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Disclaimer: The Following Story is a figment of pure imagination...sure
perverted, but still imagination. In case you could not understand, this
story is FICTION! IT DID NOT HAPPEN! Had anything like this ever
happened, then someone get a tape of it and stream it out to the world.

Author's Note: a special thank you to Vintage for his previous contribution
to this series.

HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Part 4
by MTL (

Fans cheer loudly throughout the arena as the fireworks go off for the
beginning of Thursday Night Smackdown.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen I'm Michael Cole and myself and my partner
Tazz would like to welcome you to a very special episode of Smackdown."

"No kidding Cole, tonight is going to be off the chain and I can't wait."

"Neither can I Tazz, what do you think Trish has in store for us with this
mysterious 'contracts signing'?"

"I don't know Cole, but it looks like we're about to find out."

Sure enough the familiar giggle leading into Trish's music echoed throughout
the arena quickly followed by loud cheers as the WWE women's champion entered
the arena, holding her title high in one hand and her strap on in the other.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the WWE women's champion... Trish
Stratus." Lillian Garcia announced nervously in the ring, quickly leaving to
go sit at ringside rather than still be in the ring when the ass loving
women's champion entered.

Trish grinned at Lillian's departure as she entered the ring, the blonde
champion pleased to see her orders had been carried out and everything was in

This was going to be a special night for Trish, and for the WWE as a whole,
and it had to be perfect.

As such Trish made sure to have a professional office work table be placed in
the ring instead of those cheap ones the WWE left lying around so it would be
nice and steady for what's to come. On this table there were several
different contracts and a pen, just like Trish had instructed so everything
was indeed in place. All that remained was to get her bitches out here with
her and Trish could complete her total conquest of Stephanie McMahon, Stacy
Keibler and the WWE itself.

"Thanks for that wonderful introduction Lilian, but I'll be taking it from
here, so you just sit back on your fuck-able little ass and enjoy the show."
Trish instructed the ring announcer, pausing for cheers before turning to the
audience, "Hello everyone, welcome to a historic night in WWE history... mm,
something is missing... oh I know what it is, Stephanie, get that cock
depository you call an ass out here."

There was a brief pause and then Stephanie's music hit the sound system as
Stephanie walked out onto the stage. Or at least what used to be Stephanie
walked out onto the stage, as the woman approaching the ring looked more like
a porno secretary then the GM of an entire show. Her skirt was as short as it
could be, her breasts were practically popping out and the little glasses she
wore just completed the look.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the biggest tit sucking, pussy
munching, and ass licking slut on the entire roster who just loves it up her
ass, the general manager of Smackdown, and more importantly my bitch,
Stephanie McMahon." Trish announced loudly as her bitch got into the ring.

Trish smiled at her bitch as she walked up to her, turning around when they
were almost face-to-face and pulling down her tight spandex pants and thong
to reveal her gloriously big bubble butt.

Stephanie grinned happily before falling to her knees, grabbing a tight hold
of Trish's waist and burying her face in that big ass, planting one huge wet
sloppy kiss on it before beginning to eagerly slide her lips all over that
rounded rump, covering Trish's ass in kisses.

"Mmmmm, that's better. Now where was I... oh that's right I was welcoming
everyone to a historic night in WWE history. And believe me, this is going to
be historic for many, many reasons. What happens tonight will be remembered
for years, maybe for the rest of this company's existence, and I can honestly
guarantee no one watching will ever forget it. For starters due to the record
setting numbers in both PPV buys for the other week when I first busted
Stephanie's butt and ratings for last week when I popped Stacy's anal cherry
the WWE Board of Directors have decided that now all HLA matches will have
their own PPVs, the first of which will be next Sunday and will feature me
defending my title against Torrie Wilson, and Torrie..." Trish turned to the
nearest camera which did a close-up on her face so she could talk directly
into it, "In that match, I'm going to totally dominate you, just like I'm
going to do after it. The only difference is during the match I'll be kicking
your ass, and after the match, I'll be fucking your ass!"

Trish paused, partly to allow the audience to cheer, but mostly to allow
herself a few moments of fantasizing about destroying Torrie Wilson's ass

"The very first HLA exclusive PPV is going to be called No Anal Mercy and can
be ordered through all the normal channels. For those wanting a up close and
personal view of Torrie's ass being kicked, then fucked, go to for
all the details on how to purchase tickets to the arena the match will be in.
Unfortunately all this means that there will be no more HLA matches on free
TV..." Trish paused to allow the audience to boo, "But that doesn't mean
they'll be no more HLA on WWE TV, it just means that from now on at any
second a special HLA moment, like the one happening tonight, could appear on
WWE TV. So I suggest you people stay tuned to RAW and Smackdown, because you
never know when we might be showing me drilling some hot diva's ass with my
strap on, or making one of my bitches kiss my ass like Stephanie is doing
right now!"

Again Trish paused, this time to allow a close-up of the once proud Stephanie
McMahon lovingly kissing her ass.

"Mmmmmm, that's really good, keep that up Stephanie." Trish said to her bitch
before turning back to the audience, "Stephanie was a really great ass kisser
when I first made her my bitch but she somehow managed to become even better
at it after a little training."

Turning back to her bitch Trish laughed as she enjoyed again the sight and
feel of Stephanie kissing her ass.

"Of course while figuratively kissing ass has always been a big part of this
business literally kissing ass in public is not, and isn't exactly behaviour
fitting of a general manager, a point I was forced to point out to the board
of directors as Stephanie's insatiable desire to kiss my ass was very
distracting during our meeting with them. Also her constant need to be butt
fucked has been affecting her work. Do you know she missed Smackdown last
week because she was too busy getting fucked up the ass? In fact she spent
almost all of last week with a strap on dick in her butt, and during the
brief times she wasn't being sodomised her poor misused ass hole was gaping
so wide you could have fit one of her limousines up her butt. I mean I know
she's daddy's girl and everything but Stephanie has clearly shown that
lesbian anal sex is all that matters to her any more. So myself and the Board
of Directors were forced to come to the conclusion that Stephanie McMahon is
unfit to be the general manager of Smackdown and she needs to be replaced...
but by who?" Trish pretended to look thoughtful, "Eric Bischoff originally
thought he was going to get the job, effectively making him the GM of both
shows and giving him absolute power over the WWE... but the Board of
Directors didn't much care for that idea. In fact it didn't take much to
convince them he was a liability which needed to go and now I have his job.
That's right folks, you're looking at the new general manager of RAW, and
more importantly you're looking at the Smackdown GM kissing the RAW GM's

Trish paused again, looking around at first the shocked looks of the people
surrounding her and then at her rival GM kissing her bubble butt.

"Like I said, this is a historic night. I'm sure no one expected the
Smackdown GM would end up kissing the RAW GM's ass only a few short months
into this whole GM thing, especially not Stephanie." Trish giggled, "But then
again Stephanie has proven herself a terrible GM by allowing herself to be
turned into my bitch and becoming so obsessed with taking it up the ass that
she is unable to do her job. So right here tonight in front of your very eyes
she will step down as GM and hand Smackdown over to me."

