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Disclaimer: The Following Story is a figment of pure imagination...sure
perverted, but still imagination. In case you could not understand, this
story is FICTION! IT DID NOT HAPPEN! Had anything like this ever happened,
then someone get a tape of it and stream it out to the world. In this story,
you will read about Trish Stratus getting her revenge on Stephanie McMahon
using HLA to get the job done. REMEMBER THIS STORY IS FICTION!

HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Part 2
by Vintage ( and MTL (

Lilian Garcia was very nervous.

She'd been informed by her boss Eric Bischoff that he was unsatisfied with
her work as RAW's ring announcer and until further notice she was a backstage
interviewer again and her first interviewee was none other than the new WWE
women's champion Trish Stratus who had a special announcement to make.

Becoming a backstage interviewer again was a step backwards for Lilian, but
the job change didn't bother her even half as much as the thought of
interviewing Trish.

Until last night's PPV Lilian would have been happy to interview Trish, who
she had previously got on very well with, but after watching Trish sexually
dominate and humiliate the Smackdown General Manager Stephanie McMahon the
thought of talking to the Canadian blonde bombshell was not a pleasant one.

What if Trish tried to do the same thing to Lilian that she had done to

Lilian had no problems with lesbians or bisexuals or anything like that, it's
just that she wasn't one and she didn't want to be made to do any of those
things that Stephanie had been forced to do on the PPV. Or at least that's
what she kept telling herself over and over, desperately trying to block out
how watching those things had made her feel, and how the thought of Trish
forcing her to do those things was making her feel that way again.

Forcing herself to concentrate Lilian took a deep breath and knocked on
Trish's locker room door, the door which had moaning sounds coming from
inside it, very familiar moans, moans which had been echoing from the room
when Lilian had passed it earlier and according to the camera guy had been
doing so all day.

"Come in." Trish called out over the noise of the moaning.

Opening the door Lilian walked into the room followed by her camera crew and
was shocked at what she saw.

There sitting casually on a couch was a fully clothed Trish Stratus with a
naked Stephanie McMahon bouncing up and down on her lap. On further
examination it was clear to see that Trish was wearing either another strap
on or the same one she wore last night and Stephanie was shamelessly impaling
herself on it.

"Lilian, great to see you, please, sit down." Trish said, patting the spot
next to her on the sofa.

Still staring at Stephanie fucking herself on Trish's strap on Lilian barely
heard the other blonde and her words certainly didn't compute.

Stephanie looked like hell, her bouncing boobs were red and swollen, as was
her pussy and her skin was covered in thousands of bumps, bruises and various
different types of marks which Lilian couldn't identify, and she was panting,
puffing and sweating so much the Billion Dollar Princess looked as if she was
about to pass out from exhaustion at any moment but still she slammed herself
on the dildo.

Even though Lilian Garcia and a camera crew had just walked in Stephanie
didn't even try and cover her naked body or make any attempt to stop from
bouncing on the strap on cock.

"Just ignore my bitch." Trish said, snapping Lilian out of her trance, "She's
not important until the second part of the interview. Till then, just imagine
she isn't here."

It was impossible to ignore Trish's bitch, but Lilian did her best, walking
over and sitting down next to the WWE women's champion, trying to ignore the
look of mindless bliss on Stephanie's face and the sorry state of the Billion
Dollar Princess's ass, which looked so red and bruised Lilian could only
imagine the type of savage beating Trish had given it, and the even sorrier
state of the brunette's ass hole, which looked so damaged Lilian doubted
whether it would ever return to normal again.

"I know you must be wondering what my announcement is, right Lilian?" Trish
asked, trying to get the interviewer to look at her and not at her bitch's
thoroughly torn apart ass hole.

"Erm... yes... would you, would you like to tell us what it is?" Lilian
stammered, trying to focus on the interview.

"I'd be glad too. You must be aware that the wrestling world is buzzing about
HLA, how amazing it was, and when will it happen again. That's the question
everyone seems to be asking. When can our viewers see some more HLA. Well,
Eric promised the fans could tune in tonight to find out all about it, but we
both agreed it would be best for all concerned if I was the one to tell our
fans about it, so that's what's going to happen. So, WWE fans around the
world, and any casual viewer interested in perverted lesbian sex, it brings
me great pleasure to announce that next week, live here on RAW, you will get
to see me defend my women's title in the first ever HLA match." Trish paused
and waited for Lilian to ask a question, but it was clear that the
interviewer was to stunned to speak so she asked herself the question she
wanted Lilian to ask her, "What's a HLA match? I'm glad you asked Lilian. A
HLA match is an anything goes contest, which means there is no count outs or
DQs, and the only way to win is by pin, submission or anal induced orgasm.
Whoever loses the match becomes the winner's bitch for a week. And as for my
opponent, she will be someone with arguably the best ass in the history of
professional wrestling, Stacy Keibler."

Silence filled the room, and then Lilian finally said, "Stacy? You're going
to wrestle Stacy?"

"Yes." Trish confirmed.

"But... but she can't wrestle to save her life. She won't stand a chance."
Lilian rightfully pointed out.

"Now Lilian, while it might be true that Stacy doesn't have much in the way
of wrestling ability she has all the motivation in the world to win, because
if she wins not only does she win the women's title but she gets to avoid
getting fucked up the ass on live TV." Trish said, smiling wickedly as the
thought of fucking Stacy Keibler up her perfect ass filled her mind, "And if
that's not enough to motivate her to victory, well then maybe a little public
ass fucking will motivate her to try harder in the future."

"That doesn't sound very fair." Lilian said.

"Believe me Lilian, it's much better than what Eric had originally planned."
Trish said, "He was going to just blackmail the other divas into doing HLA
with me, threatened to fire them if they didn't go through with it, or
something equally as stupid and unnecessary. So I came up with the idea for
the HLA match, and every girl on the roster should thank me, because at least
this way they get the chance to save their asses."

"So the other divas are going to be involved in this?" Lilian asked.

"Oh yes, one by one me and Eric are going to make sure each and every diva is
going to be involved in HLA, and even though I've pointed out they all have a
fair chance of winning, this is the part of the interview where I send a
message to them and that message is that this women's title is mine, and it's
going to stay that way, which means soon all your asses will be mine,
starting with your ass Stacy." Trish turned from talking to Lilian, to
talking directly into the camera, "I've got a confession Stace. The truth is
I've fantasized about your ass since the moment I saw it, fantasized about
groping it, spanking it, of sliding a nice big strap on up that tight ass of
yours and tearing it apart. I've fantasized about taking your ass and making
you my bitch for a long time now Stacy, and next week live here on RAW, those
fantasies are going to become a reality. And if you don't believe me, if you
don't believe that next week I'm going to fuck you up the ass and make you my
bitch, well, then take a good long look at what I did to the high and mighty
Stephanie McMahon."

Trish turned her head and faked a disgusted look as the camera followed her
gaze to fall upon Stephanie who was still happily impaling her ass hole on
the blonde Canadian's strap on, not even showing the slightest hint of
slowing down even though all focus was now suddenly on her.

"Stephanie, get off my dick and spread your ass for the camera so Stacy can
see what I've done to you." Trish commanded.

With out a moment's hesitation Stephanie stood up, the dildo being pulled out
of her poop shoot with a soft 'popping' sound, before turning her back to the
camera, bending over, reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks right in
front of the camera, showing the whole world what Trish had done to her and
her ass hole.. Not that Stephanie's ass hole looked much like an ass hole
right now, it looked more like a gaping crater where an ass hole should be,
the audience getting to see deep into Stephanie's bowels as the broken
brunette obediently spread her ass for the camera.

