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Disclaimer: The following story is a figment of pure imagination...sure
perverted, but still imagination. In case you could not understand, this
story is FICTION! IT DID NOT HAPPEN! Had anything like this ever happened,
then someone get a tape of it and stream it out to the world. REMEMBER THIS

HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Part 5
by MTL (

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to... No Anal Mercy." Lillian Garcia blushed,
"Please welcome from Boise Idaho, Torrie Wilson."

Shortly after she was introduced and the music began playing Torrie wandered
out, got in the ring and waved cautiously, the whole time looking
understandably nervous.

"Ok, now welcome from Toronto Canada, the WWE women's champion... Trish
Stratus." Lillian announced, quickly exiting the ring as the dominating
blonde's music started to play.

Appearing with her title belt over her shoulder and her strap on dildo in
hand Trish marched to the ring and posed as if she was getting ready for a
regular match and not thinking about stretching Torrie's ass as soon as this
foregone conclusion was over.

However when Trish's music ended a different track fired up and Victoria
appeared on the stage with a microphone in hand, "You know Trish, I always
knew you were a gutless coward, but now it's not just obvious to me, but
everyone watching. Why else would you be ducking me and going after the likes
of Stephanie, Stacy and Torrie who don't stand a chance against you?"

Grabbing a mic which someone at ringside quickly handed her Trish fired back,
"Maybe I'm saving the best for last... or maybe I'm going after the hottest
pieces of ass first. Actually, what am I saying, this is HLA, hot lesbian
anal... not MALA, mildly attractive lesbian anal, so you don't even qualify."

"Excuses, excuses. We both know the only reason you are not facing me is
because you know I can beat you. Hell, I bet you think I would beat you and
it terrifies you. What's the matter Trish, afraid to get your ass stretched
out and gaped? Afraid it will hurt, or afraid you might like it?" Victoria

"Nice try Victoria." Trish grinned, "You're not going to goad me into a match
when I already have one."

"Oh, so you're saying beating Torrie Wilson will take so much out of you that
you couldn't possibly handle me afterwards? Is that what you're saying?"
Victoria mocked.

"NO... I... you know what, fine. I'll beat your ass right after I beat
Torrie's, then I'll have two whores' asses to stretch out and tame." Trish
snapped, before she got hit roughly from behind by Torrie who was able to get
enough momentum from running at her opponent to knock her down.

Not giving her a chance Torrie began roughly kicking the woman intent on butt
fucking her, forcing Trish to roll out of the ring to get out of the
situation. Stupidly Torrie followed her only to come face to face with an
angry women's champion who made a swing for her. Before Trish's hand could
connect with her pretty face Torrie ducked and began running for her life, or
more accurately the well being of her ass, Trish quickly giving chase.

In a rather ridiculous display which had some of the crowd booing the two
blondes began running around and around the ring in circles, Trish unable to
catch up to her foe no matter how hard she tried.

Eventually Torrie hopped the barricade and ran out through the crowd, the
collection of mostly males with a couple of lesbians all smacking her on the
ass as she passed them, the braver members of the crowd doing the same to
Trish. The women's champion considered throwing a punch into the crowd, but
she couldn't risk this thing turning into a brawl. Besides, attacking the
crowd would not be good for business. So Trish allowed the audience to smack
her booty as she chased Torrie all around the arena, finally catching up to
her when one of the audience members intentionally blocked the running girl's

Thanking the interfering audience member Trish grabbed hold of Torrie's hair
and began dragging her back to the ring, but Torrie wasn't willing to go so

After punching Trish so hard in the ribs it threatened to leave a bruise
Torrie push the other blonde roughly forwards, Trish doubling over as she was
flung into the guard rail stomach first, the force of the impact knocking the
wind out of her. Taking advantage of the compromising position Torrie quickly
pressed one hand down on Trish's back to keep her in place while bringing the
other repeatedly down on the other diva's well rounded backside, Torrie
spanking Trish as hard as she could.

Trish was momentarily so horrified by what was happening she just lay there
doing nothing, however the audience cheering at her humiliation and stinging
blows to her butt quickly fuelled her rage and she pushed herself upwards.
Trish was stronger than Torrie, however it did take some manoeuvring on the
Canadian's part to struggle out of the firm grip of the other blonde so she
could stand up. While doing this Trish grabbed ahold of the hand Torrie had
been using to hold her in place and reversed their positions so it was Torrie
who was forced over the barricade with Trish viciously spanking her.

Torrie desperately tried to reverse the position as her opponent had done
however Trish was much stronger and thus was able to keep Torrie in place.
Eventually Torrie just gave up fighting it. Sure, it hurt but it also where'd
Trish down, so the plan was working. It was unfortunate she was getting
humiliated in the process but a public spanking was much more acceptable than
a public butt fucking so this was a small price to pay.

To add to Torrie's humiliation she was unable to stop herself from crying out
as the vicious assault to her behind continued, her small comforting thought
not really changing the fact that at this current moment in time she was
suffering so badly.

Despite herself Trish got totally carried away with spanking Torrie. Trish
couldn't help herself. Torrie's ass was so tight, firm and spank-able... not
to mention fuck-able, a fact that had Trish practically salivating as she
brutalised the ass in front of her. The Canadian even considered removing
Torrie's wrestling tights and exposing her naked butt to the entire world so
she could further humiliate her and enjoy the spanking even more, but really
she should be concentrating on winning this match, not spanking Torrie's ass.

Trish still had to beat Torrie, and then Victoria, and she couldn't be
declared the winner of this match if the referee was still all the way over
in the ring. What the hell was he doing all the way over there anyway?

That's when Trish realised to her horror that she hadn't specified in the
rules of a HLA match whether she had to beat her opponent in the ring or not.
She had specified the matches be no DQ or count outs, but that just meant it
was basically a street fight in which the common rule is you have to beat the
opponent in the ring. She should probably make amends to that when she next
got the chance, however for right now Trish had to concentrate on getting
Torrie back to the ring so she could beat her.

Deciding it would be best to beat her opponent as much into submission as
possible first Trish continued the spanking for several minutes, before
reaching down, pulling Torrie up by the hair and then slamming her head down
on the steel guard rail she had just been bent over.

Crying out in agony Torrie clutched her head as she fell backwards onto her
sore and beaten butt, the Canadian letting her fall only to pull her up by
the hair and repeat the process over and over again until the referee was
forced to come down and try and step in, if nothing else to try and stop a
clearly angry and frustrated Trish from committing murder live on PPV.

Letting go of her now bloody opponent Trish got in the ref's face and totally
bitched him out, explaining in no uncertain terms that all he was there for
was to count the pin and call for the bell. This gave Torrie a enough time to
collect herself together enough to try and attack the women's champion but
Trish was ready for her and all Torrie got was another face full of guard

Grabbing her opponent by her hair Trish practically pulled it out by the
roots as she dragged Torrie back to the ring, throwing her over the barricade
headfirst before climbing over so they were both in the ringside area. Torrie
was able to crawl into the ring and deliver a few quick, sharp kicks to Trish
as the WWE women's champion entered the ring, but the blonde Canadian quickly
regained control by grabbing onto Torrie's leg and executing a dragon screw
take down.

Quickly getting up Trish returned the previous favour by kicking Torrie while
she was down, after a while concentrating most of her kicks to Torrie's legs
before locking the other diva in a sharp shooter. Torrie try to fight being
turned over into it but it was no use and the crowd roared as it looked like
the match was coming to an end via tap out. However Trish had misjudged how
close they were to the ropes and Torrie was able to crawl the short distance
so that her hand was touching the rope.

As a result the referee tried to convince Trish to let go, but the GM of RAW
and Smackdown simply yelled at him that there was no rope break in this match
and he should just get down and ask Torrie if she wanted to submit. Unsure of
what to do in this situation and not wanting to lose his job the referee did
as he was told, Trish grinning as he did so and then grinning even wider as
she saw Torrie's hand raise up like she was about to tap. Then, at the last
possible second Victoria pulled the referee out of the ring, Torrie's hand
smacking against them at several times immediately afterwards to signal a tap
out submission, but thanks to Victoria the referee didn't see it.

Furious with rage Trish let go of the sharp shooter and went after Victoria,
the strong brunette surprisingly retreating with the angry blonde in hot
pursuit in a scene which was nearly identical to the one that had begun the

Realising this was getting her nowhere Trish rolled back in the ring as she
saw Torrie begin to get up, the WWE woman's champ reaching down to pick up
her opponent when she was suddenly caught in a small package, the referee
quickly kneeling down to count 1... 2...

Trish kicked out just in time, the referee's hand even hitting the canvas as
she rolled away, viciously hitting Torrie with the Chick Kick as the other
blonde got up to face her.

Rather than immediately going for the pin Trish bitched out the referee for
fast counting her, the ref trying to insist he didn't but Trish didn't want
to hear it. Turning away from him the champion knelt down and prepared to
cover her opponent for the easy win, but hesitated. After biting her lip and
looking thoughtful for a moment Trish turned to the ref and fired him on the
spot before calling for another referee, preferably one who could do his job.