This time Trish only pauses briefly for dramatic effect, the blonde Canadian
momentarily too wrapped up in her speech to even care what her bitch is

"That's right people, I am moments away from becoming the GM of both RAW and
Smackdown, giving me absolute power over the WWE. As for Stephanie, she will
be demoted to a position more suited to her abilities. She will become my
ASS-istant. She'll make me coffee, take notes, kiss my ass like she's doing
now, do a little paperwork, run simple and unimportant errands, and of course
bend the fuck over for me when ever I want a piece of her ass. And Stephanie
is so looking forward to her new role, aren't you Stephanie?" Trish asked,
turning slightly so she could lean over and stick the mic in Stephanie's

"Oh God yes Mistress, I can't wait to become your ASS-istant." Stephanie
said, eagerly repeating the lines Trish had taught her to say into the
microphone after she pulled her face away from Trish's ass, "You're so right
Mistress, I'm not fit to be Smackdown's GM. I'm just a worthless anal whore
who only cares about getting fucked up her ass by a truly dominant woman like
you. Please take Smackdown off my incompetent bitch hands and make me your
ASS-istant. Put me in the only role I'm qualified for, kissing ass and taking
it up the butt!"

"Don't worry Stephanie, as my ASS-istant you'll be doing almost nothing
except kissing ass and taking it up the butt, which as you rightfully said is
all you're qualified for. In fact I think it's only fitting I take Smackdown
off your hands and make you my ASS-istant with my strap on dick deep in your
ass, don't you agree?" Trish asked, now turning around so she was looking
directly into Stephanie's eyes.

"Oh yeah Mistress, take Smackdown from me while fucking me up the ass. Butt
fuck me while making me your ASS-istant. Slam my ass harder while you become
Smackdown's GM and I become your ASS-istant." Stephanie said.

"Well that's exactly what's about to happen bitch, because over there on that
table is the necessary contracts for us to sign together which will make me
the Smackdown GM and you my ASS-istant... but that's not all. You will also
be signing every single cent and possession you own over to me. All of it.
Your entire fortune. You'll even be handing over any little speck of power
you have going around here in the WWE. So when we leave here, you really will
be nothing but my bitch!" Trish said, briefly pausing, "Do you have anything
to say to that?"

"Yes Mistress... please do it. Take everything I own. I want to be nothing
but your bitch and I can't wait to give my Mistress everything that is
rightfully hers so I can become her worthless ASS-istant whose only purpose
is to kiss her ass and take it up the butt!" Stephanie said proudly.

They were the words Trish had told her to say but the Broken Billion Dollar
Princess meant every word, the once proud Stephanie McMahon truly willing and
eager to sign everything away to Trish Stratus so she could become the
blonde's property.

"Good girl." Trish said, smiling happily, "Now go bend over that table and
present your ass to me so I can take everything you own bitch!"

Without even the slightest hesitation Stephanie happily got up, skipped over
to the table, bent over it, quickly pulled down her short skirt and then her
thong before then spreading her ass cheeks wide, presenting her ass hole to
Trish just like her Mistress had trained her too.

Trish smiled at Stephanie's obedience before she pulled her thong up, kicked
off her spandex wrestling tights and attached a strap on around her waist.
Once her toy cock was in place Trish stroked it menacingly as she approached
Stephanie, pausing and smiling as she reached her destination and looked down
at Stephanie's ass hole which was still gaping slightly from the pounding she
had been giving it before she came out here, and no doubt from the other
poundings it had taken throughout the day.

Licking her lips Trish pressed the tip of the fake dick to Stephanie's butt
hole and said, "Beg for my cock up your ass Stephanie. Beg your Mistress to
shove her big cock up your slutty ass and make you her ASS-istant."

"Please Mistress, fuck me up the ass and make me your ASS-istant! Shove your
big cock up my slutty ass and make me your ASS-istant!" Stephanie begged
shamelessly, "Please take Smackdown away from me Mistress. I'm not smart
enough to run this show by myself. It needs someone like you to run it.
Besides, I only care about taking it up the ass anyway. So please Mistress
take this show off my incompetent hands and turn me into your coffee making,
note taking, butt kissing ASS-istant!"

Stephanie's begging ended in a long, loud moan as Trish easily pushed her
entire 12 inch strap on not only through Stephanie's still slightly open back
door but all the way into the very deepest depths of the brunette's bowels in
one long, slow, firm thrust, Trish needing less than a minute to get the
monster cock all the way inside her bitch's butt.

"As you can clearly see ladies and gentlemen Stephanie is such a total anal
whore sliding my strap on up her slutty ass is easy, isn't that right
Stephanie?" Trish asked her bitch.

"That's right Mistress, I'm a total anal whore! I just can't get enough of it
up my ass which is why my ass is so loose and slutty." Stephanie moaned

"See, right from the anal whore's mouth." Trish laughed, watching as
Stephanie began reaching for the contracts, "No Stephanie, not yet. I want to
have some fun with your ass first, really get myself in the mood to
officially turn you into my ASS-istant by fucking your sweet ass and using it
for my pleasure."

"As you wish Mistress." Stephanie moaned as she reached back to clutch
tightly onto her ass cheeks which she spread without needing to be asked,
"Please use my ass for your pleasure. Show everyone around the world how you
totally own my ass and that it's yours to do with as you please."

Again Stephanie's begging ended with a long moan, this time the dildo being
slowly removed from her butt until just the head remained inside it, every
inch being quickly returned in one hard thrust before the process repeated
itself again, Trish constantly changing how hard or fast she pushed the strap
on in and out of her bitch's ass, the RAW GM granting the Smackdown GM her
wish by using her ass as she pleased.

Of course Stephanie wasn't going to be the Smackdown GM for much longer,
something Stephanie couldn't wait for as she stared longingly at the
contracts which would relieve her of her power and wealth and put her
completely under Trish's control.

Stephanie could remember how much her power and wealth had meant to her, how
much being the Smackdown GM had meant to her, but now all that stuff just
seemed to be holding her back from her real purpose in life as Trish's bitch.

Thinking back on it if she was honest with herself Stephanie had never really
felt comfortable in a position of power. She was much more comfortable in her
current position.

Stephanie now lived for Trish to fuck her in the ass. Her ass was now the
centre of her world, the only part of her which was worth anything. She was
just a piece of ass, an orifice, a ass hole on legs who was only really good
for one thing, lesbian anal sex.

Every time Trish slid into her ass Stephanie knew she was fulfilling her
purpose in life, this fact giving her pleasure that could be only topped by a
rough ass fucking and the multiple anal induced orgasms that resulted in it.
That was what Stephanie dreamed about every agonising moment Trish wasn't
fucking her ass, and as such Stephanie knew Trish was right, she wasn't fit
to do anything except devote her life to being Trish's anal whore.

Stephanie was moments away from giving up everything to Trish and becoming
completely dependent on the woman who took great joy in constantly sodomising
her, and as far as the submissive brunette was concerned that moment couldn't
come soon enough because as wonderful as always as it was to have her butt
hole being stretched out and used by her mistress Stephanie couldn't wait
until she was allowed to willingly give everything she had to the woman who
had tamed her in front of the whole world, millions watching as she
officially became nothing but Trish's ASS-istant.

While Stephanie couldn't stop staring at the contracts which would take away
her power and wealth Trish couldn't stop staring at Stephanie's ass hole
stretching around her cock, the women's champion mesmerised by the sight of
her thick strap on sliding in and out, in and out, in and out of her bitch's
back door, Stephanie holding her ass cheeks as wide apart as possible so she
could offer up her butt hole as a sacrifice to Trish who was only too happy
to use it for her pleasure.

Trish kept waiting to get tired of fucking Stephanie up the ass but no matter
how many times she slammed the bitch's butt she never tired of it for a
second, in fact the more she pounded Stephanie's pooper the more Trish seemed
to love it. Hell, Trish didn't just love it, she was addicted to it. She was
now addicted to Stephanie's ass. She was addicted to fucking Stephanie's ass.
Stacy's too.

