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This is a longer story that what I will typically write. I tried to create an
elaborate storyline for this one that built up to the event that you're
reading this story for. So if you're one of those people that wants to just
skip to the erotic parts then I'd suggest scrolling down quite a bit because
there are some other events that are happening before that in this story.

Hands On Management Part 1
by Doug Fitzgerald aka Dr. Feel Good (DFG)

The following story took place in late 2000

My name is Doug Wallace, a professional wrestler from Syracuse, New York. In
October of 2000 when I was just 25 years old I was an up and coming
independent wrestler with huge potential that signed with the WWF a few
months prior. I had been traveling with the company working opening matches
at non-televised events and learning everything I could about the business.
Basically I wrestled as an evil villain who, at 6'2" and 230 pounds could
wrestle a whole bunch of different styles in the ring. I was considered
excellent in the ring, but rough as far as a character went, so I knew when
the WWF would use me they'd pair me up with some type of manager. Late in the
year the angle was drawn up for me to debut on TV as the prot‚g‚ of Debra
Williams, the wife of famous wrestler Steve Austin (real name Williams). She
would wear the short skirt and the push up bra with the jacket she wore in
1999 when she managed Jeff Jarrett. Steve had been out a year with a major
neck injury and Debra was at home with him, so they had to come up with a
fresh angle for her. They didn't want to work together on screen, so the
angle with Debra managing a younger wrestler was about to begin. I didn't
know her too well, but considering she was married to the top guy and I was a
new guy I didn't feel like I was in a position to get to know her better. All
I cared about was getting over, so if her enormous tits and fine ass helped
me do that then I'd do whatever I could to get that done. Considering she was
40 years old and I was 25 years old we had an interesting dynamic because the
older woman managing the younger male wrestler was the kind of storyline that
always seemed to work. She didn't look like she was 40 anyway. She had such a
great body. Here's how everything went down.

* * *

Live Raw taping in Houston on November 6, 2000 - 4pm

The previous week on Raw they aired a vignette of Debra crawling on a desk
saying she had been away for a year looking for the next great superstar in
the WWF. It ended with her sitting up on the desk, unbuttoning her top to
reveal her huge tits covered by a black bra and saying the words: "Miss Debra
is back in business." Then she promised to show the world who her new
superstar would be next week live on Raw. The segment got over huge live at
the building as well as on the internet among fans, so we were optimistic
that it would work.

When I got to Raw in Houston that day I found out that instead of wrestling
in another dark match before the show, I'd be making my Raw debut by
appearing with Debra in a backstage vignette early in the show. Then later in
the show I'd have my first televised match with the cameras on. The next
night on Smackdown we'd do the same thing. I also found out that my ring name
would officially be "Miss Debra's Disciple" Doug Marshall. She chose the
name, even the last name because that's her maiden name. I didn't have much
control being the new guy, but that was okay because she seemed so passionate
about making it work.

To prepare for the vignette I met with Debra as well as Stephanie McMahon,
Vince's daughter who had just started working on producing backstage
segments. I quickly realized that Debra mapped a lot of this out, so she
collaborated with Stephanie on ideas. I didn't know what kind of relationship
Debra and I would have on screen, but Stephanie summed it up for us.

"We are trying to push the envelope right now," Stephanie told us. "We have
noticed an increase in female viewers in recent months because we're giving
our divas more to work with. Debra, upon your return you'll be getting a lot
of attention. Doug, we want every woman in our audience to want to be with
you sexually, but you'll always shut them down because of your loyalty to
Debra as her disciple. Starting tonight when they see Doug for the first time
we want everybody to believe you two are sexually active. However, you are
not in love. There's no relationship other than business and pleasure. Doug,
we've been impressed with your in-ring work thus far and we're hopeful you
can be productive backstage as well. For your matches we'll talk about how
you've got all this potential, but as a rookie you make mistakes. After you
make the mistake, Debra will hop on the apron, open up her top, distract the
ref or your opponent and you'll capitalize for the win. After your matches
you'll make out with Debra as a way of apologizing for almost losing. Again,
they will be aggressive kisses that are convincing. This will boost Debra's
power over you while you'll be okay with it because you're having sex, at
least making it look like that on screen, with this beautiful woman. You'll
be an arrogant heel while Debra will also be arrogant, but should generate
cheers because of her exposure. After the match, make sure you make it look
as real as possible because you'll celebrate the win the way Miss Debra's
Disciple knows how."