Going on his instincts the cameraman slowly zooms in on Stephanie's horribly
misused ass hole until it was the only thing on screen.

After a few seconds of focusing on the shot the director yelled, "Cut."

"No. We're not done here." Trish said.

The camera crew looked at the director for guidance. The director nodded and
they kept filming.

"Stephanie, get on your knees and suck my cock." Trish commanded.

Without even the slightest hesitation Stephanie spun around, dropped to her
knees and swallowed almost all of the monster strapped around Trish's waist
in one go.

Having fellated Trish's strap on countless times over the last 24 hours
Stephanie had become an expert at taking the beast of a dildo in her throat.
Not only could Stephanie now take the giant dong in her throat with little or
no pain, she had grown to love every trick there was to possibly know when it
came to giving head.

After pushing her mouth further down on Trish's dildo so all of it was buried
in her throat Stephanie waited a few glorious minutes so she could savour the
feeling of Trish inside her mouth, before she began lovingly sucking on the
massive intruder, making sure to drool heavily all over it to get it nice and
wet for its inevitable re-penetrating of her butt hole and making sure she
got every drop of delicious ass juice off the dick.

Over the course of the last 24 hours Stephanie had grown to love the taste of
her own ass and rejoiced in being able to suck her own ass juice from Trish's
strap on, the nastiness of the act only adding to her desire to please Trish
by sucking her strap on as hard as she could.

When her gag reflex finally kicked in and she began to choke on the dildo
within her throat Stephanie stayed there for as long as she could before
coming up for air, barely pausing before she began licking the shaft up and
down, making sure to give the fake balls a few good licks and the occasional
suck before taking that strap on right back into her mouth and begin savagely
fucking her own throat on the monster dick.

Trish watched in amusement as Stephanie shamelessly sucked her strap on in
front of Lilian and the camera crew, the once proud Billion Dollar Princess
happily debasing herself for Trish's pleasure.

Thinking back to what Stephanie used to be, and then comparing it to the
pathetic looking woman worshipping her cock it was pretty clear to Trish that
after a night of nearly endless spanking, ass licking and butt fucking she
had completely and utterly broken the former 'dominant female' and turned her
into her bitch.. But it wasn't enough for Trish to just know it. She wanted
everyone to know it. She wanted everyone to know that beyond a shadow of a
doubt Stephanie McMahon was now her bitch, and she knew just how she was
going to prove it.

"Take your mouth off my cock and look at me bitch." Trish commanded.

Slowly removing Trish's dildo from her throat Stephanie looked up obediently
into the women's champion's eyes.

"The 24 hours is up, which means you're free to go if you want, but if you do
you will never know the joy of my dick inside your ass hole again." Trish
told the brunette, "You will never again be allowed to clean out my ass hole
with your tongue, never again be allowed the privilege of kissing my ass, or
feet, or any other part of my body. However, if you choose to stay there will
be no going back. No second thoughts. No changing your mind. You will be my
bitch forever."

There was a moments pause as if Stephanie couldn't believe what Trish was
saying, and then she began to break down.

"Oh God, please Mistress Trish, don't make me go, I don't want to go, I want
to stay with you forever." Stephanie wept, tears running down her cheek at
the very thought of no longer being Trish's bitch, "I don't want to go, I
want to stay with you and be your bitch forever. I'm your bitch Mistress
Trish, and I never want to be denied the pleasure of cleaning your beautiful
ass hole with my worthless tongue. I can't bear the thought of not being
allowed the privilege of kissing your ass and feet. I want to worship you
with my unworthy mouth and tongue forever. And I'd rather die than live a
single day without knowing the joy of your dick inside my ass hole. Please
Mistress Trish, let me stay with you and be your bitch forever. I want to be
your bitch forever!"

Trish smiled at Stephanie's submission and leant forward.

Thinking Trish was about to kiss her Stephanie smiled back through tear
stained eyes and also leant forward. The brunette got a nasty surprise when
Trish grabbed her by the hair, pulled it back so that Stephanie was forced to
look upwards as Trish leaned over her menacingly.

"Are you sure Steph? Because after this there is no going back. You will be
nothing but owned property for the rest of your life and I will own you
completely. I'll own these big titties of yours and play with them every
single day, just like I promised." Trish said, taking Stephanie's boobs into
her hands and playing with them, "And I'll use that pretty mouth of yours
however I see fit too.. And your tongue. And your pussy, if I ever decide
it's worth using. And of course, that ass. It will be completely owned by me.
I'll own your ass hole bitch, is that really what you want?"

There was a moment's pause, allowing the camera which was focused on them to
get an even closer shot of Stephanie staring lovingly into Trish's eyes.

"Yes, that's what I want, that's all I want." Stephanie said submissively,
"All I want is to be your bitch Trish. I want you to own me, own my body, own
my tits, own my pussy, own my ass hole, I want you to own me completely."

There was another pause, and then Trish smiled, leant forward and captured
Stephanie's lips with her own.

Stephanie parted her lips and welcomed Trish's tongue into her mouth, her
owner's tongue bullying hers into submission with ease, conquering her mouth
and ruling it with an iron fist.

The kiss was almost savage, one woman practically abusing the other's mouth
with her own, the camera catching every moment of the passionate embrace.

Pulling away panting Trish ordered, "Open your mouth and keep it that way."

Stephanie obeyed and then Trish spat into her mouth repeatedly, intentionally
missing a few times so she could spit into Stephanie's face before leaning
back on the couch.

"You want to be my bitch Stephanie, prove it by kissing my feet." Trish said.

Diving for Trish's feet Stephanie covered them in kisses, moving back and
forth, from one to the other, slobbering all over them, shamelessly
worshipping Trish's feet as the precious things they were to her.

"I said kiss my feet, not my shoes you dumb bitch." Trish spat, gently using
her feet to push Stephanie's face away.

"I'm sorry Mistress." Stephanie muttered as she quickly took off Trish's
shoes and began kissing the blonde's bare feet.

"You should be." Trish said, before turning to the cameraman, "Get a nice
close up of my bitch, the mighty Stephanie McMahon, helping me show Stacy
exactly where she's going to end up next week, grovelling at my feet."

Obeying Trish's instructions the cameraman slowly zoomed in on Stephanie
kissing the feet of the woman who had broken her.

Trish waited a few moments after the cameraman had the best close-up view of
Stephanie kissing her feet possible before she yelled, "Cut."

The cameraman glanced at the director who nodded his head.

Seeing the red light go off meaning that the camera was no longer running
Trish said, "Ok, everybody out. I want some alone time with my bitch."

The cameraman and sound guy grumbled, as no doubt a whole lot of the viewing
audience had done when Trish had yelled 'cut', but did as they were told,
packing up their equipment as quickly as possible and leaving via the door.

"You too Lilian." Trish told the interviewer once everyone else had left, "I
have some things to discuss with Stephanie which are for her ears only, and
since she's been such a good little bitch and accepted her place as my bitch
she's going to get a special treat which is just for her. But if you wanna
swing by my hotel room tonight I'll be happy to let you watch me own
Stephanie's ass as long as you want, and if you're a really good girl I might
just let you know the joy of having this dick inside your ass hole too."

Lilian had been shocked into such a vegetable state watching Stephanie
shamelessly debasing herself for Trish she hadn't even registered that
everyone else had left. Trish directly talking to her had woken her up from
that state, but she was sent right back to it by the idea of taking that
monster in her tiny ass hole.

There was another pause and then Trish frowned.

