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Hard Hitting Exclusive
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the locker room of the new ECW World Champion, Bobby Lashley is sitting
on a metal chair in the middle of his locker room looking down at his new
Championship that he won nearly an hour ago in the hellish Extreme
Elimination Chamber during the pay-per-view December To Dismember. Lashley
is still wearing his black wrestling shorts and sighs as he smiles,
"Finally... I get to the top... what a year... all the battles... I finally
made it..." Lashley smiles as he holds the ECW title in his hands when
there's a soft knock on the door. "It's open..." Lashley says as he looks
up and at the door of his locker room.

The locker room door of Bobby Lashley slowly opens and in walks the sultry,
alluring Extreme Correspondent of ECW, Rebecca DiPietro, dressed in a short
black skirt and tight-fitting black top. Rebecca presses her lips together
as the locker room door closes on it's own "Hi...Bobby..." Rebecca says in
a soft, alluring voice as she locks her lusty eyes on the hard-hitting
Extremist and new ECW World Champion, Bobby Lashley.

Lashley smiles softly, "Hey Rebecca... what's up?" Lashley says as he lays
his title belt down on the floor next to his metal chair before stretching
his powerful arms above his head.

"Oh nothing..." Rebecca replies in a soft, alluring voice as she casually
approaches the new ECW World Champion, Bobby Lashley. Rebecca tosses her
soft, silky light brown hair back as she places her hands against her
smoothly rounded hips "I was wondering...If I could get the first Extreme
Exclusive with you..." Rebecca states with a soft smirk.

Lashley places both of his hands on his legs, "I dunno Rebecca... I'm pretty
worn out from the Chamber..." Lashley says with a tired groan, "But... I
guess I could... like give you a few words..." Lashley says.

Rebecca slowly licks her lips as she locks her sultry, alluring eyes with the
hard-hitting Extremist "Mmm...perfect..." Rebecca DiPietro slyly smirks as
she stands in front of Lashley as he remains sitting on the metal folding
chair "Mind...if I have a seat?"

Lashley seats back on the metal chair and nods his head, "Um sure... go
ahead..." Lashley says.

Rebecca smirks and raises an eyebrow "Mmm...thanks Champ..." The sultry
Extreme Correspondent says before she sits down and straddles the powerful
lap of the hard-hitting, real deal Extremist.

Lashley smiles a bit as Rebecca makes herself more comfortable as she
straddles his lap and faces him, "So... ummm... what... questions do you
got..." Lashley says as Rebecca slightly grinds her body against his with
the slight movements she makes.

Rebecca presses her lips together and smirks "Mmm...well Bobby...I want to
know extreme you like to get?" Rebecca asks with a soft, alluring
and seductive tone of voice as she gently rocks her body against Lashley's
lap as she grinds herself against Lashley's crotch

"Mmmm..." Lashley moans a bit as a bulge starts to form in the crotch of his
black wrestling shorts as Rebecca continues to gently grinds herself on his
lap. "Uhhh... well... you saw the match... I can... get very extreme... I
took down... Big Show and Test... in five minutes...." Lashley replies, "And
they are pretty tough..."

Rebecca bites down on her bottom lip as she locks her sultry, alluring eyes
with Lashley and raises an eyebrow as she feels Lashley's crotch harden
against her body " Bobby...are you really as hard..." Rebecca pauses
and glances down towards Lashley's crotch with a smirk " you
say you are?"

Lashley smirks a bit, "Yeah... soft spoken... and hard hitting... that's
me..." Lashley answers, "And... I'm an extremely... hard... hitter..."
Lashley adds with a smile.

Rebecca presses her lips together and nods her head "That's great Bobby...
cause I love...the hard-hitting action of the hot Extremists...much like
you..." Rebecca replies in a soft, seducing voice as she slowly comes to a
stop gently rocking on Lashley lap before she lifts herself off of his lap
and lowers herself down onto her knees in front of the powerful ECW

Lashley raises his right eyebrow slightly as he smiles at the sultry,
sexy Extreme Correspondent, "Why do I think... this is going to get really
extreme?" Lashley asks as Rebecca places her hands on his black shorts and
starts to tug them down from his waist.

Rebecca laughs softly "Hey...I ask the questions! Ok Champ?" Rebecca
playfully snaps at Bobby Lashley as she pulls down his black wrestling
shorts with her soft, seducing hands as she pulls his wrestling shorts
off of his waist and begins to guide them down is strong, powerful and
muscular legs.