"I think this is going to be a really great angle, Stephanie." Debra
continued, "I have a lot of faith in Doug and I think as our chemistry
builds we will be a great duo. I was really looking forward to a storyline
that would allow me to showcase my acting skills while keeping my sexuality
in tact. It helps to be paired up with such a sexy man too."

I was flattered. I didn't know what to say, but I figured I should say
something. "I think it will be a lot of fun. Debra's a great performer with a
lot of experience, so I'm sure she can teach me a lot. If I'm nervous tonight
I apologize."

"It's okay," Debra re-assured me. "I'm sure we'll be just fine."

* * *

Before I went to film the segment with Debra I decided to talk to Jim Ross,
the announcer and also the man in charge of hiring talent. He saw a lot of
potential in me, so he recommended me to Vince McMahon and without him I
would be out of a job. I found him backstage, told him that while I liked the
angle with Debra I felt uncomfortable being so aggressive sexually with
another man's wife. He literally sat me down to give me a pep talk about it.

"Doug, I like you, so I'm going to be completely honest with you," JR said in
that southern drawl of his. "The marriage between Steve and Debra is
basically a sham. Steve's my best friend. He dated Debra for a while, but it
didn't work out and when he hurt his neck she helped him around his house
because she didn't have to pay for a damn thing. When he came back from his
neck injury they decided to get married because they thought it would be
better for their professional careers. It frees them from being asked out or
bothered by people. In a couple years when they are out of this business
they'll divorce and get on with their lives. As far as I know Debra lives at
Steve's ranch, but in an entirely different building. They don't even travel
together. They are married technically, but they don't act like it. There's
no sex life to speak of."

I was a bit confused, so I spoke up. "So what you're saying is..."

He cut me off: "What I'm saying is tonight when you have your tongue in
Debra's throat don't think of her as Steve Austin's husband. You're going to
be seeing a lot of that woman. She chose you, Doug. She asked for you to do
this angle with her, so it's not like she is clueless about you. I know that
Debra's a very passionate woman when it comes to this business. She knows she
doesn't have that much time left as a sex symbol and that's why she came up
with this storyline. She will do everything she can to make it work. If you
play your cards right, Doug, this relationship could be more than just a
professional one with Debra...if that's what you want."

I took a few seconds to digest everything JR told me. I thanked him for his
time. The talk helped because it eased me heading into taping the vignette in
the office with Debra.

* * *

Backstage vignette taping at Raw - 6pm Central - 2 hours before Raw

They built an office backstage in the arena where Debra and I would film our
scene. We had a minute of air time for it. They gave us about 20 minutes to
do the segment as well as a photo shoot. Stephanie was there to work as the
producer of the segment while the lights and cameras were set up as well. I
wore a tearaway shirt and dress pants for it. Debra would simply rip the
shirt off of me. Debra wasn't late to arrive, but she was last. She looked
amazing. Earlier when I saw her she was in a t-shirt and jeans, but for this
segment she was sporting a pink business suit with a very short skirt. Her
top had three buttons on it, but two were unbuttoned so her massive tits were
heaving out of the white bra that was trying to hold them in. Her hair was
up, fixed up very nice. I imagined she did that in order accentuate her tits,
which of course was something I had no problem with.

Before the video shoot, she came up to me privately in a corner of the room.
"You ready, sugar?" She asked in her cute voice. I assured her I was.
"Remember, the kiss at the end is very important. I'll initiate it, you
follow my lead naturally. Remember, I want lots of tongue. You took a breath
mint, right?" We both kind of laughed, which was good because there was
tension in there. This was my first time on WWF TV ever, so I was anxious
more than nervous.

The first shot opened up with Debra sitting with her legs crossed on the
large oak desk that was in the center in the room. I started off the scene
sitting in a high back black leather chair with its back facing the camera.

"Here at Miss Debra Incorporated we strive to be the absolute best in our
line of work. Our line of work, of course, is sports entertainment. As the
CEO of Miss Debra Incorporated I was on a mission for one whole year to find
the one man that I could lead to the World Heavyweight Championship. One man
who I could mould into a champion in the ring and in the business world as
well. After a long search all around the world I have found that one man."

