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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Green With Excitement
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following the conclusion of the July 13, 2009 edition of RAW taking place in
Orlando, Florida's Amway Arena, TV and Film star Seth Green, wearing a red t-
shirt and black swish pants, is inside of his office, watching the main event
he took part in just ten minutes earlier, where he teamed with John Cena and
Triple H to take on Randy Orton and The Legacy. "Oh man... that was crazy!"
Seth says as he watches himself punching Cody Rhodes squarely in the mouth.
Seth slides a hand over his red-haired head when there's a knock on the door
and he stops the video he's watching. "Yeah?" Seth asks as he turns towards
the office door.

The door to the office quietly opens and the adorable RAW Diva, Kelly Kelly,
dressed in a pair of nicely fitted hip hugger jeans and a white top, enters
the office of RAW's Guest Host Seth Green. "Umm...hey you have a

"Hey, yeah sure..." Seth nods his head, "What can I do for you?"

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she quietly closes the door behind her
before turning her full attention to Seth Green. "Well...technically you're
still in charge, right?" Kelly asks with a soft smile on her beautiful face.

"Ummm yeah I think so.... I don't totally know the rules...." Seth replies
with a laugh as he rubs the back of his neck.

Kelly cutely scrunches her nose up and laughs "Well Seth...I would love to
have a shot at the Divas Championship...and I was wondering if you could make
that happen for next week?" Kelly asks with an innocent shrug of her

"Ummmm sure I guess I could..." Seth Green nods his head, "I should've
thought about that for tonight come to think of it..." Seth smiles.

Kelly excitedly and cutely claps her hands together "Oh! Thank you Seth! That
is so sweet of you!" Kelly says before she adorably hugs the Guest Host of
RAW, Seth Green.

"You're very welcome...." Seth Green replies as returns Kelly Kelly's hug.
With their bodies pressing against each other Kelly can feel the slight bulge
in Seth's swish pants.

Kelly presses her soft and pouty lips together as she feels the slight bulge
in Seth Green's swish pants rub against her thigh. Kelly blushes sweetly and
breaks the hug, slowly stepping back. "So Seth...I thought you did really
awesome in the ring tonight..." Kelly says with a nod of her head as she
curiously glances down at the slightly bulged crotch of his swish pants.

"Thanks.... when Randy kicked me I thought I was out of my mind..." Seth
laughs as he doesn't notice Kelly glancing down at his crotch.

Kelly laughs and lightly licks her lips as she lifts her beautiful eyes for a
moment to glance up at Seth. "Oh he's just a big bully...but I really think
you could take Cody any night!" Kelly Kelly says with a laugh as she
casually, but flirtatiously steps closer to the Guest Host of RAW.

"Really?" Seth Green asks with a bit of surprise, "I mean I know I really
smacked the taste out of his mouth..."

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and scrunches her nose up "You're really cute Seth..." Kelly says as she steps a bit closer to
Seth Green, standing directly in front of him.

"Um thanks..." Seth Green says as he blushes a bit, "You're really hot..."

Kelly raises an eyebrow slightly and presses her pouty lips together "You
really think so?" Kelly asks before now noticeably glancing down at the
slightly bulged crotch of his swish pants.

"Yeah... I mean... I worked with a lot of gorgeous women... and you're
like... hotter than Charisma Carpenter...Beyonce.... Heather Graham..." Seth
replies as he sees Kelly looking down at his crotch.

Kelly innocently glances up at Seth Green, clearly caught looking at his
crotch. "Oh...I'm sorry..." Kelly says with a soft, innocent laugh.

Seth blushes, "You don't have to apologize... I mean... I was... checking you
out too..."

Kelly slowly licks her soft and pouty lips before she lightly shrugs her
shoulders "Well...since we are probably thinking the same thing..."

"Yeah..." Seth licks his lips a bit as Kelly slides her hair
back before he leans forward to kiss Kelly's soft moist lips.

"Mmmmmmm...." Kelly softly moans and cutely laughs as she presses her soft,
luscious lips back against Seth Green's lips, placing her gentle hands onto
his shirt covered chest.

