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Got Smut? Part 3
by Mistress

The cool wall pressed against her back, soothing her overheated skin. Her body slumped heavily against the restraints overhead keeping her upright. Her skin glistened in the dim light of the room, sweat and oil mixing together. She could still feel the small tremors of release echoing through her body, shivers of pleasure running down her spine. She could hear the rush of blood in her ears and her heat started to slow from it's erratic pace.

Her eyes closed as she felt soft hands run up her side, cupping her breast briefly before trailing softly up her arm. She heard the soft click of metal releasing and her arm was free. The body next to hers held her close as she limply fell against it. Every cell in her body seemed lethargic and exhausted.

As her other arm was released she fell heavily against her lover. She was held close as she was led the bed waiting for them. The ruff carpet beneath her feet grounded her and kept her in the land of the awake and conscious. Then she was being pushed down onto silk and satin. She felt like she was floating, being caressed by a gentle wind as she felt a soft cool cloth slowly rub over her body.

She smiled gently as she felt her lover trace gentle caresses over the lines of her face, down her neck to her collarbone. Her lover loved to touch. She would wake to the gentle exploration of her body or fall asleep at night to the soft caresses. She sighed and melted into the comforter at the gentle touches.

Soon she was dry, free from any oil or moister, wrapped in her lovers arms. She still hadn't opened her eyes, wanting to concentrate on every little brush of flesh on flesh, concentrate on sensation.

"Did...did I do good?"

Natalya hated hearing the uncertainty and bashfulness in her lovers voice. In front of the cameras she was strong and confident, but off camera she was shy and so unsure of herself. Such a contrast in characters. It had taken her ages to talk her into this little game, she was so sure she would get something wrong. Finally she opened her eyes and smiled. "It was wonderful. I loved every second of it." Her smile widened as she watched a slow blush creep up her girlfriend's face.

"Really?" Rosa smiled ear to ear, kissing Natalya softly on the lips. "Good."

They snuggled down and Nattie reached out to kill the bedside lamp. "Nattie?" The soft questioning in Rosa's voice caught her attention. "Next time...can I be the one tied up?"


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