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Disclaimer: The Following Story is a figment of pure imagination...sure
perverted, but still imagination. In case you could not understand, this
story is FICTION! IT DID NOT HAPPEN! Had anything like this ever happened,
then someone get a tape of it and stream it out to the world. In this story,
you will read about Trish Stratus getting her revenge on Stephanie McMahon
using HLA to get the job done. REMEMBER THIS STORY IS FICTION!

HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Part 1
by Vintage ( and MTL (

Alright, let's get this over with, thought the Smackdown GM Stephanie
McMahon as she made her way down to the ring.

She had lost a bet to her rival the RAW GM Eric Bischoff and as a result she
had to engage in HLA, Hot Lesbian Action, in front of a live crowd. Or at
least that was what Eric thought.

Stephanie had a backup plan. She knew Eric had tried to hire a fat and ugly
lesbian for her to have ULA, Ugly Lesbian Action, with but little did Eric
know that the 'Ugly Lesbian' he had hired was actually Rikishi, one of
Stephanie's Smackdown superstars, in drag and together Stephanie and Rikishi
were going to be the ones embarrassing Eric, not the other way around.

"Oh Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie, you know I've been thinking about this
moment for a long time, and by the way, the reason I have two lesbians here
with me tonight, I don't know, the French have a term for it, I don't know if
you've heard it, menage a trois, you see I never said that we were going to
have one-on-one HLA so we're going to have ourselves a little three-way, so
ladies why don't we start by losing some of that restricting clothing." Eric
said, sounding like a sleazy porn director.

The lesbians, Stephanie didn't know or care what their names were, removed
their tops slowly and seductively to reveal their bras but Stephanie was not
impressed. She had seen a lot of bikini clad women running around in the WWE
for one reason or another for years, and these two were hardly Trish Stratus
size in the chest department so Stephanie didn't really pay that much
attention. Not that she paid attention to Trish's cleavage.

"And you know, I think you should help Miss McMahon with her jacket." Eric
said, breaking Stephanie from her thoughts.

The lesbians approached Stephanie and removed her jacket. They barely touched
her and already Stephanie was feeling uncomfortable with this situation.
Hopefully Eric would make the mistake of calling out the 'Ugly Lesbian' soon.

"She's looking a little tense perhaps a, backrub may help her out a little
bit." Eric said, his voice making Stephanie's skin crawl.

Just when Stephanie didn't think she could feel more uncomfortable the
lesbians started sliding their hands over Stephanie's shoulders and down her
back and all of a sudden Stephanie didn't feel so uncomfortable anymore. She
gritted her teeth and try to concentrate on glaring at Eric but Stephanie
couldn't help it. The lesbians hands were so gentle, so knowing, so relaxing,
so... good. It was all she could do not too let out a sigh of enjoyment or
something. What the hell was going on?

"Oh, no, no, no, we need to loosen her up, how about a, full body massage."
Eric said, obviously fighting the urge to smile.

The lesbians slid up and down Stephanie's body, sliding their hands up and
down her sides, arms, legs, anywhere that wasn't a particularly sensitive
spot and yet each touch felt electric to Stephanie and it was all the
billion-dollar princess could do to stay as still as a statue. She could not
under any circumstances be seen enjoying this. She could obsess later whether
that was what was going on or not but the fact is that right now she couldn't
afford even the slightest moan of pleasure, and that was difficult because to
Stephanie it felt like she had been fighting the urge to moan now for hours.
Oh god were was Rikishi?

"Oh hell with the foreplay, let's get serious, HLA, HLA, HLA." Eric began
chanting and the audience soon followed.

But Stephanie barely heard them. To her everything seemed to have melted away
except for herself and the lesbians. Time had also suddenly slowed down and
she felt like she was having an out of body experience, unable to move or do
anything except watch herself standing there helplessly as the lesbians
closed in on her. Stephanie watched in horror as one of the lesbians lips
were coming closer to her own, and closer, and closer, and closer, and...

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, not so fast. I've changed my mind. Ladies, your

'Thank God,' Stephanie thought, she didn't know how much more of this she
could take.

When she had come out to the ring Stephanie had expected to feel
uncomfortable and she had been dreading the lesbians touching her body, but
she hadn't felt uncomfortable, she had felt something far, far worse and she
needed to get out of here and just forget this whole horrible night.

Stephanie turned to leave, but she didn't get far.

"But not you Stephanie, not so fast. Oh no, you're not out of the woods yet.
See I wanted this, to be the most humiliating experience in your life, which
is why I realised that those two little lipstick lesbians just weren't going
to get the job done. What we need is someone who hates you, someone who has
just been dying for the chance to humiliate you and get a little... payback."

Stephanie frowned for a moment, and then suddenly familiar music hit the
sound system.

Turning around as if needing to see it to believe it the billion-dollar
princess's mouth hung open as the new WWE woman's champion Trish Stratus made
her way down to the ring. Stephanie's frown returned as she wondered what the
hell Trish was doing out here.

Unfortunately Stephanie was about to get her answer.

After getting in the ring Trish quickly grabbed a microphone and smiled
widely at Stephanie.

"Hi Steph, I know you're probably wondering what I'm doing here, but you
know, you really shouldn't. After all, don't you remember how you humiliated
me on national television last year? And how your father humiliated me even
worse the next week? I guess you thought I'd got my revenge at Wrestlemania
17 right? You know, where I slapped your dad and then kicked your ass all the
way to the back and didn't really get punished for it thanks to your mother?
Well, that was great and all, but you know, it just didn't seem enough, so I
started thinking to myself how could I get the untouchable Stephanie McMahon
back. And you know I thought, and I thought, and I thought, and I just
couldn't think of a way to get back at you without it costing me my job, and
I didn't want that to happen, so I kind of just decided to let it go... until
the opportunity to get back at you presented itself... and now it finally
has. You see Steph, a couple of weeks ago Eric came to me with this crazy
idea of his, and I of course turned it down at first, but then he just kept
going on about it and suddenly I realised it was the opportunity I had been
waiting for, a chance to truly get back at you, a chance to humiliate you
with the whole world watching, without having to worry about any
repercussions like losing my job, which is now, thanks to Eric, very much
secure even if he's fired, and even then whoever replaces him can not put me
in any matches that I don't want to be in and has no right to take any title
off me that I may have." Trish explained, clutching her title to her
shoulder, "So, I'm safe, I get my revenge, and as an added bonus, I get you!"

It took another few moments for this to truly sink in, but when it did
Stephanie went pale with shock and horror, before going red with anger and

"You can't be serious!" Stephanie snapped angrily at Eric.

"Oh I'm deadly serious." Eric said, smiling evilly, "And the beauty of it is
that you can't say no."

"What?" Stephanie exclaimed.

"Well, you can, but not without handing the WWE over to me." Eric laughed.

"What?" Stephanie yelled.

"Well, you see Stephanie, I had it written into the fine print of the
contract we signed for this match that if one of us back out on our agreed
punishments then whoever won would get control over the losers show. So
basically, you can walk out of here in disgust and deny all our fans to see
you and Trish in some HLA fun, but if you do you hand control of Smackdown
over to me, essentially meaning I, by having control over both RAW and
Smackdown, would control the entire WWE. And before you say something stupid
like your daddy would never let me get away with this, he already gave me the
green light on this when I explained my plan to him last week." Eric paused
so he could enjoy the reaction from Stephanie and the crowd, "You see Steph,
your daddy is letting me do this to you to teach you a valuable lesson.
McMahons don't lose. In fact Vince told me to tell you if you lost if you
didn't go through with your punishment he would fire you himself and throw
you out on the streets. It's called tough love Steph, and trust me, one way
or another, that's exactly what you'll be receiving tonight."

Stephanie couldn't believe what was happening, what had she got herself into?

"So what's it going to be Steph? Are you going to walk out of here and lose
control of Smackdown..." Trish asked, pausing for effect so she could give
the audience the chance to boo, "Or are you going to let me have my fun with

The audience cheered.

Stephanie gritted her teeth, but then lowered her head in defeat and muttered
her reply.

"What was that Steph?" Trish asked.

Stephanie mumbled her answer again, but louder this time.

"No, say it into the microphone. I want everyone to hear this." Trish

Stephanie gritted her teeth again, slowly brought her microphone up to her
mouth and said, "... You win."

Trish beamed, "Excellent, let's get started. I should warn you though, due to
another part of the small print of that little contract that you obviously
didn't bother to read because you were oh so sure you were going to win, you
have to do everything I say, which basically means that tonight Stephanie...
you're my bitch."

The crowd roared in approval as Stephanie wish death upon Trish through her

"You got that Steph?" Trish asked.

"... Yes." Stephanie mumbled.

"Good, so, what are you?" Trish asked.

There was no response.

"I said what are you tonight bitch?"

"... Fuck you Trish!" Stephanie said bitterly.

"Oooooh, feisty, I like that, I can't wait to break you." Trish laughed, "And
speaking of breaking you, I think we should start our fun with a nice, hard,
spanking to help put you in your place."

The crowd roared in approval as Stephanie gritted her teeth.

"Now, let's see, where should I spank you... I know, walk over there, bend
over and grab the middle rope for me bitch." Trish commanded, pointing to the

Stephanie reluctantly obeyed, realising as she bent over that she was in
perfect position for the cameras to zoom in on her humiliation.

"Good girl Steph, now, undo your pants and pull them down, slowly."

Stephanie gritted her teeth again, but couldn't help blushing as she obeyed.
She had to lean against the ropes so she could push her skirt down as far as
she could before letting it fall around her ankles.

"Nice thong." Trish laughed, as she admired Stephanie's ass, "Now, take it

Once again Stephanie blushed as she did what she was told, supporting her
weight on the ropes again as she pushed her thong down until it joined her
skirt around her ankles.

"Fuck that's so hot." Trish said, practically drooling at the sight of the
woman she hated most bent over with her ass naked and expose for all to see,
"This is going to be fun."

And with that Trish gave the palm of her hand a few quick licks before
bringing it down as hard as she could upon Stephanie's helpless ass, causing
the Billion Dollar Princess to cry out in pain.

"Oh, you are so pathetic Stephanie," Trish mocked before her hand crashed
down onto Stephanie's ass. Shot after shot, Stephanie cried out as Trish
spanked her. Trish then spit down at Stephanie's ass and smeared her saliva
all over it, before giving Stephanie's ass another round of hard slaps.

"Please Trish, stop!" Stephanie pleaded.

"Oh no Stephanie, we are just getting started!" Trish replied as she smacked
Stephanie's ass with both hands as if she was playing the bongos. The rapid
series of slaps on both ass cheeks cause Stephanie's ass to quickly turn into
a rosy pink color. "This is just the first part of my revenge Stephanie, so
you are in for a long ride!"

