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Goldy's Big Challenge Part 1
by Snoochie Boochies

"Knock" Knock"

"Come in," said Ricky Steamboat

"Um you wanted to see me Mr. Steamboat" said the beautiful blond
interviewer know as Goldy.

"Yes, infact I did Goldy. I have a big opportunity for you. How would you
like to be Miss TNA?"

"That would be great!"

"Good, but I'm not just giving it to you."

All of a sudden Jeff Jarrett burst into the room.

"I want a title shot, NOW!" yelled Double J.

"Can't you see I'm busy you jackass?"

"What with this dumb bitch!"

"Who you callen a bitch?" Goldy yelled then slapped Double J in the face.

"You bitch!" Jarrett knocks Goldy down and she falls with her legs spread.

"Hmmmm, I have an idea," Steamboat said to himself. "Um, Jeff stay here, I
have an idea. Goldy do you really want that Miss TNA title?"

"Of course."

"Then fuck Jeff."

"WHAT!" yelled Goldy.

"I like this idea," said Jarrett.

"That's sexual harassment," yelled Goldy.

"Ok, Ok. I got a better deal. You have sex with 31 of my superstars then
I'll give you the miss TNA title and I'll add another 0 to your pay check."

Goldy thought for a while then finally gave in.

"Excellent! Well, you can start with Jeff here."

"Oh yeah," said Jarrett.

Jarrett pulled down his tight showing his 7 incher.

"Suck it bitch!"

Goldy got on her knees and started licking his shaft.

"Oh yeah, that's right," said Jarrett while grouping Goldy's tits.

Goldy started bobbing her head on his dick. She continued this for about
10 minutes until Jeff yelled, "Oh shit I'm cummin!" And blasted a load in
Goldy's mouth.

Goldy continued sucking until he was hard again.

"Lay down bitch," yelled Jarrett.

Goldy laid down while Jeff took off her shirt shirt reveling her braless
tits. Jeff then started sucking them like a baby.

"Hmmmm, oh God," moaned Goldy.

Jarrett then moved down to her pants where he slowly lowerrd them reveling
(yup! you guessed it.) her pantiless blond haired pussy.

"I guess you really are blond," said Jarrett

"You bet your sweet ass" said Goldy.

Just then Jeff dove tongue first into her drippy wet snatch.

"OHHH GOD!" yelled Goldy the moment his tongue touched her clit "Don't

Just then Jeff stopped.

"What the hell are you doing? Keep lickin'!" yelled Goldy.

"Fuck you. I make the shots here bitch!" yelled Jeff back.

Then without warning Jarrett stuck his dick right in Goldy's pussy

"Oh gawd, that's just as good! OHH! Keep it up!" moaned Goldy.

Jarrett was pumping into Goldy's pussy like a mad man.


"Now I'm guna tear up that ass," said Jeff.

"Oh yeah, fuck my ass," said Goldy.

Jarrett flipped over Goldy and jammed his dick in her ass.

"Ahhh your tight," moaned Jeff.


Jeff was ramming into her ass like a jackhammer. He could tell he was
close to cumming, but he didn't care. He wanted to cum in her beautiful ass.

"OH SHIT!" yelled Jeff as he shot his load in Goldy's ass.

"HEY, I wanted it on my face not in my ass!" yelled Goldy.

"Here's some for your face," said Steamboat who apparently had been
jacking off under his desk watching this little show.

He blew his load all over Goldy's face.

"Whoo, that was good Goldy! 1 down 31 to go."

"Well, I better get fuckin'," she said as she put back on her clothes.

She walked out of Steamboat's office and said to herself, "Maybe this will
be more fun than I thought..."


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