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There's one tradition at the Super Bowl, besides games that don't match the
hype, that always holds true. That's the really dumb, overblown halftime
show. So instead of watching P Diddy, Kid Rock and Nelly lose whatever
credibility they have left, gawking at Janet Jackson lip synching badly and
wondering whether a certain child molesting freak is gonna show up in a
"surprise" appearance, we at Sharkboy Productions figured we would give you
something that would truly befit a super Sunday. Yes, it's the girls of the
Harem doing what they do best and who they do best.

So we at Sharkboy are bringing this to you to both alleviate the boredom from
the game and from the awful festivities and to whet the appetite for the in
production Harem 14. Let's all sit back and enjoy as we get ready for the
third quarter.

Kids seeking a break from the boredom, though, are barred from entry to this
show. The usual legal disclaimers apply. If you are under 18, you cannot read
this story. Only adults of sound mind and body can read it.

And as usual, I need feedback. I like to know when my stories hit and whether
I am giving people what they like. Any feedback or suggestions should please
be sent to me at Let me know what you think. Please. These
stories are not easy to write. Hell that last minute touchdown sent me
scrambling off to rewrite. This is a high pressure industry, folks.

With that out of the way...let the real halftime festivities begin. Enjoy

Halftime Show
by KMB

The Super Bowl. It is an American tradition with a stature and importance
that befits a national holiday. It is the pinnacle of athletic competition
for the most intense of The competitors go head to head
with only the strongest emerging victorious. The game cycles back and forth
in a contest where every second matters. It is a contest that can hinge on
one missed moment. It is a game of fearless finality where only the victor
is remembered and the loser condemned to obscurity. Every second matters as
the viewers, millions strong, sit perched on the edge of their seats.

"Ughhhhhh this is so boring..." Rose McGowan groaned in frustration.

"Oh don't be a whiner," Sarah Michelle Gellar said affectionately as she
grabbed a vegetable platter off the kitchen counter and began walking back
toward the entertainment room. "Besides you had every chance to object back
when I first suggested it and didn't say anything. Therefore, you lose all
right to complain now."

"That's because I thought we'd be having an orgy or something," Rose pouted.
"I can't believe you have all these hot pieces of ass here and we're lying
around watching a stupid football game. Where's the fun in that?"

"First of all, it's not just any football game, it's the Super Bowl," Sarah
pointed out. "Second of all, who said it wasn't going to turn into something
sexier? Just keep your pants on during the game and we'll see what happens

"I know it's the damn Super Bowl, but why do we care?" Rose countered. "I
mean I don't even follow football and I know a boring game when I see one.
Why are we even pretending to have a normal party? How come I have to wait
for fun because of your perverse desire to be the Martha Stewart of this
place? Who waits for sex to have a party? I'll tell you who, losers. Anyone
who waits for sex clearly has deep issues. If I was horny and my boyfriend
ever told me to wait until after a fucking football game then he and the
television would be out on their asses!"

"Oh is that what you're going to do, throw me out on my ass?" Sarah giggled
while she and Rose walked.

"Well least not when I'd rather fuck that ass of yours," Rose grinned
before stealing a kiss from her housemate. "You're just lucky you're so
goddamn cute that you're worth the wait. I just can't believe you're delaying
what potentially could be one of the great fuckfests. Shit Sarah, if it were
up to you, we'd never have even had that first orgy out by the pool. Do I
always have to be the one who gets things moving around here?"

"It's just that you're so good at it Rose," Sarah said before returning the
favor with a peck to Rose's lips. "Just be patient. Remember all that stuff
about good things coming to those who wait."

"Patience never gets you anywhere Sarah," Rose grumbled. "It just leaves you
with a wet pussy and nothing but your own fingers to get you off. You need to
get aggressive Sarah. Go in there and push one of those sluts to the ground
and tell her to start licking. That's how you throw a party!"

"Oh excuse me? I think I've proven my aggressive side Ms. McGowan," Sarah
shot back. "Frankly, after the things I've done, you could stand to pick up
a few tricks from me Rose."

"Yeah right, I'm still queen around here and you're my little serving wench,"
Rose grinned wickedly before helping herself to a slap of Sarah's jean
covered ass. "You've been hanging around Freddie too often. You're starting
to get as dull as he is. I'm the one that keeps this place going and always
will be. Don't even start thinking you're a hotter fuck than me."

Sarah knew that Rose meant that playfully, but it still stung her. She
frowned slightly before shrugging it off. She'd deal with Rose later and
Sarah already had a few ways in mind to make her pay for those cracks. She
supposed she was slipping into a domestic mode with Freddie, but she wasn't
ever going to let that stand in the way of losing all inhibitions when she
was in Malibu. But she could worry about all that another time. Right now
Sarah had a roomful of guests she needed to attend to.

It had been Sarah's idea to have the party. Freddie had gone off to a Super
Bowl party with his friends and had left her alone, not that she had minded
when she had the sexy option of hanging with her housemates in Malibu. But
as Rose had pointed out, Sarah did love to entertain. It had always been in
her nature to organize things and throw parties. Deep down Sarah knew it was
because she loved being in charge, but there were other reasons too.

Sarah felt more connected to her friends in Malibu than she ever had to
anyone before. Of course the sex was the main allure of the place, but it was
more than that. There was a real connection and sometimes Sarah wanted to do
the normal things that girlfriends did. Naturally those things usually ended
up with everyone naked and feasting on each other's pussies and naturally
Sarah never fought that off. She was under no illusion that this day would
end up any differently, especially with so many hot bodies around, but at
least they could try and enjoy the game first.

Everyone had been allowed to bring a friend, or friends if they liked. There
was no limit on guests, so there was quite a bevy of hotties awaiting her and
Rose when they returned to the entertainment room. There wasn't even enough
room for them on the couches and chairs, but luckily those on the floor
seemed comfortable.

Sarah couldn't not have invited Alyson Hannigan to the party and Aly had
taken the liberty of bringing along her "American Pie" co-star Tara Reid. Not
that Sarah had minded after Love and Christina had confided in her that they
had both been with Tara and she more than deserved to be there. Alyson had
also passed the word onto her and Sarah's former co-star, Charisma Carpenter,
but she was always welcome at the mansion.

Jewel had invited Gwen Stefani over, but she had been here so often lately
that it was like she was practically a housemate herself. The busty Alaskan
also promised that another guest was on the way. Britney and Christina had
invited Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra and filled Sarah's ears with tales
of a Pussycat Dolls orgy that had rocked the mansion while she had been in
New York. Sarah had been with Pam before, but Carmen was all new to her.

For once Rose hadn't brought anyone with her and Alyssa hadn't invited
anyone, with her and Rose's co-star Holly Marie Combs busy being pregnant.
Rose had been too busy objecting to the party to bring a date, but Alyssa
sure looked like she didn't mind going stag. Sarah noticed with a wry grin
that Alyssa wasn't even pretending to watch the game. She was too busy
staring at the girls around the room with an expression Sarah knew all too was the look you had when you were undressing people with your

Jessica Alba's guests were the ones that had caught Sarah's attention the
most. She was embarrassed to admit that she really didn't know who they were.
Jessica had been quick to introduce her friends Amy, Trish and Stacy, and
while they were all pure definitions of the word "hottie" Sarah still didn't
recognize them and she could sense she wasn't the only one.

With some quick explanation, Jessica informed everyone that the three girls
were wrestlers in the WWE and hinted at the story of how she had become
acquainted with all of them. Sarah had never thought Jessica would have been
the type to hang out with wrestlers, but they were certainly beautiful and
if Jessica said they were cool with everything, then Sarah believed her.

Sarah had never been much of a wrestling fan, but it was certainly hard to
keep her eyes off these ladies. Amy was wearing a Carolina Panthers jersey
that hugged her generous breasts and hinted at the tantalizing possibility
that she was bare underneath. Trish wasn't shy about showing off her own
impressive cleavage in a black top that pushed her chest upward in a sure
fire drool inducer and Sarah found herself unable to stop staring at Stacy's
long legs as they sat folded on the couch, barely restrained by the jeans
shorts she was wearing. A quick glimpse around the room told Sarah she wasn't
the only one who was hypnotized by those legs. Rose was standing right next
to her and Sarah could see the heat of her hungry gaze in Stacy's direction.

It was pretty crowded in there and Sarah knew Michelle was gonna freak out
the next morning when she saw the mess, but they were having fun and that was
the important thing. Besides, Sarah had also invited a second guest of her
own and Reese Witherspoon had been very eager to get out of her house for a
day and join her friends in a no husband and no child zone. Reese looked very
eager to cut loose, and Sarah knew it wouldn't be long before she was helping
her friend out with that.

But right now Sarah didn't want to focus on sex. She knew that could and
would come later. If the boys could all go off and have a normal party,
then so could they. Sure she was getting horny being in a room with this
much beauty, but Sarah knew she could control herself. It was the other's
she wasn't so sure about.

People were eating, making small talk, rating the commercials and giggling
and having fun. It looked like her party was a success and that always made
Sarah happy. But there was too much female sexuality around for things to be
kept normal for too long. Sarah shot Rose a look. She could see the wheels
turning in her friend's head. Sarah knew Rose could never hold herself back
for long and when something did happen, it was going to be because of her.
Part of Sarah wanted to restrain her, and the other just wanted to see what
would happen if Rose ran wild over everyone. But whatever Rose was thinking,
Sarah knew it involved everyone getting naked...and soon.

* * * * *

The prospect of something like that happening was exactly what was keeping
Beyonce Knowles in her car. She sat in the driver's seat, her mind torn in
two. Part of her was saying to just keep on driving and go back. But the
other, louder part was telling her to stop being a baby, get out of the car
and let whatever happen happen.

She knew what she had done was crazy. A few hours ago she'd sung the national
anthem before the game. Right after that she hadn't even paused to watch
moment one before hopping on a private jet and getting here to Malibu. It was
so unlike her to just disappear like that and she knew people were probably
wondering where she was. But she hadn't been able to help the sirens call she
had felt for this place. The fact that she wasn't supposed to do things like
this made it that much more of a need to be here.

She didn't normally do things like this. She didn't normally go wild and let
her inhibitions overrule her common sense. But then again she didn't normally
do what she had done in that hotel room with Jewel. She had been so lonely
and so stressed and Jewel's tongue had felt so good. Beyonce supposed she had
been an easy target for seduction, but what Jewel had made her feel had truly
opened her eyes.

For too long she had been her boyfriend's little trophy. She liked Shawn and
being with him was helping her career, but there was a price to pay. No one
could know the truth...that Jay-Z was impotent. That left Beyonce as a
girlfriend without sexual satisfaction. The only release for her had been
from her own fingers or from a toy and it just hadn't been the same. She had
been so horny and frustrated for so long and there hadn't been any relief in
sight. Going off with another guy was not an option. It was too dangerous in
this industry.

But Jewel had changed all that. Her touch had been everything Beyonce had
needed and she had lost all her inhibitions. Thinking back to all the naughty
things she'd done with the busty blonde and all the nasty words that had
spewed out of her mouth just made Beyonce crave it again. She craved that
freedom. She craved the way being with Jewel had made her feel like a woman
again. And most of all she craved the intense orgasms her friend had given
her with her tongue and her fingers and her tits and her everything.

Beyonce knew she wasn't a lesbian. But she also knew she had loved every
second of what Jewel had done to her and when she had called her up and
invited her over, Beyonce had been unable to say no. But now that she was
there, Beyonce was doubting her own decision.

She didn't know everything that went on inside that mansion, but she knew
enough to know it wasn't just Jewel in there waiting for her. It was a whole
house full of girls. Was she walking into some kind of lesbian orgy? Would it
be a bad thing if she did? Could she handle that much or was it too much for

Beyonce considered herself a good girl. Not in some Pollyanna, goody goody
way, but she loved her family, was religious and felt there were some things
she could never do. She didn't mind shaking her ass on stage, but she wasn't
going to strip naked and show it in some magazine. She tried not to curse and
she never wanted to do anything to embarrass the people she loved.

With that being said, though, she did love having fun. She did crave the
sexual pleasure she wasn't getting from Shawn and Beyonce wanted to be with
Jewel again. There had been no sex for her since that night in Jewel's hotel
room and Beyonce couldn't handle another drought. Before she had been with
Jewel it had been a year since she'd had sex and she wasn't going to go
through that again.

Maybe she was just leaping to conclusions. Jewel had said it was just a
party. There was no reason to believe that it was going to be anything else
but that, except for her own overactive imagination. Beyonce told herself not
to assume anything. It wasn't like they had everyday orgies in this place,
did they? But wasn't that what she wanted? She hadn't flown all this way to
watch a game she had been attending just a few hours ago.

The one thing she knew was that she couldn't just sit here in her car. She
had come this far. There was no sense in getting scared now. She had to see
this through. Beyonce hopped out of her car and walked up to the front door.
She rang the bell and when the door opened she smiled. It was the person she
was hoping to see.

"Hey!" Jewel excitedly squealed as she hugged Beyonce. "I was beginning to
think you weren't going to make it!"

"I almost didn't..." Beyonce admitted. "This is really....I mean, it's so
much and I..."

"Relax Beyonce," Jewel advised. "You can just come in and be yourself. We're
just watching the game. At least right now we are. Things have a way of
getting crazy here pretty quickly."

Beyonce liked the sound of that and a naughty smile cracked her face.

"Oooh looks like that's what you're hoping for," Jewel teased. "C'mon inside.
Everyone can't wait to see you. You looked amazing doing the anthem. I'm just
so happy you got here!"

Jewel grabbed Beyonce's hand and led her through the foyer, toward the
entertainment room. As they walked, Jewel couldn't help herself. She reached
down and squeezed Beyonce's rear through the jeans she had changed into,
making the singer moan.

"There'll be a lot more of that here," Jewel seductively promised as they
reached their destination.

* * * * *

Everyone seemed to be having a good time inside the party as the clock
ticked down to the final minutes of the second quarter. Even those that
weren't really watching the game were having fun talking to each other
and just hanging out. This wasn't some Hollywood party where everyone had
to put on their hottest dresses and always be smiling. It was just a late
afternoon hanging out with old friends and new where everyone could relax
and have a good time.

As hostess Sarah was very happy to see things going so well and that
happiness rose even more when she turned around to help herself to some
snacks and felt two hands encircling her waist and a warm pair of lips
brushing against her neck.

"I don't think I properly thanked you for inviting me yet," Reese purred in
Sarah's ear, rubbing herself slowly against her blue jeans clad friend. "What
can I do to thank such a sexy hostess?"

"Mmmm doing that is a good start," Sarah smiled with a slight moan as she
indulged in the pleasure of Reese's sexy body against her ass. "And if you
keep it up it's going to be even better."

"What if I told you I'm not wearing any panties under my sweats?" Reese
whispered into Sarah's ear. She had come dressed simply to the party, in
pink sweatpants and sandals with her t-shirt and Reese wasn't afraid to
start showing off signs of arousal. She didn't really know all the girls
here, but she knew they all had something big in common when it came to
lust. So Reese was confident that she wouldn't be the only one there with
a wet pussy.

"Well, I'd say you're one eager kitty today Reese," Sarah giggled.

"You have no idea, Sarah," Reese replied, grinding herself a little harder
into her friend. "I was so glad you called. I really needed to get away...
even if it's just for the day."

Having one kid and an inattentive husband was hard enough, but having two
while still trying to maintain a career was putting a lot of stress on Reese.
She hadn't been to the mansion since finding about her pregnancy and the
months away had made her long for it something fierce. Now she was finally
here again and she was going to have fun even if she had to drag Sarah into
a closet and force her to her knees. It was quite a change from Reese's first
trip to Malibu, but she was too horny to think about contrasts now.

"Down girl," Sarah said pulling away reluctantly from a disappointed Reese.
"Not right now, but I'll make sure you go home smiling."

"Promise?" Reese asked hopefully.

"Promise," Sarah answered, pressing her lips to Reese's in a tender kiss that
her friend eagerly returned. Sarah ended it before it got too deeper though.
She knew others would quickly see and things would snowball from there.

Meanwhile around the room many others had paired off, making new friends and
catching up with old ones. Alyson and Alyssa were too busy making eyes at
each other to notice anything else around them while Love had found herself
in a position of support.

"Wow! I couldn't believe they made that touchdown," Love marveled. "I mean
just when you think it's over...out of nowhere! What a throw! And what a
catch! I didn't think they had it in them!"

"I knew they did," Amy grinned. Her Panthers had come in as serious underdogs
against red hot New England and so far the defenses had locked together in a
battle that had kept the score at zero until the final minutes of the second
quarter when the Patriots had gotten a touchdown. Even though the score was
7-0, to Amy it had felt like 70-0 and suddenly the jersey she wore felt very

But then all of a sudden the Panthers had charged out of nowhere and tied
the score. The Patriots had scored another touchdown right after that, but
even though her team was down again, Amy felt like the game was still very
winnable. Almost as soon as the Patriots had gone ahead, the Panthers had
charged back and scored a final second field goal to make the score 14-10.
It was a roller coaster ride for her, but it was one she loved being on.

"I knew we could be in this if we just kept it close," Amy continued, feeling
confident even though her team was losing. "Tom Brady isn't that good. Just
an overrated pretty boy. Now Jake Dellhome...that's a quarterback!"

"Riiiiiiiiight," Love laughed with a warm smile. "That's not what you were
saying when he couldn't get past the 10 yard line."

