleased to learn they were still paying her for the full week and decided to give her extra time off so she'd be more than ready for the upcoming PPV.

Mandy used her extra time away from the ring to spend more time with Sonya. They were always together on the road, but she loved getting to be at home simply relaxing with her and not having to worry about catching a flight on time to make a show. The couple spent their week going to the gym, cuddling and watching movies, and even going on their first official date; They were very careful not to act too affectionate while in public to keep wandering eyes from noticing they were more than business partners. Though Sonya understood why Mandy insisted they keep things professional in public, it still bothered her she wasn't allowed to tell people she was dating Mandy. It would bring her so much joy to not only have people happy for her, but see the jealous male wrestling fans' outcry when they find out their celebrity crush is in a committed relationship. And with a woman no less.

Now Friday evening, Mandy and Sonya were preparing an eggplant Parmesan recipe Sonya had been insisting on making for the two of them. Cooking dinner together was something they both loved doing as a couple. Mandy would cut and sort vegetables while Sonya put everything together and cooked the ingredients.

Mandy finished slicing the eggplant into even portions. She slid the thin cuts to her girlfriend, smiling proudly at the excellent work she did. "All ready, babe," Mandy said cheerfully. "I can't wait to see how this all comes together."

Sonya used a wooden spoon to gently scoop some home made sauce she created for the dish. She turned to Mandy. "Try some?" She brought the spoon to Mandy's lips. Sonya grinned when Mandy's eyes widened, hopefully from how much she enjoyed it. "Like it?" Sonya asked.

Mandy nodded her head. "Yes. That's amazing, Sonya. How do you know how to make all this from scratch?"

Sonya shrugged. "It's an Italian thing. It's in my blood. I guess by birth Italians are the best cooks."

"I've read somewhere Italians are the best lovers too," Mandy wrapped her left arm around Sonya's waist. "I know for a fact that's true."

Sonya chuckled. "Thanks, baby. I guess you're not too bad yourself."

Mandy scoffed, bringing harder laughter from her girlfriend. "Oh, really? I'll have you know I am a goddess. In the bedroom and everywhere else. Anybody, guy or girl, would consider it a personal blessing to even get the offer to see me naked."

Sonya shut the stove off. She turned to face her smaller lover, scooped her up from under her legs, and set her on a spot on the counter that wasn't being used for dinner preparation.

"Belive me, beautiful," Sonya gently pressed her lips to Mandy's. "I consider every moment we spend together a privilege and a blessing. I don't understand why you put up with me; You honestly could do a hundred times better, male or female. The fact that I'm standing in your kitchen, cooking you dinner, is unbelievable."

Mandy bowed her head and giggled. "I hate how easily you pick me up."

"It's because you're so little, babe," Sonya lifted Mandy's chin and kissed her a second time. "Don't worry, it's one of your best traits."

"What would you say is my best trait?" Mandy asked.

"Your ass, for sure." Sonya chuckled.

Mandy rolled her eyes. "Oh, ha ha, Sonya. That's real sweet of you."

"Baby, you know I'm just teasing," Sonya slid her hands up Mandy's legs and took her hands in hers. "The best thing about you? I'd say how you show your real side to people you're close to. You're bossy, sassy, and mean to everyone else. But with just me, you're the sweetest girl I've ever met. You make me laugh, smile, and feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world. That's my favorite thing about being with you."

Mandy really struggled not to declare her undying love for Sonya after she said that. Mandy felt love for her personal protection that she hadn't felt for anyone. It wasn't just the sex. Though that was amazing, Mandy loved being around and with Sonya. If Mandy was having a long day, Sonya would offer to give her a much needed foot massage or buy her a cup of her favorite coffee. If Mandy ever felt low, Sonya would be there to hold her and tell her all the reasons she thought she was a goddess until she felt better. Sonya really was the perfect lover for Mandy, but Mandy feared that telling her these feelings may drive her away.

"That is the correct answer," Mandy cooed. "You're not too bad yourself either."

Sonya threw her head back, laughing hard at Mandy's quick and witty sarcasm.