"Seriously Lilian, go." Trish said, sounding a little annoyed, "Look, I
promise to fuck you up the ass later, but for now I want a little HLA with
Stephanie, ok?"

There was another pause, and then Lilian quickly got up and left, slamming
the door shut behind her, getting out before Trish changed her mind and
forced her into anal sex, and trying to pretend like that idea didn't make
her practically cream herself on the spot.

Trish chuckled to herself as she watched Lilian run for the safety of her
anal virginity, her eyes falling onto Lilian's retreating rear as she thought
about how much fun she was going to have when she got round to popping
Lilian's anal cherry, before getting up and locking the door behind the
interviewer. She then turned to were her bitch was still kneeling on the

"Lie on your back on the couch with your legs hanging over the edge." Trish
commanded, as she advanced on Stephanie, who quickly obeyed her commands,
"Good girl, now pull your legs up to your chest and keep them there."

Stephanie obeyed Trish again, as the women's champion knelt on the floor in
front of her and pressed the tip of her strap on to her thoroughly battered
back door.

"Tell me again what you are Stephanie." Trish ordered.

"Your bitch. I'm your bitch. I'm Trish Stratus's bitch." Stephanie said
proudly, before groaning happily as her ass hole was forced open again, Trish
sliding inside her bowels with ease.

After 24 hours of almost non-stop butt fucking Stephanie's pooper had been
stretched out to the point were the Billion Dollar Princess didn't see how
her ass hole would ever be tight again, but that didn't matter to her. All
that mattered was she was getting to please her wonderful Mistress Trish
Stratus with her unworthy ass hole, and from the smile on Trish's face as she
slowly slid all the way inside her rectum Stephanie could tell her unworthy
ass hole had once again pleased her Mistress, which made her heart flutter
with joy.

Trish grinned in triumph as the fake balls of her strap on smacked against
Stephanie's ass cheeks, confirming she had once again buried the entire
length of her dildo up the Billion Dollar Princess's Billion Dollar butt.

As she grasped Stephanie's hips in preparation to pound her bitch's pooper
yet again Trish's grin faded as Stephanie let go of her knees and began to
lower her legs.

"No, keep your legs up against your chest while I butt fuck you Steph." Trish

In a flash Stephanie's legs were pressed so firmly against her chest they
were practically crushing her boobs.

"Oh god, I'm so, so sorry Mistress, please forgive your stupid bitch, she
should have known better." Stephanie pleaded, her eyes already beginning to
fill with tears as she realised she had failed her Mistress.

"You're forgiven, but only if you shut up and allow me to enjoy your ass
hole." Trish said as she began slowly pulling out of Stephanie's back door.

"Yes Mistress." Stephanie groaned weakly as she felt the horrible sensation
of Trish's strap on leaving her body.

Over the past 24 hours Trish had trained Stephanie to believe the only way
she could ever be complete was to have her Mistress's strap on inside her ass
hole, and Trish had done such a good job of breaking the Smackdown GM that
Stephanie now truly believed that.

For Stephanie the feeling of Trish's strap on being removed from her ass hole
was the most excruciating pain she had ever known. It was like her soul was
being torn away from her, leaving her an empty shell, which is what she felt
like whenever Trish's strap on wasn't inside her ass.

But then, just when Stephanie thought she would die from the heartbreak of
her loss, that wonderful dildo slid back inside her ass, providing meaning to
her existence again.

And Stephanie knew this was her meaning for existence. To take Trish's strap
on dick in her ass. It was all she was good for. It was all she was ever
meant for and she was so grateful to Trish for teaching her that, for putting
her in her place and teaching her the true meaning of her existence.

Stephanie was so lucky to have such a wonderful Mistress like Trish Stratus
who saw her for the lesbian anal slut she was and used her like she had
always meant to be used.

And how did Stephanie repay such a wonderful Mistress?

By failing to do something as simple as keeping her legs up while her
Mistress used her ass hole for its primary purpose, her primary purpose,
taking her Mistress's strap on inside her shit shoot.

As far as Stephanie was concerned her Mistress should have pulled that big
dildo from her ass the moment she moved her legs downwards and bent her over
her knee for the most vicious spanking she could possibly give her. Then her
Mistress should have beaten her ass with her crop, which Stephanie knew was
in Trish's bag because she had already tasted it shortly after they had
arrived, and then used everything and anything she could have found in the
room to batter her behind with until her ass was a bleeding mess. Then her
Mistress should have slapped her around to teach her a lesson for being such
a stupid bitch.

But her Mistress didn't do that.

Instead her Mistress gave Stephanie the privilege of her beautiful dildo
sliding through her unworthy bowels, her ass hole being used as it had always
meant to be used.

How her Mistress could be so forgiving was beyond Stephanie's comprehension,
then again she was just a bitch and shouldn't question what a superior woman
like Trish Stratus chose to do with her property.

Stephanie just wished there was some way she could show her gratitude and
devotion to her Mistress but she had been told not to speak and stay still so
all that was left for her to do was stare at Trish lovingly and hope against
hope that her eyes could tell her Mistress how grateful she was to her for
forgiving her and using her like the bitch she was.

The look in Stephanie's eyes cause Trish to smile widely again as she
continued to slide her strap on dildo in and out of her bitch's bowels, the
women's champion showing the Billion Dollar Princess who was boss with a nice
firm butt fucking.

It was weird for Trish to look down and see a pathetic shell of a woman which
sort of looked like one of her greatest enemies Stephanie McMahon.

When they had fought regularly over a year ago Trish had constantly
fantasized about breaking Stephanie and turning the Billion Dollar Princess
into her bitch, and when Stephanie and her father had publicly humiliated her
Trish knew that one day she would find a way to turn that bitch into her
bitch and finally she had achieved her goal.

The past 24 hours had literally been a dream come true for Trish.

Determined to completely break Stephanie at all costs Trish had sexually
dominated her rival for almost the entire 24 hours, breaking out every trick
she knew for training a bitch.

She had brutalised Stephanie's rear, finding any little excuse possible to
spank the Billion Dollar Princess until her ass was a ripe and rosy red. She
had constantly made the once dominant female kiss her ass, Stephanie's lips
covering her ass cheeks before Trish made the Smackdown GM shove her tongue
up her ass hole and rim her out. She had bent Stephanie over every piece of
furniture she could fined in her hotel room and viciously butt fucked her
until the brunette was begging her shamelessly to bust her butt hole wide
open and make her her bitch. Once she had Stephanie begging shamelessly to be
her bitch she had the brunette ride her strap on dick until the Billion
Dollar Princess was a whimpering wreck, pleading with Trish to give her
permission to cum. And when Trish finally gave Stephanie permission to cum
the brunette had screamed hysterically and came in multiple orgasms which
would leave Stephanie a broken and weeping vegetable, until Trish demanded
her bitch to spread her ass for her again.

Trish had refused to leave her hotel room until she was 100% sure Stephanie
was a completely broken bitch and moments ago she had learned she had been
100% right.

The woman who used to claim that she was the dominant female of the WWE had
begged Trish shamelessly to keep her as her bitch forever as a camera
televised the entire thing. But that hadn't been enough for Trish, after she
had made the once high and mighty Stephanie McMahon beg to be her bitch she
had the Billion Dollar Princess kneel down as the world was watching and kiss
her feet in a sign of total submission to her and Stephanie had done this
without a word of protest, the bitch covering her feet in kisses to prove how
much she wanted to be her bitch, which is exactly what she was now, and what
she would forever be.