Part of Trish wondered if it was because she had gone so long without having
a nice piece of ass to regularly fuck, but even when she had bitches in the
past she didn't abuse them as much as she abused Stephanie and Stacy.

The fact they had submitted to her so completely, also both of them had been
her rivals, both of them causing her misery in the past making ramming their
rectums all that sweeter, but ultimately the main reason was probably because
their asses were just so fucking hot.

Stacy's ass was perfect, maybe the slightly better of the two, but
Stephanie's slightly rounder, fuller booty was just as fuck-able, a fact
Trish was more than proving right now.

Considering this was her eighth butt fucking of the day it seemed like a
miracle that there was any tightness to Stephanie's ass left, but it remained
the same perfect tightness it had been since shortly after Trish first turned
Stephanie into her bitch. It wasn't too tight, but it wasn't too loose. It
was a perfect fit around Trish's huge strap on, the women's champion
delighting in sodomising a woman who would very shortly be her employee.

For now Stephanie was something else though, the Smackdown GM, and the
Smackdown GM was getting ass fucked by the RAW GM. The woman in charge of RAW
was ass fucking the woman in charge of Smackdown. RAW was ass fucking

Trish had no idea just how many times RAW was metaphorically going to ass
fuck Smackdown in the future but for right now she was pretty sure none of
the audience would get to see one GM ass fucking another so she decided to
make a real show out of it, changing things up from the slow but steady pace
she had been using to fuck Stephanie up the butt by giving random hard
thrusts into Stephanie's anal passage, occasionally twirling it around so she
was moving the dildo around inside her bitch's bowels, constantly keeping
Stephanie guessing about how she was going to get it next.

All this caused Stephanie to moan louder than before, the sound causing Trish
to finally look away from Stephanie's stretching shit hole and the woman
herself, the blonde smiling to herself as she saw the brunette staring
longingly at the contracts which would give all her power and control over to
the women's champion.

It was clear Stephanie desperately wanted to sign the papers so she could
devote herself to what she was always meant to be, another woman's bitch,
which was a good thing because as much fun as Trish was having stretching
Stephanie's ass hole out she was more than ready to take over Smackdown,
become the GM of the WWE and start officially employing Stephanie as her ASS-

"Ok Stephanie, get out the first contract." Trish ordered, smiling as
Stephanie rushed to grab the contract, flipping it open to the point where
she had to sign her name, "Now, just so everyone watching knows, I had you
read out loud every single word on each one of these contracts before we came
out here didn't I Steph? You remember? My dick was in your ass, slowly
fucking you just as it is now, but then again when wasn't my dick in your ass
over the past couple of weeks? Helped you concentrate anyway didn't it

"Yes Mistress, your wonderful dick in my ass helped me concentrate on
reading." Stephanie moaned in response.

"I knew it would. Now, why don't you give the audience a brief summary of
what the contract says." Trish said.

"Well Mistress, by signing this contract I'm acknowledging my total
incompetence at doing this job and handing Smackdown over to you." Stephanie
said, trying to remember the summary Trish had given her and pretty much
repeating it word for word, "By being so stupid that I found myself being
blackmailed into being your bitch I proved I do not have the intelligence to
run this show or any other. When you easily broke me it proved deep down I
was weak, too weak to be put in any position of responsibility. And over
the past week I've proven time and time again I'm not skilled enough to be
your bitch and the Smackdown GM, that I'm a liability to the show if I
continue to stay in my current position. So I couldn't be happier about
signing Smackdown over to you Mistress, please let me sign Smackdown over to
you now."

"Are you sure? You gave up your anal cherry to keep that job. Remember? You
got spanked, kissed my ass, and took it up the butt like a total anal whore
on live PPV just to keep that job. Are you sure you want to give it up?"
Trish asked with a grin.

"More than anything Mistress." Stephanie replied eagerly, I want to give up
Smackdown so I can just concentrate on being your anal whore."

Trish chuckled, "Mmmmmm, ironic... don't you think Stephanie? You took it in
the ass so you could keep Smackdown, now you're giving up Smackdown so you
can keep taking it in the ass."

"Yes Mistress, it's very ironic. Now, can you please, please take Smackdown
off my incompetent hands? I don't want to have to be burdened with any
responsibility except taking it in the ass for you." Stephanie pleaded.

"Ok then, sign your name." Trish said, smiling as she watched Stephanie
eagerly sign her name, before Trish leant down, took the pen from Stephanie's
hands and signed her own name on the contract, "Congratulations Stephanie,
you just lost Smackdown to me."

Trish paused for a few seconds so the audience could cheer, loving the smile
on Stephanie's face as she basked in the joy of losing the job she had once
fought so hard to keep.

"Now grab the next contract." Trish ordered, remaining leant over Stephanie
as her bitch grabbed the next contract and opened it up to the right page,
"What's this contract about Steph?"

"With this contract I'm signing over everything I have to you. Every cent.
All the money and property that was handed to me, that I never truly earned,
all of it will be yours. I won't have a penny to my name." Stephanie moaned.

"And is that what you want?" Trish asked.

"Oh yes Mistress, I want you to have all my money. I never deserved it in the
first place, and now I want you to have it so I can be nothing but your kept
bitch." Stephanie said.

"Good, then sign that contract and grab the next one." Trish said, smiling as
Stephanie quickly signed all of her possessions over to her before grabbing
the contract and opening it up, "Ok then, final contract. Want to clue
everyone in on what it basically says?"

"It's the contract for my new position here in the WWE. Mmmmmm, the only
position I'm qualified for, the position of your ASS-istant." Stephanie said,
"My duties as Trish Stratus's ASS-istant will be as follows. One, getting her
coffee. Two, taking notes for her. Three, running any little errands she
wants. Four, and most importantly, taking it in the ass when ever she wants."

"And that's not all is it bitch?" Trish laughed.

"No Mistress." Stephanie said, her heart fluttering as she remembered reading
this out the first time, "If I have the audacity to ever not perform one of
my duties as Trish Stratus's ASS-istant my Mistress will be free to fire my
stupid ass on the spot."

"And you know what that means, don't you Stephanie?" Trish said.

"Yes Mistress, it means your going to own my ass hole." Stephanie said

"That's right bitch, I'm going to own your ass hole. Or at least I'm going to
own your ass hole in the most legal way possible, but since if I fire you you
wouldn't even have enough for a lawyer anyway because as of right now you
don't have a single dime, and as stated in that contract any money you earn
as my ASS-istant will go to me, so once you sign that contract you're only
choices will be the streets or bending over and taking it in the ass whenever
and wherever I tell you too. Isn't that right slut?" Trish questioned.

"That's right Mistress, your going to own my ass hole and I'm going to have
to bend over and take it in the ass whenever and wherever you want otherwise
you're going to be able to fire my stupid ass." Stephanie said.

"And that's what you want isn't it Stephanie?" Trish questioned.

"Yes Mistress, I want that more than anything." Stephanie said.

"Then sighing that contract." Trish said, smiling as Stephanie did so
immediately, Trish signing her own name on the contract shortly afterwards,
"Congratulations bitch, you just lost Smackdown, all your money, and your ass
hole, all of which now belong to me. Smackdown is mine. Your money is mine.
Your ass hole is mine. You're mine bitch. I own you. I fucking own you."

With that Trish dug her nails into Stephanie's hips and started to pound fuck
her ASS-istant's ass.

Thanks to the steady butt fucking Trish had been giving her bitch throughout
the contract signing it only took seconds to speed up to a hard pooper
pounding pace, but Trish didn't stop speeding up until she was slamming
Stephanie's shitter with every ounce of her strength.