That was my cue. I got up out of the leather chair I was sitting in and I
looked at her as the camera zoomed in on us. I placed my hands on her hips,
lifting her off the desk and placing her in front of me. She reached with her
right hand, grabbed the top of the tearaway shirt that I was wearing and
yanked it off of me, exposing my very well toned body. Debra rubbed her hands
all over me as I merely grinned for the camera.

"Meet Miss Debra's Disciple, Doug Marshall," she said, as I turned to the
face the camera now delivering a smile. "He's a finely tuned athletic machine
that knows what I want. Tonight I will lead Mister Marshall to ringside where
we will begin our quest to become the World Heavyweight Champion. But first,
tonight, we need to get down"

As she paused to say the word "business" she unbuttoned her pink top and I
aggressively took it off of her leaving her in her bra. Then I turned to the
camera to deliver my one line that we hoped would become a catchphrase: "I
love this business!"

We brought the scene to a close as Debra grabbed me by the top of my pants to
bring me close to her. Then we made out aggressively with our tongues deep in
eacother's throats. We were told they'd close in on our mouths as we made
out, so we made sure to make it a great kiss. I could tell right away that
she was into it just as much as me, so my nerves were gone the moment we
touched lips. Ten seconds later Stephanie yelled "cut" and we slowly
released, but not before giving each other a grin.

Even though the segment was good on our first take, we did it again, but on
the second try we did the kiss with her sitting on the desk while I stood in
front of her. We all agreed the first take was better, so they'd be running
that about 20 minutes into the show. After the video shoot we spent another
five minutes doing a photo shoot. She kept her top buttoned up while I was
sporting a dress shirt for it. They asked us if we would shoot some more racy
photos the next night at Smackdown and we both agreed to that.

When the video and photos were both done, Debra walked up to me. "Good job,
Doug. I thought it went really well. What did you think?"

"Thought it was great," I told her. "I was a bit nervous at first, but you
made it easy for me."

"Don't kid yourself. You were very easy to work with. I think we have great
chemistry. Don't be nervous during the match, okay?" Her confidence in me
helped a lot. "Just remember, after it's over we get to conduct more...
business." We both kind of giggled. She went to walk away, but before she
walked out of the room she goes: "By the way, you're an amazing kisser." I
yelled out "you too" but I wasn't sure if she heard me.

* * *

Backstage 10 minutes before my match

Our segment aired in the first hour to a big reaction from the crowd. When
Debra took off her top they roared and when we kissed with all that tongue
they roared even more. So far so good. Debra, in particular, was very

It was ten minutes before my match was about to begin when none other than
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Debra's husband, approached me backstage for a
little talk. He had just been in the ring doing a fired up interview, so I
had no idea how he would react to me. I didn't see him all night.

"Son," he said in his deep voice using the name he called everybody. "JR told
me you talked to him tonight about Debra, about me and..."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were aware of that..." He then cut me off.

"Shut up and listen, son. You ain't gotta do no apologizing. That took a lot
of balls for you to do what you did." He continued while I finally took a
deep breath knowing he wasn't THAT mad at me. "You're a hell of a worker,
I've seen your stuff. Debra asked me who I thought would be good for her to
work with in that angle and I told her you. She liked you too, so now you got
a hell of a chance to get over, son. As for Debra and me, it's like this.
When you reach my status and my bank account you got women after you all the
fuckin' time. I got sick of it, so I told her let's get married, I keep all
the money I make, but she can live on my ranch for free. When I need to do
press or whatever she's there to take a picture with me, but it's not like
she's a wife that I'm slammin'. She probably doesn't know that JR and I
talked to you about this, so act all cool about it, alright?"

"I understand Mr. Austin...uh Williams." I added in his real last name after
saying his stage name.

"Doug, son, call me Steve. By the way, the women around this place are pretty
much all tramps...other than Debra. She's tough. Terri Runnels, she loves
anything with a cock on it and that new chick Lita? Wild. Biggest slut I've
ever fucked."

I was a bit shocked, so I just asked my question matter of factly. "So you
fuck around with other women in the company even though your wife works

"When you're Stone Cold Steve Austin, son, they line up for ya." He laughed,
I joined in for the laugh too. "I know you probably think Debra's gorgeous
and she is. If you want to impress her then show your passion for this
business. She is so driven to succeed in this business, but she needs your
help. She may be my wife because a paper says so, but I could give a fuck
what she does with her life. I just want to see her make some money in this
business because she helped me so much in the last year. Now she's going to
help you with your career. She picked you. The opportunity is right in front
of you to make an impact in this business starting tonight. Go kick some ass
out there, son."