As the former WWE referee left the ring Trish picked Torrie up and gave her a
stiff looking suplex, the thing almost a brainbuster given how sharp it

Trish picked Torrie up time and time again, delivering a collection of
suplexs and slams, posing after each one of them to make sure she was making
her point. Torrie may have got in a few lucky shots but Trish was the WWE
women's champion and she ruled the women's division. Unfortunately in her
anger Trish had forgotten the deal she had made with Victoria, a glance at
the smirking brunette several minutes later reminding her of the suddenly
very dangerous situation she found herself in.

Without any further ado Trish grabbed Torrie by the head and delivered a
picture perfect Stratusfaction and covered her as the new referee kneeled in
perfect position to count the 1... 2... 3.

"Here is your winner and still WWE women's champion..." Lillian began, but
before she could finish Victoria had jumped Trish, the victorious blonde not
even given a chance to lift herself off Torrie before she received a vicious
strike to the back of her head.

Rolling over the dazed Canadian Victoria mounted her, grabbed her by her
pretty hair and began punching her in the face over, and over, and over.

If the first shot hadn't knocked Trish completely loopy the next half-dozen
definitely did the trick, but even though she could have probably got the win
Victoria didn't even try to pin her.

For Trish the situation of only a moment ago was suddenly reversed and it was
her opponent who was toying with her to prove a point, Victoria wanting to
make absolutely sure she got to put Trish in her place right from the start.

"Take this you worthless whore! And this you stupid skank. And this you piece
of shit!" Victoria spat, beginning to insult Trish with every other punch,
the brunette mercilessly hammering her opponent.

After giving Trish a broken nose, a black eye and several bruises all over
her cover girl face Victoria finally got up and briefly posed to the crowd
before reaching down, grabbing Trish by the hair and dragging her over to the
corner. After throwing the blonde into the corner and propping her up so her
arms hung limply on the sides Victoria began to lay into her with rights and
lefts, really able to punish her in that position with all sorts of brutal
punches such as right hooks and uppercuts as the sadistic brunette used Trish
like she was a boxing dummy, the referee watching on unsure if he should try
and stop this or not as the audience tried to decide whether they should boo
or cheer this turn of events.

The audience definitely decided to cheer when Victoria tore Trish's top to
shreds and then took her time tearing apart her bra before she pulled the
tattered remains of it away from the helpless blonde, completely exposing her
massive jugs to the delighted crowd. Victoria's face also lighted up, the
brunette unable to resist taking one of those nipples into her mouth, if only
to bite down on it so hard she drew blood.

This finally awoke Trish from her stupor and she began to struggle, Victoria
laughing at her discomfort before slapping her big tits and spitting in her

"You like this Trish? You like being my bitch?" Victoria asked, cruelly
twisting Trish's levels harder than ever.

"Fuck you bitch!" Trish screamed in response, smashing her forehead into
Victoria's in a severe head-butt, quickly then beating her back with a few
right hands before trying to bounce off the rope to get some momentum enough
to knock the sadistic brunette down. Unfortunately for the women's champ she
ran right into a big boot from Victoria.

Embarrassed and angry Victoria began kicking Trish again, completely knocking
the wind out of her and leaving the women's champion helpless as the brunette
sadistically screamed the same two words over and over, "Fucking cunt!
Fucking cunt! Fucking cunt! Fucking cunt! Fucking cunt!"

Half a dozen kicks later Victoria picked up her opponent and threw her across
the ring with a fall away slam. She then gave her a series of scoop slams
before going up to the top rope to deliver a picture perfect moonsault and
then allowing the referee to count 1... 2...

At the last possible second Victoria pulled Trish's upper half off the
canvas, grinning wickedly before getting up and lifting the Canadian into a
suplex, holding her high above the air and letting all the blood rushed to
her head before bringing her crashing down to the matt.

By the time Victoria picked Trish up again the WWE women's champion was too
dazed to stop herself being shoved shoulder first in between the ropes and
corner, her head hitting the post which knocked her unconscious.

Grinning sadistically Victoria gripped onto Trish's tight-fitting spandex
pants and slowly pulled them down to reveal a thong buried in between the
blonde diva's large ass cheeks, admiring those fleshy globes and then
standing back so the cameras could get a good view of that bubble butt before
she kneeled down and began playfully playing the bongos on Trish's big, round

Slowly coming back to consciousness Trish groaned but she was too light-
headed to retaliate, the poor Canadian beginning to cry out in pain as
Victoria's playful slaps quickly turned vicious, Trish's meaty cheeks
rippling, jiggling and eventually turning pink from the force of the blows.

All these savage strikes to her rapidly changing colour behind eventually
awoke Trish enough to try and get herself out of her current situation, but
the moment she did Victoria pressed one hand down firmly on her lower back,
ensuring the WWE women's champion wasn't going anywhere.

Trish struggled as hard as she could but it was no use, Victoria had all the
leveraged and was stronger than her. All Trish could do was wriggle and cry
as her butt was brutalised. Trish continued fighting it for a long time, way
past the point it was obvious there was nothing she could do and she was only
wasting precious energy, but still she refused to give up. However eventually
it all became too much.

Victoria smirked as she felt Trish go limp, the challenger for the women's
title only increasing the force of her strikes as Trish began wailing like
never before, the sound almost as loud as the deafening sound of her hand
connecting again and again with Trish's butt cheeks which echo throughout the

When Trish's ass was rosy red Victoria gripped onto Trish's thong, the
sadistic brunette grinning as the blonde whimpered helplessly before her.

Victoria took her time, savouring the moment, pulling that butt floss deeper
in between Trish's meaty cheeks to make that big bubble butt seem even
bigger, the camera zooming in on it certainly helping matters. When she was
sure she had everyone's undivided attention Victoria slowly peeled that tiny
string away from in between Trish's massive butt cheeks, the arena suddenly
becoming dead silent before erupting with cheers as that thong fell down to
around her ankles, leaving her completely naked except for her boots.

The cheers grew louder then Victoria spread those large globes of flesh to
reveal Trish's pussy and ass hole to the watching world and the audience in
the arena, the camera zooming in so far it practically disappeared up Trish's

Once Victoria was sure the world had gotten a good look she grabbed hold of
her opponent, pulled her out of the corner, shoved her between her legs and
lifted her up to deliver her finishing move only for Trish to reverse it by
flipping forwards and rolling Victoria into a pin 1... 2...

At the last moment Victoria kicked out, kicked Trish in the face and then
quickly went for her finishing move again, this time completing it to
perfection and making the cover 1... 2...

Again Victoria picked Trish up, pure evil on her face, immediately getting to
her feet and pulling Trish with her so she could the quickest and perhaps the
most vicious looking Widows Peak anyone had ever seen.

Still not satisfied with that Victoria got out of the ring and quickly
returned with a chair. The referee tried to talk Victoria out of whatever she
was trying to do but the brunette gave him such a terrifying look he
immediately backed off, happy to let Victoria do whatever she wanted to Trish
as long as she didn't touch him, the security guards feeling the exact same

Lifting the chair high above her head Victoria brought it down again and
again on Trish's lifeless body, mostly concentrating on the back of the poor
blonde's head while also making sure to spend plenty of time on the other
diva's back. Finally Victoria dropped the chair, even the audience relieved
that it was seemingly over, only for Victoria to slowly, sadistically pick
Trish up, hold her in a front face lock and position her over the chair. The
arena fell completely silent as everyone watched in fascination and horror as
Victoria savoured the moment and then spiked Trish head first on to the chair
in the most brutal DDT anyone had ever seen.

Kicking Trish's body over Victoria grinned wickedly to see that her nemesis's
pretty face was practically a mask of red, the blood loss from her nose
nothing compared to the blood oozing from a large wound on Trish's forehead.

Slowly getting down onto her knees Victoria grinned sadistically at the
camera before covering Trish one final time 1... 2... 3.

"Here... here is your winner... and new WWE women's champion... Victoria."
Lillian announced in disbelief.

Grinning widely Victoria grabbed her newly won belt and held it high in
victory, standing over Trish as medics rushed into bandage her wounds and
make her halfway presentable, something which the now unconscious Trish had
ironically arranged for any HLA loser who suffered any noticeable injuries.

Once Trish was looking presentable Victoria rolled out of the ring and
retrieved a monster strap on dildo which looked like itwas almost 15 inches
long and 3 inches thick. Quickly strapping it around her waist Victoria
returned to the ring just-in-time for Trish to come to enough to see the
giant cock and then, fearing for her ass hole, roll out of the ring and
desperately try to get out of the arena.

Before Trish could make her escape Victoria grabbed a microphone and yelled,
"Trish, if you step one foot out of this arena you'll never work again
anywhere ever!"

Trish stopped and turned.