Love had expected to root hard against Carolina for what they had done to the
Cowboys in the first round, but she couldn't help but feel badly for Amy. She
seemed like such a nice girl and Love could see that the score had really
been getting her down before the last minutes blitz of offense. Not that Love
blamed her. If her team were in the Super Bowl and losing, she'd be pretty
down too.

"Ummm that wasn't me...that was my evil twin...she's always full of doubts,"
Amy replied, turning around from where she sat on the rug to return Love's
smile with one of her own. "I get nervous during the big game. It's just like
they say. The farther you go in this, the harder it feels to lose."

"At least you got there," Love declared. "It's more than anyone expected."

"You're right," Amy said, her spirits high as the halftime show got set to
begin. She was in a place where distractions were multiple and beautiful so
Amy figured she wouldn't be down in the dumps for long, even if the Panthers

When Jessica had called her up out of the blue to invite her, Amy had leapt
at the chance to gather up Trish and Stacy and see for themselves the fabled
mansion. If it hadn't been for Jessica none of them would ever have had the
courage to make the moves on each other they'd been dying to make. Like a
little magic fairy, Jessica had sprinkled lust dust on them, setting in
motion events that had spread through the roster and turned backstage into
quite a WWE Diva fuckfest lately.

Amy had seen Jessica a few times since their trailer playtime almost two
years ago, but they hadn't had a chance to get intimately reacquainted. Now
that was looming as a tantalizing possibility and even a depressing first
half wasn't enough to get Amy's mind completely off of her libido. She had
wanted to meet up with Jessica and all her sexy friends and now she had that

The first time Jessica had told Amy about this place, she thought she had
been pulling her leg. Now she saw it was all real and at last Amy could see
what had made Jessica into the horny vixen who had so easily convinced her
to lose her clothes and her fears that day on the "Dark Angel" set. Amy was
shocked to say the least to see so many sexy celebrities, but she was hitting
it off with all of them and Love in particular.

Down further on the couch Love was sitting on, another wrestler had made a
new friend with someone she shared a great deal in common with.

"I mean I don't miss it too much, especially because I'm really happy with
what I'm doing now and I just couldn't keep up with that life, but when I see
them out there at a game like this I can't help but feel jealous," Charisma
Carpenter said. "I never got close to a big stage like this."

"Tell me about it," Stacy Keibler sighed to her fellow former cheerleader.
"I mean, the Ravens sucked when I was on the squad and it felt like boom...
as soon as I left they were in the Super Bowl. At least you got to be in San
Diego. Can you imagine being out there in those outfits in Baltimore in the
middle of December? I'm shocked I never got frostbite on my legs."

"What a shame that would have been," Charisma grinned, sipping a beer and
treating herself to another long look at Stacy's legs. Charisma had always
loved her own legs, but she knew that Stacy's put her to shame. She was
ecstatic to see that Stacy not only didn't seem to mind her drooling over
her legs, she seemed to welcome it.

"Yeah I know, without these how would I make a living?" Stacy laughed.
"They're my moneymaker."

"I wouldn't say that," Charisma offered. "I think other parts of you are
quite nice too."

Stacy grinned and blushed a little at the compliment, but she didn't fight
it off or the implication behind it. It had taken more than a few lies to
her boyfriend to explain to him why she couldn't watch the game with him
like she had promised. But it was all worth it. Even with her experience as
a cheerleader, Stacy was barely concentrating on the game. Everything else
around her was much more pleasant to think about. There wasn't any place she
wanted to be more right now than here.

When Jewel and Beyonce had walked into the entertainment room, they were
immediately greeted happily.

"Hey you!" Britney Spears happily cried out as she hugged Beyonce. "How are
you girl? I'm so pumped you're here. Now I can get to do all those things I
wanted to do when we did the commercial."

The fact that Britney had been lusting for her during the shoot aroused
and annoyed Beyonce at the same time. It aroused her because Britney was
undeniably hot, but it also annoyed her because while filming their gladiator
spot, Beyonce had had no idea that Britney was into girls. She only learned
about it when it was too late. But now as Britney hugged her, that annoyance
just turned into more arousal at the promise of making good on their mutual

"Ughhhh stop talking about that stupid commercial," Christina Aguilera
grumbled. "That's all you yammer about now. Stop it already. It just reminds
me of what you did with that wannabe skank."

"Awww is Chrissy still mad at Pink?" Britney teased before hugging her
friend. "Why can't you two kiss and make up? I mean we did and look at us

"I'm still mad at you," Christina pouted. "I can't believe you fucked her!
You know she and I are fighting!"

"I couldn't help it," Britney giggled. "She had the costume and as soon as
she started talking to me about what she wanted to do to my ass, I was hers.
You would have done it too if you'd been there."

"Yeah right," Christina snorted, conveniently ignoring that she had done all
that and more to Pink once upon a time and would again in a heartbeat. "I
have standards. That bitch is always copying me. I was the one who got her
into pussy! Now she's going off and stealing my bitches!"

"I'm still your bitch Chrissy," Britney assured the brunette before kissing
her grumpy lips as a sign of devotion. "She couldn't steal me away from you."

"Wait...back And Pink?" Beyonce asked. "I don't believe it!"

"Mmmmhmmm...she was soooo good too," Britney eagerly recalled. "If we'd known
you were into girls too Beyonce, we would have loved to have you join the
three of us."

"Three? Who was the third girl?" Beyonce demanded, wondering how much had
gone on behind her back on the set of the commercial.

"Well, remember that day Anna Kournikova came to visit Enrique..." Britney
giggled. "Turns out she's quite the slut."

"I can't believe it," Beyonce said, shaking her head in disbelief. "How could
I miss all this? I wish you'd asked me to see if I was into it."

"Well maybe we can make up for some lost time tonight?" Britney suggested,
wrapping her arms around Beyonce and pulling her close. "If things get boring
soon we can slip away...all of us can. I don't think Sarah will miss us."

Everyone in their little group liked the sound of that idea and it was clear
they weren't the only ones having it. As Britney continued to hold onto
Beyonce while Christina and Jewel looked on hungrily, Alyson and Alyssa
skipped by, holding hands and giggling as they escaped the party early and
headed on upstairs.

"So is this thing even close to being over yet?" Rose groaned, her boredom
not even close to being alleviated. "I mean if we're all gonna be sitting
here like vegetables at least we should be able to watch 'Survivor.'"

"It's just the first half," Jennifer pointed out. "You got at least two hours
to go before you get to see Richard and Rudy again."

"Ughhhhhhhhh this is unbearable!" Rose replied, taking a pillow from one of
the couches and smothering her face in it. She was not a big sports fan
ordinarily and having this amount of hot pussy around her without fucking it
was driving her up a wall.

"And we haven't even gotten to the halftime show yet," Jennifer teased. "You
still have that to look forward to."

"Great...why don't I just kill myself and end the pain?" Rose sighed in
frustration. "That'll make the game look good by comparison. The halftime
show is where has beens go to die!"

"Excuse me?" Gwen Stefani interjected, No Doubt's performance at last year's
show with Sting still fresh in her mind. "What was that you said Rose?"

"Present company excluded of course," Rose winked at Gwen. "I just can't
take this! This is too fucking boring to even be considered torture. How
can a game go this long? They could at least be showing more shots of the
cheerleaders. Give a girl something she wants to see!"

"You should switch to Canadian football," Pamela Anderson suggested with a
laugh. "We get through those games in a breeze."

"Yeah, go Argonauts!" Trish Stratus added before sharing a high five with
her fellow Canadian. Trish had been giddy all week looking forward to the
chance to meet all of Jessica's sexy friends and it hadn't disappointed.
She had been hanging out with Pamela and Carmen Electra mostly and getting
along great with everyone. Trish was having a ball and she still had all
her clothes on. To her things could only get better.

"You two stay out of this," Love giggled. "We play American football around

"Quiet Lil Miss ESPN," Rose said, playfully throwing the pillow at her
housemate. "God sports is boring! What is wrong with all of you?"

"Stop bitching Rose," Sarah chastised. "Or else I'll have to start spanking
you to make you shut up."

"Please...I insist," Rose wickedly shot back; readjusting herself on the
couch so her ass was up in the air. "At least it'll get my mind off how
boring this is."

"Don't tempt me," Sarah said, shaking her finger at her friend. "You'd be
begging to watch football by the time I'm done paddling your behind."

"Not bloody likely," Rose said, sticking out her tongue at Sarah and giving
her a little razz. "The only begging that's going to be going on will be you
begging for the privilege to lick my sweet, tight pussy."

"Mmmm I like where this is going," Christina announced, settling in against
the wall and doing one of the things she did best, observing things and
making sarcastic comments.

"Can't you just watch the game like a normal person?" Sarah challenged. "Not
everyone who's watching likes football you know. They're doing it because
it's fun."

"Fun? This isn't fun," Rose snorted. "I don't know why everyone makes such
a big deal out of this game. I mean the two teams should just go out there,
whip out their cocks to see who's bigger and be done with it. That's all
sports is anyways, seeing whose got the bigger dick."

"Hey don't start knocking sports," Amy said to Rose. "Some of us are watching
the game."

"Yeah but you and Love are like the only ones," Rose pointed out. "I
think the rest of us would be glad to be distracted. Besides, football is

"What?" Love squealed in disbelief. "You're nuts Rose."

"I'm serious..." Rose grinned, loving how she was agitating everyone. "I
think these guys like tackling and pounding each other a little too much.
They should play in leather uniforms and make the losing team the winner's
slaves for the summer."

"Yuck! Stop it Rose!" Love said, throwing the pillow back at her housemate.

"What'd I miss?" Tara Reid asked as she walked back into the room. When she'd
left everyone was happy and now everyone was staring at each other and not
watching the game.

"Rose is pissing everyone off," Sarah claimed.

"I am not! I'm just pointing out simple truths," Rose defended herself.
"Besides what's so great about getting a ball from one end of a field to
another? I'd like to see them do a real contest. Something where there's
actual skill. Like seeing how many girls they can get off. Now that's a
fun game!"

"Sounds like a contest we should have," Jessica Alba laughed.

"Didn't we do that last week?" Jewel asked with a grin.

"No we forgot to keep score," Jessica replied before everyone broke into

"I would have won anyway," Rose predicted confidently. "In a contest like
that I can't be beat."

"Oooooooh look who's so full of herself," Sarah scoffed. "I wouldn't go
giving yourself a trophy yet Rose. You know there are some other girls around
here who know a few things about making a girl come."

"Who? You? Puhhleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee..." Rose said with a playful roll of
her eyes. "Face it Sarah you're good, but I'm...well I'm me."

"Oh yeah, I guess it was you then who broke into my trailer and fucked me
senseless," Sarah shot back. "Oh no wait...that we me and Love. Give it up
Rose. Anything you learned about getting a girl off you learned from me. I'm
a leader and you're just a follower with a big mouth."

"Ohhhhhh talk about being full of yourself," Rose said, rising up from the
couch and walking over to Sarah. "How many times am I going to have to take
that tight ass of yours before you realize I'm the queen of this castle?"

"I dunno, how many times before you finally give up?" Sarah said, not backing
down. Her own desire to keep this a civil party was quickly being forgotten
and Sarah looked down to find her nipples straining hard against her t-shirt
as she and Rose got in each other's face. "The only place you're the best in
is your own mind Rose. You talk a lot of shit but it was you begging me to
use your own toy on you so you could come."

"That's only after I broke in that ass of yours with it," Rose shot back. "So
if you're so damn sure of yourself, why don't you put your money where your
mouth is, slut?"

"Whoa...whoa...whoa...what's going on here?" Jennifer interjected as
everyone else just stared in silence while the first half ended and CBS went
to commercial. "Let's not say or do anything that anyone's going to regret in
the morning."

"It's cool Jen, someone just forgot who it was that brought her here," Sarah
stated. "Without me, Rose, you'd still be fucking guys and using Mr. Snappy
on yourself. Everything you have is because of me. You shouldn't be issuing
challenges here Rose. You should be on your knees thanking me and earning
your keep."

"Hey...c'mon...let's be nice," Love said nervously. She didn't like to see
people fighting and that was especially true with her friends. Love couldn't
be sure if Rose and Sarah were just playing or whether they were about to
start clawing at each other. She had seen both of their tempers and Love was
afraid this could actually turn into something serious.

"Yeah, don't do this," Jennifer urged. "C'mon you two are friends. Don't

"Fight? We're not fighting," Rose replied. "I just challenged this little
slut and she's too scared to take me up on it. What's the matter Sarah afraid
to show off your skills to everyone? I'd have 10 girls screaming while you'd
still be sucking your first clitty."

"Yeah they'd be screaming for you to get off them and for me to get over
there and make them come," Sarah sneered. "There's no way you can beat me!"

"Then prove it," Rose challenged. "Stop fucking around and start fucking.
C'mon Sarah...right here, right now. You and me. Whoever gets the most of
these sluts off wins."

"Are you serious?" Jewel marveled. "You guys are kidding right?"

"Yeah, stop playing around," Jessica urged her housemates. "Sarah, just sit
back and enjoy your party and Rose cool off. No one needs to prove anything."

Sarah and Rose continued to stare at each other. Rose resisted the temptation
to lick her lips when she saw how hard Sarah's nipples were against her
shirt. She knew her nips were just as hard under her dress. The thought of
outdoing Sarah in front of everyone and creating a fuckfest in the process
had Rose's pussy purring. The heat of the locked gaze between her and Sarah
could have melted an iceberg so it was no surprise when Jessica's advice was
completely ignored.

"I'm in," Sarah declared. She had wanted a normal party and now she was
fucking things up herself. But she no longer cared. She wasn't going to let
Rose get away with thinking she was a better fuck than she was. Sarah was too
competitive and too proud of her own abilities to let a challenge like this
go unanswered.

"What about you Rose?" Sarah asked. "Or are you all talk?"

Rose answered this by gripping Sarah's head with her hands and pulling her in
for a hard kiss. Rose sucked Sarah's tongue into her mouth and literally left
her blonde housemate gasping for breath when she pulled away.

"Fuck yeah I'm in," Rose grinned. "So got any rules bitch or do you just
wanna play it as it goes?"

"Let's make it simple," Sarah said, glancing over at the television as the
halftime show was about to begin. "Whoever gets the most girls off before
halftime ends is the winner."

"How long is halftime?" Rose asked.

"I dunno, like 25 minutes," Sarah answered, her and Rose's gazes still locked
on one another.

"Fine by me," Rose accepted. "Now who's gonna keep score? Because I don't
trust you to keep the right count."

"Yeah? Well I don't trust you either," Sarah declared. "Anyone who's ever
been with you probably knows how to fake an orgasm. I don't want anyone
pretending just because they feel sorry for you."

"They're gonna be feeling sorry for you when you're the one crying cause I
beat your skinny body senseless," Rose cockily grinned. "Jen can keep score."

"Me? Why me?" Jennifer asked, not wanting to get in the middle of this

"Just make sure that the girls are really coming and keep an honest score
Jen," Sarah instructed. "So, you ready whore?"

"Just watch me," Rose answered. The horny redhead then pounced on the first
girl that was in her range. It happened to be Jessica and before the former
Dark Angel knew what was happening, she was pinned down on the couch and
having her clothes pulled off.

"Hey! Wait!" Jessica gasped. She couldn't believe they were going through
with this and she wasn't being given time to think, much less react
reasonably. Now she was being forced down and her first instinct was to

"Less talking more coming," Rose said before pulling her own dress right over
her head with a quick yank. Not surprisingly, Rose was naked underneath and
the entire room was treated to the glorious site of her bare body. She didn't
linger on her own nudity, though. Rose went right back for Jessica's clothes,
pulling up her t-shirt to expose a pink bra and tugging down her jeans and
panties at the same time. As soon as Jessica's pussy was vulnerable, Rose
dove in tongue first.

"Shit," Sarah muttered, realizing she was already behind. She too grabbed the
first girl she saw and pulled Jewel into a hot kiss. Though she was a bit put
off by the sudden contest, Jewel didn't fight back. The horniness that had
been bubbling inside her since the first guest showed up was making Jewel a
very willing volunteer as everyone else just stared in wild wonder at what
was happening.

"Oh my God," Love gasped, her hands covering her mouth as she sought to come
to terms with the shock and arousal she felt at watching two of her best
friends go wild like this. No one else was saying a word. The only noises
were coming from the completely ignored television and the increasing moans
coming from Jessica and Jewel.

By now Jessica was no longer struggling. She was just lying back on the couch
and enjoying the ride. Rose hadn't even bothered to completely undress her.
She just stripped what she needed. Jessica's t-shirt was up over her bra and
her jeans and panties were down around her ankles as Rose drilled her pussy
with her tongue.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhh!!!" Jessica groaned as Rose hit a
particularly sensitive spot with her tongue. "FUCK!!! That's it Rose!!!
Mmmmmmmmm ughhhhhhhh fuck my pussy just like thaaaaaaaaaaat!!!"

Not to be outdone, Sarah hadn't taken long to get Jewel panting and moaning.
Jewel was bent over one of the chairs as Sarah buried her face in her pussy
from behind, her hands gripping Jewel's ass cheeks as her tongue lapped away
at the wetness dripping from her honeypot. Sarah was on her knees with
Jewel's shorts and panties around her feet. Like Rose, Sarah hadn't bothered
to strip off her lover's shirt, so Jewel took care of that. She grabbed her
own top and tugged it off, exposing braless flesh that immediately started
jiggling with every hard tongue stroke Sarah gave her from behind.

