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HLA In A Cell
by Roseli

WrestleMania XIX:

The first ever HIAC Bra and Panties Elimination match for Women's Title. (3
women must be stripped to their bra and panties for a winner to be declared)
Trish (c) vs. Stacy vs. Stephanie vs. Torrie

In the last stage of the match, the referee got knocked out on the cell when
Trish was thrown into him. Torrie had been acting strangely since kissing
Dawn months ago but Stephanie could never have expected what she did after
stripping Trish to her underwear to win the match. Torrie reached down the
front of her own snug tights and pulled another padlock out. She then closed
it on the cell door. To the fan's approval, she slid off her tights and threw
them out of the ring. Stacy Keibler looked at her in curiousity. Torrie
approached her.

The fans started chanting "HLA!" as Torrie wrapped her arms around her and
began kissing her lips.

"Oh my Gosh!" The King shouted.

Stacy, shocked at first, closed her eyes and leaned into the kiss, opening
her mouth and Frenching.

"Oooh, Stacy." Torrie whispered.

Torrie began squeezing her buns, which were barely clad in pink panties.
Trish, who had been eliminated in the ring earlier, looked on in confusion.
Torrie looked at her.

Torrie grabbed Trish's wrists and she yelped in surprise, "What the hell?!!"

Trish's resistance only made her breasts jiggle which clearly turned Torrie
on. Torrie starred lustily at Trish's deep, full cleavage and started
stroking her white lacy bra as Trish gawked at Torrie with wide eyes.

Trish said, "You're crazy!" but it was too late, as suddenly to everyone's
shock Torrie ripped Trish's bra apart. Trish shrieked and her sweaty tanned
breasts wobbled out in front of the excited crowd. The fans roared. Many
stated chanting "Puppies!" including The King. With Trish's arms
outstretched, the capacity crowd had a personal view of her large exposed

Trish turned in horror to see her huge naked breasts filling the enormous
screen of the Titantron. WWE had made breasts bare in the ring before but had
never gone beyond that. So when Stacy held Trish's arms and Torrie grabbed
her thong panties everyone thought of course Trish would be wearing another
pair underneath. But this was not choreographed. And when Torrie had pulled
Trish's panties just past her abdomen, it became evident that she was naked
underneath. But surely WWE would never go that far. With one quick tug it was
proven that Torrie would. Trish Stratus' tanned, tight, completely bald pussy
was exposed as she screamed in mortal embarrasment "OH MY GOD!" and struggled
in Stacy's arms, causing her breasts to wobble. She glanced around to see two
ten year old boys gaping in amazement at the sight of Trish Stratus naked.
Trish had posed nude before but had never been willing to let anything show.

She broke free, Stacy pulling her bra off her back and Torrie taking her
panties. Trish had no choice but to leave her butt bare as she desperately
crossed her arms over her jiggling nipples and tight pussy. She scampered off
and her perfect ass disappeared under the apron as she hid under the ring,
causing the fans to boo loudly.

Torrie held the white panties to her mouth, closed her eyes and kissed the
crotch. She looked at Stacy and threw them aside. Stacy and Torrie slowly
began rubbing each other all over. Stacy squeezed Torrie's full breasts
through her bra and felt her toned ass while Torrie stroked Stacy's hair
and held her thighs. Stacy undid her pink little bra and it fell to the mat,
exposing pink little nipples on small, full breasts.

"No offence honey, but I need to see some huge titties."

They both looked at Stephanie. Torrie addressed Stephanie, who had been
eliminated earlier, and looked her up and down.

"Take your bra off, Stephanie."

Stacy moved towards her and Torrie left Steph's field of vision.

Steph got up and yelled at Stacy, "No way! I'm warning you!" backing away.

Unexpectedly, Torrie unclasped the princess' bra from behind and ripped it
off, and Stephanie's big soft breasts were loose. Stephanie's nipples
jigglled out and were visible for a flash before she slapped her hands to
her breasts in shame. Stacy grabbed her ankles and Torrie pulled her to the
mat. Stephanie, now wearing nothing but tight, narrow panties quirmed for
freedom in the arms of Torrie. Torrie held her down as Stacy pressed her
face to her abdomen, biting the black lacy panties. Stacy pulled the panties
off Steph's hips and up her thighs with her teeth as Steph flailed her long
legs in the air desperately. What had she gotten into? She had agreed to be
stripped to her underwear in the match, but this going way too far! Cameras
aimed at Stephanie's fuzzy, neatly trimmed nether regions flashed from all
around the arena, all the fans wanting to record the moment they saw the
SmackDown GM's pussy. Referees and officials fumbled desperately with the
lock as Vince screamed at them to "Get that fucking door open."

