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HHH's Birthday Bash
by Tammy Lover

Here is another story for a guy who wrote me a Tammy Lynn Sytch Story. If
you wrte me a Tammy story, I will write you a story of any nature in return.
Please people take up this offer.

Hunter Hearst Helmsly couldn't belive he was 35. He was getting older day
by day, and while he still was the Game he felt he had lost a step. He wasn't
sure what his buxom wife Stephanie had planned, but he knew it was big. As
he woke up on his 35th birthday he just wanted to roll over and go back to
sleep, unfortunately he was awoken by Stephanie who was digging her little
face into his boxers. He wasn't to tired for a little sex, as she slipped
her tongue onto his hardening prick. Stephanie started Triple H's birthday
off right as she sucked up and down on his cock. He couldn't believe how
good it felt, and with ease he bucked his cock in and out of her mouth. She
couldn't believe his stamina, but it was a serious case of morning wood. Poor
Steph had forgotten that this was not a good time to give head. Morning were
Hunter's highspot and he went to town on the young McMahon's jaw. Slowly
Steph worked her ways and had HHH just about to cum....she moaned in sync
with him.

"Ooh baby here it is." Hunter yelled.

Stephanie kept slurping away as her mouth slowly began to fill with spurts
of Hunter's cum. She could almost feel the sperm as HHH's semen blasted her
throat. After a few more sucks he slowly calmed down as his cock went limp
in her mouth.

"Hunter this is just the beginning of today's Birthday fun!" Steph said
with wide eyes as she wiped her mouth.

Hunter rolled around for a few minutes, then finally watched Steph dress.
He lit a birthday cigar. She layed next to him for about 20 minutes. Hunter
managed to get his pants on, but was too tired for much else. He cuddled
with Steph in their plush bed until she said it was time for his surprise.
Suddenly, as Steph rushed out of bed, Triple H looked up to see Elektra and
Francine. He didn't understand why the ECW valets were in his bedroom and
had no idea how they got there.

This was all wrong, thought Hunter. Why was Stephanie doing these things?
His arms began to push himself to his feet when he felt a tug at the crotch
of his pants. Surveying the room, HHH found that Steph was nowhere to be
found. His belt was undone, his pants were opened and then with a tug were
pushed down to his ankles. Bewildered, he moved the bed sheet aside just in
time to watch the girl pulling his underwear down to join his pants. He
could no longer form an action in his brain other than watch Francine slip
his erect cock into her mouth.

Out of the corner of his eye, Hunter watched the Elektra dance in the
corner in a nice skirt and tights. "I want you to raise your skirt for me
now Elektra."

"Why?" questioned the confused woman.

"Because I wish it my dear." Hunter said.

Francine's luscious lips slid over the skin of his prick as he watched his
wife's present reach back behind her hand hoist up her skirt revealing her
pantyhose and panties to HHH's leering smile. Putting his stogy back in his
mouth he then reached over and grabbed the waist of the nylons, yanking
panties and hose alike to her knees. His gaze was met by the exquisite sight
of Elektra's bared ass. He sighed in satisfaction as he reached for his

While Francine slurped noisily on his member, Hunter watched Elektra slide
her body side to side. He began to actually get harder in Francine's mouth,
and pulled away from the ECW slut. The purple head bumped his chest as it
sprang from it's confines. Elektra's ass was drawn back until it was met by
the huge member. It was Stephanie McMahon that held the tray with a tub of
butter for Helmsley to scoop out a generous quantity and began to fully
impale his fingers into her puckered hole. After several seconds of stroking
his fingers in and out HHH spread the rest over the tip of his cock. Coated
in butter, he pointed his cock and with a forceful thrust plunged into the
tight hole.

Elektra let out a loud grunt as her asshole was spread wide by the cock's
intrusion. Hunter began unmercifully sinking his prick into the her strained
opening as she emitted grunts each time. It was not long before he was
grinding in a quick, strong rhythm.