Normally when fucking a bitch in the ass Trish like to take her time. Even
when getting ready to make the bitch cum she did it slowly, partly so the
bitch's ass was as relaxed as possible for the rectum wrecking Trish liked to
dish out, partly so to make sure that shit pipe was nice and loosened up for
her so it wasn't too much effort pulling and pushing her strap on in and out
of that back passage, but mostly because she enjoyed savouring dominating
another woman, fucking her in such a perverted and intimate way.
Unfortunately Trish didn't have much time to savour fucking Stephanie's ass,
at least not this time.

The first time she had fucked Stephanie up the butt Eric had been smart
enough to make sure the PPV was a loud an overrun which gave her plenty of
time to stretch out Stephanie's ass, of course even then she had taken much
more time than she promised Eric, so much more it caused a problem by almost
not leaving enough time for the main event to get under way before the PPV
was supposed to go off the air.

This time around there would be no over run, Trish had only one chance to get
it right, and she was already behind on time.

She was supposed to be balls deep inside Stacy's ass by now but she had got
carried away fucking Stephanie's butt and now she had one less advert break
to work with.

To Trish's tremendous annoyance she lost another as she brought Stephanie to
the edge of climax right before they went to commercial, making it the second
commercial break she lost. The first one had been during the initial ass
stretching, Trish intending to take only one advert break on it but ending up
taking two... or possibly three, she had kind of lost track in her anal lust.

Making matters worse Stephanie was on the verge of climax and as much as she
would have loved to Trish couldn't let her, as not allowing the fans at home
to see her bitch cream on her cock would have been a disservice, and might
have even pissed off some viewers, and she couldn't do that. After all, this
whole thing was about getting ratings. It wasn't just an excuse to fuck all
of her fellow diva's hot asses, she was doing this to help the company. Or at
least that's what she was now saying in interviews...

So Trish skilfully brought Stephanie down from her high a little by slowing
the speeds of her thrusts, but keeping them strong enough so that Stephanie
stayed near the edge, watching intently for the sign that they were back from
commercial so she could start really ass fucking her ASS-istant again.

Stephanie let out a long groan of frustration as she was denied climax, but
immediately hated herself for it and was thankful her mistress gave her a
hard slap on her worthless ass for being so stupid as to complain.

She was nothing but a peace of ass. A slab of meat. A walking fuck hole. What
right did she have to complain, even if it was just a subconscious groan.
Even her subconscious should be just grateful that Trish was using her slutty
ass hole in the first place.

Stephanie's heart skipped a beat as the wonderful knowledge of that fact was
now as true as it could ever possibly be, her eyes locking on to those
contracts she had just signed, the contracts which meant she was now
basically nothing but Trish's bitch.

Her power and wealth were gone, signed away by her own hand, her only job now
to bend over when ever Trish felt like a piece of her ass.

Sure, her ASS-istant contract said legally she was paid to fetch Trish coffee
and taking notes for her, but as Trish had told her previously the only time
she would be doing either of those things is when Trish's dick wasn't in her
ass, which wouldn't be very often.

Stephanie was now literally a whore, being paid to do a job in which her main
responsibility would be taking it up the ass. Making it even better the money
she earned wouldn't go to her, it would go to Trish, her owner... her pimp.

Thinking lovingly about her 'pimp' Stephanie looked up at the big screen to
see a wide shot of Trish pounding into her from behind, the blonde women's
champion looking like the dominating top she was as she was fucking her bitch
in the ass.

Catching Stephanie looking at her up on the big screen Trish smiled at her
bitch, turned to look at something else, smiled wider, then grabbed Stephanie
by the hair, pulling back on it roughly as she began to smack Stephanie's ass
and picking up the speed of the butt fucking.

Stephanie moaned in ecstasy as her horny back hole began receiving the abuse
she had been craving since the last time Trish had ass fucked her, her
wonderful mistress giving her every ounce of strength she had as her strong
hips smacked against Stephanie's butt cheeks, joining the sounds of
Stephanie's cries of joy as her public sodomising increased to a brutal level
of speed and power.

As if she was only suddenly remembering she was in public Stephanie looked
around at all the people in the audience leering at her, all of them watching
lustfully as she took it up the ass for her mistress like a good little
bitch, Stephanie glad they could see her debasement and were bearing witness
to her submission, hoping they were enjoying the show, and more importantly
hoping her wonderful mistress who was giving her all this pleasure was
enjoying the show.

It didn't take long for Stephanie to stop caring whether the audience in the
arena or watching at home was enjoying themselves, and despite herself she
eventually stopped caring whether Trish was enjoying herself either as
Stephanie became completely lost in the joys of anal sex, and then Stephanie
stopped caring about anything whatsoever except the mind blowing pleasure
that rocked her body as she was brought to orgasm, after orgasm, after

Before Trish had made Stephanie her bitch the brunette had never experienced
multiple orgasms before. Now she was addicted to them, literally willing to
do just about anything to receive them again they were so wonderful, so
wonderful Stephanie's world melted away, preventing her from hearing Trish
yell at her...

"That's it you fucking whore, cum on my fucking cock. Cum on my cock while
it's up your fucking ass!" Trish screamed.

Eventually Trish couldn't hold back any longer and came herself, her words
melting into a long scream as she struggled to keep slamming Stephanie's shit
hole while her toes curled and her eyelids fluttered. Trish really should
have just been happy with that one orgasm but she got carried away, fucking
herself to several more until she realised she was costing herself more time,
abruptly pulling out after her fourth climax, not even sure what number
climax was for Stephanie.

Right before she pulled out Trish quickly squeeze down on the fake balls of
her dildo, her cum which had been stored in them shooting out through the
cock and deep into Stephanie's bowels, coating the inside of her bitch's
butt, once again marking that ass as her territory. Trish smiled as she
remembered how Stephanie's ass had been leaking her cum pretty much since she
enslaved her, the poor Billion Dollar Bitch unable to stop shiting her cum
pretty much every moment of everyday, a fact Trish loved as for her it was a
sign of her dominance over her bitch.

Finally Trish slowed down the butt fucking before bringing it to a complete
stop and then ordering, "Spread your ass cheeks again."

Immediately Stephanie's hands flew to her butt cheeks which she spread
eagerly, meaning when Trish suddenly pulled out the whole world was treated
to the sight of Stephanie McMahon's gaping ass hole again as the TV cameras
zoomed in, the fans in the audience and at home marvelling at the look into
Stephanie's insides, that abused hole somehow looking even more stretched out
than the last time it had been shown on TV.

Trish smiled again in Stratusfaction as her cum slowly oozed out of the
gaping crater in between Stephanie's ass cheeks, her bitch unable to stop
shiting out her cream.

Walking around Trish presented her cock to Stephanie's mouth and uttered one
simple word, "Clean."

Not needing to be told twice Stephanie swallowed the head of the cock and
quickly began taking it down her gullet, sucking and slurping on it noisily
to make it crystal clear to her mistress and the audience that she was
cleaning the dildo that had just been buried deep inside her rectum.

Trish smiled as she watched Stephanie greedily slobber all over her strap on,
cleaning it of every drop of her ass juice, Trish making sure she got all of
it before she called out, "Ok Stacy, it's your turn. Bring your hot bitch ass
out here so I can officially own your ass hole too."

One second later 'Legs' hit the sound system and Stacy Keibler walked out on
stage dressed in her usual attire of a tube top, boots and a miniskirt,
although the miniskirt was looking extra mini as it was practically a belt,
barely covering Stacy's butt cheeks.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my other bitch, Stacy Keibler." Trish announced as she
walked round Stephanie as Stacy got up and into the ring.

