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Featuring: Mickie James (TNA, former WWE Diva), Amazing Red (TNA)

Hardcore... Amazing!
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

A few minutes have passed since the "Hair Versus Title" Steel Cage Match was
held at TNA's Lockdown Pay Per View, broadcasting live from the U.S. Bank
Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 17, 2011. With a huge smile upon her
pretty face, the woman who not only managed to save her hair from being
shaved off, but squashed Madison Rayne in less than a minute, Mickie James is
proudly wearing her newly won TNA Knockouts Championship on her good right
shoulder as her left is covered with protective tape from a recent shoulder
injury. James is still clad in her ring attire from the "match" in the form
of a nicely fitting brown jacket that shows off a sexy amount of cleavage
from her large breasts, and a pair of Daisy Duke Jean shorts which huge to
her thick and juicy ass.

Smiling she walks around a corner, heading back to her locker room when her
eyes fall upon one of the company's top high fliers in former X Division
Champion Amazing Red as he's heading in the opposite direction to the one
she's going, drinking from a bottle of water as he walks in his perfectly
fitting red and black ring attire.

"Hey Mickie, way to own Rayne out there!" Red says, coming to a stop in front
of her. "All that hype, all the badmouthing and what, you kicked her ass in
like half a minute?"

"It was more like thirty six seconds, not that I checked with the time keeper
or anything." James says with a laugh. "But thanks Red, I'm just so happy to
get this championship finally, and kicking Madison's ass at the same time
made it all the sweeter! Now? Now I just want to go out and celebrate like
there's no tomorrow!"

"I bet you do. I'd be celebrating as well if I won out there as well..." He
says with a chuckle, referencing coming up short in the Xscape contendership
match from earlier in the night.

"You trying to bring me down here?" Mickie jokes with a smile. "Come on,
you're pretty good yourself. I mean, you are "Amazing" after all aren't you?"

"Yeah, it's in my name alright. Guess that means you are pretty "Hardcore"
yourself, being Hardcore Country, right?"

She playfully raises an eyebrow at him. "I am Hardcore Country if that's what
you're meaning. But I can also be that other kind of "Hardcore" as well..."
Mickie adds suggestively, a sly smirk forming on her face.

"Oh yeah?" Red picks up on what she's meaning by that. "Would that be an
offer you're making me there Mickie?"

"Could be... Since I am the new Knockouts Champion, I think I deserve some
sort of celebration sooner rather than later... So how about tonight, after
this show ends, you show me just how "Amazing" you can be, and I'll show you
just how "Hardcore" I can get. Sound like a good deal?" She asks, adjusting
her title belt on her shoulder as she deliberately leans forward a little in
order to give the handsome TNA star a good look at her vast and sexy

"Oh yeah, you've got yourself a deal Mickie!" Red quickly responds with a
grin after a long gaze at her breasts. "Only question I have for you is if
you want to "celebrate" back at my room, or yours?"

* * *

An hour after the end of the Lockdown Pay Per View, in the hotel room of
Mickie James, the newly crowned TNA Knockouts Champion is completely naked,
laying stomach down on her bed with her smooth legs hanging off the edge of
the bed as she looks back over her shoulder with a smile as an also naked
Amazing Red is kneeling down behind her as he spreads her thick, juicy, and
perfectly tanned ass cheeks apart. Leaning his head in, he starts to flick
his tongue against her nicely shaved pussy, causing her to moan as she feels
the nicely wet tongue brushing against her folds as he slightly squeezes her
booty as he "warms her up" with a little eating out.

The former WWE Diva licks her lips as she groans, rocking her thick hips back
slightly against his oral work as he slides his tongue up and down across the
entrance to her love tunnel with a series of slow and focused movements all
the way up and down her snatch as he keeps his handsome face pressed into
her. His fingers grip her butt cheeks for another long moment before the left
hand is raised in order to deliver a sharp spank to her booty that makes her
gasp in surprise but the smile on her face that appears after the shot shows
she doesn't object to it, and that makes him smile back in response.