Looking down at what was left of the formerly dominant female Trish could
tell she was going to be reminded that Stephanie was nothing but her bitch
every time she looked into Stephanie's eyes because the Billion Dollar
Princess was looking up at Trish with a look of complete and total devotion.
It was a beautiful look, a look that revealed Stephanie for what she truly
was, a look that made Trish want to reward her bitch by telling her what her
future had in store for her.

But first, she wanted her bitch to tell her how much she was loving having
her ass fucked by her.

"You like it don't you Stephanie, you like having my big girl cock inside
your ass hole. You do don't you." Trish teased, before commanding, "Tell me.
Tell me how much you love getting your ass fucked by me. Tell me how much you
love getting fucked up your ass by your Mistress."

"I do, I love it, I love getting fucked up my ass by my Mistress." Stephanie
said, "I love my Mistress's big girl cock inside my ass hole. I love how your
big girl cock feels inside my ass hole Mistress Trish. It feels so good. I
love how you ass fuck me Mistress, please ass fuck me hard. Fuck your bitch's
ass and show her who's boss. Wreck my rectum with your big girl cock
Mistress, tear my shit hole up. Pound my pooper. Rip it apart for your
pleasure. I love being used for your pleasure. I love having my ass hole
used. Please use me. Use your bitch. Use her just as she likes to be used,
just as she should be used."

"Mmmmm, such an obedient little bitch." Trish said smiling, "And you know
that's all you are now right, my bitch."

"Yes Mistress Trish, I know I'm nothing but your bitch." Stephanie replied
obediently, "It's all I am and all I ever will be. I'm your bitch Trish, I'm
your bitch forever."

"Damn right, but if you're going to be my bitch forever then we're going to
have to do some serious training. I put up with a lot of crap from you over
the last 24 hours because I know when breaking in a bitch you've got to cut
her a few breaks, but the fun and games are over. You're 100% my bitch now,
and from here on in I will expect nothing less than 100% obedience from you.
And let me tell you Steph, if you so much as look at me the wrong way you're
going to get your ass beat, and I don't mean the kind of playful spanking
I've been giving your ass, I mean the type of brutal butt bashing that will
turn your ass into a bleeding, bloody pulp. If I'm not satisfied that you've
learned your lesson I'll move on to do the same to these prize-winning tits
of yours, and if that doesn't satisfy me, I'll be taking it out on your whore
cunt. Understand me?" Trish explained, grabbing Stephanie's tits when she
referred to them as prize-winning, before reaching down to lightly play with
her pussy, causing the brunette to moan.

"Yes Mistress, I understand." Stephanie moaned.

"Good, because remember, any wasted time I have to devote to spanking your
ass is time I could be using you for your only real purpose in this world, my
pleasure. And make no mistake, from now on I will be using you as I want.
Every hole on your body belongs to me and I plan on using them a lot. Well,
maybe not your whore cunt. I mean, just look at this thing. It's so stretched
out and lose I could probably shove a fucking basketball up there." Trish
mocked as she continued to play with Stephanie's pussy as she fucked her
bitch up the butt, "Then again, if you're a good little bitch maybe I'll
reward you one of these days by fucking your slutty pussy, and you do want to
be a good little bitch for me don't you?"

"Yes Mistress, I want to be a good little bitch for you." Stephanie said.

"Thought so. And don't worry, it's not like I'm not going to be regularly
fucking you. I am, but it's going to be mostly up the butt cause I just can't
get enough of this ass. Seriously, I loved this ass, and from now on you're
going to be wearing tighter fitting things to show off what a prize piece of
ass I now own.. And make no mistake, I own your ass hole bitch, and I'm going
to use it whenever I want. Until further notice you will be taking a minimum
of five butt fuckings a day. It'll help you remember your place, and hey,
it's not like you don't love taking it up the butt for me, isn't that right
Steph?" Trish pointed out.

"You're right Mistress, I love taking it up the butt for you." Stephanie

"Right answer. But it's not just your ass hole I'll be using a lot, your
mouth is going to be given plenty to do as well. In fact, your mouth will be
busier than your ass hole. The only thing I'll be using your ass hole for is
as a cock and cum depository, your mouth on the other hand will be
worshipping my feet, strap on, ass, ass hole, tits, and cunt." Trish said,
smiling as Stephanie's eyes lit up at the mention of her tits and cunt,
"That's right bitch, right after I'm done enjoying your ass your mouth is
going to get the privilege of sucking on my big tits, and then you're going
to get your first taste of my pussy. What do you think of that?"

"I think I can't wait Mistress Trish, I can't wait to get my mouth on your
big, beautiful tits and your delicious pussy. I've been fantasizing about
your big tits since before you made me your bitch, and since you made me your
property I've wanted to suck on them so bad. I swear if you give me the
chance I'll suck your tits better than anyone you've ever given that
privilege to before. And I'm dying to taste your delicious pussy. I bet it's
the best pussy in the world, way better than my whore cunt. I wanna bury my
face in it and worship you with my mouth. I want to lick and suck your
delicious pussy Mistress Trish, please allow your bitch the privilege of
licking and sucking your delicious pussy." Stephanie begged.

"All in good time my little bitch, all in good time. Like I said, first I'm
going to finish enjoying your ass, and with that in mind I want to play a
little game called gape my bitch." Trish said with a wicked grin, "Spread
your legs with your elbows instead of your hands and then use your hands to
spread your ass cheeks in your current position."

Stephanie obeyed her Mistress, awkwardly placing her right elbow and her
right leg and then doing the same with her left. She had seen a few sex tapes
of women doing this but she had never imagined she would be flexible to do
this herself. She almost wasn't, but she was just about able to do it. Once
she had done that she used her hands to spread her ass cheeks as instructed,
causing Trish to smile at her obedience, the fact that she had caused Trish's
happiness making Stephanie's heart flutter.

"Ok Steph, now keep your ass spread for me..." Trish said as she slowly began
pulling her dildo from Stephanie's ass hole until the head was pulled out
with a noisy pop, the once tight ring of flesh remaining widely stretched
open courtesy of the blonde's bowel destroyer.

"And I've gaped my bitch." Trish said, clapping her hands together happily in
triumph and admiring the stretched out ring of Stephanie's ass hole before
pressing her strap on back against it, "Now let's see if I can do it again."

For the next few minutes Trish continuously pulled out of Stephanie's ass,
staring lustfully at the gaping sign of the Smackdown general manager's
submission before reinserting her strap on up Stephanie's shit shoot and
giving her butt a few quick hard thrusts in between gapings to make sure that
her bitch's back passage would remain open for her pleasure.

After stretching out Stephanie's shit pipe this way for a while Trish decided
to take a break and really get a good look at her handiwork. Leaning down
Trish looks at Stephanie's gaping ass hole and can't help but smile. The once
mighty and powerful, Stephanie McMahon, compressed on the couch with her legs
against her chest, using her own arms to stay in that position, and using her
own hands to keep her own ass hole spread nice and wide for her Mistress.
Stephanie made such a good bitch for Trish, and Stephanie knew that Trish has
put her in her place, a place that Stephanie never would leave, and that's
being Trish's bitch.

Leaning her head down, Trish can look up into Stephanie's ass hole. She
slightly blows into it, causing Stephanie to shiver in pleasure. Trish then
sticks her tongue out and starts to lick at the sides of Stephanie's ass
hole. After receiving such a wonderful rim job from Stephanie, Trish felt she
should give her bitch a little something extra, not that she deserved it, but
that's just the kind of person Trish is. Her tongue swirls from the outside
of Stephanie's ass hole, moving clockwise and forward, until Trish is
tonguing her ass hole. With plenty of room in there, Trish starts to twirl
her tongue all around, hitting the sides, the bottom, and the roof, of the
newly gaped ass hole that used to belong to Stephanie McMahon.