"I'm happy to see you smiling again," Mandy said once Sonya had settled down. "You seemed pretty upset since Tuesday. And you haven't begged to jump my bones since after RAW. You don't find me unbearably irresistible anymore?"

"Oh, fuck no, that's not what's wrong," Sonya said. "I peep on you in the shower everyday, just because I love looking at your body."

"I can start walking around naked if you want," Mandy snickered. "But, could you tell me why you've been so bummed out then?"

Sonya sighed. "It's nothing you've done wrong. I just wish I could tell people you and I are together. My mom calls me every once in awhile wondering when I'm going to finally settle down and find a girlfriend. I want to tell her I have one, but I don't want to mess up your reputation in WWE either."

"Do you think that means I don't like you or something?" Mandy asked.

Sonya shrugged. "Sometimes. We have a good day, then you remind me not to tell anyone and I... Kinda feel like..." Sonya wiped away the tears forming in her eyes. The last thing she wanted to do was cry in front of Mandy. "Like you might break up with me."

Mandy's heart broke. There this girl was, begging to be loved, and all Mandy did was make her feel the complete opposite. For maybe the first time in her life, Mandy felt guilty.

"Hey," Mandy placed her hands on either side of Sonya's face, bringing her gaze to connect with her own. "Don't ever think for a second that I want to break up with you. You are the best person I've ever dated. And not just because you're a god in the bedroom," Sonya chuckled tearfully at that. Mandy continued. "You cook for me. You carry my bags. You do most of the chores around the house, and I find that super sexy for some reason. And you treat me like a goddess. It was just a nickname I came up with because I think, and know, I'm better than most people. But you treat me like royalty. You act as though I'm an actual goddess."

"'Cause you are." Sonya muttered.

"You are the perfect woman..." Mandy swallowed hard, starting to feel her own tears start to fill her eyes. "And I love you because of that." Sonya's tearful, red eyes widened. "I love you," Mandy repeated. "I love you, Sonya Deville. Don't you ever think I'm leaving you, ever again. You can call your mom and tell her I'm super gay for you. I'll tell the whole world myself, if you want..."

Sonya lunged forward, connecting the two young women's lips in a kiss full of fiery passion and desire. Finally, after over a year as her partner, and just a few weeks as lovers, Sonya got to hear the one sentence she wanted from Mandy. "I love you too," Sonya whispered. "I'll tell my mom, babe, but you don't have to tell the whole world. You're my whole world."

"Did you really just use that line on me? Oh my god, baby, you are such a dork," Mandy pecked Sonya on her forehead. "But you're my dork. And I love you for being such a dork."

Sonya's chest felt like a fire had sparked in her heart. "I can't believe Mandy Rose just told me she loves me." She meant to think, but said out loud.

"I can't believe it took me this long to tell you." Mandy traced her fingertips over Sonya's left arm. "You know what I wanna do right now?"

Sonya smirked. "What's that?"

"I want you to finish dinner while I open a bottle of wine. Then I want us to eat dinner, then cuddle in bed, maybe make out a little, then fall asleep in your arms."

"You're my girlfriend, Mandy," Sonya kissed her girlfriend's cheek. "I'm already pretty lucky."

Mandy nodded her head. "Yes, you are. Now help me down so I can get that wine."

Sonya helped Mandy off the counter. Mandy raised herself on her toes, gave Sonya another deep tongue laden kiss, then skipped to her wine collection at the opposite side of the kitchen.

Saturday morning: The birds were chirping, the sunshine was peaking through the curtains, and much to Sonya's sexual horror she woke up duct taped to the head and foot board of Mandy's bed.

"What the fuck?!" Sonya exclaimed. Her feet were spread out, each ankle taped securely to opposite corners of the bed. Her hands were taped behind her head to the metal bars the head board was made of. "Mandy? Mandy!" Sonya called, not sure if this was a prank by her or someone had broken into the house and taped her up for God knows what reason. Thankfully, she was still in her t-shirt and sweat pants and nothing felt too out of the ordinary.

The bathroom door creaked open. "Yes, baby?" Mandy poked her head from within and asked.