As Stacy did her usual entrance, wiggling her ass to the delight of the
crowd, Trish smiled at her bitch, then turned around, pushed down her strap
on and stuck out her ass so that when Stacy got in the ring she was greeted
by the sight of her mistress's big bubble butt.

Stacy loved this greeting and, knowing what was expected of her, eagerly fell
to her knees to begin covering Trish's big ass in kisses, worshipping that
round booty as it should be worshipped.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, Stacy, I just love the feeling of your lips on my ass."
Trish chuckled, "Ready to sign everything you own over to me, including your
ass hole?"

"Yes Mistress." Stacy said, pulling her face away from Trish's ass just long
enough to reply before burying her face in that rounded rear to wait for
further instructions, "I can't wait for you to own my ass hole. I don't
want to be anything but your bitch."

"Good, because soon you're not going to be anything but my bitch. For now
though, why don't you show me how badly you want to be nothing but my bitch.
I want that tongue of yours up my ass hole. I want you to show me how much
you want me to own your ass hole by rimming the hell out of mine." Trish

Quickly Stacy pushed the thong Trish was still wearing aside at the back,
exposing her mistress's back hole for her eager tongue which was quickly
plunged deep into the other diva's rectum, Stacy happily pushing her tongue
into Trish's ass and beginning to swirl it around the other blonde's bowels
as she began to slide her tongue in and out, giving Trish's colon a thorough
cleaning out.

Stacy had spent a lot of time with her face buried in between Trish's big ass
cheeks and had quickly learned just how her mistress like to get her rounded
rear eaten out.

Rim jobs were one of the many, many things that disgusted Stacy before she
was broken, but now there wasn't anything she wouldn't do for her mistress.
Of course Stacy had quickly grown to adore all things anal, and while this
didn't compare to receiving anal pleasure herself Stacy knew pleasing her
mistress was a good way to get what she wanted. Besides, Trish's ass was so
fucking tasty.

Trish moaned loudly as Stacy's tongue slided through her ass, Trish again
amazed about just how deep that tongue was able to get and just how skilled
the other blonde was at rimming her already.

Most bitches took serious training to be half as skilled as Stacy, but it was
clear that the leggy diva was a born anal loving whore so such things as rim
jobs just came naturally to her.

Trish dearly wished she could spend more time, preferably hours, with Stacy's
tongue deep within her rectum, but she was behind on time and needed to get
balls deep in Stacy's shit hole as soon as possible.

Promising herself she would feel Stacy's tongue in her ass again before the
night was through Trish said, "Ok, that's enough butt cleaning bitch, pull
your skirt up, pushed those panties down, and bend over the desk next to
Stephanie and spread those ass cheeks of yours."

Pulling her face away from Trish's ass Stacy eagerly did as she was told,
getting up and walking to the table before pulling her miniskirt up and
pushing her panties down.

As Stacy bent over the table and spread her ass cheeks she exposed the
gigantic butt plug stuffed in her rectum. Well, technically it was a butt
plug, but it was almost the same size as the cock strapped around Trish's
waist. The reason for this was twofold. Trish wasn't sure whether she
preferred having her bitches ass holes gaping or pluged so she was
experimenting. She definitely liked to keep them nice and loose so she could
slide right into them, of course at the same time she didn't want them to be
so loose their ass holes weren't any fun to fuck. However Stacy complained
that most of the butt plugs were too small so Trish had started using a
bigger size to see what would happen. So far the results were Stacy's ass
stayed nice and loose, but somehow not too loose, and Stacy seemed happy.
Trish didn't know how Stacy could even walk around with a 9 inch plug up her
butt, but it kept the bitch happy and in line.

Grabbing hold of the plug that kept Stacy happy Trish pulled it out in one
quick motion, taking a few seconds to admire the sight of Stacy's butt hole
gaping obscenely before she plunged her strap on directly into it, going
balls deep in one hard thrust.

Most women would probably have sighed in relief as the massive plug was
removed from their ass, and then cried out in pain as the even bigger dildo
plundered their pooper, but Stacy whimpered sadly as the plug was removed and
then cried out in joy as her ass was filled again.

"Suck on this." Trish ordered, handing Stacy the butt plug.

Stacy took it and eagerly swallowed nearly half of it on the first try,
quickly taking the rest down her throat as she moaned at the taste of her own

As Trish grabbed hold of Stacy's hips and began butt fucking the other blonde
the women's champion found herself once again marvelling at Stacy's

Before she had broken her Stacy had been such a nice girl. Sure, like many of
the other divas she was willing to sleep her way to the top, and she had no
problems flaunting her long legs and tight ass on public TV to keep her job,
but she was far from a slut. Now it seemed Trish had awoken the total ass
slut that lay within Stacy, the broken blonde now a complete anal whore with
an ass that just couldn't get enough fucking.

Right now was a perfect example of this. Stacy wasn't just sucking on the
butt plug flavoured with her own ass, she was giving it a blow job worthy of
a professional hooker.

Then again perhaps porn star was more accurate considering the way Stacy was
staring lustfully straight into the nearest camera, the shot on the big
screen and the one people at home were seeing making it look as if Stacy was
encouraging the fans to think of the butt plug as their cock, or perhaps even
their strap on in the case of the lesbians in the audience, but at the same
time Trish knew that look was strictly for her benefit, Stacy trying to turn
her on even more so she would give her a hard butt fucking. It was the
same reason Stacy was sticking her ass up and back so well.

Ever since she had broken her Stacy had become utterly shameless in her quest
to get a hard butt fucking from Trish, and the insatiable anal whore didn't
want just one or two hard butt fuckings she wanted to be butt fucked hard
24/7. The total ass slut just couldn't get enough, her constantly horny shit
pipe driving her to do anything just to get Trish's cock in her ass.

Trish almost felt embarrassed for Stacy. Someone had to be as Stacy had
seemingly been left with no shame.

Although Trish and many, many people in the audience felt embarrassed for her
Stacy felt absolutely no shame in her actions, nor did she see why she

So many people wandered through life trying to find a purpose to their
existence and never find it, but Stacy had found hers.

Stacy's purpose in life was to take it in her ass. It was her reason for
existing. She existed to take cock up her butt. She was a total anal whore
who was put on this earth to take the biggest cocks she could possibly find
balls deep inside her pooper, that was what she was meant to do, it was the
only thing she was ever meant to do, it was her purpose in life.

The moment Stacy realised this her life changed forever. She ceased to care
about anything but getting fucked in the ass. Nothing else mattered. Nothing.

But it couldn't just be any cock. Maybe if she just let one of her old
boyfriends fuck her back their years ago she'd be able to whore her ass hole
out to everyone and anyone but she couldn't. Trish had spoiled her. Instead
of starting her off with a small cock she had taken her anal cherry with a
massive cock, and she had used that massive cock on her ass hole for hours,
pounding it hard to multiple climaxes after multiple climaxes. Stacy had been
treated to the equivalent of sirloin steak on her first night of anal
exploration, so now nothing but the very best could satisfy her.

Sadly Stacy wasn't getting the 'sirloin' right now, or at least not the full
treatment as Trish slowly sodomised her, that massive prick moving
agonisingly slowly through Stacy's eager to be pounded pooper, the gentle ass
stretching making Stacy go insane with frustration.

More than anything else at that moment Stacy would have liked to spit out the
butt plug and beg her mistress to slam fuck her slutty ass like only her
mistress could, but the many, many spankings she had received for doing so
over the past couple of days had taught Stacy that Trish ruled the roost and
she should keep her mouth shut and take what she's given.