"Mmmmm..." Seth moans against Kelly's lips before she slides her soft tongue
into his mouth as he places his hands on her hips. Kelly lightly grabs at the
material of Seth's shirt with her hands as she gently taps her soft, wet
tongue against his tongue, lightly circling her tongue inside of his mouth.
Seth slides his hands on Kelly's hips as she circles her tongue around his
tongue before she slowly pulls her head back to break the kiss. Kelly blushes
cutely as she looks at Seth Green before she moves her hands from his shirt
covered chest to his waist and then proceeds to kneel down on the office

"Oh man... this is wild..." Seth Green says as Kelly puts her hands on his
waist before he starts to pull down his black swish pants along with his blue
boxer briefs that he's wearing. Kelly Kelly's beautiful and sweet eyes lock
instantly on the sight of Seth Green's exposed, nicely thick and long cock as
she lowers his swish pants to his feet. Kelly raises her left hand and gently
places her hand against his cock and begins to smoothly move her hand on his

"Ohhhh... mmmm..." Seth licks his lips as Kelly Kelly's left hand goes back
and forth on his cock as it quickly becomes fully hardened. Kelly cutely
laughs and looks up at Seth Green before she playfully leans her blond haired
head in toward his nicely sized, hard cock and gently flicks her wet, soft
tongue against the head of his cock.

"Ohhhhh.... mmmm..." Seth moans as he gently places both of his hands on
Kelly's blond haired head as she playfully flicks her tongue against his
dick's swollen head. Kelly closes her eyes as she gently drags and slaps her
wet, soft tongue against the head of Seth Green's cock while she gently moves
her left hand up and down his shaft.

"Ahhhh ohhh wow...." Seth Green moans as Kelly smoothly strokes his cock with
her left hand as she keeps tapping her tongue against the head of his cock.
Kelly presses her pouty lips together, lightly kissing the head of Seth's
cock, before she opens her adorable mouth and happily takes his cock into her
mouth. Kelly's soft lips gently wrap around his cock as she now holds his
cock inside of her mouth and begins to smoothly bob her head.

"Ahhhh.... mmmm yeah.... ohhhh..." Seth moans as Kelly bobs her head on his
cock. The creator of Robot Chicken slides his hands through Kelly's blond
hair as she sucks his nicely sized cock.

"Mmmmmm...mmmmm....ohhhhh..." Kelly Kelly softly moans as she smoothly and
steadily bobs her head on Seth Green's cock, lightly grinding and brushing
her pouty lips on his shaft.

"Ahhh.... ohhhh man.... ahhhh..." Seth licks his lips as Kelly's soft lips
press against his cock as she takes it a bit further into her mouth. Kelly
places both of her soft hands onto Seth Green's toned waist as she starts to
move her head smoothly on his cock, gradually bobbing her head at a quicker
pace and taking him deeper into her adorable mouth.

"Ahhh.... ahhhh.... awww...." Seth presses his lips together as Kelly
steadily quickens her pace as she keeps on sucking his dick. Kelly lifts her
adorable and sweet eyes to look up at Seth Green while she continues to bobs
her head smoothly on his shaft, wetting it perfectly with her saliva.

"Ohhhhh man.... this is unbelievable..." Seth moans as he sees the adorable
look on Kelly's face as her head goes back and forth on his cock. Kelly
presses her soft lips tightly around Seth's cock before she slowly lifts her
blond haired head up from his cock, now dripping with saliva and cutely
smiles up at him. Kelly pauses for a moment, before she places her hands onto
her white tank top and casually lifts the top from her gorgeously curved and
tanned, petite body, to expose her nicely perky and rounded tits.

"Oh man... those are... the hottest tits I've ever seen..." Seth says as he
looks at Kelly's round and perky tits as she unbuttons her hip hugger jeans
and pushes them from her hips while she remains kneeling. Kelly cutely smiles
and blushes as she sits up higher on her knees, pushing her tight fitting
jeans further down her hips to expose her adorable white panties underneath.
Kelly stands up from the floor and pushes the jeans down her gorgeously
smooth and tanned legs.

"Oh man.... oh man..." Seth licks his lips as Kelly steps out of her jeans.
The star from the Austin Powers Trilogy places his hands on Kelly's waist and
begins to slide down Kelly's white panties, revealing her perfectly shaved
pussy. Kelly presses her pouty and soft lips together as she cutely sways her
adorable hips from side to side as Seth Green works her white panties down
her stunningly smooth and gorgeously tanned legs before lowering them to her
feet, which she then steps out of.

