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Disclaimer: The Following Story is a figment of pure imagination...sure
perverted, but still imagination. In case you could not understand, this
story is FICTION! IT DID NOT HAPPEN! Had anything like this ever happened,
then someone get a tape of it and stream it out to the world. In this story,
you will read about Trish Stratus defending her WWE women's title against
Stacy Keibler in the first ever HLA match. REMEMBER THIS STORY IS FICTION!

HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Part 3
by Vintage ( and MTL (

A firework display goes off in the arena as Monday Night RAW begins in front
of the live crowd.

"Good evening everyone, I'm Good O'l JR, and beside me is my partner, Jerry
"the King" Lawler, as tonight will be a RAW for the history books!"

"You said it JR, can you believe it? The first ever HLA match on RAW! I can't

"You won't have to wait King, that match is up next!"

"JR! Can you imagine a whole two hours of non-stop HLA? PUPPIES! WOOHOO!"

"Calm down King, and try to keep your hands above the table tonight, ok?
Let's take it to Lillian Garcia for the introduction of our competitors..."

The new HLA ring announcer Lillian Garcia staggers into the ring on shaky
legs, nervous of what is about to happen in the ring between the two women
she is about to introduce to the world wide audience of Monday Night RAW.
Lillian was also nervous about her new job title, pacifically how vague Eric
Bischoff had been when describing the duties it entailed, but if it could
provide her with a stepping stone to get back to ordinary ring announcing
then Lillian would do whatever it took, even if it meant she had to be
ringside for what was about to happen.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is the first ever
HLA Match for the Women's Championship!" The crowd roars in response to what
they've just heard. They start to cheer even more when the music of Stacy
Keibler hits the sound system, a few fans singing along to the words, 'She's
Got Legs'.

"Introducing first, the challenger, from Baltimore, Maryland, Stacy Keibler!"

Stacy enters in her trademark attire. A tight black shirt, with a short,
light blue, mini-skirt, and all with traditional wrestling boots, a
combination only Stacy could pull off. She also does her trademark entrance,
pausing as she bends over the middle rope to enter the ring. Stacy seems
apprehensive, understandably so, but forces herself to smile and act normal,
until she hears the familiar giggle that takes place before Trish's entrance

"Her opponent, from Toronto, Canada, she is the WWE Woman's Champion...Trish

Trish comes out to the stage with thunderous applause. She is wearing her
trademark, tight, black ring attire with a lot of cleavage showing. She has
the woman's championship around her waist and in one hand she has a
microphone, in the other, she has a small bottle, a collar with a lead and
her newly trademarked strap on dildo. Trish enters the ring and points to the
crowd with her hand that holds the mic. She then turns to see Stacy in the
corner, trembling but trying to get focused on the match, and Trish points at
her with the hand that has the strap on in it. The crowd roars it's approval.
Trish puts the small bottle, the collar and her strap on in her corner
underneath the bottom turnbuckle before taking center stage with the
microphone in her hand.

"Before we get started tonight, I just have a message from the Smackdown
General Manager, and my bitch, Stephanie McMahon. She's not able to tell the
WWE audience this herself because right now she is tied up in my hotel room
with a nice big butt plug in her ass, so it stays nice and loose for me.
Being my bitch and all, Stephanie wants all of you to tune in to Smackdown,
so you can find out when you'll see some HLA to a network broadcast near you!
But enough about Smackdown, which I will be on now as well as RAW, tonight
its about my match with Stacy Keibler. Stacy, are you ready to become my

"FUCK YOU!" Stacy shouts in her corner.

"Hahahahaha! Stacy, Stacy, Stacy, you have no idea what you're up against..."
Trish laughs as she hands the woman's title belt to the referee so the match
can begin...

The bell rings and both women come face to face in the center of the ring.
Trish mouths off to Stacy and says she's gonna bend her over so many times,
until Stacy slaps Trish right in the face.

Trish smirks before attacking Stacy with a barrage of forearms to the face.
She backs Stacy into the corner and continues her assault with kicks to the
gut. Stacy falls on her ass in the corner and Trish starts to choke her with
her foot.

The referee calls for the break, and Trish decides to back off. Stacy uses
the ropes to get up, but she is met with a shoulder to her gut from Trish

Stratus then picks up Stacy and sits her on the top turnbuckle. She backs up
a few steps before going towards Stacy and setting her up for the
Stratusphere, but Stacy manages to hold on to the ropes when Trish tries to
fling her off the turnbuckle pad. Trish lands on her face, not pleased, and
looks up at Stacy, who jumps off the second rope with a double foot stomp to
her back.

Trish holds her back a bit before getting up, but she is met with a spinning
wheel kick from Stacy. Trish falls to the canvas and Stacy goes for the
cover, 1... 2... Trish kicks out.

Stacy tries to continue her offense, but Trish trips her legs out from
underneath her. Trish spreads Stacy's legs and buries her knee into Stacy's
inner thigh. Stacy rolls around in pain as her skirt rides up, showing Trish
her light blue thong. Trish pounces at Stacy's ass and rips her skirt right
off. Trish twirls the skirt above her head and throws it to the crowd as
Stacy uses the ropes to get to her feet.

Stacy then charges at Trish with a clothesline, but Trish ducks it and kicks
Stacy in the gut, setting her up for Stratusfaction, but Stacy pushes her
off. Trish then charges at Stacy and hits her with a spear. Her head bouncing
off the canvas, Stacy is laid out in the center of the ring. Trish goes for
the cover, 1... 2... Trish lifts Stacy's arm up and breaks the cover herself,
she's not done with Stacy.

Trish then throws Stacy into the corner again, and off the impact of the
throw Stacy falls to her knees in the corner. Trish then runs at her and hits
a front dropkick to her chest, sandwiching her in the corner. Trish gets up
and sees Stacy fall to the canvas. She then walks over to her and applies the
half boston crab.

Stacy screams in pain and has her hand up as if she is about to tap out, but
she remembers the consequences of losing the match and tries to hold on as
the crowd chants 'tap' at her.

Stacy uses her free leg to kick up at Trish's chest. Annoyed, Trish lets go
of the submission and picks up Stacy by the hair before whipping her across
the ring. Stacy bounces up and back into the ropes, trying to pull herself

Trish walks over to her, but is met with a kick in the stomach, followed by
another, and then two more. Stacy then jumps up and hits a clothesline on
Trish, and then another.

Trish gets up to her feet and sees another on coming clothesline, so she
ducks it, gets behind Stacy, and picks her up for an atomic drop, dropping
Stacy's delectable ass on her knee. Stacy bounces off Trish's knee, and then
is pulled down to the canvas by the hair by Trish. Trish then drags her
around the ring by the hair until the referee steps in and separates them. He
backs Trish into a corner, telling her to take it easy as Stacy gets up in
the middle of the ring.

Once Stacy is up, Trish pushes the ref aside and charges at Stacy, only to be
met with one of her long legs to the face.

Stacy then picks up Trish and attempts a vertical suplex, but Trish blocks it
and easily turns it into a suplex of her own. Trish then picks up Stacy and
scoops her up for a body slam, again sending her down to the mat. The women's
champion then kneels besides Stacy's head and starts to slap her face around.
Trish smiles and moves her hands down to Stacy's thong and attempts to tear
it off, but Stacy kicks one of her legs up and connects with Trish's head.

Stacy gets up and tries to deliver a Spinning Roundhouse Kick, but Trish
catches her leg and buries her elbow into the back of Stacy's knee. Trish
then sweeps Stacy's other leg to send her down before re-applying the half
boston crab.

Stacy screams bloody murder, as her hands reach for the ropes, but they are
too far. Trish has her knee on Stacy's other leg, preventing her from kicking
up. Tears run down Stacy's cheeks as her hand reaches up to tap out.

Trish turns her body and starts to spank Stacy's ass with her free hand,
adding humiliation to the hold. Stacy's face is buried into the mat, tears
swelling down, as the pain becomes unbearable, her hand about to tap out,
Stacy about to surrender herself to Trish's will.

Suddenly Trish breaks the hold and stands up. She delivers a stiff kick to
the side of Stacy's gut, causing her to turn over. Trish spits down at Stacy
before picking her up and hitting her signature finishing move,
Stratusfaction. Trish then turns over Stacy and stands over her, covering
Stacy's chest with her foot as the ref counts, 1... 2... 3.

"Here is your winner and still Woman's Champion, Trish Stratus!" Lillian
announced after a dominating performance by Trish Stratus.

Standing tall in the middle of the ring, Trish Stratus grinned a devil's grin
as she had just won the right to have Stacy Keibler be her bitch for a week
hours. Just as Trish had done with Stephanie, she was going to make Stacy her
permanent bitch in front of the entire world. Looking down at the leggy
blond, laid out at her feet, Trish started to laugh. She was about to fuck
Stacy Keibler up the ass with her strap on, and what an ass her new bitch
had. Trish knew she was going to enjoy herself.

Pulling Stacy up Trish ties her new pet up in the ring ropes. She then starts
to slap Stacy's face until she wakes up. Awakening, Stacy sees her worst
nightmare before her, Trish Stratus advancing on her, claiming her as a
prize. Grabbing the microphone, Trish stands beside Stacy, twirling her hair
with the fingers of her free hand.

"Well Stacy, looks like you lost, and you know what that means!" Trish said,
having the crowd roar in response. She then unties Stacy's arms from the
ropes and watches her fall to the canvas with a twinkle in her eyes. "Ok
Stacy, you like attention don't you? Well the entire RAW Audience is paying
attention to the two of us, and since I won you as my bitch you're going to
do everything I say, or you're gonna lose your job! Now then... strip, get
naked for the whole live audience and the millions watching at home to see.
You always give the fans a little strip tease, well now its time to go threw
the whole thing and get naked... NOW!" Trish ended her commands with a
vicious slap to Stacy's ass.

Springing up to her knees, Stacy holds her ass in pain before slowly getting
up. She looks at Trish, then the crowd, then Trish again. Did she really have
to go threw with this? No, she could just say 'fuck this' and leave, but then
she would be out of a job, a job which gave Stacy the spotlight she had
always craved. Stacy couldn't let herself walk away from this job, so she had
no choice but to do what Trish said.

Whimpering Stacy slowly reached for her shirt collar and started to shake her
ass as she took off her shirt. Now in a light blue bra and thong, Stacy
started to put on a show for the crowd, shaking her ass in all sorts of ways.
Trish was also into Stacy's performance, getting very hot, but she also got
very annoyed as Stacy still wasn't naked.

"Back that ass up over here bitch, I want to take off the rest." Trish
commanded, her finger curling in the 'come-hither' motion at the dancing

Stacy was hesitant but did as she was told, slowly backing her ass up to
Trish, the women's champion reaching out and undoing Stacy's bra, letting it
fall to the floor.

The moment her bra fell Stacy immediately stop dancing as her hands shot to
her chest, covering her tits much to the displeasure of the crowd who booed

Seeing what Stacy was doing Trish laughed loudly.

"Oh come on Stacy, it's not like you really have any tits anyway." Trish
giggled as she pulled Stacy's arms behind her back and easily trapping them
with one hand while her other hand slid over Stacy's tiny titties, "I mean
look at these little things. I've seen bigger tits on a 12-year-old."

Stacy whimpered pathetically, her cheeks flushing red and her eyes watering
from her humiliation.

She had always been self-conscious about her little breasts, and having to
travel around with all the big boobed divas like Trish in the WWE only made
it worse. None of the other divas came out and said it, but Stacy knew they
were all laughing at her and her tiny titties behind her back, making their
jokes, just like everyone always had.

Of course, none of that even compared to this humiliation, Trish walking
Stacy around the ring and showing all the fans just how little her tits were,
all of them staring at her like she was a freak of nature, some even pointing
and laughing at how undeveloped her chest was.

Too humiliated to even struggle Stacy just hung limply in Trish's arms as the
women's champion paraded her prize around the ring, playing with her tiny
titties for a little while before dropping her to the floor like she was

"Stay where you are bitch." Trish commanded before slipping out of the ring
and grabbing a chair.