I listened intently to everything he was saying because he really made sense
to me. I thanked him for the talk, telling him that it really made me relax
knowing I had his support and I headed up to the curtain to get ready for my

* * *

Match Time - 9:20pm Central

I waited by the curtain for my match. I was sporting my black and red
wrestling trunks that had the "Miss Debra Inc." logo (red lips with the words
written in white) splashed across the back. My black boots had my initials on
them. On top I wore a black tank top that also had the "Miss Debra Inc."
logo, but this time on the front. Debra approached me soon after. She changed
her hair so it was down with her bangs in front. She wore a white business
suit with three buttons on it, but the buttons were kinda low, so you could
see her black bra peaking through. As good as her tits were, I really started
to notice how she had the perfect ass that she exposed wonderfully with a
tight short skirt that also showed off her well sculpted legs.

"Thank you, Doug." She said to me as we waited for a commercial to end before
our music hit.

"For what?" I asked her, not knowing what she meant.

"For talking to Steve the way you did. That really makes me feel comfortable
about what we're doing out here. He told me how impressed he was by you. He's
not the only one." She flashed me that gorgeous smile of hers as I could feel
my cock get harder in my pants.

Our music hit and off we went.

* * *

The match went as expected. I was up against Scotty 2 Hotty, a good natured
babyface wrestler that the fans knew was probably going to lose. Debra got a
huge ovation as expected although she acted bitchy because we were heels. No
smiling on either of our parts. Five minutes into it I went up top for a
splash, but Scotty tripped me up so I went crotch first into the rope.
Debra's face was such that she was very concerned. With me out on the mat,
Debra hopped up on the apron to distract Scotty by unbuttoning her top. The
ref was admonishing her too, which allowed me to crawl over to Scotty and
kick him in the balls. I went up top, hit my splash and got the victory.

Post match, Debra came in to raise my hand as the camera went in close to
catch her telling me, "you almost lost. That's unacceptable." I told her I
was sorry, then she said, "but at least you won." That was her cue to lean
in, grab my face and make out with me right there in the ring. The kiss
lasted about ten seconds with the camera focused on us the entire time. The
crowd had a mixed reaction to it although it was a loud reaction, which was
good. I immediately knew this angle was going to work. When we walked up the
aisle, she kissed me on the cheek and whispered, "thank you sugar" in my ear.

Backstage, people that worked for the company were happy with what they saw.
Debra was elated, as was I. Stephanie came up to us to deliver some more good
news. "Everybody loved it back here, so did the crowd. Dad really likes this
angle and thinks it has a lot of potential, so what we'd like you to do is
travel together to and from shows from this point forward. That means for
Smackdown tomorrow in Dallas we want you to travel together. When we hit the
house shows on Friday we want you together. I know it may change your
lifestyle a bit, but when you're in a big angle like this that's one of the
sacrifices you have to make for the business. Is that okay with the two of

We both looked at eachother, then nodded our heads. Stephanie walked away

Debra looked at me: "Are you sure you're okay with that?"

"Of course," I told her.

"I'm very glad to hear that." She smiled. Man, I could see it in her eyes she
wanted me. I knew from that look. "I know you probably want to take a shower,
but I was hoping you'd come with me instead."


"Trust me, sugar." She held my hand as we walked down the hallway near the
room where we shot the earlier scene.

"What are we doing here?" I asked, although I wasn't complaining.

"I want to thank you privately for helping to save my career. Go inside."

I walked in shirtless, wearing my black and red trunks as well as my
wrestling boots. She put something on the door handle like a hotel room, then
closed the door and locked it. The room had the same big oak desk inside of
it as well as a couch and a couple of chairs.

"Nobody will bother us, just you and me...Debra's Disciple."

As she said that she rubbed her hands right on my ass where it said "Debra's
Disciple" on the back.

"You know what? This relationship keeps getting better and better." I told
her. "Question is do I call you Debra or boss?"

Her hands were at the buttons of her jacket as she slowly undid them,
exposing her massive tits covered in a black bra. Then she said the two magic
words to me.

"Fuck me."

I quickly went over to her and we kissed passionately. It was very aggressive
with my hands all over her tits while she pulled my head in to kiss her more.
She took her jacket off and I lifted her onto the desk.

"You know," she said while I kissed her, "I love having a disciple."