Trish then used both her hands to rub down Stephanie's ass cheeks before
crashing both hands onto it. She then started to play a rendition of the drum
sequence in Ric Flair's theme song. *Smack...smack...SMACK SMACK! Smack smack
smack smack smack smack smack smack* Stephanie's ass was then beat red as
Trish finished through her drum solo.

Feeling the pain, and the humiliation, Stephanie started to cry. At first
they were tears of frustration more than anything else because Stephanie had
always considered herself cunning and crafty, things that her family prided
itself on, and yet she just couldn't think of a way out of this situation.
She had been trapped by her enemies and her own self-confidence and now the
price was a public spanking in front of the entire world and God knows what

Soon Stephanie came to the conclusion that there was no way out of this
situation than to do everything Trish said, which cause sorrow to fill her
body and her tears of frustration quickly turned to tears of helplessness,
humiliation and pain as her ass was brutally spanked, and spanked, and

Stephanie was obviously in both physical and mental agony, and Trish was
really beginning to enjoy it. The stratusfaction of truly getting back at
Stephanie, the adrenaline from the roar of the crowd, and the fact that she
had brought Stephanie to tears brought Trish great pleasure. She grinned as
she stared down at Stephanie's red ass in her hands. Trish then started to
massage Stephanie's ass, and although it hurt a little, Stephanie actually
enjoyed it. After Trish's hands brought her so much pain, the soft touch of
Trish's hands on her ass was as pleasurable as the spanking was painful.

Looking further down Stephanie's backside, Trish could see Stephanie's bare
pussy, and ever since Trish started to massage Stephanie's ass cheeks in her
hands, Stephanie's pussy started to get moist. Smirking at the sight before
her, Trish stopped rubbing down Stephanie's ass, before licking her hands
again, and unleashing a lashing series of spanks onto Stephanie's already
beat red ass. Once again, Stephanie yelped in cries of pain, which was music
to Trish's ears.

"Oh Trish, please please PLEASE, stop spanking my ass!" Stephanie begged

"You want me to stop?" Trish asked in a degrading tone, "Well how about you
admit how big of a slut you are. Admit you whore yourself out to your entire
roster! Admit you make me look like a nun! Admit that I am the superior woman
and I could kick your ass anytime I want! Admit that I've won and now you're
nothing but my bitch!" Trish said in a demanding tone, slapping Stephanie's
ass more and more, over and over again.

"I'm a big slut! You are better than me Trish!" Stephanie said with no

"Oh, you'll have to do better than that!" Trish replied, "and how about you
say it into the microphone?" After she said that, Bischoff held the
microphone up to Stephanie's face.

Gritting her teeth, Stephanie started to tell Trish what she wants to
hear, "Oh Trish, I am such a fucking slut that I offer myself to my own damn
roster! If people thought you acted like a slut last year, then they should
see me backstage! I make you look like a nun! You are so much better than I
am Trish. You are my better and can kick my ass at anytime you want! You win,
you're the superior woman of the WWE and I am nothing but..."

"But what? What are you Stephanie?" Trish said, repeatability smacking
Stephanie's ass.

"I am nothing but yours tonight!" Stephanie spat angrily.

Trish continued to spank Stephanie for a while as she thought about whether
to accept Stephanie's plea or not. Deciding that it was good enough for now,
Trish stopped spanking Stephanie's ass and took a few steps back to admire
her work.

Stephanie's ass was a nice shade of pink and even though Trish knew she could
spank Stephanie until her ass was a bloody beaten red the blonde Canadian
decided she would rather move on. After all, if all went according to plan
she would have plenty of time to spank Stephanie to her heart's content and
there was plenty of degrading things she wanted to do to her and a limited
amount of time. The PPV was already more than half over and she had maybe an
hour at tops to break Stephanie and no matter how hard she tried Trish knew
spanking the bitch wasn't going to be enough. But that was no problem,
because Trish was just getting started.

"Turn around Stephanie, face me." Trish commanded as she licked her lips,
practically salivating at the thought of all the nasty little things to come

Stephanie did as she was instructed and turned around. Once she was facing
the blonde Stephanie got a big surprise.

Before Stephanie could even realize what was happening, Trish pulled
Stephanie in for a kiss, powerfully pulling her in and shoving her tongue
into Steph's mouth, dominating her with the kiss. Stephanie was frozen where
she stood, taking the kiss but not kissing back. After about 10 seconds,
Trish shoved Stephanie down onto her ass, causing her to groan in anguish.

"Strip for me bitch!" Trish commanded once she had finished laughing at
Stephanie's pain, "Show me those store bought tits your daddy paid for!"

Wow, Trish fucking Stratus is mocking me for having fake boobs, Stephanie
thought bitterly as she reluctantly obeyed the command. She had accepted she
had no choice and now just wanted to get this over with as quickly as
possible. With that in mind Stephanie quickly took off her shirt and then her
bra before reaching down for her shoes.

"No, leave the high heels on." Trish commanded with a smile from ear to ear,
"I love to fuck girls wearing high heels!"

This caused the crowd to cheer extra loudly as Stephanie stared angrily at
Trish who just continued to smile back.

"Now, take off my clothes for me like a good little bitch." Trish said,
talking down to Stephanie.

Stephanie continued staring death towards Trish for a few moments but then
got up and took off Trish's shirt, but before she could take off her pants,
Trish forced Stephanie onto her knees. She then allowed Stephanie to take off
her pants. Stephanie then tried to take off Trish's black bra and thong, but
Trish then pie faced Stephanie onto the mat before she could do anything.
Trish then drags her by the hair into the corner.

"I heard you had a plan to get out of this HLA segment," Trish said, "That
you even directed Rikishi to dress up like a woman and pretend to be an ugly
lesbian. Well, you know what Rikishi is famous for... so sit up and take my
ass in your face! You are about to join the Trish Stratus Kiss My Ass Club,

With Stephanie sitting in the corner of the ring, Trish turned her back to
Stephanie and leaned downwards, sticking out her ass, before stuffing
Stephanie's face with it. Shaking her ass back and forth, Trish gave
Stephanie her version of the stink face. With her apple shaped ass, Trish
could have probably taken that and trademarked it herself, but she wanted to
be serious in the ring, and since this wasn't a wrestling match, it was a
perfect situation to use the stink face.

Stephanie squeezed her eyes shut, her face a mask of horror as another
woman's ass grinded against her face. She tried to pretend she was anywhere
but here in this humiliating situation but she could do nothing but lay there
and take a face full of Trish's ample ass.

After about a minute of grinding her ass in Stephanie's face, Trish stopped
and told Stephanie, "Well just don't sit there and take it, kiss it, kiss my
ass you bitch! I want to feel your lips covering my ass and if I don't in the
next 10 seconds I'm going to bend you over the rope again and spank your ass
till it's fucking bleeding!"

Just trying to get this over with and avoid another spanking Stephanie
screwed up her face in disgust, puckered up and kissed Trish's ass.
Physically it wasn't so bad. Trish's ass was a little sweaty from her match,
but the taste wasn't that unpleasant. For Stephanie it was more the mental
knowledge that she was literally kissing another woman's ass in public for
everyone to see which had her skin crawling.

Nevertheless Stephanie understood one kiss wouldn't be enough to save her
from another spanking so she was soon forced to start to lay pecks all over
Trish's magnificent ass. Almost as soon as Stephanie had got down to some
serious ass kissing Trish started to shake her ass into Stephanie's face, and
Stephanie found herself trying to keep up with Trish's motions. Stephanie
then decides to stick out her tongue and lick the flesh of Trish's backside.
Liking what she feels, Trish stops shaking her ass so Stephanie can better
lick and kiss her ass.

"That's it bitch! Lick my ass! Lick my ass you fucking slut! Your nothing but
a fucking ass licking slut now Stephanie, my ass licking slut! And you're
about to become my ass hole licking slut! That's right bitch, you're going to
stick your tongue up my ass hole and lick the hole I shit from clean! You
hear me? You're going to clean out my butt hole bitch! Do it! Stick your
tongue up my ass hole or else it's back over the rope for another spanking!"
Trish threatened.

At first Stephanie did nothing, her mind racing for a way to get out of this
but once again coming up with nothing and soon the fear of another spanking
took over and with shame in her eyes Stephanie excepted her fate. With a
disgusted look on her face Stephanie moves Trish's thong to the side to
expose Trish's ass hole. Grabbing the glorious ass in front of her, Stephanie
spreads Trish's butt cheeks and sticks her tongue inside. Moaning in
pleasure, Trish grabs onto the ropes, tilts her head and body back, and takes
in Stephanie's tongue in her ass. She then starts to pump her ass back and
forth to get Stephanie's tongue further up her ass.

The General Manager of Smackdown was sitting in the corner, naked, jamming
her tongue up Trish's ass. She doesn't want to be there, she wants to be
saved, she wants to go back in time and tear up that damn contract before the
pay-per-view started. Stephanie can feel Trish's ass pushing back into her
face, forcing her tongue up Trish's ass more. Hearing the moans of Trish
Stratus, however, did something to Stephanie she didn't expect, it started to
get her pussy moist again. Scared and unsure, Stephanie kept telling herself
how repulsive this was, her tongue up Trish's ass, but her pussy was sending
her other messages. Stephanie couldn't believe it...

Enjoying every second of this, Trish Stratus grinded her ass on Stephanie's
tongue for a minute. However she soon came to a realization and stood up
right, causing Stephanie's tongue to leave her ass. She then walked out of
the corner and grabbed the microphone, walking to the center of the ring.

"You know Stephanie, you are such a filthy bitch. But I feel that the fans
can't get a good view of how much of a slut you are. So we are going to do
things like your daddy does. You're gonna get on your knees in the middle of
the ring and kiss my ass for everyone to see!" Stephanie started to get up to
her feet in the corner, but Trish stopped her, "Oh no Stephanie, you are
going to crawl to my ass!"

With a look of anger in her eyes, Stephanie got down onto her knees and
started to crawl to Trish.

Once she arrived behind Trish, the women's champion turned around and said,
"You know what Stephanie, before you kiss my ass again, I want you to crawl
around the ring for me. That's it, just like that. Does this seem familiar
Stephanie? I had to do this last year, well now its your turn, only the
difference is, you are naked in front of every single person watching around
the world. Now crawl around like the bitch that you are Stephanie, and shake
your ass in the air while you do it! Yeah that's great, that is very sexy,
now then, bark for me bitch!"

Stephanie stopped crawling and looked at the ground. Trish held the
microphone to her face and Stephanie closed her eyes, not wanting to do it,
but not wanting to lose Smackdown, starts to bark. "Arf arf! bark! Rouf rouf!
Woof woof!"

Trish laughed at the pathetic sight before her as Stephanie continued
crawling around the ring barking like a dog, Trish following her around the
ring with a mike so the whole world could hear it, Stephanie's face red with
humiliation throughout this degrading ordeal.