Thinking Trish was going to beat her with the chair Stacy held her hands up
and cowered, trying to wriggle away as Trish got back in the ring, chair in

"No Trish please don't!" Stacy cried.

"I'm not going to hit you with this you dumb bitch, you're going to lean on
it while I spank your ass bright red!" Trish said once she had set up the
chair in the middle of the ring.

Not waiting for Stacy to respond Trish reached down and grabbed the leggy
blonde by her hair, forced her up and dragged her to the chair.

Too afraid to do anything but what the more dominating blonde wanted Stacy
grabbed hold of the chair and cautiously lent over it with a little whimper,
which turned into a cry of pain as Trish slapped her ass.

"Stick your ass out more you stupid whore," Trish commanded coldly, "Show the
audience what I'm going to be spanking!"

Whimpering Stacy did as she was told, sticking her ass out as much as she
could, unwittingly displaying her delectable derriere to the ass loving
women's champion.

Trish licked her lips hungrily at the delicious looking sight before her of
Stacy's tight little ass in a tiny little thong which after savouring the
moment Trish reached out, grabbed and slowly slid down Stacy's long legs,
exposing that perfect ass which Trish intended to slam fuck all night long.

A huge cheer erupted from the audience as they got to see Stacy Keibler naked
for the first time, but Trish was lost in a world of her own, a world
revolving only around one of the best looking butts Trish had ever got the
pleasure of seeing. Of coarse Trish soon got a hold of herself because as
pleasurable as it was staring at Stacy's naked ass it couldn't compare to the
pleasure Trish would soon be experiencing when she would be pounding that
ass, or even spanking it for that matter.

Speaking of which this beautiful butt was practically begging for a spanking,
and Trish was more than happy to oblige.

Trish made a great show of slowly licking the palm of her hand, the audience
cheering at the sight as they quickly figured out what was about to happen,
the pop from them causing Stacy to tense nervously as the bent over blonde
tried to prepare herself for the inevitable.

Cruelly Trish waited until Stacy unwittingly relaxed after nothing had
happened for a while before bringing her hand down full force on Stacy's
right ass cheek, causing the tall girl to cry out in pain. Stacy cried again
as Trish spanked her left ass cheek, and then her right again, and then left
again, and then her right again, and then left again, and then her right
again, and then left again, and so on, and so on.

To keep the audience interested Trish constantly changed her spanking
tactics, although at first most tactics were very playful and almost gentle
in nature.

The very first tactic was to deliver one hard strike to either Stacy's left
or right ass cheek and then greedily grope the butt cheek she had just hit
for a random amount of time before she went after the other ass cheek.

Trish added to this by spitting on Stacy's perfect ass in between spanks so
she could rub her saliva into that magnificent rear, thoroughly coating both
of those beautiful round butt cheeks in her spit as if she was in animal
marking its territory. In a way that was what Trish was doing, after all
tonight Stacy's ass was hers, and perhaps this was a nice, if primitive, way
of showing the audience Stacy's ass now belonged to her.

The thought of this really turned Trish on and soon she started attacking
both butt cheeks with one strike of her hand, before starting to use both
hands, sometimes at the same time, other times one after the other, Trish
using Stacy's ass like a pair of bongos. At first it was just random hits but
eventually Trish started busting out some tunes on that ass, including
Stacy's theme song 'Legs'. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Smack smack smack smack smack
smack. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Smack smack smack smack smack smack. Eventually
Trish gave up on rhythm entirely and just began beating on Stacy's ass,
brutalising those beautiful buttocks until they turned a swollen red under
the constant assault.

Stacy's beautiful ass cheeks looked even worse after the first commercial
break, the audience at home shocked and mostly turned on by how brutally
damaged Stacy's butt looked, but those in the arena weren't surprised at all
considering the savage force Trish was using to spank Stacy's ass.

This level of brutal spanking turned Stacy's pathetic whimperings into full-
blown tears, the taller blonde crying her eyes out as she was spanked like a
naughty child.

Even though she had been very naughty when she was younger Stacy actually
hadn't received her first spanking until she got to WCW were she had taken
quite a few slaps to her ass while making sure she would get plenty of
spotlight. However all that had been was a few light blows to her butt, this
was a full-blown spanking, and it hurt.

Stacy hadn't thought it would be pleasant, but this, this was horrible.

If it wasn't for the fact her job was on the line Stacy would have stormed
out, but it was so she stayed where she was, bent over a chair in the middle
of a wrestling ring, a sadistic bitch brutally spanking her while she was
surrounded by cheering fans and cameras capturing the entire thing.

It was by far the most humiliating and painful experience of Stacy's life and
the leggy blonde would do anything to make it stop. Anything.

Stacy wailed hysterically.

"Anything? You'll do anything bitch?" Trish asked, punctuating her questions
with a couple of particularly vicious spanks.

"YES!" Stacy cried.

"Ok, prove it." Trish said, finally pausing the spanking to pull Stacy's hair
roughly, "Tell everyone what a little whore you are. Look into the camera
right there and tell everyone how you fucked your way into this business and
the only reason you're still here is because you are a total slut who'll
spread her long legs for just about anyone in the locker room."

There was a pause as Stacy tried to repeat all that but she couldn't bring
herself to admit it and just stayed there opening and closing her mouth like
a goldfish, at least until Trish began delivering another series of vicious
slaps on her ass.

which finally got Trish to stop for a few moments before delivering another
hard spank to make Stacy continue, "Owww, no, please stop, I admit it ok, I'm
a slut, I'm a total slut. I got into wrestling by spreading my legs and
that's why management keeps me around. Are you happy now bitch?"

"No, first I want you to admit that I'm the superior woman here and you're
just my bitch." Trish demanded.

"Fine." Stacy sniffled, "You're the superior woman and I'm... I'm just your

"Good, now tell me you're going to be a good bitch and behave while I'm
fucking you up your tight little ass." Trish commanded.

"I'll... I'll be a good little bitch and behave while you're fucking me up
the ass." Stacy said softly.

"Now tell me you want to prove what a good little bitch you're going to be
for me by joining the Trish Stratus Kiss My Ass Club!" Trish told her bitch.

"I... I... please don't make me..." Stacy whimpered before crying out as she
was spanked again, "OWWW, OWWW, OWWW, alright fine, I want to prove what a
good little bitch I'm going to be for you by joining the Trish Stratus Kiss
My Ass Club!"

With that Stacy was roughly thrown backward by Trish onto the mat, the abused
diva landing on her brutalised backside, causing her to cry out with pain and
clutch her battered butt.

Stacy quickly got onto her knees to avoid putting any weight on her sore
buttocks and as a result found her face only a few inches away from Trish's
ass, the more dominating blonde standing before the chair Stacy had been bent
over only moments ago.

The crowd roared in approval as Trish grabbed the waist of her snug fitting
wrestling tights and slowly pulled them down along with her thong to reveal
her big round ass, Trish bending over the chair to make her magnificent
bubble butt look even more round and luscious.

"Come on Stacy, show me what a good little bitch you're going to be. Join the
Trish Stratus Kiss My Ass Club." Trish laughed, and then added in a slightly
more threatening tone when nothing happened for a few moments, "You better
pucker up and kiss my ass or I'll beat your ass until it bleeds bitch!"

Stacy crinkled her nose in disgust both at the sight of that big ass, again
thinking about leaving but she couldn't lose this job. Trish's words were
also good motivation which got Stacy to lean forward, screw her eyes shut,
pucker her lips and press them to the soft round flesh of Trish's magnificent

Despite trying to convince herself she could win Stacy's mind had been filled
all week with thoughts about what would happen if she lost and was turned
into Trish Stratus's bitch in the middle of the ring.

She had hoped she would not have to suffer the humiliation of having to kiss
Trish's ass but deep down Stacy knew if she lost her lips were ending up on
the other blonde's backside.

Actually having to kiss another woman's ass was even more humiliating than
getting spanked and fresh tears began streaming down Stacy's face as she
began covering Trish's big bubble butt in kisses like her job depended on it,
which it did.

While Stacy was fearing for her job Trish was loving hers.

Not only was she getting her big ass kissed by another woman but Trish was
moments away from bending that other woman over and fucking her up her tight
little ass.

It was true what they said, when your job involved doing something you love
it really doesn't feel like work.

Smiling at the thought Trish looked behind her to see the beautiful sight of
Stacy Keibler on her knees kissing her voluptuous bubble butt, before looking
to the big screen to see how it was looking on TV.

The picture on the screen nicely framed both ladies to make it very clear
what was going on, but Trish couldn't help thinking the audience at home
would appreciate a nice close up.

"Hey camera guy, zoom in on Stacy kissing my ass. Make sure everyone can see
the look on that pretty face of hers as she covers my big ass in kisses. Show
everyone at home what an ass kissing bitch Stacy is." Trish yelled out to the
nearest cameraman who did exactly what he was told.

Trish smiled widely as she turned to the big screen to see a camera slowly
zooming in on Stacy pressing her lips against her meaty cheeks, Stacy's
tearstained face showing the humiliation she was feeling from literally
kissing ass.

It gave Trish a great feeling of twisted pleasure to humiliate Stacy like
this, but she was about to make it even worse, or at least worse for Stacy.

"Mmmmm Stacy, your lips feel good on my ass cheeks, but you know what I think
would be even better? Your lips on my ass hole." Trish said, pausing so she
could savour Stacy's pathetic whimpering, "That's right bitch, I want you to
kiss my ass hole, and since you have to do whatever I say now that's exactly
what you're going to do. So get your pretty face in between my ass cheeks and
start kissing my butt hole you little ass kissing whore."

Stacy whimpered again, but did as she was told, the leggy blonde pushing her
face in between the women's champion's butt cheeks and pressing her lips
directly to her ass hole.

"Ooooo, good girl Stacy, kiss my ass hole just like that. Gently press those
soft lips of yours to my back door. Mmmmm, that feels good. Now start
pressing harder. Harder. Good, now lick my ass hole. I said lick my ass hole
bitch. Stick out your tongue and lick my ass hole! Ooooo yes, that's it, and
again. Mmmmm, that's good." Trish moaned, as she looked to the big screen to
see if they were getting this, "Use your hands to spread my butt cheeks. Make
sure everyone's getting a good look of you licking my ass hole. Wider bitch,
spread my ass. Good girl, ooooohhhhhh, that looks so good, ooooohhhhhh, that
feels so good, lick my ass hole, ooooohhhhhh Stacy, ooooohhhhhh, you
wonderful little butt licker, ooooohhhhhh!"

Trish trailed off for a few minutes to watch the beautiful sight on the big
screen of Stacy Keibler licking her ass hole, the camera zooming in really
tight so everyone could see Stacy's tongue slowly sliding out of her mouth
and over the dominating blonde's butt hole with each soft, gentle lick.

However as good as Stacy's tongue felt gently lapping at her ass hole Trish
knew it was nothing compared to the pleasure she would feel when she got that
soft tongue deep inside her butt hole, which is exactly where it was going
right now.

"Mmmmm, that's so good Stacy, you make a great little butt licker, but now I
want you to stick your tongue up my ass hole. Put your tongue inside my ass
pipe and lick my shit hole clean bitch!" Trish commanded, gleefully looking
forward to what was about to happen.

Stacy whimpered loudly and once again considered running but as before came
to the conclusion she didn't want to lose this job so she clenched her eyes
tight, screwed up her face in disgust and pressed her tongue forcefully to
Trish's ass hole.