"Oh please Mistress Trish...please fuck my ass hole with your big huge cock,"
Stephanie moaned in compliance.

Trish moved her head away from Stephanie's ass and sat upright in front of
her. "You don't like my tongue in your ass?"

"Mistress its not that, its..."

"Shut up!" Trish shouted, interrupting Stephanie, and smacking her ass. "You
have to be punished Stephanie, you don't have any say in what I do to you.
You are MY bitch, and what I say goes! You got that?" Trish finished her
questioning with a firm smack of Stephanie's butt cheeks.

"Oh yes Mistress Trish, please forgive me Mistress Trish, I did not mean to
insult you or your talented tongue. Please do whatever you want with me, your
bitch, Trish Stratus's bitch!" Stephanie responded, pleading to Trish.

Trish stands up off the couch and looks down at Stephanie, still with her
legs behind her own arms, and still spreading her ass hole with her hands.

"Stay like that, just like that Stephanie. My bitch is gonna get it now!"
Trish shouted, smacking Stephanie's ass with her hand.

Trish slapped Stephanie's ass so hard that her handprint could be seen for
brief second. Trish continued to spank Stephanie's ass, hard, quickly causing
it to turn red in front of her eyes. Stratusfied, Trish stopped the assault
on Stephanie's ass and brought her hand down onto Stephanie's pussy, causing
Stephanie to shout in a mix of pain and pleasure. The pain came from the shot
on her pussy, but the pleasure came from knowing her Mistress enjoyed
slapping her around.

"You like it when I slap your pathetic pussy bitch?" Trish asked in a
demeaning and dominant tone.

"Oh yes Mistress Trish, I love it when you abuse my pussy!"

"You're such a pain slut, you know that? But that doesn't matter now, because
all you are is my bitch, my bitch to do anything I see fit to do, what are
you Stephanie?" Trish asked, after a barrage of hard pussy slaps to

"I'm your bitch! Nothing but your bitch! I love everything you do to me and I
never want to leave you! You are my owner! You own me Trish Stratus! I'm
nothing in this world but your cock sucking, ass licking, pain loving, ass
gaping little bitch!" Stephanie's admittance ended in a long drawn out of

Trish started to insert two of her fingers into Stephanie's pussy with her
left hand, her right cupping Stephanie's face.

"That's right Stephanie, you are my bitch, forever!" Trish said, starting to
slowly pump her fingers into Stephanie's pussy.

Before her bitch could enjoy the brief fingering, Trish started to slap
Stephanie's face with her right hand a few times, until her cheek became a
rosy red colour. Removing her fingers from Stephanie's pussy, Trish then
slaps the left side of Stephanie's face, wiping off Stephanie's pussy juice
in the process. Trish then backs away from Stephanie and takes in the image
before her once more. Smiling at what she has turned Stephanie into, Trish
gets back onto the couch and positions her strap on on the outskirts of
Stephanie's wide open ass hole. She slowly pushes forward, causing Stephanie
to moan another long drawn out moan.

Inch by inch, Trish pushes her dildo back up Stephanie's ass, and with every
inch, Trish spits at Stephanie's face. Knowing what to do after the first
spit hit her cheek, Stephanie opened her moaning mouth as wide as she could,
giving Trish an open target for her spit. This continued for a few minutes
until Trish grew tired of the slow re-penetration, and decides to jam the 12
inches back up Stephanie's ass. Once Trish is balls deep in Stephanie's ass
hole again, she looks down at Stephanie's face and sees the look of shameless
pleasure. Stephanie didn't care that she used to hate Trish. She didn't care
that Trish used to use her father to get ahead. She didn't care that Trish
recently humiliated her on live pay-per-view. Stephanie knew all that
mattered was being Trish's bitch, and Stephanie was determined to be Trish's
perfect bitch.

Trish remained where she was. The entirety of her 12 inch strap on shoved
into Stephanie's ass hole. Instead of moving in and out, Trish started to
shake her own ass side to side, moving the strap on inside Stephanie's ass
side to side. Stephanie did the only thing she could, moan, and moan with
pleasure and delight that Trish Stratus has put all 12 inches of her strap on
back into her ass. As Trish moved the strap on from side to side inside
Stephanie's ass, Trish leaned forward and grabbed Stephanie's breasts,
groping them in her hands. She then shakes them around in her hands,
squeezing them together at times, and then slaps them around in different
directions. Playing with Stephanie's tits was something Trish enjoyed,
especially now when there was 12 inches of strap on shoved in her ass, which
Stephanie still held open like an obedient bitch. With that in mind, Trish
decided she should reward Stephanie by embracing her with a kiss.

Kissing her Mistress while her Mistress played with her boobs and had a 12
inch strap on in her ass, Stephanie was in heaven. She felt Trish's rough
grasping of her breasts, the pulling of her erect nipples, the wonderful
feeling of having Trish's strap on buried in her ass, and now the soft but
dominating embrace of Trish's tongue in her mouth. Stephanie was in perfect
bliss, being Trish Stratus's bitch. Trish was in her own perverted heaven as
well. She has dominated Stephanie McMahon over and over again, and now she
has turned Stephanie into her little bitch.

Breaking the kiss and releasing Stephanie's tits, Trish sits upright and
starts to slowly pull out of Stephanie's ass.. Stephanie begins to groan at
the thought of the dildo being removed from her ass, but her groaning turns
to moaning again once Trish shoves her dildo all the way back into Stephanie.
Trish removes an inch of the dildo from Stephanie's ass and pauses for a
minute, looking at the beautiful art she has created with her strap on and
Stephanie's ass hole stretching out. Almost in a trance, Trish's mouth waters
at the sight she has created, and her mouth is not the only thing getting
moist either. Soon Trish pulls out 2 more inches, before pushing back in 3,
stuffing Stephanie's ass once more. Trish continues her slow and steady pace,
torturing Stephanie.

"Enjoying yourself bitch?" Trish asks playfully.

"Mmmmm, Mistress..." Stephanie moaned, trying to find the right word to
please her Mistress.

"You want it rough Stephanie? Does my bitch want me to tear her ass hole into
shreds and turn it into a gaping crater?"

Stephanie nods her head yes frantically.

"Then tell me Stephanie, why should you deserve such a privilege of a hard
ass fucking from your Mistress?"

"I don't, I don't deserve anything unless you say so!" Stephanie screams out.

Trish is surprised by her answer, "That's right you little bitch! You get
whatever I want to give you, and right now, I want to give you an ass fucking
you'll never forget!"

With that, Trish pulls Stephanie's legs towards her and puts them over her
shoulders. Stephanie continues to spread open her ass hole for Trish and her
strap on as Trish slowly but surely increases the pace of the butt sex. Her
hips start to move faster, as she clutches onto Stephanie's legs, pulling her
in more, as inch by inch of her strap on pushes in and out of Stephanie's

Stephanie moans like the anal whore Trish has turned her into as her Mistress
began tearing into her ass hole like she was trying to rip it in two, not
that Stephanie cared. Trish could tear Stephanie's butt hole apart and ruin
her rectum forever and she would still worship her like a goddess. No part of
'the dominant female of the WWE' was still inside Stephanie, all that was
left was a whimpering little bitch who was eager to please her owner with her
ass hole. The advantage for Stephanie of course was that every bowel
destroying thrust felt like pure heaven to her, her ass hole on fire with
pure pleasure that was sending her to cloud nine.

As Stephanie looked up at the woman she now worshipped she was even more
amazed about how confident and dominant Trish looked fucking her up the ass
in this position.