It infuriated the anally greedy Stacy to be forced to wait, but given no
choice in the matter she concentrated on blowing her favourite butt plug,
hoping she could inspire her mistress to give her the rectum wrecking she so
desperately craved.

Luckily for Stacy her mistress was running out of time, and as much as Trish
would have liked to spend more time teasing her bitch it wasn't long before
she decided it was time to finish the contract signing.

"So Stacy, are you ready to become nothing but my bitch?" Trish asked.

"Oh fuck yeah, please Mistress, let's get the contracts signed so I can be
nothing but your bitch." Stacy moaned happily.

"Ok then, grab the first contract." Trish said, smiling as she watched Stacy
do as she was told, "Ok Stace, what does this contract mean?"

"Well Mistress, this contract allows me to sign over all my money and worldly
possessions over to you so just like Stephanie I can become nothing but a
kept bitch in your home." Stacy said, unable to stop herself from adding, "Of
course, unlike Stephanie I actually earned what little I have but whatever."

"Does it really count as earning it if you used your body to get it?" Trish
questioned, immediately realising it was a stupid question coming from her
seeing as she used to be a model and still often played that role so she
quickly change the subject, "Still, if you're going to sign that damn thing
hurry up and do so because I'm not sure how much longer I can wait to pound
your ass."

Although she wouldn't have dared voice it Stacy recognised the rather
hypocritical aspect to Trish's question about her body, but it was quickly
forgotten because of that threat/promise of a butt pounding, which quickly
led her to sign the contract.

"There, now I'm a penniless bitch, can I sign the other contract now?" Stacy
asked, grabbing the other contract.

"You can as long as you give a brief summary of what the contract entails."
Trish said.

"It's my new bitch contract, which is just like the last diva contract I had,
except my main job will be to take it in the ass for you whenever you want,
and if I ever refuse you can fire me on the spot, leaving me with nothing."
Stacy said, before remembering to add, "Of course you'll be getting the money
I earn while wrestling in the WWE, because I'll be your bitch. You're going
to own everything I have and everything I'm ever going to have. You're going
to own me. You're going to own my ass hole."

"Correct, but first we have to release you from your current contract. So,
and I've always wanted to say this to someone, Stacy Keibler... you're
fired." Trish said, doing her best Vince McMahon impression, before smiling,
"Now, sign your new contract."

Stacy did so eagerly, Trish adding her signature to make it official, before
holding it and all the other contracts up.

"It's official." Trish yelled to the audience, "I now own Stephanie McMahon
and Stacy Keibler. I own their ass holes. They are now nothing but my
bitches, and I will use them however I want... just like this!"

With that Trish put the contracts down and grabbed hold of Stacy's hips
again, this time her nails digging into her flesh as she began sodomising her
fellow diva again, the pace quickly increasing until she was jack-hammering
Stacy's shit hole with every ounce of her strength.

Stacy cried out in joy as the ass fucking got harder, and she continued to
cry out, the volume of her cries increasing at the same time as the pace of
the pooper pounding until she was screaming in ecstasy at the brutal butt
banging she was treated too.

This, this was the sirloin. This was the perfect butt fucking, so rough and
hard it felt like her ass hole was going to tear, the cock wrecking her
rectum a wonderful toy that would never go soft, the dominating woman
sodomising her not afraid to treat her like a total bitch, smacking her ass
and pulling her hair as she brutalised her back passage, all of it sending
Stacy to a perfect heaven.

Out of curiosity Trish made a Doctor check out Stacy's ass hole and he
concluded that Stacy's anal glands were more sensitive than any other
pleasure zone on Stacy's body, perhaps even her clit. Stacy could totally
believe that because ever since she learnt the joys of anal sex she'd barely
even thought about touching her clit, let alone actually doing it, and she
would quite happily go the rest of her life without ever being fucked in her
pussy. Why waste a fucking on her pussy when it felt so much better up
her butt?

Occasionally Trish played with other places on Stacy's body, and as Stacy's
mistress she had every right to, but the leggy blonde's entire world now
focused around her ass hole, as it gave her the sirloin of pleasure, and she
didn't want to settle for anything less.

While Stacy was comparing anal sex, and particularly this anal ramming, to a
sirloin steak Trish also thought she'd found perfection in the form of
Stacy's ass.

Those tight, delectable cheeks felt heavenly against her thighs as she
smacked into them repeatedly, the sight and the sound of it worthy of the
word perfection as Trish was treated to various different views of it.
There was her own point of view of course, which was arguably the best seat
in the house, but the WWE production crew were doing a fantastic job of
shooting the butt fucking from all kinds of great angles and showing them on
the big screen, specifically for everyone watching in the arena and at home,
but that didn't mean Trish couldn't enjoy the sight.

As those cameras zoomed in though Trish was greeted with an even more
beautiful, and if such a thing were possible an even more perfect sight, as
the production crew treated the audience, Trish, and no doubt themselves to
multiple angles of Stacy's ass hole stretching obscenely around the massive
dildo that was pounding in and out of it.

To Trish that right there was exactly what Stacy Keibler was now. An ass
hole. A walking, talking ass hole to be filled and used for pleasure at a
moments notice.

Stacy was nothing but a piece of ass to her. A perfect piece of ass, but a
piece of ass nevertheless.

Some might be offended that she thought of Stacy as that and used her
accordingly, but if Stacy's pussy, which was also totally on display, was any
indication Stacy was loving every second of it. Her seemingly endless moans
and cries of pleasure was another pretty clear indication, those moans and
cries also indicating Stacy was about to cum.

Trish considered just letting Stacy cum, but she had a little more time
before the next commercial break and she was still in the mood to pound some
butt, so she brought Stacy to the edge only to pull out at the last second
and slam herself deep into Stephanie's rectum.

Stacy let out a cry of frustration as her horny ass hole was suddenly left
empty and gaping while Stephanie let out a cry of joy as her ass hole which
had almost closed was now suddenly forced widely open again as Trish began
pounding her pooper.

A few moments later it was Stacy who was crying out in joy and Stephanie who
was crying out in frustration, and then it was the other way around, and then
it was the other way around, and then it was the other way around, and then
it was the other way around, as Trish switched back and forth between
Stephanie's and Stacy's ass holes, using both her bitches at the same time
for her pleasure.

Trish was impressed that apart from the cries of frustration her bitches
didn't complain, they just stayed bend over and allowed her to use their ass
holes as she pleased, a clear sign that these sluts were truly housebroken
and trained already.

Smiling at her conquering of these two WWE divas Trish continued going back
and forth between their butt holes, sodomising them both through another
advertisement break and for a while into her final segment until finally she
took pity on Stacy and began concentrating on her ass hole, pounding it hard
all the way to climax.

Screaming hysterically Stacy came, her eyes rolling and her body shaking so
hard it threatened to break the table. It was made of solid oak and because
of the WWE's track record with this type of furniture Trish had got it
especially so it wouldn't break, but Trish swore she heard something break.
Stacy heard nothing though, not even the cheers of the crowd as she came in
front of them, her entire world melting into an endless sea of pleasure as
explosion after explosion rocked her body, multiple anal orgasms leaving her
practically breathless.

Through it all Trish continued fucking her ass, even pushing past a couple of
climaxes of her own just to prove once and for all that Stacy Keibler was a
total bitch, her total bitch. Finally when she felt as if she was going to
collapse Trish quickly pulled out, but not before she squeezed the balls of
her strap on making her cum shoot deep into Stacy's bowels, the leggy
blonde's ass quickly filling up with Trish's cream, that cream a physical
reminder that Trish now owned that ass. Trish was filling that ass with her
cum, marking it as her territory. She was again marking Stacy as her
territory. She owned this bitch, and now Stacy had an ass full of her cum to
prove it.