Shifting his arm positioning, one hand goes up to the top of her butt to keep
the cheeks spread while he brings the other up to her pussy and pushes a
couple of fingers deep into her, making her noticeably moan as she's filled
up to the knuckles with his digits as he begins to ease the fingers back and
forth into her. The Brooklyn, New York native smirks as he watches his hand
go to work on the moaning, busty beauty in front of him thanks to his
fingering of her tight feeling snatch, deciding to make the motion even
smoother as he pulls his fingers out in order to spit onto them before
quickly pushing them back inside her pussy and getting a deep groan of
pleasure out of his fellow TNA co-worker from the sensation.

The gorgeous grappler from Richmond, Virginia bites down on her bottom lip
slightly as she feels his fingers effortlessly moving in and out of her
dampening pussy, continuing to look back over her tape-covered shoulder as
she looks over his muscular body and moans from the feeling of his digits
pumping her box in a way that indicates to her that he's done this trick many
times before. She can only think about that for a second more before a new
sensation makes her moan out and close her eyes for a moment - the tongue of
the high flyer now flicking against her even tighter asshole and even just
from the first, brief touch onto her it makes her push her booty back against
his face, giving him a sign that she wants some more of that.

Showing he's not nervous about being with one of the hottest women's
wrestlers in the world today he gives her what she wants, swirling his hungry
tongue around and across the entrance to her back passage, able to slightly
push it into her but feeling strong resistance to the invasion which only
serves to make him work over her some more. At the same time the X Division
star keeps his hand moving firmly back and forth towards her, ensuring that
his fingers keep working into her snatch to make her nice and wet, and the
sounds of the lustful moans that are coming from her mouth are not just added
encouragement but are music to his ears, keeping him wearing a big smile on
his face as he continues this double teaming of both her lower holes as he
deeply fingers her snatch and eats out her ass at the same time.

"Mmmm... Red... You've done this before, haven't you?" Mickie asks with a
moan as she looks back with a smile.

Lifting his head away from her booty, he returns the look. "Yeah, a couple
times... You sure your shoulder is OK? I don't want to hurt the champ if I
get a little rough with you..." Red asks as he pulls his fingers out of her
snatch, making her moan in the process.

She just smirks as she turns over and pushes herself backward so she can lay
down on her back on the bed. "Don't worry about me, I'll handle it just fine.
I'm a big girl you know..." James starts to say, but she trails off when he
stands up and she looks down at his crotch. "And you're a big boy!" She
excitedly gasps with a big grin and widened eyes.

"Yeah, I've heard that a couple times as well..." Amazing Red modestly says
in regards to his impressively long and thick to match cock as he climbs up
onto the bed.

Spreading her legs apart, the new Knockouts Champion has her eyes glued onto
his shaft as he moves on top of her, watching it being lined up with her
snatch before he firmly pushes it into her to make them both moan,
instinctively making her place her right hand on his shoulder as she feels
the first few inches sink deep into her tight hole. He doesn't waste time in
getting to work on her, rocking his hips backward and then quickly back
inwards to her snatch as he pistons his manhood into the tanned and perfectly
curved woman's pussy as she groans underneath him, her gaze still locked down
to his dick as he places his hands at her sides as he leans his upper body up
over her.

The previous fingering she'd taken allows him to go pretty deep into pussy
already, half of his length smoothly pumping in and out of the love tunnel of
the moaning beauty he's banging in her hotel room, his motions already more
than enough to make her curvaceous body jolt backward slightly each time he
thrusts into her tight and wet hole. Naturally, his eyes are watching her
large breasts as they bounce from the movement of her tanned frame, a visual
treat to go along with the snug feeling of her pussy all around his cock as
he pumps himself smoothly and sharply into the fellow TNA star as they both
moan from the sinful pleasure they're getting from this fucking.

Each thrust deep into her only serves to turn the former WWE Diva on more and
more as she feels his man meat getting gradually deeper and deeper into her
snatch every time he moves it firmly into her, keeping her groaning out as
she looks over his desirable body and down between her legs at the erotic
sight of his thick dick pushing back and forth into her pussy. Even with her
shoulder injury clear to see from her tapped up shoulder, she wants as much
out of him, not to mention as much of him, as possible so she moves her
smooth legs up, wrapping them around his toned waist to pull him closer
towards her in the hopes to get him hammering into her wet and tight hole to
fulfill her lusty needs.