Stephanie felt strange. Being completely naked in front of thousands of
people was somehow exhilerating. Even... exciting. Stacy threw the panties
away and Torrie smirked when she noticed Steph's nipples stiffening.
Stephanie decided she was going to give her fans what they wanted to see,
and demonstrate her sexuality. Standing up, Steph flashed a naughty smile
at the crowd and brushed her extremely long brown hair back over her

"Look at this!!!" The King screamed as she closed her eyes, tilted her
head back and started rubbing the sides of her big round breasts.

Ever since Stephanie had enhanced her breasts she had wanted to show them
off. Placing her hands behind her head, she jumped up and down, causing her
huge titties to bounce beautifully. She shook her chest, and the big jugs
wobbled, her large pink nipples perky with arousal.

Steph continued to playfully flaunt her nude body as Torrie said "You are so
sexy Stephie." and turned her attention to the petite, leggy Stacy Keibler.
"Come here Stacy." She hesitantly approached. "Bend over." she whispered in
Stacy's ear.

With a slightly apprehensive look on her face, the hot blonde girl bent all
the way over, causing her tight panties to stretch snugly over her gorgeous
butt cheeks. Torrie gave Stacy a reassuring look as she rubbed her hands up
the backs of her thighs and slid them up her panties, the elastic holding
Torrie's hands firmly to her ass cheeks. She then stroked down her back until
her fingers were hooked into the back of her pink panties, and slowly pulled
them down.

Stacy stepped out of the tiny panties and Torrie discarded them. Torrie knelt
behind Stacy, running her fingertips down the cheeks of her firm butt. She
watched in silent excitement as Stacy got on her hands and knees. Arching her
back and sticking her hot ass out at Torrie, Stacy gave her an intimate view
of her tanned, bald, extremely tight slit. Moving closer, Torrie reached out
with her tounge until the tip of it touched the underside of the sweet pussy.
Waves of pleasure shook Stacy as Torrie slowly closed her eyes and slid her
tounge up and down the moistening slit. Torrie rubbed Stacy's youthful legs
as she licked her pussy from behind, Stacy screwed her face up as she started
breathing faster and faster. "Oah! Oah! Oah!" she moaned.

"MMMMMMMMM!" Stacy squealed as warm cum flowed from her slit all over
Torrie's mouth. Stacy then got up and looked at the naked Stephanie, still

Stacy suddenly grabbed Steph's big bare tits from behind and squeezed them,
gently pinching her pink nipples. Stephanie, moaning, could feel her pussy
lubricating itself as the leggy girl rubbed her knockers. She leaned over
Stacy's pretty face, making her large tits hang on both sides of her head.
Laying on her back Stacy reached up and clutched them in lust, then moved
one hand around Steph's ass and curled her fingers under Steph's mound,
stroking the rectangular bush of fine brown hair.

"Keep going." pleaded Stephanie.

Stacy, still being smothered by Stephanie's massive tits, kissed her chest
and her curvey breasts and gently slid three fingers into Steph's damp slit.
They rolled over, giving the crowd a view of Stacy bare jutting ass cheeks.
Steph wrapped her legs softly around Stacy's tiny waist, letting the little
blonde's fingers fuck her slit until she orgasmed.

Torrie, still in her tight black bra and panties, left the ring and lifted
up the apron. Trish was wrapped in a ball, giving Torrie a view of her pink
pussy. "Now Trish, you can either stay here and get fired by Stephanie or
get in the ring and let me spank you."

Trish reluctantly got up and climbed into the ring, no longer bothering to
try and cover her massive tits or naked bottom. She stood at the side of the
ring, grasping the top rope and bending over very slightly. This made her
tits hang, creating ample cleavage. Trish looked at the men in the front row
staring shamelessly at her full breasts.