Trish's hands had slid down Stephanie's legs to her hips which she now held
in a powerful grip which let Stephanie know who's in charge, as if a 12 inch
monster of a dildo plowing through her pooper wasn't enough to remind her of
that. Stephanie's legs were resting firmly against Trish's shoulders, the
blonde women's champion looking down at the Billion Dollar Princess with a
smile of justified superiority as she sodomised her bitch.

For a submissive slut like Stephanie this was heaven, her goddess of a
Mistress dominating her so completely with a nice, rough butt fucking.

Stephanie didn't think things could get better, but little did she know they
were about too.

Without a word of warning Trish grabbed Stephanie's hands, which had been
spreading her butt cheeks this whole time, and pulled them away from her ass.
In almost the same instant Trish leant forward so she was face-to-face with
her bitch, Stephanie's legs getting carried by Trish's shoulders to the point
where they were being pushed over Stephanie's head. The second after that
Stephanie's hands were forced down either side of her head, Trish now folding
her body in half while towering over her with her 12 inch strap on still
buried in the deepest part of her bowels.

Grinning down at her bitch with a look of complete power and dominance Trish
began to savagely slam fuck Stephanie's shit hole with the intent of either
making her slave cum or ruining her ass once and for all and Trish honestly
didn't care which of these two things happened she just wanted to pound some

And pounding ass is exactly what Trish did.

Trish pounded Stephanie's ass so hard and viciously any professional porn
star would have been proud. Hell, any professional porn star would have been

The WWE women's champion watched the look of blissful submission on
Stephanie's face as she brutalised her bitch's butt hole, the Smackdown
general manager staring up at her with worshipping eyes. Those eyes didn't
change even when Trish spat into her face and slapped her around, Stephanie's
face becoming almost as red as her ass from all the blows she was taking on
it but the bitch clearly didn't care, Trish had done to good a job of
breaking her, not that Trish was in anyway upset about that. The blonde
Canadian revelled in her conquest of the Billion Dollar Princess and was
already looking forward to conquering the other WWE divas as well.

Trish's mind briefly wondered to her fellow divas, how well rounded Torrie
Wilson's magnificent tits were, how plump and pump-able Molly Holly's cushy
tushy was and how wonderfully tight and firm looking Stacy Keibler's perfect
ass was, and all the wicked things she'd like to do to those girls before she
was awoken from her imagination by a deafening scream as Stephanie came.

Focusing on her bitch it was obvious to Trish that the brutal butt fucking
had made the once mighty Stephanie McMahon cum in many multiple orgasms from
all her screaming and writhing but Trish didn't really care. She wasn't ass
fucking Stephanie for the Billion Dollar Princess's pleasure, she was ass
fucking Stephanie for her own pleasure, and until she got off this pooper
pounding was far from over.

And so Trish butt fucked Stephanie through orgasm after orgasm, the whole
while concentrating on her own pleasure which she was receiving from her clit
stimulator and of course the dominating feelings of fucking another woman up
the ass.

When she really started to focus it didn't take long for Trish to reach the
peak of an orgasm but right at the last second she thought of something.
Whenever she came fucking a girl with her strap on Trish like to use the
squirting mechanism in her dildo to fill that bitch with her cum which was
stored in the toy's fake balls. Over the course of the last 24 hours Trish
had lost count of the number of times she had filled Stephanie's rectum with
her sticky goo, and while she took great pride in the fact that Stephanie
will probably spend the rest of her life shiting out her cum, and if Trish
had anything to do with it that was exactly what was going to happen, the
fact remains she had squirted her cum up Stephanie's ass five times already
since arriving at the arena and looking at Stephanie's beautiful face Trish
could already think of a new home for her cum which was just as good as
Stephanie's bowels.

Moving quickly Trish pulled her dildo from the gaping canyon which used to be
Stephanie's ass hole, shoved Stephanie's legs from her shoulders, grabbed
Stephanie by her hair and stood up, shoving her bitch's face towards her
crotch as she did so.

Instinctively Stephanie opened her mouth in preparation for a throat fucking
but instead Trish began viciously slapping her face with the fake cock almost
hard enough to leave bruises before beginning to rub the shaft all over her
face, covering it in her own ass juice and then swapping in between slapping
Stephanie with the dick and rubbing her dildo all over her bitch's face.

The plan was for Trish to masturbate herself while doing this to get off but
as she continued to abuse her bitch another thought came to her and she
decided to go with it.

Reaching down Trish grabbed two handfuls of Stephanie's luscious tits and
squeeze them together before pushing her dildo in between them and beginning
to titty fuck the Billion Dollar Princess.

Immediately getting into it Stephanie stuck out her chest, opened her mouth
and stuck out her tongue so the tip of the dick was pointed directly down her

Daddy's little girl has obviously done this before, Trish thought to herself
with a wicked smile as she fucked Stephanie's tits just as hard as she had
fucked her ass.

Just then Stephanie looked up at Trish with a look of pure submission and
want, a look that told the women's champion that Stephanie wanted her to 'cum
in her face' which completely send Trish over the edge. Trish came with a
loud scream, her body shaking as she grabbed the fake balls of her strap on
and squeezed them tightly, the first squirt of her cum firing directly into
Stephanie's mouth and down her throat.

Pulling away from Stephanie's tits Trish painted the Billion Dollar
Princess's Billion Dollar face with her cum, covering her cheeks, forehead,
nose, chin and of course into her cum hungry mouth. In addition Trish saved
some of her cum for Stephanie's tits, so when she was done giving Stephanie a
facial the women's champion covered those Billion Dollar puppies in her girl

"You're tits look really good covered in my cum bitch." Trish said, reaching
down and rubbing her cum deep into Stephanie's boobs.

"Thank you Mistress." Stephanie said as she lifted her chest upwards to give
Trish better access to her tits.

"And you're face looks really good covered in my cum too." Trish said,
smacking Stephanie in the face with her strap on before thrusting it against
her bitch's lips.

"Thank you Mistress." Stephanie said again before swallowing the head of
Trish's shaft and quickly sliding it down her gullet so she could begin
bobbing her head on it like a good little cock sucking bitch.

Trish smiled widely as she watched Stephanie suck her strap on, proud of
herself for reducing the Billion Dollar Princess to her cock sucking bitch.

Reaching down Trish began to stroke her bitch's head as she bobbed on the
dildo, the blonde thinking to herself she'd quite like to feel those lips
someplace else other than her strap on.

"You know Stephanie, I meant what I said before." Trish said as her grip on
the back of Stephanie's head tightened and she began forcing her bitch to
deep throat the dildo at the base every time, "Your mouth is going to be even
busier than your ass hole, and I'm going to be using your ass hole a lot, and
now I think it's time that mouth of yours learned to pleasure me in other
ways. Besides, you've been such a good little bitch today, letting me fuck
you up the ass, taking my cum in your face and on your tits, admitting to the
world that you're my bitch, I think you deserve a reward."

With that Trish slowly stripped off her top and bra, revealing her tits to
Stephanie for the first time.

The Billion Dollar Princess stared up lustfully at the large bust of her
Mistress from her place kneeling on the floor sucking on Trish's strap on.
Stephanie's mouth watered from the thought of getting those huge things in
her mouth, and her mouth continued to water when Trish stood back, pulling
the strap on out of Stephanie's mouth, and taking it off, leaving herself
naked before her bitch.

Sitting down on the couch Trish beckoned Stephanie forward who obediently
crawled over and allowed herself to be guided to Trish is right breast, the
broken Billion Dollar Princess eagerly taking Trish's nipple into her mouth
and beginning to greedily suck on it.