"Good, now I have your attention I have a message from Mr McMahon. He
appreciates you teaching his daughter a valuable lesson in not being stupid
enough to find yourself blackmailed or put yourself through such humiliation,
but your time running his company is over. What, you thought you could just
butt fuck his daughter and take over? He hopes you enjoyed your time on top,
because now you're about to get a taste of your own medicine. That's why he
came up with this little scheme. Torrie wears you out, I pick up an easy
victory after goading you into it. In return Mr McMahon gets his company
back, his daughter goes to the finest therapists in the world to get her off
her new anal submissive tendencies and Torrie and I get something we've
wanted for a very long time now, namely you and Stacy as our bitches. And
while Torrie has obviously gone to collect her prize, I intend to collect my
prize right now. So Trish, unless you want Mr McMahon to make sure you end up
living on the streets by blacklisting you everywhere, I suggest you get back
in this ring, get down on your knees and kiss my fucking ass!" Victoria spat,
the crowd erupting in cheers at the end of her speech as she turned around
and bent over.

There was a moment where Trish looked like she was about to faint or throw up
and then she very slowly made her way back to the ring, stared angrily at
Victoria for a moment, the new WWE women's champion smirking at her beaten
foe, daring her to try something. Instead the audience cheered loudly again
as Trish Stratus got down on her knees, leant forward and pressed her lips to
Victoria's right ass cheek.

"Oh fuck yeah Trish, kiss my ass!" Victoria screeched in delight, "Again!
Kiss my ass again you fucking bitch! Here, let me make it easier for you..."

Pushing the menacing strap on dildo and her underwear down until it was
around her ankles Victoria stuck her ass into Trish's face, not caring that
it wasn't just the Canadian who was getting to see her most private parts.

"Come on slut, kiss my ass some more. Kiss it like you made Stephanie and
Stacy kiss your ass. Come on Trish, pucker up, oh yeeeessss!" Victoria
cackled as she felt Trish's lips on her ass again.

Victoria continued her verbal abuse but Trish desperately tried to block it
out, along with any other sound echoing throughout the arena. Hell, she
wanted to block out every moment of this complete and utter humiliation, but
try as she might it didn't work and she found herself whimpering and crying
as she was forced to literally kiss Victoria's ass.

After a few moments of shameless sobbing Trish truly resigned herself to her
fate and forced herself to stop crying so she could try and keep the tiniest
bit of dignity while she endured what was to come. After all, compared to
getting her virgin ass hole violated by that monster dildo literally kissing
a little ass was nothing.

So Trish tried her best to please Victoria, covering her sweaty cheeks in
soft wet kisses before moving her mouth in between them to first kiss and
then lick at the other diva's ass hole.

As she lapped away at that puckered rosebud Trish felt the urge to push
Victoria forward and down onto her knees, grab that strap on, fasten it
around her own waist and ass fuck this bitch before she had the chance to
recover, however as much as she wanted to Trish was too afraid to try it.
After all, she was still exhausted from her matches, and the simple fact of
the matter was Victoria was just stronger than her.

Victoria had thrown her around like she was some kind of toy, and now much to
Trish's shame kneeling there, kissing the ass of the strong and dominant
woman who had just beaten her moments ago... Trish was feeling more than a
little turned on.

Of course any enjoyment Trish was feeling was dwarfed by Victoria's, the new
women's champion hardly believing that she finally had the mighty Trish
Stratus literally kissing her ass. Oh how she had dreamed of this moment, and
now it was finally here. And Trish was so eager. Sure not at first, but once
Trish had seemed to accept her fate the kisses to Victoria's butt cheeks
became much more frequent and firm, and Victoria didn't even need to tell the
bitch went to tongue her shit hole.

Mere words couldn't do justice to how Victoria was feeling at that moment,
although that didn't stop her from trying, the brunette reaching back to grab
a handful of blonde hair so she could push Trish's face deeper into her ass,
all the while hurling abuse at her, "That's it bitch, kiss my ass! Get your
cover model face deeper into my ass you fucking bitch. How does my ass taste
Trish? Does it taste good? Do you like it? Well you better, because you're
going to be tasting it a lot from now on. In fact, you're now my official
toilet paper. I'm going to fucking use your tongue to clean me out back there
whenever I take a shit. You like the sound of that Trish? You looking forward
to being my fucking toilet paper?"

Victoria laughed as Trish let out a mumble of protest, the cruel brunette
shoving the blonde's face even deeper into her ass, smothering her in it as
she continued verbally abusing her.

"Don't you fucking stop licking toilet paper... or I'll tell you into my
toilet too!" Victoria laughed again as there was another squeal from Trish
before her ass hole began to get licked like never before, "Yeah, that got
you licking again didn't it bitch. Mmmmmmm, you're getting deep into that ass
now. Yeeeeeesssssss, that's it, tongue my ass deep and hard. Get that tongue
deep up my fucking shit pipe you fucking bitch! Oooooohhhhhh!"

Victoria stopped talking momentarily as Trish's tongue entered her rectum,
that soft, wet little thing slowly going as deep as it could into her back
passage before beginning to slide around in there, Trish now giving her a
really thorough rim job.

This was the type of rim job which could make Victoria cum after a while, but
Victoria wanted her first orgasm with Trish to be a result of butt fucking
her hated rival into submission, so after a little more fun she put an end to
the incredibly enjoyable feeling of Trish's face buried in her ass.

"Oh fuck yeah, tongue my anal walls you fucking whore!" Victoria moaned,
getting the most out of the final few seconds with Trish's tongue up her
butt, "Get that tongue so deep up my ass you can taste what I had for lunch!
Mmmmmm, that's so fucking good... but you know what, as much as I love
feeling your tongue inside my ass, I want to get a fucking strap on inside
YOUR ass, and I want to do it right the fuck now!"

With that Victoria let go of Trish's hair, span around and bitch slapped
Trish so hard she knocked the blonde to the ground.

Bringing her hand up to her face Trish checked to make sure she didn't lose a
tooth as she slowly got back up onto her knees just in time to see Victoria
pulling the monstrous strap on up and around her waist.

After tightening the straps Victoria began to slowly, menacingly stroke the
shaft as if it was real, stepping forward ever so slightly so that the dildo
was directly in Trish's face.

"Are you fucking deaf slut? I wanna fuck that big bubble butt of yours right
the fuck now, so bend over, spread your ass and get ready to be turned into
my bitch!" Victoria spat, the crowd cheering again.

There was a moment where Trish looked like she was about to faint, throw up
or fight back and then she very slowly turned around, bent over and spread
her butt cheeks.

Grinning widely Victoria called out to the nearest cameraman, "Get a close-up
on that virgin ass hole that I'm about to destroy. Make sure everyone in the
arena and watching at home gets a good look so they can compare it to the
gaping crater it's going to become as I use it. That's it, closer, closer...
mmmmmmm, look at that tight little butt hole. And oh, that pussy. That pussy
looks soooo fucking wet. I think Trish is getting excited about losing her
anal cherry live here on pay-per-view."

Trish whimpered as Victoria cackled, the now former women's champion
terrified and embarrassed that her pussy was becoming so wet, the evidence
clear to everyone as it appeared on the big screen. She had no idea why she
was getting so excited, but Trish couldn't help groan softly in pleasure as
Victoria playfully slid her fingers over her pussy lips while bending down to
spit on her ass hole before straightening up and pressing her strap on to it.

"Split screen between Trish's ass hole and her face as I shove this big
fucking cock up her ass!" Victoria ordered as she pushed slowly but
forcefully forwards, Trish's butt hole slowly opening under the assault.

All the fans watching got a clear view of Trish's virgin ass hole opening up
and accepting the dildo inside it, Trish's face a mask of pain, humiliation
and horror as she lost her anal cherry with millions of people watching.

Just about every fibre of Victoria's being was screaming at her to slam every
single inch of that obscenely big toy up the blonde's butt in a single
thrust, however Victoria had seen how Trish had slowly stretched out
Stephanie's and Stacy's asses and wanted to make sure Trish suffered the same
fate. This was not because Mr McMahon had commanded it or Victoria wanted to
avenge Stephanie's and Stacy's honour, it was because she had found that
footage to be so hot she had masturbated to both the pictures and the video
footage itself countless times and couldn't wait to see Trish's ass hole
getting slowly stretched out, which was exactly what happened.

Inch by inch Victoria slowly inserted her cock into Trish's rectum,
practically drooling as the blonde's shit hole stretched obscenely around the
massive invader as it struggled to take the entire length deep inside it.
Inevitably though Victoria's hips came to rest against Trish's widely spread
meaty cheeks, announcing that every inch of dildo had been forced deep into
the former champ's ass.

"There you go Trish, a 14 inch dose of your own medicine right up your
fucking ass! How does it feel bitch? How does it feel to get a taste of your
own fucking medicine?" Victoria screamed, roughly pulling back on Trish's
hair, so much so Trish let go of her ass cheeks in shock which led to her
receiving an extremely hard slap to her behind, "Did I say you could take
your hands off your ass cheeks bitch? No, so keep spreading those fucking
cheeks until I tell you otherwise! That's better, now keep them spread while
I feed you your own fucking medicine!"

Trish tried not to react to the physical and verbal abuse she was receiving
but she found it impossible, the most overwhelming sensations rocking her
body and forcing her to continuously fluctuate between crying her eyes out
and screaming in pain. That pain was excruciating, like none Trish had ever
felt before. Victoria had quickly established a punishing rhythm, that big
strap on stretching out Trish's shit hole wider then should be natural to the
point it probably should have ripped apart, each thrust of that long thick
shaft feeling like a red-hot poker being jammed into the deepest depths of
her bowels.