It's the former two-time X Division Champion though that's controlling the
pace here, keeping his actions smooth, steady, and perfectly paced as he
slides his thick member back and forth into her damp snatch, filling her up
with over two thirds of his cock and this size already would be difficult for
most women to take especially with this kind of repeated thrusting as he's
using. Instead though, the moaning stunner he's on top off wants even more,
squeezing his shoulder with her good arm as she groans out and tries to grind
her snatch up against his thrusts, her big tits still bouncing sexily as her
body rocks backward in response to his pumping motion.

Casting him a sexy glare, the first woman to hold the WWE Women's, Divas, and
now TNA Knockouts Championship groans as she getting driven wild by the
repeated hammering her snatch is taking from this handsome and hung high
flyer, her pussy tight and wet around his length as it moves back and forth
into her with the erotic squelch of her juices that coat his rod behind heard
each time he slides in or out of her love tunnel. She unwraps her legs from
around him, allowing her to lay back and just take it for a few more moments
with loud, shameless groans as she takes it from one of the most
awe-inspiring, death defying performers ever seen in any wrestling company,
as he's giving her a performance more worthy of a bestselling porno movie as
he bangs her snatch over and over again with deep and quick thrusts.

"You want to switch things up a little Mickie?" Amazing Red asks, giving her
one last pump before he pulls out of her snatch with a moan.

"You bet I do!" James excitedly says with a grin, surprising him by grabbing
him and pushing him down so now he's the one on his back on the bed. "I want
to ride that dick of yours!"

"Sure thing champ!" Red says with a similar smile, watching as the busty
Knockout mounts his waist. "Guess you're not letting that shoulder hold you
back, are you?"

"No way!" Mickie shakes her head as she reaches down to line up his shaft
with her snatch. "Now let me show you how we do it, Hardcore Country style!"

Easing herself down with a groan, she takes his long and thick shaft deeply
into her still tight and wet pussy, making him moan out as well as inch after
inch is taken into her hole and here she's able to get exactly what she wants
as she doesn't stop sinking downward until her ass cheeks rest on his thighs
and his balls are touching her tanned skin. Every bit of his manhood is now
deep inside her as she grinds herself down against his crotch, taking a
moment to let her hands run over her large breasts in order to squeeze them
with a lick of her pouty lips before they go onto her thick hips and she
starts to ride him, groaning as she lifts herself upward to half way and then
swiftly drops down to the base with an erotic grunt.

Underneath, the handsome X Division star watches with moans as the stunning
and perfectly curved female on top of him in no time at all reaches the
rhythm she wants, riding his cock quickly and with force that makes them both
call out as they gaze at one another and take in the sight of the gorgeous
frame of the other. His hands move up and around onto her juicy booty, giving
her a deep squeeze that makes her groan as she bounces away on his shaft,
taking him balls deep every time she drops down onto him as her snatch gets
noticeably wetter than before to go along with the sweat that soon starts to
form all over her tanned and sexy body.

The native of Richmond, Virginia isn't holding back now, not showing any
visual discomfort from her shoulder injury as she swiftly lifts herself up
and then right back down on the cock of the fellow former ROH star as she
uses this cowgirl position to full effect, smoothly gliding her pussy up to
around half way along his cock before dropping down to the base where the
smack of skin hitting skin rings out to mix with the moans both wrestlers are
letting out. The massive, surgically-enhanced breasts of the stunning female
bounce in time with the motion of her body as she groans and gasps, showing a
different kind of "Hardcore" than the Country variety she's known for as she
takes the Brooklyn, New Yorker's dick deep into her love tunnel quickly over
and over again in such a wild and horny way that anyone looking on would
think she's using this pace because her very life depended on it.

