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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Hall Of Misbehavior
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The scene fades in with a caption in the bottom corner of the screen reading 'WWE Hall of Fame, April 2, 2016' while revealing an empty American Airlines Arena as Dean Ambrose and Renee Young are sitting in the front row as Corey Graves and Lita come strolling out from the backstage area on the red carpet. Renee makes a face upon seeing her broadcast colleague, "Corey... what are you still doing here?" Renee asks.

"Could ask you the same thing..." The former wrestler says.

"Think it's pretty obvious what we're doing here..." Dean says, "And that perhaps you two had the same idea..."

Lita places her hands on her hips, "That depends on what you're going to do..."

"We were just..." Renee begins to say.

"Waiting for everyone to leave to put have some fun on the red carpet..." Dean interrupts. "Since just walking on it would be a waste of it."

"Great minds do think alike..." The Savior of Misbehavior says as he looks at the Hall of Fame Diva.

Lita shrugs and smirks, "Wouldn't be the first time I had to share location to screw with a blond Canadian...."

Renee smiles, "Probably won't be the last time either..." She says as the scene blurs from view and cuts to several minutes later.

As the scene comes back into focus, Renee Young is kneeling in front of Dean Ambrose, stroking his cock as he sits on the front row seat, "Thank goodness the ceremony didn't run long this year..." Renee says before she lowers her head to take his cock into her mouth. Wrapping her lips around his fuck stick, Renee starts to bob her head up and down on his cock. Placing her free hand on Dean's waist, Renee turns her head from side to side, rubbing her lips around his manhood.

The scene cuts over to Lita as she greedily stuffs her mouth with the cock of Corey Graves, "Mmmmm! Mmmm!" Lita moans as she swallows the full length of his cock. Corey licks his teeth as he places both hands on the Lita's head and starts to move his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face as she starts to rapidly bob her head.

"Awww..." Dean groans as the camera pans back over to him and Renee as she bobs her head a swift. Renee raises her eyes to look up at him and smiles around his cock before suddenly lifting her head up form his tool, Pushing his cock towards his stomach, Renee leans her head down to where she can lap her tongue against his balls, while wrapping her hand around his shaft to stroke it.

"Awww shit... ahhh..." Corey groans as Lita whorishly twists and turns her head around his cock, slapping her tongue against the bottom side as saliva spills out past her lips as she sucks him off. The raunchy red-head moves her hands to grab Corey's ass to pull him forward to make him stuff the every inch of his cock down her throat.

Cutting back to Renee, she is in the process of straddling Dean's lap, lowering her pussy down onto his cock, "Mmmmm ohhh fuck..." Renee moans as Dean grabs her tits and begins to squeeze them as she starts to rock back and forth on his long hard shaft. Sliding her right hand's fingers through her blond hair, Renee places her left hand on Dean's shoulder as he starts to thrust his cock upward into her pussy, causing her to bounce on his shaft.

Meanwhile, Lita is on all fours on the Hall of Fame's red carpet as Corey thrusts his cock in and out of her cunt with firm, brisk thrusts, "Ohhh... ohhh yeah... ahhhh..." The former Women's Champion groans with delight as she pushes back against the former NXT Tag Team Champion as he drives his cock forward into her cunt. Corey grabs Lita's hips with both hands, pulling her back towards himself as he drills her at a quicker tempo.

"Ahhh... mmmm..." Dean grunts as he moves his hands from Renee's tits down to her waist and helps the blond haired Canadian rises and fall on his cock by lifting her up and down as rams his cock up into her cunt. Renee tosses her head back as she is now grabbing both of his shoulders as she bucks her hips, grinding her cunt on his manhood as he propels it up into her cunt.

"Aww.... shit..." Corey clenches his teeth as he keeps an intense pace of thrusting his shaft forward into Lita's pussy while she throws herself back towards him, causing her ass to collide firmly with his toned waist. Lita looks back over her right shoulder at him and licks her teeth as his cock pistons in and out of her tight wet fuck tunnel as the scene blurs from view.

When it comes back into focus, Dean Ambrose is standing and leaning against the front of the Hall of Fame stage as Lita bobs her head on his cock, twisting and turning her head on the Lunatic Fringe's cock while moving her hands against his waist. "Mmmmmm!" Lita groans as she slaps her tongue up against the underside of his dick as she slobbers all on his pole.

The camera pans over to Renee Young is orally attacking Corey's cock, sucking and slurping nosily on his dick, "Mmmm! Gahh! Mmmm! Gahhh!" Renee alternates between moaning and gagging on her broadcast colleague's large cock as she takes it down her throat. Corey smirks as he feels Renee's noise scrunching up against his crotch as she holds his shaft in her mouth for long lengths of time.

"Mmmmm yeah.... ohhh..." Dean licks his lips as he pushes Lita's auburn hair back as she continues to whorishly suck his cock with her tongue constantly slapping the underside of his pole. Lita rakes finger nails up and down against the sides of Dean's thighs as she keeps a vigorous rate of rocking her head back and forth on his shaft.

"Awww... shit... ahhh..." Corey groans as he places both hands on the back of Renee's head and holds her steady as he rocks his hips to pump his cock briskly in and out of her mouth, causing the crown of his cock to ram repeatedly against the back of her throat. Renee's moans are barely muffled as she gropes her firm tits while happily letting the Savior of Misbehavior fuck her face.