The pain wasn't the only reason Trish was crying though as no matter how hard
she tried to close her eyes and block out everything around her she was very
aware that millions of people were watching her debasement, and try as she
might she couldn't resist looking up at the big screen. She had looked up
there before when she had been breaking in Stephanie and Stacy, but now she
was the one who was the perfect picture of submission, bent over with a
powerful diva pumping into her from behind, close-up shots focusing on her
gaped wide ass hole wrapped around a huge dildo slowly but steadily sliding
its way through her anal ring, Trish still forced to spread her ass cheeks so
that her brutalised butt hole was on perfect display to all those watching.

However as overwhelmingly strong as the feelings of pain and humiliation were
they were nothing compared to the dread Trish was feeling as she thought
about just how much worse it was going to get.

The beginning was so brutally painful Trish hoped that what she feared would
happen would never come to pass, that her first butt fucking would be nothing
but agony and any future ass poundings she would receive would be just as
painful, but she had fucked too many girls in the ass to believe that was

Just as she feared the pain eventually started to fade, and then it happened.
A spark of pleasure. It was so tiny it was barely noticeable, but amongst all
the feelings of agony it echoed through Trish's body like a gunshot. Those
sparks of pleasure only increased until it felt like there was a fireworks
display in her rectum, creating an incredible mixture of pain and pleasure...
until the pain faded away completely, leaving Trish to cry harder than ever
before as her body betrayed her, so much so she couldn't stop a loud moan
from escaping her lips.

"Oh yeah, moan for me bitch, moan for me like a whore! Like a fucking anal
whore!" Victoria cackled, "How do you like it Trish? How do you like being
the one getting fucked up the ass? Like your own medicine bitch? Of course
you do. That's why you're moaning like a fucking whore for me. It's because
you love getting fucked up the ass by me. You love taking your own medicine.
A nice big dose of cock up the butt. Mmmmmmm, oh yes, just what every anal
whore like you needs."

Victoria continued gleefully insulting her rival while she ravaged her
rectum, more than a few moans escaping Victoria's lips as she was now on top
of the world. She'd experienced a lot of pleasure in her life, the best of
which was mostly from dominating other women both inside and outside the
ring, but nothing even compared to butt fucking the mighty Trish Stratus.

All through her career Victoria had found herself several steps behind this
blonde beauty. Trish was the one with all those cover shoots, who's beautiful
looks ensured she had everything handed to her. She even had even had the WWE
and WCW fighting over her, each throwing her big-money contracts to come work
for them and she couldn't even wrestle at that stage. Victoria had to scrape
and claw just to get her foot in a door which was held wide open for Trish,
and while she had been earning her spot in the WWE Trish had been handed all
the opportunities in the world.

Victoria had always resented Trish for all of that, and had been dreaming
about humiliating her for years, and they're definitely could be no better
humiliation than this. The spanking and the ass kissing had been fun, but
those things had just been a warm up for this heavenly moment that Victoria
got to stretch out Trish's butt hole and use it for her pleasure. Oh how she
had dreamed of this, of thrusting a large dildo deep in between Trish's meaty
cheeks, of forcing the blonde to spread those meaty cheeks for her so she
could really enjoy the sight of watching her strap on pumping in and out of
Trish's pooper. Of course despite what others around her might be thinking
Victoria was only going at half speed for her as she wanted to save the real
shitter slamming for later. Right now, she was focused on enjoying the

The cheering fans made it even easier to enjoy the moment, Victoria grinning
at them as she fucked Trish's ass. She hadn't much cared what the fans
thought of her before, but now they were actually cheering for her Victoria
had to admit the applause was rather intoxicating, especially as they started
calling such wonderful things as:

"Destroy that shit hole!"

"Wreck her fucking rectum!"

"Make sure she never shit rights again!"

Wanting to cater to her new fan base Victoria began pulling out of Trish's
ass and moving aside so that the cameras could totally focus on her
increasingly opened ass hole, that poor battered butt hole remaining open for
longer each time and thus giving the fans in both the arena and around the
world increasingly longer to stare into the depths of Trish's bowels. To add
to this Victoria began spitting into Trish's butt, her saliva sometimes
sliding from the ass hole quickly, sometimes slowly, sometimes not sliding
out until a few gapes later, and sometimes Victoria would even spit into that
shit hole right before she thrust back in, ensuring the saliva would be
pushed deep into Trish's back passage, probably not leaving for a very long
time to come.

After a few minutes of this Victoria stood back and ordered, "Turn round
bitch, I want you to taste your fucking ass on my cock!"

Trish grimaced at the command as she slowly turned around and got in position
so she was kneeling in front of Victoria. She then paused, trying to convince
herself to wrap her lips around that dildo which had just been buried balls
deep in her butt.

"Hurry it up slut, we don't have all night." Victoria spat.

Trish glared up at Victoria, the new women's champion glaring back so that
the two WWE divas were locked in a stare down for several moments, then Trish
leant forward, opened her mouth and took the head of the strap on into her

The blonde almost immediately gagged at the taste of her own ass, wanting
more than anything to pull away but knowing she couldn't if she didn't want
to be ruined. Besides the only way she could get revenge on Victoria was to
endure everything the sadistic brunette gave her, survive the following week
without completely submitting to her and then beating and breaking her at a
later date.

So closing her eyes Trish forced herself to swallow the first few inches of
fake cock and then bob her head up and down on it, desperately avoiding the
urge to puke as she tasted the deepest part of her ass on the dick.

The crowd cheered as Trish began to suck the cock, which was nowhere near as
distressing as the feeling of Victoria's hand on the back of her head, Trish
whimpering softly as the diva who had defeated her began insulting her again,
"That's it, suck my dick bitch! Suck it deeper. Take it down your throat.
I've always said that you suck Trish, and here's the proof. Here's you
sucking on my dick, just like you sucked all those dicks to get where you are
today, to get a head of me! Well now you're giving it to me you fucking cock
sucking loser!"

As Victoria continued to lay the verbal smackdown she tightened her grip on
the back of Trish's head, forcing her to bob her head not at her own pace,
but at Victoria's. In addition to this Victoria began thrusting her hips
forward, fucking Trish's mouth like she had been fucking her ass hole.

This made Trish gag and choke so much she tried to push Victoria off her, but
the new WWE women's champion was too strong for the former champ, Victoria
loving the sounds of Trish gagging and choking on her cock until it looked
like the blonde might pass out if things continue, at which point Victoria
through Trish to the ground, turned her over and unceremoniously shoved her
strap on cock right back up the other diva's ass.

After a little more butt fucking Victoria repeated the process of making
Trish taste her own butt, forcing her to go ass to mouth over and over again
much to the crowd's delight who continued to cheer Victoria on:

"Yeah, make that bitch taste her ass!"

"ATM her good!"

"I fucking love it when a slut goes ass to mouth!"

Victoria did her best to make it a real show for them, continuing to fuck
Trish's throat, using the other diva as a face pussy, or face ass hole,
forcing her strap on down the blonde's throat deeper and deeper into her
mouth and down her gullet until her pelvis was bashing against Trish's nose,
every inch of that dildo being firmly pumped in and out of her new bitch's
throat, the whole time Victoria continuing to verbally abused her, "That's it
you fucking skank, take all my cock down your fucking throat! You like that?
You like having a cock that deep down your throat? Of course you do you
little cock sucker! I bet you've done this so much to advance your career you
now just do it for fun. Yeah, you're a fucking slut, a cock sucking slut! An
ATM whore! Take it! Take my cock Trish, oh fuck yeah!"

Having another idea Victoria pulled Trish up and said, "Come on bitch, we're
taking this show on the road."

Practically dragging Trish out of the ring and over to the aisle separating
the audience from the arena Victoria slapped her rival hard across the face
and yelled, "Bend over and spread your cheeks."

"Facing the audience." Victoria added, Trish shuffling interposition before
the new women's champ yelled, "Ok people... anyone want to spit into Trish
Stratus's ass?"

There was a roar of approval and then all the men and women from the front
row began spitting, some of it landing on Trish's meaty cheeks, some of it on
her hands and most of it going into her gaping ass hole.

"That's great Trish, now start moving sideways." Victoria ordered, "We want
to make sure everyone gets their turn spitting into your ass!"

Weeping at this latest humiliation at Trish did as she was told, gasping as
she felt the audience becoming increasingly rowdy. At first it was just spit,
but eventually one audience member was brave enough to reach out and pour his
beer all over her ass. When this went unpunished several other guys and girls
did the same, and when they too went unpunished they began reaching out to
touch her big round cheeks, which actually did get a response of sorts.

"Trish, take your hands off your ass cheeks." Victoria commanded, "I think
our audience deserves to feel up your loser ass!"