Deciding she had made her point Trish then bent over slightly in the centre
of the ring, turned to Stephanie and patted her ass invitingly.

Understanding what was expected of her Stephanie reluctantly crawled over to
her tormentor, reaching up and pushing Trish's thong aside before pushing her
tongue back into Trish's ass hole.

"Ooooohhhhh Stephanie, you are an eager little ass licking slut aren't you?"
Trish groaned mockingly as she enjoyed the feeling of Stephanie's tongue in
her ass, "But don't neglect the rest of my ass just because you love sticking
your tongue up my ass hole. So start showing the rest of my ass some love.
Come on Stephanie, pucker up and kiss my ass! I want the whole world to see
you kissing my ass!"

At this command Stephanie took her tongue out of Trish's ass hole, gritted
her teeth, and then puckered up, her lips covering Trish's ass in kisses.

"Yeah, that's it Stephanie, kiss my ass. Run your lips all over my ass. Do
you like joining the Trish Stratus Kiss My Ass Club Stephanie? I bet you do
you sick slut! I bet you love kissing my ass in front of all these people! I
bet you love kissing my ass in front of the entire world don't you? I bet you
love the fact that all these people and the entire world now sees you for
what you truly are, a no good ass kissing slut!" Trish taunted, before
turning to one of the camera guys filming Stephanie's humiliation, "Hey you,
camera guy with the hard on, get a close-up of Stephanie kissing my ass. Make
sure you get a good look at her face so that the world can see how much she's
loving this!"

In all fairness all the camera guys had hard ons, but the one Trish was
talking to did as he was told and zoomed in as close as he could to wear
Stephanie's lips were being pressed against Trish's ass, every audience
member at home getting to see the look on Stephanie's face as she was forced
to literally kiss ass, which was a look of anger mixed with shame.

"That's good Stephanie, that's real good. Your lips feel great on my ass. But
now it's time for you to stick your tongue back inside my ass hole. Now,
here's what I ooooohhhhh," Trish was forced to stop her commanding of
Stephanie momentarily to let out a long moan as the general manager of
smackdown shoved her tongue deep into the women's champion's ass hole, "You
eager little bitch. Just couldn't wait to get your tongue back in my ass hole
could you? Well take it out, I want the world to get the best view possible
of your tongue sliding into my ass hole."

Vowing Trish would pay for this Stephanie removed her tongue once more from
Trish's ass hole and waited for instruction.

"Good bitch, now stick out your tongue, wait for the camera guy to get a nice
and focused close-up on it... and... slowly slide your tongue into my ass
hole you ass licking slut!" Trish commanded.

Stephanie and camera crew were like Trish's puppets at this point, doing as
she said without question, the only difference being the camera crew wasn't
wishing death upon her as they did as they were told.

"Ohhhhh, that's it, right there, now swirl your tongue around inside my ass
hole. Get it nice and clean. Don't be afraid to suck my ass hole, really
clean that shit pipe out. Oh come on you can do better than that. Harder!
Suck my ass hole you bitch! Ooooohhhhh fuck yeah, that's it, just like that,
suck my shit hole you ass licking, butt sucking bitch! Harder! Louder! I want
the whole world to hear you sucking at my ass hole you ass eating whore!"

Obeying Trish's commands Stephanie devoted herself to the blonde's ass hole,
swirling her tongue around inside as she noisily sucked and slurped at
Trish's shit hole, the sounds practically echoing throughout the world thanks
to the miracle of TV.

"Oh yeah Stephanie, you're really worshipping my ass now! And you are doing
such a good fucking job. Maybe this isn't the first Kiss My Ass Club you've
joined, mm. Do you kiss your own father's ass like this Stephanie? Is that
how you got your job running Smackdown?" Trish asked.

"Fuck you bitch!" Stephanie screamed at Trish after pulling her mouth and
tongue from the blonde's butt hole, "I run smackdown because I'm the best
qualified. No one in the entire WWE is as qualified as mdjkfnhoshse!"

That was as far as Stephanie got before Trish shoved her face back in her

"Well tonight you're the best qualified to kiss my ass, bitch!" Trish yelled,
pushing Stephanie's face is deep into her ass as it would go, "So pucker up
again cause I didn't give you permission to take your tongue out of my ass
hole you fucking whore. You heard me, get that tongue of yours back up my
shit shoot before I beat your ass to a bloody pulp!"

For a few seconds Stephanie just gritted her teeth and did nothing, but as
her rage subsided her fear of another spanking kicked in, along with the fear
of losing Smackdown, and after awhile Stephanie accepted the inevitable and
started frenching Trish's ass hole again, the whole world watching her
licking and sucking Trish Stratus's ass hole like her life depended on it.

Trish took a little more time to enjoy the sensation of the previously
untouchable Stephanie McMahon giving her one of the most thorough rim jobs
she'd ever received before pie facing Stephanie to the mat and turning to

"That was great Stephanie, really, your one first class ass kisser, but I
think it's time this little session of HLA got serious. So go bend over the
rope again because I've got a big surprise for you." Trish commanded.

Stephanie's ass was still aching from the spanking she had only just recently
taken in that position so she was understandably reluctant to do as she was

Seeing this Trish added, "Don't worry Steph, I'm not going to spank you like
I did before... well, not unless you don't get your hot ass over to those
ropes right now!"

Understanding the threat Stephanie slowly crawled over to the ropes and stood
on shaky legs before bending over, grabbing the middle rope and leaning her
head against the top of it for support.

Trish licked her lips at the sight of the powerful Stephanie McMahon bent
over and helpless, her ass red and swollen from where Trish had spanked it,
just waiting for her TLC.

And Trish knew just how she was going to give Stephanie that 'tender love and

"Eric." Trish said, turning to her boss, "Bring me the weapon of Stephanie
McMahon's destruction."

Eric smiled and clicked his fingers at one of the photographers standing
around ringside who immediately produced a suitcase and handed it to Eric who
opened it and presented it to Trish.

As the cameras got a close up of the object inside the suitcase the crowd
erupted in a loud cheer and Stephanie turned her head to see what it was.

At first Stephanie couldn't see it because Trish was blocking her view but
when the blonde Canadian reached in and took it out the GM of Smackdown
suddenly went very pale.

That couldn't possibly be what she thought it was, could it?

Unfortunately for Stephanie it was, and as Trish strapped it around her waist
nothing could protect her from the horrible truth, Trish Stratus, a woman who
hated her, was about to fuck her with a strap on dildo.

The very idea of it should have sent a shiver of disgust down Stephanie's
spine, and while she did feel a shiver the problem was it wasn't from disgust
but from desire and that terrified the Billion Dollar Princess.

It had to be because that dildo was almost twice the size of the biggest dick
she had ever had inside her and her desires came from just wanting a big
dildo inside her and not because she at all wanted another woman to fuck her
with one. It just had to be. She wasn't a lesbian. She was straight. She was
100% straight. She was Stephanie McMahon dammit, and there was no way in hell
she wanted another woman.

As Stephanie agonised about what she was feeling Eric signalled the camera
crew to get in position for the Smackdown GM's ultimate humiliation.

Eric and Trish had carefully planned out Stephanie's debasement every step of
the way and from here on in Trish would be unable to hold a microphone so
that the audience could hear herself and Stephanie talk because both of her
hands were about to become very busy. So certain members of the ring crew had
been armed with booms, which were microphones on long poles, so that at this
appropriate moment they could lean forward and get them as near to the action
as possible without creating too much of a distraction.

While this happened cameras focused in on the action while Eric stood in the

Eric would have loved to take a more active role in Stephanie's humiliation,
but this was HLA, and Trish had only agreed to this if she could have
Stephanie all to herself and Eric was fine with that. He had the best seat in
the house and he was going to enjoy every moment of watching this.

With the dildo firmly in place Trish walked over to where Stephanie was
bending over the middle rope, gave a long lick of her fingers, and shoved two
of them deep inside Stephanie's pussy causing the brunette to moan loudly.

"Oh my god Steph, you're soaking!" Trish exclaimed as her fingers easily slid
into the knuckles inside Stephanie's cunt, "What could have got you so wet?
Mm, let me think... could it be from me spanking your pretty bottom pink? Did
that turn you on Stephanie? Me spanking your bare ass like a naughty little
girl, did you like that? Or is it from kissing my ass? Did you love covering
my ass in kisses so much you got wet? Or was it from having your tongue
inside my ass hole? That's it isn't it, you're dripping wet because you like
shoving your tongue up my ass hole. Makes sense, no one can give that good a
rim job without getting some sick and twisted sexual pleasure from it. God, I
had no idea Stephanie McMahon was such a pervert."

"No!" Stephanie cried out, opening her mouth to continue her protest but it
became lost in another moan as Trish began sliding her fingers in and out of
the brunette's pussy.

"No, no what Stephanie?" Trish asked, as she continued finger fucking the
other woman, "No, it wasn't sliding your tongue around inside my ass hole
that got you so wet?"

Stephanie nodded furiously as she desperately tried to stop herself from
moaning as she was finger fucked.

"Well then why are you so wet?" Trish questioned, before smiling wickedly,
"Is it because of the HLA? Are you enjoying having Hot Lesbian Action with me
Stephanie? Are you a closet lesbo slut who just needs to be fucked by another
woman? Your pussy certainly seems to like having my fingers inside it, and
you are moaning a lot, so maybe that's it. Are you a closet lesbo slut
Stephanie? Do you need to come out of the closet?"

"No! I'm not a disgusting lesbo like you! I'm straight." Stephanie spat, her
instincts making her fight back but the truth was she wasn't sure the answer
she gave was right, and that almost literally scared her to tears.

"Ha, keep telling yourself that bitch." Trish laughed, "And for the record,
I'm bisexual. I love cock, but there's just something about women. Plus there
are things I like to do to them that not a lot of men go for, not that I'm
interested in that. Which brings me to my next question. Is your pussy wet
from me dominating you so completely in this ring? Are you wet because you're
some kind of humiliation loving exhibitionist who is happy to remove their
clothes and give up their dignity to be naked in front of millions of people
around the world? Did you love it when I made you bark like a dog? Do you
want me to humiliate you more? Or do you just want to be fucked? Do you just
want this big dildo inside your pussy? Are you just a total fucking slut who
saw a big cock and just started to get dripping wet, not even caring that it
wasn't real and was attached to another woman? Are you really that slutty?

Stephanie's face was almost bright red in anger, shame and something else she
didn't want to name, but she realised that thing she didn't want to name was
now obvious to the whole world. Trish had made sure of that. Everyone
watching could see that her pussy was dripping wet and it was only becoming
wetter with every stroke of Trish's fingers. So Stephanie needed an alibi,
something she could tell everyone which would be the least humiliating and
out of all the options Trish had just given her there was only one Stephanie
could use and hope that somehow she could try and keep some of her dignity.