Everyone was breathing just a little harder and craving just a little bit
more by this point. No one there was a stranger to girl sex and as sudden and
strange as this whole thing was, they all wanted in. But it was as if Sarah
and Rose had put the whole room under a spell. No one wanted to break it by
doing anything.

The first girl to make any move at all was Christina. She too was spellbound.
She couldn't believe things had gone this far. But she couldn't help but
notice who was missing from the party. She ran to get them. Not so they'd
stop Sarah and Rose, but so they wouldn't miss the hot sights she was

Up in Alyssa's room, the intense makeout session between her and Alyson had
resulted in two topless girls sucking each other's tongues. Alyssa's hands
were all over Alyson's firm tits, squeezing the pale mounds and rubbing her
palms against her swollen nipples.

"Mmmmm I've wanted to do this since we were both on the WB together," Alyssa
smiled before kissing Alyson some more. Alyson had been a frequent guest to
the mansion after Alyssa had moved in, but fate had somehow always found a
way to keep the two from ever finding time alone to hook up. Now both of them
were determined to make sure that changed.

"You shouldn't have waited," Alyson smiled. "All you had to do was ask and I
would have been spreading my legs for you in a second."

"Then do it for me now," Alyssa requested. "Drop those pants and show me that
hot little pussy of yours."

"Anything you want, just get naked too," Alyson grinned as she undid her
pants and easily slid them down her legs, taking her panties down too.
Alyssa hungrily eyed the red bush that was revealed and the glistening slit
underneath it. She didn't want to take her gaze off it, so Alyssa kept
staring as she lowered her own shorts to the floor. Alyssa didn't have any
panties on so just like that the two girls were naked and lost in each
other's kisses. At last they could make good on their mutual fantasies.

But then the door to Alyssa's room flew open. Alyson reflexively covered her
tits, but relaxed when she saw it was just Christina.

"Jesus Christ! Knock much Chrissy?" Alyssa snapped.

"You gotta fucking see this," Christina declared as she frantically waved her
hands for Alyssa and Alyson to follow her.

"What? What is it?" Alyssa demanded.

" gotta see," Christina breathlessly insisted. "Now! Before
we miss all the good stuff!"

Knowing that whatever got that kind of reaction from Christina was probably
worth a peek, Alyssa and Alyson got up and began to gather their clothes.

"No! Don't bother," Christina advised, slapping both their hands away.
"Believe me, you won't need them."

With that intriguing promise in the air, the two naked girls followed
Christina down from Alyssa's room downstairs and back to the entertainment
center. When they saw what was going on, both girls jaws hit the grounds.
Everyone was staring and watching as Rose and Sarah fucked their housemates
into orgasmic bliss.

By now Jessica had taken care of her own shirt and bra and was groping her
own tits hard as Rose's tongue continued it's determined pursuit of her
cream. Jewel's eyes were closed and her mouth open wide in ecstasy as Sarah
kept lapping away at her wetness.

Alyson was shocked and immediately wet over seeing her best friend act like
that and Alyssa was just as floored. But what had her mind reeling wasn't
that Sarah and Rose were acting like this. Hell, she'd seen this side of them
many times before. What had Alyssa in a state of amazement was how everyone
else was acting.

"What the fuck's the matter with you?" Alyssa demanded of everyone, her harsh
words smashing the trance that had settled over them. "Why are you all still
dressed? Get your fucking clothes off and join in!"

Alyssa had no idea what had lead to this or even what was going on and she
didn't care. All she knew was that she was horny and both Sarah and Rose
looked ready to fuck whatever hot pussy was in their face. Alyssa wanted that
pussy to be hers in the worst way. She walked over toward Rose and Jessica,
the look of pure bliss on Jessica's beautiful face drawing her in like a
siren's call.

Jessica's breasts were shaking as she humped Rose's face and Alyssa didn't
pause a second before burying her face in those tits. She licked away at
Jessica's breasts, gripping the jiggling mounds and tonguing the firm flesh.
By the time Alyssa got her tongue and lips to Jessica's nipples, the girl
was already beyond words, her cries reduced to guttural gasps of pleasure.

Rose had been so lost in Jessica's snatch that she hadn't even noticed Alyssa
until she started sucking Jessica's nipples. The red haired vixen grinned
when she saw the lovely fly that had walked into her spider web. This was the
perfect way to get the advantage on Sarah.

"No! Don't worry about her Lyssa!" Rose ordered, pulling her face up from
Jessica and showing off the sexy shine she'd gotten from her meal. "She's
well taken care of. Get that hot little pussy over here for me. Let me do
you too!"

Rose then lovingly licked her fingers and Alyssa didn't even begin to
protest. Being with Alyson and seeing what she was seeing had her pussy close
to dripping and she wasn't going to push away a chance for pleasure. Alyssa
sat down on the couch right next to Jessica and spread her legs wide for her

"That's it baby, give Rose that sexy cunt of yours," Rose grinned. "Spread
it wide for my fingers! Show me that fucking pink while I eat this slut's

"Yesssssssssssssssss!" Alyssa groaned when Rose slid three of her fingers
right into her snatch. She expertly began to rub her clit while she finger
fucked her, giving Alyssa the pleasure she had been dying for. Rose's
fingers slid effortlessly into Alyssa's soaked, pink folds and she quickly
got her tongue back to business, burying her face right back into Jessica.

Even with her own tongue hard at work, Sarah saw what Rose was doing. But
she wasn't about to let it get her down. Two girls at once, huh bitch, Sarah
thought to herself as she stared daggers at her opponent. Well you're not the
only one who can do that.

"Nice try Rose," Sarah sneered as she withdrew from Jewel's sodden pussy.
"But I'd like to see you top this! Aly! Get that sexy ass of yours over here.
Mmmmmm and bring Charisma too!"

At the sound of her name Charisma snapped to attention. She had just been
watching and now she was being called to action when she had least expected
it. It was like yanking her out of fantasy and back to the real world. She
was dying for some love, though, and when Alyson came by, she eagerly grasped
her hand and allowed her friend to lead her over to Sarah. Alyson was already
naked, but Charisma was still fully dressed. Seeing that Sarah had returned
to licking Jewel from behind, Alyson decided to help her best friend out a

"Let's get you naked baby," Alyson told Charisma in between sexy, wet
kisses to her horny lips. The two former co-stars fell into a deep liplock
as Alyson's hands got busy on Charisma's body. She undid the button to her
shorts and slid them down her long legs. Charisma had a dark blue thong that
was already clinging to her slit from her wetness. Alyson started rubbing
her friend's pussy through her panties, but then she remembered that there
wasn't time for teasing. She had to get Charisma ready for Sarah to fuck.

"God, I've missed this pussy," Alyson sighed as she yanked down Charisma's
panties. Charisma's recent pregnancy had taken her out of the game for a
little while and now Alyson was more than ready to reintroduce her friend to
the joys of sapphic love. She pushed her fingers inside Charisma's wet cunt
and made the former cheerleader gasp in rapture.

"Ughhhhh that's it Aly! Get those fucking fingers inside me!" Charisma
moaned. "Mmmmmmmmm I missed you too! Missed you all so fucking much!"

"Get your asses over here!" Sarah growled at her friends, pausing for a
second on Jewel. "I need to get you two bitches off!"

Mentally noting that they would have to pay back Sarah later for the
"bitches" remark, Alyson and Charisma kissed one last time and then broke
away to let Sarah have at them. With Jewel still leaning against the side of
the chair, Alyson and Charisma got themselves on each side of her. Alyson
took the left and Charisma the right and they stood there for only a mere
second before they felt the hot sensation of penetration. Sarah's hands flew
up to her friends and right into their pussies. As the former slayer tongue
fucked Jewel, she began pumping her fingers into the tight twats that stood
before her.

All around the room the cries of pleasure were acting like aphrodisiacs on
everyone else. It seemed that everyone else was moaning or sighing as kisses
were shared and clothes removed. Love had Amy up on the couch with her and
was quickly making her forget all about the score as she pushed her hand up
her jersey and squeezed the bare tit flesh that was underneath.

Britney and Beyonce were making up for lost time in a hurry as they
frantically kissed. Beyonce moaned and closed her eyes as Britney's practiced
mouth kissed her and sucked on her tongue. She'd missed so much on the set,
but now nothing was going to stop her from having fun with this hot pop tart.
Not to be forgotten, Christina was making herself busy by working on the
duo's clothes.

The pierced brunette had Britney and Beyonce's shorts pooled around their
feet as they kissed. As usual Britney was bare underneath and Christina
helped herself to a rub against her friend's smooth, shaved pussy. Beyonce
had a hot red g-string on against her dark flesh and Christina couldn't help
herself when she got close to it. She started to tongue the front of it,
tasting Beyonce's wetness through the material and loving it. It made her
want to get that thing off and taste her in the raw, but before she could
she found herself distracted.

"Let me at that body of yours," Beyonce purred, letting her desires run free,
as Britney and Christina touched and kissed her. Christina obediently rose up
and Beyonce grabbed at Christina's shorts, tugging them down as she rested on
her knees. Like Britney, Christina hadn't bothered with panties so there was
nothing but soft girl flesh underneath her shorts. Beyonce's grin widened
when she saw her new friend's bare ass and pussy for the first time.

"Mmmmmm yeah, you show this body off for everyone else and now you're gonna
show it off for me," Beyonce moaned in horniness. "Everyone else has gotten a
piece of your ass and now it's my turn!"

Beyonce then pulled off Christina's top and began eagerly exploring her bare
body as Britney did the same to hers. Soon enough the singers were deep in a
three way kiss.

Jennifer felt like she was the last person without a partner, but any
jealousy she might have felt was eased by the amazing vision before her.
She'd seen Sarah and Rose in heat before, but now they seemed determined
to outdo each other like never before. They were using their tongues and
fingers like weapons on the group of girls before them. Jennifer hadn't
wanted to be dragged in the middle of this, but now that she had been
appointed scorekeeper of this perverted exhibition, she was dedicated to
making sure it was done right.

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHH ROSE!!!!! I'M GONNA COMMMMMME!!!" Jessica wailed as she
gripped her heaving tits and humped Rose's face. Jessica felt so deliciously
violated by this and her whole body was on fire from the hard stabs of Rose's
tongue against her clit. Her shorts and panties were still around her ankles
and she felt like a piece of meat to Rose's tongue, but she loved it. Her
housemate was taking her nice and rough and making Jessica's clit swell to
the point of orgasmic explosion.

"Then come bitch!" Rose commanded, pausing for just a brief second to slide
a finger from her free hand into Jessica's wetness. "Tell Sarah what a good
job I'm doing on this fucking cunt of yours!"

"YESSSSSSSSSS FUCK MEEEEEE!!!" Jessica cried out, the feeling of Rose's
fingers and tongue in her tightness leaving her almost nude body shaking.

Sarah growled in jealousy as she heard Jessica's Rose-fueled taunts and she
doubled up her efforts on Jewel, Alyson and Charisma. She was not going to
lose this! Sarah had always had an overdeveloped sense of competition, but
that had helped her land so many parts against long odds and Sarah wasn't
going to even consider defeat here. This contest was just getting started.

"C'mon Jessica! Come all over Rose's tongue! Soak that fucking face!" Alyssa
groaned in between finger thrusts, helping her co-star out by sucking on
Jessica's tits and pinching her nipples. "Give her that fucking cum you're

"AHHHHHHH!!!" Jessica screamed as she screwed her eyes shut and came all
over Rose's passionate tongue. Her pussy clamped down on Rose's tongue, but
the redhead kept licking her clit, tasting all of Jessica's juices that she
desired and letting them coat her tongue and flow down to her pussy famished

"That's one," Jennifer declared as she began her scoring tabulation. Her own
pussy was soaking her jeans and panties, but she was having too much fun just
watching the action to even think about touching herself.

As Jessica lay gasping and squirming on the couch, her nude flesh flushed
with perspiration and happy afterglow, Rose didn't rest on her laurels. She
barely paused a second before moving her face over a few feet and burying her
tongue deep into Alyssa.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh tongue fuck that pussy!" Alyssa urged. "Make me
fucking come Rose! Get that cunt off just like Jessica's! Prove you're better
than Sarah, you sexy bitch! Show me every fucking thing you can do!"

Grinning like the Cheshire Cat between Alyssa's legs, Rose got right to work
on her friend's clitoris. The swollen pleasure bud was right there for the
sucking and that was just what Rose's did. With Alyssa spreading her legs
wide it was easy for Rose to latch onto her clit and vigorously suck it,
making the pixie haired actress writhe on the couch.

But even though Rose had jumped out to the early lead, Sarah was not
discouraged. She was furiously pumping her fingers into Alyson and Charisma
as she tongue fucked Jewel, using her pink tongue like a hard cock on her
housemate's quivering quim.

"Ohhhhhhh Sarah...ooooooooh ohhhhhhhhmyyyyygawwwwwwwd..." Jewel mumbled and
moaned. "More Sarah! Use that tongue on me! Just a little more baby and I'll
come for you!"

Hearing Charisma and Alyson's cries of pleasure right next to her had Jewel
juicing up so nicely and Sarah's tongue was as skillful as always between her
legs. She loved looking over each shoulder to see a beautiful woman panting
in desire from Sarah's fingers. Jewel pulled Charisma over first and
passionately kissed her before doing the same to Alyson, their mutual moans
disappearing into each other's mouths.

Just as Alyssa was cheering on her friend and encouraging her with dirty
talk, Alyssa did the same for Sarah. She liked Rose and had benefited from
her skillful fuckings many times before, but no one could ever steal her
loyalty to Sarah so she began pushing Jewel closer.

"C'mon Jewel...come for know you want Sarah how good
her tongue feels inside you," Alyson urged as she felt her own body surge
with pleasure from her friend's fingers while she kissed Jewel and massaged
her huge tits. "Sarah's got such a beautiful face. Make it more beautiful
by showering it in your cum. Give her pretty skin a hot cum glaze. Mmmmmmm
c'mon Jewel...come for her!"

Jewel cried out at the sexy thought of her cream coating Sarah's cover girl
face. She felt like everyone was staring at her, even though the only people
she could see from her position were Alyson and Charisma. Jewel felt like the
eyes of the room were on her as Sarah tried to even the score. That turned
her on immensely and had her dripping onto Sarah's tongue. Jewel had always
loved to watch and now she felt like she was the one being watched...the eyes
of every gorgeous woman in the room on her naked body as she humped Sarah's
face. There was no way she could hold back from Sarah working over her clit
as well as she was.

"YESSSSSSS!!!" Jewel screamed her hands slamming against her chair as her
body bucked and ground against Sarah's happy face in orgasmic delight. Jewel
quickly grabbed her own tits and sucked and licked on them, bringing her own
nipple to her mouth to increase the pleasure as she shuddered in ecstasy.

Sarah lapped away at Jewel's orgasm like it was whipped cream and not pussy
cream, though to Sarah's tongue they were both so sweet. She knew win or lose
she was going to get a lot of flavors on her tongue that day and though it
was good strategy to move onto the next girl, Sarah couldn't help but indulge
in the yummy taste soaking her lips and tongue.

"Now it's tied at one," Jennifer breathlessly reported, becoming more
enamored of her role in this as the seconds ticked away at halftime.

With a final happy squeal, Jewel managed to pull herself away from her lover,
leaving Sarah's mouth open for new business. Sarah quickly moved to repay
Alyson for her help by attacking her pussy with a fury of tongue lashes
against her wetness. Jewel watched with a flushed, sweaty face as Sarah
feasted on her best friend while fingering Charisma.

Charisma was getting the same treatment Jewel had, no messing around. Sarah
went after the part she needed, and didn't bother with anything else. The
busty actress was bottomless, but her shirt and bra were still on, holding
back her generous chest as Sarah's fingers pinched and rubbed her aching

As Jewel felt the last rushes of her orgasm tingle through her body, Jessica
was beginning to recover. Her own orgasm hadn't cooled off the hot, horny
fires inside her loins and she eagerly pushed the rest of her clothes off as
soon as she found the strength. Now standing naked before her housemates and
assorted guests, Jessica licked her lips when she saw Rose's slick fingers
stroking Alyssa's thigh. She wanted that taste in her mouth.

Without a word, Jessica fell to the rug and onto her knees. She grabbed
Rose's fingers and began sensuously licking them one by one, loving the
creamy goodness of Alyssa Milano's pussy juices. This was too good a treat
not to share and, with a quick glimpse upward, Jessica saw the perfect
person to share it with.

Love and Amy had become quite friendly since everything had begun to get
wild. The actress now had the redheaded wrestler's jersey off and was
happily tonguing her nipples while stroking the rest of her chest with her
happy hands. Amy's own hands were deep in Love's shorts, pushing them down
her ass and grabbing at her cheeks while she moaned from the talented tongue
licking her hard, pink points. When she had first been told about this place,
Amy had fantasized about something just like this and, as she had been
finding out a lot recently, reality was always better than fantasy when it
came to girl sex.

As beautiful a picture as it was for the crossover between Hollywood and
wrestling to be so vividly displayed, Jessica broke it up. She had brought
Amy here and wanted to play with her friend.

"C'mere Amy," Jessica urged with a seductive stare. "Taste this. You'll love
it baby."