"That's it bitch, get your tongue up my ass. Get your tongue inside my ass
you little whore. That's it, harder, push harder, force your tongue into my
ass hole and lick it clean bitch. Harder. Harder. Harder. I said harder you
ooooohhhhhh fuck yeah!" Trish exclaimed, pausing for a minute to savour the
feeling of Stacy's tongue pushing past her anal ring and into her ass hole,
every moment of it caught on a wonderful close up which Trish was watching on
the big screen before the women's champion continued to encourage her bitch,
"Mmmmm, that's it Stacy, get your tongue inside my ass hole. Push it in deep.
Deeper. Deeper. Deeper. Really get your tongue all the way up there. Mmmmm,
that's it, I can feel your lips on my ass hole bitch. Press them harder,
French kiss my ass hole you little butt muncher. Eat my ass hole out. Suck my
shit hole slut. Suck it in between sliding your tongue in and out of it.
Mmmmm, that's it, good girl, good little ass muncher. Suck my ass harder. Oh
fuck yeah. Now take your tongue out and kiss my ass cheeks. Cover my ass in
kisses then go right back to my butt hole. Mmmmm, good girl Stacy, keep
kissing, licking and sucking my ass and prove what a good little bitch you
want to be for me."

Stacy whimpered into Trish's ass, but not from humiliation as Trish further
degraded her with her words, but with dismay as her pussy juices started
running even faster than they were before.

When the ass kissing had started Stacy had been disgusted with the whole
thing, but it hadn't been that bad. Even when she had been forced to lick
Trish's ass hole the flavour hadn't been entirely unpleasant, but then Trish
made Stacy shove her tongue up her ass. As much as it disgusted and terrified
her Stacy couldn't deny she had loved the taste of Trish's ass hole from the
moment her tongue slipped inside it, and she seemed to love it more with
every thrust of her tongue.

What was worse was rather than put her off Trish's words seemed to be tapping
into some previously unknown feelings of submission inside Stacy, turning the
leggy blonde on more than should be possible until Stacy found herself
becoming lost in Trish's ass, the taller diva devoting herself completely
into eating out that big bubble butt.

Trish moaned in satisfaction as Stacy got down to some serious ass munching,
the conquered diva worshipping Trish's big ass with a passion possessed by
only the most broken of Trish's bitches.

Over the last week Stephanie had become quite the little ass muncher but even
her well-trained butt worshipping skills were being put to shame by Stacy's
sudden insatiable ass lust.

A love for eating ass like this could be trained, but in this case it was
obvious Stacy possessed a natural love for asses, even if the bitch was
unaware of it, which meant Trish was doing Stacy a favour by making that
bitch her bitch.

It was such a perfect rim job Trish couldn't stop herself from spending twice
as much time as she had meant to bent over that chair letting Stacy greedily
kiss, lick and suck her ass, allowing the production team to take a
commercial break without missing a moment of action as throughout the break
Trish just kept Stacy worshipping her bubble butt, until finally Trish
convinced herself to reach back and pushed the other blonde away.

"Mmmmm Stacy, that was fantastic, you're a natural ass kisser, but I think
it's about time we moved from ass kissing to ass fucking." Trish said, before
turning to the crowd, "How about you people? Do you think it's about time we
moved from ass kissing to ass fucking?"

The crowd cheered loudly in response.

"Well, that settles it." Trish said, walking to the corner were her strap on
was, "Bend over and grab the chair Stacy, you're about to get your ass

Stacy whimpered at her orders but obeyed them without question. After all she
had already been stripped naked, spanked and made to eat out another woman's
ass, so what was one more humiliation? Besides, after this debasement it
would be finally over, and as horrible as it would be taking that scary
looking dildo up her ass at least Stacy would still have her job.

However as Stacy got into position there was one thought which terrified her
to her very core, and that was what if she actually liked getting fucked up
her ass?

Stacy wouldn't have thought that was possible as she was disgusted by the
idea of anal sex, and yet her pussy was running like a river. Part of that
was because of the ass licking, and Stacy still didn't understand why she had
enjoyed that so much, but it was mostly from the idea of receiving her first
butt fucking.

It was like Stacy's body was betraying her, like no matter how much she
thought of anal sex as gross and disgusting her body just seemed to crave it.

Silently Stacy prayed Trish wouldn't notice how wet she was, but given
everything that happened to her already Stacy wasn't surprised when her
prayers went unanswered.

"Oh Stacy, you're so wet." Trish laughed, easily sliding two fingers into
Stacy's pussy, causing Stacy to moan, "What's got you so wet huh? Was it the
spanking? Did you like getting this hot ass of your spanked? How about when I
had you eat my ass. We both know you loved that, so was that what's got you
so wet? Or is it being bent naked over a chair ready to get your ass fucked.
Are you excited by the idea of your first butt fucking? Are you looking
forward to me taking my big strap on dick and shoving it up your tight little
ass? Or are you just a closet submissive lesbian who's enjoying all of this?
Answer me Stacy, I want to know why you're so wet, and so do the fans, isn't
that right guys?"

The crowd cheered loudly in approval but Stacy stayed quiet except for a few
whimpers as Trish gently finger fucked her.

Trish gave Stacy plenty of time to respond, partly because she wanted Stacy
to verbally humiliate herself, but mostly because she was really enjoying
sliding her fingers in and out of her fellow diva's hot, tight, wet pussy. In
fact Trish enjoyed fingering Stacy so much she stayed like that for a few
long minutes, commercials both coming and going as she did so meaning at
least the folks at home didn't miss too much and the crowd got a nice view of
one diva finger fucking another.

Eventually though Trish decided to force an answer out of her prey in an
attempt to push her further to her breaking point and further towards
becoming her bitch forever.

"You know Stacy, this is nothing personal. Sure we've had a few run-ins and
you hilariously tried to take my title a few months ago, but let's face it,
you were never a serious threat to me, so this has nothing to do with
revenge, like it did with Stephanie, and everything to do with my anal lust
for your perfect ass. And since I'm not out for revenge and I don't want to
ruin such a perfect ass, at least not the first time I fuck it, I'm going to
give you the chance to get my dick and your ass hole thoroughly lubed up for
your first anal fucking. All you have to do is answer this one simple
question truthfully, why are you so wet?"

There was a long pause and then finally Stacy mumbled something incoherently.

"Sorry Stacy, I didn't hear that, and if you want to get your ass hole lubed
I'm afraid you're going to have to speak up." Trish laughed, speeding up her
finger fucking, forcing Stacy to moan in between her whimpered response.

"I... I... I liked kissing your ass. I don't know why, it was disgusting, but
I liked it." Stacy forced out before she began to cry pitifully from her

"Good girl, that wasn't so hard was it?" Trish said as she pulled her fingers
from Stacy's pussy and gently patted the other blonde's ass before returning
to the corner to pick up the small bottle of anal lubricant she had brought
with her.

As she did this Trish couldn't help but smile at the soft moan of
disappointment that escaped Stacy's lips when she removed her fingers, a
clear sign the little slut had enjoyed the brief finger fucking which was
very encouraging. Stacy maybe still a little reluctant but her body was
really enjoying what Trish was doing to it and the WWE women's champion had
no doubt it wouldn't be long before Stacy's mind caught up with her body, and
when that happened Stacy would belong to Trish. If Trish wanted Stacy as her
bitch she was going to need to mentally break her, and a nice long ass
fucking was just what she needed to do it.

Fear flooded Stacy's body and the leggy blonde almost threw up when Trish
came to stand in front of her, that massive 12 inch strap on dildo in between
her legs pointing directly in Stacy's face.

In her quest for stardom Stacy had seen cocks of all shapes and sizes but
this was by far the biggest.

It was so big it didn't seem possible that any hole could take it, but Stacy
had watched in amazement like everybody else as Stephanie had taken that
monster in her ass and throat, so Stacy knew it was possible but she could
only imagine how much it must hurt to do so.

Unfortunately she wasn't going to have to just imagine for much longer as
unless she was willing to give up her spotlight in the WWE she was about to
get that beast up her butt.

The voice inside Stacy's head that wanted her to leave screamed its case in
Stacy's ear once again, but as loudly as it screamed the voice that wanted to
stay famous was screaming even louder, giving Stacy practically no choice but
to stay where she was and except her fate. At least by listening to the
loudest voice it drowned out the sound of the other voices, including the new
one which was whispering things in Stacy's ear which were making her feel
things she really shouldn't be feeling right now, things which terrified her
beyond belief.

If possible Stacy's fears were increased tenfold when Trish slowly poured
some lubricant onto her hand and then began stroking the shaft of the dildo
like it was a real cock, the whole time smiling wickedly down at the soon to
be sodomised diva.

"Don't worry Stacy, I made sure to get a nice edible lube so I don't poison
you when I fuck your throat later. It's cherry flavour, which I'm sure will
make your ass juice taste delicious." Trish laughed as she threateningly
stroked her strap on with the lube.

Stacy whimpered loudly, Trish's words making her even more terrified of what
was to come, although she didn't get much time to dwell on it as shortly
after Trish said that the dominating blonde walked around her until she was
standing in front of Stacy's vulnerable ass.

There was a brief pause as Trish heavily coated a couple of fingers in
lubricant before gently pressing one of them to Stacy's tiny little rosebud.
Stacy whimpered again and tensed as she felt that finger pressing against her
butt hole, Trish cruelly teasing her by rubbing her ass hole with the tip of
her finger. This continued for a long time until Stacy stupidly relaxed,
giving Trish the moment she had been waiting for to push forward and break
through Stacy's virgin back door.

In Trish's mind this was not taking Stacy's ass cherry as a doctor could
shove a couple of fingers up someone's ass for medical reasons and that
wouldn't count as fucking so why should this count now? This was just
preparation for the big strap on cock around Trish's waist which she would
soon be using to properly take Stacy's anal cherry, although this was fun for
now, or at least it would be if she could get her finger properly inside
Stacy's ass.

"Relaxed Stace." Trish said, roughly smacking Stacy's ass with her free hand,
"I can't get my fingers up your ass if you don't relax, and if you don't
relax and take my fingers up your ass I won't be able to lube your ass up,
and if I don't lube your ass up its going to really hurt when I shove my cock
all the way up your stupid fucking ass! So if I were you I'd start relaxing
you dumb bitch!"

Stacy cried out loudly as she received two particularly hard slaps to
punctuate the last two sentences before again whimpering at Trish's words,
not that there was much else she could do about them, except relax of course,
which she did quickly as she had no intent of making this already horrible
and humiliating experience any worse than it had to be.

Unfortunately for Stacy things got even more humiliating when she relaxed and
allowed Trish's finger to slide all the way into her ass hole as the moment
it was into the knuckle a moan escaped her lips.

Stacy's cheeks flushed with embarrassment from the moan, and again as more
moans started escaping from her mouth, albeit softer moans.

Soon Stacy was clenching her lips together to try and drown out her moans,
although this did not stop a few of them from escaping, or stop the
incredibly distressing fact that they were being created by another woman
fingering her ass hole.

When Trish had first slid her finger into Stacy's rectum there was a sharp
pain followed by a little uncomfortableness but then that had quickly faded
away into something Stacy could only describe as pleasure, although it was
unlike any pleasure she'd ever experienced before.

It got even worse when Trish started twisting her finger around inside
Stacy's back passage, that wicked finger stimulating sweet spots inside
Stacy's body the leggy blonde never knew existed.

When Trish pushed a second lubricated finger inside her butt hole it became
even harder for Stacy to hide her enjoyment, but luckily for her Trish was
too occupied with the beautiful sight of her fingers sliding in and out of
that tiny little pink hole to pay attention to just how much Stacy was loving

Trish loved all forms of girl on girl anal sex, as long as she was on the
giving and not the receiving end, but she particularly loved finger fucking
butt holes.

She just loved the feeling of a tight little ass hole squeezing down on her
fingers as she gently stretched it out and prepared it for the hard fucking
it was about to receive.

The only thing Trish loved more than using her fingers to fuck a ass was
using a nice big strap on to fuck a ass, and she had a nice big strap on
around her waist and a nice tight ass hole ready to be fucked so it was very
difficult to wait even another second to start stuffing Stacy's shit shoot
with strap on, but Trish did wait a couple of seconds, if only to further
humiliate Stacy verbally.