"The dildo." Stephanie half squeaked, half moaned.

"What was that Stephanie?" Trish asked.

"The dildo." Stephanie repeated, gritting her teeth, "It's big. I saw it and,
and I got turned on."

Trish laughed cruelly and then said, "I knew it. I knew you were just a slut.
Just a total fucking slut. That's what you are isn't it Stephanie! You're
just a slut! Say it bitch!"

The blonde pulled back on the brunette's hair, causing a squeal of pain
followed by Stephanie spitting out, "Fuck you bitch!"

"Oh believe me Steph, the only one getting fucked around here tonight as
you!" Trish said menacingly as she removed her fingers from Stephanie's
snatch and placed the head of her strap on against it, "That's right bitch,
I'm about to fuck you like the slut you are! And you fucking love it don't
you! You can't wait to get this cock inside that horny whore hole you call a
cunt! Can you Stephanie? You can't wait for me to fuck your pussy can you?"

Trish paused in her verbal torturing of Stephanie so her victim could talk
back but all she got was silence because Stephanie was too busy trying to
control her treacherous body from becoming even more aroused at the prospect
of having that big dildo inside of her.

The best Stephanie could hope for at this stage was that Trish would get this
over with quickly, that she would fuck her, get bored of her not reacting to
it and let her go. That was absolutely what had to happen. Now, if she could
only convince her body to co-operate and not show any desire for Trish and
the cock strapped around her waist everything would be fine.

Unfortunately for Stephanie, Trish had a surprise for her.

"Well that's too bad, because I'm not interested in fucking your pussy..."

Trish's words caused Stephanie to go very pale and it only got worse when
Trish slowly moved her dildo upwards and pressed it against her virgin ass
hole, the crowd erupting in a loud cheer as they realise what fate awaited
the Billion Dollar Princess.

"You see Stephanie, Eric calling this Hot Lesbian Action was just a cover.
That's not what HLA really stands for. HLA doesn't stand for Hot Lesbian
Action... it stands for Hot Lesbian Anal! And that's what you have
contractually agreed to participate in. Which means..."

Trish let those words hang in the air for a few seconds before slamming her
hips forwards with all her strength, violating the Billion Dollar Princess's
Billion Dollar butt, the brunette's puckered rosebud being forced open by the
tip of Trish's dildo as the blonde sank the head of her strap on into
Stephanie's cherry back door, robbing her of her anal virginity.

Shrieking in pain Stephanie swung herself forwards and around forcibly out of
Trish's grip, the dildo being pulled from her ass in the process with a loud
and painful pop. As she spun round Stephanie raised her hand to deliver the
hardest slap she could possibly give to Trish but unfortunately for her she
raised her hand too soon and Trish saw it coming a mile away meaning before
she came anywhere near Trish with her hand Trish slapped her with her own,
knocking Stephanie to the mat clutching her cheek.

"Listen you stupid bitch!" Trish screamed at her fallen rival, "I've waited
over a year for the chance to humiliate you like you humiliated me and now I
finally got my chance you will not deny me! Not unless you want to lose
Smackdown. And I know you Stephanie, you'd rather do anything than lose
power. So just bend over and you'll get to keep your precious show and I'll
get to make you my bitch in front of the entire world!"

Fuming with rage Stephanie got up and stood nose to nose with Trish, murder
screaming in her eyes as her mind raced for any option other than bending
over and allowing this bitch to sodomise her. Sadly she still couldn't think
of anything and after the last year in which Trish had vastly improved in the
ring Stephanie knew that physically she was no match for the blonde Canadian
so fighting back was useless.

Not allowing the helplessness that flooded her body to show on her face
Stephanie got even closer to Trish and spat, "You may think you've won Trish,
but I swear to God you'll pay for this. If it's the last thing I do I'll make
you wish you had never been born. So enjoy you're little victory while you

"Oh I will." Trish interrupted, smacking Stephanie on her ass, "Now bend over
so I can make you my bitch."

"I will never be your bitch!" Stephanie spat, before gritting her teeth,
turning around and bending over.

"Ha, you sure look like a bitch to me right now Steph!" Trish laughed,
pressing her dildo back to Stephanie's butt hole, "And believe me, that's
exactly what you're going to be!"

With that Trish once again tore through Stephanie's ass hole, once again
causing Stephanie to shriek in pain.

Aware that her pain was giving Trish great satisfaction Stephanie gritted her
teeth and clutched to the rope in preparation for the pain that would follow
once Trish started shoving the rest of the strap on into her shit shoot,
wanting to stop herself from crying out again so she could at least minimise
Trish's enjoyment if not stop it completely. Who knows, if she was lucky
enough maybe Trish would get bored of stuffing her ass full of dildo and let
her go.

The last thought was rather foolish but Stephanie refused to give up hope.

Unfortunately Trish had never been so not bored in her life. Here she had a
woman she hated bent over before her, her ass struggling to accept the huge
dildo strapped around Trish's waist which the blonde was forcing up her back
side in front of a crowd of thousands and millions watching at home. She had
never felt more powerful in her life. Even winning the women's title didn't
compare to this.

As Trish revelled in her enjoyment she continued to add inch after inch into
Stephanie's rectum, the smackdown GM being forced to accommodate more and
more strap on cock up her butt, while the entire time pretending it didn't
bother her and failing miserably.

Stephanie tried as hard as she could to maintain calm and relaxed but she
found it impossible. With every additional inch pain would shoot straight
from her ass hole to her brain and fighting the natural impulse to scream
only caused her to whimper pathetically. The sound she was making only made
her sound weak and soon the physical pain combined with the mental pain and
Stephanie found herself in her own personal hell.

It was a vicious cycle.

Trish would thrust inwards, pushing more dildo up her ass, causing her to
whimper and clench down on the cock inside her, the already tight fit causing
her pain and the clenching only increasing the pain, and that pain forced her
to relax and in that brief moment Trish would push more dildo into her butt
and the cycle would continue.

And there was no escape.

She knew there was nothing she could do to stop Trish from sodomising her.
The only option she had left which might work was begging and Stephanie's
pride prevented her from that, even if it would possibly save her from this
unbearable pain.

And it only seem to get worse with every inch.

Just as Stephanie began to wonder if the agony would ever end and she would
have to spend the entire night having her blonde enemy shoving a dildo up her
ass in front of a live crowd Trish's hips smacked against her ass cheeks
which could only mean one thing, somehow Trish had managed to force every
single inch of that monster into her butt.

"Great job Steph!" Trish said, smacking Stephanie's ass, "That's 12 inches
right up your ass. Now stay nice and relaxed so I can give you your first
butt fucking and I'm sure you'll be loving it in no time."

Fat chance, Stephanie thought, who in their right mind would enjoy something
like this?

Looking down in between their bodies Trish enjoyed staring at were her hips
were pressed up against Stephanie's ass cheeks, lust racing through her body
knowing that between her hips and Stephanie's ass cheeks there was a 12 inch
dildo that she had buried in the brunette's butt hole.

After enjoying the moment Trish slowly pulled out of Stephanie's ass hole,
watching with glee as that tight ring painfully stretched around the shaft as
it slid from the depths of the Smackdown general manager's bowels, until only
the tip remained inside Stephanie's shit locker. It was then Trish rammed her
dildo back into Stephanie's rectum in one hard thrust getting balls deep back
inside the brunette's back door, causing Stephanie to cry out.

Over and over again Trish repeated this process, slowly pulling out before
delivering a hard bowel wrecking thrust into Stephanie's shit hole as if she
was literally trying to ruin Stephanie's ass, and for all the Billion Dollar
Princess knew that was exactly what the women's champion planned on doing.

The worst of it was that the slow outward stroke didn't hurt as much, and if
Trish would just give her more of that treatment maybe it wouldn't be so bad,
but the hard ass tearing inward thrusts prevented Stephanie's ass from
relaxing, leaving the smackdown GM feeling as if her rectum was going to rip
open at any second.

And just when Stephanie didn't think it could get any worse it did.

"Hey, camera guy," Trish called out, "Make sure you get a good close-up shot
of Stephanie's ass hole stretching around my strap on cock on the outward
stroke, show the whole world Stephanie's butt hole submitting to me and my

Looking up on the screen Trish could see that the camera guy had done as he
was told. Stephanie's ass hole stretching around her strap on was on full
display and it looked so beautiful, and yet so painful. The Billion Dollar
Princess's Billion Dollar butt hole looked raw and sore from its abuse and
Trish could only imagine the agony Stephanie was in, which made her feel very
proud of herself, but also gave her an idea how to further humiliate

"Wow, you're whimpering quite a lot Steph," Trish said, "You must be in a lot
of pain. Normally I wouldn't care about that, but since fucking your ass has
put me in such a good mood I'm going to give you the opportunity to lube my
dildo, that way it will be nice and wet when it slides through your ass."

Stephanie let out a long gasp as Trish suddenly yanked the dildo from her

For a few moments nothing happened and Stephanie hoped that someone was going
to get Trish some lube but when she turned her head to look at Trish she soon
realised from the look in Trish's eyes that wasn't the case.

"Get on your knees and turn around." Trish said, her voice quiet but

Stephanie did and she was told and Trish step forward, pressing her strap on
which had so recently been in the GM's ass hole to Stephanie's lips.

"Suck it." Trish commanded, those two very familiar words echoing throughout
the arena followed by the cheer from the crowd that followed them.

Stephanie fixed Trish with another death glare which only made the blonde
bombshell laugh.

"Hey, it's not my ass getting ripped apart by an enormous fake cock so I
really don't care if this thing is 'lubed' or not but if I were you Stephanie
I'd starts sucking that strap on because in a second it's going right back up
your ass." Trish said, pausing once again for another cheer from the crowd,
"So I guess it's up to you whether you want to make your butt fucking easier
on yourself or not."

Stephanie gritted her teeth, stared death at Trish for another few seconds
before reluctantly opening her mouth and taking the head of Trish's strap on

Closing her lips around the monster that had been breaking her back passage
Stephanie scrunched her face up in disgust as she tasted her own ass juice on
the cock. She then closed her eyes tight and started lowering her head on the
dildo, taking more and more of it into her mouth until the tip touched the
back of her throat. Then, showing off years of cock sucking skills, Stephanie
lowered her mouth further, controlling her gag reflex as the strap on slid
down her throat.

Stephanie loved sucking cock, and had a lot of practice over the years, but
she had never encountered a cock this big before. She still couldn't believe
her now formally virgin ass had been able to take this beast. Her mouth had
plenty of practice taking cock and it was really struggling.

