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Green And Black Attack
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Tori lies back in awe, completely relieved. It is her final morning before
permanently returning to WWF television (as Raven's Driver) and she is alone,
just like she had requested. Luckily, Vince McMahon owned a private beach,
used for the photo shoots of the WWF divas, and with a bit of convincing,
Tori had been able to snag the forbidden lot to herself, allowing for
complete relaxation.

Tori's hands glide over her green bikini-laden breasts, endeavoring toward
her thong panties. She had not been around the WWF superstars in quite some
time and missed hearing about and engaging in sexual activity. Slowly, her
finger creeps beneath the waistband, inching toward her awaiting pussy.

"Need assistance?" a voice interrupts. Shocked, Tori relinquishes her
hands and leans to her side, observing the unwanted individual.

"Francine?" she asks, glaring into the figure's eyes, "What the HELL are
you doing here?"

"Just workin' on my tan," she replies in her thick, New York accent.

"How in the world did you passed the guard?" Tori shoots back, completely
ignoring Francine's ponder.

"Let's just say," she starts, wiping her lips seductively, "he'll be out
for a while."

"You just stay over there," Tori responds, pointing several feet from her,
"and I'll stay right here. Got me?"

"Yeah, I gotcha."

Tori topples to her side, turning her back to Francine as she marches down
the shoreline. As she strolls, the brunette glances back, observing Tori's
magnificent backside, encased in a green thong. She smiles. Tori rolls onto
her back, restless. She sighs, her mind cluttered with mixed emotions.

"She did find me and all..." she thinks. "I could at least attempt to make
something happen... ECW is closing... and I haven't been around in quite a
while.... argh..."

Tori rises to a seated position. Her face is filled with doubt.

"Francine?" she calls out. Francine stops and turns around. "Mind helping
me with something?"

"Of course," Francine responds swiftly, rushing to Tori's side.

Tori marvels as Francine runs to her aide, her breasts jumbled in her pink
halter top. She licks her lips.

"Yes?" Francine reports, out of breath.

"You know," Tori begins, "we are ALL alone and all. I figured I'd take
this bikini top off. You don't mind, do you?"

"No," she retorts, somewhat disappointed. "Is that it?"

"Well..." Tori trails, "I could use some help getting this top off. I'm
sore from working out all day. Wanna help?"

"Sure, I guess I could..." Francine says calmly, attempting to cover her

Tori rolls onto her back, her hands folded beneath her chin. Francine
examines her perfect frame, complete with an amazing butt. She mounts the
beauty, her hands massaging her shoulders.

"What's with the extra treatment?" Tori wonders aloud, lifting her head

"Silence," Francine commands, pushing Tori's head to the sand. "I'm taking
care of you now."

Tori smiles broadly. She understood Francine's true meaning, her true
reason for locating her. She wanted the same thing Francine wanted: a sexual
experience to remember. Tori lies still as Francine moves her hands, circling
the beauty's shoulder blades with exact precision.

"Damn," Tori thinks, "I know the whole `shoulder massage' thing is a ploy,
but she gives a good back rub."

Indeed, Francine's back rubs were exquisite. It was those same back rubs
that have gotten her out of plenty of sexual experiences in ECW, but it was
going to be those same back rubs that lead her INTO a sexual experience.
Gradually, Francine's plot takes form. Her hands slide to Tori's lower back,
rubbing the blonde's delicate rib cage. Her hands slide further, clutching
the thong-laden backside of the WWF Diva. Francine's pupils widen. She
couldn't believe that more people weren't addicted to Tori as they were to
Trish or Lita. She was perfect. Francine gently tugs at the waistband of the
neon green thong, forcing it beyond Tori's slim hips. As if it were a normal
routine, Tori lifts her legs slightly, allowing the thong to be tossed
completely from her beautiful frame. Again, Francine marvels at the glorious
backside, fully exposed and begging for attention.

"I thought I asked you to help me remove my top," Tori asks jokingly.

"I'll get there," Francine swiftly replies, digging her talons into Tori's

Francine parts the blonde's buttcheeks and buries her face near the
opening. Tori shudders as Francine's cool tongue cautiously graces the crack
of her ass. Slowly, Francine licks Tori's crack, flickering her tongue across
her asshole. Tori knew what Francine wanted, but couldn't believe she would
tease her so much. She loved it.

"Oh, Francine.." Tori moans softly, running her hands down her back. "That
feels great."