Cutting back to Lita, is feverishly bouncing up and down on Dean Ambrose's cock while he is laying on the red carpet, moving her hands against his chest as she expertly rides his impressive cock, "Ohhh! Ohhhhh fuck!" Lita moans as she puts on an Hall of Fame effort of riding Dean's cock while her large breasts bounce with every moment she makes.

"Mmmmm ahhh! Ohhhh fuck me! Fuck me Corey!" Renee squeals lustfully as she rocks on her hands and knees while Corey Grave is behind her, rapidly thrusting his dick in and out of her tight Canadian cunt. Corey has a hand on her lower back as he pounds her pussy, letting Renee pushes back as fast and hard as she wants on shaft.

"Awww yeah... ahhhh...." Dean groans as he reaches behind Lita to grab her ass cheeks with both hands as she rocks her hips to grind her cunt down on his cock while watching her large tits sway. Lita lifts her right hand from his chest to roughly squeeze her right tits followed by tugging hard on its nipple as she keeps bouncing on his fuck stick.

Sweat drips down Corey's face as he moves his pelvis, thrusting forward with firm, sharp movements to propel his cock deeply into Renee Young's cunt as she bucks back against him. "Ahhh yeah... ahhhhh..." Corey groans as he watches Renee's cute round ass cheeks jiggle when they collide with is waist while constantly thrusting his cock balls deep into her twat as the scene blurs from view.

Once it comes back into view, Lita is on her back with her legs wrapped around Corey's waist as he pumps his cock firmly into her pussy, "Mmmm ohhh yeah... ohhhh..." Lita moans as she moves against the red carpet while the Savior of Misbehavior drives the full length of his cock into her snatch.

The camera moves to film Renee as she stands with her hands on the edge of the Hall of Fame stage while Dean Ambrose stands behind her, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. "Ohhh! Ohhhhh shit Dean! Ohhh yes!" Renee moans as sweat drips down their bodies as she rocks on her feet to buck back against the Lunatic Fringe while he reaches around her to grope her firm round tits.

"Ahhhh ahhh.... awww..." Corey groans as the camera pans back over to him as he leans forward, planting his hands on the red carpet just above Lita's shoulders while he rocks his hips to repeatedly ram his cock into the depths of her fuck tunnel. Lita licks her teeth as she tightens her legs around his waist raising her hands to place them on his shoulders while he fucks her.

"Ohhh yeah... ahhhh..." Dean moans as he squeezes Renee's tits as she pushes her ass back against his waist as he drives his cock forward into her cunt just a few away from where the Hall of Famer Lita is getting fucked. Renee turns her head to look back at Dean, flicking her tongue against his lips as he masterfully gropes her tits while he fucks her from behind.

Back with Lita, she is laying on her side with Corey behind her, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy while he holds up her left leg, "Mmmm... ohhh yeah... ohhh fuck..." Lita moans and leans her head back with her eyes closed as her ass presses against Corey's waist as he drills her tight wet and warm pussy at a brisk rate.

The camera pans back to Dean as he holds Renee up with her back pressed against the front of the Hall of Fame stage a she rams his cock in and out of her pussy as she hooks her legs around his waist, "Ohhh! ohhhh mmm! Ohhhh ahhh!" Renee moans as she bounces up and down on Dean's pistoning shaft as her back moves against the front of the stage.

"Awww... ahhh..." Corey Graves licks his teeth as he continues to ram his cock into Lita's snatch while holding her left leg up higher as they both rock on their right sides on the red carpet. Both of their bodies at totally drenched with sweat and their breathing becomes increasingly labored the longer they continue to fuck.

Dean lifts and lowers Renee on his cock as he watches her tits bounce while he hammers her cunt pussy, "Ohhhh ahhh... mmmm fuck..." The Lunatic Fringe grunts as sweat rolls down his face as he focuses on drilling the gorgeous Canadian's tight wet pussy as she grinds herself on his cock. The scene continues to be filmed for several moments before it blurs from view.

When the scene clears up, Renee is bobbing her head rapidly on the cock of Corey Graves as it throbs between her lips as she moves her hands against his waist, "Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Renee moans as she sucks and slurps on the Savior of Misbehavior's pulsating cock.

Lita is kneeing in front of Dean Ambrose, holding her large tits against his pulsating cock as she works them up and down against his manhood, "Yeah you're gonna give me a big load... cum all over my fucking tits..." Lita says as she looks up at the Lunatic Fringe as she pumps her breasts against his throbbing dick.

Renee lifts her head from Corey's cock wraps her right hand around his cock and begins to jerk him off at a brisk rate, "Come on... come on...." Renee says as she opens her mouth wide, leaning to where her bottom lip is against the bottom of the head of his cock. Corey lets out a grunt as he soon starts cum, with the streams of jizz escaping his piss-slit shooting right into her mouth

Meanwhile, Lita continues to work her tits against the sides of Dean's heavily twitching cock, "Ahhhhh awww..." Dean groans as his shaft begins to erupt with large bursts of cum that shoot up from his tool only to splatter down on the Hall of Fame Diva's impressive chest. Lita licks her lips as she holds her tits tightly against Dean's shaft until he's finished cumming as the scene fades to black.


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