"Oh Stacy, your ass hole is so tight around my fingers. I just love the way
your tight little butt hole squeezes down on my fingers as I slide them
around your little ass pipe. I could just finger this ass all day... but then
I wouldn't get to fill it up with my strap on, and that would be just
criminal. I would probably have to go to jail if I didn't strap on fuck this
ass now I've got the chance. Mmmmm, your ass is so tight, but nice and
slippery thanks to the lube. I think I can get my cock up that tight little
ass now." Trish said thoughtfully before turning to the audience, "What do
you think guys? Do you think I should try getting my cock up this tight
little ass now?"

The loudest pop of the night so far echoed throughout the arena followed by a

"Well I guess that settles it Stacy, it's time to pop your ass cherry." Trish
said lustfully as she quickly pulled her fingers from Stacy's ass and then
pressed her strap on against that slightly opened little back door, "Any
final words as an anal virgin Stacy?"

Stacy whimpered, lowered her head and sniffled, "Pl... ple... please... be

"Oh don't worry Stacy, I'll be gentle... at first." Trish said as she began
applying pressure to Stacy's ass hole.

The WWE women's champion was practically drooling as she watched Stacy's tiny
little butt hole slowly begin to stretch open little by little and she
couldn't stop a moan escaping her lips when the head of her strap on pass
through that incredibly tight little rear ring making it official, Trish
Stratus had just taken Stacy Keibler's anal virginity.

Trish grinned widely as she heard a sharp gasp from Stacy, who tensed for a
moment before realising that only made it worse and quickly relaxed and
accepted the robbing of her back door cherry.

For a few moments Trish just admired the beautiful sight of the head of that
fake cock buried inside Stacy's now de-virgined butt, the big screen showing
just how much dick was still left to be shoved up Stacy's ass, that ass
vulnerable to the gigantic invasion it was about to be forced to endure.

After savouring the moment Trish grabbed a firm hold of Stacy's waist and
began slowly pushing her way inside her fellow diva's rectum, inch after inch
slowly disappearing up the other blonde's tight little butt, causing the
defeated diva to whimper and moan pathetically.

Taking that huge 12 inch dildo up her ass was unlike anything Stacy had
experienced before.

It hurt even worse than losing her regular virginity, and worse than anything
else she had ever experienced, and yet... it felt... good.

Every time Trish added another inch into her back passage Stacy would cry out
in pain and then whimper as her shit pipe tried to adjust to this new and
uncomfortable level of butt stretching, but then her poop shoot would always
relax around that big dildo and then... and then... there would be these
moments of what could only be described as pleasure.

It was like when Trish fingered her ass only stronger, which was incredibly

The pleasure didn't last too long as just as it was beginning to feel good
Trish would add another inch and the process would repeat itself, giving
Stacy some of the oddest few minutes of her life until finally Trish ran out
of additional inches.

To Stacy's amazement and Trish's delight the women's champion's hips came to
rest against her conquered opponent's ass cheeks, the audience cheering
loudly as the big screen showed that Trish Stratus had forced her entire 12
inch strap on dildo up Stacy Keibler's tight little ass.

"Oh God Stacy, look up at the big screen right now. I said look up at the big
screen right now bitch!" Trish spat, brutally spanking Stacy's ass until the
anally skewered blonde did as she was told, "Look at that. Just look at that.
Just look at how beautiful my thighs look pressed up against your butt. It's
so incredible to think that between my thighs and your butt cheeks there's a
12 inch strap on stuffing your ass hole. How does it feel Stacy? Does it feel
good inside your ass? Do you like the way my cock feels inside your ass hole
bitch? Answer me you fucking whore! Answer me or I'll beat your ass until it

Stacy cried out as Trish spanked her again before leaving her the opportunity
to answer which she did after a few long whimpers.

"Big... it feels so... big." Stacy barely choked out, that cock feeling like
it had skewered her right through her ass hole and all the way through her
body to her throat.

"I bet it does." Trish laughed, "I bet it feels good too doesn't it bitch?
Well it's about to feel fantastic."

With that promise Trish tightened her grip on Stacy's waist and began slowly
sliding her strap on from her fellow blonde's ass, pulling out almost all the
way so that only the tip of her dick was still inside the other diva's butt
before slowly pushing it all the way back into the balls inside Stacy's

Trish kept up this super slow ass fucking for a little while before modifying
her movements so that she was still slowly pulling out of Stacy's shit hole
but when only the head of her strap on was inside her fellow diva's butt
Trish would slam forwards with all her might, shoving all 12 inches back up
Stacy's ass in one hard thrust.

The first time Trish did this Stacy cried out loudly in pain as her ass hole
was suddenly forced open again but the leggy blonde soon adjusted to this new
technique and only gasped when Trish roughly refilled her butt with hard
strap on dick.

Trish paid a very close attention to all the little sounds Stacy made as she
sodomised her, particularly to the cries of pain at the beginning so she
could slow down when it was absolutely necessary.

After all the many, many women she had butt fucked Trish had great instincts
when it came to telling the difference between a cry of bearable pain and a
cry of unbearable pain, and since ultimately the goal was to make Stacy love
anal sex Trish wanted to make sure this was as gentle a ass fucking as it
could possibly be.

All that butt pounding experience had certainly taught Trish how to gently
fuck a ass just as much as it had taught her how to roughly fuck a ass so
Trish was confident her slow shit shoot stretching would do the trick, and it
appeared she was right.

As the ass fucking continued Stacy's cries of pain quickly dissolved into
unmistakable moans of pleasure, moans the leggy blonde unsuccessfully tried
to hide, especially on those hard thrusts.

Smiling wickedly Trish began switching tactics a little, first going back to
the slow thrusts in and out of Stacy's ass before quickly starting to
randomly give her fellow diva a hard thrust in or out of her pooper. When
that started really getting Stacy moaning Trish began increasing the number
of hard thrusts, several being one after the other so she was briefly fucking
Stacy's ass roughly, if only for a moment, each one of those moments making
Stacy moaning loudly enough for the audience to hear who cheered loudly at
the sign that the blonde taking it up the ass was starting to enjoy it.

Trish grinned at the fans and at Stacy for their reactions, the WWE women's
champion happy in the knowledge that the ass stretching was going perfectly.

It wouldn't be long now before Stacy would be begging for it up her butt.

Stacy wasn't at that stage yet though, and it showed, the leggy blonde
burying her face in her hands on the chair, trying to hide herself away from
the humiliation she was having to endure. However what nobody but Stacy knew
was that the bent over blonde wasn't crying from the humiliation of being
sodomised in front of thousands of people in the crowd and millions watching
at home, she was crying from the humiliation of being sodomised in front of
thousands of people in the crowd and millions watching at home and loving
every second of it.

Sure it had hurt at first, but it had also felt good and as the pain quickly
faded away all that was left was pleasure, unbelievably wonderful pleasure.

Every movement of that huge strap on through her bowels created thousands of
tiny sparks of pleasure which ran directly from Stacy's ass hole to her brain
and all over her body, those tiny sparks turning to fireworks every time
Trish gave a hard thrust into her butt making Stacy crave more.

The truth was Stacy was much further along in her breaking in than Trish
thought. She already wanted to beg for it up her butt, but she felt too
ashamed to do so. Anal sex was disgusting, and gross, and no one should like
it, and... and... oh it felt so good, oh why did it have to feel so good?

Every thrust of that strap on made Stacy love anal sex even more, but at the
same time she was disgusted by it and herself for enjoying it.

She tried to bury her head in her hands and think unsexy thoughts, but it was
so hard to concentrate when so much pleasure was coming from her ass. It
became officially impossible when Trish began moving her hips side to side,
around, up and down while her strap on was balls deep in Stacy's pooper,
making that big dildo moving around inside the tall blonde's butt hole in a
way which stretched out her shit pipe and gave her nothing but pleasure.

As Trish added this move randomly in between the slow and hard thrusts into
Stacy's bowels the leggy blonde completely gave up on hiding her moans, not
that she'd been doing a good job of hiding them, and perhaps for the first
time truly accepted the butt fucking.

Once she truly accepted her sodomising Stacy's body seemed to relax and the
pleasure she was feeling increased tenfold to the point where she was
considering begging Trish to give her some more of those hard thrusts, lots
more of those hard thrusts, until suddenly Trish removed her strap on from
Stacy's ass hole and walked round to face her defeated opponent.

Stacy whimpered softly in disappointment as the big dick was removed from her
butt, and then whimpered loudly when the fresh from her ass hole cock was
presented to her lips.

"Oh come on Stacy, don't act so surprised, I told you I was going to fuck
your throat and now that's exactly what I'm going to do. I beat you and now I
get to do anything I fucking want to you, and that includes fucking that
pretty little face of yours with a cock straight from your ass hole. So you
better open wide and say ahhh bitch or I'm going to spank your ass so hard
you'll be begging to be my ATM whore!" Trish threatened as she pressed the
tip of her strap on firmly against Stacy's tightly closed mouth.

Whimpering loudly from the threat Stacy cautiously opened her mouth and
allowed Trish to push the head of the dick past her lips before cautiously
closing them around the cock and beginning to suck.

As her mouth pressed down on the dick Stacy tried to prepare herself for the
worst but to her amazement and discussed she found herself almost instantly
liking it.

To actually like the taste of her own ass was obscene, but Stacy couldn't
help herself.

It tasted a lot like Trish's ass only with a little extra cherry flavouring
and despite herself Stacy was soon sucking eagerly on the strap on, her
cheeks flushing with embarrassment as her loud slurping on the fake dick
caused the audience to cheer loudly in approval.

Trish loved how quickly Stacy took to sucking her strap on. She hadn't
expected the girl to be so eager under the circumstances but after only a few
cautious sucks Stacy was slurping away at that ass flavoured cock like it was
her favourite treat.

Stacy sure looked comfortable with a dick in her mouth, and ridiculously hot,
two things Trish thought was very obvious but for the benefit of those in the
cheap seats it would be good for her to point this out.

"Oh Stacy, you look so good with a cock in your mouth. Mmmmm, it's like those
lips of yours were made to be wrapped around a nice thick shaft. It's so hot,
and you definitely look comfortable, like you've been sucking cock nearly
non-stop for years. Well I hope that's the case Stacy, because that means it
will be easier for you to adapt to you're new life as my bitch. Believe me
when I tell you Stacy that you're going to be spending a lot of time sucking
cock, and most of the time it will be straight from your ass hole. So if you
don't have as much experience sucking cock as you seem to then get ready
bitch, because from now on your mouth is second only to your ass as my
favourite fuck hole, and I'm going to be using that pretty mouth of yours
like it was a whore's loose cunt!" Trish promised, pausing to let the
audience cheer before continuing, "In fact, I think there's no time like the
present to start turning your pretty little mouth into a loose little cunt."

With that Trish grabbed the back of Stacy's head and began gently pushing in
and out of the other blonde's mouth in a fucking motion, ignoring Stacy's
whimpers as she began using her fellow diva's mouth as a fuck hole.

Stacy automatically tensed as she realised what would come next but then
quickly relaxed as she reminded herself there was nothing she could do if she
wanted to keep her job than let Trish fuck her mouth.

Soon a rhythm was established, Trish going deeper into Stacy's mouth on every
thrust until the head of her cock bumped against the back of the defeated
blonde's throat at which point Trish tightened her grip on the back of
Stacy's head and began to roughly push it downwards as she pushed her hips

Stacy choked and gagged violently but Trish showed her no mercy, forcing
Stacy to use all her willpower to relax and allow the gigantic shaft to slide
into her throat.

Once she was inside Stacy's throat Trish pushed even harder, forcing the
dildo deeper and deeper down the other diva's gullet until finally the fake
balls of the strap on came to rest against Stacy's chin, the audience
cheering loudly as the big screen showed Stacy Keibler's face buried in Trish
Stratus's crotch, meaning all 12 inches of that monster cock was either
inside Stacy's mouth or stuffed down her throat.