For a moment Triple H's attention was drawn away from the scene by Steph's
raising of her dress. Without any words, Francine moved to kneel between her
legs and while the ECW Valet sucked Steph's pussy and Triple H fucked his
wife's gift Elektra's ass, the ECW Head Cheeleader was a WWF assistant as she
licked and kissed her employee's pussy. Steph began to moan. As if in echo
Hunter let out a grunt, imbedding his gigantic cock completely to it's hilt.
Elektra's breathing quickened as she cried out in an orgasm of epic
proportions. Warm gooey cum surged into her body, sending unusual feelings
of delight to her mind. She hoped that this moment would never end. Steph's
legs hung over the crouched servant's shoulders as she clutched her buttocks,
digging her tongue into her pussy. Stephanie held Francine's head as climax
after climax burst through her. Steph's cries still rang out as Triple H
slapped Elektra on the ass a few times.

Elektra couldn't understand why she just let this rival promotion worker
fuck her anally or even now she hoped that he'd do it again. Looking back
over her shoulder, she saw him sit down in his chair, his cock still hard and
amazingly large in comparison to his body. He began stroking it as he gazed
into her eyes.

"Come here Elektra. Come here and suck my prick."

She could smell the odour of her own anal cavity as she drew the flesh in.
She'd never done anything like this, she thought as she bobbed her head.
Hunter smiled in satisfaction as his wife's gift stroked and licked his cock.
This was a good night, he thought as he watched Steph's spasms of climax
subside. With his inhibitions lost, Hunter felt the tightening of his balls
that announced that he would soon cum in this sweet girl's mouth. Grabbing
the back of her head, he pulled her closer shoving his cock down her throat.
She did not protest but gulped him completely as his cum washed over her
tonsils and oozed down to her stomach. Hunter grunted loudly as he flooded
the girl with his sperm. Elektra climbed out from the bed, still drinking
down the remainder of cum that clung to her mouth. She consumed it as though
it were a delicious treat.

Stephanie pushed Francine to the floor and pulled her skin tight vynal
pants down. Fran's ass, which wasn't tight by any means but the jiggle was
perfect. In amazement, Hunter Hearst Helmsley realized that the mere sight
of the magnificent ass was bringing his used cock to life. Stephanie grabbed
his wrists and guided him to the most pleasing pussy, he'd ever entered. As
if he were a puppet Steph plunged him into it's depth. She, then wrapped an
arm around his waist and began rock him back and forth. He felt like a rag
doll, being thrown about, helpless to stop it. Elektra watched as Stephanie
held her husband's arms and powerfully gyrated his hips so that his cock
plunged in and out of Francine's cunt. She must be having a great climax,
thought Elektra, as she heard her cry out in pleasure. She also knew by the
look on his face that he was about to send a load of cum into her womb. Just
as Hunter was about to cum, he felt himself being wrenched from Francine's
flesh and his expulsion of semen to splash over the small of her back.
Elektra was amazed at the quantity of his cum. It spewed over Francine's
pale skin, puddled there in a gooey mess. Once Triple H was moved out of the
way, Elektra was free to lean down and lick the cum from her back. Lapping
the puddle like a saucer of milk, she cleaned every drop, then lowering to
her partner's wide open cunt and began licking it with vigor.

Soon the ECW girls left, not saying a word. Stephanie smiled and hugged
her husband. They layed back down and spent the rest of his birthday in bed.
As he fell asleep he thought, maybe 35 isn't so bad. He was soon awoken again
by Stephanie poking her head and full lips onto his cock. Steph felt his
balls tighten and his muscles tense just in time to begin gulping down the
semen that rocketed from his cock. She drank down the creamy cum, barely
keeping up with the amount that surged into her mouth. It leaked from her
mouth as it became too much for her, though she continued pumping the shaft
for more.

Hunter soon couldn't take it, and fell asleep ending the first day of the
35th year of his life. Easily one of the best days, EVER for him.

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