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by Kora

Kelly Kelly emerged from the hotel bathroom with a modest, fluffy white terry
cloth robe wrapped around her, a toothbrush in her mouth. She looked at Eve
Torres, who lay on her stomach on their hard bed filing her nails. The glow
from the TV cast off her raven locks and she looked particularly bored as she
blew some filed powder away from her fingers.
Kelly opened her mouth to speak but only came out with, "Goo nob, ah canna
bewife Staca thouga-"

"What?" Eve looked at her, brown eyes narrowed, voice sharp with annoyance,
"Kelly, I can't understand you. Spit that shit out of your mouth and then

Kelly rolled her eyes and went to the bathroom, spitting out saliva and
toothpaste, washing her mouth out with water and drying her face before
facing Eve again and speaking clearly, "I said, you know, I can't believe the
Bella's thought they could go in the ring and insult Kharma like that. I mean
they're so freakishly a damned stick bug and they're up there-"

Eve scoffed, "Oh don't get me started! They don't even have any tits! And
they're up there getting attention! Airtime! For what? I mean, I won the
Divas Title!"

"Yeah, twice now!" Kelly said with awe as she sat next to Eve. The other
woman still wore her wrestling gear and had a light sheen of sweat on her.
Kelly looked at the leather material of Eve's costume and bit her bottom lip.
The material clung perfectly to the other woman's form, hugging all the right

Kelly let out a breath to calm herself and shook her head, "Eve, you should
probably get undressed."

"Excuse me?!" Eve gasped, her head jerking in Kelly's direction.

Realizing how that might have sounded, Kelly blushed, "I - I mean you can use
the shower now if you'd like. I know you must...must want to get cleaned

Eve shrugged, "Yeah, in a minute. I want to finish this hand. Besides, I wear
deodorant, it's not like I smell," Eve raised an eyebrow and looked at Kelly
inquisitively, "Do I?"

Kelly knew this question was a fine line but luckily she had the right, and
truthful, answer, "No, you don't. fact you smell great."

The last part didn't need to be added but Kelly chose to toss it in there
because that's how she felt. Eve really did smell good. Sure, she had a light
sheen of sweat on her, but the perspiration only seemed to enhance her own
musky vanilla scent. It rolled through Kelly's system and settled right over
her stomach like a heavy weight. But it was vital that Eve never knew what
Kelly was thinking. She had never thought of herself as the type to desire a
woman before. For the most part she was completely asexual. Sure, she got a
lot of back handed comments at work about being a lesbian. She had ever since
she'd decided to stand up to the oppressive male regime at RAW.

She didn't want to have one of those bitchy girl reputations like Michelle
McCool. She wanted to be her own woman. She wanted to wear skimpy clothes.
She wanted to show how brutal she could be, how strong, and still earn
respect. But unfortunately in this type of business, in this type of world,
you couldn't gain respect without being a girly girl diva who acted like a

But she refused to conform.

And thus she was labeled as being a goody goody, a girlie girl, and, for
pushing off the male superstars' advances as a lesbian. Never mind her past
with Mike Knox or Test...

But truly she didn't care what they thought. If they felt more comfortable
labeling her than facing up to their own insufficiencies, so be it, let them
use her as their scape goat. She didn't mind being labeled gay as long as she
was left alone and allowed to kick ass, allowed to continue to try and win
the belt.

Then Eve had come along.

They weren't necessarily best friends but they were no longer merely
acquaintances who tolerated each other either. They understanding.

And neither of them was alone.

And then, out of nowhere, Kelly had felt the longing, the attraction...

She began to notice how utterly gorgeous Eve was. Her raven tresses, her
creamy smooth skin, perfect tight body...

And she began to daydream, her mind floating into hot regions it had never
been before. She had felt dirty and guilty...and excited.

She couldn't stop the desire flowing through her but, not wanting to disgust
and lose Eve, had kept it to herself. She decided to just except it and be
happy to know, secretly, that she could feel lust like anyone else.

Yes, it made her less pure, a loss, but it also gave her something to gloat
about privately when others labeled her asexual. She could still be tough and
just like everyone else...

Eve rolled to one side and snapped her fingers in Kelly's face, "Hey! You
hear me?"

"Huh? What?"

"Daydreaming again, huh. See, this is why you never won the belt." Eve chided
but there was some humor to the comment. Very little, but some.

Kelly sighed and shook her head, "Never won it after how many years?"

Eve rolled her eyes, "Don't start feeling sorry for yourself, that's just
pathetic. 'Sides, some of it has to be growing back by now, right? And I
mean, it can't be that bad."

Kelly fingered the blonde curls of her hair, "It is."