While the former two time X Division Champion is happy to let her take
control and handle him how she wants to, and since it's resulting in the
gorgeous female wrestler bouncing wildly on his long cock no one can blame
him for just laying back on the bed and watching the show, he's still got
plenty of energy left for her so he's looking to give her something back.
That results in him moving his hands to first spread her butt cheeks apart
before slipping one hand down in order to push a finger into her asshole
without even a warning, causing her to gasp but in clear delight as he starts
to pump the digit in and out of her booty while she rides his thick cock.

Even though she'd just won the TNA Knockouts Championship a few hours ago,
she's looking more like a needy whore rather than a top quality grappler as
she moans loudly and shameless as she swiftly and forcefully rides away on
the lengthy and thick pole of the handsome hunk underneath her who's now
fingering her even tighter asshole at the same time as she takes his cock
balls deep into her wet snatch. Tilting her head back with a deep groan as
now both her lower holes are getting taken care of, she can't help but move
her left hand onto her tits in order to squeeze them, blocking out the sting
of pain coming from the taped up shoulder as she gets off on riding such an
impressive piece of man meat deep with her pussy and getting finger banged in
her juicy booty at the same time.

"Awww yeah! Yes!!" Mickie moans out as she looks down at him with a big
smile. "Red! You really are amazing!" She groans as she starts to slow down
her bouncing motion on his dick.

"You're pretty "Hardcore" yourself Mickie!" Red replies with a grin, groaning
as she lifts herself off from his cock.

"I can say the same about you now..." James says as she moves herself across
the bed into the classic doggy style position. "Now how about instead of a
finger, you stick that "amazing" dick of yours right up my ass?" She demands
more than asks as she tosses her hair back and grins lustfully back at him.

"Fuck yeah I will..." He says as he gets up in order to kneel behind her.
"I'll get real Hardcore on this booty..."

Bracing herself, the gorgeous former WWE Diva grips the bed sheets with her
hands as she watches her ass cheeks getting spread before a moment later a
long and thick cock being plunged into her asshole makes her moan out with
her back arching as she feels his inches being pushed deep into her backside
as he grips her hips. Her eyes are half open as she watches him start to pump
her from behind, his hips rocking towards and then away from her booty as he
slides his shaft firmly in and out of her, only using her own pussy juices as
sort of lubricant since they are coating his member that's just gone from
being balls deep in her snatch to now fucking her straight up her one of a
kind ass.

Lustfully moaning, the newly crowned TNA Knockouts Champion keeps herself up
with her good right arm, reaching down underneath her to between her legs in
order to push a couple of fingers into her wet snatch and wasting no time in
starting to swiftly get herself off from the feeling of being banged from
behind her in juicy booty. Not content with just doing that, she's pushing
her ass back against the incoming thrusts from the high flyer in order to
help him drive deeper into her backside, her tanned and curved frame moving
with perfect timing so she rocks backward towards him as he pumps forward
with a moan, licking her lips as she ensures both her lower holes are getting
stuffed full to keep her groaning with pleasure and sweating hard in this
"celebration" of her title win tonight.

Perspiration is also covering the muscular body of the native of Brooklyn,
New York as he shows the effects of not just keeping up with the horny needs
of the beautiful female wrestler he's ramming his long cock into the ass off,
but from giving said juicy and thick booty the kind of fucking it truly
deserves as he gives her a series of hard and quick thrusts that would render
a normal woman unable to think straight let alone walk right for well over a
week. He knows though that this Knockout can take it and then some, so he
continues to plough his manhood deep in and out of her very tight asshole,
watching her butt cheeks jiggle as she rocks backward in response to every
motion as he runs his hands across her smooth and tanned thighs with a deep

The mouth of the woman who back during both their ROH days once managed the
wrestler now pounding her ass hard and fast is hanging open, a stream of
groans and shameless moans pouring out of it as she continue to finger her
snatch with quick pumping motions to drive both fingers knuckles-deep into
her dripping wet love tunnel. Her large breasts sway underneath her as she
forcefully pushes her backside back against the X Division hunk as he thrusts
his thick dick time and time again into her juicy, perfectly rounded butt as
her back passage remains as tight as ever but has now adjusted to his vast
size in order to allow it to venture deeper than even she thought she could
possibly take, and knowing how much dick she now has up her ass is an even
bigger turn on that keep her moving her digits back and forth into her own
pussy with a moan.

