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Good Luck For The Match
by Arcanine878

NXT was on the air, as backstage Renee Young was preparing herself for an interview. She made sure her clothes were neat and her microphone was on.

"Alright Renee...5, 4, 3, 2, go." The Camera Man commanded.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this moment, Summer Rae."

Summer Rae came in ever so beautiful. Her Bath and Body Works perfume filled the air as she got close to Renee.

"Now Summer...we are just one week away from NXT Take Over, where you take on Charlotte Flair for the NXT Womens Title. Just how do you think you can beat the daughter of the 2x Hall of Famer, Ric Flair?"

"Oh's so cute that you always mention she's a daughter of a legend." Summer said with a laugh. "I don't think I can beat her...I KNOW I can beat her. She may be the 2nd generation from a legend, but I'm the one who brought her out into this NXT World. I know how she thinks, how she moves, how she functions better than anyone else, and I will use that to claim my NXT Womens Belt."

Summer had the attitude of a winner with success on her mind, as she went away to go change for her match in a few moments against another girl Summer knows well, Sasha Banks. Renee watched her, as she walked off ever so sexy. Her nice, firm ass moved from side to side with each stride. Renee bit her lips, as the camera switched back to the action in the ring.

Renee decided to go to Summer's locker room to wish her good luck on her match. She opened the locker room door slowly, to check if Summer was in there or not. She poked her head through the door, and saw Summer taking off her silver dress. Her perky, luscious boobs popped right out when she took off her dress. She was not wearing any bra or panties. Renee bit her lips as she gazed into Summer's voluptuous titties. Renee unbuttoned her pants and slipped her hands down her panties, massaging her moist pussy. She moaned while she starred at Summer sitting down, organizing her workout clothes and picking an outfit for her match. Summer wanted to look the best for her match tonight, but Renee thought her best look ever was her nude in the locker room. Summer turned her back to Renee, and Renee got a view of that luxurious ass Summer offered. Renee started to slip a couple fingers in her warm pussy. Renee moaned softly as she stared at Summer's amazing body. Renee started fingering herself deeper, getting wetter by the minute. The noise from Renee's pussy started getting loud, and Summer noticed it. She gasped, as she grabbed her ring gear to cover herself up. Renee moved her head out the door and pinned herself up against the wall next to the door. Summer ran to the door, still naked but covering herself, poked her head out the door. She looked straight out, and saw no one. She turned to the left, and then finally to the right and saw Renee still with her fingers in her tight pussy.

"Renee...what are you doing?" Summer questioned.

"Ugh...sorry Summer. I didn't mean know...fuck myself by your locker room. But you can't blame me! A girl's gotta get off every once in awhile, and it just looked like tonight was that night."

"Oh Renee. Don't worry! I'm not mad at you." Summer cheerfully said.

"You're not?" Renee asked.

"Nope...but you did see me nude, and being the good friend you've been to me, I think it's time I pay you back."

Summer threw her clothes in the corner of the room, once again exposing her beautiful body. She held Renee's hand and led her in the room. Renee locked the door behind them as Summer strutted to a chair in the room. Renee sat down on the seat, as Summer gave her a lap dance. She moved her ass from left to right, as she bent over giving Renee as full view of her ass hole. Summer began patting her pussy, and Renee couldn't resist but put her hands back in her pants and start stroking her pussy lips. Summer grabbed Renee's hands and moved it out of her panties and began sucking on her fingers. Summer sat on top of Renee's thighs and placed Renee's hands on one of her boobs. Renee placed her other hand on the other boob. Renee started rubbing Summers nipples with her index and middle fingers until they were rock hard. Summer started getting hornier and hornier, as she rubbed her pussy against the edges of Renee's thighs. Renee loved the feeling of Summer's tight pussy against her skin, as she noticed Summer was getting a little bit wet. Renee started sucking on Summers tits, making it glow with spit. She tugged at it a little bit with her mouth and licked her titties all around with her tongue. Summer loved it, as she wasn't expecting Renee to be this kinky with her.

Summer took off Renee's top and unhooked her bra as her soft breast fell down against her. Summer raised one tit up, as she sucked on it as hard as she can to make them harder, then moved to the other one. "Mmmmm..." Renee moaned, as she let Summer Rae took her over. As Summer was licking Renee's tits with one hand, she moved her other hand to take off Renee's pants. Renee helped her pull them down, as Summer began fingering Renee. Renee moaned as Summer's fingers felt nice in her tight, warm pussy. She moaned and wiggled in her seat as Summer was sucking the life out of her titties. Summer was swirling her tongue around Renee's hard nipples as she was thrusting her fingers in and out of Renee's vagina.

Summer stopped sucking and fingering Renee and got on her knees on the floor. She made Renee spread her legs as far as she can. "Lets see what this cute little pussy taste like." Summer hungrily said. She spat on Renee's pussy and began going to town on her vagina. She flicked her tongue around Renee's little clit, back and forth and back and forth. Renee's moans were loud, as she started to cup her own breast in her hands. Summer felt her own pussy with her hand and began moving her pussy lips in circles as she moved her tongue throughout Renee's pussy. Renee's pussy was sweet and filled all of Summer's taste buds. "Oh're pussy taste so good..." She said as she licked Renee up and down. Renee was too busy moaning as she started to push Summer's head closer to her clit.

Summer got up and went to her locker as Renee laid in the seat in joy. Summer got out a pink, clear vibrator from her locker. "I've been saving this vibrator here in this locker room for a long time. Look's like you'll be the first to get to use it on me." Summer said, as she handed the vibrator over to Renee. Summer laid on all fours, her legs a little bit spread apart. Renee got behind her and licked Summer's pussy to get it a little more wet. She stuck her tongue as deep as she could, wiggled it around in her tight pussy a bit, and pulled it straight back out. She turned on the pink vibrator and stuck a little bit in Summer's pussy. Summer immediately started moaning loud, as Renee looked on and loved it. She stuck on of her own fingers in Summer's ass, and moved it slowly. Summer was in pure joy, as the wetness from her pussy dripped from the vibrator and onto the ground. Renee stopped masturbating herself and picked up some of the liquid from Summers vagina onto her finger and licked it. "Oh Renee...fuck me harder baby." Summer moaned, as Renee turned up the intensity on the vibrator. Immediately, Summer moaned even louder and louder. Her thighs started bucking together as the intensity was rough on her pussy. Renee inserted the vibrator further into Summer, and summer started to almost scream of joy. Renee knee she was going to cum, and she wanted to taste it. She took out the vibrator out of Summer's pussy, and started eating Summer out fast. She moved her tongue all over Summer's pussy until finally, she got a nice load of Summers cum. She swallowed it, and wiped some of it off her mouth. She smiled as she told Summer it tasted amazing.

Summer wasn't done though. Summer wanted the cute girl to cum. She spread Renee's pussy with her fingers and started eating Renee out. She moved her tongue up and down Renee's walls. All though Renee moaned loudly, Summer wanted her to cum quickly so they started scissoring. Summer grinded her pussy against Renee, touching each others pussy meats. She moved her pussy up and down, and all across Renee until finally Renee came all over Summer's pussy. Summer wiped the cum on her fingers and sucked it, then let Renee sucked her fingers. "Mmmm..." they both moaned.

"Good luck in your match tonight Summer. It's starting soon, so we should probably change quickly." Renee said.

"You're right. Maybe you could guide me to the ring when we go out." Summer asked.

"With pleasure." Renee said, as they made out for a little bit longer before they got dressed.

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