Kelly shrugged and chose to change the subject, "I think we should focus more
on getting you the Divas title."

Eve looked skeptical, folding her arms over her chest, "You're going to help
me get the title?"

Kelly tried to ignore how Eve had just inadvertently drawn attention to her
breast, "Sure. You deserve to hold it again. And I'd love to get back at the
Bellas. You've been humiliating her far better than I could. Beating both of
them multiple times. You deserve the belt for a while."

"Hmm," Eve murmured, face still unsure, "How do I know you won't betray me
for it?"

Kelly's eyes widened, shocked and slightly hurt, "Eve..."

"Be honest, Kelly."

She sighed, "I do want the belt...but I'd let you have it for a while. It's
always shuffling around anyway right? And besides, I'd be honored to face you
in the ring for it. A truly worthy opponent."

Eve gave a high-pitched laugh and rolled her eyes yet again, "Yeah, sure..."

Kelly wanted to assure her but instead kept her mouth shut, once more
remarking, "I still can't believe Brie and Nikki..."

"Yeah, I know."

"I mean...claming to be more gorgeous than you..."

"Yeah, meant to ask you about that," Eve murmured.

Kelly froze, the blood in her veins turning to ice. Oh no. Was she caught?

"You know, when we were in the ring and I questioned Nikki about if she
thought she was more gorgeous than me, you merely backed me up. You said,
'yeah Nikki, do you really think you're more gorgeous than Eve."

"Oh, well, I mean I was - I was just backing you up like you said-"

"No, no I know that. What I'm more interested in, is why you didn't ask Nikki
why she was saying she was more gorgeous than you. 'Cause, I mean that's
essentially what she was saying. That she was more gorgeous than you, than
me, than everybody..."

"Oh well...I mean...I don't know..."

"You don't think you're gorgeous?" Eve asked, one eyebrow raised.

Kelly swallowed and tried to clear her throat. Why was the room suddenly so
small? So stuffy?

Eve chuckled and suddenly she eased forward, closer to Kelly. The blonde,
stilled, the weight in her stomach melting to leek into her legs and the apex
between them as she found her eyes locked with Eve's, the other woman only
inches away.

Eve purred, voice velvet soft, "Do you think I'm gorgeous Kelly?"

"W-w-well I-I-"

Kelly found speech impossible.

Eve laughed and this time the sound was like twinkling bells as her hands
reached out and took hold of Kelly's robe, "Let me repeat that, do you think
I'm gorgeous?"

"I," Kelly licked her lips and she saw Eve's eyes trace over her mouth, over
the movement. Kelly almost moaned, but instead whispered quietly, "Yes."

Eve grinned and ran her open palms over the front of Kelly's robe, over where
her breasts lay beneath. Kelly did moan now as Eve eased closer, her bottom
lip brushing Kelly's earlobe, "Good."

Eve's mouth opened and clamped down over Kelly's ear, tongue teasing it as
her open hands closed, her palms caressing Kelly's breasts beneath her robe.
Kelly gasped and moaned again, pushing her body forward. She couldn't believe
this was happening! That Eve was doing this, that she was doing this...

Eve's mouth left Kelly's ear and traced wetly over her face and along her
cheek. She slanted her lips over Kelly's, tongue tracing her lips. Kelly
opened her mouth compliantly and Eve's tongue surged inside, taking full
possession, tasting her fully.

Kelly's own shaky hands rose up to knot in Eve's dark hair, tugging slightly.
Eve released a tiny yowl and drew away from the punishing kiss. Kelly tried
to capture her breath, her mouth feeling slightly swollen. Eve looked at her
and grinned like a cat. Her hands worked away the robe, bearing Kelly's body
to her view.

Her dark, almond shaped eyes scanned up and down her friend, taking in her
lush, naked form. Her voice was a dark whisper, " are gorgeous

Kelly shuddered as Eve drew her close, hands digging into her blonde curls.
She covered Kelly's mouth with her own again and gently eased the other woman
under her on the bed. Eve's hands swarmed everywhere, along her arms and
legs, the sides of her breasts.

All Kelly could do was moan as Eve drew away from the kiss and planted
several other pecks along Kelly's face and neck. She drew back to admire
Kelly's breasts, and took one in her hand, squeezing it harshly. Then pulling
away until just her fingers latched onto Kelly's nipple. She rolled the small
pink flesh between her fingers and Kelly let out a sharp cry of pleasure.

Eve straddled Kelly and continued to tease the one nipple, remarking, "Unlike
the Bellas, you have tits. Some great tits..."

She lowered her head and began to nuzzle Kelly's breasts. She rose up to one
nipple and sucked it into the hot center of her mouth. Eve's name left Kelly
in a whimper as her body rocked beneath her friend.