Sonya was granted semi-relief seeing Mandy was alright. "Why am I tied up to the bed?" She demanded.

Mandy slowly shuffled out of the bathroom and up to the bed. "Huh," Mandy placed her hands on her hips. "That is really strange. You didn't do this to yourself?"

"Are you being fucking serious?" Sonya gasped. "This isn't funny. How did you tie me up without waking me?"

"You're a heavy sleeper, babe," Mandy said. "Besides, I didn't do this. I'd never think of something like this. A goddess, on the other hand, she'd definitely think of something like this."

"Oh for fuck's sake, Mandy," Sonya strained harder against her restraints. They weren't tight or cutting off any circulation, she was just very unfamiliar with the way she was laying down. "This isn't fucking funny."

"Are you scared right now?" Mandy questioned.

Sonya dropped her head against her pillow, deciding struggling wasn't worth it. "Yeah, but I'm so fucking turned on right now."

Mandy giggled. "Good, that's exactly what the goddess was hoping for."

Without another word, Mandy slipped back into the bathroom and shut the door.

"Mandy?" Sonya called. "You are in so much fucking trouble once I get out of this!"

What felt like an eternity, but what couldn't have been more than fifteen minutes, the bathroom door opened once again. Sonya hated that she had been left to her own growing sexual desire, but thanked the heavens that it would soon be resolved.

Out from the bathroom came Mandy Rose. Only instead of her pajamas, the golden goddess was clad in a dark pink lace bra and panties combo, with pink eye shadow that stretched out to a point next to her eyes, and sparkling pink lip gloss to match. Her hair had been curled, and her pink highlights seemed brighter because Mandy had touched up on the coloring a little while Sonya was asleep.

"Mandy?" Sonya asked, feeling more heat wash over her at the image of her wildest fantasies stood just a few feet from her bed.

"No, my foolish child," Mandy spoke in a slightly higher, breathier tone. "Mandy isn't here anymore. I am a goddess, and I am here to rid you of... Your sexual desires."

The way Mandy pronounced each word with an over exaggerated breathy accent made Sonya's womanhood tremble. Her body begged her to call out to Mandy and demand to be pleased, but her curiosity wanted to know where this was going.

"Ok... Goddess," Sonya said. "Why did you tie me up?"

'The Goddess' smirked. "Your little girlfriend tells me you enjoy duct tape in the bedroom," Her small frame gradually made its way to the bedside; Mandy made extra effort to sway her hips as she walked, just to present herself in a sexier manner. "It's my duty to give you your desire... But only if you behave yourself and allow me to show you why I am a goddess of sex."

Sonya choked back a moan. "Ok, goddess, I'll let you."

Mandy smirked. "Good, now, let's see what I have here," Taking a loose grip on the hem of Sonya's shirt, Mandy slowly pulled the garment over Sonya's breasts. "My my, you have quite the sizable set of tits, don't you? Mmmm, Mandy must be so lucky."

Sonya watched as Mandy gently ran her hands up her bare midsection. "Thank you, goddess. Yours are bigger and so much nicer."

"Shhhh," Mandy quietly hushed. "No speaking while the goddess is at work."

Mandy crawled onto the bed and straddled Sonya's lap. Sonya whimpered. Staying quiet was not going to be an easy task. Mandy cupped Sonya's breasts, squeezing each gently. Then, to add to Sonya's agony, she took time to individually lick and nibble on each erect nipple. Mandy's tongue slowly slid over each nipple, hearing Sonya's breath hitch every time she pinched one between her teeth.

"Do you enjoy the goddess licking your tits, Sonya?" Mandy asked.

Sonya nodded her head. "Yes, baby."

Mandy raised an index finger. "Ah ah ah, you address me as goddess and goddess only. Anything else will force me to stop. Do you understand?"

"Yes, goddess." Sonya moaned.