Amy wasn't about to refuse Jessica anything, especially when Love followed
right behind her. The two girls crawled their half dressed bodies off the
couch, Amy's bare tits on display for everyone as Love's shorts and panties
hit the ground, and made their way towards Jessica, Rose and Alyssa. Jessica
held out Rose's wet hand for her friends.

"Taste it," Jessica grinned. "Taste how good Lyssa's pussy is."

With Alyssa's bare body so close by and so beautiful, Amy found her lust for
the actress growing at a dangerous rate of speed. She was all too happy to
grasp Rose's hand from Alyssa and lick up what remained of Alyssa's juices.
Love quickly joined in, adding her own tongue to Rose's flesh and making the
actress cry out a muffled sound of desire into Alyssa's pussy. Knowing she
had so many sexy, willing bodies next to her gave Rose a brilliant idea and
she pulled away from Alyssa's pussy.

Ignoring Alyssa's cry of frustration, Rose pressed her cum covered face to
Love's ear and whispered to her housemate while cupping her tits and rubbing
her through her top. Love melted at the sound of Rose's words. She was putty
in her friend's hands and obediently nodded her head and smiled before
getting up and scampering off out of the room.

With Love temporarily reassigned, Rose found herself staring right at Amy
as the wrestler lovingly licked her fingers free of feminine essence. Rose
really had no idea who Amy was, but she was a sucker for a pretty face and
a hot body and the wrestler had both.

"You like that taste sweetie?" Rose asked and Amy smiled and nodded her head.

"Yeah? So are you just hear to taste or do you want to get fucked too?" Rose
demanded. "Tell me what you want me to do to your body."

"Fuck me!" Amy begged. "I want to be fucked! I need it Rose! Make me a notch
on your fucking bedpost!"

Rose smiled again, loving Amy's attitude. Maybe she should start watching
wrestling if all the girls were as hot as this spitfire.

"Get on the couch and get ready for me slut," Rose commanded before pushing
her face back into Alyssa. "Spread that pretty pussy wide!"

Jessica lovingly kissed Amy, knowing full well she was in for a treat as she
rose up. Jessica grabbed at the redhead's dark green pants and pulled them
down, leaving her in a pink and black spotted thong. The actress knew Rose
wasn't going to have much fun with her wearing that so Jessica helpfully sunk
her teeth into the side of Amy's thong and pulled it down.

"Thank you," Amy giggled as she stepped away from her panties and left the
thong in Jessica's mouth, hanging like a chew toy from her lips.

"Grrrrrr..." Jessica playfully growled as she pulled the thong from her
mouth and held it up to her face. She breathed in the heavenly scent of Amy's
arousal and watched happily as her friend spread her legs open and gasped at
the penetration of Rose's fingers into her tight folds.

While Rose began fingering Amy to go along with her dining on Alyssa's honey
pot, Sarah kept her tongue inside Alyson, licking the pussy she knew so well
as she finger fucked Charisma into a frenzy. Charisma cried out in joy as
she rode Sarah's fingers, her sexy friend adding a third finger inside her
and filling her up so well. The cries of the dirty blonde actress began
attracting attention and, with her eyes closed from the pleasure, Charisma
soon found her lips smothered by a mystery woman's.

Charisma didn't immediately recognize the flavor of the lipstick so she knew
it wasn't Alyson. When she opened her eyes, Charisma let out a happy moan
when she saw it was Stacy who was passionately frenching her.

From her vantage point on the other couch, Stacy could easily see how happy
Amy was tasting Rose's fingers and then feeling those sexy digits inside her.
The leggy blonde badly wanted in and Charisma's beautiful lips offered quite
the opportunity. Stacy had so far kept her lesbian desires inside the office
so to speak. Besides Jessica, she had only been with her fellow divas and
when she had first accepted the invitation to come here that had been the
first thing she had wanted to change. Ever since Jessica and Trish had
seduced her inside that steam room, Stacy had been crazy for pussy and now
she wanted to experience it all.

Stacy and Charisma moaned into each other's mouths, the two former
cheerleaders blissfully losing themselves in the sapphic kiss. They each had
boyfriends. Hell Charisma had a kid. But none of that mattered. All that
mattered to them was the pleasure they knew women could bring and the desire
to feel that pleasure as often as possible.

Wanting to see as much of her new friend as possible, Stacy pulled Charisma's
t-shirt off, exposing a pale blue bra. The actress' nipples were swollen
against the material of the bra and Stacy helped herself to a taste. She
leaned down to suck hard on the poking points, teasing Charisma through her
bra and leaving the material wet with desire and saliva.

"Mmmmm oh Stacy...suck those nipples baby," Charisma moaned, running her
fingers through Stacy's long blonde hair. "Ughhhhhh yessssss...suck them
while Sarah finger fucks me! Mmmmmm make it good and I'll let her do you
next! I'll let her get her fingers into your hot little pussy!"

That was just what Stacy wanted and she felt her pussy soaking her panties.
She'd already ditched her shorts and shirt watching the action and all she
was in now was the slightest of black g-strings that barely covered an inch
of her succulent ass cheeks. She wanted Sarah inside her. God, she wanted
them all inside her. She wanted to be fucked so bad. She couldn't wait!

Stacy wanted to be in Charisma's place and she knew the best way to get their
was to speed along her new friend's orgasm. She moved her hand down from
cupping Charisma's tit through her bra toward her exposed and dripping pussy.
Sarah already had her fingers inside, but Stacy slowly pushed one of her own
in, stretching Charisma's pinkness.

"Gawwwwd!!! Soooooo fucking gooooooooood!!!" Charisma squealed. But just as
soon as Stacy started, she had to stop when she found her hand being slapped

"No!" Jennifer declared, exerting some authority as scorekeeper and making up
a rule on the spot that she felt made a lot of sense. "Only Sarah can get her
off. You can touch her breasts but nothing below the belt."

Thinking Jennifer was sounding a lot like the referees she encountered on a
frequent basis, Stacy complied and got back to Charisma's tits. She unsnapped
her bra and went right for her flesh puppies as soon as they were exposed to
the open air. Stacy buried her face in Charisma's breasts as Jennifer took
the moment to admire the wrestler's amazing ass while making sure she kept a
close eye on the action.

Though she'd welcomed Stacy's help, Sarah didn't let it distract her from
what she had to do. She gave Alyson everything she knew she liked, using her
free hand to rub Alyson's own juices on her tits and tummy as she sucked on
her clit and nibbled just slightly on it with her teeth, to give her friend
the extra spice she knew she liked with her sugar.

"More Sarah! More! Make me fucking come like the slut I am!!!" Alyson said as
she began to trade hot kisses with Charisma and Jewel. She was a stranger to
Stacy but that didn't stop her from plunging her tongue into her mouth as the
kisses became longer and more heated with every moment Sarah was working over
her clit. Alyson rubbed her wet pussy all over Sarah's face as she fucked

Sarah knew that Alyson was only truly close when she began screaming like a
banshee, so Sarah began taking her friend harder. She sucked furiously on
Alyson's clit while sliding a finger up and down her slit to lube it up. Just
as Alyson's voice began to rise, Sarah moved her wet finger around Alyson's
backside and to her tight little asshole. She rubbed it first, just to let
Alyson know what was coming and then pushed it inside her.

"FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS!!!" Alyson roared when her ass was penetrated. "FUCK ME

Sensing that Alyson was indeed ready to lose it, Sarah decided to go for two
at once. She picked up the pace on Charisma, counting on Stacy's help to make
this a very pleasurable finger fuck. Sarah's assumption was wise as Stacy
sucked happily on Charisma's sensitive nipples and brought her closer and
closer to orgasm.

As Sarah pushed her finger in and out of Alyson's ass, pumping the tight
hole, Charisma found her own hands gripping Stacy's backside. The actress
gripped hard enough on Stacy's butt to leave handprints and the way Stacy
moaned into her tits told Charisma that she wanted more. So, without any
warning, Charisma raised her hand up and smacked Stacy's ass. Stacy squealed
at the spanking and ginned wildly.

"More!" Stacy begged. "Spank my ass Charisma! Spank my tight fucking ass
while I suck on your hot tits!"

Charisma gave Stacy what she wanted, smacking her rock hard ass over and over
again, making the blonde moan and squeal with every loud smack to her cheeks.
The harder she spanked the wrestling goddess, the more Stacy played with her
tits, licking the curvy flesh and rubbing the heavy mounds while she sucked
on her nipples, leaving saliva all over her flesh. Charisma loved having her
chest played with and the sensation of that and Sarah's fingers rubbing and
pinching her clit had her right on the edge.


More than anything that was what Sarah wanted. She wanted Aly to come, but
also in a way that would let Rose know she was ahead. Sarah loved having her
talents raved about and this was a review she was dying to get. She slid her
finger in harder, loving the way Alyson's asshole gripped her tighter the
closer she got to coming. Sarah kept up a steady attack on Alyson's clit and
with one last, hard lick she had her friend just where she wanted her.


That was all Alyson got out before her cries turned into screams that
threatened to shatter the glass in the windows. She spilled her juices onto
Sarah's waiting tongue and face, adding a second coat of glaze to what Jewel
had already left there. But that wasn't all Sarah got out of this.

Hearing Alyson come also set Charisma off. With a scream that probably could
have been heard all the way in Houston during their halftime entertainment,
Charisma came. The walls of her cunt clamped down hard on Sarah's thrusting
fingers and her cream dripped down Sarah's fingers and her arm, tickling her
skin and making Sarah smile big time. Now she was asserting some serious
control of this contest!

as she could form words again. "NO ONE'S FUCKING BETTER!"


Rose knew those words from Sarah's friends were meant to rattle her, so she
didn't let them knock them off her game. What she didn't like was Jennifer's
new scoring update.

"Wow...three to one now...Sarah in the lead," Jennifer giggled as she began
playing with her own tits through her t-shirt. She was becoming so aroused
from this that her thin red t-shirt looked like she was in a sauna. It clung
to her chest like a damp cloth, giving everyone a showing of her hard,
bra-less nipples underneath.

"It won't be that way for long, whore," Rose spat out, yanking herself away
from Alyssa again. "I've got reinforcements on the way!"

"Reinforcements? What the hell are you talking about?" Sarah demanded as she
gave Stacy a reward for her help by kissing the wrestler and letting her lick
Charisma's cum off her fingers and arm. Sarah moaned from the loving tongue
strokes Stacy was giving her flesh but she still was concerned about what
Rose was plotting.

The answer revealed itself a moment later when Love came running in. She'd
ditched what had remained of her clothes on the way and as naked as the day
she was born, but she wasn't alone. In her hand she held Rose's most
dangerous weapon and Rose laughed evilly when she saw that.

"That's it Love," Rose grinned. "Now bring Mr. Snappy to mommy."

"Ooooh right away mommy," Love giggled before being stopped mid-journey by
an outraged Sarah.

"Love, how could you?" Sarah demanded. "How could you help out Rose over me?"

"Because I promised this slut she'd be the first person to get my toy up her
ass," Rose replied with a wink before grabbing the toy from Love and plunging
her tongue back into Alyssa's drenched pussy.

"Sorry Sarah," Love said sheepishly. "I didn't mean to take sides...but I
just couldn't help it."

"Yeah, well I'm still ahead and two can play at that game bitch," Sarah
grumbled before grabbing Alyson and pulling her close. She whispered into her
best friend's ear. Alyson immediately agreed to Sarah's plan and the former
slayer playfully slapped her friend's ass as she ran upstairs.

Alyson ran as fast as she could but as she was leaving she was able to hear
Rose pull closer to Sarah's lead.


Alyssa had her legs wrapped around Rose's back by now and her hands gripping
her by her red hair. There was no way Alyssa was letting Rose pull away once
more. A fire could have broken out and Alyssa still would have made Rose get
her off before even thinking about escaping.

Of course Rose had no intention of pulling away, even as Love helpfully
pulled Mr. Snappy up and around her waist, tightening the harness to
perfectly fit her as she kept her lips plastered to Alyssa's clit and her
fingers deep inside Amy.

Her work done for the moment, Love reintroduced herself to Amy, kissing her
deeply and letting their bare breasts rub together, their hard nipples poking
each other in the most appealing way. Paying attention to the rules, Love
kept her fingers away from Amy's pussy while Rose was there. Instead she
massaged her friend's tits and played with her nipples while kissing all over
the huge tattoo on her shoulder and arm that made Amy's beautiful bare body
so distinctive. Despite the pleasure they were both feeling, both girls kept
their eyes peeled on Alyssa as she started to come.

"YES!!! YESSSSS!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" Alyssa cried out again and again, her
tits bouncing up and down as she felt Rose's mouth sucking the cum right out
of her. Rose was always such a hot clitsucker and this time was no exception.
She knew just how long and how hard Alyssa liked it and her efforts brought
forth a hot, creamy reward as Alyssa came against her mouth.


"Ummm I guess that's 3-2 now," Jennifer moaned, finding it harder to keep
track the more she saw. She was still watching the TV to measure when
halftime was over, but she could see there was still plenty of time left in
this contest.

"Gonna be tied soon," Rose confidently promised as she sat up from Alyssa's
quivering body, her juices dripping from her chin onto her tits. Rose yanked
Love off of Amy's lap and positioned her on all fours on the couch. Naturally
Love didn't protest. She just moaned and wiggled her ass in the air as Rose
began licking her tight puckered hole.

Snapping herself back to reality, Sarah almost slapped herself for being so
sloppy. She'd just let Rose make Alyssa come without doing anything back. She
was starting to lose it and it was too damn early for that. Sarah quickly
grabbed Stacy down onto her lap and kissed the taller girl ferociously. She
practically took the wrestler's tongue out, but Stacy didn't mind. Someone
like Sarah could be as rough as she wanted to.

Sarah rubbed Stacy's freshly spanked cheeks while she kissed her, lowering
her g-string off her body as she did so. Sarah loved this ass and she slapped
it hard, adding her own handprints. She wasn't about to lose her lead to
Rose. Mr. Snappy or no Mr. Snappy. Besides, Sarah knew her tongue was better
than any hunk of plastic and that soon Alyson would be back to help her.

"Get in the chair," Sarah ordered Stacy as the wrestler's ass tingled. "I
need to taste some WWF pussy!"

Stacy felt somehow compelled to remind Sarah that the panda lovers had made
them change the name of the company, but she pushed the thought out of her
mind. There was a time and a place for everything and this was not the right
time to quibble about initials. This was a time to sit back, spread your legs
and enjoy some serious slayer tongue.

From her seat, Stacy was able to spread her long legs wide and let Sarah
slide her tongue up and down her soaked slit, lapping away all the hot
cream that had collected there from all her playtime. It also gave Stacy
an exquisite view of the action all around her.

Rose was still licking Love's asshole while Amy fingered herself and moved
over to play with Love's shaking tits. Jessica and Charisma were lost in a
kiss, showing that sides didn't matter when orgasms were at stake. They were
rubbing their bare bodies together and playing with each other's heavy
breasts. Looking around the room Stacy continued to find sights that would
have made Caligula blush.

Britney Spears had Beyonce Knowles bent over the pool table as she lapped
away at her pussy and rubbed the cheeks of her bare ass. And right on the
pool table, Christina Aguilera was flat on her back, her legs up in the air
as Beyonce spanked her pussy and tasted it, loving the flavor just as much
as she'd loved Jewel's. Now Beyonce was ready to do everything to Christina
that Jewel had done to her and she wasn't going to hold back. Christina was
in heaven as Beyonce explored her pussy while she played with her own tits
and tugged at the piercings that accented her hard nipples so well.

Stacy could also see her fellow Diva, Trish, had made herself very well
acquainted with her fellow Canadian. Pamela Anderson was yanking Trish's top
off, exposing her huge tits, unrestrained by any bra. The two blondes were
furiously making out and since Pam had already lost her top, Stacy saw the
delightful mashing of their chests. Just thinking about those amazing tits
rubbing together almost had Stacy coming all over Sarah's face.

Just off to the right, Stacy could see the just as busty Carmen Electra
hooking her fingers into Tara Reid's thong and yanking it down to expose a
wet little pussy that she immediately began rubbing her bare tits against as
Tara lay splayed out in a chair. And to cap it off, Stacy glanced to see
Jewel finish stripping down Gwen Stefani to her bare skin and kissing her
with the hunger one horny girl could only muster for the other.

It was all too much and all Stacy wanted was to see more and never have it
stop. Thoughts of leaving Andrew behind forever and moving in here was all
she could think of and she didn't snap out of it until she heard the bestial
cries that were coming from the nearby couch.

"FUCK ME ROSE!!!" Love cried out as Rose pushed Mr. Snappy into her snug

"Yessssssssss Love," Rose hissed. "All mine! This ass belongs to me! Tell
Sarah how fucking good it is!"

Love cared for Sarah so much. They had started this together and she never
wanted to hurt her. But she couldn't help it. She was a slave to her own
slutty desires and the lust she felt for the toy being pressed into her ass
and the woman who controlled it compelled her to obey.

"It's soooooooo fucking gooood..." Love panted while Rose began thrusting
into her, fucking her ass and slapping her cheeks with her hand. "No one
fucks me like you do Rose!!! More baby more...I'm your slut Rose! Your
fucking little slut! Only yours! Fuck me Rose! Fuck my slutty little ass
and make me come for you! My ass is yours! All my fucking holes are yours!
Ughhhhhhh and Sarah knows it!!!"