"You ain't see nothin' yet," Francine announces, relinquishing her tongue.

Francine lubes her finger with saliva, sliding it between her parted lips.
She th en returns to Tori's aching butt, buggering her cute asshole with the
saliva-covered finger. Francine works her limb into Tori's backside
cautiously. She hadn't done this to another woman before--in fact, she wasn't
too sure why she was doing it now. It was one of those spontaneous acts, she
figures. It felt right, though. Tori's butt tightens, adjusting to
circumference of Francine's finger. Francine bends her finger in different
positions, placing Tori on the verge of an early orgasm.

"OH GOD!" Tori hollers, firmly planting her hands on the sand. "YES! YES!"

"Wow," Francine cogitates, "this girl has either not gotten any lately, or
this finger thing is a work of art."

As Tori nears climax, Francine removes her finger and licks it tauntingly.
Tori moans in displeasure, her asshole and pussy aching.

"Not yet, sweety," Francine assures her.

Despite her discomfort, Tori smiles beneath the coverage of her hands. She
understands the teasing that she's being put through--hell, she'd done it
plenty of times to men. Francine turns her over, placing the lovely blonde on
her back. Her bulging rack stands at attention, pleading to be released.
Francine obligees, falling along Tori's mid-section and working gingerly on
her bikini top. She releases the hinges between Tori's breasts and the bikini
topples to the side, falling gracefully to the sand below. Francine fails to
hesitate, taking one of the liberated breasts into her hot mouth. She bites
down softly on the nipple, tenderly licking the remainder of the breast.

"Oooh... god..." Tori moans softly, running her hands down Francine's
back, pulling her close.

Tori slips her hands beneath Francine's short skirt, groping her firm
asscheeks. Francine didn't bother to wear panties, and at that moment, was
glad. Tori kneads and squeezes her ass as Francine continues to devour her
tits, altering between the two.

"I think my pussy needs some attention," Tori hints between moans.

Francine shifts herself, placing her face-to-face with Tori's thriving
opening. She remains atop Tori's mid-section as she turns, also forcing her
crotch into the face of her blonde goddess. Tori buries her nose into
Francine's limited brown patch, stroking her rough tongue along the opening.
She wraps her arms around Francine's hips, pushing the brunette's mound to
her emerged, piercing tongue.

"Oooh!" Francine shouts, overwhelm with the sensation. "That feels
excellent. You're doin' great, baby. But you know how I love the number 69."

In that instant, Francine nuzzles her attractive kisser between Tori's
spread thighs. Tori releases a muffled sound, obviously in a state of
perplexity. Francine furiously kisses Tori's clit, running her fine tongue
along the lips. Francine spreads Tori's pussy lips with her forefingers and
licks the inside, tasting her building orgasm. Tori hollers in pleasure,
lifting her mouth slightly. Her previously prevented orgasm had built ever
since and was about ready to explode. She knew there was no holding this one
back. Francine continues penetrate the blonde beauty, awaiting her release.

"OH GOD! OH!" Tori screams, her legs jolting.

Francine receives Tori's load with an awaiting mouth. Hungrily, she laps
the juices, sucking the blonde completely dry. With an elongated "gulp,"
Francine licks her lips and lifts her head, grinning broadly.

"All gone," she announces in a child-like tone.

"Good..." Tori responds, out of breath. "It's your turn."

Francine rises to a seated position, her beautiful backside embedded on
Tori's tongue. Her tongue slithers and fluctuates inside her asshole,
salivating all over it. Francine grinds her slender hips, propelling her ass
further and further along the curves of Tori's sharp tongue.

"Ooo..." Francine coos, rocking back and forth.

As Tori's rimjob continues, Francine's hands journey south; her fingers
creeping into Tori's soaked snatch. Francine protrudes Tori's crotch with
two fingers, forwarding her emotional drive to make the "Queen of Extreme"
orgasm. Tori's hands wrap around Francine's thighs, pulling her close. She
devilishly lic ks Francine's tight hole as if it were her final meal,
bringing forth a climax from her brunette lover.

"OH GOD!" Francine hollers, releasing her dew.

Francine is overwhelm with violent contractions. Her moist snatch releases
a flow of juices, draining down Tori's chin, neck, and onto her gorgeous
breasts. Eagerly, Francine dismounts and cleans Tori's chest, lapping up her
own juices. As the women hold each other close, Vince McMahon watches from
afar, smiling at his accomplishment.

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