"Good girl," Mandy positioned herself between Sonya's legs. Kneeling in front of her, Mandy curled her fingers around the waistband of Sonya's sweatpants. "Let's see just how succulent your pussy really is, shall we?" Mandy pulled the pants down, but must've misjudged her tape plan because the sweatpants only went down to about mid thigh. "Mmmm, someone cleans up rather well. So smooth and so tasty." Bowing her head between her legs, Mandy slowly and deliberately slid her tongue across Sonya's clit.

"Oh, fuck, baby." Sonya moaned.

Mandy sat up and smirked. "What did I say about speaking? And what did you just refer to me as?"

Sonya shook her head. "I'm so sorry, goddess. I won't do it again, I swear!"

Mandy shook her head. "No, you didn't listen to my instructions. You need to be taught a lesson."

Much to Sonya's pain, Mandy hopped off the bed and reentered the bathroom. A few moments later, Mandy re-emerged, though this time she had a roll of duct tape in her hand.

"No, Mandy, don't you fucking dare!" Sonya warned.

Mandy didn't listen to her pleads. She re-straddled her waist and pulled a great length of tape off the roll.

"Mandy, I'm fucking warning you!" Sonya yelled.

Mandy stuck one side of the tape to Sonya's face. Then, while ignoring Sonya's pleas, wrapped the tape three times around her head.

"Can you speak?" Mandy asked.

"Fmmmphh ymmmphh!" Sonya grunted into the tape, glaring into her girlfriend's eyes.

Mandy smirked. "Good. Does this scare you?"

Sonya nodded her head.

Mandy tilted her head. "Does this turn you on?"

Sonya nodded her head faster.

"Good," Mandy snaked further down Sonya's body, taking position between her legs once again. "Now," She tauntingly put a finger to her lips and shushed Sonya.

Sonya's eyes stared daggers into Mandy's soul, but they quickly snapped shut when the tip of Alexa's tongue flicked at her clit once again. Mandy stuck two fingers in her mouth, coating them in a thin layer of saliva, then slid them slowly into Sonya's pleading pussy. Sonya groaned loudly against the tape. That brought a smile to Mandy's face and made her quicken her pace. Sonya's hips involuntarily bucked, grinding her pussy against Mandy's face. Mandy covered Sonya's clit with her entire mouth. She gently sucked, licked, and occasionally nibbled at the pink pleasure point, bringing out the best experience for Sonya.

As she was now familiar with, Mandy felt Sonya's pussy tighten around her fingers, signaling to her that she was about to come.

"Mmmm, done so soon?" Mandy breathed. "Good, I want to taste your come so bad, Sonya."

Sonya, breathing heavily through her nose, moaned loudly against the adhesive keeping her lips from parting. Her wrists and ankles were aching from her several attempts to break free, but she couldn't care less. She needed to come. It was the only thing that mattered right now.

Finally,Mandy 's taste buds were met with the sudden blast of watermelon flavor that she loved so dearly. She looked into Sonya's eyes, smiling to herself at the exhausted look on her lover's face. Mandy slowly removed her drenched fingers form inside Sonya. She made sure to make eye contact with her before licking them clean. Worrying for Sonya's well being, Alexa unwrapped the tape from around Sonya's face and hands.

"Holy fucking shit," Sonya breathlessly moaned when Mandy untied her hands. "Baby, that... Was the best orgasm I've ever had in my life. I was so scared, but so turned on at the same time. I know it sounds fucked up, but it was so hot to be defenseless against you."

Mandy pressed her lips gently against Sonya's. "Good. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now, my turn?"

Sonya nodded her head. "Of course. But I'm so fucking spent. I can't do what you just did."

"Then how am I supposed to get off?" Mandy asked, a little more angrily than she meant.

"Sit on my face." Sonya simply said.

"What if I suffocate you?" Mandy asked.

Sonya shrugged her shoulders and smirked. "Then I die doing what I love with the girl I love."

Mandy giggled. Sonya really was a lovable dork. "Ok, babe," She sat back and slid off her panties. She placed her knees on either side of Sonya's head then slowly lowered herself until she was at a height she was comfortable with but could still feel the warmth of Sonya's breath. "I love you too." She said, feeling Sonya's tongue trace the wet organ between her thighs.

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