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Hart Lessons For Natalya
by Punisher924

It was just another successful RAW for Hart Dynasty they won their Unified
Tag Team Championships.

Backstage Natalya walked into her Locker-room where she saw her uncle Bret
Hart sitting on a bench. When Natalya saw him she got excited and said, "Hi
Uncle we are finally champions."

"Yeah I see I was there remember?" Bret said with smile.

"Tyson and David have already left and they leave me with these two titles,
so I can train my entrance and already have an idea." Nattie said.

"Yeah, would you mind and show it to me?"

"Of course!"

Natalya stood in one corner of the locker-room and started doing entrance
with titles and huge smile on her face. As Bret was watching this he noticed
Natalya’s bouncing boobies and perfect ass. Even though Natalya was his
niece, he loved watching her ass anytime he had chance he did it as he was
watching her he got little hard so he moved to cover it little bit. Natalya
noticed something in Bret’s pants but she didn’t give any thought because she
thought it’s just because of way her uncle is sitting.

As she finished entrance Bret said, "It was great! I think you should really
use it."

"Yeah I sure will I think at next superstars," Natalya responded. "Uncle I
need to take shower so will you wait for me here?" Natalya asked Bret.

"Yeah, I sure will maybe I will take shower too after you," Bret responded.

Natalya put the titles on a bench and she started to undress. First she
stepped out of her boots and then she started to lift her in-ring attire now
she was there in black bra as she unclipped bra she heard her phone ringing
so she turned to Bret, who handed her a phone after she finished the call.

Bret asked "Who was that?"

"Tyson just called me that they will be with David out in town for little

During whole call Bret couldn’t stop staring at Natalya’s boobs and he hoped
that Natalya didn’t noticed that but his cock got now even bigger and it was
hard to hide. As Natalya started to push down her pants she exposed her
beautiful round, big and juicy ass to Bret who was amazed by her ass. He
often saw that ass in pants but never in thong as Natalya pushed had her
thong down she bent over to step out of it and take out some things from her
bag which gave Bret amazing view of her little hairy pussy and her anus. Now
his cock was almost fully hard and he had no way to hide it.

As Natalya turned around Bret stood up facing the wall and started to put
down his jacket. "I will go shower after you," Bret said to Natalya who
responded "I don’t mind even when you will go now. I will wait for you."

Bret was shocked he didn’t except this now he had to think excuse why his
cock is so hard. He undressed and turned around to Natalya who was already in
the shower he thought that she will not notice his hard cock so she went to
shower but as he saw Natalya there his cock became fully hard and Natalya
turned around.

When she saw his fully hard cock she couldn’t stop staring at it. It was
biggest cock she ever saw as she looked up to Bret she started, "Sorry uncle
I just..."

He replied, "Don’t worry. I should be sorry that I got hard from seeing your

Natalya smiled a bit "So that is only from seeing me?" She stepped closer to

As he responded "Yeah just from seeing you."

"So uncle can I touch it you know just to try how big and everything is it?"

Bret responded "Of course."

Natalya got on knees and started to jerk his cock. "Oh my, that’s so big. How
big exactly?" Nattie asked.

"Its 14.5 inches sweetie."

Natalya just opened her mouth in shock but Bret used it and pushed head of
his cock inside her mouth. Natalya didn’t expect this, but she quickly
started to suck his cock with ease. She sucked about 8 inches but Bret
grabbed her head from behind and pushed another 4 inches into her mouth
Natalya was choking firstly but then she found was to suck cock with ease and
later she was able to suck all 14.5 inches of Bret’s cock.

After long minutes of sucking she got up and pressed her tits against cock
and Bret started to tit-fuck Natalya, which caused both moan hard. Natalya
was still amazed by length of his cock and Bret loved seeing so beautiful
girl fuck him.

Natalya then bend over on all fours and said to Bret, "Now you can choose any
hole you want."

As Bret pushed cock inside her pussy but he turned her around, so she was
facing him and he started to fuck her pushing 10 inches inside her. His
thrust started too quicken and he suddenly pushed all 14,5 inches into
Natalya which caused her moan really hard and to add pleasure Bret started to
pinch her nipples.

"Oh uncle you really know how to make woman scream," Nattie said moaning

"Yeah, I like them screaming," he said as he used one hand to run through
Natalya little hairy pussy. He fucked her at quicken pace. Suddenly he pulled
his cock of Natalya’s pussy and ordered her to bend over as he started to
push his cock inside Nattie’s tiny and narrow asshole.

"Oh, Nattie, you have such a perfect behind," he said as he was able only to
push 5 inches into her but at every thrust he pushed more and more and
finally he pushed all 14.5 inches into Nattie’s asshole as he started to fuck
her hard. He used his one free hand to slap Nattie’s butt which caused her to
moan hard.

Natalya was in great pleasure from having her ass fucked. Like she had many
men and even few women fuck or lick her asshole, but Bret was by far the
best. Bret used his second free hand to rub Natalya’s clit which sent Natalya
over the edge as she started to scream.

"OH MY IM CUMMING IM CUMMING!!!" and she came hard all over Bret’s hand.

Bret collected as much cum as he can with his free hand and tasted it. It was
delicious but he started to feel that he will not last for long as he pulled
his cock out of Nattie’s asshole and started to jerk but as Natalya saw that
she turned around and started to suck on his cock.

"Oh, Nattie, I’m CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!!!" Bret said as he sprayed huge load
into Natalya’s mouth.

"Oh uncle that was so delicious," Nattie said as she swallowed all of his cum
and licked remaining of his cock.

"Natalya, that was amazing. I think we should take a shower and maybe repeat
it once more," Bret said with smirk.

Natalya just smiled at him, "Sure we can."

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