The moment Trish did so her ass was brutally smacked, several more smacks
following a she continued moving around, guys and girls quickly beginning to
greedily grope her meaty cheeks and slip their fingers into the gradually
tightening hole in between them. She gasped as she was double penetrated for
the first time, two lesbian lovers first pushing some fingers into her pussy
and ass hole before pulling out a couple of dildos and thrusting them inside

"Hey now, I'm the only one who gets to use a dildo on her!" Victoria snapped,
effortlessly turning Trish around and thrusting her strap on back into her
ass, "You can make her taste herself though... and please, keep spitting."

Eagerly obeying the two lesbians shove first one and then the other dildo
into Trish's mouth, making her taste her own pussy and ass, before taking it
in turns using those dildos to fuck her mouth, making every guy in the arena
wishing they could reach Trish's mouth with their dick.

It got even worse for those poor guys as they watched Victoria push her strap
on back into Trish's mouth, the blonde sucking it without needing to be told,
her sensuous lips sliding up and down that shaft, eventually taking the whole
thing down her throat.

The idea of that happening to their cocks was just too tempting for some guys
and they tried to get on the barricade but they were threatened down by
security, who warned Victoria this should stop before she caused a riot. Not
listening Victoria completed her way around the arena, making sure every fan
got to either spit into Trish's ass hole or spit on to her face, most also
getting to feel up her large butt or big tits in the process, the whole time
Victoria either fucking Trish's ass or her throat.

The whole thing made Trish feel like a piece of meat. She had felt like that
for quite a while as she felt herself being put on display, but now it was
even worse as people felt her up, mulling over her tits and ass like she was
a piece of prime rib. It was so humiliating.

Trish's humiliation was far from over, a fact made clear once she and her
tormentor had completed their way around ringside.

"Go get a chair and meet me in the ring bitch." Victoria ordered the blonde
as she smacked her butt roughly enough to make the big cheeks jiggle before
rolling into the ring.

Trish whimpered and retrieved a chair from ringside, realising to her horror
it was the same one Victoria had DDT'ed her onto earlier. Remembering that
act of cruelty refuelled Trish's anger and as she slowly made her way into
the ring every fibre of her being was screaming at her to bash Victoria's
head in.

Seeing the angry look in the other diva's eyes Victoria smiled and said, "Go
ahead, try it. Just try swinging that thing at me and just see what happens.
You think your little ass hole hurts? You think I'm roughly stretching it
out? You haven't felt anything yet. So please, please give me an excuse to
rip your ass hole apart!"

For a few long moments Trish remained as still as a statue, clutching the
chair in her hands and debating what she should do. She wanted to have her
revenge so badly, but she was too physically weak to carry it out, and even
if she got lucky enough to KO Victoria she knew the psychotic diva would come
after her.

Feeling like this was only way she could make sure her ass hole got off easy
Trish slowly handed the chair to Victoria who took it with a smirk, set it up
in the middle of the ring and then turned around to bitch slap Trish so hard
she fell to the canvas clutching her face in pain.

"That's for even thinking about attacking me you little whore!" Victoria spat
before she sat down on the chair, "Now get up, turn so your back is to me and
then lower that big fat whore ass of yours down on my cock. And do it slowly.
I want to enjoy watching your big fat ass swallowing my cock."

Trish did her best to hide her whimper as she did as she was told, slowly
getting in position and lowering her ass down on the strap on cock that
Victoria helpfully held in place. Despite the fact the dildo was being held
steady and Trish's ass hole was still gaping pretty widely the now former
women's champion found it difficult to hit the target. Part of that
difficulty was looking behind herself and aiming her ass hole down onto that
fake dick, so without thinking Trish reached back and spread her ass cheeks,
making it easier for her butt hole to find the large poll and slide down on

"Oh fuck yeah, that's it, spread those big ass cheeks for me!" Victoria
cackled in delight, "Make sure you're giving me and the audience the best
possible view of your big fat butt taking my strap on inside it."

A fresh feeling of utter embarrassment and humiliation washed over Trish as
she was reminded of the audience watching her, her head turning from side to
side as she viewed the jeering fans, her eyes locking onto the Titan Tron and
seeing it showing a close-up of her back door stretching around Victoria's
dildo, inch after inch clearly disappearing into her rectum as she continued
lowering her ass down upon it until she was sitting on Victoria's lap, which
of course got a fresh cheer from the audience.

It also got Victoria to chuckle again before yelling out, "Now start bouncing
on my dick bitch! And keep your ass cheeks spread until I tell you

Trish whimpered and then moaned as she began doing as she was told, awkwardly
lifting herself up and down on Victoria's dildo, sodomising herself to the
delight of everyone in the arena except herself. It was to the delight of her
body though, the ass fucking giving Trish a strange and unwelcomed type of
pleasure the likes of which she had never experienced before.

She tried to dull the effects by slowing down her speed but that only seemed
to increase the pleasure. Even when it felt like she was only moving an inch
every five to ten seconds there was still an increasing amount of pleasure
running through her, and to her horror both the audience and Victoria seemed
to really get a kick out of watching her going so slowly, the big screen
showing a close-up of her stretched out shit hole slowly moving up and down
on that giant poll, allowing the audience to let out a loud cheer every time
she moved.

Despite it not really helping Trish kept the slow pace because she was
positive moving faster would only make things even worse, but eventually the
choice was taken away from her when Victoria barked, "Move faster bitch!"

There was a brief pause and then Trish did as she was told, picking up the
pace until she was at the same slow but steady pace she had started out with,
which unsurprisingly increased her pleasure just as much if not more than the
incredibly slow sodomy she had recently treated herself too.

In a last-ditch effort to put a stop to the ever-increasing pleasure Trish
began to go faster and faster until she was jack-hammering her ass hole up
and down on the cock, hoping and praying if she went fast enough the early
pain would return and cancel out some of the ecstasy flowing through her
body, but instead the exact opposite happened and she felt like she was
suddenly on the edge of an orgasm.

Immediately Trish slowed down, only for Victoria to yell out, "No, I want to
see you slamming that slutty shit shooter of yours on my strap on until you
pass out or I can tell you you can stop. So no slowing down until I say so
slut. Oh, and no cumming. You don't get to cum until I say so, and if you so
much as have one little orgasm without my permission I'll spend the next week
pimping your ass hole out for one dollar a pop. You hear me bitch?"

"Yes Victoria, I swear I won't cum." Trish cried.

"You better not whore!" Victoria spat.

Trish didn't want to cum. She really, really didn't want to cum... but she
needed it. Her traitorous body needed it, and as she continued butt fucking
herself on that fake cock she began to realise it was only a matter of time
before she could no longer keep the urge at bay. She could only hope the
audience would get bored and leave and the PPV would run out of over time
before the inevitable happened so no one but Victoria would see her suffer
that humiliation. She also hoped Victoria was just giving an empty threat
about pimping her ass out, just in case.

Victoria wasn't sure whether that had been an empty threat or not, because
she hadn't decided whether it was or not yet. She loved the idea of being
able to whore Trish out, of humiliating her in that way, and even at a dollar
a pop Victoria would still probably make a fortune from it. However Victoria
also liked the idea of keeping Trish as her personal bitch and sharing her
with no one.

As she watched that ass hole frantically pumping up and down her strap on it
was certainly hard for Victoria to imagine sharing such a sexy shit hole. It
looked even better now than it had when it had been slowly moving up and down
on her shaft, and those big round cheeks which were still currently being
held apart by Trish were just made for spanking.

However even though Trish's ass was by far the part of her body Victoria had
most lusted after it wasn't the only part of her she craved, not by a long
shot. Trish had a perfect body, beautiful face, cock/cunt sucker lips and a
pair of giant titties which would make most porn stars jealous.

Licking her lips at the thought of those tits Victoria yelled out, "Trish
take your hands off your cheeks and lean back. I want everyone to see your
big fat titties bouncing as you use your big fat ass to pleasure me."

Trish paused to long to whimper and paid the price, Victoria pushing her
rival's hands out of the way and slapping her ass so hard it sounded like a
gunshot, "NOW BITCH!"

Again Trish whimpered, this time as she slowly leant back until Victoria's
boobs were pressing into her back and her own were on perfect display.

Trish then let out a sound like she had been gutted like a fish as Victoria
effortlessly stood up and used one hand to move her chair around and the
other to keep Trish's big round cheeks glued to her thighs, the sudden
pressure causing the huge dildo to somehow go even deeper into the blonde's
bowels. This thankfully didn't last too long as Victoria sat back down again,
this time with both of them facing the big screen.

"Start riding that dick slut!" Victoria ordered, smacking Trish's ass again,
"I want you, and everyone else in this arena, to be watching your fat titties
bouncing for me while you ride my fucking cock with your big fat butt!"

This time Trish didn't just whimper, she wept as she began slowly lifting her
sore ass up and down on that bowel obliterating dildo, unable to stop herself
looking at the huge close-up on her jiggling tits, those big mountains of
flesh bouncing up and down hypnotically with similarly every little movement
she made. It didn't matter how small, her tits seemed to be showing off,
betraying her just like the rest of her body.

What was far worse than that was the inescapable fact that her nipples were
harder than they'd ever been before, their hardness on clear display as her
breasts continued their continuous movement. The only saving grace of this
was extracted from Trish's pussy which felt like it was running like a river.