As the base of the thing drawn near Stephanie's eyes started to water and she
began to choke. She was about to remove the object from her mouth and try
again when a strong hand grasped the back of her head and forced her down the
rest of the way on the poll, the fake balls of the monster cock smacking
against her chin announcing every inch had been buried down her throat.

"Fuck yes, get a close-up of Stephanie deep throating my cock." Trish
commanded the surrounding camera crew as she pressed down on the choking
Stephanie who was struggling to breathe through her nose.

Trish held Stephanie there for a few agonising moments, well agonising for
Stephanie, before letting go of her head and allowing Stephanie to finally
come up for air.

Coughing and spluttering Stephanie fought to get precious oxygen back into
her lungs as Trish watched her with an evil smile on her face.

"Again, suck my cock bitch." Trish ordered Stephanie who after a little
reluctance did so again.

This time when Stephanie had about half the cock down her throat Trish
grabbed the back of her head and started thrusting in and out of Stephanie's
mouth, using her hated enemy's mouth as a cunt.

Stephanie thought about objecting to this obscene act, but realised she had
already been publicly sodomised by Trish so what was one more debasement?

Seeing Stephanie go limp and accepting the face fucking Trish smiled and
slowly increase the aggression, going balls deep down Stephanie's throat each
time, her hips smacking off her boss's daughter's face, as she ruthlessly
fucked her mouth like a loose whore's cunt.

Looking over to the big screen Trish saw herself looking more powerful and
dominant than she'd ever been. The WWE women's champion, her body firm and
toned, slamming a strap on dildo down the throat of one of the most powerful
people in the WWE, the boss's daughter and GM of Smackdown Stephanie McMahon.
And while Trish looked more powerful and dominant than she'd ever been
Stephanie looked weaker and more submissive than she'd ever been, on her
knees in front of Trish, slobbering all over a strap on dildo which was
destined to be shoved right up where it had just come from, her ass. It all
made Trish feel so hot.

But as hot as fucking Stephanie's throat was it couldn't compare with fucking
the Billion Dollar Princess's Billion Dollar ass, which was exactly what
Trish was about to do again.

"Ok, that's enough of that." Trish said, pulling out of Stephanie's throat,
"Bend over the ropes and give me that ass again bitch!"

Stephanie's teeth gritted together once again but knowing she had no choice
the Smackdown GM got off her knees, stood up, and bent over to grab the medal
rope again, exposing her ass to the woman who seem determined to ruin it.

Grinning widely Trish pressed the tip of her strap on against Stephanie's ass
hole and thrust forward with all her might.

Stephanie fought back a gasp as the head of the dildo forced its way past her
anal ring, the saliva coating the cock and the previous butt fucking making
the pooper penetration easier on her than before but her rectum had become
fully relaxed since her previous sodomising meaning that the invasion of her
back passage was still very painful.

Because of the pain she was still feeling Stephanie was relieved when Trish
stopped to give her some time to relax before forcing more of the dildo up
her ass, but Stephanie's relief ended soon after Trish was once more buried
balls deep within her bowels.

After giving Stephanie plenty of time to relax, both in between each inch
added to her butt and when she had her strap on completely with in
Stephanie's shit hole, Trish deceptively began to sodomise Stephanie slowly,
gently moving her dildo through her bowels, in and out, in and out, in and
out, in and out, in and out, before gradually beginning to pick up the speed
of the ass fucking, until Trish's hips were smacking loudly against
Stephanie's butt cheeks over, and over, and over, and over, and over again as
the women's champion began brutally wrecking the other woman's rectum.

The harder Trish pounded her pooper the harder Stephanie gripped onto the
ropes, struggling to stop herself from screaming as her bowels were torn to

The Billion Dollar Princess was in no way ready for this level of hard butt
slamming and as a result pain echoed from the inside of her ass hole and
spread seemingly all over her body which was begging her to give up her
position as Smackdown general manager so she could avoid any more of this
degrading and painful public humiliation but Stephanie was stubborn. She
would not under any circumstances allow herself to lose Smackdown. She would
suffer any humiliation and pain necessary to keep her power, even one is
horrible and agonising as this.

The only thing Stephanie could hope for now was that she could get through
this humiliating agony without having to suffer the added embarrassment of
having to schedule an anal reconstruction surgery following this
brutalisation of her bowels.

Unfortunately for Stephanie an anal reconstruction was exactly where she was
headed for at this rate given the way Trish was slamming her ass, much to the
delight of the crowd who were going crazy for this lewd act of lesbian
domination. To them the side of the powerful Stephanie McMahon bent over
taking it in the ass was a powerful one, but her expressions of hatred, mixed
with anger, pain and humiliation really made this an unmissable sight. And
what made it even better was the expressions on Trish's face, which were a
mixture of sadistic lust, power, superiority and pure dominance.

Trish was feeling exactly how she looked and it felt wonderful. She had felt
like this before when she had dominated other women in the past but this was
so much better because now she was doing it to Stephanie McMahon, easily the
woman she hated most in this world, and better yet she was doing it there in
public for the whole world to see.

The knowledge that all eyes were on them only made Trish slammed Stephanie's
shitter harder than she had ever intended to at this stage, allow everybody
to watch her brutalise the Billion Dollar Princess's back door, the sound of
Stephanie's muffled cries and the roar of the crowd music to her ears as she
continued to relentlessly sodomise this bitch.

But it wasn't enough for Trish. She wanted to show everyone how well she was
fucking the mighty Stephanie McMahon's ass hole, wanted everyone to see the
Billion Dollar Princess's Billion Dollar butt hole busted wide open in
submission and completely unable to close thanks to her fucking skills. And
that was exactly what was about to happen.

"Get a close up on this bitch's ass hole!" Trish ordered to no one in
particular, her eyes glancing to the big screen as she waited for the close-
up she wanted to appear.

When the closest view of her hip smacking against Stephanie's ass was up on
the screen Trish suddenly pulled out and spread the brunette's butt cheeks,
the audience getting to look directly through Stephanie's gaping ass hole and
into the Billion Dollar Princess's Billion Dollar bowels.

Hearing an extra loud cheer erupt from the crowd and feeling an emptiness
within her aching backside Stephanie turned her head to look at the big
screen and blushed furiously to see the sight of her bust wide open butt hole
on the big screen. Her rear hole looked incredibly raw and sore as it slowly
struggled to close after the assault it had endured, a testament to how well
Trish had fucked her up the ass. Stephanie cried inwardly at this new
humiliation, the whole world being shown her insides without her being able
to do anything about it but stay there, bent over as Trish exposed her gaping
butt hole to everyone.

Once Stephanie's ass hole had finally closed back up again Trish wasted no
time in plundering the GM's pooper once more with a long, hard, slow thrust
which didn't stop until she was once again completely inside Stephanie's back
passage. The WWE women's champion then began sodomising her boss's daughter
again, eagerly giving Stephanie a few minutes of hard ass pounding before
pulling out suddenly to expose the brunette's butt hole once again, which of
course was just as torn open as before.

This technique was continued for a while with Trish giving Stephanie a random
number of hard thrusts into her backside before pulling out and exposing the
Billion Dollar Princess's stretched out back door to the general public
before Trish got another wicked idea.

After slowing down the hard pace of the butt fucking Trish leant forward so
her big boobs were pressed into Stephanie's back as she spoke her next
command into her ear, the ring crew struggling to pick it up with their booms
but just about managing it.

"You see that camera over there to your right Steph? Well when I pull out of
your ass this time I want you to turn so your back is to that camera and then
I want you to bend over, stick out your ass towards it and spread your butt
cheeks so the whole world can see how well I'm dominating your ass. Got that?
I said got that bitch?" Trish yelled on the last sentence and smacked
Stephanie's ass on the word bitch after Stephanie failed to respond.

Yelping in pain from the force of the blow Stephanie quickly nodded her head
to show she understood.

"Good. Now, on the count of three. One, two, three, spread that ass for me
bitch!" Trish commanded, as she pulled out of Stephanie's ass.

Just before Trish had pulled out of her ass Stephanie had considered
disobeying, but that hard slap to her ass had made it very clear what would
happen to her if she did, and she couldn't bear the thought of another
spanking. So, blushing furiously, the powerful millionairess Stephanie
McMahon turned around, bent over, stuck out her ass, reached back and spread
her ass cheeks for everyone in the crowd to see along with the massive PPV

What made the situation worse for Stephanie was she was facing in the
direction of the big screen which meant she got a perfect view of herself
spreading her own ass like this as the camera zoomed in on her hands parting
her butt cheeks and her ass hole stretched wide open for all to see.

"That's great Steph." Trish laughed after making Stephanie stay in that
position until her rectum recovered, "Now bend over the rope again because
I'm only just getting started having fun with your ass!"

Stephanie reluctantly did as she was told and soon she was treated to yet
another hard butt fucking at the hands of Trish Stratus.

Trish then spent the next few minutes gaping Stephanie's ass, either
spreading her bitch's butt herself or making the GM do it, and then waiting
for Stephanie's back door to fully recover before going right back to
pounding that poor poop pipe again. In between gaping Stephanie's ass Trish
slammed the Smackdown GM's shit hole as hard as she could, using every ounce
of strength she could to sodomise the bitch who had caused her pain and
humiliation, Trish now getting the perfect chance to return the favour by
publicly ass fucking the mighty Stephanie McMahon and turning her into a
whimpering bitch. As an added bonus Trish was even able to make Stephanie
suck her strap on in between the gaping and the butt fucking, which was more
the blonde fucking the brunette's mouth than Stephanie willingly sucking at
her dick, which made it only better for Trish.

But Trish soon began to tire and the Canadian began to worry if she had the
strength to complete her plan to completely turn Stephanie into her bitch.
After all, she had already had a gruelling match previous to this session of
HLA, and Trish's desire to hurt Stephanie had caused the blonde bombshell to
get carried away and use too much strength in fucking Stephanie's ass too
early so it wasn't surprising she was tired. What she needed was a rest, but
luckily Trish had prepared for such an event and had a plan.

"You know what bitch? I really don't see why I should be doing all the work.
After all, your the bitch here, not me. So I think it's about time your lazy
ass started doing some work around here." Trish said, pretending to sound
thoughtful, before pulling out of Stephanie and smacking her on the ass,
"Wait here slut, I'll be right back."

Leaving Stephanie where she was Trish rolled out of the ring, grabbed a steel
chair, rolled back into the ring, set the steel chair up in the centre of the
ring and sat down on it.

Trish patted her legs a few times and waited for Stephanie to come to her.

Looking over her shoulder Stephanie saw Trish sitting on that chair with the
most wicked smile she'd ever seen before, and then the horror of what the
blonde wanted her to do hit Stephanie and her blood boiled, but what other
choice did she have?

Inwardly cursing Trish the GM of Smackdown straightened herself up turned
around and tried to walk over to where the blonde was sitting.

