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Got Smut? Part 1
by Mistress

Paige lay on the bed straining against the bonds that held her captive. Cool metal handcuffs bit into her wrists, keeping her arms restrained above her head. She knew it was useless to try and escape. She would be released when her 'capture' wished and not a moment sooner. Even though, she couldn't help fighting against her bonds.

The heat in the room was oppressive, weighing down on her. Her body was slick and trembling with need. The blanket clung to her damp skin and just barely covered her body. It folded and twisted in a way that revealed more than concealed. She felt exposed but free, captive but excited all at once.

Her eyes were covered, concealing the world from her. But she could hear. She could hear the labored breathing of her lover. She knew that just looking at her on the bed, a wanton feast laid out for her could drive her lover over the edge. She held her breath as she heard the padded foot steps come close, felt the dip in the bed. She barely breathed as she waited, waited for a touch, a caress, and a whispered word.

The soft silken caress almost made her scream. Biting her lip she concentrated on that one sensation. Not her lovers' gentle touch. Something soft, barely there caresses on her skin. Trailing between her breasts and down her belly. She could feel it light over her before running along the inside of her thigh to her knee. She was sure she would die from just this slight touch.

She wanted to touch, to kiss and taste. The ache was overwhelming. Whimpers and moans of frustrations and pleasure poured from her. The caress was relentless, soft barely there touches. Touches that weren't and then were, touches to tease and touches to torture.

A soft cool mouth touched heated flesh and a gasp echoed in the room. She panted hard as wet lips and an agile tongue danced along her chest, licking and tasting. The tension in her belly curled tighter, wrapping her in heat and pleasure. Trailing down her skin, breathing soft whispers of air across over trembling flesh. A touch at her knees, urging apart.

She sighed and moaned as agile flesh dipped into soft curls, kissing but only just. Her head thrashed as a soft slick tongue slid into her, tasting and teasing. The sensations were almost too much, too intense. Not seeing, only feeling and hearing. Her flesh was super sensitive and over heated with need and want. She was so close, just a little more.

A slight feather light touch of a fingertip caressing her thigh causing a gasp. A trailing sensation up, up her leg and then in. In her, pushing and twisting. And still that mouth. That wonderful mouth. And her world shattered and came together in a bright, hot light of release and overwhelming pleasure. The world faded away, faded into a white light, stars.

Gentle, trembling fingers caressed her cheek, drifted over her ear and then to the tie of her blindfold. Her eyes blinked open, clearing and she sighed. Her lover hovered over her, a shit eating grin plastered on her face. She couldn't keep that same grin off her own lips as she beckoned her lover down for a heated kiss.

"That was amazing." Paige's voice was slurred, satiated.

"I'm glad."

"Oh shut up. You know what you do to me every time you do it." She felt her hands released from their bonds and she pulled her lover down with her on the bed. "Love you AJ."

"Love you too." AJ's voice drifted off as her eyes closed in sleep.

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