Even with everyone's competitive juices flowing, that comment stung Sarah
more than she expected it to. She wanted to be the one Love was moaning
those words too. But she pushed it aside and concentrated on Stacy's yummy
pussy instead. She'd settle up with Love later. She just needed to be
reminded who it was that really knew how to fuck around here.

With Stacy's juices making her taste buds dance, it was easy for Sarah to
think more about the competition. Stacy had such a beautiful pussy. It was
so pink and tight and smooth, with not a hair in sight. Plus that glorious
ass was in such easy reach. Sarah was in total lust with Stacy Keibler's
body and she knew that this girl was going to get an open invitation here
no matter what.

Things had happened so suddenly and gotten so unstoppable that Sarah suddenly
realized she hadn't even bothered to get undressed. She was still in her
jeans and tank top and with a quick stroke between her legs, Sarah saw that
her jeans were completely soaked through. Sarah giggled into Stacy's pussy
and assumed that she must have come from all of this and not even known it.
Now that she was aware of it, she could feel the pussy cream dripping down
her legs as she sat there on her knees. She'd never felt this slutty before
and it was an amazing sensation through her tight, young body.

As it happened, Sarah hadn't been the only one in the room to notice she was
still dressed. And, unlike the very busy Sarah, this person was prepared to
do something about it. Like a panther sneaking out of the brush to stalk her
prey, Reese Witherspoon appeared on all fours with lust for her friend in her

"Now I get to thank you," Reese seductively purred, coming up behind Sarah
and undoing her jeans.

"Nooooo..." Sarah said, not wanting any distractions. But her cries were
muffled by Stacy's sweet snatch and Sarah couldn't bring herself to pull away
from it. She remained on her knees, lapping away at Stacy as Reese pulled
down her jeans and panties past her ass to expose her wet and needy holes to
the open air. Sarah shivered in pleasure and tried to keep concentrating on
Stacy even as Reese began to gently lick away at her pussy, tasting the cream
that had already been produced and getting more made in a hurry.

While Sarah found herself slowing down because of Reese's exuberance, Rose
had no such distractions. There was nothing stopping her from pounding Love's
ass while she spanked her with one hand and used her other on her pussy,
fingering Love's tightness as she loosened up her ass. Rose wanted everyone
to see this. She wanted Love's complete submission to her and her toy to be
an example for anyone in the room who dared consider her efforts lesser than

Love's screams of ecstasy had bounced from wall to wall in the entertainment
room and the only thing that had been able to quiet her was Amy setting
herself down on the couch and pressing her needy pussy to Love's face. Rose's
fingering had left her so wet and she was eager to see if Love's tongue was
as good as Jessica had promised her it was.

"Yessss eat that pussy Love," Rose urged. "Fuck that red haired cunt so sweet
with that nasty tongue of yours! But don't make her come! That's my job! I'm
finishing that bitch off!"

For her part Amy didn't care who it was that finished her off, as long as
someone made her come. She was willing to fuck Love's pretty face until
she came or someone made her stop, whichever came first. Only the pleasure
mattered to Amy's horny brain. The how's and the what's were quite

Amy was quickly moaning from Love's hungry tongue. She was one of the most
enthusiastic pussy eaters Amy had ever been with and that energy just made
Amy want her more. Amy ground her bare ass into the couch cushions as her
pussy humped Love's face and the girl's tongue slid into her cunt over and
over again, sliding past her labia and into her pink goodness.

Every thrust Rose gave to Love's ass was given right back to Amy. The harder
Rose fucked her, the harder Love tongued Amy's pussy. By now Love was almost
completely bent over, her ass high in the air and her tits mashed against the
couch cushions as her long brown hair was draped over Amy's spread thighs.
Love's licking was only interrupted by the howls of pleasure she was
experiencing from Rose's skilled fucking of her tender, young ass.

"Take it Love!" Rose grunted through gritted teeth as Mr. Snappy stimulated
her own pussy. "Take this toy deep in your hot little ass! Gonna loosen that
tight fucking hole so good and make you come so hard! Take this dick! Take
all of my fucking big fake cock inside you!"

Amy peered down and saw Love's brown eyes looking up at her from her pussy.
They were pools of lust and Amy nearly came from seeing Love's horny, happy
puppy dog look. This girl was slutty and innocent all at once and Amy
couldn't get enough of her. She wanted to see this girl come.

"Come for her baby," Amy said, pulling her pussy away from Love's messy face
and caressing her cheek lovingly. "Come for Rose! Let me make you come you
sweet little thing. God, you look so fucking amazing with that hard plastic
buried deep in your ass! Let go baby! Let me see you come!"

Love cried out as the pleasure gripped her naked body. She was so close and
Rose's probing fingers, gently rubbing her clitoris was such a nice contrast
to the pounding and spanking her ass was taking. She knew it wouldn't be long
before she was coming.

Meanwhile, Sarah was trying her best to keep up, but she just couldn't. Reese
was too good. It was too much of a distraction and she let Stacy's pleasure
slide as Reese tongue fucked her from behind. Sarah hadn't realized how horny
she'd made herself from this and even though she longed for Reese to stop so
she could get back to fucking Stacy, she couldn't bring herself to push her
friend away. Her lead was at stake, but all Sarah could think of was Reese's
tongue in her pussy and her hands on her ass, spreading open her cheeks so
she could get a better tongue position inside her.

"I wanna make you come now Sarah," Reese declared, her voice dripping desire.
"You made all these girls come so far and now it's your turn!"

"Ughhh no...noooo Reese...not nowwwwwwww..." Sarah tried to protest, but it
quickly turned to a moan as Reese hit a sensitive spot inside her. God, her
tongue felt so good inside her. It was so tempting for Sarah to just say fuck
it and give in. She could let Reese tongue her over and over again and then
let the rest of them fuck her. Rose could have the win. Sarah wanted the

But before she fell too deep into that spell, Sarah's competitive side saved
her from a sure defeat. She got control of herself and pulled herself away
from Reese's tongue just in time to hear Love go over the edge.


Rose's hand was rubbing Love's snatch furiously now, picking up speed there
as she slowed down inside her ass. Love's pussy creamed her orgasm all over
Rose's palm, running through her fingers and staining the couch to go along
with the spots of lust Amy, Alyssa and Jessica had left on it. Love's juices
dripped down her hand and her arm and she pulled out of Love's ass with a
loud pop before kissing her housemate passionately on the mouth.

"Who's your mommy Love?" Rose evilly demanded.

"Mmmmmmmm you are Rose," Love sighed dreamily. "You're my mommy..."

"Oooooh we're tied it's three to three!" Jennifer breathlessly

"You bitch!" Sarah snapped at Reese now that she had regained control of her

"What? What did I do?" Reese asked, shocked that Sarah was mad at her. She
hadn't meant to mess things up. She had just wanted to make her feel good.

"You distracted me! Now Rose tied me!" Sarah groaned. "I told you not to do
it and you did anyway! How could you do that?"

"I didn't mean to," Reese offered, her face blushing. "I'm sorry!"

"That's it you're gonna fucking get it!" Sarah declared. She
pulled away from Stacy and left the tall blonde naked in the chair and
unfulfilled. She turned her whole attention to Reese and pushed her friend
down onto her back. Reese was still fully dressed and Sarah didn't waste a
second before yanking down her sweatpants.

This immediately proved Reese hadn't been lying before. She hadn't been
wearing any panties under her sweats and she had a soaked bush of dirty
blonde hair, matted with arousal as her labia glistened.

"How can I make it up to you Sarah? I'm so sorry," Reese apologized after
Sarah roughly tugged her shirt off to show she wasn't wearing a bra either.

"Come for me bitch," Sarah growled. "You better fucking come for me now
Reese! No wasting time!"

Sarah began working out all her frustration on her friend, still ignoring
Stacy. Her pussy looked so pretty all shiny and wet and Sarah slapped it hard
with her hand.

"Owwwwwwwwww!!!" Reese yelped, not expecting that, but feeling a sexy tingle

"Quiet bitch, I'm gonna make you pay for what you did!" Sarah sneered before
slapping Reese's pussy again and loving the wet smacking sound it made. Sarah
started spanking Reese's pussy over and over again, making the girl spread
her legs wide so she could feel her clit pulse against her hand when she
rubbed her cunt after each smack.

"Yeahhh you like getting your cunt spanked, don't you Reese?" Sarah grunted.
"Does that small dicked little hubby of yours know what a whore you are? Does
he know that his little angel of a wife likes being spanked on her tight
little twat?"

"Ughhhhhhhh nooooooooooooo...he doesn't," Reese groaned as she writhed naked
on the rug, feeling the staring eyes of everyone looking down at her as she
had her pussy slapped over and over again. It reminded her of when she had
fucked her nanny, Julie, and taken her just like this. I guess this is what
it feels from the other end, Reese thought to herself as she quickly realized
that she liked it.

"Scream it out Reese! Let everyone know how good I'm spanking you!" Sarah
ordered and Reese immediately complied.


"Yesssss scream it are a sorry bitch...messing me up like that!"
Sarah said, a wicked grin tugging at her lips. Sarah was letting all her mean
desires run wild and when she saw Reese's pussy all pink and raw from her
slaps, she didn't kiss it. Instead she spit into it, making Reese moan as the
saliva hit her pussy. Sarah heard another girl moan, but paid it no mind. She
kept spitting into Reese's pussy and rubbing it in hard as Alyson walked back
into the entertainment room.

She struggled to catch her breath from running around all over the mansion
and her naked body was flushed in a non-orgasmic way. Her hands were full and
she quickly dumped her haul on the floor.

"Hey! That's mine!" Jessica exclaimed as she recognized an item in the pile
of plastic.

"And that's mine!" Jewel chimed in.

"And that's...oh gawwd...that's mine!" Jennifer said.

"Yeah...yeah...yeah...something here belongs to everyone...who cares?"
Sarah said dismissively as she rummaged through the pile of sex toys she had
ordered Alyson to collect from everyone's rooms. "I need these to compete.
Anyone got a fucking problem with that?"

No one voiced an objection, but it did earn Sarah some more taunting from

"Ooooh little Sarah wants to play with her toys now," Rose said, pulling her
tongue away from Amy's wet pussy. "Don't think you can keep up with me, huh?"

"Shut up...soon you and that overrated hunk of plastic you love is gonna be
left in the dust," Sarah claimed before picking up a pink dildo and slapping
it against Reese's wet, super sensitive cunt.

"You want this inside you, don't you Reese?" Sarah demanded as Reese nodded
her head. "Beg for it!"

"Please Sarah...please...fuck me! Fuck my pussy with that toy!" Reese begged
as she rubbed her own tits roughly, mauling her horny flesh. "Make me your
little slut in front of everyone! Show everyone you're the best! Show them
how hard you can make me come! Please!"

"Good girl...good little slut," Sarah said before turning her attention to
Rose. "Watch this bitch. You think you're so special because you can turn
Love into your little quivering whore? Watch what I can do to America's
fucking sweetheart!"

Sarah then gave the dildo a long lick all around it's length and girth to
lube it up before sliding it hard into Reese's pussy. Sarah thrust the dildo
in and out of Reese, making her shake and bounce on the rug.

"AHHHHHH YESSSS!!!" Reese cried out as the sensations ripped through her from

Sarah saw that Rose had paused to look at her, wondering what she was up to.
Sarah shot her housemate a wink and then moved in for the kill. While still
pushing the dildo in Reese and pulling out before pushing it in again, Sarah
grabbed one of Reese's legs as it kicked involuntarily from the pleasure.
With a smile on her face, Sarah pulled Reese's leg up in the air and pointed
her mouth at it.

When she realized what Sarah was going to do, Reese squealed in delight and
helped Sarah out by moving her foot into proper position. Sarah opened her
mouth and sucked Reese's big toe into it. She sucked it hard and then moved
onto her other four toes, sucking and licking the pink painted toes while
still pumping the toy into her pussy.

"MMMMMMM BABYYYY YOU KNOW WHAT I LOVE!!!" Reese screamed in joy, her tits
bouncing in her hands and her hair falling in her face as she shook on the

Sarah started sucking harder and pushing the toy in deeper. She wasn't really
mad at Reese. She just wanted to make an example of her the way Rose had done
to Love. An eye for an eye in the perverted sense. She knew what Reese wanted
and needed. She needed her toes sucked hard and her pussy pounded like a
whore. She needed to be fucked like her husband never would and Sarah was
ready to give it to her.

Reese's cries drowned out the TV as Jennifer kept one eye on it and the other
on the girl on girl action. The clock was ticking, but there was still time
left in what was anyone's contest. Especially when Reese let go.

as she came, soaking the dildo while Sarah moved to her other foot, lapping
away at her toes and leaving them slick and happy with saliva. Reese's pussy
squeezed the plastic tightly as she coated it in girl juice. Wave after wave
shot through Reese's naked body as she groaned and gasped, trying to keep up
with the sensations overcoming her. The only thing that quieted her was when
Sarah yanked the cum covered toy out of her cunt and slid it into her mouth.
Like a cock hungry whore, Reese sucked the dildo, licking it free of her

"Sarah's ahead again," Jennifer moaned as she peeled off her t-shirt to
finally expose her aching tits, which she immediately began massaging.
"Mmmmmmm four to three."

"Fuck this...I'll make you learn," Rose snapped, pulling herself away from
Amy's pussy and grabbing the first fresh pussy she saw. After Sarah had
abandoned Stacy, Charisma had gone to comfort her horny friend, licking her
nipples and fondling her pussy, just like Stacy had graciously done to her
in her time of need. Charisma had been in the middle of slowly rubbing
Stacy's slit when Rose yanked the leggy wrestler away.

"On all fours bitch!" Rose ordered, pushing Stacy down onto the floor. Stacy
was about to object, but before she did, her words were stolen from her when
Rose hotly kissed her, sucking any negative feelings out of her as easily as
she sucked her tongue. Once the kiss was done, Stacy was ready to be
commanded and she obediently got on all fours.

"You too," Rose said to Amy. "Let's see which of you has got the hottest
wrestler pussy here!"

Amy and Stacy considered telling Rose that there were three wrestlers there
at the party, but they didn't want to piss her off. Trish had become the
forgotten girl in their troika, but it only took a quick glance around the
room to see that she was very happy in her current position.

Trish had ended up with Carmen and Pam, comparing the size of their breasts
and licking and sucking each other's flesh. The three tit hungry girls were
making a fine meal of themselves, but soon Amy and Stacy found themselves
unable to concentrate on their friend anymore. They were too busy moaning
in rapture and screaming out their desire.

"OHHHHHHH FUCK!!!" Amy cried out as Rose slammed Mr. Snappy into her pussy.
She began fucking the wrestling diva doggy style, pushing hard into her pussy
and forcing her toy in deep. Amy couldn't remember the last time she had felt
this filled up. She had been with guys with big cocks before, but none of
them knew how to use their real ones as well as Rose did with her plastic

Amy wasn't the only one being filled as Rose took advantage of the pile of
sex toys to grab one from the floor. It was an ivory colored vibrator that
usually made it's home inside Jewel's sock drawer. Now it's new home was
inside Stacy Keibler's tight, wet cunt and Rose slid it inside her.

"Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssss fuck meeeeeeee..." Stacy panted. Her nipples
felt like they were going to explode on her pert tits and she knew her orgasm
wasn't far off. She had been so close with Sarah and now Rose was fucking her
like a machine with the vibrator. Feeling it hum and twitch inside her was
making Stacy gasp for breath and buck herself back and forth on all fours.
She loved it inside her and silently begged for Rose to never, ever take it
out of her.

Even though it had felt awesome to get Reese off like that, Sarah was kicking
herself for letting Stacy slip through her fingers like that. Now Rose had a
two girl advantage and Sarah's lead was in jeopardy again. With Reese now a
cummy mess, Sarah needed a new girl to get off. Fortunately she didn't have
to look far.

Before she even had a chance to turn around and look for a new victim,
Sarah found a new pair of lips energetically kissing hers. A tight body was
pressing up against hers and only when the kiss ended did Sarah see who it

"That was soooooo fucking hot," Tara Reid giggled in giddy horniness. "Do me
too Sarah! Just like that! Spank me and spit in my pussy and tell me what a
slut I am! Please!"

Sarah had never been with Tara before, but she had heard good things and now
she saw why. How could she possibly refuse a request like that.

"On the couch you little slut...ass in the air!" Sarah barked out her order
and Tara eagerly obeyed. The wet spots from girls past just fueled Tara on
and she placed her bare ass in the air, ready for whatever Sarah could give
her. She didn't have to wait long as Sarah immediately spit into her snatch.

"Oooooooh just like that," Tara begged. "Spit on it! Spit in my little pussy!
Ohhhhhh I love it so much! Make me wet to be fucked!"

Tara was already plenty wet from playing around with Carmen, Gwen, Jessica
and a few other girls, but Sarah didn't argue. She didn't care what Tara
liked as long as she got her off. She had to race the clock. Not only was
the third quarter of the game approaching, but Sarah could hear the good
job Rose was doing on Amy and Stacy.

"Fuck me!" Amy groaned as her red hair matted to her forehead and she bucked
backwards to force more of Rose's strap on inside her. "Fuck my pussy! Fuck
it up with that beautiful fake cock! Make my cunt hot and loose!"