Trish moaned and pushed Stephanie's face deep into her chest as possible,
enjoying the feeling of her bitch sucking hard on her right nipple for a few
nice long moments before guiding her slut to her left nipple, Stephanie
eagerly giving it the same treatment as she did the right which got another
moan out of the women's champion.

The blonde continued to moan as she guided the brunette back and forth in
between her nipples, Stephanie stimulating those hard buds to the point where
it was almost painful.

At one point Stephanie lifted her hands up to try and caress Trish's huge
rack as she sucked on her owner's nipples but the blonde quickly smacked her
hand away.

Trish ended up doing what Stephanie had been planning herself, but the
important part of it was she was in control of it and Stephanie wasn't even
getting the slightest bit of control. As an added bonus Trish got to use one
hand to push her breast into Stephanie's mouth as she pushed her bitch's face
deeper into her cleavage, practically choking her broken rival with her

As she suffocated the former powerful and dignified Stephanie McMahon with
her huge almost watermelon size chest Trish began further debasing her new
bitch by verbally humiliating her, rubbing her conquest of her in her face as
she rubbed her face in her tits.

"Mmmmm, that's it Stephanie, suck on my big titties! Suck them as hard as you
can! That's it tittie sucker, show me what you can do! Remember to use your
tongue too! That's it, swirl your tongue around my nipple! Mmmmm, that feels
good! Remember to use your tongue in a second when you're eating my pussy
too. Oh yes Stephanie, I'm going to turn you into my pussy eater, my rug
muncher, my carpet cleaner, my cunt licker, my lesbian whore! You're my bitch
now Stephanie, and you'll be using that mouth on whatever I want and that
includes my pussy, so in a second you're going to get your first taste of
pussy! Are you excited? Are you excited to become my pussy eater? Are you
excited to get your first taste of another woman's pussy you little dyke? I
bet you are. I bet you can't wait for your first taste of pussy. And for that
matter, why wait?"

With that Trish forced Stephanie's mouth from her tits and began pushing her
bitch firmly downwards towards her pussy. Less than two seconds later
Stephanie was face to face with her owner's pussy and Trish was shoving her
bitch down to her horny cunt. She was about to order Stephanie to eat her
pussy but before she could utter a word her bitch's mouth glued itself to her
cunt, Stephanie hungrily sucking at Trish's pussy.

"Oh fuck yes, just like that, suck me Stephanie, suck on my pussy, that feels
so good!" Trish moaned, digging her nails deeply into Stephanie's scalp,
"More! Harder! Suck that pussy. Suck that pussy you pussy sucking whore!
That's what you are now Stephanie, my pussy sucking whore! My pussy eating
bitch! Eat my pussy you little bitch! Now use your tongue. Lick my pussy.
Become my pussy licking bitch. Oh yes!"

Trish let out an extra loud moan as Stephanie slid her tongue up and down her
pussy lips, the whole time never removing her mouth from her cunt.

Honestly Stephanie never wanted to remove her mouth from Trish's cunt.

It just tasted so good, so much better than she thought it would taste. The
old Stephanie would have never done this, never experienced the joys of pussy
eating. Stephanie had always thought it would taste horrible but it didn't.
She loved it.

And not only was Stephanie getting to enjoy this wonderful taste but she was
able to please her Mistress with her unworthy mouth, and she knew she was
pleasing her Mistress because of the moans from Trish's mouth. Hearing those
moans warmed Stephanie's submissive heart and encouraged her to lick and suck
harder and faster, desperately wanting to give as much pleasure as possible
to the woman who had broken her and introduced her to the joys of submission.

Stephanie was so grateful to her Mistress for breaking her and making her a
pussy eating bitch, her pussy eating bitch.

As Stephanie once again rejoiced that her Mistress had broken her and turned
her into her bitch Trish was doing the exact same thing, revelling in her
victory over the Billion Dollar Princess.

Trish didn't think she could ever get tired of congratulating herself for
turning the once high and mighty Stephanie McMahon into her submissive little
slut, Stephanie happily proving Trish's point by pressing her face as deep
into the blonde's pussy as possible, the brunette slurping away like the
little cunt craving dyke Trish had turned her into.

However, a surprisingly well as Stephanie was at sucking her pussy Trish's
new bitch wasn't doing a very good job of licking her out.

Stephanie's tongue only occasionally slid across her pussy lips and never
inside her needy hole.

Trish wanted to get that tongue inside her so her new pet could worship the
inside of her cunt in the same way she was worshipping the outside of it.

Luckily there was an easy way to get that tongue in her cunt.

"Get your tongue inside my cunt you stupid bitch!" Trish demanded, shoving
Stephanie's face deeper into her pussy and then moaned loudly as her bitch
did as she was told, "Oh fuck yes, that's it, shoved that tongue deep into my
pussy! Deeper bitch! Mmmmm, that's it, bury your tongue in my cunt! Now fuck
it! Fuck my cunt with your worthless whore tongue! That's it, harder, faster,
shove that tongue in and out of me as hard as you can! Twirl your tongue
inside me bitch, make me feel good. Oh yes, twirl that tongue as you fuck me
with it! Don't forget to suck me either! Suck my pussy and swallow my juices
like the little lesbian whore I turned you into! Yes, that's it, lick me,
suck me, eat me, fuck me you fucking bitch!"

Stephanie used every ounce of her strength to obey Trish's commands in a
desperate attempt to please her Mistress.

Nothing in the world mattered more to Stephanie than bringing pleasure to the
woman who had enslaved her, her heart, mind, body and soul devoted to her
beautiful Mistress, every fibre of Stephanie's being aching to bring this
superior woman to climax.

The once proud Billion Dollar Princess pressed her face as deep into Trish's
cunt as possible as she jack-hammered her tongue in and out of her pussy,
swirling it around inside her, desperately trying to find the most sensitive
spots inside the blonde's love channel and attacking them relentlessly with
her tongue. The only time she paused doing this was when Stephanie was
hungrily slurping Trish's juices down her throat, her mouth savagely sucking
at the blonde's pussy lips in an attempt to bring her Mistress as much
pleasure as possible..

Eventually Trish began to thrust her hips into Stephanie's mouth but rather
than be put off by it the Billion Dollar Princess welcomed it. And why
wouldn't she? This was her Mistress Trish Stratus showing her who's boss once
again by fucking her face for her pleasure. Stephanie's Mistress Trish was
using her for her pleasure and Stephanie couldn't be happier.

All that mattered to Stephanie was pleasing Trish. Everything else, even her
own breath was secondary.

So Stephanie quickly adjusted the strokes of her tongue to match Trish's
thrusts so she could get her tongue even deeper into the blonde's pussy.

This cause Trish to moan louder than ever before and dig her fingernails so
deep into Stephanie's skull she probably wasn't that far away from drawing
blood, which made Stephanie so happy.

Despite the pain she was feeling and the physical and verbal abuse she was
suffering Stephanie was happy, because she was fulfilling her purpose in
life, she was doing the only thing she was good for, she was pleasing her

Stephanie was right, she was pleasing her Mistress, she was pleasing her
very, very much.

Trish could have probably just got off on the sight before her, that of the
once stuck up and proud Stephanie McMahon on her knees before her,
desperately licking and sucking her pussy as she used her face as a fuck pad,
slamming her hips against Stephanie's face over and over again.

The blonde could have also probably gotten off just from the feeling of power
she now felt over Stephanie, of knowing that she had taken this stuck up rich
bitch who had caused her so much physical and mental pain and completely
broken her.