Eve feasted on both breasts while her free hand wandered down to the
throbbing nub between Kelly's thighs. She stroked long, lithe fingers
expertly between her moist flesh, enjoying hearing Kelly's cries of her name
grow louder, sharper.

Eve drew away from Kelly's breasts and sped her hand up along Kelly's clit,
mumbling dirty words as her mouth settled along the juncture where Kelly's
neck met her shoulders.

Kelly could barely catch the words but her excitement grew at each little

That's it honey, just like that...come for me, gorgeous...

Kelly gasped, her hips rising again and again to meet Eve's fingers as Eve's
breath washed over her skin. And still the words she picked up...

So wet...come hot, you little...

And then the words stopped and Eve's teeth latched onto Kelly's flesh, biting
down hard as her fingers plunged deep inside Kelly.

The other woman let out a keening wail as she came apart, climax rolling
through her swiftly, limbs trembling beneath the pleasure and pain of Eve's
actions. Eve let her ride it out completely, hands and mouth never stopping
their work until at last Kelly fell into soft pants and weak, feeble shaking.

Her hips still continued to thrust up against Eve but more slowly now, more
rhythmically and Eve herself now moaned, her own pleasure not yet fulfilled.
She drew back and flashed Kelly and white toothed grin. "You were right. I
should get undressed."

Eve swiftly removed all her clothing and once she was naked, Kelly looked at
her with glazed, hungry eyes, reaching for her.

Kelly gasped and captured Eve's mouth in a gentle, grateful kiss. But Eve was
in no mood to be gentle. She pulled away from the kiss and caught Kelly's
hands in her own, closing them over her breasts.

Kelly immediately began squeezing and shaping them to her hands, much to
Eve's delight. Eve rocked under her and thrust her own hips in Kelly's
direction, licking her lips and looking quiet naughty as she cooed, "You know
what I'd like?"

Kelly looked at her innocently, "What?"

"If you took a taste."

The other woman looked confused and Eve couldn't help another eye roll as she
rocked her hips once more, "Down there."

Kelly's eyes widened and Eve couldn't help but give a sexy chuckle. "That's
right. Eat my pussy."

Kelly turned beet red at the foul language and was immediately ready to
decline but then, this was what she had wanted. It couldn't be all that
bad...and after what Eve had done...

Kelly sighed and gently eased downwards, her hands still clasped over Eve's
breasts. The scent of musky vanilla was nearly drowning her as she reached
the spot Eve had wanted her to go. Kelly felt revulsion roll through her. In
all her daydreams she had never seen herself doing this. She wasn't quite
sure how...if she'd like it...

But she looked up and saw how hot Eve looked, how gorgeous...
Kelly closed her eyes and lowered her head, lips gently parting the warm
flesh, tongue diving inside. Kelly half expected to vomit from the merest
taste or drop dead or something...but it wasn't too bad after all...wasn't
too good either...but it was livable...

Kelly flicked her tongue slightly and Eve practically yipped in excitement,
hips rolling forward, pushing Kelly's mouth and face in deeper. Kelly's eyes
remained sealed tight as she tried again, mouth working just so, tongue
moving, tasting...
And it really wasn't too bad...

And Eve was starting to make all these loud, sexy noises, her fingers
clutching Kelly's shoulders and Kelly started to feel better about it, more
excited again and she found the weight had returned...

Her hands left Eve's breasts and journeyed down her own body, between her own

She hardly ever did this and she knew Eve was watching but...god, she

And then she heard Eve's voice encouraging her. Encouraging her not just to
find Eve release but to find herself release as well with her own hands
Kelly cried out as she pleased herself and Eve until both women climaxed.
Kelly drew back and slowly crawled up to Eve, resting beside her exhausted.
The air smelled of sex and both women laid unmoving for some time.
Eve caught her breath and looked over at Kelly, "Better?"

"Mmm," Was Kelly's only answer until she worked up the courage to ask, "Why
did you..."

"Psh," Eve laughed, shaking her head, "You're not as discrete as you think
you are. I knew you wanted me. And me, well shit, I take what I want, when I
want. Man or woman. And're a fine woman...haven't gotten off that
good in a long while."

Kelly blushed again and whispered, "So we're"

"Better'n that. We can do this again sometime, girlfriend," Eve chuckled and
rose to her feet, wandering lazily to the bathroom, "I guess I'll take that
shower you suggested now. Feel free to join me."
Kelly lay there boneless, thinking over the amazing, unbelievable thing that
had just happened. Her body still humming from completion. And then she
thought of Eve in the shower.



Kelly grinned and rose to her feet, heading straight for the bathroom.


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