"Stop!" Trish commanded before Stephanie could even take a step, "On your
knees. I want you to crawl to me like the bitch that you are."

Stephanie gritted her teeth in anger, but did as she was told, slowly getting
on her hands and knees and crawled to her tormentor.

Stephanie then stood up in front of Trish and looked down at the strap-on
Trish was wearing. She could not believe that her throat and ass could take
in such a beast. After looking at the strap-on, Stephanie looked up at
Trish's face, and anger washed over her.

"What the hell are you waiting for Stephanie, let's go already, ride my dick
bitch!" Trish commanded.

Sticking her dildo upwards, Trish gave Stephanie a look that said, get your
fucking ass on here. Stephanie was fuming, standing in front of millions,
naked, all ready savaged by Trish, but now, being forced to impale herself on
the monster in between Trish's legs. With no choice, Stephanie stepped over
Trish so that her ass hovered above the dildo. Grabbing the shaft, Trish
positioned the head of the strap-on so that it was rubbing against
Stephanie's asshole. With no warning, Trish then quickly grabbed Steph by the
hips and shoved her down onto the strap-on so that the head went up
Stephanie's asshole.

"Start riding Stephanie, ride it like Smackdown depends on it," Trish began,
"Oh wait, it does!"

Trish started to laugh as Stephanie slowly but surely lowered herself onto
Trish's strap-on, grunting in anger as she slid down centimeter by centimeter
on it. Without warning Trish grabbed Stephanie's shoulders and pulled her all
the way down onto the strap-on, forcing all 12 inches back into the deepest
depths of Stephanie's bowels. Once her ass banged against Trish's thighs,
Stephanie's mouth hung open, no sound escaping from it, as the pain went
through her body.

With a wicked smile on her face, Trish looked at Stephanie's pain and acted
on how she felt about it. She spit into Stephanie's open mouth, before
slapping Stephanie across the face.

"Let's go whore," Trish ordered, "Fuck my cock with your slut ass you bitch!"

That was the last thing Stephanie wanted to do, but as much as she didn't
want to impale herself on Trish's dildo, she didn't want to lose Smackdown
even more than that. Putting her hands onto Trish's shoulders, Stephanie
started to lift herself up off the dildo, before dropping herself back down
onto Trish's strap-on. Slowly but surely, Stephanie created a pace for
herself as she rode Trish's strap-on, like she was told.

Sitting in her chair, Trish revelled at the sight in front of her. There was
Stephanie McMahon, bouncing on her strap-on, and as Trish looked into
Stephanie's eyes, she could tell that Stephanie was in hell right now.
Putting Stephanie in hell was what Trish wanted to do, but what she wanted to
do even more was make that bitch, her bitch. Pretty soon, Trish would have
Stephanie begging to be her bitch, begging to be fucked up the ass by the
women's champion. But releasing Trish from her mouth watering thoughts was
the sight of Stephanie's even more mouth watering breasts slowly bouncing up
and down as Stephanie slid up and down on her strap-on.

Trying to accomodate her ass onto the strap-on, Stephanie was actually glad
Trish let her fuck herself at her own pace. It may have been a blessing in a
way, but that did not hide the fact that Stephanie was still riding a strap-
on attached to Trish Stratus, naked, in front of the entire world. Just as
Stephanie got a steady rhythum going, Trish reached around with both hands
and spanked Stephanie's ass. She then held onto her asscheeks and started to
shake them around in her hands.

"Let's go Stephanie, fucking fuck my dick already! Faster you dumb bitch!"
Trish demanded.

"I'm...not...your...bitch..." Stephanie groaned in between breaths.

"You will be you nasty will then FASTER!" Trish said,
realizing Stephanie is on the verge of cracking.

Trish didn't call Stephanie her bitch that time, but Stephanie responded to
her remarks by saying she wasn't Trish's bitch. Trish realised that Stephanie
had her own future in mind, subconciously at least, and her future was to be
Trish's bitch.

Just as Trish had wanted, Stephanie started to bounce on the strap-on faster,
sending not only sensations into Stephanie's ass, but to Trish's pussy from
the clit stimulator on the strap-on. On top of that, the faster Stephanie
bounced, the faster her boobs did as well, and Trish's eyes were locked on
those big titties of the Billion Dollar Princess. As Stephanie held onto
Trish's shoulders to give herself leverage, in order to bounce on the strap-
on even more, Trish moved her hands from Stephanie's ass to Stephanie's
breasts, squeezing them in her hands. Sure they were fake, but to Trish, they
felt great. Leaning her head down, Trish starts to lick on Stephanie's
nipples, causing them to become erect. Once she coated Steph's nipples in her
saliva, Trish looked around and motioned for the cameramen.

"Get a close up on this whore's big titties...look at how erect they are in
my hands!" Trish said, mocking Stephanie.

The Cameramen took 5 different angles on the shot of Stephanie's breasts, and
the close ups appear on the titantron. Trish and Stephanie both look over to
the screen and see just how erect Stephanie's nipples have become. A grin
came on Trish's face as she saw a bit of her handy work on the big screen,
Stephanie however, closes her eyes and starts to wildly ride the strap-on in
hopes that Trish would be satisfied and just want to stop. As Stephanie did
so, it became harder for Trish to get a grip on Stephanie's breasts. Letting
go of Stephanie's Billion Dollar boob job, Trish moved her hands back around
to Stephanie's ass and started to spank it over and over.

"Slow down you filthy overzelous whore!" Trish hollered, "Come back all the
way down and start shaking you slut ass on my cock!"

Trish finished her command with a wild series of slaps on Stephanie's ass,
causing it to ripple wildly. As ordered, Stephanie drops all the way down
onto Trish's strap-on and starts to shake her backside from side to side.
Meanwhile, Trish moved her hands back onto Stephanie's breasts and starts to
push them together before groping them in her hands. Trish manages to trap
Stephanie's nipples in between her fingers and pulls on them a bit. Once she
let go, she causes Stephanie to moan out once more. Trish then leans her head
down once more and starts to suck on Stephanie's left nipple as she squeezes
both of her breasts in her hands.

"Mmmmmmmm." Stephanie moaned, trying to hide her enjoyment.

Her ass had gotten used to the anal dweller in it, and Trish was working over
her tits like no one else ever had. What was happening to her, how could this
happen to her? How could Stephanie McMahon allow herself to enjoy such
debasement from Trish Stratus? As Stephanie was lost in her own questioning
thoughts, she felt a hard slap on her breasts, causing her to yelp.

"I love playing with big titties like these!" Trish exclaimed, "Once you're
my bitch Stephanie, I am going to be playing with this rack everyday!"

" your...bitch!" Stephanie replied trying to speak what
her mind was telling to believe.

"I beg to differ Stephanie!" Trish argued, slapping Stephanie's breasts
again, "Now then start bouncing again!"

Trish then slapped Stephanie in her chest and in her face simulateously, and
with anger in her eyes, Stephanie wanted to hit Trish back, but all she did
was put her hands on Trish's shoulders and used the leverage to bounce up and
down onto the strap-on. The pain Stephanie was feeling was gone... and now
she was feeling some sparks of pleasure, which caused her to start
frantically bouncing up and down on Trish's dildo. But Trish didn't want
Stephanie to cum just yet, and she could tell that Stephanie was starting to
enjoy the anal fucking, so Trish decides to bring everything to a screeching

Trish then flops forwards off the chair, causing Stephanie to fall back first
onto the canvas. Once she gets up on her knees, Trish pulls out of Stephanie
and flips her over to pull on her ass cheeks and look inside Stephanie's

"Oh camera crew... get a look at what Stephanie has done to herself... get a
nice close up!"

The camera crew listens to Trish, and once Trish looks at the titantron, she
sees the gaping asshole of Stephanie McMahon, struggling to close once more.
Trish then starts to blow into Stephanie's asshole, which causes Stephanie to
squirm a bit, but something else catches Trish's attention, something that
causes the women's champion to smile wickedly.

"Get up!" Trish commands in a firm tone. "Right now get up and get back on my
dick!" Trish says, sitting back onto the chair. Lost in mindless lust,
Stephanie gets up and walks to Trish and starts to hover her ass over Trish's
strap-on again. "No no no, turn around, and spread your legs, I want the
entire world to see just how dripping wet your pussy is!"

Stephanie blushes and looks down at her womanhood and sees that it has gotten
incredibally moist. Was she really enjoy this that much? Before Stephanie
could contemplate it, Trish turns Stephanie around and pulls her ass into the
strap-on. As Trish pulls Stephanie downwards the WWE women's champion thrust
upwards, penetrating Stephanie's asshole with her strap on once more, the
dildo sliding through the brunette's loosened anal ring with ease this time,
causing the GM to moan.

"Stop moaning whore." Trish said, delighting in pointing out how much
Stephanie was enjoying this now as she smacked her ass, "Get that ass back on
my cock. I want you to get every inch back in your butt hole were it

Stephanie moans at Trish's words before lowering herself on the dildo,
forcing inch after inch back into her backside until she was sitting on
Trish's lap again with the 12 inch monster deep within her rectum once more.

Once every single inch was back inside Stephanie's ass Trish then reaches
around and spreads Stephanie's legs, exposing her pussy to the crowd.
Following that, Trish starts to slowly rub Stephanie's pussy, while she uses
her other hand to grope Stephanie's breasts. Without needing to be told,
Stephanie starts to bounce on Trish's dildo, and Trish starts to randomly
thrust upwards.

"Cameraman! Get a close up at Stephanie's nasty slut pussy! Look at how wet
it is!" Trish ordered, and once again, the close-up was put onto the

Stephanie saw the image before Trish did, and Stephanie could not believe it.
No matter how many times she said it in her mind, Stephanie could not deny it
any longer, she was enjoying this now, and she needed to cum. Her hands now
going to her pussy, Stephanie tries to pleasure herself in this position, but
Trish grabs her hands and stops Stephanie.

"Come on Stephanie, ride my girl cock! Fuck my strap-on with your sultry slut
ass! I can tell from your pussy that you love this! The whole world can tell!
Just admit it Stephanie, admit you love this, admit you love being fucked up
the ass by another woman, tell the whole world how badly you need to cum from
being fucked up the ass by another woman, tell them all how badly you need to
cum from being fucked up the ass by me!"

"OOOOOH NNNO AAAH YEAH! I... I... FUCK ME! FUCK ME TRISH!" Stephanie shouted,
giving up and swallowing her pride. The need to cum has become too great for

Trish starts to thrust harder for a few seconds, before stopping completely,
and throwing Stephanie off her strap-on. Hitting the canvas, Stephanie was
unsure about what was happening, but her hands immidiately made their way to
her pussy, frantically rubbing at her womanhood to try and force an orgasm.
But before any progress could be made, Trish jumps onto Stephanie and pulls
her arms back, turns Stephanie over, and pins her down. Squirming around,
Stephanie struggles to get her hands back to her pussy.

