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Got Smut? Part 2
by Mistress

The ropes rubbed against her bare skin, tickling and scraping delicate flesh. They were tight, holding her captive. The wood of the chair was cool against her naked body, sending small shivers up her spine. The contrast between the cool smooth wood and the rough course ropes was exhilarating. Her breath hitched as her bare breast's rubbed against her bonds. Straining against the ties that held her, straining with every breath.

The room was dark save one single candle flickering in the dark. And there her lover stood, across the room, illuminated by a single flame. She stood naked in the cool air of the rented hotel room, body glowing. Her flesh glistened, beautiful golden hues and delicious shadows dancing across her bare body. She swayed to an unheard melody, and though Layla couldn't hear the tune she could feel it every time she strained against her bonds.

The woman smiled, dancing in the candlelight. Her own hands working over her body, caressing torturing her restrained lover. She caressed her bare flesh, taking a taunt nipple between her fingers and gasping as she rolled and pinched it. She watched as her lover struggled in vain as she molded her own breasts. Slowly she trailed her hand down her firm flat belly, running smooth strokes over her own thigh. Torturingly, her hand worked slow circles, growing closer and closer until she brushed over her center, gentle dipping in to tease her own flesh.

Layla watched in fascinated hunger. She couldn't move and she couldn't turn away from the scene in front of her. She felt a heat start to coil in her belly and spread out as she watched her lover pleasure herself. Licking her lips, she wished she could taste the sweetness of her lovers' body. Her fingers itched to touch and tease, but the ropes that bound her hands behind her back were relentless. She watched as the woman in front of her leaned heavily against the wall, her fingers moving rapidly between her own thighs. She watched as a dark head thrashed and heard a moan of want and need.

Layla couldn't help the small whimpers that came up from her chest as she watched her lover near her release. She felt her own body reacting to the sight. She felt the wetness between her thighs, felt her nipples harden and rub against the ropes painfully and the coil in her belly tighten sharper. The erotic scene played out in front of her and felt her own body protest the lack of stimulation.

And then her lover was gasping, crying out her own release. The sight, the sounds, the smell of sex pushed Layla gently into orgasm. She whimpered as her body was bathed in warmth. Her lover was beside her, pressing her slick fingers into her mouth and she suckled them eagerly, wanting to taste all there was. The taste was assaulting, tang and bitter, with a sharp bite of sweet heaven.

Summer Rae smiled and kissed her forehead, gently untying the bonds that held her to the chair. "Did you learn your lesson?"

Grinning, Layla looked up. "What was it about again?"

"No more kissing Fandango."

Layla's face scrunched into a thoughtful frown. "But what if it's scripted?"

Shrugging, Summer looked down at her lover as she slumped in the chair. "Just remember what happens when you do." The smile on Layla's face was more a smirk and Summer couldn't help but laugh.

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