Lashley licks his lips and laughs a bit, "Ok Rebecca... sorry..." Lashley
says as Rebecca pulls his black shorts down in order to free his large,
hardening fifteen inch long, thick black extreme cock. Lashley then kicks
off his black wrestling shorts so that he's sitting on the metal chair
completely naked.

Rebecca licks her lips as she locks her sultry, lust filled eyes with the
sight of Lashley's large, hardening and thick black cock " that's
extreme..." Rebecca moans softly as she smirks and leans forward, wrapping
her smooth and seductive hands around Lashley's hard and thick black cock
before she starts to smoothly stroke her hands up and down against his shaft.

"Mmmmm... yeah... it is..." Lashley moans as he leans back on the chair
as Rebecca slides her hands up and down on his big black hard cock. "Ohhhh
damn... after the chamber... this is relaxing..." Lashley moans as he closes
his eyes halfway.

Rebecca smirks slyly "'s not too extreme for you?" Rebecca asks with
a soft, alluring voice before she leans her head down and places her soft,
lusty tongue against the head of Lashley's large black cock and begins to
gently circle her tongue around the surface.

Lashley shakes his head slightly, "Mmmmm... nope... it's not too extreme at
all... it's just right..." Lashley moans as Rebecca circles her warm soft
tongue around the large head of his big black cock. "Awww.... damn..."
Lashley moans as Rebecca flicks her tongue back and forth across the
piss-slit of his dick.

Rebecca closes her alluring eyes as the Extreme Correspondent opens her wet
and warm mouth to lowers her head on Lashley's cock, taking him deeply into
her seducing mouth. Rebecca presses her soft, luscious lips around Lashley's
thick and hard black cock, as she starts to smoothly bob her head as she
sucks on the Extremist's cock.

"Ahhh... mmmmm... ohhh damn..." Lashley moans as Rebecca bobs her head
smoothly and at a good pace up and down on his big black rigid dick. Lashley
places his right hand on Rebecca's right shoulder and scoots forwards on the
metal chair so that Rebecca can more easily suck on his thick shaft.

Rebecca slowly laps her soft, wet tongue around Lashley's thick, hard black
cock as she bobs her head at a quick and smoothly pace. "Mmmm...mmmm..."
Rebecca softly moans against Lashley's cock as her warm saliva drips down
his long and hard shaft as the Extreme Correspondent lustfully bobs her head.

"Oooo... mmmm... ohhh... damn... mmmm fuck that's pretty... extreme..."
Lashley moans as Rebecca slides her tongue against the flesh of Lashley's
cock as she lowers her head further and further down on his shaft with every
bobbing motion she makes. Lashley pushes Rebecca's soft hair back so that it
doesn't cover her sultry face as she sucks on the muscular Extremist's big
hard black dick.

Rebecca slowly lifts her sultry eyes up and locks them with Lashley as she
continues to smoothly bob her head on his large black cock "Mmmm...ohhhh...
fuck..." Rebecca moans against Lashley's cock before she slowly lifts her
head up and tosses her silky, soft light brown hair back. Rebecca presses
her lips up as she stands and begins to lift her black top off of her sultry,
stunning body as she exposes her large, alluringly hot tits.

Lashley's eyes goes a bit wide as he looks right at Rebecca's big, stunning,
firm tits as she starts to push down her short black skirt. "Damn... shit...
you... got an extremely hot body..." Lashley says in his soft-spoken voice as
he licks his lips.

Rebecca presses her lips together and smirks proudly "Mmm...I know I do..."
Rebecca replies with sultry wink as she slides her short black skirt down her
smooth, stunning and tanned legs as she reveals her hot, shaven pussy to the
new ECW World Champion.

Lashley licks his lips again as he takes a long look at the hot, extremely
close shaved pussy of ECW's Extreme Correspondent, "Do you want me to keep
sitting?" Lashley asks as Rebecca slightly sways her hips a bit.

Rebecca raises an eyebrow "Well...I do know...I want the hard-hitting...
extreme action that only the ECW World Champion...can give!" Rebecca says
with sly smirk as she stands completely naked in front of Bobby Lashley.

Lashley smirks, "All right..." Lashley replies he stands up from the metal
chair and he walks around to stand behind Rebecca. He lifts the sultry
Extreme Correspondent up and kneels her down on the Metal chair and has her
lean forward enough so that her hot, sexy ass points right back at the new
ECW World Champion. "Nice piece of ass..." Lashley says as he looks at her
backside before he grips his cock and pushes it into Rebecca's hot, tight

Rebecca grits her teeth together as she rocks forward slightly on the metal
folding chair after Lashley slides his hard, thick black cock into her warm,
sultry pussy "Ohhhhh fuck yeah Bobby..." Rebecca moans before she glances
over her shoulder and smirks at Lashley before the Extreme Correspondent
firmly pushes her hot, sultry body back against Lashley's extreme cock.