"Oh my God that so fucking hot. 12 inches all the way down your throat you
hot fucking bitch. Your pretty little face buried in my crotch, my big strap
on buried in your throat, choking you, mmmmm, so hot, so fucking hot. But
you've stopped sucking... why have you stopped sucking bitch? You ever want
this cock out of your throat you better start sucking you stupid whore!"
Trish screamed angrily, although it was all an act.

Trish wasn't angry, she was too buzzed from the total power trip she was on
from dominating Stacy to be truly angry, but she acted angry well, so well in
fact that Stacy began frantically sucking on the strap on dick like her life
depended on it, which for all the leggy blonde knew it did.

In truth Stacy's life was far from in danger as her many years of experience
had taught Trish how to be rough without going too far, and while Stacy was
violently choking on the dildo that was to be expected given this was
obviously her first time deep throating and she was not yet at a critical
stage. She was however extremely close to it but Trish wanted to push Stacy
as much as possible and because she knew how much Stacy valued her job, or
more accurately the spotlight that came with the job, Trish knew she could
push Stacy far without worrying about the other blonde getting up and
leaving. So Trish kept her strap on in Stacy's throat for as long as she
possibly could, loving the visual of Stacy trying to suck on her fake dick in
between chokes, until finally she had to pull the cock out of her fellow
diva's mouth and give her a few moments to choke and splutter before getting
things back on track.

"Ok bitch, that's enough breathing for you. Open up that mouth for my cock
again slut, I'm only just getting started with your throat." Trish said,
giving Stacy's face a few hard slaps with her dick before forcefully pressing
it to her lips again.

Stacy whimpered and flinched at the treatment, but opened her mouth and
allowed Trish to shove her strap on back inside.

The same process was repeated a few times, Stacy first sucking on the toy,
then Trish fucking Stacy's mouth with it, before shoving it all the way down
the leggy blonde's throat and making her suck on it before another quick
break and then the dildo being reinserted back into Stacy's mouth.

After doing this half a dozen times Trish decided to push things further by
fucking Stacy's mouth while the entire 12 inches of the dick was buried
within the other blonde's throat, slowly and gently at first for only a few
thrusts, but increasing the speed and length of the throat fucking each time
until Trish was roughly slamming Stacy's windpipe like she was trying to
skewer her voice box, her hips banging against Stacy's face so hard it
threatened to bruise.

Considering she basically got by with her looks in the WWE Stacy was
terrified that this would cause permanent damage, but she dared not complain
in fear of Trish spanking her again or worse, although truth be told as sick
as it was Stacy was finding a certain level of enjoyment from this perverted

Despite what Trish thought Stacy had deep throated before but it had been on
guys who weren't even half the size of this monster which barely made it down
her throat, this thing felt like it was rearranging her vital organs, and yet
she was just about breathing ok through her nose and when she got used to
relaxing her throat it wasn't nearly as bad as it must have looked.

Another difference between this and Stacy's previous deep throating
experience was that up until now Stacy had always been the one in control and
she got to work at her own pace, here Trish was in complete control and Stacy
was at the mercy of this far more dominating woman's pace. Even though it
shouldn't that feeling of helplessness really turned Stacy on, as did the
feeling of being used and controlled by this dominating woman.

This woman had turned her mouth into a fuck hole, a whore's loose cunt, and
was fucking it like she owned it, which she did.

Trish owned Stacy's mouth, and every other part of her body, and despite
herself that was increasingly turning Stacy on.

As turned on as Stacy was what she was feeling couldn't compare to the high
Trish was on as she slammed in and out of her fellow diva's throat, turning
her into her face pussy.

Trish truly believed Stacy had one of the best asses in wrestling, but she
also had one of the most beautiful faces in wrestling too, a face Trish had
always thought would make a great pussy.

From the very first time Trish had seen Stacy's face she had wanted to fuck
it and now Trish was getting her chance she was taking full advantage of it.

When she was letting Stacy suck just the first few inches of strap on Trish
would grin at the crowd or verbally humiliate her new bitch or simply admire
the beautiful sight on the big screen, knowing that millions of people across
the world were seeing what she was seeing right now, Stacy Keibler sucking
eagerly on her dick. As she was sliding her strap on down Stacy's throat
Trish would savour the sight of each inch disappearing past Stacy's lips, the
little choking and gurgling sounds the other girl made as she struggled to
breathe, and the pretty sight of it on the big screen. While fucking Stacy's
throat Trish would watch lustfully as her big fake cock slammed in and out of
those soft lips, her hips smacking against that pretty face, the frantic
sound of choking and gurgling coming from deep within that throat as she
abused it, this being the one time she didn't bother looking at the big
screen because she was too busy concentrating on slam fucking Stacy's throat.
She did look back at the screen when she was giving Stacy a breather by
taking the cock out and smacking her bitch in the face with it, rubbing it
against her lips and all over her face to make sure it was covered in saliva
and what was ever left of the cherry lube and ass juice.

Each and every moment of this was a blast for Trish, but as much fun as it
was fucking Stacy's face it wasn't going to break the leggy blonde, and it
wasn't why she was here, something she was only too happy to point out.

"You know something Stacy, this was fun and all but I think it's about time I
got back to your tight little ass." Trish said, pausing to hear the cheers of
the crowd who were hungry for more HLA as she pulled out of Stacy's throat
and smacked her face with the dick again, "I mean this is supposed to be hot
lesbian anal, not hot lesbian throat fucking, so let's get back to the anal
fun. What do you think guys, do you want to see more hot, lesbian, anal?"

Trish emphasised the last three words and was happy as she had the crowd
joining her on the second word making the final word echo throughout the

"Well you heard them Stace, they want more hot lesbian anal, and you know
what they say, give the people what they want." Trish laughed as she walked
back round behind Stacy and press the tip of her strap on to Stacy's tiny
little back door again.

Stacy whimpered at Trish's words, closed her eyes, lowered her head and
prepared for another anal penetration. She then made a mistake when she felt
Trish's butt busting dildo pressing against her ass hole when she opened her
eyes and looked up at the big screen. When she made this mistake Stacy
blushed bright red as she saw a close-up shot of her naked ass cheeks being
spread open wide by one of Trish's hands while the other pushed the head of
the strap on through the tight ring of Stacy's shit hole and into her pooper,
a loud cheer erupting from the audience as they were given a great view of
Stacy being anally violated.

Shortly after this Trish began slowly inserting her strap on cock inch by
inch into Stacy's rectum, a camera zooming in to give a close-up shot as each
inch slid through Stacy's widely stretched butt hole and disappeared into the
depths of the bent over blonde's bowels as the audience cheered and laughed.

Through all this Stacy was unable to take her eyes off the big screen. She
tried but she just couldn't. It was a horrifying sight, her ass hole
stretching wide open to receive a fake cock strapped around another woman's
waist while a camera was pointed directly at it, presenting the destruction
of her ass hole to a huge arena full of cheering strangers while broadcasting
her humiliation over the world, and yet despite how completely and utterly
degrading this was Stacy's pussy had never been wetter.

Tears of embarrassment and shame streamed down Stacy's face as she tried to
understand what was happening to her. The only conclusion she could reach was
that her body was betraying her, because there was no way she could actually
like something as perverted as anal sex... could she?

The huge moan that escaped her mouth as another inch was added into her
rectum seem to suggest she did, but Stacy refused to believe it, even when
Trish got the rest of the strap on all the way inside her ass again and
restarted the sodomy, that dildo forcing moan, after moan, after moan from
Stacy's lips as a direct result of the ass fucking.

For a time it seemed that with every thrust in or out of Stacy's ass Trish
would increase the speed of the butt fucking, slowly re-establishing the
steady pooper pounding pace she had used before only to slowly pick up speed
until Trish was savagely slamming Stacy's shitter, the sounds of flesh on
flesh smacking together echoing throughout the arena sounding deafening
thanks to all the sound equipment.

Of course the sound of Trish's thighs banging against Stacy's butt cheeks
were almost completely drowned out by the squeals of pleasure coming from the
brutally buggered blonde, Stacy completely losing herself to the overwhelming
pleasure coming from within the depths of her pooper.

Stacy still had no idea why she was enjoying something so perverted as anal
sex, but it felt so good at this point she didn't care, she just wanted to

Unfortunately for Stacy the woman currently sodomising her was an ass
pounding expert who knew exactly how to anally brutalise an ass hole without
allowing her victim to climax.

Trish was shocked at how quickly she was able to turn Stacy from an innocent
little anal virgin into a total anal whore, but she was of course very
pleased with this progress. In truth Trish had met girls who began liking
butt sex this quickly before, and each and every one of them had turned out
to be total submissive ass sluts. Trish had never failed to make a girl love
anal sex, but some girls were just natural ass sluts, and those girls were
always easiest to tame.

Stacy was definitely a natural ass slut and Trish had no doubt now she would
have the girl completely and utterly broken before the end of the night. In
fact considering how things were going Trish wouldn't be surprised if she had
Stacy completely and utterly broken before leaving this ring.

As for right now though even if it did completely and utterly break Stacy now
there was no way Trish was going to let the bitch cum so quickly. Trish could
get a lot more out of Stacy if she kept her on the edge of orgasm for as long
as possible without letting her go over the edge, and besides, Trish was only
getting started using Stacy's ass hole for her pleasure.

With that in mind Trish butt fucked Stacy to the very edge of her orgasm and
then suddenly pulled out and spread her ass cheeks wide, the women's champion
grinning happily at the results.

When Trish pulled her strap on from Stacy's ass the poor blonde's battered
butt hole didn't even seem to try and close, that victimised anal ring gaping
wide open, showing Trish deep into Stacy's bowels.

With a huge grin still spread across her face Trish quickly shifted her body
so she was beside the bent over blonde before reaching down and spreading
Stacy's ass cheeks again, this time for the camera.

"Hey there WWE fans across the world, want to see inside Stacy Keibler's butt
hole?" Trish asked directly into the camera, the audience cheering loudly in
approval as the camera zoomed in on Stacy's ruined back door.

The camera zoomed in so close that Stacy's gaping butt hole took up almost
the entire screen, the audience and the people at home all able to see as
deep into Stacy's rectum as possible, a testament to just how well Trish had
ass fucked her fellow WWE diva.

Eventually as the worldwide audience watched Stacy's back door finally began
slowly closing at which point the camera began slowly pulling back and then
switched round to Stacy's mouth as Trish let go of Stacy's ass cheeks and
walked around to her mouth, but not before giving Stacy's brutalised backside
a nice hard spank.

"Mmmmm Stacy, your ass hole looks so good when it's all gaping and busted
open. It looks just as good as your lips do around my cock, and considering
I'm about to slam your ass again I think a little lubing from your mouth
would be good for us both, don't you bitch?" Trish asked rhetorically as she
shoved her strap on into Stacy's mouth.

Stacy parted her lips for Trish without complaint, finally understanding to
do so was useless thanks to the last ass fucking which had drained all the
fight out of her. And really, Stacy thought to herself as she began sucking
on the ass flavoured strap on, was it worth even thinking about fighting
back? She had already been spanked, sodomised, and throat fucked. How could
it possibly get more humiliating?

The answer to that of course appeared after Trish was done using her as a
face pussy and was back to roughly fucking her ass.

"Oh Stacy, you have to look up at the big screen." Trish said dreamily, and
then when Stacy did nothing Trish smacked the other blonde's ass and
screamed, "Look up at the big screen right now bitch!"

Stacy immediately looked up at the big screen and whimpered at the close-up
of her ass hole being stretched out by Trish's strap on, the Canadian bitch
moving deliberately slowly and spreading Stacy's butt cheeks so the camera
could get the best possible view of that abused little hole all stretched out
and opened up as a huge dildo slid in and out of it.