No sooner had Trish had unwittingly thought this the camera began panning
downwards. She silently begged it to return to her tits, but to her horror
instead it went to her pussy, showing the whole world just how turned on she
was getting from being butt fucked by another woman.

"Oh hell yeah, you love my dick, don't you, you little anal slut!" Victoria
laughed, "Oh yeah, work that ass. Work it real hard on my dick. Get all that
dick up your butt. You can't get enough of it up the butt can you Trish? You
can't get enough dick in your ass because now you're a total anal slut!"

To Trish's horror the audience began chanting 'anal slut', 'anal slut', 'anal
slut', 'anal slut', 'anal slut', which couldn't have been further from the
truth. She wasn't an anal slut. She was an ass fucker. A butt buster. She
loved fucking girls in the ass, not getting fucked in the ass by other girls.

However no matter how many times Trish told herself this there was evidence
on the big screen telling her and the world a very different story.

As Trish seemed to further breakdown into tears Victoria sat back and
relaxed. She even took her hand off Trish's hips, which had been gripping
onto them like a vice, and put them behind her head as she admired the WWE's
newest anal slut Trish Stratus bouncing her big ass on her strap on dick.

While like everyone else in the arena Victoria's eyes wandered to the big
screen more often than not they also darted down to Trish's bubble butt,
those big round cheeks jiggling just as hypnotically as her tits, the
difference being Victoria could feel them jiggling against her thighs which
was an incredibly erotic experience for her. It was even better when she
slapped Trish's ass as it made the cheeks jiggle even more, which of course
meant it wasn't long before she was regularly spanking Trish with varied
levels of force.

Of course as much as she loved the feeling of Trish's large ass against her
Victoria struggled to take her eyes off that dripping pussy, Victoria eagerly
continuing to verbally abuse the blonde as she forced her to anally abuse
herself, "That's it, pound that dick with your ass slut, you ass slut!
Mmmmmm, that pussy is so dripping wet for me."

Doing as Victoria said the camera guy on Trish panned upwards and zoomed in
on the blonde's big boobs so that no matter how hard they jiggled it was
obvious to even the most short sighted people in the room that Trish's
nipples were hard.

This again made Trish whimper, which made Victoria in turn laugh. The new
women's champion could have done this to the former champion for hours, but
as she saw that close-up on those big tits she couldn't help wanting to taste

But first, "Ok bitch, I think it's time you tasted your nasty ass juices on
my cock again!"

Trish whimpered, but got on her knees and took Victoria's cock into her
mouth, grimacing again at the taste of her own ass. She knew from her
previous experience that she couldn't block it out so Trish just did her best
to get this over with, just like the butt fucking. So she bobbed her head up
and down as fast as she could, giving the dildo the wettest and noisiest blow
job she could possibly give.

This of course had Victoria grinning widely as she lay back and watched her
most hated rival sucking her cock, unable to resist reaching out, grabbing
hold of Trish's hair and guiding her up and down on the shaft. Victoria
revelled in the chance to make Trish gag on the taste of her own ass again,
but as much as she loved ATM'ing Trish she was still aching to taste those
titties, and just as importantly get a close-up of them bouncing for her. So
after a little cock sucking Victoria pushed her new slut away.

"Ok anal slut, back on my lap, only this time facing me." Victoria commanded,
"It's time I got a close-up look at those big bouncing titties."

Slowly Trish got back onto her feet and kneeled with her legs either side of
Victoria before lowering her ass downwards, her shit hole stretched so wide
she didn't even need guiding down onto the dick as it seemed like there was
no way she could fail to hit her target. She didn't, Trish letting out a soft
cry of pleasure, pain and frustration as her opened wide butt took the entire
length of the dildo with ease.

"Start bouncing again bitch!" Victoria ordered, smacking Trish's sore ass.

Trish did as she was told, slowly beginning to lift herself up and down on
the strap on cock, still desperately trying not to give Victoria the
satisfaction of seeing her react but it had been becoming increasingly
difficult and now seemed impossible as Trish was forced to look into
Victoria's smug, satisfied looking face, the other diva not needing to even
open her mouth to make Trish feel worse than she already did, but doing it
anyway just for fun.

"That's it, fuck that fat ass on my cock bitch!" Victoria grinned gleefully,
"Fuck that big, fat ass on my cock like the greedy little anal whore you are!
You can't get enough can you? Yeah, you love that cock inside your shitty
depths, stretching them out nice and wide, making you want to cum like the
anal whore you are for me. Mmmmmmm, you look so good bouncing on my cock
Trish. I just love the horrified look on your face as you're coming to
realise just how much you love being a little anal whore for me. And these
tits are magnificent. I just love the way their bouncing, so full and ripe,
mmmmmmm... there just so tempting. I just have to taste them."

With that Victoria shut up as she buried her face in Trish's cleavage, but as
much as it helped not having to hear Victoria or seeing the look on her face
having the brunette sucking on her titties may have been even worse, because
it felt so good Trish couldn't help but moan, which was the one thing above
all else she was trying to stop from doing.

It was pretty clear Victoria had sucked on a pair of titties before and she
was incredibly good at it, taking each nipple and a mouth and giving it just
the right amount of licking, sucking and biting. There were moments Victoria
licked, sucked and bit harder, but that only seemed to turned Trish on more.
And the way her hands massaged her big boobs, and teased her nipples, it was
all just way, way too good.

There was a brief respite for Trish as Victoria's hand suddenly went to her
hips and forced her to stop bouncing, radically decreasing her pleasure to
just the wicked manipulations of Victoria's mouth, tongue and teeth, which
was still incredible, but at least Trish didn't feel like she was going to
cum do any more. However then Victoria started gently lifting Trish up and
down, taking that tiny bit of control Trish previously had away and leaving
her with nothing but pure overwhelming pleasure radiating from her tits and
ass, fresh tears running down Trish's cheeks as she realised it was now only
a matter of time before she came.

As much as Victoria believed Trish's best feature was her ass and she had
fantasized about fucking it countless times she had fantasized almost just as
much about Trish's tits. They were just... magnificent. Perfect. Big round
and juicy, just like her ass. Who cared if they were fake, they felt and
tasted real enough to Victoria who was very much enjoying her time with them,
taking almost as much pleasure in running her mouth and tongue all over them
as she did fucking Trish's ass.

Victoria didn't forget about Trish's ass though, and as much as she enjoyed
watching Trish ass fucking herself, and as much as she'd love to make her
continue doing so to climax, there was something Victoria wanted even more,
and that was to make the mighty Trish Stratus cum from being fucked up the

True, thanks to her winning the HLA match she now had Trish as her bitch for
an entire week so she would have plenty of opportunities to make Trish cum as
much as she wanted, but it was very important to Victoria that she was the
one who made Trish cum the first time, and not Trish herself. After all,
Victoria had been dreaming about this for years, and it was so close to
perfect right now she wouldn't want anything to spoil it.

With this in mind Victoria quickly increased the pace, lifting Trish up-and-
down her cock as if she was a rag doll, the audience gasping at her strength
as she got down to some serious butt pounding.

Her lips stayed attached to Trish's tits for as long as she possibly could,
but ultimately Victoria had to let go, sit back and just watch as those big
titties bounced like never before, her smirk returning to her face as she
began jack-hammering her hips upwards, pile-driving that strap on into the
deepest depths of Trish's bowels at an increasingly brutal pace.

"Cum for me bitch! Cum with my cock up your ass like the little anal whore
you are!" Victoria ordered, "I told you not to cum before but now I'm telling
you to cum! Cum now you fucking bitch, cum for me!"

Trish tried not to cum. She really did, but the pleasure was just too much
and before she knew she was screaming at the top of her lungs and cummming
like she'd never cum before. It was more powerful than anything she'd ever
felt. She tried to tell herself it wasn't, but it was.

She didn't even become aware that she was no longer being ass fucked until
her climax finally started winding down, which point she realised Victoria
was holding her in place with every inch of that dildo buried up her butt,
her rectum muscles spasming pleasurably around the giant anal invader.

"You like my big dick in your ass, don't you Trish?" Victoria grinned before
violently smacking the blonde's butt, "Don't you?"

"Y... yes Victoria... I love your big dick in my ass. It feels so good."
Trish wept softly.

"Mmmmmm, but you liked cumming like a little anal whore, didn't you?"
Victoria said.

"Yes, I liked cumming like a little anal whore." Trish quickly replied,
hoping to save herself another butt slap.

"And now you want to thank me by sucking your nasty anal juices off my cock
again, don't you slut?" Victoria said.

"Yes, I want to thank you by sucking my nasty anal juices off your cock
again." Trish said, slowly getting off of Victoria's lap and kneeling down in
front of her and took the cock back into her mouth.

As she began bobbing her head, taking more of the dildo each time, Trish
realised she hadn't hesitated this time. She hadn't even grimaced in disgust.
Was she really becoming so compliant already? Or was she just exhausted from
experiencing the hardest climax of her life? No, it wasn't the hardest climax
of her life. It couldn't be. She had had better... she just couldn't think of
any right now. She just had to forget about that, and why she was suddenly
being so submissive and concentrate on sucking Victoria's strap on cock.