"You are such a fucking slut you know that?" Trish mocked, "You need to cum
that badly huh?"

"Oh yes please Trish!" Stephanie replied finally not caring about the viewing

"You want me to make you cum?" Trish asked.

"Yes, yes, yes, please make me cum, I need it more than anything!" Stephanie

Trish grinned wickedly and said, "Then when I let go of your hands, you are
going to turn around onto your stomach, put your ass in the air and spread
your butt cheeks for me and my got that?"

Stephanie frantically nods her head yes.

Smiling wickedly Trish let go of Stephanie's hands and watched as the Billion
Dollar Princess, the GM of Smackdown, and one of the most powerful people in
the entire WWE Stephanie McMahon turned onto her stomach, pushed her ass up
into the air, reached back and spread her butt cheeks for her.

The crowd cheered as several different shots were shown of the mighty
Stephanie McMahon face down and ass up, spreading her ass for the women's
champion, not that Stephanie cared. Stephanie was beyond caring what the
crowd thought of her, or what the viewing audience, or the Board of
Directors, or her own family, or what anyone might think of her, Stephanie
needed to cum like she needed oxygen, and if spreading her ass in front of
the whole world meant she got to cum then so be it. Nothing else mattered to
her at that point.

Understanding how desperately the brunette needed to cum Trish saw a perfect
opportunity to further torture Stephanie.

Placing the head of her strap on against Stephanie's horny, and still
slightly gaping, ass hole Trish let her dildo rest there for a few moments,
before sliding it up and down Stephanie's butt crack, squeezing pitiful moans
out of the brunette as she did so. Still not content Trish began playfully
smacking Stephanie's butt cheeks and hands with her strap on, making her soon
to be bitch cry helplessly in frustration.

Trish could have spent hours torturing Stephanie this way, but Eric was
signalling to her that they were running out of time.

Eric had made special arrangements so Trish would have what he had referred
to as 'plenty of time to break the bitch', but the catch was they still had
to leave enough time for the main event so after the PPV the viewers wouldn't
be complaining, and although Trish doubted many of them would complain after
the show she had given them she did understand that both she and Eric could
get into a lot of trouble with the Board of Directors if this HLA segment

So with that in mind Trish pressed her strap on to Stephanie's ass hole and
prepared to penetrate it once more. But first...

"You want this in your ass hole bitch?" Trish questioned mockingly.

"YES!" Stephanie screamed frustratedly.

"Then beg for it." Trish demanded, "Beg for me to shove this big dildo up
your ass! Let the whole world know that you want another woman to fuck you up
the ass! Let them all know Stephanie McMahon is nothing but an anal whore who
wants Trish Stratus to fuck her up her ass!"

Stephanie didn't want to do that, she didn't want to beg for it up the butt
like some common anal whore, but her desperate to come body would let her do
nothing but submit to Trish's perverted desires.

So Stephanie whimpered, shoved her face into the mat and gave up the last of
her dignity.

"Fuck me, please fuck me Trish, I need it." Stephanie wept.

"Louder!" Trish ordered, smacking Stephanie's ass, "So that everyone can

Stephanie swallowed, raised her head and then said firmly, "Please fuck me
Trish. I want you... I want you to fuck me up the ass. I want your big dildo
in my ass. I want you to butt fuck me like an anal whore."

"Louder bitch!" Trish screamed, beating Stephanie's sore ass over, and over,
and over again.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." Stephanie wept, the
combination of the pain of the spanking and her desperate need to cum causing
her to break down again, "Fuck me in the ass! Please Trish, I need you to
shove that big dildo up my ass! I need another woman to fuck me up the ass!
I'm nothing but an anal whore Trish, an anal whore who needs to be fucked up
her ass by you!"

Stephanie's begging ended in a long moan as Trish thrust forward violently,
spreading the brunette's loosened butt hole with ease and forcing the head of
her strap on into Stephanie's ass hole.

There was still a little discomfort which Stephanie felt when Trish
penetrated her pooper, and again as the women's champion added inch after
inch back into her ass so horribly slowly, but the stimulation in her anal
glands meant that Stephanie felt almost nothing but pleasure as Trish filled
her ass with strap on dick. By the time Trish was balls deep inside
Stephanie's bowels the Billion Dollar Princess was desperate for a hard butt

Unfortunately, she wasn't going to get it just yet.

With a firm grip of Stephanie's hips Trish began buggering the brunette,
moving her dildo through her bowels at the slowest pace possible, torturing
Stephanie with a gentle ass fucking when all she wanted was to have her butt
hole brutally slam fucked.

Even though she was running out of time Trish would not deny herself the
pleasure of making Stephanie McMahon hysterically beg her to fuck her in the
ass while she publicly sodomised her, and Trish knew exactly how she was
going to make Stephanie do it.

After slowly butt fucking the Billion Dollar Princess for quite a while Trish
began slowly increasing the power behind her thrusts, building momentum until
anally assaulting Stephanie at a almost hard pace, listening very carefully
to the other woman's moans so that just when Stephanie was nearing the edge
of orgasm Trish could cruelly slow down the ass fucking to prevent Stephanie
from cumming, waiting until she had settled down and then gradually began to
speed up again.

Trish did this so many times she literally had Stephanie crying because she
wasn't being roughly butt fucked.

In her fragile state Stephanie didn't know how Trish could be so mean to her.
Didn't the blonde know how badly she needed her ass fucked? She had done
everything Trish wanted, she was even spreading her ass cheeks for her in
front of millions of viewers around the world, what more did she want?

Of course, Stephanie knew what Trish wanted. She wanted to publicly humiliate
and degrade her and she had done a fantastic job of it. And when she really
thought about it Stephanie knew what Trish wanted her to do in order to get a
real anal pounding. Trish wanted her to beg for it. Trish wanted Stephanie to
beg her to fuck her harder in front of the whole world, and Stephanie had
absolutely no problem with it. She couldn't possibly sink any lower than she
already had and her need to cum was unbearable.

So Stephanie whimpered, "Please Trish, harder, fuck me harder, please, I need
it, I need you to fuck me harder."

"You want it harder Stephanie? You want me to fuck your ass harder?" Trish

"Oh yes, fuck me harder, fuck my ass harder, please, I need it, butt fuck me,
please Trish, fuck my ass, fuck my ass as hard as you can." Stephanie begged.

"Well there's only one way I'm going to give you the butt fucking you need
Stephanie," Trish said, with a wicked smile on her face, "And that's if you
finally admit that you're my bitch."

Stephanie whimpered when she heard that because she knew there was no way out
for her now, she was going to have to tell Trish she was her bitch.

The Billion Dollar Princess had been fighting it for so long, had been
telling herself over and over again that she wasn't Trish's bitch, and that
she was a strong, independent, successful business woman who was nobodies
bitch, but after being completely dominated and humiliated by the blonde,
after being publicly abused, spanked and sodomised, and after being made to
love it, Stephanie could no longer deny that the two words which most
perfectly described her were the words Trish's bitch.

And as much as it terrified her, the truth was Stephanie wanted to be Trish's

The blonde women's champion had now caused Stephanie more pain and suffering
than any of her other enemies, but she had also given her more pleasure than
any of her boyfriends or even her ex-husband almost combined. Plus Stephanie
was under an incredible amount of pressure, not just because she was in
charge of everyone and everything that went into a two-hour TV show but
because she was a McMahon, and so many different people expected so much from
her that it was almost too much to bear. In some ways submitting to Trish in
the way that she had been was almost as blissful as the pleasure Stephanie
was now feeling coming from her bowels and the thought of just giving in,
allowing herself to completely submit to someone else had Stephanie almost on
the verge of cumming.

The only thing stopping Stephanie now from screaming at the top of her lungs
how much she wanted to be Trish's bitch was the fact that it would mean that
Trish had undeniably won and she had lost, and Stephanie hated losing. But it
wasn't enough any more.

So, swallowing her pride once again, Stephanie quietly whimpered, "I'm...
I'm... I'm your bitch."

"Louder!" Trish demanded, smacking Stephanie's ass, "Scream it out loud so
the whole world can hear you admit what you truly are or I swear to God I'll
butt fuck you all night and make sure you never cum, not even once!"

Stephanie whimpered again, gritted her teeth, and then screamed, "I'M YOUR

"Look into the camera and tell me that you're my bitch and you need me to
fuck you." Trish ordered, pointing at the camera directly in front of them.

Stephanie looked the camera dead in the eye and screamed, "I'M YOUR BITCH!

There was a pause as Trish savoured the moment of Stephanie's submission
before she said, "Take your hands off your ass and put them down on the mat
in front of you and don't remove them until I say so."

Without a word of protest Stephanie immediately did as she was told and
prayed Trish would finally give her the butt fucking she so desperately

For the first time tonight Stephanie was in luck, because that's exactly what
Trish intended to do. On her terms, of course.

Squeezing Stephanie's hips tightly Trish began slowly increasing the power of
her thrusts into the brunette's butt, building up speed until she was fucking
Stephanie's ass at a almost hard pace, which was the point Trish had fucked
Stephanie to so many near orgasms before, only to slow down, but this time
Trish didn't slow down, instead she kept increasing the speed until she was
savagely slamming through Stephanie's shit shoot, the sound of Trish's hips
smacking off Stephanie's ass cheeks echoing throughout the arena.

Stephanie's eyes rolled in the back of her head and animalistic moans fell
out of her mouth as Trish finally gave her the butt fucking she had been
craving, the tiny sparks of pleasure which had been buzzing around her ass
hole quickly turning into huge fireworks which seem to shoot straight from
her tail pipe to her brain, driving her crazy.

Stephanie could almost literally feel Trish fucking her brains out, the
blonde's brutal assault on her back door turning her into a mindless wreck.
Not that she cared, or at least she wouldn't care if she still had the
capacity too.

Trish's vicious ass pounding had turned the Billion Dollar Princess into a
mindless vegetable, endlessly moaning as she was publicly sodomised.

What little part of Stephanie was left knew she wanted more of this heavenly
pleasure and as a result started desperately slamming her own ass back
against Trish, trying to increase the speed of the butt fucking and to get
that nice big dildo as deep into her ass hole as it would possibly go during
the in thrusts.

Stephanie's obvious enthusiasm for the degrading treatment she was receiving
only encouraged Trish to fuck her ass harder. The blonde's clit banging
against the stimulator inside the strap on combined with the mental
stimulation of what she was doing to the high and mighty Stephanie McMahon
caused Trish to also lose her mind to her desires, meaning that soon Trish
was tearing through Stephanie's rectum so hard and fast it was a miracle
Stephanie's ass hole wasn't ripped apart.