"Doesn't that looks so sexy Stacy? Your ass hole completely stretched out by
my strap on, your tiny little shit hole gaping around my cock, fans across
the world seeing how well you take it up the butt for me, my big dick sliding
in and out, in and out, in and out of that tight little ass of yours, mmmmm,
so damn sexy, don't you agree Stacy?" Trish said rhetorically, continuing
before Stacy had a chance to reply, "Of course you do, because you're a good
little bitch. You took your spanking and throat fucking like a good little
bitch, and now here you are taking it up the ass for me just like a good
little bitch like you should. And I know you're going to continue being a
good little bitch for me Stacy, because if you don't I'm going to have to
spank you again, and you wouldn't want that would you bitch?"

Stacy whimpered meekly, "No, I don't want another spanking. Please don't
spank me again Trish."

"Oh don't worry slut, I won't spank you again... as long as you keep doing as
I say. Speaking of which, I'm tired of spreading your ass cheeks, but I still
want them spread, so here's what I want you to do bitch... keep one hand on
that chair as you reach back and spread your right ass cheek for me." Trish
commanded, and when Stacy hesitated yelled a added, "Do it!"

Almost immediately Stacy's right hand was on her right ass cheek, spreading
it as wide as she possibly could.

"Wow, good bitch. I'm impressed, I didn't think you knew the difference
between left and right. Nice to know my new bitch isn't as dumb as she
looks." Trish said, getting a bit of a pop as she referred to Stacy as her
new bitch before continuing, "Now let's see if my bitch can remember to keep
spreading her ass for me while I fuck it."

Another couple of whimpers escaped Stacy's mouth, first from the verbal
abuse, and then from the anal abuse as Trish picked up the pace of the ass
fucking, the big screen showing Stacy spreading her own ass for Trish as the
WWE women's champion passionately sodomised the other diva with a wide smile
of enjoyment on her face.

The wide smile of enjoyment was not shared by Stacy, although the look of
disgust, embarrassment and pain was becoming increasingly forced. Well, the
embarrassment was still very real, or though now on top of the feeling of
embarrassment that came with being publicly ass fucked was the embarrassment
of enjoying it. There was still some genuine feelings of disgust for this
perverted act, although Stacy was mostly disgusted at herself for what she
was feeling. Meanwhile the pain was now completely non-existent, not that it
had ever been that bad, but now instead of pain Stacy was feeling
overwhelming pleasure which made her sick to her stomach but she couldn't get
enough of it.

In fact every time Trish pulled out and stood back so the cameras could focus
on her destroyed ass hole Stacy would whimper in frustration that the large
pleasure giving toy had been removed from her bowels once again.

It was the desire to feel that pleasure again that stopped Stacy from
complaining when Trish shoved that fresh from her butt hole strap on cock in
her mouth, Stacy willingly allowing her throat to become a cock receptacle if
it meant she could have that big toy back up her butt sooner rather than

The feelings of pleasure Stacy was receiving was so overwhelming she became
unfocused of her surroundings and what she herself was doing, her entire
world revolving around the big cock as it ruthlessly plundered her throat and
ass hole. This feeling of unawareness made Stacy lose control of her moaning,
the leggy blonde not even realising how loud and pleasure filled her moans
were becoming.

However Trish realised just how loud and pleasure filled Stacy's moans were
becoming, and that realisation caused her to smile widely.

Completely breaking the mighty Stephanie McMahon had been one of Trish's
biggest challenges.

She had spent hours ruthlessly spanking and sodomising the Billion Dollar
Princess, pausing only to shove Stephanie's face up her ass for a nice long
relaxing rim job before going right back to the butt brutalising again.

Watching as Stephanie's willpower was destroyed as she destroyed her ass hole
had been incredibly empowering for Trish, and now she was doing the same to
Stacy the same feeling of empowerment was running through Trish's veins

Just like with Stephanie, and so many, many women before her, Stacy's ass
hole was slowly becoming used to being a fuck hole, the hidden little
pleasure zones inside the leggy blonde's rear becoming stimulated for the
first time, introducing Stacy to the joys of anal sex and with it the joys of
being a submissive bitch.

With this in mind Trish fucked Stacy's ass and throat like this through
several commercial breaks, constantly verbally humiliating her conquered
opponent and interacting with the audience, while the whole time watching
carefully as Stacy got closer and closer to being just another notch on
Trish's belt.

All this ass fucking was a lot of work though and eventually Trish began to
feel tired. She kept going for as long as she could, but it became clear
Trish needed a little break. Luckily the experienced blonde knew just how she
could do that without pausing the butt fucking.

"You know something Stacy, I think it's a little unfair that I'm doing all
the work here, especially considering you're the bitch, so I think it's time
for you to ride my dick. You have ridden dick before haven't you Stacy?"
Trish asked, smiling at Stacy's blush before continuing, "Of course you have,
I mean how else could you have kept your job around here. Still, you've
obviously never ridden a dick with your ass hole before so at least this will
be a little new and exciting for you." Trish laughed as she pulled out of
Stacy's ass, sat down on the chair and patted her knee, "Come on bitch, lower
that hot little ass hole of yours on my dick while facing me. I want to see
the look on your pretty face as you take my dick in your ass."

Stacy whimpered in embarrassment as the crowd cheered Trish's comments, but
did as she was told, slowly walking around on shaky legs and positioning each
one of those legs either side of Trish's body and positioned her destroyed
ass hole over that big dildo before slowly beginning to lower herself on it.

A loud gasp escaped Stacy's lips as her gaping butt hole slid down on the
large head of the strap on with a disturbing amount of ease, her mouth
proving too tempting a target for Trish who spit directly into it before
capturing that mouth with her own in a passionate kiss.

Once Trish had Stacy taken off guard by the kiss the dominating blonde
grabbed the submissive blonde by the hips and slowly pulled her down, Stacy
moaning and whimpering into Trish's mouth as she was forced to lower her ass
hole down inch by inch onto that strap on, slowly taking the big dick up her
butt until it was completely buried in her bowels again, at which point Trish
pulled back, spat in Stacy's face, and smacked her ass.

"Don't just sit there you stupid bimbo, start bouncing. Start bouncing your
hot little ass on my cock. Fuck your ass hole on that big fucking cock you
little bitch. Come on, bounce!" Trish commanded, smacking Stacy's ass again
and again until the bitch finally started bouncing.

Stacy let out a loud cry as she grabbed onto Trish's shoulders and pushed
herself upwards, the massive dildo sliding quickly halfway out of her bowels,
creating a weird and twisted sense of pleasure. The weird and twisted
pleasure had been building for a while, but this was different, this time
instead of the pleasure of being random it was caused directly by something
Stacy did, which made it even weirder.

That weird feeling returned when Stacy lowered herself back down on the strap
on, impaling her own ass hole back on that fake cock and giving herself even
more twisted pleasure as she did it.

Stacy was so grossed out at herself for enjoying this perverted act she
thought she would throw up, but no matter how much she tried to fight it the
sickening pleasure seem to become more powerful with every movement of that
dildo through her butt.

The only thing Stacy could do which seemed to work was go slowly and try to
hide her enjoyment, finding a way to do so by looking out at all the lustful
looks from the audience, each one of these horrible people enjoying her
debasement like it was the greatest form of entertainment that they'd ever
seen. Did these people have no compassion? She was getting her ass hole
publicly violated for God's sakes and there didn't seem to be a single
complaint, even from the women in the crowd who looked like they were there
for the same reason as all the men, to see her get humiliated. It was
horrifying, but what was even worse was the millions watching her getting
anally abused and no doubt loving it as much as all the people in the arena.

Some would have gotten angry at these thoughts but they just made Stacy
incredibly depressed, and combined with the humiliation she was feeling from
having to fuck her own ass on a massive dildo in front of a huge arena and a
worldwide audience caused tears to start running down her cheeks.

However as soon as she began really crying her eyes out she was almost
knocked off Trish's lap with a vicious slap to her face.

"Shut up bitch, don't pretend like you're not loving this you slut!" Trish
said, quickly running her fingers over Stacy's soaking wet pussy and then
holding her fingers up in front of Stacy's face for the other blonde and the
world to see, "Your pussy's running like a hot little river so stop trying to
cry and act like you hate this. Enjoy it. Savour it. I mean come on Stacy,
you should be thanking me. You're clearly a giant anal whore who desperately
needs a dominant woman like me to fuck them up the ass and turn them into a
bitch. You know it's true Stacy, you know you want to be a bitch. You need to
be a bitch. You need to be my bitch. You need to become my bitch so I can
give you what you want, what you need. You need to become my bitch so I can
fuck you up the ass every day and settle your anal cravings. Admit it bitch!"

Stacy cried out as Trish delivered a vicious series of slaps to her ass to
punctuate that little rant, but although she had virtually no fighting spirit
left she wasn't quite broken enough to agree yet.

"N... n... no... you're wrong..." Stacy whimpered, not even fully able to
convince herself let alone Trish.

That dick just felt so good in her ass and even though she had no 'anal
cravings' before the idea of feeling this pleasure every day really wasn't so

"Whatever, we both know the truth, and so do the fans. Isn't that right
guys?" Trish asked the audience who responded with a loud pop. The WWE
women's champion laughed at this response, and then her attention turned to
Stacy's tiny tits, "Your body knows too. I mean just look at these hard
little nipples. I think they're bigger than the rest of your little titties
at this point! Hey look guys, huge nipples, tiny tits!"

Trish laughed even louder than before, the audience joining in as the big
screen showed a close-up of Stacy's nipples which looked hilariously huge on
her tiny little breasts, the laughter causing humiliation to run through
Stacy's veins again to the point were she couldn't stop herself from crying,
which just ended up earning her another vicious slap to the face.

"What did I tell you about crying bitch?" Trish demanded angrily.

"N... not to do it." Stacy whimpered.

"Right. So stop it and start bouncing you whore." Trish commanded, slapping
Stacy's ass as the blonde obediently began bouncing her ass hole on the dick
again. Trish allowed this to go on for a few minutes before adding, "You know
what, on second thoughts I want you in another position. Normally I like
watching a bitch's tits bounce as she rides my dick, but since you don't have
any tits this position is pretty pointless. So let's try it the other way so
the audience can get a good look at your hard nipples and wet pussy, show
them how much your loving this. But first I want you to stand up when you are
and spread your ass so I can get another good look at that destroyed little
butt hole of yours."

Stacy whimpered and looked into Trish's eyes, silently begging for mercy for
a few moments but finding none. Unable to get any sympathy from her fellow
diva Stacy stood up on shaky legs, the dildo slowly sliding from her ass hole
as she did so, the leggy blonde bending over Trish's seated body so she could
reach back and spread her ass cheeks, exposing the gaping crater which had
once been her ass hole to the entire world once again.

The audience cheered loudly as a close up of Stacy's ass was shown on screen,
the camera slowly zooming in to that busted wide open butt hole until there
was nothing on the screen but a gaping back door showing the world deep into
the depths of Stacy Keibler's bowels.

Trish waited a few moments for the hole to close but to her delight it didn't
seem to be able to even try. She had clearly done a number on Stacy's shit
shoot already and she hadn't even begun the real ass fucking yet. Trish
couldn't wait to see how ruined Stacy's butt hole was going to be when she
was done pounding that hot ass. But for now, it was going to be Stacy doing
the pounding.

"Ok that's enough of that, turn your ass around, face the audience and lower
your butt hole back down on my cock were it belongs bitch!" Trish commanded,
reaching round to slap Stacy's spread ass cheeks.

Stacy grimaced at the slap and the order, but did as she was told, slowly
turning herself around and lowering herself back on the cock, having to use
her own hands just to properly push the fake dick back inside her poop shoot.

A gasp escaped Stacy's lips as the head of the strap on slid into her shit
pipe with surprising ease, followed by a long moan as she slowly lowered
herself downwards, inch by inch of fake cock sliding back into her rectum
until she was sitting on Trish's lap with all 12 inches back up her butt.