When Trish pulled out there was a pause, and then her cum began oozing out of
Stacy's gaping ass hole, and from the looks of that obliterated hole Stacy
would be shitting Trish's cum for the rest of the night.

Trish grinned widely at this fact, before she turned to look directly into
the camera and said, "Mmmmmm, that was fun, but this is still a wrestling
show, so when we come back there'll be a 10 man tagteam match. Stay tuned for
that, and maybe more HLA. Before we go, one quick shout out to Torrie Wilson.
Torrie, take a good look at your future, cause when I'm done with you that is
exactly what your ass hole will look like, a destroyed, gaping mess of a fuck

As Trish pointed to her bitches the cameras did a close-up of their ass holes
which were both still gaping obscenely, a little trickle of Trish's cum still
sliding from Stephanie's stretched out shit pipe while it flowed out like a
river from Stacy's obscenely expanded shit hole.

Following Trish's instructions before the show the monkeys in the back split
the screen into two halfs, one showing Stephanie's gaping ass hole, the other
showing Stacy's gaping ass hole, both shots zooming in until all that could
be seen was their open butt holes, that shot remaining on screen for a few
long seconds before Smackdown went to another commercial break.

"Ok bitches, on your knees. I want you sluts to be crawling behind me like
the bitches you are." Trish said once it was clear Smackdown had gone to
commercials before exiting the ring.

Her bitches quickly followed behind her, crawling on their hands and knees as
they had been instructed, their heads down in submission and their asses up
so the fans in the arena got to see another close-up of their gaping ass

They continued to follow their mistress passed various backstage personnel
and some of the male wrestlers, all of whom stared at the sight of the two
broken women following their owner, until they reach Stephanie's... Trish's
Smackdown GM office.

Trish opened the door and allowed her bitches to crawl inside before she
locked the door behind them.

"Now, as I was saying... let's celebrate." Trish said, thrusting her hips
forwards and pointing at her strap on, "We can start by you two cock sucking
whores cleaning my cock of your slutty ass juices."

The two broken bitches nearly injured each other trying to get at Trish's
cock first, Stacy being the lucky one to be able to swallowed the head of the
strap on before Stephanie did, as a result Stacy tasting the very deepest
part of her bowels on the head of the cock with a little taste of the very
deepest part of Stephanie's bowels on the side. It was a taste which wasn't
at all unfamiliar to Stacy who had quickly learned to adore ass to mouth, the
ATM loving whore greedily sucking on the head of Trish's dildo while
Stephanie was left to lick the shaft.

Stacy would have never given up that dildo willingly but she was forced to
share it as Trish grabbed both her bitches by the hair and began guiding them
in their double blow job, first pulling Stacy away so she could shove her
strap on down Stephanie's throat so she could lightly fuck it before she fed
her ass flavoured cock to Stacy again, making her bitches go back and forth,
back and forth back and forth.

Both Stephanie and Stacy happily allowed their mistress to guide their lips
and tongues all over that cock, both greedily sucking all the ass juices they
could get until it was spotless.

Trish continued making her bitches blow her for a few long minutes, before
she pulled them both away so she could remove her strap on and then her top
and bra, tossing them aside before pointing to her big titties and telling
her bitches, "Suck on these."

Both Stephanie and Stacy eagerly scrambled to their feet and each dived for
Trish's boobs, Stephanie taking the right nipple into her mouth while Stacy
took the left, using the information they had picked up recently to pleasure
their mistress.

Trish tilted her head back and let out a long moan as those mouths closed
around her two sensitive nubs and began sucking greedily, her bitches's hands
coming up to caress the tit they were worshipping.

Gently Trish brought her two hands up to grab two handfuls of hair, pressing
those sluts into her cleavage, the act making them suck harder which made the
women's champion moan louder.

Free from time restraints Trish leaned back against the door and let her
bitches go to town on her big boobs, guiding their heads to make sure their
lips and tongues slid over every inch of her massive rack. Trish loved
getting her big tits worshipped like this, but every little touch Stephanie
and Stacy gave her sent little electric shocks of pleasure directly down to
in between her legs, a wet need ever increasing down there until Trish could
wait no longer.

"Stacy." Trish said, pulling the other blonde's face away from her left tit,
"Do you remember the reward I promised you if you signed those contracts?"

Stacy's face lit up, "Yes Mistress."

"Good, so... are you ready to taste your first pussy?" Trish asked.

"Oh yes Mistress, I'm ready. I can't wait. Please Mistress, feed me your
pussy. I want to taste your pussy so bad. Please let me taste my first pussy,
let me taste your pussy. Let me eat your pussy so I can really be your
lesbian bitch slut." Stacy begged.

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Trish chuckled, pulling Stacy into a brief
kiss before she pushed her down onto her knees, "You can take off the rest of
my clothes and eat my pussy. Get that pretty face of yours buried in my cunt
you little slut."

Stacy eagerly fell to her knees so she was eyelevel with her mistress's love
hole, Stacy getting a close up look at a pussy for the first time in her

As a former cheerleader and current WWE diva Stacy had been round plenty of
naked women in the showers, and since she had become Trish's bitch she had
seen both Trish and Stephanie naked a lot, but she had never been this close
to a pussy before. She'd had her face buried in Trish's and Stephanie's
asses, given both long, passionate rim jobs, and had smelled the sweet aroma
of another woman's arousal, but had never been so hit in the face with it as
she was being now. The smell was that of pure woman, and while that may have
been a put off for Stacy a few days ago now it made her salivate, as did
the sight of Trish's pussy juice leaking from her horny honey hole.

Leaning forward Stacy extended her tongue to catch the escaping liquid,
moaning softly first at the texture as it hit her taste-buds for the first
time, and then again when she slipped her tongue up Trish's thigh to
the source of this heavenly moisture.

When Stacy slid her tongue over Trish's pussy lips for the first time she let
out a loud moan, and then an even louder one as she plunged her tongue into
Trish's twat, her mouth wrapping tightly around that hole and beginning to
suck at it in between tongue thrusts.

Tasting Trish from the source was even better than tasting those drops which
had escaped, Stacy moaning into the other blonde's pussy as she started to go
to town on her fellow diva's love hole.

During one of the brief times Stacy had been left alone with Stephanie the
leggy blonde asked her fellow bitch about pussy eating. Stephanie had raved
how great it was, how delicious Trish tasted, how even though she lived to
get her ass fucked Stephanie could happily spend hours in between Trish's
thighs. Stephanie even went so far as to confess she craved the taste of her
mistress's pussy almost as much as she craved the feeling of her mistress's
cock fucking her ass, which was incredibly high praise considering Stacy knew
just how joyous it was to have an ass full of Trish's strap on.

Stephanie's words had built up a certain level of anticipation but it turned
out those words could not do justice to the pure heaven in liquid form that
was Trish's pussy juice. Stacy loved it from the first taste and the more she
swallowed the more she craved, the leggy blonde savagely going after the
cream she was craving like a woman possessed.

Luckily for Stacy not only had Stephanie told her about the joys of pussy
eating but she had also given her some great rug munching tips, all of which
Stacy was using now and happily finding all of them seemed to work in getting
her some more of that sweet cunt cream.

For a while every twirl of her tongue, every thrust, every lick, every suck,
was all down to Stephanie's instructions, Stacy eventually branching out and
experimenting a little, but mostly sticking to the tactics Stephanie had
taught her as those seemed to be very, very effective.