Another victim had fallen to Mr. Snappy and Rose grinned at the sight of Amy
begging for more, wiggling her toned ass in the air to coax more inside her
snatch. Rose kept the vibrator in Stacy, but didn't turn it up high. She kept
it at a steady, low moan, rubbing it against her slit and pushing it inside
her before easing it out. It would have been easy for her to put it on high
and set Stacy off like a rocket, but Rose decided to take a risk. She wanted
to get Stacy off herself, not from a vibrator she borrowed from someone else.
So she kept the blonde in a state of needy heat while she fucked Amy.

With the two divas and lovers so close to each other on all fours, it was
only natural that kisses be shared. Amy and Stacy caressed each other's faces
and kissed with wet sloppiness that only got Rose going harder.

"That's it...kiss each other," Rose ordered. "Show me what all those twits
who watch your show really want to see!"

The insult to their fans aside, Amy and Stacy loved what they were hearing
from Rose. There they were in total heat, being fucked by famous girls and
trading forbidden kisses with one another. If their fans saw this, there
would be blown minds and shot loads all over the place.

"C'mon Amy...come for me! I can feel how fucking wet you are!" Rose grunted
as her own tits shook with each hard thrust into the wet pussy spread out
before her. "Give me what I fucking want! Give me your fucking cum!"

That was just what Amy wanted to give her too. It was so good that Amy almost
didn't want it to stop, but she was too desperate to come to even think about
finding a way to delay the inevitable. Rose kept pounding her and Amy's only
fear was that any cock or toy she took inside her pussy after this would
never be able to measure up to the standard Rose was setting.

"YOU WANT IT ROSE?" Amy screamed out as she clamped her cunt tight around Mr.

As she came, Amy's frenzied words devolved into screams and indecipherable
chirps that were almost words. She had never felt an orgasm like this before.
It curled her toes and she felt it all the way up in her hair. Her body shook
and like the girls before her, she rewarded Mr. Snappy with a blast of hot,
creamy girl cum all over it's hard, black plastic.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwdddddd..." Amy groaned in absolute
submission to Rose's skill as she crumpled on the floor. As soon as she was
done Rose didn't miss a beat. She didn't give Stacy much time to blink, much
less react as she pulled out the vibrator, took Mr. Snappy and pushed it
right into her tight, gorgeous ass.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!!!" Stacy screamed. She had never had her ass filled
like this before. Rose wasn't gentle with her, but she didn't have to be. She
wanted to be fucked hard. She needed to be fucked hard.

"Yeahhh you love it...fucking scream it out you tight assed little whore!"
Rose ordered.

"FUCK MEEEEEE!!!" Stacy bellowed, her whole body lurching up and down as Rose
pushed the cum lubed plastic into her little asshole. "I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!

Trish had moved closer when she first heard Amy's orgasmic cries and seeing
Stacy taken like this had her in a state of absolute horny shock. She had
seen her friends get slutty, but not like this. Now all Trish wanted was to
feel that hard hunk of plastic between her tits and inside her pussy.

Everyone who had been on the other end of the room was now creeping closer.
They had had some fun back there, but nothing could compare to the main event
that was taking place here. They all wanted in. Halftime was creeping closer
to a finish and none of them wanted to be left unused before the contest

Stacy's cries of anal sex delight pushed Rose to do her harder, but they also
had the same effect on Sarah. Stacy was supposed to be hers...not Rose's and
that made her give it to Tara even more.

"Rose isn't the only girl here who can fuck a girl in the ass," Sarah
muttered in defiance as she turned her attention to Tara's exposed hole.
She spit right into Tara's puckered asshole and made the girl quiver on
the couch. "Take it Tara! Take my fingers up your little hole!"

"YESSSSSSSSSS OOOOOH YESSSSSS!!!" Tara squealed as Sarah slid two of her
fingers into her ass. Sarah used three fingers from her other hand on Tara's
pussy and started fucking her mercilessly, stretching Tara out and making her
scream for more.


Sarah looked up in surprise when Tara was suddenly and loudly muffled, but
she smiled when she saw it was just Gwen sitting on the arm of couch forcing
Tara's face into her pussy.

"C'mon Tara!" Gwen commanded. "Lick it! Lick my pussy! I licked you and you
ran away before I could get mine! Now it's your turn to lick me!"

"Yeah fuck her!" Sarah said, giving Tara a hard thrust into her pussy and ass
with her hands. "Get Gwen's pussy all wet and ready for me to fuck! You're my
little whore now Tara! Eat that pussy while I fuck your hot holes until
they're sore!"

Tara didn't have to be told twice. She would have happily licked Gwen before,
but seeing Sarah spit into Reese was too hot for her to ignore. Now that she
could have everything she wanted, Tara slid her tongue right into Gwen's
sticky, sweet pussy and lapped away at the girl juices the singer was so
eager to share with her.

"Good girl!" Gwen cried as she felt the stimulation her clit demanded. "Eat
my pussy you nasty slut! Get that fucking party girl tongue inside me and
lick up all my hot juices!"

Tara moaned in rapture right between Gwen's legs as she feasted on the treat
before her horny lips. She was in heaven right now. Gwen had a hand in her
blonde hair, tugging it and making sure her mouth wasn't going anywhere and
Sarah was making her feel heart pounding levels of pleasure in her cunt and
asshole from her hard, thrusting fingers as she bent herself over, spreading
her holes wide for her new lover.

But as good a job as Sarah was doing on Tara, Rose was way ahead of the game
on Stacy. The girl had been more than ready to come from everything she'd
been through before, but now that Rose had that cock up her ass she felt like
she was on the verge of exploding in pleasure. And then Rose had to go and
throw some more gasoline on the fire.

With an evil grin, Rose reached down and picked up the vibrator she had
discarded a few moments earlier. After giving it a long lick to taste Stacy's
sweet juices, Rose turned it onto high and pushed it right into the blonde's
quivering cunt.

Stacy's mouth opened wide, but no sound could come out as the vibrator
whirred away in her pussy while the toy filled her tight ass. It was too
much all at once and Stacy could only squeak in pitches that likely drove
any nearby dogs crazy but no one else in the room could hear. Her eyes
seemed ready to burst right out of her head and her mouth was frozen open
in intense arousal. The pleasure was too much that Stacy had no idea how
to deal with it.

Using her free hand, Rose pushed the girl over the edge with a hard smack to
her ass.

"Come now you goddamned little asswhore!" Rose barked. "Scream out you
fucking dyke bitch! Show them all how I fucked your body raw!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Stacy screamed, grunting and growling with deep guttural
cries that seemed more appropriate to the Discovery Channel than Spike TV.

Stacy didn't know where one orgasm ended and the other began. It felt like
she was coming over and over again, and her brain couldn't take it. Rose was
turning her mind to mush and Stacy welcomed it. She would have lived every
day of her life as a mindless whore if it would have meant more of this.

The blonde wrestler gasped and cried and made indecipherable sounds while
sweating and shaking in orgasm, seemingly on the verge of convulsions.
Everyone, save for Sarah and Tara, was staring at her as she came and when
Rose finally pulled the toys out of her, Stacy felt like they were stretched
open to gaping caverns of sexuality. She felt so empty now, as if her life
was incomplete without the plastic inside her. Girl cum was creaming down her
legs from her pussy and she was shivering on the floor as Amy held her and
kissed and caressed her face.

"Good girl...good girl..." Amy said, stroking Stacy's sweaty flesh like she
was her pet. "God, Stacy you looked unbelievable. You looked so fucking sexy
coming like that. It was so hot!"

"What's that score now Jen?" Rose demanded.

"' wait...five...five to four now," Jennifer
groaned. "You're in the lead Rose."

Jennifer's shirt was long gone now and her shorts were down around her ankles
as her hand played under her panties, rubbing herself into a wet mess as she
tried to concentrate on the contest and not on her own raging desire to strip
off her clothes and join the fun.

"Time's running out on you Sarah...ready to give up?" Rose taunted.

"No fucking way," Sarah shot back. "I'm just getting started!"

Sarah then gritted her teeth and turned her attention back to Tara. Her
whole body was aching and her hands were getting sore and cramped up from
the constant fucking she was putting out. Her jaw was getting sore too, but
she wasn't going to give up. She knew Rose was human. She was feeling the
same way and Sarah was not going to let herself get beat. Not in front of

"Come for me you little bitch!" Sarah commanded Tara. "Come all over my

Tara was trying to will her orgasm through her body. She wasn't there yet.
But she was so close that she could taste her own pleasure just as easily
as she could taste Gwen's pussy. Tara hungrily snacked on the ska goddess'
snatch, using her tongue to lick away all her yummy wetness and flick it
against her pulsing clit.

Of course Gwen's wasn't the only clit that was pulsing and begging for
attention. Tara's pussy wept for Sarah's skilled, sexy touch with hot juices
coating her probing fingers. Sarah so expertly rubbed Tara's clitoris,
capturing it between her fingers and pinching it just hard enough for her to
feel the shivers of sensation and soft enough so it wouldn't hurt.

Tara tried to keep licking Gwen's pussy, but Sarah's touch was too good.
She was rubbing her clit into a frenzy and the fingers poking hard into her
ass made her feel so filled. When she finally couldn't take it anymore,
Tara pulled her pussy stained face away from Gwen and moaned her upcoming

"Yesssssssss fuck me Sarah.....ughhhh so fucking close..." Tara
mewed, her breath coming out in short, passionate bursts that jiggled her
firm little tits. Before Tara could say more she found her face covered
again by Gwen. Only this time it was a different set of lips she tasted and
Tara found herself lost in a tongue kiss with Gwen as the singer tasted her
own juices and began pinching Tara's rock hard nipples, playing with her
sensitive tits and pushing her over the edge.

"Come for Sarah," Gwen urged the moaning actress. "Can't you feel how hard
she's fucking you? She wants you to come for her! Give her what she wants!
Coat those fingers in your hot, slutty cum!"

"MMMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!" Tara squealed in orgasmic exclamation as
Gwen sent her flying with a firm, sexy lick of her nipples. Tara let out a
series of high pitched yelps as she came from having her holes finger fucked.
She rocked and came Jenna Haze style, shooting out her cries like they were

Not wanting to waste any more time, Sarah pulled out of Tara as soon as she
was sure the girl was coming. She then looked right at Gwen and smiled.

"Bring that pussy to me," Sarah said, pointing to her own lips. "I'm fucking
famished and I need a snack."

"'s...fuck's tied again," Jennifer moaned as she
continued to play with herself under her panties. "Five to five."

"Fuck this...time to ratchet it up," Rose growled, amazed at Sarah's ability
to keep pace. She looked around her at the crowd gathering around them and
pointed. "You and you. Get your asses over here now!"

Rose's finger pointed right at Trish and Carmen. Out of all the girls left
who hadn't been turned into tallies on the scorecard, Carmen had been one of
the most eager to get involved. She had never been with Rose before, but that
strap on dangling from her waist looked so good.

"Mmmmmmm yeahhhh...I was hoping you were going to pick me," Carmen hungrily
exclaimed as she threw her naked body down on the couch and spread her legs.
"My pussy is dripping for you Rose! Fuck it and make it come like the naughty
little thing it is!"

"Looks good enough to eat," Rose grinned, licking her lips as Carmen ran her
fingers over her slit and slid open her pussy lips to expose her pink folds.
But before she could dive in, Rose saw the reluctant woman still standing
away from her.

"I said get your ass over here," Rose snapped at Trish. "I am going to fuck
you, so either get over here now bitch or I will drag you by your fucking

Trish was turned on. Hell she had juices running down her bare legs, but she
was still a little taken aback by all that was happening here. She had never
been to anything even close to this and Rose was almost intimidating as she
stood there ready to take on all comers, naked except for the strap on, her
face covered in cum and her tits shiny with perspiration and drippings from
her mouth.

"It's ok Trish...let her fuck you," Amy said as she still cradled the
blissfully zonked out Stacy. "She's so fucking good. You won't regret it!"

That was all Trish needed to hear. She trusted Amy on this and she walked
over to Rose. The actress furiously grabbed her and pulled her into a hot
kiss before breaking it off and slapping her across her cheek.

"Don't you ever hesitate when I call for you!" Rose chastised before kissing
Trish's cheek, pressing her soft lips to her tender face. "Now on the floor!
Ass in the air!"

Amy nodded at her, and Trish did as she was told, lowering her naked body to
the carpeted floor and pushing her sexy, curved ass upward, leaving all holes
vulnerable to Rose. Trish had no idea which one Rose was going to pick. But
her pussy was soaked so she hoped she was going to push that plastic into her
there for no reason other than she was already lubed up there for the fucking
she knew was coming.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Trish cried out happily as her hopes were confirmed and
Rose did sink Mr. Snappy right into her cunt. Soon Trish's cries weren't the
only ones being heard as Rose slid her tongue between Carmen's spread pussy
lips and began to furiously lick away at her.

"Fuck me! Ohhhhhhh it's so fucking gooooooood!!!" Trish yelped as she felt
that wonderful plastic fill her tightness and begin to thrust away at her.
She had never been fucked with a strap on before and now that she finally
felt how good it was, part of her was ready to swear off cock for life. Rose
fucked her with hard thrusts, pounding her pussy and making her tits shake
back and forth, nearly slapping her chin as her long blonde hair draped over
her face and obscured her vision. Trish didn't brush her hair away, though.
She didn't need to see. She just needed to feel this hard fake dick inside

It wasn't easy for Rose to keep her toy and her tongue going at the same
time. Like Sarah, she was beginning to tire out. Longing for a Gatorade or
a Red Bull or something, Rose summoned up her energy and told herself that
a sore body was better than the shame of defeat. She wasn't going to lose
to Sarah. She wasn't going to lose to anybody ever! She lapped away at
Carmen's pussy while keeping Trish filled with plastic cock. She hoped Sarah
was watching her. Rose wanted to show her housemate just how it was done.

Of course Sarah was quite occupied. She was lying flat on her belly now, her
shirt clinging to her chest as her exposed pussy created a new stain on the
couch. Her face was deep inside Gwen's pussy, licking her friend with hard
tongue strokes, before switching to long sucks of her clit. She could hear
Gwen's cries. At least she thought they were Gwen's. It could just as easily
have been Trish's or Carmen's. Sarah wasn't in the position to look. All she
cared about was getting Gwen off and, judging from the hot juices she was
licking up, she was getting damn close.

There wasn't a pair of eyes in the room that wasn't peeled on the grudge
fucking that was on display for them. Those that hadn't had the chance to get
fucked yet were moaning in anticipation for their turns and those that had
already felt their body shaking orgasms were getting juiced up for more.

Gwen smiled and rubbed her small, but so sensitive tits, as she watched all
the girls staring at her and Carmen and Trish. They were all wishing they
were her. They wanted to be the one's humping Sarah's face and riding her
tongue. Gwen loved the envy she felt and enjoyed her view as she watched the
others kiss and caress each other. Beyonce and Christina were trading kisses
with Jessica and Jewel while Alyssa had her pussy rubbed by Reese and her
chest rubbed by Love while her tongue was deep in Britney's mouth. Love was
moaning from Charisma's finger sliding up and down her wet, shaved pussy and
from the kisses Alyson was giving her. But all their eyes remained drawn to
the show on the couch...two sides battling it out for girl sex supremacy and
Gwen felt like the spotlight was focused right on her.

"Mmmmmmmm fuck me Sarah! Tongue fuck that pussy!" Gwen cried out, playing it
up for the crowd. "Jam it right inside me and fuck that pink cunt! Yessssss
so fucking good...just like always! You can fuck me mouth...all my holes are yours! Just tell me which one you fucking

Sarah was quite happy to remain in Gwen's pussy, greedily licking away as
she humped the couch cushions as she brought herself the stimulation her own
pussy craved. Unlike when Reese had taken her, Sarah could control the pace
of this improvised form of masturbation. She kept humping the cushion with
her bare, shaved pussy desperate for an orgasm even as she remained committed
to getting Gwen off.

As pleased as Gwen was to have the attention of the crowd, she was nowhere
near the camera hog Carmen was. She loved attention all the time and she
quickly picked up on what the singer was doing. Not to be outdone, Carmen
started crying out her own raves about her sex partner.

"Fuck! Yes Rose! Yesssssss!!!" Carmen yelled as she ground her pussy all over
Rose's face and made sure her clit was never too far away from Rose's tongue.
"Ohhhhhhhhh I'd heard you were fucking amazing but I had no idea!!!!!
Yesssssss fuck meeeeeeeee!!! Fuck my hot pussy with that tongue!!!! Mmmm
you're better than any tongue I've ever had inside me!"

Rose loved what she was hearing and decided to give Carmen a little extra
something something to turn those cries into orgasms. She crept her fingers
up Carmen's thigh and around toward her ass. Carmen was too busy riding
Rose's face to even notice what the redhead was doing until Rose pushed a
finger right into her asshole.


Hearing Carmen cry out like that got Trish going even more. She couldn't
remember ever feeling this turned on before. She loved the feel of the strap
on inside her. She was going to get these things for all her girlfriends just
so she could feel the sensations of fake cock inside her every day. It was
the best kind of dick...the kind that never went soft and Trish couldn't get
enough of it.

The busty wrestling diva kept her palms planted flat on the rug and her knees
were starting to get rug burned, but she didn't care. Even the pain she felt
from her tightness being penetrated so hard wasn't enough to dilute the
pleasure that was coursing through her body with each hard thrust Rose gave
to her.

"Ohhhhhh don't stop fucking me!" Trish begged. "Give me more! Give me more
of that cock! Push it deep in me! Make me your slut Rose! Make me your fake
cock's little slut!"