Lashley grits his teeth slightly as he firmly holds onto Rebecca's slender
waist as he starts pumping his cock in and out of Rebecca's warm tight
extreme pussy. "Ahhhh mmmmm... whew... mmmmm..." Lashley groans as he drives
his cock harder and faster into Rebecca's pussy as she holds onto the back
of the chair for added support.

Rebecca tilts her head as she releases a sultry groans as Bobby Lashley's
black hard-hitting cock slams deeply into the tight, warm pussy of the
Extreme Correspondent. "Ohhhh...ohhhh...ohhhh mmmm Bobby!" Rebecca moans
as her hot, sultry body slams back against Lashley's cock at a slightly
rougher and quicker pace.

Lashley licks his lips as he continues to pump his large cock deeper into
Rebecca's hot tight pussy. "Uhhhh ohhhh yeah... mmmm... shit..." Lashley
grunts as he pulls Rebecca back against him so that her ass slams hard
against his muscular body.

Rebecca grits her teeth tightly together as she Lashley's hard, thick
black cock deeply ram into her tight, warm pussy at a quick and rough rate
"Ohhhh...ohhh fuck Bobby!" Rebecca DiPietro moans loudly as she slams back
against Lashley's smooth, muscular waist with her hot, sultry rounded ass
as she begins to lightly sweat.

Lashley grits his teeth as sweat rolls down his large muscular body as he
then pulls his cock out of Rebecca's tight, hot pussy. "Mmmm... let me show
you... something hard... hitting..." Lashley says as he wraps his arms around
Rebecca's body and lifts her off the metal chair. Lashley then kicks the
chair away and lays her down on the cold floor of his locker room. Lashley
turns Rebecca over onto her back, spreads her smooth sexy legs and roughly
slams his entire fifteen-inch long thick black cock back into her pussy.

"Oh fuck yessss!" Rebecca moans loudly as Lashley enters her tight, warm
pussy once again as closes her sultry eyes and licks her lips. The hot,
sultry Extreme Correspondent wraps her smooth, alluringly tanned legs
around Lashley's black waist and places her soft, desirable hands against
Lashley's smooth, muscular chest and begins to grind her pussy sharply
against his black, thrusting as she rocks her body in motion with his
powerful thrusts.

Lashley grinds his teeth together as he increases the speed and force of
his thrusts as quickly as he can as he fucks the hot tight body of ECW's
Extreme Correspondent. "Ahhh... ohhhh damn... mmmm.... ohhh damn...
Rebecca..." Lashley grunts as he continues his powerful thrusting.

Rebecca slides her smooth, soft hands against Lashley's smooth and muscular
black chest as her sultry, alluring body that is covered with sweat rocks
back and forth against the cold locker room floor as Bobby Lashley delivers
deep, hard-hitting thrusts into her tight and warm extreme pussy "Ohhhh...
ohhhh fuck Bobby!" Rebecca loudly moans before she sharply grinds her pussy
against his thick black shaft.

"Uhhh... ohhh damn... shit..." Lashley groans as he pounds Rebecca's pussy
with sharp, swift powerful thrusts. He holds onto her waist and pulls her
roughly up against him, causing his balls to hit against her skin. "Ahhh...
ohhh fuck..." Lashley grunts as he starts to cum inside of Rebecca's hot,
tight pussy.

Rebecca grits her teeth as she feels Lashley's warm cum flood into her warm,
tight pussy "Ohhhh yeah Bobby..." Rebecca groans as she presses her lips
together and closes her eyes as she feels some sweat drip off of Lashley's
muscular black body.

Lashley grits his teeth slightly and licks his lips as he starts to relax as
he finishes cumming inside of Rebecca's pussy, "Ohhh damn... whew... that...
was extreme..." Lashley groans a bit.

Rebecca raises an eyebrow and smirks as she nods her head "Mmm...oh yess...
very extreme, Champ..." Rebecca replies in sultry, alluring tone before she
licks her lips "What do you get showered up...and I'll show just
how extreme I can be..."

Lashley smiles a bit and nods his head, "Sounds... like... an extreme plan...
to me..."


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