"Oh no Trish. You'll get on your hands and knees." The babe obliged, and
Torrie immediately knelt to hold her firm ass, squeezing her buttocks
together. She rubbed her tanned buns, moaning "Ooooooh." and pressed the
side of her face against one butt cheek while sqeezing the other with her
hand. Sweat dripped from Trish's pretty face as Torrie slid her tounge from
the bottom to the top of her crack. She yelped as Torrie delivered hard
slaps to her firm rear. Trish's toned ass cheeks and big breasts jiggled as
Torrie spanked her. Trish's butt was so tanned no redness was even visible
when Torrie had finished having her way with the perfect ass.

Torrie and Stacy looked at the unconcious ref, looked at each other and
smiled. They sat down and licked the ref's face. He woke up and was greeted
by Torrie's heaving cleavage. "Ever wanted to see your boss naked?" Torrie

Still groggy, he looked up to see Stephanie standing there nude and pouting.
Steph approached and wiggled her hips in front of the referee's face, placing
one of her hands on her ass and putting the other on the back of his head.
Suddenly Stephanie pulled his face tightly to her pussy and rubbed her lips
against his cheek. Steph felt her clit stiffen and whimpered. Torrie pulled
his shirt off and Stacy tugged down his pants. The three naked divas watched
his cock twitch higher through his boxers.

"Trish, the ref has a big surprise for you." Torrie said.

The nude Trish got up from her collapsed position on the mat and her
expression showed that she was impressed with his size. Torrie told Trish to
take his boxers off, and with one downward yank Trish freed the hardening
dick, causing it to spring up and hit her in the face.

"Kiss it." Stacy said. Trish looked at Stacy, then looked at the cock. She
wrapped her hand around the erection and gave a peck to the underside of it.
"More!" Stacy breathed. This time she kissed the cock right on the head and
parted her lips to slide her tounge over the slit.

"OOOOOOoooooh." the ref moaned.

"Lick more of it." said Torrie.

With her hand still gripping his erection, Trish stuck out her tounge and
gingerly curled it around the head of the throbbing dick, causing it to
stiffen higher.

"Now Tricia," said Stephanie, "Suck it. Suck it, or you can kiss your hot
ass goodbye."

Trish slowly took the dick in her mouth, and her moist full lips closed
tightly around the base of his stiff member. Torrie masturbated to the sight
and sound of Trish Stratus sucking on the thick cock. The ref's penis
throbbed and became harder in the beautiful babe's mouth as she sucked it
hard. Trish moaned and started smiling as she made appreciative noises and
closed her eyes. "MMMMMMMMM!" she said in pleasure as the others looked on
in arousal. Trish moved her sealed mouth up and down on the cock, sticking
her tounge out to stimulate it further. 'Oh god.' the ref said and arched
his back. Steph watched his dick pulse.

King said, "This pay per view should've been called WresleMania XXX!" as
semen dripped from between Trish's pouty lips onto the mat.

"Cum on my tits." Trish gasped once her mouth was off the hard cock, and
thrusted her chest out towards the ref's penis. The ref grabbed his dick and
directed it at Trish's huge bust as cum squirted from the head, fell onto
Trish's bare tanned jugs and rolled down the curves to dress her perky, pink
nipples. Trish lay down on her back as Stacy slowly licked all the cum off
her tits. She quivered when the tip of her tounge touched her areola. Trish's
thick nipple stiffened as Stacy took it in her wet mouth and began suckling.

Torrie moved towards Steph and touched her sensitive nipples with her
fingertips, making Steph shiver. She had never been touched by another girl
before. Torrie cupped Stephanie's mammaries in her hands, squeezed them and
pushed them together. As the ref starred at this beautiful sight, Torrie
grabbed his penis and held it up as Steph wrapped her big titties around his

"MMMmm." Steph said, moving her jugs up and down on the throbbing boner.

Torrie held the cock in place deep in Stephanie's cleavage as she titty
fucked him. Steph mounted the referee, strddling him and resting her pussy
on his ball sack. She placed her bare hand on the rock-hard dick and pulled
it up. She angled it until it was able to penetrate her moist lips. Inch
by inch she impaled herself on him, her wetness allowing him to slide
frictionlessly into her tight tunnel. The ref looked up to see Steph
thrusting up and down and grinding back and forth, her big young tits
bouncing up and down as if they were barely attched to her chest. Steph
leaned into missionary positon, breathing heavily. She looked at him
tentatively and he watched her luscious ass bobbing up and down at his
crotch. The ref put his thumbs on her thighs and wrapped his fingers around
her cute butt, fucking Stephanie's pussy. Torrie held a microphone to Steph's
mouth, which amplified the noises of pleasure she made. "Oh FUCK!!!" she
screamed, the word echoing around the arena as the referee's dick received a
coating of Stephanie's sticky cum.