Trish's eyes were screwed shut, but when she opened them she saw Amy looking
right at her, staring at her with her sexy eyes. She could see the sweat
glistening from her friend's forehead, matting her wild red hair to her. And
right beside Amy was Stacy, that lost, happy smile still covering her face.
Rose had fucked her brains out and Trish wanted to have that same thing
happen to her. She wanted to have that same smile crossing her lips. She
wanted to come right now more than she had ever wanted anything.

But Trish was not the first to feel the pleasure of orgasm. That honor went
to Gwen as Sarah sucked her clit like her life depended on getting the
singer's cum. Gwen felt like her clit was caught in the overpowering tug of
a vacuum. Sarah was sucking the orgasm right out of her and Gwen didn't fight
it. She surrendered to Sarah's unbelievable mouth and let the pleasure wash
over her like a tidal wave.

"FUCKKKKKKKKKYESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" Gwen screamed, her words all flowing into
one exclamation of ecstasy. All she could do was grip onto Sarah's head for
support as she jumped up and down unconsciously on the couch arm and soaked
Sarah's face with her cum. Sarah drank every drop she could and let the rest
of it soak her like a honey glaze baking into her skin. Luckily Jewel got
right behind her and propped her body up or else Gwen felt she would have
fallen right to the floor as she came.

"I do believe that makes it 6-5 now," Sarah said with a cum soaked grin.
"Isn't that right Jen?"

"Yeah...right...six...whatever..." Jennifer moaned as she fingered herself
furiously. It was so hard to focus when all Jennifer wanted to do was come
and come over and over again until she was drained, but the part of her brain
that compelled her to always be the "responsible one" wasn't overwhelmed
completely yet. Jennifer forced herself to keep watching both the action and
the TV to know when to call this contest over.

Rose was behind now, but she wasn't about to let that stand. She had two
hotties right on the verge so she knew that deficit was about to be overcome.
Rose quickly made a judgment call over which girl to concentrate on. Her
energy was drooping to the point where it had to be one or the other. She
couldn't bring Carmen and Trish off simultaneously. She felt like Trish was
further along, thanks to Mr. Snappy, so she decided to concentrate on her.

Pulling her mouth away from Carmen's delicious pussy, Rose gave her slit one
last, long lick.

"I'll be right back for you," Rose purred to Carmen before turning her
attention to Trish. "So you wanna get fucked don't you bitch? You want this
hard cock fucking your little cunt? You wanna come like your slut friends?"

"Yessssssssss fuck meeeeeeee!!!" Trish begged, her voice a needy grunt. "Fill
me up with that cock! Make me a loose fucking slut for you!"

"Yeah I'm gonna fuck those little blonde brains of yours right out of your
head! Just like I did to your little friend!" Rose groaned as she increased
her thrusts into Trish and began spanking her full, beautiful ass with every
push. "You blondes are all the fucking same! You just want to be fucked! When
I'm done with you, you won't be able to walk right and you won't fucking

Trish knew Rose was absolutely right and she didn't even attempt to deny it.
All she wanted was to be fucked. She was so horny that it was like every
moment of her life had lead up to this...her being naked on all fours while
she took this amazing toy deep inside her pussy. Trish felt like her purpose
in life was now to get hard and as often as possible. She was a
cockslut and she loved it, even if that cock was as fake as her tits.

"YESSSSS FUCKING RIP ME OPEN!!!" Trish roared out as she felt hands over her
body and opened her eyes to see Alyssa and Amy sucking on her bouncing tits,
nibbling on her nipples and rubbing every inch of exposed girl flesh they

"Then come for me bitch," Rose commanded, her hands making Trish's toned
flesh pinker with every hard spanking that came crashing down on her ass.
"Come for me now and you'll feel my cock again! If you don't then you never
get to feel me inside you!"

"NOOOOO!!!" Trish wailed as Rose pulled out of her slightly to show she was

Trish's neck snapped back and her wet hair flew all over her face and back
as Rose jammed Mr. Snappy right back inside her. The hard thrust pushed Trish
over the edge and she screamed out her rapture over and over again as she
showered Rose's hard toy in girl cum. Amy and Alyssa continued feeding on
her tits as Trish's body shook in orgasm. The blonde wrestler's screams were
ultimately muffled by Love kissing her lips passionately and sucking her
cries into her own mouth, but nothing muffled the intensity of her orgasm.

When Rose finally pulled the slick and cummy Mr. Snappy out of Trish, the
wrestler didn't move an inch. She was left gasping and whimpering softly in
pleasure on all fours, her tits and face resting against the sexy girl flesh
that surrounded her. Trish didn't have the strength to move, not that she
wanted to. She was ready to stay like this forever...naked and open to be

"Ughhhhhh....gawwwwwd...tied again..." Jennifer moaned, her horny body
slumped against one of the chairs now as her legs began to give out, her
hand still working away between her legs. "It's six...six..."

"You...clean off my!" Rose said, pointing at one of the last girls
standing as she sought to keep her momentum going. "I know how much you love
sucking cock! Get that slut mouth of yours on me and lick me clean so I can
fuck that famous pussy of yours!"

Pamela Anderson leapt at the chance to get involved. Like Carmen she had been
just waiting for a chance to be part of the fun and get fucked. Seeing her
friend sitting on the couch stroking her pussy as she waited for Rose to
return to her, Pamela gave Carmen a deep kiss and found her arm being tugged.

"I said over here...NOW!" Rose yelled. "Make out on your own time bitch!
Right now your body belongs to Rose!"

Sarah found herself drifting into exhaustion. She didn't know how much she
had left. Part of her just wanted to curl up into a little ball on the couch
now and rest. Her whole body was tired. The only things keeping her going was
the horniness that pumped through her bloodstream and the knowledge that the
score was tied now. She just couldn't let Rose beat her.

Scanning around the room, Sarah quickly found one of the few remaining
untouched girls standing right nearby. Sarah pulled herself up from her back
and grabbed the girl's hand. The girl didn't resist a bit as Sarah yanked her
closer and greeted her with a furious kiss.

"Get your black ass over here," Sarah giggled to Beyonce Knowles. "God I've
wanted to fuck you for so long and now you're mine!"

Watching everyone else lose their inhibitions and let their desires run wild
had Beyonce more worked up than she thought possible. She melted right into
Sarah's kiss and began running her hands all over the sexy blonde's body. She
squeezed Sarah's ass cheeks and sucked on her tongue, ready to do anything
and everything this girl desired.

"Your body is just unbelievable," Sarah sighed, losing her focus for a moment
as she stared at Beyonce's cocoa skin. Britney and Christina had stripped her
bare and gotten her wet and eager, but they hadn't made her come yet. Sarah
was ready for that honor and she could see from Beyonce's eyes and hear it in
her soft whimpers that she needed this bad.

"Mmmm what's the matter Beyonce? Boyfriend not giving it to you like you
need?" Sarah teased, playing with Beyonce's tits and sucking on her hard
nipples before pushing her down onto the rug. "I know the feeling. But now
you're going to get what you need. Now you're going to get fucked!"

"Yessss...fuck me please...God know what I need," Beyonce moaned as
Sarah positioned her so she'd be bent over. Her doubts from before were gone.
She wanted this. She wanted this so bad. This was part of who she was now and
she couldn't deny it. Her pussy was sizzling with hot juices that dripped
down and tickled her thighs and legs. She had seen the other girls get turned
into fucked out messes and it was her turn now.

"God damn right I know what you need," Sarah said, slapping Beyonce's butt
cheeks and making them jiggle in a manner that would have tempted a gay man
straight. Sarah didn't hesitate. She went right after the part of Beyonce she
had lusted after for so long. She didn't have time to play around with her
tits or her beautiful face. She went right for Beyonce's ass, sliding her
tongue into her heavenly hole and making the young singer squeal in ecstasy.

"Ooooooooohhhhh that's it do know what I need!" Beyonce sighed
rapturously. "Tongue my ass baby! Mmmmmm just like Jewel did! Yesssss you
girls know how to love! Tongue fuck my black ass you little blonde slut! Get
that pretty pink tongue of yours inside me!"

Sarah happily licked away at Beyonce's ass, one hand reaching up to cup her
mound and rub her slit. She was giddy when she saw how dripping wet Beyonce
was. She'd have this girl off in no time. But just to make sure she used her
free hand to reach for the pile of toys. She'd seen something in there that
was just perfect for someone like Beyonce. Now she was going to have the
chance to use it.

While Sarah was working over Beyonce, Rose wasn't playing nice with Carmen
and Pam. With Pamela's mouth on Mr. Snappy, sucking her off like a pro, Rose
lay herself down flat on her back and pointed to her mouth.

"Bring me that hot little pussy Carmen," Rose commanded. "I'm gonna slam that
slutty snatch of yours with my tongue until you cream my gorgeous face with
your juices."

There was no way Carmen could ignore that invitation, especially when Rose
stuck out her tongue and flicked it through a V shape she made with her
fingers. It was lewd and crude and it was just what Carmen wanted. She leapt
up from the couch and lowered herself over Rose's face. As soon as she was
close enough, Rose gripped her hands to Carmen's ass cheeks and pulled her
down rough, right onto her waiting tongue.

"Fuck!!!!! Oohhhhhh yessss...that's what I fucking like!" Carmen groaned as
she began riding Rose's face reverse cowgirl style so she could have a
perfect view of Pamela sucking Mr. Snappy Tommy Lee style. "Tongue fuck me
Rose! Fucking make me come!"

"Isn't she amazing? God, I love how that tongue feels inside my pussy,"
Pamela grinned as she pulled off Mr. Snappy to admire the site of her friend
bouncing up and down on Rose's face, her hands playing with her jutting tits.

"Mmmmmm it's fucking unbelievable...ughhhh yesssss...she's fucking me with
that hot tongue soooooo gooooooood..." Carmen cried. "You like that cock of
hers Pammy? Suck it good! Slap your face with it! Show me how you suck cock!"

Pamela always loved showing off for Carmen and she got back to sucking Mr.
Snappy like it was a real cock she was desperate for a load from. She loved
tasting all the different flavors on it and trying to guess which juice
belonged to which girl. It was a refreshing cum cocktail and it was sending
Pamela's taste buds flying. Pamela began fingering herself hard, pushing two
fingers into her own pussy and then a third as she lay flat on her belly and
sucked Rose's toy.

She expertly deep throated the hard plastic, taking it all the way in and
leaving it soaked with saliva. Grinning at Carmen, Pamela began slapping her
face with it, spanking her hot cheeks and leaving saliva and residues of
girl cum all over herself. Carmen cooed in delight when she saw Pamela's
slutty display and she groped her own tits hard, mauling her tanned flesh
and feeling rushes of pleasure right up her spine to her overheating brain.

"Don't play around!" Rose ordered when she pulled her face away for the
moment. "Ride that cock Pammy! Get that hard dick stuffed up your slutty

Pamela didn't have to be told twice. She was more than ready for a good
fucking and she knew that Rose was going to give it to her. She climbed up
off her belly and positioned herself perfectly, spreading her pussy wide
with her fingers and slamming herself down on Mr. Snappy. Pamela groaned
loudly in ecstasy as her pinkness was filled with the hard toy. She began
riding the cock hard, pushing it deep inside her in perfect tune with Rose's
hip thrusts upward.

As Pamela rode Rose's cock, Carmen was getting closer and closer to her own
desperately needed orgasm. She fucked Rose's face, urging more of that tongue
inside her. Pamela had raved to her about how good Rose was and it was even
better than she had imagined. Rose knew just how to tongue her clit, slapping
it around with hard strokes and then sucking on it passionately, loving it up
before punishing it again.

Carmen and Pamela were inches away from each other as they happily rode
Rose like a carnival ride. Their sweaty faces and bouncing tits were most
appealing sights for them to focus on through the pleasure that coursed
through their naked bodies. Each girl loved looking at her friend in the
heat of passion and it wasn't long before they were hungrily making out,
mashing their large tits together as they sucked on each other's tongues
and experienced the bliss of Rose giving them everything they had.

Even though neither Carmen nor Pamela were particularly shy about their
pleasure, Sarah was able to completely tune them out. She was too busy
focusing on Beyonce's awe inspiring ass. The singer waved her ass in front
of her, begging for more as Sarah tantalizingly filled her tight hole with
the anal beads she had just grabbed from the floor.

"Take them all you nasty girl," Sarah grinned. "Take all these beads deep
into your tight little ass. How does a girl like you not get ass fucked
daily? You're going to have to come over here much more often and change
that because starting now this ass is owned by me. I'm gonna tattoo
'Property of Sarah' right on your cheeks so everyone knows I own this hot
fucking ass!"

"Yessssssss you own it Sarah!" Beyonce groaned, lost in her own pleasure.
She would have said anything Sarah wanted to hear just to get more. "You own
my ass! Fuck it baby! Jam those beads up my hole! I never get ass fucked this
good! Mmmmmm I need it Sarah! I need it so damn bad! Make me come baby! Can't
you see how bad I need it?"

"Mmmmhmmm you're dripping your slut juice all over my hand Beyonce," Sarah
said, rubbing the singer's sex into a frenzy. "Here, taste!"

Sarah pushed her fingers to Beyonce's mouth and she eagerly sucked them
clean. Beyonce licked her own fingers loving how her taste combined with
the other girls Sarah had finger fucked. The taste was the only thing that
distracted Beyonce from the sensations of those beads in her ass. She had
never had her ass taken like this.

She was no anal virgin and Jewel had done such a good job fingering and
licking her hole, but what Sarah was doing to her was beyond anything she'd
ever felt. Those beads filled her ass so well and Sarah just kept adding
more. Every time Beyonce thought it was too much. Sarah pushed another one
inside her and made it even better.

Pamela and Carmen kept bouncing up and down, loving every bit of attention
Rose was giving to their bodies. Carmen was closer to coming and as effective
a toy as Mr. Snappy was, nothing could make a girl come quicker than serious
tongue action against her clit. That was exactly what Carmen was getting and
when Rose started sucking hard on her pulsing pleasure center again, Carmen
could no longer hold back.

"Ughhhhhhhh shit! Mmmmmmmm gonna come!" Carmen gasped happily. "I'm gonna
fucking come!"

"Come for her Carmen!" Pamela pushed in between nipple sucks and pinches.
"Coat her beautiful face with cum! Let her walk around with your juices on
her skin so everyone knows how good she fucked you!"

"Mmmmmmmmmm YEAHHHHHHH!!!" Carmen suddenly screamed as her body tensed up in
anticipation. Rose gave her clitoris another hard suck and Carmen exploded
against her face, creaming her tongue and face with orgasmic essence. Carmen
rode Rose's face harder as she came, slamming herself down onto her tongue
and humping her face like a madwoman. Carmen didn't want to stop until every
bit of her pussy juice was licked up and Rose didn't want to stop until she
had tasted every drop.

As hard as it was to concentrate with Carmen Electra's creaming pussy on
her face, Rose didn't lose her bearings enough to forget about Pamela.
While Carmen fucked her face, Rose kept up her steady pace inside Pamela.
Fortunately Pamela was someone who knew how to get fucked and had more
than her share of experience with threesomes. As Rose's energy level
dipped a bit, Pamela ratcheted hers up.

Pamela began fucking herself on Mr. Snappy, meeting Rose's upward thrusts
with enthusiastic downward thrusts. She'd felt Rose's favorite toy in all
her holes before and she was no stranger to the pleasure it offered. Her
pussy wrapped around the slick plastic so well. It filled her up and with
another hard thrust down, Pamela felt it slide in that extra little bit
that made it even better. She loved fucking guys because of the feel of a
hard cock inside her, but Pamela knew there was nothing better than a woman
with a strap on who knew how to use it. You could get fucked all you needed
and it never, ever went soft on you.

Pulling off Rose's face, Carmen fell back onto the rug with a content,
blissful smile passing over her lips. She looked down and saw the sexy shine
all over Rose's pale skin, her juices staining her red hair and matting it
up in places. Rose looked so fucking nasty and sexy and the fire in her eyes
showed that all she wanted was more. Despite her just completed orgasm,
Carmen began rubbing herself at this sight, looking at Rose's intensity as
she filled her friend up with her toy.

"Now it's your turn to come Pammy," Carmen sighed as she continued to slide
her fingers over her well licked pussy. "I want to see you come from having
that toy pushed up your pussy! Fuck her Rose! Pound her slutty cunt with
that thing!"

"Fuck yessssss..." Rose hissed as she increased the thrusts on Pamela. "You
like seeing that, don't you? You like seeing your friend get fucked like a
whore! Now you're gonna watch her come! You're gonna see her come all over
my hard cock like the nasty bitch she is!"

"More!" Pamela cried. "Fill me up Rose! Give it to me hard! I'm so close!
Just a little more!"

Even though Carmen had so clearly come, Rose still hadn't heard Jennifer
report the change in score. With one look over she saw why. Jennifer was too
busy fucking herself with one hand while she licked all the girl cum off her
other hand. Rose just wished she had a camera to snap a picture of Jennifer
Aniston lost in her own finger fucking lust.

"Yo! Jen!" Rose grunted in between trusts. "It's 7-6 now. I'm winning!"

"Huh?" Jennifer moaned, snapped out of her dreamy state. "Seven...

Jennifer then went back to blissfully fingering herself and Rose returned to
her task at hand. She had Pamela close and she wanted to push her over and
put Sarah in a serious hole. They were so close to the end now and Rose
wanted to finish her off.