"Good girl." Trish said, smacking Stacy's well stuffed ass, "Now start
bouncing up and down again. Ride my dick. Move your ass up and down. Up,
down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, come on bitch, ride that cock.
Ride it with your ass hole you little anal whore! My little anal whore!
That's what you are now Stacy, my little anal whore. My ass slut. My bitch. I
know it, the world knows it, now I want you to show you know it by riding my
cock. Come on bitch harder! Really bounce that ass! Impale your ass hole on
my dick bitch! Grind it side to side too so you really stretch out that ass.
Come on you little anal whore, ruin your fucking ass. Do it for me, my
pleasure, and for the pleasure of all the people watching tonight!"

The crowd cheered at Trish's words, especially as Stacy began obeying them,
using her long legs to push herself up and down on the massive poll in her
butt, slowly picking up speed until she was savagely impaling her ass hole on
the fake cock, stopping only to grind her backside back against the other
blonde, moving that dildo around inside her bowels and really stretching out
her ass.

While the roar of the crowd sounded deafening to everyone watching Stacy
barely noticed it as she became completely lost to the perverted act of anal

The pleasure she had been fighting against for so long had increased to the
point where every movement of the strap on inside her bowels sent pure
ecstasy through Stacy's body, and the harder and rougher she moved her ass on
that anal dweller the more amazing ecstasy fried her brain, leaving her
caring about nothing but the sensations coming from deep within her back

No longer giving a damn what anyone thought of her Stacy Keibler turned into
a complete anal whore before the entire world, ruthlessly raping her own ass
hole on that monster 12 inch strap on cock, her eyes rolling in the back of
her head as this humiliating experience became officially the best sex of her

In her anal induced state of delirious pleasure Stacy noticed nothing around
her. Not the cameras trained on her, not the hundreds of people in the arena
laughing and cheering at her, and certainly not what Trish was doing.

As Stacy exposed herself for the anal whore Trish had expected she was all
the WWE women's champion did at first was laugh, sit back and enjoy the show.

Once Stacy had proven Trish's theory about her being nothing but an anal
whore in desperate need of a good ass fucking Trish licked a couple of
fingers, reached around and started playing with Stacy's pussy.
Unsurprisingly it was drenching. Even more unsurprisingly Stacy moaned even
louder than before and started humping Trish's fingers while still brutally
impaling her butt hole on the monster dick strapped around Trish's waist.

Pretending to show some mercy on the obviously desperate to cum long legged
blonde Trish pushed two fingers into Stacy's pussy with ease and began
fucking the other diva's front hole with the same speed and roughness that
Stacy herself was using to brutalise her own back hole.

This squeezed more moans of pleasure from Stacy's mouth which were quickly
followed by squeals of joy as Trish randomly began pushing her hips upward in
violent thrusts, making Stacy feel like somehow that dildo was getting even
deeper into her bowels and giving her more pleasure in the process.

It was probably impossible to get the strap on any deeper into Stacy's rectum
than it already was but it certainly gave Stacy some more unexpected
stimulation which made her act like even more of a total anal whore.

Trish continued brutally double fucking Stacy's holes, fingering Stacy's
pussy and thrusting upwards into the other blonde's bowels, helping the
little anal whore tear up her own ass hole, until her fellow WWE diva was on
the edge of a orgasm, only to then suddenly pull her fingers out, quickly
stand up and roughly push Stacy off her cock and onto the floor in a
surprised and horny heap.

In a flash Stacy was up again looking hurt, horny, confused and angry all at
the same time. A look of fear was added when Trish grinned at her.

"If you want my dick back inside your ass bend over and spread your butt
cheeks for that camera right now bitch!" Trish commanded loudly.

There was a few long moments of silence and then Stacy quickly turned her
back to the camera Trish pointed at, bent over, reached back and spread her
ass cheeks as wide as she possibly could.

Trish grinned in triumph as the cameras once again focused on Stacy's
destroyed ass hole and the crowd roared in approval, but it wasn't just how
deliciously brutalised Stacy's butt hole looked that really interested Trish
at this point, it was how quickly and eagerly the other WWE diva had obeyed
her command.

"Ha, I was right about you Stacy, you're nothing but a anal whore." Trish
laughed, before suddenly turning mean, grabbing Stacy by her hair and pulling
her up until they were more or less eye level, "I was right wasn't I bitch?
Your nothing but an anal whore. Answer me or you'll never know the joy of my
dick in your ass again bitch!"

"NO! Please Trish, you're right, I'm nothing but an anal whore." Stacy
quickly confessed, unable to think of anything worse than not feeling the
wonderful pleasure that came from having that huge dick inside her ass again,
"I'm a fucking anal whore that needs your dick in her ass. Please Trish, fuck
my ass. I need it in my ass so bad. Please give it to me. Please slam my ass
hole! Please slam my ass hole with your big beautiful dick. Please Trish, I
need it."

"You need it? You need my dick in your ass?" Trish questioned with a grin.

"Yes. I need it. I need it in my ass. Please Trish, put your dick back in my
ass and fuck it. Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass and make me your anal whore!" Stacy

"You want my dick back in your ass? Then kiss me bitch." Trish commanded.

There was a few seconds pause as uncertainty crossed Stacy's face, and then
she quickly moved forward, slamming her tongue down Trish's throat as she
grabbed onto the other diva's big titties and began roughly squeezing them
through Trish's top.

It took only a few seconds for Trish to regain control, bullying Stacy's
tongue out of her mouth while forcing her own tongue down Stacy's throat, the
two WWE divas engaging in a battle for dominance which saw the clearly
superior diva completely dominate the weaker diva using only her lips and

Although Trish allowed Stacy to continue groping her big chest the WWE
women's champion grabbed two handfuls of Stacy's butt and began squeezing,
pinching and occasionally spanking those already incredibly brutalised ass
cheeks, weakening Stacy further and making it easier for Trish to dominate
her with her mouth.

After the savage kiss had gone on for quite awhile Trish broke the kiss and
said, "You want my dick back inside your ass now Stacy?"

"More than anything." Stacy whimpered pathetically.

"Then get on your knees with your face on the mat and spread your ass cheeks
as wide as you can for me bitch!" Trish commanded.

Without even a second of hesitation Stacy did as she was told, falling to her
knees and lowering her face down to the mat so that her ass was high in the
air before she reached back and spread her ass cheeks wide, showing off her
once tiny little ass hole gaping and all stretched out, waiting for Trish to
reinsert her strap on back inside it to start the brutal anal fucking all
over again.

There was another loud pop from the crowd as they were shown several
different shots on the big screen of Stacy Keibler face down, ass up and
eagerly spreading her ass cheeks for yet more butt busting action, but Stacy
herself was to horny to care about anything but her need to cum.

Trish on the other hand enjoyed the attention from the adoring crowd just as
much as she enjoyed staring at her prize, the perfect little ass of Stacy
Keibler, just waiting to be completely tamed.

In moments that ass would officially belong to Trish and the women's champion
couldn't help licking her lips from the thought of owning that perfect
posterior, of being able to do what ever perverted thing she wanted to do to
it whenever she wanted to do it once she had completely broken her fellow

None of this stopped Trish from savouring the few moments before Stacy's
inevitable final submission though, the blonde Canadian kneeling behind Stacy
and placing the head of her strap on against that still gaping but desperate
to be filled ass hole only to cruelly start sliding it up and down Stacy's
butt crack, squeezing pitiful whimpers out of her fellow blonde as she did
so. Showing no sympathy whatsoever Trish continue to do this for a few
moments before slapping the exposed flesh of Stacy's butt cheeks with the
dildo before going right back to sliding the fake cock up and down Stacy's
ass crack.

By the time Trish finally pressed her strap on against Stacy's ass hole again
she had literally reduced the other girl to tears, the same girl who had
cried over the pain and humiliation of the earlier sodomising now crying
because Trish wouldn't publicly fuck her up the ass.

"You want my big fat cock back inside your ass hole Stacy?" Trish asked.

"YES! I want your big fat cock back inside my ass hole. Please Trish, put
your big fat cock back inside my ass hole." Stacy whimpered.

"You going to be a good little anal whore for me?" Trish questioned.

"Yes, I swear, I'll be a good little anal whore for you. I'll be the best
little anal whore you've ever had just please fuck my ass!" Stacy pleaded.

"Is that right..." Trish said, sounding a little impressed before continuing,
"Are you going to be a good little bitch for me?"

"Yes, I'll be a good little bitch for you. I'll be anything you want me to be
just fuck my ass, slam my ass, RAPE MY FUCKING ASS HOLE ALREADY!" Stacy
blurted out, desperate to be ass fucked.

"Really, anything I want you to be?" Trish questioned.


"Ok, will you be my bitch?" Trish asked.

A single tear ran down Stacy's cheek as she knew that she was about to give
up the last of her dignity, self-respect and free will and truly become
another woman's bitch. She couldn't stop it. She NEEDED to be ass fucked, and
she would do anything to get what she needed, even if it meant giving up the
last of her dignity, self-respect and free will and truly become another
woman's bitch.

"Yes... I'll be your bitch." Stacy whimpered softly.

"Alright then... beg. Beg to be my bitch. Beg me to turn you into my bitch."
Trish ordered.

There was a moments pause as Stacy sniffled away the very last bit of self-
respect in her body before shamelessly crying out, "PLEASE TRISH, PLEASE, I

Stacy's frantic begging gave way to a joyfully loud moan as Trish violently
penetrated her pooper again, the head of that strap on sliding with ease past
the once tight ring of Stacy's ass hole and deep into the depths of her
bowels, almost half of the 12 inch dildo being forced up Stacy's butt in just
the first brutal thrust.

Despite the savage power of the thrust Stacy felt nothing but pleasure as her
stretched butt hole was once again filled with fake cock, and the whimper she
let out after the first thrust was not from pain but from frustration as
Trish cruelly took her time reinserting the rest of the big dildo into her
rectum, slowly adding inch after inch at a time until finally that gloriously
huge strap on was all the way back inside her ass again.

Unfortunately Trish continued to go slow, moving that big dildo seemingly as
gently as possible in and out of Stacy's back passage and in doing so keeping
the pleasure Stacy was feeling to a bare minimum.

It didn't take long for tears to start running down Stacy's cheeks again, but
this time she wasn't crying from pain or humiliation, she was crying out of
pure frustration that Trish wouldn't fuck her as hard as she could.

The sight of Trish brutalising Stephanie McMahon's rectum had haunted Stacy's
dreams all week, and as much as the thought of being on the receiving end of
that had disgusted and terrified her a small part of Stacy had been growing
increasingly hot for it, and now after everything that had happened Stacy's
anal muscles had been relaxed and stimulated to the point where Stacy knew a
butt pounding like the one Trish had publicly given to Stephanie at the end
of their time in the ring together would feel like pure heaven. At the very
least it would make her cum, and oh how Stacy needed to cum right now. She
would do anything for it she needed it so bad.

If Stacy had been a little brighter she would have figured out that Trish
wanted her to beg for a hard butt pounding, but Trish was rather glad of the
taller blonde stupidity, or possible lack of mental capacity under these
extreme circumstances, because it allowed Trish to fully enjoy the beautiful
sight before her of Stacy Keibler bent over before her, spreading her own ass
cheeks in total submission, giving Trish the perfect view of her strap on as
it slowly moved in and out of Stacy's ass hole.

To Trish this was one of the purest forms of lesbian dominance. She had
beaten Stacy in a match, won her as a bitch and was now using her bitch in
one of the most perverse ways possible.

Trish could fuck Stacy up the ass like this all day, but RAW was almost over
and Trish wanted the world to see her brutally pound Stacy Keibler's butt to
screaming orgasm. But first, she wanted to make something absolutely clear,
both to Stacy and the rest of the world, and that was that Stacy Keibler was
now nothing but her bitch.

"What's wrong Stacy, don't you like being my bitch?" Trish asked the crying
girl, "Don't you like it up the ass?"

"No, I love being your bitch, and I love it up the ass, I just wish you'd
fuck my ass harder." Stacy whimpered, a light bulb finally going off in her
head, "Please Trish fuck my ass harder. I need you to fuck my ass harder.
Pound my ass hole Trish. Tear my shit hole up! PLEASE TRISH, FUCK MY ASS

"You want your ass fucked harder do you bitch?" Trish questioned.