Of course, neither Trish or Stephanie could care less whether Stephanie's ass
hole was torn apart or not.

Both women were completely lost in the perverted act of butt sex, their anal
lust turning them into nothing but animals looking to satisfy their needs. To
them, the audience, the camera crew, the bright lights, everything had just
melted away and all that mattered was Stephanie's ass hole and the big strap
on moving in and out of it.

Although her mind was clouded in a lustful daze a single thought managed to
pass through Trish's head, that thought being what must she look like
pounding into Stephanie's ass in the brutal way she was butt fucking the
brunette right now.

Turning her head slightly Trish looked up on the big screen to see herself
fucking Stephanie's ass and was blown away by what she saw. Trish looked
so... powerful. She honestly didn't think she'd ever looked more powerful,
more dominant, pounding into another woman's ass and making that woman,
Stephanie McMahon no less, her bitch.

And Stephanie looked exactly the opposite. The normally powerful and dominant
Stephanie McMahon looked like nothing but a weak, submissive little bitch,
slamming her ass back upon the very dildo impaling it, begging the woman
intent on enslaving her to fuck her harder.

Over the past two years Trish had dreamed of making Stephanie her bitch and
this reality of doing it in front of millions of people watching was better
than she had ever imagined. It was so unbelievably good, and Trish wanted to
rub her victory in Stephanie's face by having this slut tell her exactly how
much she loved being her bitch.

"That's it Stephanie, backed that ass up, show me how much you loved this!
Show the whole world how much you loved this! Show the whole world how much
you love getting fucked up your ass by me!" Trish demanded, smacking
Stephanie's ass, "Show the whole world what a big slut you are! Show them
that I'm better than you! Show them that I am the superior woman and I could
kick your ass any day of the week! Show them that I've won and now you're
nothing but my bitch!"

BITCH!" Stephanie screamed at the top of her lungs, completely lost in the

Stephanie's words of complete and utter submission caused Trish's lust to go
into overdrive and her already vicious anal violating thrusts began to
increase in intensity until the blonde's strap on was slamming in and out of
the brunette's butt hole almost at lightning speed, her hips smacking off
Stephanie's ass so hard it put the earlier spanking to shame, once again
introducing the Billion Dollar Princess to the feeling of pain during anal
sex, something she had almost forgotten about entirely.

However, instead of distracting Stephanie from the pleasure she was receiving
from the savage shitter slamming it only seemed to add to her stimulation,
Trish's hips ramming into her butt cheeks reminding Stephanie that she was
now nothing more than Trish's bitch, something she now loved being reminded
of. Plus the firework display of pleasure shooting from Stephanie's ass hole
to her brain had turned into a New Year firework display special, with
thousands of fireworks going off inside her, turning her into a complete

Trish brutalised Stephanie's butt hole over, and over, and over again,
fulfilling her two year fantasy of tearing the Billion Dollar Princess's ass
hole up and turning her into her bitch.

It was so vicious Trish was surprised Stephanie's rectum wasn't being ripped
apart from the assault. Who knows, maybe it was, but Trish didn't care. All
she cared about was showing Stephanie that she was her bitch now.

Showing the whole world Stephanie McMahon was her bitch was a definite bonus,
but the important thing was that Stephanie knew that, because when they left
it was going to be Stephanie spreading her ass for Trish therefore at some
level Stephanie was the one who had to accept that she was now Trish's bitch,
and even though Stephanie had admitted it and was now frantically thrusting
her ass back against her anal invader Trish was determined to make Stephanie
cum. If Stephanie came that bitch would be her bitch forever.

Trish had shown Stephanie that she could get a lot of pleasure from having
her ass hole fucked, but now Trish needed to show her how hard she could cum
from being fucked up the butt. Having seen bitches cum from being anal fucked
Trish knew this was what would cement Stephanie as her bitch and even if the
Billion Dollar Princess tried to fight it later neither one of them could
ever change the fact that Stephanie would be Trish's bitch for the rest of
her life.

So Trish fucked Stephanie's ass like she was drilling for oil, slamming her
shit hole so violently certain members of the cheering crowd began to wonder
if someone would have to rush the stage and pull Trish off Stephanie,
claiming she was trying to assassinate the Billion Dollar Princess by
destroying her ass hole. Some of the audience members even went so far as to
ring 911 to report an attempted murder. Even Eric, the man who had organised
this entire thing to humiliate Stephanie, began worrying what would happen if
his boss's daughter's ass hole never closed again because of him, and he was
just about to step forward and do something when Stephanie let out a
bloodcurdling scream and went rigid.

The reason Stephanie had gone rigid and screamed so loud was because the
fireworks inside her ass hole had suddenly turned into nuclear missiles
shooting from the depths of her bowels all the way through her body to her
brain were they exploded in mind destroying bombs of pleasure. That first
bomb was also known as Stephanie McMahon's first anal induced orgasm, just as
the second bomb was her second anal induced orgasm, and the third bomb was
her third anal induced orgasm and so on, and so on, and so on. These were far
more powerful than her regular orgasms and the first one really scared
Stephanie, but after the second one the only thing she was physically capable
of feeling was blissful pleasure. Stephanie had heard of women being able to
have multiple orgasms but she had never even come close to having them
before, and now without even touching her pussy Stephanie came multiple times
thanks to Trish and her big bowel wrecking dildo, the butt fucking blonde
easily putting all her previous sexual partners to shame.

Trish slam fucked Stephanie's ass through as many screaming orgasms as she
possibly could squeeze out of the brunette before the stimulator on her clit
and the sheer perverted pleasure of sodomising the woman she hated most
caught up with her as she received a powerful orgasm of her own. It was so
strong it caused Trish to lose her focus and slow down the ass fucking a
little but she quickly refocused and pounded Stephanie's butt through another
series of orgasms for the brunette, and a couple more for her, before she
reached down to the fake balls of her strap on to bring this session of HLA
to a close, when suddenly she stopped herself.

Smiling, Trish realised she wanted to drag this moment out, to enjoy the
moment she marked Stephanie McMahon's ass hole as her property and the
Billion Dollar Princess as her bitch.

Gradually slowing down the speed of her thrusts until she was slowly
sodomising Stephanie, Trish basked in the glow of her orgasms for a few
wonderful moments, before sliding her strap on as deep into Stephanie's butt
hole as it would go and then squeezing down hard on the dildo's balls.

Stephanie was still so lost in the paradise all those orgasms had sent her
too she had barely noticed when Trish began slowing down the anal fucking,
and she was too exhausted to complain, but when she felt a rush of liquid
filling her ass it finally awoke her, and she turned her head round to look
at Trish who was smiling down at her.

"In case you're wondering, my strap on has a special feature in which it's
balls can be filled with liquid and then when you squeeze them it shoots
through the dildo and out the tip, and the liquid I just shot into your butt
was my cum." Trish explained to a horrified Stephanie, "You see Steph, this
is a bit like how animals mark their territory, I'm using my cum to mark you
and your ass hole as my territory, something that belongs to me and is for my
use only. So basically Stephanie, I'm marking you as what you now are, my

Stephanie whimpered as she heard this, learning that the liquid which was now
slowly filling up her ass was Trish's cum, but she was too physically and
emotionally drained to do anything but lower her head and take every drop of
Trish's cream up her butt.

As Stephanie submitted to another humiliation Trish enjoyed her victory over
the Billion Dollar Princess, keeping her strap on as deep inside the
brunette's back door as it could go, until she was sure every drop of her
girl cum had been deposited deep into Stephanie's bowels, at which point
Trish unstrapped herself from the harness, and stood up, leaving Stephanie on
her hands and knees with a strap on dildo sticking out of her ass.

Trish stood there sniggering at the pathetic sight that was Stephanie McMahon
for a few moments before commanding her bitch to, "Get up."

On shaky legs Stephanie did as she was told.

"Bend over, reach back and spread your ass cheeks." Trish ordered.

Her will broken, Stephanie obeyed without question.

With the brunette in position Trish walked over to her and grabbed the straps
of the harness.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my bitch, the Smackdown general manager
Stephanie McMahon," Trish announced out loud, as she yanked her strap on out
of Stephanie's ass hole in one hard pull, "And her, now completely owned by
me, ass hole!"

Cameras focused in on Stephanie spreading her ass cheeks and exposing her
gaping butt hole which looked like it would never close again, and after a
few seconds a liquid which could have only been Trish's cum slowly slid out
the brunette's busted wide open back door and slowly began running down her

Trish left Stephanie staying in this position of utter submission for a long
minute before feeding her the ass flavoured dildo, pushing the fake dick past
her lips and into her throat, the broken McMahon taking the strap on all the
way down her gullet without complaining or gagging.

The blonde carelessly fucked the brunette's throat for a few moments before
pulling out of her mouth and rubbing it all over Stephanie's face and wiping
it in her hair before putting it back in the briefcase presented to her and
taking out a collar and a lead.

"On your knees." Trish ordered.

Stephanie obeyed without question, which made Trish smile.

"Stephanie, I have some good news, well, good news for me. In the fine print
of that contract you signed, not only did it say you would have to perform in
HLA live on PPV if you lost, but you would also have to do whatever your
partner, or partners, in the HLA said for 24 hours. So that means for the
next 24 hours I own you and your ass hole!" Trish paused for cheers, "And
believe me Stephanie, I'm going to use you and your ass hole as much as I
fucking want." The audience cheered again, "But not here." The audience booed
for the first time since Trish came to the ring, "These people deserve a
wrestling main event, and that's what they're going to get, while we go back
to my hotel room and celebrate you're new role as my bitch." Trish turns to
leave, before turning back, "Oh, silly me, I almost forgot to collar you.
After all, every bitch should have a collar, and I was even nice enough to
get one especially for you. Here, why don't you tell the audience what it

Stephanie whimpered, and then whimpered again once she had read the words on
the collar's tag to herself before speaking them out loud, "Trish's bitch."

Trish smiled, leant down, and strapped the collar around Stephanie's neck
before straightening up, turning and walking away, pulling on the lead to
force Stephanie to follow her.

Without needing to be told Stephanie crawled after Trish, head bowed and
shame filling her body at this latest humiliation.

As Trish slid underneath the rope, followed closely by Stephanie, Eric
grabbed the microphone and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, if you enjoyed this
tune in to RAW tomorrow night were we will have full details on the next time
you can see the next big thing in professional wrestling today, HLA! Say it
with me folks, HLA, HLA, HLA!"

With the sound of the audience chanting HLA ringing in their ears Trish led
Stephanie down the ramp and into the back, her mind racing of all the nasty
little things she was going to do to her new bitch once she got her back to
her hotel room.

As for Stephanie, much to her shame, her pussy dripped and ass hole clenched
excitedly at the thought of the abuse she was in for as Trish's bitch, as she
crawled after her new owner.

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