But if Rose had Pamela on the verge, then Sarah had Beyonce even closer.
She'd stopped using her fingers on her new lover and instead concentrated
on her pussy with her tongue. Sarah kept all the beads inside Beyonce as
she licked, keeping the pleasure building while lapping away at her juices.
Sarah's hand toyed with the string enough to tantalize her lover with the
possibility she would pull them out.

"Please Sarah...please...make me come," Beyonce begged as her body shivered
slightly in need. "Please Sarah...I'll do anything...don't tease me! Make me
come! God you're licking my pussy so good with that fine tongue...ughhhhhh I
need it...please! I know you want me to come! Make it happen and I'll scream
out how good you are! Mmmmmm you're taking my pussy and my ass better than
anyone ever has before! Please baby please!"

Beyonce wasn't lying to get what she wanted. Maybe it was the heat of the
moment, but Sarah really was her best fuck. She was half ready to declare her
undying love for the actress. She was ready and willing to come for her and
Sarah, knowing time was short, stopped her teasing and let Beyonce have what
she wanted.

"FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKK!!!" Beyonce screamed out with a voice that hit all
the high notes as Sarah hooked her finger into the string and slowly tugged
the beads out of Beyonce's ass. Doing it too fast would have hurt, but doing
it in a slow, but steady tug only brought pleasure.

out in rapture as she came, creaming Sarah's tongue and face in the process.
With each bead pulled out of her ass, Beyonce got off harder until she was
practically drowning Sarah in her juices. Beyonce was coming in rivers by
the time Sarah pulled the last bead out of her. Beyonce's blonde hair was
being tossed back and forth as she came and screamed out like a banshee,
praising Sarah's skills to the high heavens.

With her orgasm tearing through every cell in her body, Beyonce might have
been in love, but she was just another pussy to Sarah right now. As soon as
she'd satisfied her craving for some Knowles brand honey, Sarah pulled away
and smirked at Rose.

"It's 7-7 now bitch." Sarah taunted.

"Not for long slut," Rose declared as she continued pumping into Pamela.
"I've got this bitch primed and ready to come!"

Glancing over, Sarah saw that Pamela was indeed a sweating, drooling glassy
eyed mess as she bounced up and down on Mr. Snappy and jiggled her goodies.
She was ready to come and Sarah knew that Rose getting ahead could spell
doom for her in the final minutes. She had to think fast and suddenly saw
the perfect solution right in front of her.

"Hey sweetie...don't use those fingers when I have a hot tongue for you,"
Sarah grinned as she pinned her half dressed body on top of Jennifer. Her
housemate tried to squirm away, but Sarah wasn't having any of it.

"No...I...I can't..." Jennifer feebly protested as Sarah slid her own fingers
into her dripping honey pot. "I have...I have to remain...mmmmmmm yesssss
Sarah...gotta be impartial...ohhhhh fuck meeeeee!"

"I never made any stupid rule like that," Sarah pointed out. "Your pussy is
fair game Jen. Now give it up. You're coming all over me whether you like it
or not!"

Of course Jennifer liked it. She loved Sarah's tongue inside her and she was
in no position to resist it, even if she had really wanted it. She was too
horny to think about fair play and watching the action as an impartial judge.
Her fingers had brought her some pleasure but they were nothing compared to
what she knew Sarah's tongue could do to her needy pussy. So whatever
reservations Jennifer had about this, disappeared as soon as Sarah pushed her
panties down her legs and buried her face between her legs.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh Sarahhhhhhh yesssss baby...oooooooooh eat my pussy Sarah!"
Jennifer begged. "I want it! I fucking need it! Ughhhhh watching you fuck
everyone else was too hot! I need your tongue! Fuck me Sarah! Make me come
in front of everyone!"

As she greedily snacked away at Jennifer's pussy, Sarah began wondering what
Freddie was doing at his own get together. Whatever it was it couldn't have
possibly have been this good. Forget the game. The real competition was right

For her part, Rose was too concerned with Pamela to even start getting mad at
Sarah for attempting to influence the judge. She'd settle up with Sarah and
Jennifer later. Right now all she cared about was breaking the tie.

"Don't you fucking make me wait!" Rose ordered as she slid her toy hard into
Pamela. "I want your cum now bitch! Fucking give it to me you nasty fucking

"OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSS FUCK MEEEEE!!!" Pamela screamed, her body "I'M YOUR

That was all Pamela got out before Rose gave her one last hard slam and
Pamela felt the world explode around her in pleasure. The waves of orgasm
shook her body as she twitched and shook in pure joy, bending over and
clawing at the carpeting from the sensations she was feeling. A broad smile
covered Pamela's face as she cried out and fell into the same blissful state
she'd just seen Carmen experience. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure
course over her between screams of lust.

When Pamela opened her eyes again she saw Carmen waiting there for her and
she kissed her friend passionately. Her pussy was empty now. Rose had moved
on and Pamela longed to be filled once more. Fortunately Carmen was happy to
help, pushing her fingers into Pamela's pussy as the action continued behind

Jennifer was too out of it by now to note that Rose was once again ahead,
eight to seven, but the red haired sex queen wasn't satisfied. She knew Sarah
was quickly going to tie her up and halftime was minutes away from ending.
But then Rose saw the perfect chance to end this contest and put to rest
Sarah's pathetic hopes of ever besting her.

"Oh two aren't hiding from me," Rose said, licking her lips as she
saw Britney and Christina on the other couch. The two pop tarts and supposed
bitter rivals were completely naked and in a 69. Christina was on top and her
jet black hair was draped all over Britney's thighs as she feasted on her
cunt, lapping away at her clean shaven sex and indulging in one of her
favorite flavors.

Britney was no less enthusiastic about licking her friend. She had her hands
on Christina's ass cheeks, pulling them apart so she could easily stab at her
pussy with her tongue. Both girls were trading happy giggles with aroused
moans as they happily ate each other out, but Rose wasn't in the mood to
watch. She needed both of these whores to put a lock on her victory.

"Off the two are mine," Rose growled in horniness as she pulled
Christina off Britney. "Bring your slutty bodies over here."

"Ooooh is this for us?" Britney giggled as she and Christina rubbed Mr.
Snappy like it was a real cock they wanted to explode in their sexy hands.

"Shut up and get ready to be fucked," Rose shot back as she grabbed the
singers by the hand and dragged them quite willingly across to the other
couch. "The only words I want to hear out of your idiot mouths from now
on is how hard you're coming for me!"

But before Rose could get started on Britney and Christina, Sarah jumped
into action to block her. She pulled away from Jennifer's pussy and yanked
the first girl she could see.

"No! Mine!" Sarah grunted as she took Christina by the hand and pulled the
naked superstar to her and Jennifer.

"Fuck you! I saw her first! She belongs to me!" Rose spat, taking Christina's
other hand and pulling her back. The two rivals yanked Christina, who didn't
seem to mind at all being fought over, back and forth, playing tug of war
with her, before Sarah finally won out.

"Fine...take that fucking whore..." Rose snarled. "I'd like to see you get
her and Jennifer off before time runs out!"

"Watch and learn!" Sarah declared before pushing her face back into
Jennifer's pussy as she used her fingers on Christina. Sarah was surprised
she won because of how tired her aching body was by now. But she supposed
Rose must have been exhausted too. They had fucked a room full of girls in
a little over 20 minutes and Sarah barely had the strength to stand, much
less have sex. But she wasn't about to let a little thing like that stop
her, not when so much was at stake.

Rose pushed Sarah out of her mind and focused on Britney. She was mad now
and that rage was filling her up with the extra energy she needed, even as
her legs were jelly and it hurt to move her hips from all the fucking she'd
done. The fierce anger she felt had fueled her on more than one occasion and
she needed it again here.

"Bend over slut," Rose ordered Britney, her voice getting weaker now. "Give
me your ass!"

Rose had been the first person to fuck her ass and Britney had learned that
there was nothing better than feeling Mr. Snappy inside her puckered little
hole. She didn't want or need any more lube, Christina's saliva and the cum
coating the toy were more than enough. Britney bent over, placing her hands
on the wet couch cushions as she stuck her ass out for the fucking she

"Please fuck me Rose!" Britney whined most seductively. "I've been such a
bad girl. I need some cock in my ass so I'll be good! Assfuck me Rose like
only you can! Make me your slut! I love being your little fucking whore!
Get that cock in my ass! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Britney's words turned into rapturous cries of desire as Rose gripped her
hips and pushed Mr. Snappy into Britney's tight asshole. She didn't push too
hard this time. Ordinarily Rose would have fucked Britney nice and rough, but
she had to make sure the girl came and didn't have time to play around. So
this time she filled Britney's ass slowly, pushing the toy into her and
fucking her with steady pushes forward, moving the hard plastic more into her
with every thrust.

The work that Jennifer had already done to herself with her fingers had left
her pussy plenty juicy and ready to come. Sarah took full advantage of this,
letting her tongue swim in her housemate's delicious flavor as she worked her
clit over. Summoning up every bit of energy she had left in her body, Sarah
pushed her fingers into Christina and fucked her as hard as she could,
playing with her pierced clit and making her moan out into Jennifer's mouth
as the actress and singer fell into a passionate kiss.

Sarah pumped her fingers into Christina, rubbing and sliding them over her
clit as she did the same to Jennifer, using her lips and tongue to stimulate
her. Sarah barely knew what she was doing anymore. Her brain was almost all
fucked out. She was going on pure instinct now and it was guiding her well.
She sucked hard on Jennifer's clit, feeling it swell and loving the way
Jennifer's pink pussy walls grew tighter the closer she got to orgasm.
Jennifer's pussy clamped down harder on Sarah's tongue and suddenly, without
warning, she came all over her friend's face.

could make as she kissed Christina and screamed into her mouth. They were all
the sounds she needed to make, though. Her orgasm was crystal clear as she
covered Sarah's face in her heated essence.

With the clock ticking, Sarah didn't waste time. She moved right from
Jennifer's pussy to Christina's. She pulled her fingers out and replaced
them with her tongue, immediately licking away at the stud in Christina's
clitoris. She knew Christina loved having her piercing licked and Sarah
gave it everything she had.

"Ooooooooh Sarah you fucking saved the best for last, didn't you?" Christina
moaned as she tugged at her pierced nipples and stimulated her own tits to
increase her pleasure. "Suck my hard clitty! Mmmmmmm yeahhhh if you wanna win
then you'd better suck that piercing and make me come! Rose makes me come so
fucking hard! You better prove yourself Sarah! Prove you're just as good!"

As they were worked over, the two singers stared at each other and smiled.
They loved being the centers of attention and now everyone was focused on
them. It was all tied up...eight to eight. It was down to them, Britney and
Christina. Whoever made their partner come first would win.

"Yessss this ass is fucking made for this cock!" Rose gasped, her body on
it's last drops of energy as she furiously pumped into Britney's butt and
yanked on her hair from behind, tugging it hard and pulling Britney's head
back. "Come for me you stupid little whore! Come for Rose! I know how much
you love this hard dick in your ass! Come like the nasty little whore you

"Mmmmmmm yesssssss I'm a whore... a nasty little whore...fuck me Rose,"
Britney whimpered in pleasure as the thrusts into her ass increased. "I
wanna come for you Rose...make me come! Fuck my ass baby! Fuck that tight
ass and make it as loose and slutty as I am!"

Both Britney and Christina had been close before in their 69 and now they
were right on the verge again. Rose and Sarah might have been exhausted, but
they still knew how to get a girl off. Sarah's tongue toyed with Christina's
pussy while her fingers slid back inside the singer, to pinch her clit as she
licked her juices and worked over her piercing.

"Yeahhhhhhh almost there...ALMOST FUCKING THERE!!!" Christina cried. "MORE

Sarah gave Christina what she wanted. She pushed a third into her housemate's
tight folds. But that didn't stop Christina's begging. She whined and cried
for more so Sarah gave her a fourth finger in her cunt to go along with her
tongue. Christina was close and everyone knew it. This pushed Rose to the
breaking point of desperation.

"COME FOR ME WHORE!!!" Rose screamed into Britney's ear while slamming her
hands down on her ass in a hard spanking. "IF YOU MAKE ME FUCKING LOSE THIS

Britney was shocked to be berated like that, but she loved hearing it. She
felt so slutty with this hard toy up her ass while everyone watched her and
being told what a bitch she was made her even more aroused. The threat got
her going and she began to come as Rose smacked her ass over and over again,
leaving her flesh pink and raw.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!' Britney screamed as she came.

But Sarah and Rose weren't the only competitive ones there and hearing
Britney begin to come filled Christina with jealousy. She wanted to come
first. She was so close and as Sarah's four fingers and tongue filled her
pussy, she willed herself to orgasm. She closed her eyes and let the
pleasure hit her naked body.


Jennifer was gathering enough of her bearings back to see that Christina
and Britney were both coming at the same time as the final commercial break
before the third quarter was beginning. She couldn't believe it. This thing
was going to end in a fucking tie!

Rose and Sarah couldn't believe it either. They both pulled away from their
orgasming lovers, leaving Britney and Christina to crawl to each other as
they finished cumming right where they started, in a 69 position, each
licking the dripping cum out of the other's pussy. Rose and Sarah stared
heated, horny daggers at each other.

"No fucking way is it ending this way!" Rose snapped.

"On your back bitch...I'm fucking your pussy next!" Sarah ordered.

"Fuck no...your cunt is mine!" Rose shot back. "This is gonna end with you
screaming out that you're my slut!"

"I won't be screaming with my face buried in your snatch as I fucking make
you come!" Sarah said as she and Rose began wrestling each other down to the
ground. They pawed at each other as they struggled for dominance. Rose ripped
open Sarah's shirt to finally expose her small, but heaving tits. Sarah
responded by yanking Mr. Snappy off of Rose, ripping the leather harness that
held it on her body.

They grabbed and cursed at each other, trying to force the other between
her legs before they finally fell into a heated kiss. The competitive urges
pushed their drained bodies further as they passionately kissed and rubbed
each other's naked, flushed flesh.

Just like Britney and Christina they were soon in a 69, feasting on each
other's pussy as they worked each other over with just one goal in mind...
making the other come and finally putting an end to the contest. They rolled
around on the rug a little first, both Sarah and Rose trying to be the one
on top.

Eventually, Rose was able to pin Sarah under her and she didn't hesitate to
push her tongue into her housemate and feverishly lick her. Sarah's pussy was
so hot and creamy from her pent up arousal and normally Rose would have taken
the time to savor her taste, but not now. Now she had a mission.

It was the same mission Sarah had and she went hard after Rose, spreading
open her cunt lips and latching right onto her clit, sucking it deep as her
free hand squeezed Rose's ass. Sarah went right for the kill and pushed her
thumb into Rose's ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh you fucking bitch..." Rose panted, the sensations driving her
to the brink of orgasm. ""

Rose struggled to maintain her composure and grabbed one of the discarded
toys. It was the same vibrator she'd used on Stacy and she turned it up to
high and pressed it to Sarah's asshole, sending tremors of pleasure ripping
through the blonde's bare body. Rose rubbed it up against her, knowing that
pushing it inside would almost be too much for Sarah. She sensed that the
vibrations against her quivering ass would be enough to push her over.

come..." Sarah grunted. It was so tempting to just let go and come. Rose
was fucking her so well with her tongue and the toy. She wanted to come.
Her pussy was begging for satisfaction. She was exhausted and just wanted
to rest. An orgasm was the only way she knew to relax right now.

Everything Sarah was feeling, Rose was feeling too. Her brain was almost
numb from all the fucking and her body felt like she'd run a marathon and
then gone binge drinking. She was wasted and she could feel her orgasm
building and overpowering her senses. Her body needed to come. She'd denied
herself all through the contest and that had been excruciating especially
with Mr. Snappy's nub buried inside her pussy. Sarah's mouth felt amazing
on her relaxing on her stressed body.

"Guys...guys...the game's starting," Jennifer pointed out, but neither girl
cared. They just kept licking and fucking each other, rocking back and forth
in their 69 as everyone in the room gawked in horny amazement. Neither Sarah
nor Rose would give an inch, their determination preventing them from feeling
the pleasure their bodies craved. No one knew how long this could go. The
time rules were out the window now. Now the first girl to crack would be the

Each of their bodies was shivering, the need to come almost paralyzing them
as they dripped into each other's mouths. Sarah and Rose were locked in their
grudge fuck, unyielding to the last.

Finally, out of desperation more than anything, Rose took the vibrator and
pushed it hard into Sarah's ass. The sensation set Sarah off on her orgasm,
but it was also Rose's undoing as well. The shock of having the plastic
pushed into her ass made Sarah suck harder as a reflex to Rose's clit and
that sent Rose flying as well.

The girls screamed out their simultaneous orgasms into each other's pussy,
rocking each other's face as their long dormant orgasms flowed out of them
like wine. By the time each drop of sweet girl honey passed the other's lips
the contest was long forgotten. Sarah and Rose sucked each other's juices as
hard as they could, wanting to taste every last drop.

Even as they came, Sarah and Rose showed no letup. They were exhausted but
kept licking each other, finishing each other off from one orgasm and sending
their bodies into another one.

No one could believe what they were seeing. The game was back on, but no one
cared. Sarah and Rose just kept licking each other, not wanting to give up.
The only contest that mattered was headed straight to overtime.
_ _ _

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without my permission is not allowed and will result in me taking action
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