The handsome and hung high-flyer is showing it's not just skill in the ring
that he's got, he can bring it to the bedroom as he handles one of the
thickest and hottest asses in the world with a series of deep, pistoning
thrusts that keep himself moaning from every motion in and out of her booty
that he sends deeply and hard into her. His waist is now smacking into her
backside, causing her butt cheeks to jiggle even more from each impact as he
drives his dick balls deep into her ass before quickly pulling back so a
couple of inches are withdrawn and then it's straight back forward as she
pushes that juicy rump back towards him in order to take him as deep as
possible, in turn making sure they both continue to moan out loudly.

Having lost track of time a long time ago, the pride of Richmond, Virginia
has no idea how long she's been taking it hard and fast in the ass from the
man behind her, the only indication being now hard now she's currently
sweating as she keeps rocking her stunning body back against his thrusts,
looking hotter than ever as she's naked save for the protective taping over
her left shoulder. As she keeps her fingers driving in and out of her pussy
she pants for breath, consumed by her own pleasure as she loves the feeling
of her back passage getting hammered by such a lengthy and thick to match
piece of man meat, this all resulting in her looking more like a cheap whore
as she keeps on moaning away and taking it in her juicy ass as she pushes it
right back against each and every firm thrust she takes into it.

The repeated hard and balls deep thrusts, combined with her own self
pleasuring finally takes its final toll on the former WWE Diva, and with her
head tilted back to let out a last deep and long moan Mickie James starts to
cum hard on her own fingers as she takes it up the ass from behind from
Amazing Red. She groans out with a lusty smile as keeps her digits pumping
into her own snatch as her juices drip down her hand, wrist, and her arm,
gradually slowing down her rocking motion back against the hunk who's still
moaning out as he pounds her booty but that motion just helps her to ride out
all the intense waves of pleasure flowing through her sweat-coated body.

Said handsome X Division star is grunting as he thrusts away into her
backside, the pressure around his member even more intense as during her
orgasm her back passage is clamping tightly around his dick, causing him to
groan but he keeps his control, continuing to pump and pump again into her
juicy, thick ass in order to enjoy every last moment of the hottest backside
he's ever seen, let alone had the chance to bang as hard as he currently is.
With a groan he continues to slide his throbbing dick in and out of her
asshole, squeezing her butt cheeks as he hammers into her backside as his
balls smack into her skin every time he pushes forward into her and his
length drives deep into her backside as she eases her fingers out of her
snatch with a moan.

A few more thrusts into that tight hole is all he can manage before he races
past his own limit and with a deep grunt Amazing Red starts to blow his load
deep inside the ass of Mickie James, causing her to groan as she feels the
first thick stream of his spunk fire out of his throbbing, long and thick
cock and deep into her back passage. She brings her hand up to her lips,
taking the fingers into her mouth and starting to suck them clean of her own
juices as her backside gets filled up with jizz as the former two time X
Division Champion thrusts away in order to milk himself dry with the current
Knockouts Champion's booty, gradually easing up and slowing down as the last
drops are shot out into her. With a very satisfied moan he pulls his spent
dick out of her ass, giving her cheeks one final squeeze before he sits down
on the bed in order to catch his breath.

"Mmmm... So good..." Mickie states with a moan as she collapses onto the bed,
able to turn herself over onto her back as she looks over to him. "You're
definitely going to be a keeper..." She adds with a smile, licking her lips
as well.

He looks over to her and returns the smile. "A keeper? Was this some kind of
test to see if I could fuck?" Red asks.

She giggles as she rests back on the bed. "Wasn't the intention, but since
I'm going to stay the champion for a long while, I'll be celebrating like
this quite a bit. Care to be my post-win fuck buddy again next time I win a
title match?" James asks with an extremely seductive smirk.

"I'm down with that!" He quickly answers. "You're Hardcore, and I'm Amazing.
How could I possibly say no?"

"Good to hear!" She says before motioning with a finger for him to come
closer. "Now bring that dick over here and let me see if I can get you hard
again, because I feel like having another Hardcore Amazing time right now!"
_ _ _

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