Of course despite the phenomenal amount of mental pleasure that Trish was
receiving it was dwarfed by the feeling of Stephanie's mouth worshipping her

And worshipping was definitely the right word for it.

The Billion Dollar Princess was licking and sucking Trish's pussy like she
had been in the desert for weeks and Trish's cunt was freshly found water.

From the way she was eating Trish's pussy it seemed as if Stephanie had been
a huge cunt craving dyke her entire life but Trish knew better.

Stephanie may have had the odd fantasy about being with another woman before
but would have probably be sickened by the idea of actually going through
with it, but now thanks to Trish the Billion Dollar Princess was a cunt
loving queer girl who just couldn't get enough pussy.

Luckily for Stephanie her new Mistress planned on giving her all the pussy a
cunt hungry lesbian whore like her could handle and then some along with
enough butt poundings to more than satisfy Stephanie's newly found anal

Trish's mind became lost in imagining all the nasty little things she planned
to do to Stephanie now she was her bitch to the point where her orgasm
completely caught her by surprise.

Normally Trish like to fight her orgasms so she could enjoy the sexual
pleasure she was receiving for longer but by the time she realised she was
cumming it was too late.

Caught up in her orgasm Trish went with it and began face fucking Stephanie
with her cunt even more brutally than before, determined to squeeze as many
climaxes as she possibly could from Stephanie's mouth as her own body shook
violently and her eyes rolled in the back of her head.

Stephanie of course saw none of the physical effects Trish's orgasms were
having on her but she certainly felt it as the blonde used her face as a fuck
pad and heard the verbal abuse spewing from her Mistress's mouth.

The physical and verbal abuse she received only drove Stephanie onwards,
bringing Trish to as many orgasms as possible, the whole time worshipping
Trish's cunt like a good little bitch.

It was incredibly hard to concentrate on Trish's pussy due to the fact that
from the blonde's first climax the most delicious thing Stephanie had ever
tasted slided into her mouth and down her throat, changing her life forever.

From that moment on Stephanie knew she would be a girl cum hungry slut for
the rest of her life, desperate for the taste of creamy girl cum, especially
the creamy girl cum of her beautiful Mistress Trish Stratus.

Unfortunately due to Stephanie's inexperience most of her Mistress's cum
ended up covering her face, a fact she hated herself for and secretly hoped
her new owner would punish her for wasting even a drop of such a precious

Luckily for Stephanie she was given another chance with each orgasm, the
broken bitch happily eating her Mistress to orgasm after orgasm until finally
an exhausted Trish pushed her away.

"Did I... did I do something wrong Mistress?" Stephanie asked nervously,
desperately trying to think what she could have done wrong.

"No, that was great, you're a natural born pussy eater Steph, I've just got
something else I'd like you to eat." Trish said, flipping over onto all fours
and sticking her ass out at her bitch.

Stephanie smiled widely and then buried her face in Trish's magnificent ass,
covering that big booty in soft pecks at first before her kisses became
longer and wetter.

"Mmmmm, that's it bitch, kiss my ass! Renew your membership to the Trish
Stratus kiss my ass club you brown nosing whore! You know how much your
Mistress likes to feel your lips on her ass so you better do a good fucking
job of it! Yes, that's it Stephanie, prove you're nothing but an ass kissing
bitch! My ass kissing bitch!" Trish ordered, enjoying the feeling of her
former rival's lips worshipping her ass for a few minutes before telling her
bitch, "Good, now slowly kiss your way to my ass hole and start rimming me
you ass kissing whore!"

Doing as she was told Stephanie slowly kissed her way to the valley between
Trish's meaty cheeks and slid her tongue up and down the blonde's ass crack,
just the way she knew her Mistress liked, before turning her attention to her
owner's ass hole.

Pressing her lips against Trish's butt hole in a gentle peck Stephanie
started out slow, literally kissing Trish's ass hole for a few long moments
before sliding her tongue out and gently against the blonde's puckered
rosebud. Stephanie swirled her tongue around that hole for a little while
before applying force and slowly pushing her tongue into Trish's ass hole.

Trish gasped, and then moaned in pleasure as her ass hole was invaded by
Stephanie's soft tongue, the blonde's fingers making their way to her clit so
she could maximise the pleasure she was feeling from this.

Without needing to be told Trish's bitch quickly began twirling her tongue
inside her ass hole as she slid it through her rectum, Stephanie deeply
cleaning the inside of Trish's bowels with her tongue just as she had been
trained to do.

Trish had clearly taught her slut well and now she was definitely enjoying
the benefits, the Canadian sliding her fingers into her pussy as she rubbed
her clit, determined to cum with her bitch's tongue in her ass.

Stephanie was disappointed that she wasn't getting the chance to finger her
Mistress. After all, it was her purpose in life now to bring Trish pleasure
so Trish fingering herself just seemed wrong. But if Trish wanted Stephanie
to finger her she would have told her to do so, and as a broken bitch
Stephanie was helpless to do anything but kneel there with her tongue in
Trish's ass hole, desperately wanting to give her Mistress the best rim job

Redoubling her efforts Stephanie pressed her face as deep into the blonde's
butt cheeks as she could and began greedily sucking and slurping at Trish's
ass hole in between thrusting her tongue in and out of that tight anal ring.

Over the last 24 hours Stephanie must have been made to kiss Trish's ass at
least half a dozen times and every long session of ass kissing had always led
to Stephanie's tongue firmly up Trish's butt, the Billion Dollar Princess
learning very quickly how to please her new owner with her tongue in her ass
hole. Stephanie happily used all those tricks she had learned from
worshipping Trish's ass to give her Mistress all the pleasure she could
possibly get from a back door cleaning.

Moaning loudly Trish thrust her ass backwards in time with the thrusts of
Stephanie's tongue while reaching back and forcing Stephanie's face even
deeper into her ass, making sure her bitch was as deep up her butt as she
possibly could be.

To achieve this Trish had to lean forward so that she was pressing her own
face against the couch while still sticking her ass up in the air for her
tamed bitch to lick and suck on, her hands otherwise busy with the back of
Stephanie's head and her own pussy.

Trish pounded her pussy with her fingers, driving herself closer and closer
to orgasm with every thrust as she made the once high and mighty Stephanie
McMahon thoroughly clean out her ass hole.

Unlike last time Trish was concentrating on her approaching climax so she was
able to keep it at bay for a long time, just enjoying the feeling of having
Stephanie's tongue deep within her bowels for what felt like hours until she
finally allowed herself to cum.

"Oh my God, that's it, tongue my ass hole bitch! Twirl your tongue around
inside my ass hole you fucking butt licking whore! Rim me! Rim my fucking
rectum out bitch! That's it! So good, that feels so good, eat my ass, eat my
fucking ass hole out! Oh, I'm going to... I'm going to cum... I'm going to
cum with your tongue up my fucking ass Stephanie! I'm going to cum with you
licking my ass hole out! I'm going to cum while you're renewing your
membership to the Trish Stratus kiss my ass club bitch!" Trish said just
before she finally went over the edge and came.

When her orgasm hit her Trish's scream was deafening and her body shook
violently, but like a good little bitch Stephanie kept tongue fucking Trish's
ass until the blonde's climax had died down and she told her to stop.

For the next few hours Trish made Stephanie eat out her pussy and ass hole,
stopping only occasionally to make her whore suck on her tits and kiss her

Trish's bitch brought her to orgasm after orgasm until there was a banging on
the door telling them that it was after midnight and everybody had to leave
the arena.

After hearing this, and after Stephanie had brought her Mistress to another
couple of orgasms, Trish and Stephanie finally left the locker room only to
return to Trish's hotel room for another long night of HLA.

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