As Stacy was quickly getting used to eating pussy thanks to Stephanie's
advice Stephanie was regretting giving her that advice as the tall blonde
seemed an eager and fast learning muff diver, meaning Stephanie was going to
get a lot less pussy. True, that was going to happen anyway as Stacy's greedy
ass had cost Stephanie's ass a lot of time with Trish's dick, and that was
only going to get worse as more and more divas became Trish's bitches, but
with that in mind there would be something to be said for being Trish's
favourite bitch. Stephanie already had a special title and job of her own
within Trish's bitches, now all she had to do was learn how to be the best
bitch Trish would ever have and then hopefully she would be able to get as
much time worshipping Trish's pussy as possible.

With this in mind Stephanie devoted herself completely to the task at hand,
trying to ignore everything around her so she could simply concentrate on
sucking Trish's big tits.

This wasn't exactly a hard thing to do as Trish had one of the biggest racks
Stephanie had ever seen and sliding her lips and tongue all over them was
absolute heaven. Sure, Trish was the one guiding her mouth from tit to tit,
but the fact that Trish was in control here only made it better for the
broken brunette.

After suckling at Trish's teats for who knows how long Stephanie was pulled
away from them and into a heated kiss with Trish, the lip lock literally
taking her breath away, leaving her panting as it was broken.

"You know Steph, as my ASS-istant you won't just be ASS-isting me by giving
up your ass when ever I want, you'll be ASS-isting my ass to feel good by
kissing it and shoving your tongue up it. You remember that right?" Trish

"Of course Mistress, it was in the contract." Stephanie said, her eyes
lighting up, "Do you want me to do that now Mistress? Do you want me to get
down on my knees and kiss your big, beautiful ass? Do you want your new ASS-
istant to kiss your big, beautiful ass and make you feel good?"

"Well, since that is your job now I think that would be a good idea." Trish
chuckled, "Come on Stephanie, get down on your knees where you belong and
kiss your Mistress's ass. I want to feel your lips on my big ass again.
Mmmmmm, show me how much you love that big butt of mine by sliding your lips
all over it. Come on bitch, we both know you're a total kiss ass, so get down
on your knees and pucker up."

Eagerly Stephanie stepped round behind Trish, fell to her knees and began
covering that big, beautiful ass in kisses.

Probably because of their previous rivalry Stephanie had spent a lot of time
lately kissing Trish's ass. Even after Trish had started letting Stephanie
eat her pussy the busty blonde still seemed to prefer Stephanie's lips on her
ass than on her pussy, not that that really bothered Stephanie. In fact due
to her now feeling ashamed that she dared to cause her mistress pain
Stephanie was overjoyed that Trish was giving her the opportunity to make it
up to her by kissing her ass.

Taking full advantage of the opportunity, as she always did when being made
to kiss Trish's ass, Stephanie took her time sliding her lips over every inch
of Trish's butt cheeks, making sure they were well coated in her saliva
before she slid her tongue in between those round cheeks to lap at Trish's
ass crack, teasing the other woman's back door. After a little crack lapping
Stephanie closed her mouth around Trish's ass hole and then pressed her
tongue to it, swirling it around that puckered rosebud for a little
while before forcing her way inside. When she had her tongue in Trish's ass
Stephanie began thrusting it in and out, twirling it around inside Trish's
bowels as she did so, making sure to give her mistress an incredibly thorough
colon cleaning.

Soon Stephanie's face was completely buried in Trish's ass, the former
Smackdown GM sucking and slurping loudly at the current GM's ass hole in
between fucking it with her tongue, Stephanie happily devoting herself to
Trish's luscious booty, hoping she could prove herself as the best butt
licking bitch Trish had ever had.

Trish had been with a lot of submissive women, lots of whom had given her
fantastic rim jobs but none of them were better than Stephanie's.

It was a good thing Trish had turned Stephanie into her bitch because if this
was any indication, Stephanie was a born kiss ass.

Trish had already spent hours with Stephanie's tongue firmly up her butt, but
it was even better now Stacy's tongue was in her cunt at the same time.

Sure, Stacy lacked some of the skills Stephanie had learned but whatever
Stacy was lacking in skill she was making up for in enthusiasm and as a
result these two tongues sliding around inside her quickly brought Trish to
the edge of an orgasm.

Few things could have made this better. Ok, maybe Stacy could be a little
better at pussy licking, but she was going to get hours, and hours, and hours
of practice, as Trish was going to make sure Stacy's pretty face was buried
in between her legs as often as possible. Hell, she might even make Stacy eat
her out as much as she butt fucks the other blonde, and considering how much
Trish was planning to fuck Stacy's perfect ass that was really saying

The only other thing Trish could think of to make this better would be if she
had another bitch or two sucking on her big titties while she got her pussy
and ass eaten... and maybe another bitch to kiss... and maybe another couple
kissing her exposed ass cheeks while Stephanie continued reaming out her shit
hole. These things and more would be possible if Trish got more bitches, and
very soon that was exactly what Trish would have.

In Trish's mind the other WWE divas who she'd yet to turn into her bitches
were already broken and helping Stephanie and Stacy pleasure her, the thought
of it making Trish go over the edge.

Moments before she did Trish cried out, "Yes, that's it, eat me you little
bitches. Eat my pussy. Eat my ass. Eat out those fucking holes. Get your
slutty tongues as deep inside me as you can. Pleasure me my bitches, pleasure
your Mistress. Make your Mistress feel good. Get that tongue deep in my ass
hole Steph, mmmmmmmm, rim out that little hole I shit from! Make sure you
clean out my crap factory you fucking ass loving whore! I want you to have
the taste of my ass hole on your lips for days! You too Stacy. Whenever I
kiss you for the next couple of days I better taste my pussy otherwise I'm
going to spank your ass for being a lousy rug muncher. Come on you little
bitch, you're a lesbian now, my hot lesbian anal bitch, so I expect you to
learn how to eat pussy. Believe me when I say you're going to get a lot of
fucking practice. Mmmmmmm, you're going to be eating my pussy for hours, and
hours, and hours. You're going to practically live in between my legs bitch,
but that's ok, because that pretty face of yours looks really good between my
legs. Mmmmmmm, almost as good as Stephanie's face looks buried in between my
ass cheeks. Oh my God you bitches are making me feel so good. Your tongues
feel so good inside me. Oh my God you're going to... your going to... your
going to make me... oooohhhhhhh fuuucccccckkkkkk!"

As Trish screamed out her cum flowed into Stacy's mouth, the leggy blonde
greedily guzzling it down, amazed that anything could taste better than
Trish's pussy juice but so grateful she got the chance not only to taste it
but swallow every drop. Greedy for more Stacy pressed her face even deeper
into Trish's pussy, slamming her tongue in and out of her, making her cum
again and again, Stacy swallowing the sweet liquid every time.

Stephanie was incredibly jealous that she wasn't getting any cum but she too
continued pleasuring Trish without needing to be told, swirling her tongue
around inside her mistress's bowels, giving her as much added stimulation as
she could with the rim job.

In no hurry for her pleasure to end Trish continued to stand where she was,
her bitches passionately worshipping her holes until she told them to swap,
after they kissed for her amusement, swapping the taste of her holes so both
Stephanie and Stacy were eager to get their tongues into the other hole so
they could get more of the flavour they had tasted on the other's tongue.

Long after Smackdown went off the air Trish had her bitches go back and forth
between her pussy and ass hole until everyone was going home and they needed
to lock up the arena, at which point Trish took her bitches back to her hotel
room where she spent the rest of the night enjoying some serious HLA by
pounding their ass holes with her strap on.

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