While Trish concentrated on taking inch after inch of dildo down her throat
Victoria smirked as she thought how submissive Trish was becoming. Compared
to before there seemed to be no fight left in her, and while Victoria was
sure that wasn't completely true she wouldn't want it to be. After all, for
what she had planned next she wanted Trish to try and fight it, to take a
long time to do it before finally, inevitably submitting.

"Lower the table." Victoria eventually ordered after enjoying watching Trish
suck her strap on dildo for several long moments.

Slowly a table lowered from high above the ring, spectators wondering if
Victoria was going to tell Trish to move at the last second, but instead the
two WWE divas stayed where they were and the table lowered so it was directly
in front of Victoria, Trish now hidden beneath it as she continued to give
the fake cock a long, drawn out blow job.

"Now I know how Mr McMahon and all your other old bosses felt." Victoria
cracked, letting Trish suck her dick a little longer before then ordering
her, "Ok, as good a cock sucker as you are your mouth still isn't as good as
your ass, which I feel like fucking again, so get out from under there and
bend over this table bitch!"

Trish was quick to get out from underneath the table, but when she did she
paused as to her horror she recognised the same table she had used to bend
Stephanie and Stacy over when she had made them sign away everything to her.

"Move it skank!" Victoria screamed, smacking Trish's right ass cheek so hard
not only did it wobble but the sound echoed through the arena.

Whimpering Trish bent over the table and then cried out as her ass was almost
immediately filled, Victoria taking great pleasure in Trish's cries as she
once again began slowly but steadily fucking her up the ass.

In the few moments between slamming her strap on back inside Trish's shit
pipe and the moment Trish bent over Victoria almost literally salivated, her
eyes falling upon the gaping and stretched out mess which up until recently
had been Trish's virgin ass hole. That ass hole had now well and truly been
broken in, opened up so wide it seemed a miracle if it would ever even close
again. As an experienced butt fucker Victoria knew it would. Even her most
roughest of anal poundings couldn't literally ruin a rectum, but it was sure
as hell fun to try.

With that in mind Victoria began gaping Trish's ass, pulling out at random
intervals and spreading her cheeks wide, the cameraman knowing that was the
signal they needed to do a nice close-up on the blonde's butt hole so that
all the fans in the arena and watching at home could get a really good view
of the deepest depths of Trish's bowels. The first shot seemed to be staring
so deep into her ass Victoria was surprised everyone couldn't see what Trish
had eaten for lunch, and even more surprised that wasn't true of the
following shots, each new gape seeming like that red ring of flesh expanded
out wider, the same thing happening to Trish's rectum walls so that everyone
watching could see even deeper into her butt.

This included Trish who was whimpering and crying even louder than before,
the blonde seemingly unable to resist staring deep into her own ass hole as
it was displayed on the big screen. The audience certainly couldn't resist,
in fact they commented as well:

"Wow, look how wide that bitch's butt hole is stretching?"

"Forget that, look how deep that dildo must be going."

"I'm surprised it's not coming out of her mouth."

"Bitch is never going to sit or shit right again, that's for sure."

Victoria smirked at all the comments. She could never get tired of this, but
while all of the comments were still praising her performance she didn't want
to become too lost in this activity, even if it was so much fun. Besides,
they were reaching the end of their PPV time, and even though they had an
extra overrun which would be available for people to pay additionally for she
figured it was better to try and give the people who already paid for the PPV
a grand finish.

With this in mind Victoria really began hammering into Trish's rectum, each
one of her thrusts drilling the blonde's shit hole hard and deep, causing
Trish to cry out loudly in what sounded like pure pleasure.

For Trish it was pure pleasure at first, if only because it meant an end to
her open back passage being put on display and laughed at.

The words of the fans already beginning to get to her, especially the comment
about her never being able to sit or shit right again as she feared it was
true. Her butt hole looked like it would close again, and while she knew from
her previous experience pounding poopers that ass holes tended to return to
normal and eventually, but she couldn't ever remember seeing another girl's
butt hole stretched out quite as wide as her own had been, and still
technically was as it was kept open by the now relentlessly hammering shaft.

Of course Trish's worries of her long-term health soon faded in favour of her
much more pressing worries of what Victoria was up too.

It wasn't even the horrific idea of Victoria making her cumming, the most
horrific part of it being Trish would really like it about now, it was what
Victoria might do before making her cum which had Trish worried.

Those worries proved to be extremely well founded as Victoria steadily butt
fucked Trish to the edge of another orgasm and kept her there for what felt
like an eternity, either slowing down or roughly slapping Trish's butt to
keep her from cumming, the huge dildo pumping away at Trish's pooper like a
well oiled machine, until finally Victoria opened up the top draw of the
table, took out some files and laid them down in front of Trish.

Knowing what they were before she even read them Trish began to cry, her
tears going into freefall as she read the documents and her fears were

"That's right bitch, we both know what these are don't we? But just in case
there's any doubt, this contract is for you to relinquish your powers as GM,
this is to sign all of your money and positions over to me, this is your new
'bitch' contract which basically states that as far as the WWE is concerned I
own you, and this one means the same for your ass hole. I don't actually need
the last contract, I just want it in writing that I'm going to own your ass
hole." Victoria explained, a huge grin on her face the whole time, "And I
suggest you start signing slut, because you're not cumming until every one of
these contracts are signed."

There was a long pause as the audience cheered and Trish fought back a
whimper, and then the former WWE women's champion spat, "FUCK YOU BITCH! I'M

Trish then screamed out in pain as Victoria began spanking her ass, "FUCK ME

Wriggling around Trish tried to fight back but Victoria effortlessly held her
down with her left-hand as she brutalised her ass with her right hand. Both
cheeks got a severe striking, but as it was an easier angle for Victoria to
hit Trish's right butt cheek got it the worst, Victoria eventually
concentrating on that meaty cheek until the blonde finally went limp and
began simply crying her eyes out.

Victoria continued holding Trish down for a little longer, but she doubted it
was necessary. The brunette was proven right when she did eventually let go
of the blonde, Trish remaining face down on the desk as Victoria straightened
up and continued the spanking, the new women's champion spending some serious
time whopping her defeated opponent's left ass cheek as the right was
noticeably more discoloured. A few serious slaps later Victoria took care of

When both sides of Trish's cheeks had been well warmed up in Victoria's
opinion the brunette started to really let the blonde have it, hitting her
fallen rival's ass as hard as she could, the sound of hard hand meeting soft
buttock echoing throughout the room. Victoria still mostly switched between
fleshy cheeks, but she did occasionally use both hands to deliver brutal
double slaps, either at the same time out quickly one after the other so made
it look like she was playing Trish's ass like the bongos. She even began
delivering hard, long brutal thrusts into Trish's rectum, loving the squeals
of pain which resulted in it.

Eventually when Trish seemed to have run out of tears Victoria stopped to
admire her handiwork, the dark red and bruised butt cheeks causing her to
lick her lips, something she did several times as she slipped her hands all
over those big meaty cheeks, squeezing and caressing them as she began
pumping Trish's poop chute at a continuous pace, gradually building up until
she had the blonde diva moaning for her again.

Trish had welcomed the pain. The agony of her sore butt being beaten over and
over again, each strike making her anal walls painfully clamp down on the
huge dildo inside then, the pain only becoming worse/weirder as the butt
fucking started up again mid-spanking, it was all wonderful to Trish as it
away her desire to cum and reminded her of the shame and humiliation she was
going through.

It was when Victoria stopped spanking her and started ass fucking her again
that Trish really hated, because it brought the overwhelming pleasure back
with a vengeance.

In what felt like only moments Trish felt like she was back on the edge of a
massive orgasm again, and with her efforts to push it away unsuccessful she
tried instead to welcome it, to force herself over the edge without having to
sign anything, however Victoria continued keeping her on the edge like the
clearly expert butt fucker she was.

Just when Trish didn't think it could get any worse Victoria laid down on top
of her so that her tits were pressing into her back, her hands sliding round
to expertly massage Trish's tits in the process.

Any attempts to stop herself from crying out in pleasure proved fruitless,
and Trish only cried louder when Victoria's right hand slid down her body to
her pussy, playing with her soft lips and clit while teasing her entrance,
the whole time playing with her big boobs and rock hard nipples like a
concert pianist playing a perfect Beethoven symphony.

It was all too much and before she knew what was happening Trish found
herself scribbling away her GM position, which she then tried to play to her
advantage, "There, Vince has full control of his company back. Now please,
let me cum."

"Not good enough bitch." Victoria sneered in Trish's ear.

Trish whimpered, and then after a short pause signed the second contract and
said, "There, I've given you everything I have. Now please, let me cum."

"No, you haven't given me everything I want yet whore!" Victoria growled.

"Please, show some mercy!" Trish whimpered.

"I don't think so." Victoria laughed, "This is No Anal Mercy. Isn't that
right bitch? That's what you named this PPV, and that's what I'm showing you
right now. Your fucking shit hole isn't going to get any mercy from me until
you sign it and the rest of your fucking body over to me so I can use you and
your fucking ass hole whenever the fuck I want!"