She yanked down my wrestling trunks and started to rub my hard cock as I
tossed them aside. "Boss," I said with a sarcastic smile, "this really is a
great job."

She got on her knees on the table, I got up behind her, unzipping the back of
her very short skirt and pulling it off her. She leaned back on her back,
unclipped her bra and was left with her panties on while I still had my
boxers on. As she lay on her back I could tell she liked it aggressive, so I
quickly pulled down her panties with my right hand and started to rub her
clit with my fingers.

"Ooooooooooooooooh," she moaned.

"Can I call you Debra yet?" I said while positioning my face lower, close to
her pussy. "How about now?"

I went down in a fury with my tongue deep in her clit. I knew she wanted it
aggressive, so that's what I did to her. I cupped her ass with my two hands
in order to get even deeper inside of her.

"OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCK! Call me...(panting)...anything you...

My tongue was really deep in there, licking the sides of her clit as well as
the inner parts. I managed to get my right finger in there too to increase
the pressure. She was moaning and cursing up a storm while I continued.

"Jesus fucking Christtttttttt! OH GOD, OH GODDDDDDDDDDD!"

I kept on licking away while also gently biting the edge of her clit. I could
feel her getting really wet.

"FUCK!" She kept on yelling. "Get inside of me! NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

Not one to let the boss down, I got on my knees with her in front of me,
doggy style position. She looked at my cock, smiling at how big it was and I
rammed by cock into her piss with full force. I was grabbing at her tits with
my hands, they were so voluptuous and I wanted to fuck them badly. She took
me in aggressively, bouncing up and down on my throbbing cock while I could
feel her wet pussy. She was moaning in pleasure.

"You sure know how to make the boss happpppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" She

I moved my hands up to her tits, rubbing them and getting her nipples hard. I
wanted to fuck her tits badly. I think she knew.

"Oh yes yes yes!" She asked a question I really like: "You wanna fuck my tits

She got off my cock, then she leaned down and we kissed some more as I rubbed
her tits. She slid down to my erect cock, eyeing it with a grin. I decided to
sit up with my legs spread out on the edge of the desk as she got down on her
knees in front of me.

"Now you're the boss," she told me with a huge smile on her face.

With her in front of me, I grabbed her by the shoulders and bent down so my
erect dick was over her face. She put her lips on it, kissing it ever so
gently and taking it in, but then she thrusted her chest up. I leaned forward
and rubbed my dick between her tits. It felt so good to be in between her
perfect tits. They were amazing. She moved up and down, letting them bounce.
She used her hand to direct it. It felt perfect.

"This is the best employee benefit I could ever ask for," I told her. I
continued to titty fuck her for a few more minutes.

She grinned at me. "Now I'm going to need control again."

She grabbed my hand and walked me over to the couch where I laid down. Her
hand was rubbing my cock and she took it all in giving me a blow job. She was
very aggressive with it. I held onto her hair as she told me to pull it, so I
did ever so gently. She grinned at me, "harder."

With her mouth on my cock and my hand on the back of her head she was bobbing
up and down on it. She was sucking it, kissing it, licking it. It felt so
good. "I guess this one of the perks of the job huh? I feel like a winner
now." I couldn't hear exactly what she said, but she mumbled back something
like "me too." I knew she was enjoying it, so I kept pumping as much as I
could while tugging on her hair every so often. It was a great blowjob
lasting about five minutes.

"I need you to finish me off, baby. At least for now." She told me.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

She pointed to the chair on the other side of the room. "Sit."

We walked over to the chair together, she shoved me down, and I went back
into the chair with her right on top of me. The sides of the chair were open,
so she put her legs there. She was on top of me in every way. She put her
pussy down into my hard dick and I was ramming her as hard as I possibly
could with her tits right in my face.

"Show me what you got baby," she said to me.

I looked into her eyes, pulled her head down and made out with her as I
continued to fuck her pussy. It was the most perfect feeling. We fucked
eachother as hard as we possibly could for another few minutes until our
bodies went limp and she laid her head across my chest.

"Wow," she remarked. "That was incredible."

"Haha it sure was," I told her. "This is really going to be the start of a
beautiful relationship."

"With benefits..." she grinned.

We kissed some more as thoughts went through my head about what might be

* * *

Thanks for reading. There might be a part two to this story. It would be less
story and even more sex. I'm not sure if or when I'll write that. I hope you
liked it!

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