"YES! FUCK MY ASS HARDER!" Stacy pleaded at the top of her lungs.

"In that case... tell me how much you're going to love being a good little
bitch for me. Tell me how much you're going to love bending over and
spreading your ass cheeks for me like this whenever I want. Tell me how much
you love it up the ass and you can't wait to start taking it up the ass every
single day. Tell me. Tell me you're nothing but my bitch, bitch!" Trish
demanded, slapping the exposed flesh of Stacy's ass hard, causing the other
girl to yelp in pain.

"OWWW, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT ALL SO MUCH!" Stacy shamelessly cried out, "I

"You want to be my bitch forever?" Trish questioned, surprised how quickly
and easily Stacy was breaking before her eyes.

"YES! I want to be your bitch forever! There's nothing in this world I want
more!" Stacy wailed.

"Well, if you want to be my bitch forever look into the camera right there in
front of you and say it to the world. Tell them all how you want to be my
bitch forever. Tell them how you want to spend the rest of your life sucking
on my big titties, eating my pussy, kissing my ass, licking my butt hole out,
and of course getting your hot little ass spanked and fucked. Tell them
Stacy, tell them all." Trish commanded.

Without a moment's hesitation Stacy let go of her butt cheeks and pushed
herself up so she could look directly into the camera in front of her and
then said, "I, Stacy Keibler, want to be Trish Stratus's bitch forever. I
want to spend the rest of my life sucking on her big fat titties, eating her
delicious pussy, kissing her beautiful ass, licking her yummy butt hole out,
and of course getting my hot slutty little ass brutally spanked and fucked. I
want to worship Trish's body with my mouth, show her what a good little bitch
I can be. I want Trish to use my mouth and ass hole for her pleasure. I want
Trish to use me for her pleasure in any way she wants. I just want to be her
bitch so bad. Nothing but her bitch!"

"Good bitch." Trish said, lightly slapping Stacy's ass in approval, "Now tell
them how much my new bitch wants her Mistress to fuck her ass harder."

"Oh Trish... Mistress, your new bitch wants you to fuck her ass harder so
bad." Stacy said into the camera, desperately trying to think what Trish
wanted her to say, "Please Mistress, your bitch will do anything. I'll do
anything. Just please fuck my ass harder. Fuck your bitch's ass harder. I
want my ass fucked harder so bad. Hey everyone around the world, I want my
ass hole fucked harder by my new Mistress Trish Stratus. I'm nothing but her
bitch now and I want her to show it by slamming my ass hole as hard as she
can. I want my new Mistress Trish Stratus to slam fuck my ass hole and show
you all that now I'm nothing but her bitch!"

Trish smiled widely at these words of complete and total submission. It
sounded like there wasn't a single ounce of willpower or self-respect left in
Stacy's entire body, but Trish knew better. The WWE women's champion new that
later when she wasn't receiving overwhelming pleasure from her violated ass
hole Stacy would question what had happened to her. Unfortunately for Stacy
not only would she have memories of the pleasure the ass fucking caused her
but she would have the memories of her first ever anal orgasms which would
ensure no matter how much her brain thought about it Stacy would ultimately
come to the conclusion that she loved being Trish's bitch.

It was practically a done deal already as Stacy was so primed and ready to be
butt pounded into multiple anal orgasms that her ass might as well be on a
silver platter.

There was nothing that was going to save Stacy from becoming Trish's bitch
now. Even if this whole HLA thing was suddenly called off and a thousand
wrestlers, referees and backstage personnel rushed the ring they wouldn't be
able to pull Trish away from Stacy. No one was going to be able to stop this.
Trish's strap on dildo wasn't coming out of Stacy's ass hole until the leggy
blonde was a 100% conquered bitch.

With this in mind Trish tightened her grasp of Stacy's hips and quickly began
picking up speed, slowly increasing the pace of her pooper pounding until she
was savagely slam fucking Stacy's shit hole with every ounce of her strength.

The brutal bowel breaking thrusts should have been tearing Stacy's ass hole
apart, and maybe they were, but no one would have known it from looking at
the leggy blonde, who reacted to this new vicious level of sodomy like she
was in pure heaven.

As hard as Trish slammed her hips forwards Stacy seemed to somehow match the
speed and force with a well timed thrust backwards of her own, that huge
dildo being driven harder and deeper into Stacy's butt hole than it should be
possible for anyone to take, the sound of Trish's hips bouncing off Stacy's
butt cheeks echoing throughout the arena.

Stacy's total anal whoreish behaviour made it clearer than ever before that
Trish had broken Stacy and now she was nothing but a shell of a woman, a
shell of a woman who in a few moments would truly never want to be anything
but Trish's bitch.

This obvious fact drove Trish crazy and she lost all self-control, pounding
into Stacy's ass hole like she was trying to ruin it completely.

That hadn't been the plan, Trish wasn't turning Stacy into her bitch out of
any desire for revenge like Stephanie, Trish was only doing this because she
had always wanted to fuck Stacy's ass, and she wanted to own it so she could
fuck it every single day, but the way Trish was treating that ass right now
anyone would think she was trying to destroy Stacy's butt hole. Trish wasn't
trying to destroy Stacy's butt hole, but she was on such a dominating high
she couldn't help herself.

Luckily Stacy didn't mind. In fact Stacy loved it.

Every single movement of that big dildo felt like pure heaven inside her ass
and when it began moving faster Stacy's pleasure seemed to soar up to new
unknown fluffy clouds of paradise, and when Trish began brutalising her butt
the purest form of ecstasy filled Stacy's body, destroying what was left of
her psyche and turning her into a completely anal crazed animal.

As brutally as Trish destroyed Stacy's ass the leggy blonde eagerly matched
Trish's thrusts as if she was trying to help the other girl ruin her ass, but
the truth was both women were just so lost in the act of anal sex they didn't
care about anything except making this butt fucking as hard as they could.

The cheering fans, the cameras, the arena, everything just faded away for
Trish and Stacy, both of their worlds revolving only around a huge strap on
dildo drilling a helpless ass hole.

This brutal level of butt pounding seem to go on forever but everyone in the
arena found themselves completely enthralled by the vicious anal assault
going on in the ring.

Around the world a record number of people phoned in to complain when RAW
went to its final advert break, but their anger was forgotten when RAW
returned and it was revealed they had missed nothing.

Under orders from the back some of the workers surrounding the ring tried to
signal to Trish that time was quickly running out but both Trish and Stacy
were too lost in their anal lust to even noticed, and even if they had they
would have just ignored the warning and continued the ass fucking at their
own pace, which at this point was brutally hard.

Luckily for anyone who wanted to see the conclusion of this session of HLA
the climax which had been building inside Stacy for what felt like an
eternity finally caught up with her, and this time there was no slowing down
or stopping just a deafening scream as the leggy blonde finally came.

This was Stacy's first anal induced orgasm and whether her ass was more
sensitive than her pussy or whether all this perverted sex had created a
build up or whatever Stacy didn't know, all she knew was that this was by far
the strongest orgasm of her life. It was a orgasm which redefined her
understanding of pleasure and introduced her to a high she didn't think it
was possible to reach. It turned her into a shaking, eye rolling, screaming
mess. And before it even felt like it was properly over Stacy was overcome by
her second anal induced orgasm, and then her third, and then her fourth, and
then her fifth, and then she was so brain-dead from the overwhelming pleasure
she lost the ability to count or do anything for that matter except scream,
writhe, and be grateful Trish had turned her into her bitch.

A overwhelming sense of triumph filled Trish's body as she ass fucked Stacy
to multiple orgasms. It was over. Trish had won. After this Stacy would be
her bitch forever, willing to bend over and spread her ass cheeks for Trish
whenever the WWE women's champion wanted. Trish now owned this beautiful
piece of ass. It was hers to do with as she pleased. The reality of it
allowed that stimulator on the inside of Trish's strap on to finish the job
it had been doing since Trish first strapped it around her waist and the
blonde Canadian came in a screaming orgasm of her own. It wasn't powerful
enough to make Trish stop pounding Stacy's hot ass, but the orgasms that
followed it were. After a long day of working out and dominating Stephanie
followed by her match with Stacy and this long session of HLA had really
tired Trish out and much to both hers and her new bitch's disappointment she
was forced to stop fucking Stacy's ass.

However as her hips came to rest against Stacy's ass cheeks for the final
time Trish was able to put the explanation point on both the butt fucking and
Stacy's enslavement by squeezing the balls of her squirting strap on and
shooting her cum deep into Stacy's bowels. As Stacy's butt slowly filled with
her cum a huge smile crossed Trish's face. In her mind Trish had just
officially claimed Stacy's ass as her property. She was the first one to fuck
Stacy's ass and now she was filling Stacy's ass with her cum, marking the
inside of Stacy's ass with her cum, officially making it hers. Trish Stratus
was marking the inside of Stacy Keibler's ass hole with her cum, officially
making the other diva's rectum and the other diva herself as something she
owned. She owned Stacy's butt hole. She owned Stacy. Stacy was her bitch.

Trish savoured this victory, leaving plenty of time for every drop of her cum
to be deposited into the deepest part of Stacy's butt, or as now it would be
known as, her cum dumpster, before Trish smacked the other blonde's ass a few
times to get her attention.

"Stand up with me." Trish commanded in a no nonsense tone.

Without a word of protest Stacy did as she was told, both divas awkwardly
getting up together, the dildo barely moving an inch inside her ass.

"When I stand back you're going to bend over and spread your ass cheeks, you
got that?" Trish growled in Stacy's ear as she pulled the other diva's hair.

"Yes Mistress." Stacy said submissively.

"Good." Trish said, before turning to a camera and smiling, "Ladies and
gentlemen I give you my new bitch Stacy Keibler and her completely owned by
me ass hole."

With that Trish stood back, quickly pulling her strap on from Stacy's ass and
stepping to the side so she could pose proudly, the dildo she had just used
to violently ass fuck her fellow diva hanging menacingly in between her legs.

The second Trish stood back and the cock was pulled from her butt Stacy
groaned in disappointment but obediently bent over and spread her ass cheeks
wide for the camera. Only a few seconds after Stacy had spread her ass cheeks
Trish's cum started leaking from the gaping crater which had once been
Stacy's virgin butt hole, Stacy being forced to hold the pose for a couple of
long minutes as the shot on the big screen switched between a close-up of the
cum drooling out of her destroyed ass hole and a shot of that cum sliding
down her long legs.

When the majority of her cum had oozed from Stacy's ass Trish walked around
so she could press the tip of her strap on against her new bitch's mouth,
Stacy excepting the toy fresh from her ass into her mouth without a single
word of complaint, or even needing to be told to do so.

Trish waited until every single drop of ass juice had been sucked off her
cock before walking over to the corner to retrieve the collar before

"On your knees bitch." Trish commanded, resisting the urge to grin as her
bitch immediately did as she was told, "What does this say whore?"

"Trish's bitch." Stacy read obediently.

"And is that what you are?" Trish asked.

"Yes Mistress, I'm your bitch. I'm Trish's bitch. I'm Trish Stratus's bitch."
Stacy replied eagerly.

Trish grinned widely before strapping the collar around Stacy's neck and
leading her new pet out of the ring and back up the ramp, leaving the items
of clothing for some lucky stage hand and grabbing only her women's title as
she did so.

The broken bitch Stacy Keibler crawled after her mistress without a word of
protest, eagerly kissing her new owner back when Trish stopped at the top of
the ramp to pull her up and shove her tongue down her throat.

In the middle of the kiss Trish held up the women's title proudly before
pushing down Stacy to kneel before her in the final public sign of her
conquest of the other diva and her status of Alpha female in the WWE women's
division, a status she would soon be proving to the other divas.

With this final shot of Trish holding up the title with Stacy kneeling before
her RAW went off the air and Trish led her new bitch out of the arena and to
her hotel room for some more HLA.

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