Trish burst into tears again, the beaten blonde laying there weeping as she
was publicly sodomised for what felt like hours until she finally reached
over, grabbed the last two contracts and pulled them over.

There was a long pause and then the sniffling Trish signed the contract which
officially made her Victoria's bitch as far as the WWE was concerned.

"Oh fuck yeah, just one more contract to go loser." Victoria beamed as she
smacked Trish's butt, "All you need to do is give me your ass hole and you
can cum."

There was another long pause as Trish continued whimpering and weeping so
loudly it almost blocked out the muttering of the crowd and the sound of
flesh meeting flesh as the butt fucking continued, but finally Trish signed
the final contract, making it official in the WWE's eyes that Victoria now
owned Trish's ass hole.

"Oh yes, you don't know how long I've waited for this Trish." Victoria said,
allowing the moment to wash over her, "It's even better than I imagined...
now, tell me what you are. Tell me what you've just become."

"You said... you said I could cum now." Trish said weakly before she cried
out as her ass was roughly spanked and her hair pulled back violently.

"I LIED!" Victoria screamed in Trish's ear before adding in a threatening
growl, "Don't forget I own you now you fucking cunt! You do what I say, when
I say it. Now tell me what you've fucking become. Tell me what I made you."

"I'm... I'm your bitch." Trish forced out, trying to tell Victoria what she
wanted to hear, "I've become your bitch. You made me your bitch."

"And what do I own bitch?" Victoria snapped.

"Me. You own me. You and my fucking body." Trish whimpered.

"And?" Victoria smiled, slapping Trish's butt again.

"My ass hole. You own my ass hole. The hole I fucking shit from is now an
orifice for your pleasure!" Trish wept, crying out as she received yet
another spank to her ass.

"Damn right, your ass hole is now a fuck hole for my pleasure, and I'm going
to use it whenever the fuck I want from now on!" Victoria screamed into
Trish's ear before straightening up, latching onto Trish's hips and beginning
to jack-hammer into the ass hole she now owned.

On the first bowel breaking thrust Trish's eyes rolled in the back of her
head and she almost came on the spot. She had wanted not to suffer that
humiliation, but it was too late, she had already cum while anally riding
Victoria's dick, and while cumming even once more would only make it worse in
the long haul she needed to cum right now otherwise she would go insane.

So as the butt fucking became brutal and violent Trish began shamelessly
slamming herself backwards against the anal invader, impaling her own ass on
that dildo to try and get that climax she now so desperately needed.

Victoria laughed and smacked Trish's butt, "That's right, give me that ass.
Give me that ass that I now own. I knew you would love my dick in your ass
once you got used to it, and I'm glad you got used to it so quickly, because
my dick is going to be spending a lot of time in your big fat ass!"

As Victoria seemed distracted Trish tried slipping one hand to her tits and
the other to her pussy, hoping either Victoria wouldn't notice until it was
too late or would actually take pleasure in watching Trish masturbate herself
in this position. Some dominant women enjoyed that, but unfortunately for
Trish her new owner wasn't one of them.

"NO!" Victoria snapped, grabbing both of Trish's hands and forcing them
behind her back before using one of her own strong hands to hold them in
place while she delivered some seriously hard blows to her bitch's butt while
not missing a rectum breaking thrust, "YOU. DON'T. CUM. FROM. ANYTHING. BUT.

With every one of those words Victoria delivered a extremely vicious strike,
the sound of it and Trish's screams echoing throughout the large arena. When
it was over Trish just laid there for a few moments, before slowly beginning
to thrust her ass backwards again, the poor blonde still desperate for the
orgasm she could feel was only moments away.

Suddenly Victoria pulled back on Trish's hair, pointed her face towards the
nearest camera and screamed, "Tell the fans what you are Trish! Tell them all
what you've become and how much you love it!"

"I'VE BECOME VICTORIA'S BITCH!" Trish screamed, desperately wanting nothing
to stop the climax she was about to experience, "VICTORIA MADE ME HER BITCH

At that exact moment Trish went crashing over the edge of her strongest ever
orgasm, even stronger than her first anal induced climax which was really
saying something. The climaxes that followed were even stronger still, the
sensations rocking Trish's body so much she didn't even care that it couldn't
be clearer that she was experiencing total ecstasy.

Trish had been just telling Victoria what she wanted to hear before but
suddenly the idea of becoming her anal whore and living simply to bend over
for this strong, dominant Alpha female of a woman seemed very, very

This was the last thought that went through Trish's brain before her mind
seemed to melt away completely, the screaming fans, the cameras, the big
screen, Victoria's insults, everything just falling away until her whole
world revolved around her obscenely stretched out ass and the big wonderful
poll pounding in and out of her pooper.

Victoria grinned widely as the mighty Trish Stratus seemed to become a total
anal whore before her very eyes, slamming herself back harder than ever
before and crying out joyfully while orgasming what seemed like every other
second, seemingly no longer caring that there were millions of eyeballs
watching her every movement.

It was very possible that if Trish wasn't broken now after Victoria was done
butt fucking her she would be, but Victoria hoped not. Sure, when Trish
inevitably submitted to her completely it was going to be sweet, but Victoria
enjoyed the challenge and she wanted to believe Trish was going to be one of
the most challenging bitches she had ever broken in. The longer Trish
resisted the sweeter the moment Trish would prove herself completely
housebroken, ideally the moment when without prompting she willingly bends
over, spread her butt cheeks and begs Victoria to fuck her up her bitch ass.

Victoria licks her lips at the thought of that moment, a moment she had
dreamed about for a very long time, but the same could be said for right now
as she was fulfilling perhaps her ultimate fantasy by ass fucking Trish
Stratus so hard that her big round butt cheeks wobbled like a big plate of
jelly, the sound seeming deafening even in the huge arena.

As loud as the sound of flesh meeting flesh was Trish's screams of pleasure
were even louder, as were Victoria's continuous screams of abuse, the new WWE
women's champion letting the former champ know exactly what she intended to

Victoria had no intention of literally ruining Trish's perfect ass, but she
also knew even her hardest fucks hadn't ruined a rectum before, her bitches
always healing... eventually. And sure, she was going to be butt fucking
Trish more than any of the others, as she certainly hadn't been lying about
Trish spending most of her life with something in her ass, but Trish's ass
hole would survive, even if for the rest of its existence it was going to be
unnaturally abused morning, noon and night.

Still, just as she became lost to the perverted act of anal sex Victoria
considered that she was fucking Trish's ass harder than any other bitch she
had fucked up the ass before, but she just shrugged and figured if she
actually did succeed in ruining Trish's rectum she'd just take her new bitch
to good doctor or plastic surgeon for anal reconstruction surgery. Hell, she
might do that anyway once a month just to keep Trish nice and tight for her.

Licking her lips at the thought Victoria became completely lost in the
moment, Trish becoming nothing but soft pillowly cheeks and a shit hole which
was a perfect fit for her dick, and then eventually Trish just became a hole,
an orifice for Victoria's pleasure.

Becoming so lost to this pleasure meant that Victoria could no longer keep
her own urge to cum at bay any longer. It had been the sweetest agony to keep
it at bay as long, and when it finally came it was more powerful than any
Victoria had known before. It was so powerful she stopped butt fucking Trish
for a few moments and when she started up again she just couldn't get back
the same level of savage bowel wrecking. She was however able to come close
enough to make both herself and her new bitch cum several times over before
it all just became too much and she had to stop.

Before the ass fucking came to an end however Victoria decided to end it in
style, so reaching down, grabbing Trish's blonde hair and pulling it back

In her clouded haze Trish wasn't sure at first what Victoria meant, then she
felt her ass filling up with some type of liquid and to her horror she
realised what had happened.

Victoria confirmed this, "You feel that bitch? That's my fucking cum in your
ass. That's my fucking cum deep in your fucking ass, marking the inside of
your butt as my territory."

After enjoying listening to Trish's pathetic whimpers Victoria ordered,
"Reach back and spread your butt cheeks bitch!"

Trish did as she was told and then seconds later Victoria suddenly pulled all
the way out of her ass, the cameras focusing in on the obscenely gaping hole
in between Trish's cheeks which used to be puckered and tiny. The camera
zoomed in and after waiting a few seconds Victoria's cum began oozing from
that red ring crater, Trish continuing to spread her cheeks which enhance the

After lying there whimpering for a few moments Trish heard, "Suck it slut."

Looking up she saw Victoria standing before her, thrusting the well used
strap on against Trish's lips, the blonde parting them without thinking,
allowing the thick shaft to be pushed into her mouth.

Submitting to this latest act of debasement Trish began gently sucking on the
dildo, tasting Victoria's cum and the deepest part of her own ass, the camera
first focusing on her head bobbing up and down, then on Victoria holding the
WWE women's championship high above her head, and then finally on Trish's
gaping ass hole, focusing on it until it fill the screen, the final shot of
the pay-per-view being a look at the deepest depths of Trish's bowels, the
audience watching at home momentarily not being able to tell the difference
between the fade to black and the dark, open chasm that was now Trish's ass

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