"Man you are hot..." Seth Green licks his lips as Kelly steps over to the
couch and sits down on it with her legs spread. Seth steps between Kelly's
legs and slides his nicely sized cock into Kelly's hot tight and wet pussy.

"Mmmmmm...." Kelly moans and bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Seth's
cock entering her tight, warm pussy. Kelly sweetly looks at him with her
adorable eyes as she starts to lightly move on the couch while he thrusts his
cock smoothly into her pussy.

"Ahhh... mmmm ahhh..." Seth moans as he places his hands on Kelly's waist as
he thrusts his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmm...ohhhhh" Kelly sweetly moans as she feels his cock slamming
deeper inside of her wet pussy as she gently wraps her gorgeous legs around
his waist. Seth Green licks his lips as he pumps his cock faster and harder
into Kelly's hot pussy as he fucks her on the couch.

Kelly raises her hands and gently places her hands onto Seth Green's arms as
he keeps his hands steady on her waist as he smoothly drives his cock forward
into her pussy. "Ohhhhh...ohhhh yeah..."

"Ahhhh.... ohhh man.... ahh..." Seth grunts as he deeply rams his cock into
Kelly's hot pussy. Seth leans down further and turns and pulls Kelly with him
so that when he's sitting on the couch, Kelly is on top of him.

Kelly lightly presses her teeth together as she places her hands onto Seth's
shirt covered chest and sits up perfectly on his shaft as she is now mounted
on top of him. "Ohhhh Seth..." Kelly softly moans as she smoothly guides her
incredibly hot body back and forth on his cock.

"Ahhh... mmmm ohhhh wow... ahhh..." Seth Green moans as he pushes his shaft
up into Kelly's pussy as she rides him. Kelly leans her blond haired head
back slightly as she continues to smoothly rock back and forth on the cock of
Seth Green, while starting to bounce on his shaft at a quickening pace.

"Mmmmm ahhh.... awww ohhh man.... ahh" Seth licks his lips as Kelly bounces
quickly on his nicely sized cock. Seth places his hands on Kelly's perky and
round tits to feel them up as she rides him.

"Ohhhhh...mmmm Seth...ohhhhh..." Kelly moans and lightly licks her pouty lips
as she smoothly rocks forward on his cock, feeling his shaft occasionally
thrust upward into her pussy.

"Ahhh ohhh damn... ohhh..." Seth grunts as he increases his pace as he
thrusts his cock upward into Kelly's hot pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhh yeah Seth...ohhhh..." Kelly moans as her adorable, perky,
tanned tits bounce slightly as she bounces swiftly on his cock as he forces
his cock upward into her tight pussy.

"Mmmm ohhh yeah ohhh man... ohhh man..." Seth Green groans as his cock begins
to throb a bit inside of Kelly's pussy as she drops down sharply on his
pistoning shaft. Kelly leans her head down slightly and presses her soft lips
together as she starts to sweetly kiss Seth Green as she gradually slows down
riding his cock, gently rocking back and forth.

"Mmmmm... mmm..." Seth moans against Kelly's soft moist lips as she rocks
back and forth on his throbbing cock. Seth moves his hands to Kelly's waist
and holds her down on his cock as he starts to cum inside of her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Kelly moans against Seth's lips as she gently works her tongue
into his warm mouth as she lightly grinds her pussy down on his cock, feeling
his warm cum invading her hot snatch.

"Mmmmm.... mmmmm...." Seth moans as Kelly's tongue slides into his mouth as
she rocks on his cum spraying cock.

Kelly gently taps her soft, wet tongue against Seth's tongue before she
slowly lifts her head to break the kiss and sweetly smiles at Seth Green.
"So...did you like hosting RAW?" Kelly asks as she lightly rocks back on his
cum-spent cock.

"Ohhh yeah.... this has been a wild and crazy night..." Seth Green nods his
head as he leans back on the couch as Kelly remains on top of him.

Kelly blushes "Well...I was sure happy to have you as my boss for the
night..." Kelly says with a cutely laugh.

Seth smiles, "Hey if you think I was good... I know some people who could
really rock RAW..."


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