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Good Kind of Nightmare: (The Stranger's View)
by Alfred Bitchcock

It was late at night, at least 12:30, and Terri Runnels was completely
exhausted after the Smackdown! taping that she was just involved in. She
slid out of her tight leather pants and bright blue tank top and into her
red, silk robe. Then she climbed into bed and got under her cozy covers. In
little time, her head hit the pillow and she feel fast asleep.

She was tossing and turning all night, letting out sighs and giggles. She
was completely out of it. She was so out of it, that she never even heard
her bedroom door open. The door creaked as a shadow appeared against the
wall. It was the figure of a tall and slender man. The man stood in the open
doorway and watched Terri squirm around. Pretty soon however, her whole body
was convulsing and shaking tremendously.

What the hell was she dreaming about? To be quite frank, the intruder
didn't give a shit. Here was Terri Runnels, the girl, who in his opinion, was
the hottest piece of ass walking God's green earth. All he wanted was one
touch, no, one GLIMPSE of that beautiful ass and he would be the happiest man
ever! However, he would get MUCH more than that.

He slowly walked over to her bed, careful not to make a sound that would
awake Terri out of her trance. Then he sat down gently next to her and leaned
in close to her face to here what she was saying.

"Oh god," she murmured. "Hunter, you're amazing. I'm so glad you're back,
now we can do this all the time."

"Holy crap," he thought to himself. "The little she-devil is having an
affair with Triple H. The guy just came back and already he's getting to fuck
Terri Runnels in a dream."

The guy couldn't help it. Without thinking he unzipped his pants and
yanked out his erect 5 inches of pathetic man sausage. He pulled on his now
beet red tool and in just a matter of a few seconds was ALREADY cumming over

Terri was still groaning in her sleep, dreaming of Triple H. "Oooh, yes,
that's it baby. Pump my huge ass."

The stalker, already a bit tired, leans against her nightstand and watches
the scenario take place. Without and kind of notice, he sees her slide her
hands under her robe. That could only mean one thing...

"Oh my god! She's fingering herself," he thought.

He watched as her hand occasionally poked through the robe, showing her
hand movements. "I need your cock so bad Hunter. Please, don't make me wait."

The guy was in awe. Utter SHOCK! This was the same fucking bitch that he
just watched about a week ago in a wet t-shirt wanting to see her breasts
sooooooo bad. Now, here he was, watching her finger her fucking cunt.

He was ready for another round. He took his now shriveled, 2 inches and
wrapped a few fingers around it. He finally got it back to its 5 inches and
started stroking once again.

"Oh Shit! Please Hunter, don't stop! Don't fucking stop!" Terri exclaimed
in ecstasy.

The moaning was all he could take. He once again released his premature
load of cum, but this time it landed on Terri's hair. Terri almost
immediately snapped out of her trance and raised her head off her pillow.

"What the he-" she turned around and saw the almost purple munschin limply
lying before her.

The man jammed his dick back into his pants, grabbed her purse off the
nightstand, and ran out the door.

"That son of a bitch," she thought out loud. "At least that only had some
pictures and crap like that in it." Terri rubbed the cum spot on the back of
her head and rolled over back to sleep.

"Fuck calling the cops for now, I'll do it in the morning." she thought.
"Right now I gotta finish what I started.

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