"Trish, I need some of that Stratusfying pussy." Stacy whisered to Trish.
Trish approached with a grin. Stacy mounted Trish, assuming 69 position.
"Kiss my pussy." Stacy begged.

Trish's full moist lips met Stacy's wet slit as she French kissed her vagina.
Stacy's long blonde hair fell onto Trish's supple bare thighs as she sealed
her mouth around the entrance to Trish's box, sliding her tounge in and
spiralling it around her pussy. Stacy sucked and explored Trish's pussy with
her tounge until she stated shrieking in climax.

"Oh God!" Trish's sticky cum flooded onto Stacy's tounge and dripped into a
small pool on the canvas. "Oh Trish, I love the taste of your cum!" Stacy
moaned between gulps.

Stephanie got up off the referee and embraced the naked Trish. Trish and
Steph kissed each other hungrily, opening their mouths and massaging each
other's tounges. Both of the well-endowed women groped each other's huge
firm mammaries. Steph thrusted her naked tits out to Trish's and they
started to rub their massive bare jugs against each other. The feeling of
Trish's large pink nipples on her own made Stephanie moan and Steph looked
down and gingerly brushed Trish's bare pussy with her fingers. They rubbed
their supple naked bodies against each other, Stephanie giving full frim
strokes to Trish's tight firm mound. Steph groped handfuls of Trish's naked
jiggling ass as Trish grabbed and squeezed Stephanie's wobbling breasts.
Steph rubbed Trish's butt feverishly. Stephanie was on her back, Trish
grinding her sweaty nude body against her. Gently parting Trish's huge buns,
Steph started finger fucking Trish's tanned ass. The blonde babe began
screaming and moaning. "MMMMMMMmmmm. Oh. Oh God Steph! Yeah! Fuck my ass!"
The two sets of nipples rubbed against each other as Trish's hands squeezed
the four huge tits.

Stacy pushed the referee backwards and sat naked on his face. "I wanna see
you lick that beautiful pussy." Torrie beckoned to the ref in a lusty
whisper. Stacy rode the ref with a delighted expression on her face as he
massaged her tight young pussy with his tounge and started rubbing her
jiggling ass. Stacy started grinding her pussy against the referee's face,
gradually increasing her pace. Torrie took the head of his cock between her
moist lips and moved down, engulfing his whole member. Steph joined her,
licking and sucking his ball sack. Torrie and Steph together gave the ref
oral sex as Stacy closed her beautiful eyes, pouted her lips and lifted her
head, moaning in extacy. Stephanie's saliva rolled down his hard cock and
she made muffled noises as she sucked it.

Torrie rolled her black thong down her thighs and let it fall to the mat,
revealing her damp shaven pussy. Trish licked her lips at the sight. She had
seen Torrie's pussy before in the locker room, but covered in her juices it
looked even more tempting. Torrie then unhooked her bra and whipped it away
and the new Women's Champion's beautiful huge firm breasts were finally out,
her rubbery nipples stiff. She lay down on the mat as the ref bent down to
pleasure her with his mouth. Trish joined him and they gave Torrie head while
groping her big breasts, making her eyes roll back in her head, the sight of
Trish Stratus sucking on her pussy sexually overwhelming. Stacy moved one
hand between her own thighs and started feeling her tight lips. Steph gazed
at the sight of the two tounges sliding over the tanned, youthful, shaven
pussy and Stacy masturbating and getting off, and got hard. She grabbed the
sides of Torrie's head and French kissed her. "MMMMnNNMNmNNMN." Torrie
moaned. Then she started moaning loader, and shrieking. Torrie's juices were
expelled from her tight slit and flowed into the referee's mouth.

As Trish licked the excess cum off Torrie's slit, the cell door swung open
and various officals rushed in to wrap sheets around the four nude women.
The referee was fired on the spot. "What a match!" The King said.

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